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I!. A. C. Library. 


E\\t jBaaHarliuagttB Ololbgtatt 



Number 1 


Made in Drill Hall 

Inside Entirely Made Over. New Floors, Locker Room 
and Showers are Features 

Under the direction of IVof. Curry S. 
Hicks, head of the department of Ph> sical 
Kdiication, workmen have this sumnur 
transformed the Drill Hall into a rt- 
si)ectable campus building Alterations 
and repairs have been numerous, and 
although the appropriation was not very 
large for conducting the \sork, an ex- 
cellent job has iKvn accomplished. To 
all those who knew the Drill Hall at its 
worst, a tour of insi)ection is worthwhile. 
New hardwood floors of ina()le have been 
laid in the whole of the ground floor. 
Practically the entire interior has re- 
ceived a heavy coating of flat white paint 
to aid lighting facilities. 

Perhaps the most satisfactory im- 
provement, so far as the student Ixnly is 
concerned, is the change in the basketball 
rtoor. No noticeable increase in size has 
l)ejn made in the court, but the entire 
playing surlace has In-en nio\ed awa\ 
Irom the south wall ainjut twelve feet. 
This was made possil)le l)\ placing the 
nets on the lieams immediately north ol 
the ones on which thev had hung l»elore. 
On the west and east sides of the hall, 
the steam pi|H's have Inen raised to 
allow nK»in for three rows of bleachers on 
either side. An arrangemeiu has Ix-en 
effected whereby a ixjrtion of the beams 
ilirectly in front of each iuisket will be 
removed, allowing a clearance ot '22 teet 
,is compared with IT feet formerly. The 
roof of the building now constitutes the 
ceiling of the hall, and lights have U-en 
placed fxtween every pair of beams to 
(Continued on Pafte 2) 


Size uf Second Croup Shows Value 
of Unlimited C^uts 

First Mass Meeting 

Is Quite Successful 

Much Enthusiasm Marks Catherine 
Despite Early Date 

Prexy Greets 

Student Body 

The list of liimor students for the 
coming term has just been iK)sted on the 
IK-an's Hoard. That this system has 
been successful in the first Near of its 
existence here at M..\.t". is shown b> the 
fact that in the latest list there are 
Uv'arly thrive times as many stutlents in 
group HI as there were in the siime group 
in the first list. The senior class is the 
only class represented in ( uoup I in the 
piesent list. In the other two groups the 
classes are alK)iit evenly matched. 

The lists are as follows: 

First Honors (Jroup— "lO to 100 

llanild II. I l.irk 'JS of Montague, 
Maxwell H. ( loldlxrg 'L'S of Stonehain. 

Second Honors Ciroup^K5 to 90 

Kllsworth Harnard '28. i.ora Hatchelder 
"2S, Hans Baumgartner '28, Seih J. Kwer 
'2S, Wellington \V. K«-nne(ly "28, loi.- 
stantiiie P. l.adas '2.S, Karl ( .. l.aulK-n- 
stein *2.S, Oliver S. Plant inga '28, Charles 
P. Putnam '2X, Hart well i:. Koper "28, 
IJlanchc D. Avery '2Vt, l.ois A. liliss '•2\K 
William ( .. l-ldson '29. Kenneth I". Me 
Kittrick'29, Kuth H. Parrisli '20. W.ilier 
K. Southwick '2"J. I".li/ab( tli .\. Stein 
(Continued on HaUe 2) 



Entering Class 


Several Years 

Total of 183 is i More Than Last Year 
Large Enrollment of Co-eds 

liowker .\uditoriuni rang once more 
last Thurstlay eseiiing with the yelling 
of si-veral hundred stmlents giving vent 
ti) their enthusiasm ami ho|H's for the 
t(M)lball team in the coming season. 
.Although there have been better .ind 
mote enthusiastic mass meetings the one 
the other night was very good considering 
the length of time Ix-fore the first game. 
"Larry" Jones '2(), captain of the '2.") 
team anil entl on that team started the 
s|H'et hes for the e\ening. "Al" Cook '2S, 
captain of this year's team gave a short 
talk and he was followed by Prof. Irank 
P. Kand who s|M»ke alK)Ut aca<leniic 
activities "as athletically as |X)ssible". 
After Professor Kand, "Vic" Hutterfield, 
son of ex-presiilent Putterfield spoke and 
then Piof. Curry S. Hicks gave a short 
s|Kech, emi)hasiziiig the im|M) c of a 
well balaiued program of aca<lemi( activi- 
ties, and athletics as well as slu<lies. 
President Thatcher was the last sin-aker 
on tlu' program and he siiid that just as 
he was con\ inced that a successful team 
ntust play together without any out- 
standing stars so must a successful college 
pla\ together in e\ery resiK'Ct. He aske<l 
the members of the fiHttbatl team if the\, 
as the first le.iiii to go out on the field 
during his presidency, would bring home 
a \ictory after the hrst game. Hie 
s|Heches were inlers|Hrsed with selec 
tious b\ the band, songs, .ind ch»ers. 

President Thatcher Pr;i!scH WrrU -* 
M.A.C. Alumni 


Pledge Many 


Ten Letter Men Back Must Fight to 
Hold Positions 

"Kid" Core's call for football candidates 
was answeretl Septendn-r (i, when .dxnil 
thirty men attended the o|H'iiing lettuii-. 
The stiuad increasiil to lhiil\ fi\e the 
following day. Practice was held three 
times daily until the first day of < lasses 
and now the men art- working aftern<M)ns 
on the field. Ten letter men returntd 
along with some fine material that last 
yt-ar's list of iiieligibbs containe<l .nul 
some that last fall's fri-shm.m sipiad de- 
\elo|H'd. The "Kid" has a large coaching 
stall to aid him in whipping a team into 
shaiH- that will do jiistic..- to the .imount 
of work done 1)\ the fellows in their 
spirited struggle lor positions. 

Although ten letter mm Ii.k k means a 
strong nucleus of ex|K'rienced material, 
thesi- men an- by no means sure of their 
IMisitions. Bowie and McKittrick .ire 
figliling to retain lh«- end assignnunts 
\\lii(h they so capably tilled last fall. 
Mills and Walkden an* making il«'s[M'rat<' 
eflorts to liiild down the t.icike jobs while 
Kelton is finding all kinds of com|H-lition 
for his position at gu.ird. In the ba< kfield, 
(aptain C(M)k, Ouinii, llilyiid, Johnson, 
an<l Tufts are all making strong bids for 
legular assignments. 

(Cunlinued on PH|t« 2) 

Now that registration is (ompleled, it 
is found that the clas.s of P.t;{l leasts of a 
total oi is;! students, three more than the class of last year. It is interest- 
ing In note the numUr of women 
students this \ear is *."{ as com|)ared to 
.{'.t in the class of PJ.SI). .\s nearly aa 
lM)ssible at this lime the corrected list is 
as lolloMs: 

Superior Teamwt)rk Bift Factor 
In Victory 

.\t the o|)ening assend>l\ of the college 
sear last We<lnesda\ , l>r. Kosctjc- W. 
Ihatcher, the new president <»f the 
t ollege, gave an address of welcome lo 
the students and faculty. President 
Thatcher comes to M.A.t . from the 
Cot mil Kxixriment Station at (Geneva. 
New York, where he was director. 

In his address of welcome he expressed 
his |)leasure at being able to Ik? the head 
(if the Massachusc-tts Agricultural College 
and predicted close co-o|K'ration Ix-tweeen 
I he faculty and himself. President 
Ih.itcher brought, among (jther things, a 
\'iy interesting (ili^, r\ at ion on t lie suc- 
cess of the alunuti of this college. I le said 
'hat it had Ix^en his ex|)eiienre. during a 
I'lM^ period of years in coiimci imi wiih 
tilucational institutions, that the gradu- 
ates of M.A.C. are practically without 
I xception deix-ndable. resiKjnsible men 
aii'i that they art recognized as sucfi the 
ii.untry over. President Thatcher attri- 
I'Uted this characteristic of .\ggie alunuii 
not only to the excellent and well planned 
courses offered here but also the the 
traditions and spirit of the college. He 
made it very clear to the freshmen that. 
if they desire to l)e classed as "Aggie" 
nt-n. with the qualities concede<l to 
A^-ie men throughout the country, 
iliey not onl\ do well in tin ir -tmli'- 
' ' '!i(\ must als<i p.irt icip.Ue :n -oii!. 
iiii - and eslM'i ialh I !le\ ir,il-t leco.; 

/'■. aiKJ ri'((i.;iii/in'.,. ahiiK i'V th( tifh- 

I'l rules. 

I he official inaiiKinaiii 111 ol I >r. 1 !i- 

.i> presuieiU ot tin- colli.'ge will take 

(■ OcIdIht 2S. 1 ur thi- re i^on the 

'.•.'Ay and hi-lorx o! I )r ' , !i-r's 
Ifie will not be [)ulillshed !]\ ;';■ ;»; 

lintil that time. 

The annual sixty-man ro|R- pull, held 
on Saturday afteriKMm across th« jxjnd, 
residted in the i\es of the 
freshman class Ining dragged through the 
water ami mud to their first defeat. Poth 
classes presented a sturd\ gnjup of men, 
but the so|>homores ^^ot the jump at tlie 
-start and were ne\er headed from their 
lead. I'lJiJer-classmen. as usual, coached 
Iwjth sides, and slowly and surely the 
freshmen were dragged towards the 
water's e<lge. Here the\' rallied for a 
moment, but it was not long l»efore the 

feet of the lil^t \iMrling were wet. .\lioUt 

four minutes from the starting gun, the 
line of freshmen had entered the w.iter, 
aflc-r which il w.i- mereK a m. titer e)i 
time hefore tlii' eiuire te.iiu j)ulled 

At the hring ol the nim- niiiuUe gun the 
first men all crossi'd the pond 
and the contest was brought to a ( lose 
in slightly over nine minutes. 

The (ontest attracted its usual wide- 
attention, the side-lines Ixing lined with 
students, faculty .and friends. The [xjiid 
was well filled with water this year, un- 
like last \«'ar when the e\ent harl to be 
postiK>ned until sufficient water collected. 

Many Frosh Report 

For Football Practice 


W, liter Honncy of the fre-limin 
-- made himscit i DU-piiiMn- .^i tin- 
■v'> -111,111 rope ]iiill \\iu-i-. hr !')!l<i\Mi| 
i^i- ( lassnuites tn the bitter md .uid 
^oliintariK took a wettin,; in order 
Hiat the\ might not suttcr Imi the laik 
ot thirst relie\in^ leiimr.s. 

(a)ach Brigjjs Now Working With 
Thirty -four Candidates 

T refill 1 1.1 11 il Mil hail -I, lit III (111 'I hill -ii,i\ . 
Se|>t(iiilier 1.'). uii!i .1 i .iu« -ipLid <<i taii- 
(iidale- whii li ha- -im i- tii<n -ie,a(iiK' in- 
ere. I Mil to 1 he minilx-r <ii -^ ) dk n. 'i.,irry'' 
Hrii;^;- -7. i- uniltri.ikiiu tn iimiIi ihe 
M-arlin^- .iiid Im- .ih< ail\ lu-iil m-\ii,i1 
out-dour ]ir,i. li--. The ihi- 
\c,ir |iMik~ \ri\ iiniiiii-m.., aii'l, m \ it v. 
of the l.UKe luiniiier o! .Ap.rii !i< eil iik n 
on there will ci-ri,iiiil\ lie niui !i 
conii>etit ion fur pn~it ion- i/ii ! in tri-inii,m 
ele\«-n. .S-\eral ni I he cniiliii.ite- shou 
imiisual al)ilil>. .md, jiuUini; iroiii .qi i--, (oarii Uri.;^- will turn (Hit ,ni 
excellent freshiu.m team. 

Western Ma-~,i( lui-el t- i- npresrnied 
among the ( ,iMiliilat<-- le. I'tie t()!!iiwiii;;: 
lai^elle Kane ul We-t ti.l'l. Ka\ ' .■xiijrii h 
(Continued on Paiie 2) 

Distribution Anionft Fraternities 
Very Uneven 

The rushing season came to a < lose List 
Sunilay evening, and resulted in about IP.") 
freshi'ien wearing (iledge buttons as com- 
pared to I 1"> last season at this time. 

The follc»wing is a list of the pledges to 
the various fr.ilernities, as nearly cornet 
.IS jMtssible at the time of printing. 

O. T. V. 

V)i9 — Magnuson, Tanist 
lla\( s. 

193I_Walter (. liaker, Henr\ D. 
t ariHiiler, l<i( hard P. Costillo, Jr.. 
Kugene J. Kane, Richard M( Keen, i. 
i;. Minkstein, Raymond \:. Shiillz, 
Harold I.. Smead, Henj.imin Wilbur. 


1«».^0— l.auri S. Ronk.i, < .. I>ian Swift. 

19il__|<i,hard W. Davis, Kdwiii 1.. 
Trost. K.iNinond \.. C.oo<lrich, Joseph 
(.orm.m, Nathan \.. < irecne, Harry M. 
Hanks, Philij) W. Kimball, Kclwin P. 
l.o(kwood, (.<-orge Oliver, Ral|>h I.. 
Pierce, Krnest Smith, Paul .\. Sniilh, 
Kdwin Westendar|), Kri< H. Ueihrlow, 



( .riduate Student— Sam I . I'.rewster. 

1931— Stearns L. Helden, Frederick K. 
(ox, Newman B. Doyle, (ieorge M. D.ivis, 
( .eorge M. Tloo<l, Ja< k M. Koloriel, 
Charles b. I.illle, T.dward M. Loonier. 
David M. Nason. Kdgar \i. Kib.irsdi, 
Richard Thayer, Frederick K. Whitlim, 
Rufus Thompson. 

(Continued on Vnie ii 

.Xldrich, Walter J. 

Allen, Bertha \ . 

H.iker, W.dler ( . 

Ikirnes, ( iertrude A. 

Parry, TiliAilH-th K. 

Bart let I, Leonard, Jr. Fast U.djKjIe 

B.irtsch, Nelson \'.. W'averK 

Pe.imaii, livelyn .\. 

Be.iumoiit, Mary 

P.elden. Sle.iriis N. 

Bomie\ , Waller 1 . 

Bosworth. Win. K., jr. Hoboke 

Br.i.Mex. S.illv K. Lee 

North field 





I eveiett 

Brocks, J. II. , .id 
Brown. .Xlfied A. 
Bu. k, W ilbur L. 
burke. William J. 

.Mel h lieu 
I loKoko Catherine .\. Shelhurne 


N«'\»' Students n«»t W-.irm Welrom** 
from lloilege 

CAM PCS c;aeendar 

•.1 [•,■;< rn III \ fruvdship IW mill 

niriiitiiu kn'i'ii^. 
Mitrns 7,'itli I'm- /".•■■. T'- ;/'' ■•>■■ 
risiiilniriil .: ' 

—J' ■ II-.; 

1 1. 'I 'I 

Thursday — 

7..';'l p. 111. Intel fratcrnit > < niilerein >■ 
.\lt (ting. 

Friday — 

7. (Ml (). ill. M ■- Ml I tliu 

7.:in p. !i;. IIdmii.; .mil wn -i lin^. 

■S.:;n p. 111. Ni;;ht-hiit I'.ir.nie. 

Saturday — 

\' ir~it \ toollial! - P.owdoin at. 
I'.riin-wiik. Maine. 

Monday — 

S.'.'iU (I. Hi. Irc-hman coMipetitinn, 
( '(iil< i' olln c. 

A ro\al welcome was tendered the class 
of \'Xi\ List T ridav' exc'iiing in t he Memo 
rial building at a reception sponsor^^'d liy 
the Christian .Asscxiation. 'The hall was 
crowrled to capacity with studeiils. 
facuIlN, and friends, and the friendU 
.it mosplieri- prevailing hel|KMl to m,ike il 
a huge success. 

Paul F. Trese 'lis, president ol the 
M..\.C.C.A., as mastc-r of ceremonii -, 
intrcMluci'd the s|H'akers, the first ol 
whom was John I- . Ouinn ''2H. "J.ii k" 
s|Hjke about the diUies of the senate and 
(Continued on Pafte 2> 

Collegian Competition 

Opens for Freshmen 

Candidates for Editorial Board 
Report Monday 

(dm|Mliiion lor positions on the edi- 
torial staff of the Massachiis( lis ('olli-^inu 
the (ollege weekly, will ((nimieiice on 
next .Monday evening when all freshmen 
intereste»l in this tyjM- ol ,i(.idtnii( work 
are cordially invited to l« pn sent al .i 
brief meeting in the .Memorial building 
at 8.:{() o'cl<M k. Previous (\|«iieii(c is 
not a n ipii-ile. 

.Member-, ot ilie lilerarv! ol tin- 
Cf>lli'g,i'ni ar( (111 led anim.ilK al I lie end 
. ,1 1 lic III -I 1 1 1 111 ti 1)111 ,iiiiiiii< I lio-i I .Hi 
(li'latcs who liaM' su((esstnlly ( onipleieii 
the .issijiiiments gi\cn them for the l(rin. 
Light ly|»i(.il n(w-ii;ii niioii- will 1m' 
refpiircd, ;iiid (lisiiitcK -icij per 
^1)11- will ^radc ihe p,i|M-r-^ siiliiiiii tii| in 
order (o in-^iire f.iinie^-^ to I liii-.e I oiiipciiiu. 

'1 ill- (iiUri'inn oll(-r^ an ,iti i.k I i\c kiiul 
ot Dlll^iile ,irli\-il\ tol .illMilH- who li,i- 
,iii\ aliilil\' in i;,ii liiiiti.; .ui'l 
i(|)iiitiiiU new -- ex ( III -. 1 lie work i- nul 
iiiiiliily re~i rilling ami li-.eb to ic-^poii^i- 
ble po^iiioiis in (leteritiiiiiii;; the opinions 
ot the uii(liri;r.ii|ii,i!( limk^ a~ will .i- (iro- 
\iding all siibs( rilx-r- with aiiinao ,iiid 
interesting news. L.ii h >( u ^i ( ^ ,i Lir;;i 
gr(iiip of fresluiK n reporl lor tin- coiiiih'- 
t it ion, .oi'l il i- cxfi' I t III tli.ii I hi- im oiii 
iii^ I li~- will III- no (■\((pti(in to tho-i i>\ 

till- 1,1-1 ti W ~(-,l-i|II-. John 
( .ihoon. Mihlred 
C.d\i, John 
Car|Hiiter. Henry D. 
Chadwick. Allan W. 
t hun h. < >ertrude B. 
Cl.irksoii, Marjorie 
("<M»lidge, Marion B. 
(ostello, R. L., Jr. 
Cox, Fritlerick K. 
Cucinoit.i, Lewis 
D.inglem.iyer, W. R. 
D.uling, HerUri D. 
Davis, Arm.ld .M. 
Davis. ( harles .M. 
D.t\ is, ( ieorge .M. 
Davis. Richard W. 
I H'xu'v Aiiiei K 
Dougl.iss, 'T. 


Centers ille 




No. .Amherst 




Jamaica Plain 

* .inulen, Maine 





Siutli Lee 


I),,.. (,. ,...r 


(Continued on Page 2) 

Many Out for 

Cross Country 

Prospects (ttMtd Despite Losses 
Throuith <<raduation 

Twenty-six candidates have- thus far 
presi tited thenis«lves for the varsity cross- 
country team. Captain (harles Preston 
is the only letter man back this fall, but of last year's s«|uad ha\e returned 
anfl with the addition of several iik ii of 
last f, ill's I'miii ii i' ex|)e(ted a strotig learn ol lini i' i - w ill soon !«• 

.\mong the most proini-iii;,; i iiiilii|,iles 
ire N( well S hap|x-lle, holder of I h»' 
((>llev;e records in the h,ilt, mill- .iikI twrj 
mile runs, \. Stanley H.ill, Jo-J-ph Torest, 
\\,iliei 1 Sonihvviik ,oi'l TifT.iny, 
Hern. Ill, Seder<piist ainl Ken.iud of last's freshman team. 

The following .ire ( ross-country c;in»li- 
d.iii >: 

C \ I'resion, (Mpi.iiii, ( . .\. licig.iii, 
P II ( (.ok, .\L I. (oven. (.. W. Dulton, 
W (,. i.dsoii, 1 . J. Flemings J. S. Il.ill, 
He(ior. K. .A., T I . llomevcr, 
L. M. Lvnd-, A. IL Mi-idcn. K. i:. Nims. 
U. <. I'ilUliuiv, II II ki ii.u.i. 11. M. 
l<oi"-ri-oii, 11. L. l<o|« r. \ S h,i|>|K'l e, 

\ i', s,-,!.-ri|iii>(, W, L. s.iiihwii k, T . 

> - Im 1.: M I,. SliiiMi 1. k s I ,.., 

1*1.1 ili.iiiv. \, j U - 

U .i.ion. 

1 i .- -I hcilnii loljow -: 
II I , U. -li ■ in ,,' M 

JJ W. I'. I ■ '} 
•2s 1 law. II'' 

\ ,v, . .-. i; I , ■ \' ' . 

i i \. T.. i. ,l! Il.-t 

\. ( 


\!i lii-iuiiiii w iiM - 

ji' I e tm po^ll loil- on I :': i ' ■ i . oj m i 

Hoirij ot he ,M.i--.ii!iii-eM -^ C'H- 

hiilllij rrpiil' lo Koo"; s 

III I he .\l(inori,il liiii' ' "^ ..ii 

p. tn. on Mond.iv, ^ 






t)flicial iU'\\>iKi|)«r of llu- M.isr..u lui-t ti> 
Auri.iiltiiral ((.lUgf. I'iil»li>li«'l '•^••^ 
Widiuxl.iy l>y lilt >iuil«ii(>. 

Ernest L. SihMtK '^s Editor-in-Chief 

E^awoKTH Baknahd '28 

Managing Editor 




Alumni & Mi'iri « ""n- 



I';i. iiliy 

Eknest L. Spencek 'ZM 

Hakold E. Cuakk '28 

Josephine Panzica 28 

SHEfLEV Cleaves '2it 

Edward H.Nichols '29 

John B. Howard Jk. '3(i 

Ekic Singleton '30 

Cakl a. Brrcan '29 


Edwin A. '28 Buslne.i. Manager 

DouotA. A. Lo.iNG -28 Circulation Manager 

Harold K. An.ell ^s Manager 

LAWRtNCi A. Carruth 29 

William A. Egan '29 
Fredbrkk D. Thaver. Jr "Ztt 

Siib>.ripti..n «2.(K> ikt yt-ar. Sinuk' 
,„,,H^ l(t.ini>. M.ikc-all.)nkrs|).iyal.lo 

to llli: MA^SAtHIMTTS CoU.IUjIAN. 

|„ , asr <.f < haiinf (.f a<l<lriss, sul)>cril>irs 
will pl.iiM- notify llic l.iisin«-><s mana^ir 
as soon .IS |)or->ilili-. 

|.„„.M .1 ;.. s.....„.l-.l..- at ll«- ^"!'" ; 
l'„>l Oil...-. A...-1.1.M t..r """'""<,■' .^"'•' , '•;,■,• .'. 
ol ,K,.takt.-l> I... 1.1 ■-•■•';■!' 'V.-,h' 1MI7. aillliori/i-.l AiiKiiNl -tl. 1!MH. 


111.- Uhalf of llu- iiikU TKia.lii.iK s wliutu it 
r<i>ris.iit> lakes ihi- opiioiiimily to fx- 
Kiiil a wcKonic to yoii. lln' i lass of ';>!. 
Win tlitr you roiiir from far or mar. Irom 
.(.iiiitry or rily. wf wilroim- yoii into oui 
midst with liisl wislu-s for your success 
as you t.ikf your placi-s ainonv; us ftir \\t 
riali/i' as you are now n-ali/ini; that then- 
is a lonimoii lioml of fillowship in work- 
inK towanl the s.iiiu' noal. N«iu will 
■h.iif the K'-uiT-'l spirit of (o-operatiou 
.mil nooil \wll whi'h have meant suness 
(or Old Annii- .iml whit h will the 
{iillillment of your ideals .iiid amhilioiis. 
ivai h year as a new i lass asseniMes. 
the vitality aiul possil>ilities of llie collev;e 
are renewed. \in\ have omie fr«.m v.iried 
...,,;.-... inieiits. \ om preparation for i>'l 
1-, Uen ilitlereni, and this is fortu- 
for favored i> the ( olle^e who-e 
It luxly is not hoinoi;t iieoiis. lait 
I, s»i that there is a constant source 
of new, new t.diiil .md new pnssi- 

N'ou are now f.i. c lo f.i' e with prolileiiis 
vvlii. h have m.iiiiK to do v\ith the (HK-tioii 
that evtry man must answ«r sooiu i ..r 
later. "Wliv .im 1 in college'" If you cmu 
to college to make friends and ha\e a 
^ood time, vou will tiiul it easv eni'UKh 
while it Lists. If y<iu come lo studv. \ou 
will dis<over numerous oppoiUnr.i it ~ 
aloiiK that line. If \«)ii wish t«Mli.stinKui^h 
yourself in extra curricula activities, hard 
work and com entraHtl elTorl will nap 
almt)st am i« wanl. Kill if your purpose 
is lo 111. ike the most of ytuirsi-lf the task 
is ilittitiill, for it ilemanils a tielii.ite 
balance iHlweeii work, play, and the 
outside aclivilies which lie stimcwlun 
Utween the two. ac(|uainte<l with the faculty, \oiir 
relatitm to voiir instrnctois is no ' iiiiit r 
of the te.iiher and st htw.l hoy type, hut 
is more of a m.m to m.m hasis. They will 
always U- ulatl to help you and give 
adviie, hut they will imt. nor are they 
ex|Ht tetl to. urKc you to sliulv and ftillow 
you .iroiiiul I" >tt' that iiistrui lions are 
carrii'tl out . 

UtM)Kc now thai you will furl her ihe 
interests of our college in everv v\.i\ . 
.Strive lo emulate the worthy exainpKs 
whiih the past i;iv(n you. Strive .is 
well as you t .m to he -t.ilw.iri .\ni\ upright 
sons of Oltl M.issai hiisetis; .mil with this 
Ullder^I.mdiiii;. I'.'.'-I. we hid viiu wiKtiiiie. 


nut hrst week of colieK*" an<l with hini .U 
lilt luliii we already feel lonfident that 
ih, ttillcK' vvill ttHitiiiue to hoUl true to 
ll„- ...iirse whith leatls to perlet I ion and 

It miulil appear from this issue that we 
.,M ^linhtiuK the siunificame of this, the 
l,e^inninn tif a new |)eriod in the history 
of the follene, hu: suth is not the case. 
We. tlie editors of the (W/('>;j<iH. will 
un.lerlake a sik( ial issue at the time of 
the in.iunuration of our new prexy hut 
we t.ike this oi)portunity to wekome Ki 
oui campus Dr. Ihatt her as our new 


Once anain the do«)rs of learning have 
ofKued to those who seek instruction 
tlurein; once more the walks are lined 
with students moving from class to class. 
To >ome it means the continuation of a 
t.isk already iKgun, to others it marks 
the iKginning itself of a new period in 
their lives. The seniors si-e themselves 
starting on the last lap of their under- 
graduate career lure at Aggie. The 
freshmen to whom this is all so new and 
strange, can but peer inttj the dim mists 
of their future four years. 

Hut all, whether seniors or freshmen, 
juniors or sophonM)res, are at the liegiii- 
ning of .1 new p«'rio<l and can make a 
iKttir start than evir I.elorc. liifore us 
stretthes a year as ye! clear ami un- 
l.lemished. I.el us resolve then that no 
matter what eat h day may bring with it 
lo put forth our best eflorts and to strive 
ni.inlully to sin tecil. l he tiual result m.iy 
.dwavs hang in the balance but it one 
does his best there is no t.m- wlio can 
rightfully reproach him. 

I'.osworth. W. J. burke, H. D. I ariieiitcr. 

1 . K. (ox, K. \V. Davis, W. K. Dangel- 

meyer, M. I'rey, K. (.ooilrith. J. J. <.iila. 

(). K. ilotmberg, S. \. Hoover, l- . .M. 

Mines, i:. Kane, J. M. Kolonel, J. K. 

Lawrence, IL Lars«jn, K. V. Lockwootl, 
L. Lamb, C". L. Little, C W. Manty. 
U. I'. McKeen, N. Myiick, Mulhern, A. 
W. Olss<m, K. K. I'ierce, J. J. I'owers, 
i:. Kibarsch. (". H. Salinius, K. C". Tetro, 
L. S. Troy, L. Takahashi, H. Wilbur, ami 
K. 1 . White. 


lU- Dr. Jolm M. Ihonm- 
I'n sitlent of I'enn. Stale t'ollege 
1 belit ve in football U'cause it fixes in 
.very student the spirit t)f fight ami the 
vvill to win. It isall a mistake tos.iv 
he men on the bleachers get no hem ht. 
They receive incalt iilable beiieht in the 
>l.irit that surges through ihein in support 
of their team— the spirit of tlelermination 
.iml irresistible attack. 

I Inlieve in football bec.iuse it fuses the 
eollege into a unit v. Mtfore the first big 
home c.uh year, the college is only 
.1 m.iss of indivitluals. but with the long 
yell gretts the team for its first big 
tight, a new aii«l living eiiiiiv c-mk- into 
b« ing. In the game the soul of the tollege 
i> aw.ikenctl .i-iew, ami he is no man at 
.ill into whosi- heart the tin ills of the 
fonttst <lo n()l semi currents of tievotitin 
.mil loyally whith will flow till his 
no longer l«'ai~. 

for thes<- re.isoiis I believf in footb.ill 
tspet iaily football le«l by t)ig-heaited men. 
hartl. cle.m. strictly by llu- rules, and 
with every ounce in tin tight to the last 

It w.i> not >o tting .igo ih.ii iIiim' 
columns Intre testimony lo show the 
appriti.iiioii which we felt tow.inl the 
onlv prtw whom most ol us h.ive t\ir 
km>wn. Ki .ili/uii; hi- new lield 
would eii.ible him to t.iirv on. on .i imu h 
bro.ider s«-.ile, \hc wo'k whitlt he >o 
f.iithfiillv umlertook hete on our i.nnpii- 
not onlv during hi- -liori itini .i-. pu -i 
dent but .li-o liming his ollu «• .i- oi 
till' iu-litminn. we h.ive wi-luii liini 
( ,i.(l-.p( id in hi- new Will k. 

In hi- pl.u (' llir Iiil-tiH- 111 the inlli.;! 
ha\i- -Miind till 11- iiu- -11 \ ill- I'l Dr. 
Kii~,... W Ih.iiilni. Although ,1 
ViT to mil-! lit u- imdi ri;r.iilll.iti-. lie h.i- 
priivnl hi- liifiid'lup .ind -ini-irii\ during 


.C'.onliiuu'ii from I'liiic I) 

explainetl its position in the lite ol the 

college. Albert ('. C ook 'l2S. captain of 

foolb.ill. outlined the .ilhlelics heie .it 

Aggie and urged as many as iMissible to 

jiarticipate in some form of sport. M.ix- 

will 11. (.oldbeig *L'S. in a talk that 

proof of benefit derived from dramatics 

,ind tlebating. presented the c.i-e ot tin 

.ic.iiUniic aclivilies. .md i)oinleil out I he lo Ik- derived from them. 

Miss L.dna Skinner addressed the girl- 

liarticul.irly and gave them a lew words 

of w.lcome. while the Kev . .Arthur L. 

Kiiisolving exiendeil a wehome to the 

freshmen on In-half of the chtirclies of 

he town. Klmer K. HarlK-r. -(-cietary of 

the men"s association, told of tin- pur|M)se 

of tilt- M.. A.C.I". A. I'resident Koscih- W. 

■fhatcher loniiileted the list of sjicikers 

by a well-direcled .iddress urging the 

-tudeiits lo keep religion in the -choo! 


Si\ siKi tioiis were rendercil bv 
H.itis' I'olli'gi.m-. .111 I .1 minibi 1 ,)l chi-i-rs 
.nid lol'i -r -iiiiu- were given, after which 
reln-hmeiil- were -irved. 

( 'onllnued from Pafte I) 

To make these letter men work for 
their jobs are a score or more other as{)i- 
rants for the team. Burbank is doing a 
fine piece of work at en<l while Kiirrer 
and I'lumer are not far bohin<l him. 
Ibackley, Lincoln, and Clements are 
making it hot for the tackles, lor the 
guard positions l<u<l<|uist, \Lirx, Drew, 
Sullivan, and Crowley are working their 
hardest. Mann and Morawski, Uith 
soiihomores, are fighting il out for center 
with the h)rmer having a slight edge. 
Faux, "Denny" Crowley. Hond, and Smith 
are all after baik field positions while 
Kneekuul has practically taken one away 
from thi- letter nun. He is only a very 
MilK-rfuial observer who c.innot see that 
there is a closc-ly contested light in pro- 
gress for places on this* s«ason's varsitv. 
l'io-p.cls for the loming year look a 
Utile more than favor.ible. The line 
promises to Ik- heaviei and more powerful of the fall of "211 team. As yet 
llu- bat ktiehl is a bit rusty, but il needs 
only a Itvv game- to smooth it down into 
.1 first ipuirtet. -As, "Kid" 
♦ .ore's condilitming brought results, 
and .dthough the practice sessions h.ivi- 
beeii strenuous ami numerous, the 
is in tin«- shajH-. Two full games li.ivi- 
been pl.ived the past week, in the first of 
which .A tt-ain scored lour touchdown- 
.mil goals to none for IL In ihe second 
g.inie. with r.idically changed lineups, no 
scores resulted. 

This latter gaim- has given us our 
strong«-st impression of the varsity. 
There set nis to be a world of defensive 
power, and l.irge gains were lew and 
between. "Cookie" and did tlu- 
1.1-t ball carrying while tin- defensive work 
..f n liiu- wasoulst.inding. Only two first 
downs vvtr.- scored bv .\ team oiil-ide ol 
.1 Jlt-y.ird run bv C.ipl. t ook .md a 1'.") 
v.iril tear by KnieLind. "« liH ' Johii-on 
and "Dutch" Uudiiuist did the punting 
.mil .iveragul well ovi r forty yards. Kor- 
w.irds wtre numerous, but clever defense 
work on the p.irt of opposing b.icktields 
broke of them iiit. 

With thi- o|)ining of Uu- season only a 
lew d.ivs aw.iv, the student liody ha- 
reason to expect a successful season. With 
st-ven games away and only two at home, 
the team has a tough sdudule but 
if the spirit they have -hown continues, 
the eleven will surely make up for last fall. 
"Kid" C.ore has had a l.irge and com- 
1 elenl coaching staff with him since prac- 
tice iK-gan. "I'o])" Clark is back as usual, 
■kill" "L.irry" Jones, and 
"Kolv" Sawyer of the 'Jf. lean ue helj)- 
ing out. and the stalT is rounded out with 
"\ ic" HiitterfieUL "Ken" Salmon. "Herb" 
(.raystjn. "Lewie" and "Red" Hall. 
All the coaches are of proven ability ami 
-houlil .liil Coach C.oie m.iteri.dK m 
turning out a winning learn. 

Harvey 'L".l, Walter (.. Hunter "JU, Alice 
L. Johns<jn •2«.>. Clifton K. John-on L'lt, 
Leroy Jones '2'.t, Roman A. Kreienbaum 
•2'.t, Taylor M. Mills '2\K Leon.ird W 
Morrison '!.".», Holeslaw Nitkiewicz '29. 
Karl C. I'routy "2\K Carmeta K. Sargent 
'2<,t, (.ladys K. Siv.rt '2U, Bessie .M. 
Smith '2\i. koU-rt S. Snell "2SK Phillips 
H. Stcere '29, Karle A. Tom|)kins "29, 
Dana O. Webber '2U, John S. W'oodl>erry 
'2<t, Kaynuind C. -Allen •:5»t, NLiy L. 
Buckler '.JO. Harolil V. Cam|)l)ell '30, 
Margaret I'. Donovan '.'iO, Kred C. LUert 
•:5(), Addison S. Hall ';iO, Klsie AL Haub- 
enreiser '.iO, -Anne E. Hinchey '.'iO, 
Kenneth W. Hunt ':}<), Catherine C. 
Johns<jn '.iO, Harry C. Kempt ".UK Miriam 
J. Loud ':«), Lewis M. Lynds 'M, Theo- 
dore .Alarcus ':«), Beryl F. Morse ':«). 
Russell !•:. Ninis ':«), Wilfred < .. I'urdy 
';{(), Kric Singleton "MK Frank .A. Skogs- 
iK-rg ';{0, l-eon Stanisiewski "M, Christine 
H. Thatcher ':J0, Don C Tiffany '.iO, 
I'riscilla (i. Wood ''M), Kdward H. Young 


ContinudI from Paile 1' 

|)o>le. .Newman H. I arihiu, Maine 


i^Continueil from I'ajie 1) 

111 Amherst. Hosworili .iml J. Burke of llolyoke, Jo-.iih 
C.ul.i of r.ihiier and Myrirk ot 
Liuigmeadow. The North. imi)ton g.ime 
to 111 pl.ived 1)11 Alumni lit Id on Sipi L':!. 
i- the onlv g.ime on lile -chiduie to d.ite. 
SiMT.d other g.ime- am- bi in;.; .irr.mgid. 
During the pr.icti-e- held -o t.u ( I'.uh 
Hri^i;- h.i- emph.i-i/id the v.iliie ot .i 
tliorough knowledge ol the fund. iment. lis. 
It i- hoped -oon .ulii.i! -i limni.ige 
cm be eng.iged in. llu- tollowing h.ive 
-igiied for freshm.iii lootball; W. 1-. 


(Continued from Pafte I) 

bugler 'Jii. Clarence S. TourteUot "211, 
Charles L. \erner '2t», Rolnrt I). Dickey 
■;!li. Alort inter M. Cleveland '."0. John H. 
Ilow.ird oO. K.ule L. Alorawski "M). 
Isibel ¥.. Morgan '■«•. Ida K. Tollin 'M. 
Alice « .. Sanborn "MK Sin-ncer C. 
lord 'W. Margaret K. Swell '.{O. M.irie 
1.. Wells 'HI), IClizabeth M. Woodin "M). 

Third lltitiors Grouii — 80 to 85 

Olive I'., .\llen 'l'S, Jack Amatt "JS, 
(.onion 1".. ':i.S, Horace T. Hrock- 
w.iv 'l'S. Horatio M. Dre-ser '2.^. Thimias 
W. iergiison '2.S. Joseph 1".. Forest '2S. II. Holland 'JS. Robert J. Karrer 
•2.'><. |ohn A. Kimball '2,S. Donald K. L.ine 
'2,S. Juha k. L.iwrence ■2.S. M.irg.iret F.. 
Lincoln '2S. Robert A. Lincoln LN. 
Margaret A. Little '28, Fliz.dieth V. love 
•JS. Myer l.ynsky '2S. Leslie 1. Mcl-.weii 
'_'S, Josephine i'.mzica '2S, .Stirah I". 
n.inlitii;,! '28. Cecil C Rice '2.S. Krne-t 
I,. Spencer '2.S. Irank Stratton '2.S. 
I low. ml Thomas •2S, Alden I'. I'liitl. 
•js. Ch.irles W. Barr '2'.). Chesley L. 
Hill k 'J'.l. Alice S. Chapin '29, Cornelia 
H. ( hmch L".*. John W. Devine '29. 
Thomas W. Fo-ter '29, llerm.iti C. 


(Continued from Pafte 1) 

dispel shadows. Ihe ventilation system 
has also been atljusted to more efficiency 
so that now several windows may be 
oiH-ned in such a maniu-r as to shoot the 
air up into the hall rather than create a 
draught directly through it. With the 
new floor, increased bleacher space, better 
illuiiiin.itioii, and more efficient ventila- 
tion, we can entertain visiting basketball 
fives without apologetic feelings. 

C.oing through the locker room one i an 
si-e still more improvements. The shoot- 
ing gallery has Uen changi-d end for end 
.mil built in between the loi ker room and 
the m.iin tliM)r. This gives the co-eds an 
opjM)rtunity to use the range U-cause il 
now has a separate eiitraie on the north 
>idi- of Ihe building. Windows have U-en 
inserted in the wist of the structure 
whith formerly housed the sh(H)ling 
gallery. Removing the range to its new 
location has practically doubled t he 
liM-ker space. Only 9b lockers h.ive iMin 
added to the riM)ni, but there is now ade- 
<iu.ite space in which to dress, space that kicking before. The old unsanitary 
shower riM>m has lieen removed in favor 
of the ritk- galkry, and a tiled shower 
room constructed on the stiuthwest cor- 
ner with a capacity of ten showers, only 
live of whith .ire installed as yet. .Adja- 
unt but uiiconnectecl with it is .i tiled 
toilet room. -A ihirtl new portion to t he 
locker room is a riMini on the northwest 
corner for visiting teams. It is devi.sed to 
serve as a place for team talks and to 
k)ck up the proiH-rty of the visitors. The 
loom also cimtains the new janitor's desk 
.md will serve .is his office 

A lew other ch.inges and additions 
which are not so obviiuis but which -how 
the carefulness in the det.iils of the plan 
of alterations ought to be mentioned. .All 
the exits from the buikling open outward 
tt> insure against fire hazard. .A small 
roof has iK-en added to the front of the 
building to protect the steps from accpiir- 
ing their usual coat of ice tiuring the 
winter. -At the south entrance to ihe 
iocker room, a shei-l of lineoleum is to 1k- 
l)laced with a Intich handy. This will aid 
the departnunl in keeping the floor in 
giKxl condition by making it handy lor 
men to reiiu)ve their shoes. 

Now that the Drill Hall has been reno- 
vated, the problems of keeping it clean 
and in goiMi condition arisi-. The college 
has jirovided for the former by apiHiinting 
a full time janitor, Mr. Dudley. He is 
to have charge of the lockers and will 
issue keys from his office in the visiting 
teams' room. The other problem can Ik- 
met only with the co-oiK-rat ion of the 
students. Reminders in the form of 
signs have Ik-cu placed at vantage {Xiints 
in Ihe buikling and every one using the 
hall is a-ked by the depart nu-nt to conform 
lo its requests. 

.Although conditions are vastly im 
proved, we are still far from having a 
model gymnasium. No corrective ap|)a- 
latus is provided for to furnish those 
students who c.innot iiaiticipate in mili- 
t.i y drill with p.oiH-r exercisc-s. .An 
indoor is lacking which means a 
letup in i) work during the winter 
Ih I ati-e of weather conditions. Then, too, 
-p.ue in the locker room is still inade- 
ipi.ite to Like i.ire of all the men out for 
.ithletir- which m.ikes it nece-s.MV to use 
the basements of North .md South 
Colleges. Nevertheless, the work of the 
summer improved conditions greatly, 
and I'rof. Hicks and his colleagues who 
pl.mned .ind sectirctl the ■ h.mge- dc-trve 
loimnriid.uion for the re-ults. 

Dugan. Charles IL 
Kvans, Richard W. 
Ivverson, Hettina L. 
Faille. Tranci.s J. 
Farley, Caroline 
Field, Mabel K. 
lield, (.eorge W. 
Fitzgerald, Paul R. 
FkM)d, C.eorge M. 
FkKjd, John H. 
Fraser, Richard -A. 
Frey, Newell 
Friedrich, 'Thelma S. 
Frost, Kdmund L. 
(iailagher, Philip -N. 
(iilgut, Constantine 
(icKxlrich, Raynu)nd 
(iordon, Jeanne 
(iornian, Josei^ti W. 
(iower, AllK-rt H. 
(ireene, Nathan K. 
C.riffith, J.met A. 
(.uenard, John R. 
(iula, Jt)seph J. 


.\o. .Attleboro 


( ireen field 





No. Adams 



So. Hadley Falls 




At hoi 










A Hickey-Freeman suit selected at this time will be a notable addition to the wardrobe, and a source of pleasure lor 
many months to come. 


Hacker, Walter H. 

Hamilton, Ste|)hen L. .New S;deni 

Hanks. Harry M., Jr. Longmeadow 

Hastings, Fniory B. Athol 

llempel, Fd. C., Ji. Bl.u kstone 

Hickiu-y, Zoe K. Worcester 

Hicks, Murray B. -No. .Adams 

llim-s, Fiancis M. Arlington 

Holm. ( arl < .. Worcester 

H«)lmberg, Oscar F. Wallham 

Holmes. ICriusi R., Jr. Worcester 

Hoover, D. Proviiknce. R. 1. 

Hvland, Fdgar L. Jr. No. Scituate 

Johnson, .Arthur ( . M. (ireenfiekl 

Johnson, Taick .A. Springfield 

Jones, Lawrence .A. (ireenfiekl 

Kane, Kugene J. We-tfiekl 

Keating, .Aliie C". Northampton 

Keem-, Norman K. Somervilk- 

Kimball, Philip W. .Nortuboro 

King, Kathleen C. So. Amher-t 

King, Lt-wis F. -No. Hnxjktield 

Kingsbury, Kermit K. Leominster 

Kitmr. Win. R. 

Kolonel. J. W. 

KtK-rlR-r. Margaret V.. 

Lamb, Francis H. 

Larstm, Hilding 

Lawr.nce, John I'. 

Lawrence. J. Fred 

LeCkiir. (..•.trude L. 

Little. Charles L. 

Lixkwood. F.lwin P. 

l.oom-r. F.tlwin .\. 

Lorrey. Robert II. 

Lyman. T.velv n M. 

M.ickenzie. Hek n M. 

M.u kinimie. t "•. Ross 

M.mtv. W.-ikko C. 

Alarshall. M.iry M. 

Mason, frank V .. Jr. 

Mc.Mlister. Cordon .A. .No. Billerica 

McCioklrick. \irginia L.e 

Met iuckian. John W . 

McKeen. Riihaid P. 

Mead, t iertrude .A. 

Mever. Hi-atrici- F. 

Minksiein. Thomas l- 

Moakky. John f. 

West field 
(.rand F.dl-. N.F. 
While Plains. N.A' 
We-t Aledtord 
Slielton, ("onn. 

F.. Longnuadow 


No. .Amherst 



Pownai. \l. 

Monk. M.irjorii- 
Myrick. .Norman 
Nash. Albert, Jr. 
Nason, David Al. 
Nichols, Donald T 
Norell, I rieila H. 





West field 






West field 


Northcott, John W.. Jr. New Bedford 

Nott, (".eorge F. 
O'l.eary. John T. 
Oliver, Ceorge W. 
Olsson. .Arnold W. 
Owers, Richard M. 

Paille, .Arthur 

Patch. Lowell H. 

Pierce, (iertrude K. 

Pierce, Ralph K., Ji. 

Pilling. Thomas L. 

Pinchuck. Lillian I. 

Plantinga, Martin P 

Potter. Rial S., Jr. 

Powers. John J. 

Priest. .Arthur (i. 

Pyeiison. Louis 

Renter. .Ann.i AL 

Rjbarsih. Fdgar R 








Shelburne Falls 






Newton Centre 

Windsor. Conn. 

Fast Lee 

Albany. N. Y. 

New Adrk City 


RolK-rts. Frederick K. So. Hadky Falls 

Jamaica Plain 
Ontario. Canada 
Hrooklvn. N.A'. 
Detroit. Mich. 
Fast ha nipt on 
West field 
North Hadley 

Rollins. Fmily ( i. 
Rose, Harold 
Rubin, Theodore 
Runvik. Kenneth C. 
Russell, (i. Shirley 
Salenius. Charles H. 
Sandow. John F.. 
Schullz. Rayn,;M;!i 1 
Scott. Ruth K. 
Sears, Louis A. 
Shaw, Frank R. 
Shea, Margaret J. 
Smead, Harold 1 




Boston Headquarters for all M. A. C. and 
many other College Teams and Clubs 


Club Breakfast and Special Luncheons 

and Dinners 


iConlinuftl from I'atit* 1) 

Smith, Friiest ( .. 
Smith, Lawrence H. 
Smith, i'aul .A. 
Somes, John 
Spiewak, Pauline A. 
Stoddard, Herbert T. 
Stuart, Robert I'.. 
Sullivan, Pauline F. 
Takahashi, Leo 
Tashjian, Sitiri-n M. 
Tetro, Robert C. 
Thayei, Richar«l D. 










W illiamsbiirg 

Thompson, \-a\. II. New Brunswick, N.J. 
Thom|>soii, Riifiis II. .Amlu-rsl 


Troy, Fred 

Fpton, Sliirlev' 

\ inceni, Lionel L. 

Wahlgren, Hardy I.. 

W'aile, Harold \ . M 

W.ird, ( ieorge A. 

West. Allan S., Jr. 

Wi-sti-ndarp, Kdwin M. S.iugus 

Welti-rlow, Fric IL.Jr. Manchester 

Wherily, Kit hard W. Silii.ile 

White, Fdwin I. Millbury 

Whitiiiin. f . Kingsley Springlielil 


North Re.uling 




West l.vim 


< i.ill.iglu-r, Rii h.ird I. I i, .Murr.iv 
H. Hicks. I rant is M. Mines. Filwanl ( 
llempel. Jr.. Carl ( i. Holm. F.rick John 
-on. John I- . L.iwreiiie, (iordon M.u 
.Allister, John W . Nortluott, Ji,, Rit h.inl 
.M. Owers, John J. Powers, Rolnrl ( . 
Tetro, l"n-derick S. Trey, (ie«>rge A. Ward. 


List iiieoniplete. 


PMl— Waher T. Honney. Carl Filz 
ger.ild. Thonias Pilling. Kenneth Run/ik. 

Announce Appointments 

of Cadet Officers 

L-.ine and llilyard (;et Rank t>f 
(iadet Majur 

Town Hall, Amherst 


SH'l ilii 
<>.4S N .til 


Start the year off right ! Buy a pair of 
Bostonians, the correct shoe for College 

W ilbiir, Henjaiiiin 
Wilcox, Keith II. 
W illiams, Inez W. 
Wilt, Louis .A. 
Wood, \ irginia 
Woods, J. lines J., Jr. 
Wright, A. D. 


Port l.eyden, N.A' 


No. Hrooklield 

W. Hridgi-water 

I .eomiii-ier 

W. er 





Walter H. Harrison 


J list Ni.rtli of Adiim- H.ill 

Optician and Jeweler 

.t l'I.K.\S.\Ni SIKKKI, up one fiiniii 

Oculists' I'resirlptions Kllli-d. Brolien lenses 

uccurulely replaced 

BK; BRN .M..\RM CI.OCK.S ami other 

reli-.ible maltes 




iCuniinueil from Takie I) 


P>.-0— Henry IL True. 
1931— C. Aiaki.lni D.ivis, IJne-l 
Holmes, Jr., Louis A. Sears. 


l«>31— Lionaiil Harlkll, Jr., W. 
Hiitk, John II. Hrooks, .'iid, Alkn ( 
witk, Wvnton D.ingelmayer, HerlK-rl D. 
Darling. Kit h.ird T^ Tram is Tailk-, 
o-< .ir HolmlM-rg, Hoov«-r, .Ar- 
thur Johnson, Lawrinie Jones, Norman 
Ke,in, Charles Manly, Arlhiir Priest, 
Noi ni.m Myrick, Rii h.ird 'Thompson, 
H.trilv W.ihlgren, W.iiie. .\lexan<ler 


List incomplete. 

si(;ma phi epsilon 

1931_J,,|,„ K. (, uenard, Wni. R. 
Kiltiur, John I . Moakk-y, Donald J. 
Nil hob. Rial S. Potter. Jr.. John S.iiidf)\v. 

19.H— Walter J. Aldrk h. Philip N. 

Tor the position of Major in the Cavalrv 
I nit, R.O.T.C., ol the Al.iss.ii huselt- 
.\v;rit iilt College, two men, both ol 
the d.i-s III I'.IJ.S, li.ivr Ih-cii chosen. 
They .lie ( .idel Don.ild R., .ind 
Catlet Jo-epli R. IliK.iril, who ,ire to 
li.ive cll.irge ol the lir-t ,ind seionil ilivi 
-iulls, n -peclivelv . Tile imit t his Ve.ll ll.l- 
.ig.iin been dividetl into two si|iiailrous. 
There .in- to be six triHips. 'The bami, 
liilherlo cilled the S-rvice troop, will now 
be c.llled tile I'|ll.irler> Troop .tiiil 

Cadet Majors 
Don, till R. I. .me Isl Division 


.SKI'I . I.\ 


SII'l. 24 

b.4.S N..t0 

t.AI'l MN SM \ Mi«>N' 
Mililily us the hi-a In ihrllU. 
this Npeelat iiKir roiiiantf 
will swi't'p .Miu < n your (eel. 
Matle (nini the (aniiiiis iii>\ - 
el ;intl serial with a tiiilalile 
easl. I.ars llanKon. I'auline 
Starke, Mareellne Day aiitl 
KmeHl 'lorrente. News 

Comedy "Why (.iris love 

IIn popular tleiiiantl we have 
relxxiketl I III COIII- NS /It 
kl-II.^.S." When a Cohen 
married a kelly and there 
was a little Kelly -(Uihen. 
I hen t lie ( Cohens loved I he 
Kellys and the Kellys lo\ed 
the Cohens anil you'll all 
lii\e the "Cohens^ kellys." 
S|Mirlli|tht and Conieily. 


.SKI'T. li, 

< IHt 
6 lis K U! 

-IIKKO ON ll4)KSI<:ilA<:k 

Cowboy, iiamhier. raneh, 
owner and fraud. They 
tailed Rill (.arford all of 
that and more. How he 
redeems himself Is a story 
of teiisenesN. Joy and eye- 
opeiiinii speed. Inter- 

national 'Sews Mai'k Sen- 
iietl Comedy • The ColleUe 
kiddo " 

••|«f WAKI Ol \MI»OW.S" 
With l.aiir.i I .iplante and 
Hryani U.i-hhiiMi Wild, 
wily widows llisterital 

laiitthler. Uloriixis (iiit 
Tallies anil <:<imeilv 

Jii-eph R. I 

L'nd Division 

Cadet Captains 

koberl II. linioln 'Troop .\ 

RtilHrt J. K.iiier 'TnM)p I. 

Hans H.iimiK.irlner TriMtp H 

Warren J. Tiilis Troop T 

ll.irivM'll \:. l<o|M'r Troop (' 

.Albion H. Kicker llili|. Troop ,ind H.ind 
D.ina IL Kidder, Jr., Isl Div. 
berlr,i:n II. Iloll.ind .Xdiiil.inl , l.*nil Div. 

Cadet First Lieutenants 

( h.irk-s R. (lilTord Troop ,A 

Thimias W . Tergiison TrtHtp I. 

James K. Ciimiingh.iin Troop H 

Charles J. Smith, Jr. Troop T 

T.rne^l I.. S|Kiicer Troop ( ' 

(iordon T. He,ir-i- lli|(| Truo;. .oui H.tiid 

(Judet .Second Lieutenatils 

R«)lMrt L. T'ox Troop .A 

Continued on I'aUe 4i 


to the 

Class of 1931 

and wishes for a successful 


275 High St., Holyoke 


Karii while you learn. Spare linie work after 
ciasM-s. Now helpinii hiintlreds of students 
ihniuCh lolleile. No tiiianee- or e»p«-rlenee 
re<|uired. I niisually lllteral iifT.T. Write for 
full partiiulars today. 

Bradford & Co., Inc. .St. Joseph, Mich. 


ltriinsv\u'l. . (ailuiiiliia and \ it tor Keiorils id 
I'hoiioftraphs itatieries, Klashllilhts. KleetrU- 
Sutiilri..s. I lei Iri«- Lamps. S|H>rlintt ChmmIs. 

K>.'p.iir Shop riioiiip.ion np.iirK an; ihlnit 
hut iinihrellas 



\ou will find an exielleni 

. . SIIOI. Kl I'MKINi. SIHH" . . . 
e4|ulpped with the most up-to-date <>o<Hlyear 
Maihlnery .md a iinHlern 

at It l-J Amitx St., - Opp New Theatre 

II . iiiiili rl'iiiJ voiir f<-</iiir<-»Mcii/i iin,l me I'rt- 

ptirrit III mrrl ••••ur iifiil\ 

Ml .^orl; liwintntiid ^h.'i hiiUfl uml ilyr.l. liOc 


W/CI rr^ ;i/l C We extend a cordial welcome to everyone, particularly the 

W nJLCVJiUn==* clothes the first week. Others find it only after a year ( 

over Forty Years. We know what college men like and we sell it at the price they like to pay. 

Hart Schalfner & Marx Clothes. Mallory Hats, Interwoven Sox. 

newcomers. Sonic men just naturally pick out the riftht stiire to huy their 
or more. Start Right. We have been selling clollies to \I.,V.(J. men for 


James A, Lowell, Bookseller 

72 sheets and 50 envelopes - - - 

.SI. 00 

50c up 

Ingersoll Fountain Pens 
$L00, $L50, $2.00 

Theme Tablets 
100 sheets 


Desk Blotter Pads 
Pennants and Banners 

To Get the Best, Buy 


and SILK 

Bloomers — Step- Ins- A'ests 



G. Edward Fisher 

Amherst Shoe Repairing Co. 

At the Service of those who appreciate 
Better Shoe Repairing 


Largest assortment of Fountain Pens Your name engraved on 
pen, no extra charge. 


Newsdealer and Stationer 





The High Quality Low-Priced Shoe 




The Best in Dru( Store Mcrchandtoe 
The Best in Dru2 Store Servico 




No. 1 M«in St., Amherst, 

our l.muu4T, Fir.t a.M ^ ^^^^^^ c-.r-..- 


"^'^^ Opposite Poit OflU:* 


We take great pleasure in welcoming back the upper classmen 
and in extending our greetings and best wishes to the class of 1931. 

iContlnutd on Pafte .*) 





By this time we are supplied with 

tlie latest models of Cullefte Oxfordn. 


Shoe Repuirlnit Department. 




For - - - $1.00 



Mr. Basil B. Wood, 



R()(;KK I . HIM/K "29. Mftr. 

Seal Stationery, Watch Fobs. Bai.n.r.. Supplies of all kinds 





PEP" YOl N<' 'i"* 



Flexible Six 11 Note books, life time guarantee on Parker & Conk- 
lin Fountain Pens. Toothpaste 


Aggie Alumnus 

Weds Amherst Girl 

Milton Taylor '2.S and Miss Sadie 
Perley Married Saturday 

Last Saturday vwiung Milton W. Tay- 
lor of Clialhaiu, was inarrk-d to Miss 
Sadie J. I'trlcy <>f Anilicrst in tin- (-rMi' 
K,,is< l.y tlu' K.-v. Arthur L. 
Kins<.lvinK. Tlu- sin^k- ring si-rvice was 
used. Afttr tlu- ctnniony > Iktc was a 
reception in tlie |)ari^l. l>on>f. Mi-^=* 
Maruaret ( . Shea '2(i of and 
i)onald Sullivan 'JC of Andur>i were ihej 
attendants of the »)ri.le and k«"oim. | 

MiUon Taylor graduated with the class | 
of 1025 and was a member of the Kappa 
Si^rnia fraternity. Hi- was i)ilrher on the 
varsity l.axhall team and majored in 
chemistry. Ih' has Uen .loiiiR ^ra-luate 
woikat the Iowa State CollfKe where he 
received his master's .le«ive in <heiiii^try. 
He is now studyinu l«>< his I'h.D. Mrs. 
Taylor is a Kra.lnaie of the I'osse-Nissen 
SluK)l of I'hv.Mtal luhuation at Hoston, 
a„,l is a member of the Delta Psi Kappa 
sororitv. From I'-'^.i t.. 192.-. she was 
reel eat ional assistant for women at 
M.A.f. and siiui- then she has Uvn tlean 
at the Posse-Nissen schmil. Mr. and Mrs. 
Taylor left Sat unlay ninht for Ames, 
l„\va, where they will make their home. 

A .lual race with the Harvard Ire^hnieii 
i, nn s, liedule lor Oct. 2S. at which time 
the varsiiv will com|Kte with the t rimstjn 
varsity. It \^ iMjssible that one or jxjssibly 
two more r.ices can be arraiiijed lor the 
yearlinus, but these will of courM- deiKM.i 
up<m the comlition of the men during the 


The followii.K freshmen haxe signed 
|„rrr.,ss-country: W. Baker. 1- Hartlett. 
A. A. Brown, C. M. Davis. K. V. DouKlas 
K. K. ll()lme->. K. Lorrey, A. ^a:^h, K. 
Sihultz, J. Somes, K. (i. Snuth. P. -V 
Smith. K. II. Thompson. L. Xmnnt. A. 
S. West, K. Wilcox. H. \'. Waite. 

Junior (. la^>> 
Sophomore Class 
Kre^hman Class 


The following is the list of fraternity 
averages for the spiing term 1927: 


.Continued flom I'aile ■« 

Cecil C. Kice 

Walter K. Smith 

l-rancis J. Crowley 

Horace T. Brock way, Jr. 

Kdwin S. White Hd(i. Troop and Ban<l 

Ceorge S. Tulloch 'l'*''>P -^ 

Troop K 
Tr(M>p B 
Trooi) I' 
Troop C 

Delta Phi Alpha . 
Kappa Ciamma Phi 
Non-Frat. and Sor. 
Si>;ma Phi l-^psilon 
Delta Phi (iamma 
.Mpha Sigm.i Phi . 
Lambda Chi Alpha 
O. T. \ . . 
Kappa Fpsilon 
.\lj)ha < lamma Kho 
Kappa Sigma . 
Tlieta Chi 
i'hi Sii,Mna 




7S 211 

77 ()4 





7C. . m 




K a. m. to 1 p. in. 

■) p. m. to 7 p. m. 

Ka. m. to 10 a. m. 

12.:iO p. lu- to ;i.30 p. 111. 
ICmergency casc-s will be receised at an\ 
time; otherwise students are exi)ected to 
come during office hours onl\ . 

Week days 

eate a first year group of about 140 
students. Registration will lake place on 
Monday. October 3, for the new students; 
(Xtolx-r 4 lor the seniors. All classes will 
l)egin on Wednesday. 

Ji-rry Hyde, 2-yr. •2<>. and Barbaia 
Halt '28, were married in September at 
Cireat Harrington, Mass. 

% 1'. A. C. Libr 





Paul W. \iets. su|Krvis<jr of place- 
ment training at M.A.C. has resigned to 
become employment manager of the 
Pl\ mouth Cordage Co. 

Advance applications at the Short 
Course otVice indicate a decided increase 
in the entering class-120 have already 
Ixen received. This would seem to indi- 


'H^i Homer J . Wheeler has moved from 
Newton Centre. Mass., and is now resid- 
ing at :m\ North Fullerton .\ve., Upper 
Montdair. N. J., and has o:tices at 419 
Fourth .\ve., New York City. 

'92 Francis C. Stockbridge has given 
up his iwsition in North Tarrytown, N. 
V. and is located teiiii)orarily in Dade 
City, Florida. 

For Year 1926—1927 


JTohm.m cK.ssroiintry i> off i>n a good j 
start with 17 camlid.iles' names already 
on the lists for daily checking off. Men 
were called out for first pradiv- on 
Thurdav, S*-i)t. l-. at which time 
several candidates made lluir appear- 
ances, and siiKH- then names have Uen 
addtd to 'he s(pi;td <l.iil> • 

Delta Phi .\lpha 
Sigma Phi llp>iloii 
Non-Frat. and Sxn. 
Delta IMii C.amma 
Kappa (..unma Phi 
Kappa F^p-ilon 
l-imlxia Chi .Mjiha 
.\lph.i t ..imiiKi !<ln> 

y.T. v. 

KapiKi Sigma . 
.Mpha Sigma Phi 
Theta Chi 
Phi Sigma Kap|)a 

S:nior Cl.i" 


77 4i» 
7ti . 7."< 
7li . 20 
7.-> 32 
7:. 24 

SO 49 

The College Candy Kitchen 

A fine place to go and take your friends for 


Ice Cream Milk Shakes. Fresh Fruits. Refreshment, and Sodas. 
Sa"^ Nuts. Pa^e & Shaw, Park & Tiltord. Boxes Ready 

to be Mailed. 


Do not For^ that special SUNDAY NIGHT DINNER 


the place for the college man" 


Sporting and Athletic Goods 



The Mutual Plumbing & Heating Co. 


To smoke wisely and well, choose Camels 

There's an irresistible reason for rlioos- The Camel smoker is tol.acco fit. He 

ing this famous cigarette. Not for its has the best, with i.o scrimping or denial 

popularity alone, hut for that superior of cost. There are no four-wheel brakes 

quality that produces it. on Camel; no brakes at all. It is full 

Camel wins its prestige with modern speed ahead, straight for quality, 

smokers by forthrighl value. It is rull-.l Select Camel for smokini: pleasure, 

of the choicest l.d.accos that money and ymi^ll join distinguished company, 

can buv. and its blending is tl.r ta-lc Particular, modern smoker> have elected 

and fragrance triumph of tobacco it on the principle of superiority, 

science. -Have a Cameir €i.:7 

A NFW YEAR=--=Vna it hnds us with a complete new stock that far surpasses anything we have ever offere^^ Kor years the well dressed Agg 
man hJs lole^ n> us for clothing and haberdashery of taste and refinement. Vou can do no better Maintam the old trad.t.on. 














^\\t jllagaarI|U0gllB OloUggtatt 




Nil 111 her 2 

Freshmen Win Bouts 

And Nightshirt Parade 

Entering Class Wins Four of Bouts, But \ ictory in Night- 
shirt Scrap is by Single Point 

In lii. ,.,,M.,.i, u.,/o.i .\i>,lit IkM la--i 
: iiila\ iiijiht ill tlu* arena, tlu- i lar>> oi 
' ;i put forth a i)erformanft- that dt'iuoii- 
itfcl its ability in at Ua*t (»nr <lircrti<)n. 
I final Mori' wa- 4 to 2 in la\<>r nf tlu 
' -liiiiv'n with oiii- 1 1( . 
I lu- rn>t bout bilwiiii Kllitili "M and 
■■\<y '.{1 lastiil tlu' full tlirtc n)un<l> and 
uliid in a dfci^iun in f.i\(>r nt lliiu-.-. 
1 111' frt-slinian fonvd the tiv.\n tiic niajorit > 
!1k- t'unv. \vhi( h was ratlur a (nu- sidid 
ir. I lie n«-st ivtnl. a wriMliiiK match 
I Nickcrxm o" an<l Hnlndii.rn '."il. 
..lilt th«' full tinu- and \va> di i larid a lit-. 
' !,. nun wiTi' of similar W(i;.4ht> an<l i>iH 
n init-n >tiii>{ iierforinaiii i . I hi> 
\ ,1:. lulluwfd by >i boxing inatcli. I.amb 
.:n ijiaiiist \\(»id> '■i\. whitli turnrd <»in 
■ • lit- a sophonutri- \iiior\. Wood'^, al- 
iii.iis^h ouiwt IkIk <l b\ marly t\vi,-nt\ 
iiiiunds. |iro\i<l to bi- a la>t iMixtr and 
! ir.i \shi!f k<()i thi- Mcond ><ar man bii>y 
lirotcrtinj; him-ilf. liartsch "od and 
N)mi> ';n wii-^tlid foi honor- in tht- nt\l 
1 \cnt. HartM'h >urf<.ifd a di-loi alcd kn«i-. 
■ lit .ontinufil the iii.itt li .iticr ilu- kiivi b« »n |tut bai k into plaii'. He \\a> 
|iiiimd to tlu- tldor. lio\\(\rr. in about 
;\\o luinutfs. Koln-rtson '■>'> w.i- pitted 
.i^ain^t Waitc- '-il in tlu- tnxi boxing event 
whit h lasted but <au- roimd. Waite swuiik 
(iiu n and \sith >iuh effect that the jiidvio 
M<»pi>ed the tivjhl and declared it a frosh 
victory. Armstrong an<l Mc.MliMer ';!! 
•! \| it <nit <ni the mat and pro\ idtd 
,i\ interest ini; male h for aboin two 
■iiKJ a half ininnte> when Arm-tronj; 
'PraiiK a surprise b\ subduinv; hi- oppo- 
nent. The la-t matth between Wan en 
^lii and l)anulenia\er '^il prnvid io be a 
liii;ninj; match in whi(h both conte-iant- 
-wun^ fretiuentK .ind heaviK. I he par 
lii ipants s<K>n showed the strain and weie 
imi\inK \ery slowK. ne\ertlu'le.-s thi'\ 
remained on their leei until tlu linal bell. 
I'he judge- awardi il the la-t mali h to t he 
in -hman. 

1 ollowinn tlu- Ixjxinn ■""' wre-tlinn< he- the onlcMikers withdrew to the 

l»rill field to .iwait the coming ol th.- two 

H|>pc>sing rlass»-s. Tin- Ire-hinen were then 

^i\cn final advi«e at the Arena a» to the 

rules of the ninhlshirt scrap. • )n their 

.i;«IK-aran< e at I hi- doors of the .\rena the 

-uphoTuores, who weie lined up read\ for 

'11, -larted a U-dlam of deri-ixe cat- 

'-. .md (ompelled the loremo-t ones 

kneel down for tlu- other- to ium|> om r. 

;)-fr«>j{ fashion. The-e latii r were then 

'<' to kn<*el down, in llii- w,i\ the 

re jjroup of freshmin. atlireil in their 

!i:-hirts. madt- its way ii> the drill 

ulur»' the contest was scheduled to 

' I'll*- distance is alK>nt oru- 

rter of a mile, bui thj fre-hnun nja<h' 

ientarkable tinu', iH-ing assisted, as 

re. by the lu>t\ shouts and re-ouiul- 

, ihw.u ks of the sophomore-. 

\iri\cd at the field, the < 1 ■ 

'I into two rin^s. the freshmen fortuinv; 

i> iniu-r circle ami the sofihomores titj 

"•Iter. .\t the first gini the twn >(r«jups 

led running in op|>osi(e directions. 

■ \ ith the firing; of the second ^;un. however. 

"fil-r b( ( ,nne disorder, a- the sophomores 

the freshmen, endeavoring to 

-ii oil their nightshirts. The fre^hInen 

^lilted by trying to drag their opfKi- 

into their goal. For the first three 

iiie- it wa- a m.ii ' n i nni , -t . 

11 the (id<ls about e\i ::. 

\' thi end of this time .ui' >' li' ■' uuii w i- 
. iiilu ij til,)' I \» '1 Hi' il 1 ■ 'lilil 
I hi- \\.i- the In , !)j 

Coiitinufd on Pafte i 



RepreseHtati*e> fiom Man> CtdU't^es 
Inroll at \l A.C. 

With the I'lgistr.tlion lor tin l<air 
-tudcnis practicalh (ompUteii M i- laiind 
that the li-t of translern from other idI- 
l<.i;es includes twenty-one student- i om- 
iim from almost as m.iny institutions, file 
liillowin^ i- the complete list, tn (hit,-; 
Arniond .\riiuriiis, Rutgers I'liiv. 
Wilbui I'uck. Iniv. 
i:i(..nor ( aMwill. M. I'h< rsoii t'liilej. 
1 r.incis Costello, Jr.. I'liix. oi \ 
(•ertrude l>a\i-, lliMXer tOliege. 
Wisley (iiiswold. .\niherst • (>l!i».;i . 
I>n»st Haye.s. S\ racu.-e I'niv. 
.Mired Milbert, M.I.T. 

j.ick Kolonel, |)allioieie I .. .\' ^ ti.i. 
1 rancis l.ainb. Ilobart ("olle^i . 
Herman Ma'.;nn-()n. |)arlinouth ( ollege. 
( lordi/ii Mc.\lli-ier, Springfii-ld t'ollege. 
Helen Macken/ii-. Ifoston l"ni\. 
Ilora .Mainvell. I'udoit Co, lege. 
I'.dw.trd (>'l5rien, Si. ,\nst liii'- t niU-<c. 
.\lfred I'lir-t iilo\ •, I'urdce I'niv. 
.\iiiia Keiiier. Hoston I'niv. 
r.iiit Kuilm.m. Dartmouth ( ollei.i 
Henry Irue, Uati'- t dllege. 
.Mex.iiuK r Wright, Darlnunilh ( ol!ek;e, 
Samuel \ olilonsky , Middlebiiry ( ulUge. 



Dr. Feriiald Heads (Graduate .School. 
Prof. I.atiphear, Assistant Dean 

.Mthoiiiih the appointment I'm it 

Marshall ( >. l.i.nphear 'o the )Mi-iii<>ii ol 
assi>tant ot the i'«illege may iiMue as 
a -urpri-e to a few. the majority will take 
his promotiup as a matter ol i-our-<-. I'ro- 
fe-sor I.aiipliear graduated from the col- 
lege in I'.'lN .ift«r four years of Dopul.irity 
anil le.ider-hip among hi- clas-niates. 
,\fler lu- yr.uliiati-d he went into the 
le.iching prnie— ion ami sinct- !',rj| he h.i- 
been on the teaching staff of .MA" tir-t 
as in-iructnr in .Xgronomy and iheii. until 
this year, a-si.-ianl professor in .\grononiy . 
Together with his appointment a- assi-- 
tapt dean he has In-en made .i--i-tant 
profes-or in i h.irg(- of fre-hm.m .i.:ricul- 
t lire. 

\ ^ the other outstanding a|»pi.iiii 
ineiii - III the past few months ha- Im-i-u of Dr. Henry T. lernald a- he. id of 
the ( iracluale Sfh<M)l to lake the pl.i< »■ ot 
Dr. Charles K. Mar-hall who di.-d l.i-t 
spring. Dr. Fernald ha- Ih-cii lonm-' ted 
with the e<tiU-ge for .1 liimd nm s. ii- 
.illd i- lie;id ot till- depart liii-iil i>' l.titn- 
Diintiniieii on i'a)i«- 2 



l.<»t of Twelve Pullets 
Sold fur $60 


With .inolher lulls game here at 
liomi- ihi-ii- will Ih' aiK>ther Tufts 
Informal. ( )iu ol those good old In- 
lornials which we once alteiuled m ,it 
le.i-t ol which we li.ixe he. ml othei^ 
pi.iiM- Io the limit. It's re illy coining 
Hid the Informal Commit'ee will 
make every possible elforl to piovi.le 
1 xcellent imi-it- .md an misurp,i--,ilile 
<liiiiiei. I iiiilui inloi iii.iiion will b>- 
piilili-lied in 1 lie i'lillciiiiiii. 

IIIF onsi \M)IN(. IM KFORM- 

I Ir tin tir-I liMMiu I'"H' 
-i I I ;(!,i\ iiuht . ", 

■ lili-.t 

I ill- W.l- IHmImI i1\ 

.-., .,i I he hidd. 11 -i,i!'^! h 


- I 1.1--. W hit il, ilnU' .11, 
• 1 liiddeil ior the re-i ot till- 

Change In Systenn of 

Delivering Collegian 

Men Not In Dnrnis or l-ralernily 
Houses Call a I Oflite 

III oidii to render more i liii i. ni set 
\ it e to the -t lldem-, I hi I 'ollei; Ibl-illc— 
Drp.iilmiiil will open llie ( ollegi.m oliic'- 
i.M \\t<llle-day ot i-ach week between llle 
liom-of boll .md li.ilil, .md li.:>0 .md 7.l.*> 
ihu- |H-rmitling ihosi- students who live 
oul-ide ihe dormilorie- and fi.ileiiiitv 
hoii>ts an opiMirtunily lo obi.iin iheii on Widiu-Ml.iy iusleail ot |-ri- 
d.iy or S;iiurday vvln-n ih.y are seiii 
through the ni.iil. The sludi-nt ilesiring 
to obl.iin his p.iper at the ji.ii.rnitv Io 
whic h he i- pledi;i d ni.iy do so by nolih- 
ing the circiil.tiion m.m.igei ol the (Vi/- 

Agates Outplay Bowdoin, 

But Game Ends In Tie 

M. \.('. KK'veii Superior at all limes I'aiis in .\ttenipt 

to Score 

( ine of the unusual exhibit- fi 
( ollege at tfie Rastern Slate- Fx|i"-i; imh. 
was a jKMi containing IvveKe excepi ional, 
|;>-digreed pullet-. Thes<- pulie'-, w llile 
remarkable in themselves Ih-c.-iu-*- ot tiieir 
qil.dity. .il'r.elerl -till L;n-;iter I'lti-ftiiinl 
Im I ,111-e ■ I \ in w !! 

were -oM, .\< mi- tin j.en in w'l 
wen- kei:- ■'-•■ I'l.iicd -onii-,., . . 

Ill be 111' '' >\ llio-e in!eii-'( ■ I >v 

these carii- • \'i n \\i r.' -p 
and adrire .- nl l Ik- biildei .ui' : ,i:-" ■ ;.!.!■ 
lor the .oii'iunt bid. .\t ilir enr] .,- th,. 
week 1 h' I .iiil- Wen i \,i iiiln. ' I 
llit:lie-l rec'-iviil I lie lul . |'.\ li;. . -■ i,l 
till- ( ,ird -\-teiii no bidder km w '^v 
,ill\' o; hi 1 l(,td bid, lii( ,ill-e I hi ■ ; - ,\ i ii 
pl.ired 111 a lo< kicl receptacii-. I he highe-t 
liid<l<r. ,1 111, Ml from we-iern Mi--i.)in 
~.!i-, \Ki"\ -I'.'l lor tile 111), k. ! 

he receiv.'l -.MKr pedigrei-d iHili.i-, 

whose niMtMil- .ivel.i^id L'.'i.H e^g-, wlioM 
mother's mothers averag<d L'.'i.'; eug-, and 
I whose f.itlur"- mother- ,i \ . ' i^''' JilLl egs.;-, 
I which Di.i'ii' it ,1 ver\ iHMtit.cbli biiv for 
! him. 

Junior Cadets Had 

Interesting Experience 

Rode t(» Camp at Fort Kllian Allen 

During tlu- fir-t p.irl of I hi- past 
v.ic.iiion till- junior members of the 
M..\.( , unit of tin- R.O.l.t. -pent iheii 
-ix wc-i-k's tr. lining cour-*- at fort l-.than 
.\llen. Slatting from .\nihersi, June 17, 
I hey slop)M-d at tireenfield, Ihall, 
W.d|M)le, N. IF, (lari-mont, Winilxr, 
Uilhel, Northlield, U'.ilerbnrv, .ind I'oit 
Flhan .\llen. They arrived in llieii IiiliI 
camp on June 2S. I'lu- trip up was markid 
by f.iir wiather. <i<M)d camp sites were 
loiind at the \ari(Ui- slopping place- and 
at each of lliest- the group was \( ry well 
reci-i\eil. liolh cidei- ,m<l Iiors(-> wi-re 
in excelleni -lia|M- upon iheii 'I In- 
one casualty of the t-nlire trip oieiirri-d 
when a team of mules, driven by I'riv.ile 
Fdward lay , beeann- unmanageable and 
succ«-eded in lipping the le.'im over, 
i'rixate lay juniiM-d, but landed heavily 
and broki- his .-inkle. 

.\i Wind-or the detaihineiit wire 
joined by tin- yroiip of cadet- liom 
NorwK h I niMTsity and inari heil the 
re-.i of the w.iy as one large trooji. .\t 
fort f-lthan .\llen tlu- iroop was met bv 
( •< nei'.d Hrown, ( orps Commandanl who 
seemed very well salistied with the 
apjKarance of the entire grouj). Most of 
the- time in camp was s(x'nt on the- range, 
riie result of this intensive sU(h, ig wa- 
to ipialify over .VK of the troop as mark 
iiK-n. When not on the range the de- 
tachment rode- the Kii— i.m ride which is 
,1 ((nirse ridden by tin- officers and men 
of the g.irri-on 'here While ;tt Norlhfield 
the g otip vv.i- the giie-t ol the N'orwiili 
'Cftntinurd on Pafte i, 


".I merry hrnrt docth vaod likr it 
"hIiiHi itw '' 

- I' 

VVedncsda> — 

7.11(1 Oiiting Club Ml I 'iii^, 
'I hursday — 

;;, ).") .\— cmbh. , I'rot, 1 i mh I'm nl i' i 

7,.''.ii liiterlr.iteri-it y (nnler me 
\\i t I iii^, 
Friday — 

s;,'"; I iii!,i\ \i,;h! 1 ),nii '■ .\l( iiiori.i! 
Saturday — 

\,ir-it\ I not hi.dh I'l.lll - .il l.l\M-|i;ll. 

I nior \ .ir-it e, ( ii-liin;; .it 
.\-lil Miriih.iin. 

'IwM-N e II I\' .,i-i t .It ion lor In -Inn. n. 
'iiiesday — 

IW'i-N 1 ' : l<' . ■ ., , .n liii -I ni' 'i -. 




Cavalry lloiNes Make (iood -Shovvinji 
.\ti.iiiisC .Sironji ( ioinpel il ion 

\l 1 he .S|ii iilglleld I li>l -«• .S|iie»v l.i>t Wiek 
I lie live lior-is entiled b\ the Military 
dep.irlnu-nt of this College in.lde .i ver\ 
commendable showing, c.ipl tiring In .ill 
I'll ribbon- .ind a cup in the v.irious 
A.iil- in whiih lliey were eiiK-red. ilu 
ii-raill- .ire even more -.ili-lying when oiie 
< (Mlsidei - t he tpi.dit y (it t he enl ries .ig.lin-l 
whiili our horse- eompetid, lor m.inv ol 
the blueblood- ol I he i nimtry '- -how ring- 
weie enleied. 

• Ill Mond.iy niuht. in tin I b ,i\ v wei-lii 
I'oJii CI, I — , l?i)miie took lii -I pi. in-, Sh,- 
\\.i- ridden by Srgi-.inl W.iiien. I he 
iiiAt night . in the Fight weight I'otu ( l.i— . 
Mollie, with Serge. Mil Ci.iin up. look 
si-cond place. ISiMit leggi r, .mother enlry 
Irom this college, look third pi, ice. < >n 
Wedne-d.iy night .\mlier-i, ridden b\ 
I'riv.ile r. inner, reieived second pi. ice in 
the < iieen llunli-r'- Jumping Cl.i-s. F.iier evening ih.e sma- lioi-e, again-l .i 
lu-ld of thirty-one, pi. iced well np in I he 
()lvmpii Coursi- Jiimpiii'.:. but not high 
enough to receive ,t ribbon, Ihi- ( Hy iiipic 
( onr-e coiisi-l - ol -i\ iiinip-, one ol wliiili 
is an in-and iml jump. Ihi- l.iiter jump 
i- really two jump-, one ol lour ,ind one 
half feel, and one of four feet, tlu- ai'tii.d 
jumps being pi. iced thirty teel ap.ul. 

Il on Thin-d.iy night, howevei, 
ill. 1 1 the I liiiias of I h(- w hole w< t-k o< eiirred 
when llie piilo te.iiii ol three momil- re 
leived lii-l prize. In winning ihi- el.i-- 
t he al-o won .i verv i up 
i<>inlinii«Hl on I'jit** 4 

Many Freshmen Enter 

Collegian Competition 

Sixteen (ionipetitors .Seek Places for 
Kdilorial Board 

Sixtien member- ol the lre-hm,in cl.i-s 
reporti-d ;it the (.'ulli-^^tiin olliee l.i>i .Mon- 
day evening lo si.irt the i oin|H't it ion lor 
positions on the board ol the 
( ollegi- weekly I- roni this group several 
will I M- elected by the pre-eni sl.ilf at I he 
end of this II rm, lypicil newspaper 
.1— ignmeiii- will Im- given the i oinpel iti.r-, 
who-e work will be gr.idi d .i- .i ba-i- lor 
I omp.iri-on, 

Iho-e who h.ive -iL,ililli d llieii inteii 
tioii- ol trying out lor, po-ition- an- a- 
follows: Uerlh.i \. .Men, Mary Heaii- 
monl, S.iliy K. lU.idli y. IF Daniel Darling, 
Irank F. Dougl.i— . I'.iiil U. lilzger.ild, 
Jeanne < ■onion, N.ith.m F. (.nine, |ohn 
K, <iuen.ird, l--dwin .\. Fi«»mer, S. 
Poller, jr,, Iheodore Rubin. I'.iiil A, 
.Smith, I'.iiiline .\. Spiewak, ll.irdy I 
Wli.dgren. j.inies |, Wood-, 



Dr. Molloll of Rulttaria Inspected 
College Durinfi Summer 

I )l!rillvi I he -III 1 1, 1 II I I ill I ollege K teived 
,1 vi-it from Dr, Ian S. MollolT, I'rofes-or 
of ,\gri( nil I ' ..:ionii( - In t he ]'•<< 
i.m ( oile'v;e ol .\grii lilt llli- .il Soli.i, ,in<i 
fi.riiieiK ,1 di-tin«ui-!ied Mini-ter ol 
Aui 1' iih 111. ot l'>iil-,;.ii 1,1. i'M-l'---i.r MollotI 
li.i- 111 I 11 louring the lomilry, studying 
i^rii iihiMil "dm. (lion in it- v.iiiou- iiiani 
Il l.iiinn-, .mil ■ .ii:ii i.i M \,< , I'll 1' ' oinii 
nf t 111- I.H 1 t hil 1' Il'iV. I- t he ollU ill-l i 
I iiiiDn ol il- iund in tin i oiin! r\ . iiui 
.i-M,i i.ited din i iK v.ilii .i -l.i'' U'lW i-it -s 

1)1 ,1 -I ,ll I- I mUi _i . 

] he \i-lt ol I'inli - ot Mii'liilt :■. \l \ I 
!- -till .iiuit!" r ind^ ■' ■mi ..I I !.i 
whii !i 1; .li ■'.'■- !■■'-' "I 

llie pi I d, I ill. I l..!i "! 'Il' I olli-ge ill 
ir.iiiiliiu lit' II t"' -' ' ^ '' ' i" .1 -iiiciiltiiral 
.•,iii. .ili.iii ,iiid n -( .11. li, I he inllili II' e 
1,1 the colli ■ '" ■ "'"I 

till- bound;ii-. ■ . ^ ■ ' •'" "' 

the n.ition. 

I'!,i\ in . I ■'<!', ,.,! llie but losing . , 
bli II I',. id to be ( onlint 

w it II ,1 ,^i oil U .-.- I II 111 ii - opi ning g.inie ol 
llle -e.ison with |{,,v\.l.iiii ,\i Ifruiiswiik, 
S.ii iiid.iy , Septeiubi ' \lihoiigh many 
ill. Mice- lor fir-l down .md a glorioii- 
oppdituuity lo seoie vveri lii-i in inches, 
the le.iin pl.iv.d .1 -te.idv lighting yA]\u- 
,in<l dc-eivid III will. Sli.iighl lonlb.ill 
with ,1 lew pa- MS si i Ilu eil lo keep liowdoin 
on I he delensiv e ;ilter I he lirsl lew iiiiniile- 
ol pi. IV, .mil oiii ke|ii I he b.ill in 
lluir leirilory mo-i of the time. The 
eleven deserved .1 lielln I, lie, lor liowdiiili 
w,i- mil play I'd in evi-ry dep.iii nii nt . 

howdoin's only t lire, it i.ime .n the 
opining ol ihe g.inie. .M.ii'v kicked "If 
.md ihe M.iine le.itii the b.ill on till ir 
loiiy live y.ird line, live pl.iys ihioiigli 
om line g.ive them two hrsi downs, ,ind 
il looked ,1- though .1 louihdiiwn .done 
'• oiilil -lop ihi-ni. Ifiithenexl pi. ly, only 
two y.irds re-iilted -o .i loruaid w.i- 
■ .died. On the pl.iv, •■( h.irl.v" WalkiLu 

broke tlliough llle line .Mid 1,11 kled I lie 
p,e-M-i lor .1 lllleeil y,.rd loss. From th.ll 
point on, llle I' Rears liMik a b.n k 
-e.ll .md Weie Ion id lo linn .ill then 
i-lfi.rls III kei ping the .\ggie te.iin Irnm 
their line. The ipi.irli-r endid with 
no ti.ini having .niv .iiU.miaRe. 

F.iily in the second iH-riml the .\g.ile 
olb-iisive found itsell .ind fnsl downs were 
niiiiieoai-. Several adv.inces were made 
only lo li.ive llie ball lost by iiu-h(->< in .i 
l.iililii' to m.ike first down. The very l.isl 
ol the second period bioiighl the be-t 
oppiiiinnity to score, but the time 
loo -holt. With -4 . 1 reel y more ih.m a 

ni'tmle to go belole the end ot the li.lll, 
.1 III. It p. I--, Kiidipii-l III Kneel. md, 
brought the b.ill lo Kowdoin's six y.ird 
line, Willi onlv tin- -hoi I distance lo 
go and four down^lo ni.ike it ill, a si'ore 
seeilieil eel lain, I'.ipl. Cook made lline 
yaid- through llie line ,iiid Km el, ind 
.idded enough more to pill the b.dl 
.iboiii Iwi Illy inches from the goal. "J<h-" 
I lily. ml look the b.dl on the third pl.iv 
but made no g.iin, .ind the hall ended, 
belore I he team i oliid line up .ig.iin. 

The second h.ill w.i- very to I In- 
second (M-riod. I >ur b.n k.-. lollowed good 
inleilennie .iroiiiid the ends ,ind oil 
1,11 kle while the line I le.iri-d out ihe 
he.ivy Uowdoin lorw.irds lor the lin.- 
pliinge-. No oilier -coring cliaiue (,iiii.,- 
imlil toward the end of the g.ime when ,i 
pas> ag'iin piii n- in storing |M)silioii. 
Iiifi- went in to I .ill and two 
pa-i well tried, IkjiIi iinsiicc«-ssful, < >ii 
the l.i-i pl.iy of the game, Howes, I'.ow- 
doin- i.iplain and h,ilfback, on ,ii| 
at lempled forward, -, I w tli,ii iheiiiiiv'- 

iC.-.'llflniieil nil r;i|>i- ,t; 

Frosh and Seniors 

Elect Officers 

Danalemayer Chosen I'MI President. 
Seniors Re-elect Ouinn 

|-"re-hmen .-lections lor . l.i - olii. i- 
look pi. II I- .It the first nueting of the new 
I las- held on Tuesilay. S« plemlM-r bf, and 
resulted in the h»llowing: W'ynton K. 
Danglemayer r»f VValtham i- pn-ider.t, 
/.Id- F. Iliekney of Wone-ter, vm-- 
pnsidenl; John IF I- lood of l.owi II, 
tr.-asurer; \i.ginia ,Mi ( mldrii k, ol I'., 
ii\ ; j, I red F.iwreiiie of IJrimlield, 
,,,,,,,n, .111. I l>, DovIe ot 
( ,11 il.iiii, M.nne, -I r',;. .ml .i: n m-. 

,\l ,1 Hi. I I nii,; 'il I 111- -enior class diiettly 
.iliei ,1— embly l.t-i Wednesday, lh>-se 
membeis wen' elecleil to oftice: pn-si<|ent , 
|<,|in <)i:iiin; \ u e pii -id. iii . Feonani 
llioinpson; siiretary, M.irjori- I'ratt; 
iie.iMiriT, Cordon Bearse; i.iptain, .\lton 
(.,.J . igi -arm-, Hovv.nd .\li- 

I ,iii.i n 


I ).ii I n.'.ii' li 17, .\ 

\!lied (; 
. i, l<en--.ii.ii r 7 
,'■ ; / 'Xi, CjH.j ' I I ni.iii M 






Oduial M.WS|>aiHT of ill.' M..Sr^lduiMtt^. 

A^ri. nit. 11.1 (oll.n.-. Pul.iWi.'l .v.rv 
VNV<lnrsil,.y l>y llu' >iu<l.nt-. 

liOAKJ) or I.DIK'KS 
Ern^s. l..S..i..Nctw-^s Editor-in-Chief 

Ki.L»wu»ii. llAKNAKi. -28 Mananii.g Kd.tor 


, .„.„,, KhNKM h SHMKK 2S 

I llAKOU> K. tlAKK 2K 

,., , , Sili:fli:v C l.kAVKs -i 

f '" F.l.WAKf.Il.NKM<>..S-2<J 

• '"""'^ John U. IK.waki. Jk. 'jVi 

KhIC S.MilKTON "ill 
, AK.. A. lii:K<iAN •2'.l 



1. ,, k' AKstil •2S A.lvfiiisinu M-'"''K'"f 

llAlilll l> K. AN>tl'- -'^ , 

Wll.I-lAM A. liCAN •2<.t 

Fkkuekkk U Thavbk. Jr. '29 

Sul.Mri|.tinn .«-J.<>(l im . y...r. Sniuio 
c»,m-s 10 onls. M;.k.- all nnl. r.p.'V-'l'''- 
t., Tin-. Massa( III Sims ( oi.i.ia.iAN. 


will ,,1. ..-■ i.ulifv 111.' luisiiii'ss n.aiMi;ir 
as soon as |>«»ssil»li'. 

~T^.M-.l as s...nn.l .lass nuMUr a. th- AM.l..rst 
u.Ihi. I'>i.'!"'l -11. I'l'^- 

Will. YOU BK \ i-KAOKKf 

Ir.^lim.ii. you an iio« a i.ail ..I -MA- 
C. lor iw.. w.'i'k^yoii have Ik-.ii amoiiK 
US, anil l>v litis lim.'. -i-^ ■' ' '-'^^ •""' ''^ 
in.iivi.luals, you sl.oul.l l-'^iii t.. mus.^ 
soiu.lliinn of « it '".•■1"- •" '» •' "•' 
\v^r mail or woman. ^ o" >li""l<l ''•>^'' rializalion of tl..- la.t thai vn\Wv.v 
is a tnad.r m.l alonr ol priviU-K's Iml 
also ..f i.-.|.oi.Ml.ilili.-. ^ .'11 >f>">il<l ''•'^'• 
iK-nun lo j;rasp lIu' la. i llu- or^.m!- 
AUi-.n ..I lli« .'•ll.'K- i.'liiixs adivr M»i- 
di-nt siipp..rt iuvolvinv; Ica.l.r-liip aii.l 
imlialix.. UioukIi yo.i ....• v.i l-m In-li 
nun,>Mi.l. a..u..l ><'' im-'t.-'l «i<l' 
,.„„,„l, Nit you mu>t ...ili/.- <l' •' 'l'"»' 

y,.ai> ""« ^""' ''•'--• '"" '"■ ''."' 
srnioi, aii.l will liav* th. m-ijoi- ^I'^i"' '" 
.lir.-.lin:^ ...ll.-.;.' a.liviti.'s. Tliis 

iiuaii- llial rvitaiiK.I \.mi. wlio l<»l-i> -h.' 
imli-tiiiv;iii-l»-«l'l.- -IS lii.livuliials in llu- 

iitas-.. uill 1 lU.'iP' from "li' ..'imi'"" !'•" ''^ 

Hiouii.l. will >l;iii.l '"" al«.v.- lli.-'tli.'is 

..1x1 »i 

nmM i.a... tli-' ..'H.'K.' ^^''^^ <" ' '"' ^•""'" 
lim. that you <lo >"!"■ ^^"f'^- '*" "'•' 
worrv il vou <lo nui Ik-.ouu- promiiuni m 
vour lust Ihf f.Ualily ainonn 
|,v> l.a.l.'.s i> lii«li. ^■"ll """^< 
m.,.,, l..l..n- vou \Nalk and yon m'lsl 
w.ilk iM'tori- y.)U run. 1-ay solid 
lions and tin' MiiH-r-Mrncturi- will laki 
lan' ol ilsfll. 

i.ini.K TiiiN(;s 

Willi ill.- ..pciii.if; "I ati\ colU'm' i-onus 

ill.' assumption <.l powir aii<l pit'sliu. I'V 

,, n. w senior < la». a n.w uroi'l' "' L'-kI'Ts. 

1 illr.l with a MUM «'! till' imiK.rtan..' of M, nation, lli.> usually t'*- lli.u 

pnionativ.- ol .l.alinn out a<lvir»- aii.l a<l- 

,„„„iiinn.<< lively and indivi<liially. to 

111,, new l.lo.xl ol ill. institution. Totliese 

-in.ere athaiu.s the neophytes respoiul 

uilli more or less elll liusiasill, (lep<li.liiiK 

upon ill.' nature .it the appeal. 

riii- is not a lam.iH upon >tu<leiit lela- 
liuns at M..\.('. h.)W.\er, l.ul .i mere 
mention ol a l.w trilliiin inatter> whi.h 
deserve i onsideiaii.m <« . asion.illy and 
whi.h ..meern all four . las>es. 1 or e\- 
ampl.'. the K-nl' ^^om '» *'1>'MH'1 is "'X 
.ilway- within ima«inal>le limits <.l that 
|,reMril>e.ll.\ ,i i.piet te and lollene . 
Anain, the iiH.nse pie.H.upation or 
hasty iiuliffereti..' with which many stu- 
dents pas> from . la-s I.. < lass has resulted 
in eoiisideralile dama^;e D the lawns at all iHr|Riidieular interseetions 
(if the . ampus walks. The remedy is evi- 
dent. Simply eultiv.ite the haliil ol keep- 
inn iipo" '!''• I'si.iMi-lH.l walks, ami the 
Uauty of our surr«mndin>;s will 1..- more 
p< rle.lly presiTved. 

A imti.ealile .(mission on llu p.irt .>l 
mo-1 upiHTilassmen as well as llu- Iresh- 
meii has lieeii the f.iilure to salute mem- 
Ikis ..I the la. iilty iliis year. .\s our in- 
>irii. tors, advisors, ami fritiuls, they ilt- 
M-rve ni.>v; l>y llu- salute whieh 
tra.lilion ha:^ pies«rved aiul whieh eom- 
mon eourtesy demand>. 

"Life is a ui>"'i' I'U'i'l''' "' ''"''" '1''"^^^ 
ae..>l.linn to Oliver W. iid.ll Holmes, all.l 
il >c.nis w. li,i\i ln'.'ii lU'Kleetinj; ih.- 
lit lie tliiiis;s .1 little loo ninth. Why n.>t 
li> to l.iHill llies.' .•l>li«ations whi.h make 
up 111. .lilfereiie.' iKlweeii -lovenliiiess aiul 
regard for .tiheis? //. /■■ I • 


Nil.. ,11 

,1-. a .1.1—. ill.- pi<" .'I 
niaiiv .• Manx ol n"" -h.' •!> 
Mhoolaway Iron. Ii....u- l-'i iIk I"-! «'""■ 
.iikI you .11.- thr..wn .d.s..lutel\ on 
your own as I., your t. I'l.vions 
records are of no vahu- to vou lu.w, e\ 
.ept as tluy have hti.-.l \on l.'i winniiiK 
new l.ninls here. What xmi .1.) h.n I....1. 
now ..n will 1k' ihe -ol.' to us 
„f >,.iir w..rth. If v.)U waiil 1.. H«» <<• 
IK'i'lilion no ..n.' will -lop \.>.i, 01 I'u" 


(Continiu'ti from I'aHf H 

ihe .nd. as l.n as ' lu -..phoi'i.'.. - w. 1.' 

c.iu.rned. UcaiiM- of the fact that llu re 

w.'ie two freshmen u> e\>r\ s.)|)h..niore. 

,„,ii the mi.l<ii---f til.- 'li"<''"^lriu' t.v-hm,m li-ul lu.w U'.ame lapulK 

lilU'.l. imlil. at the cl.)se of the M-xen 
minute a.tiial tiKhtinn |Hri.wl there were 
l.w M.phonuires left on the lul.l. The 
Ini.d .he.kiip then look place, p<.illl^ 
Uini; all.iwe.l ..n the following hasis: 
iw.) )>oinis loi ...ih Ircsliman or M)pho- 
moi.' ...pime.l. .m.l .me iK.ini for each 
iii^ht'^hirl retaiiu.l l)y a Irohinan or t.>in 
.>ll liy a r-oplioiiioi- • II"' I'sults were as 
l.,ll..w-: r! .apt tired. :{:? 
niv;hlshirls retained, I'll lie-hmen tap- 
lured anil till nightshirts torn off li\ the 

tii-Mimen aiul IIS to ih.' M.i)homor.'s. 
Alter this the contestants relit. .1 to I hen 
ies|H'ilive homes wh. re >e\er,il ple.i-ani 
h.uiis were s|M'nt will, llu' liniment iM.ttles 
.m.l with v.trie.l and nrowinn arctttmls nt 
the l>altle. 

|K'iilili.>n no .>". "•" '"'.■ > ' 111...., r,-- 

v.m up alter vou fall in. H >.>n ^^-m' I" sophomores, a tolal ol 1 1'.' jH.tnls t 
1 .i....:ii..^ «.. .... 1 ....I lis 111 the -odIioi 

m.iki' th.' iiiosi of vour opiH.rttinities w. 
are all williim lo lu'lp ><'i' <»" •""' •' '''^^ 
sunufstioii- '"•"' l«'l'''l's '"••'"'■ V'"" ^''"^ 

In the Inst i>la<f v;.< '1"^" '" I'li-'i"'"^- 
in \..tir stiulies .it on..'. I -i. k ol api'li 
cation in Uu' Inst h.dl ol iIk' 
year is one of tlu' ..>mm..nest c.ttises ol 
disitster .inutnn the euttrini; .lass, lirst 
imi>resMons are often perm.nent ami t.> 
win the resiH-ct of I he prol.'ssors early in 
vour career is of invalti.iMe aid t.' yoti 
later on. Uesides. alter all, vou are pre 
stmiably here primarily lor cllet;.' w..rk. 
Next Vi*t out ami mingle with v.mi 
classmates trom the start. Make ac- 
quaintances. Smu- of thest> in ttnie will 
riixn into frieiulships— one of the s^.-it 
treasures you shoulil carry away with \.ni 
from coUekje. Hut do not choose your 
bosom friends too quickly. The old sav- 
ing; tlun^^h trite i- tru.. that a man is 
known hy the company he keeps. 

That lea. Is to the next jxMnt. The lx>st 
way of ^aiiiiui; a wide acquaintance .- 
undoubtedly throuk;h extra-cunicula .ic- 
tivities. sucli as .uhletics. dramatic-, i-ub- 
lications. etc. It you .ii< w.- •-vill 

at once i;o out tor that line 
which you are Ust luted. \\... 
hnallv attain lo the his;hot ntik-. 
is ot little iiiiporiaiice. ll-ii ' - 
and \ei\ hollow, Inii llu 
jjaiiud Iroiii association with :■ 
er> is iii\ .ihi.iMc. 


(('.tmllniuHl from Paftc I) 

mol..uv. Me p.ulttate.l from the Iniv. ..f 
M.iine in 1SS."> and re.eived his I'h.O. 
Ii..m Johns Hopkins Iniv. Or. I ernald 
is prominent amonj; the entomologists of 
the cotttttr\. 

Adile.l to the two apjx>intments just 
mentioned are the following; Dr. ('.eorge 
I'".. Oak;e has Ix-cn appointed head of the 
depart nunt ot bacteriology- and Physi- 
ology in pi.'.' Sate Dr. Charles E. 
Marshall. Pr. t -'-.nee E. '" -^-- ha» 

Ix-en made thv h-..-. '- 
Science, and Dr. JoV 
placed at the h- 
Veterinary S ►' 

v.icant bv tr ■ • 


Professor John W. ( -re^K '•>»• is 'I"' 
author of an artit le on 'Parks. Parkways, 
.lud Kecrealional Areas", in the Anhiteit 
and I'.iif'inecr of July, P'-7. 

'02 .\rthur I.. Daty formerly connet- 
teil with the horti. tiltiiral departments at 
M.A.( . ...i<l I', ol \\'--' Nirxi'ii'i 'i'"* '"" 
cepled a posit i.m at the'X County 
.X^rii nlttiral S. hool. 

•(Mi i\:'2l l.oiiis II. M»s«ley of Cdas- 
tonbiiry. Conn., has retently sun.'e.led 
J. Lowell Williams as leather of agricul- 
ture at .\shlield, Mass. 

'().» il. Linwood White, loriiui leather 
of llori. tilture at the New York St.ile of .\Kriculture at Canton, N. N .. 
now .1 similar |Hisilio.i ..t iht l'\ 
County .Xyrit School. 

'10 Dr. Stiiiiner C. Brooks who re- 
>i^;iu'il as professor of physiology at 
KutRers I'niv., is now prolessor of 
/ooh.ny at the Cniv. of ( alifornia. Dr. 
Hrooks will work in tlu liel.l of exiieri- 
mental cellular biology and biophy i. s. 

•pj Prank U. Mills was a visitor in 
l-.nnl.iitd tltirinn the past sumnur. 

'12 "Charlie" W'hilney is now em- 
ployed as ai-countant with the Puller and 
Warren Co. of Tnty. N. ^■. 

'i;{ Ihoinas P. Dtxtley is president of 
the Mass. .\sso. of A^jric. Instructors ami 
Dinilois. Other ofluers of the asstxia- 
tion are P.tlward J. lUiike T(>, Ceorne H. 
C.ilbert I (. Claremt' M. Wood 'L'!.' and 
Merman r. Wheiler (IS. 

'i:{ Dr. Nils P. L.irsi-n, nu.lical tli- 
reclor of Otieens Hospital, llom)lulu, 
T. II. , has Ix-en chosen i .)un. ilor ol tlu' 
Hawaiian Acailemy t.f Science for the 
vear l«IJ(i-l.'7. 

'17 ll.irolil r. Stowell resigned 
from the staff of il»e l->si-x Ct.unty 
Agricultural Sih.x.l to atcept a (Mtsition 
as te.uher of agriculture at Patterson, 


'IS K..> W. Ko-ter is .1 lea.ler anudiu 
the townspeople ol Wollebor.i, N. M. Me 
i> owner. >l l.akelan.l I .irm on which thtre 
.ire o\» r KHM) Uarinn apple trees. 

wis Prof. Marol.l L. Jon.s is now 
.liieclor of i-ese.iich. Institute of Child 
Willaie, I itiv. of California. 

•Jl «.eori;e W. L.lman, in a.hlilion to 
luiiiK .1 writer t xcellence for 
M.i-s.i.hus.'tts p.i|H'rs is president t»f the 
l.iwii Pl.iyers. a .Iratnatic society of 
PittstleKl. M.i->. 

'Jl I' tank Kok.iski resigned .is ana- chemist at the M.iss. K\pt. Sta. June t.i .iicept .1 iM>sition with 
the New ^■olk Kxperinuiit Station at 

( "ii-nexa. 

"21 (.lift. in W. Siou. tormerly teacher 
of aKiiculttue at .Vhtield. Mass.. is mtw 
prill, ipal .>f the .itini..r hii;h sch.K)l at 
C umminnlon. M.tss. 

'■S.\ Paul K. Shtimway has resigned 
from the s<ience ilep.trtment of the hinh 
X luM)l .It Shelburne Falls. 

'Si l- . l-.arle Willi.tms is tu>w principal 
of the hijih s«luM)l at -Vawam. Mass. 

''_':5i*v'l2f Leo J. Pitziwtrick is siic- 
..e.led as te.icher ..f s<ience at ihe hi^h 
m1i.miI in N.irth Laston. Mass. by Leon 
.\. Uenan. 

'2\ "I'.tldi.' ■ P'ike, former .\nnie bas- 
ket b.iU aii.l who last year was success- 
ful as physical director of Nati. k Mass. 
siluHtls, now has a similar p.isition at 
Cushins Academy. 

''2A "\'ic " Cah.ilane, who is assistant 
ranker in the V. S. Forest Service is now 
>tatione.l .it Marion. N. C., on the 
Pis^ah National Forest Reservation. 

'24 Marx Foley, who is on the st.ttT 
of the agricultural economics department 
of the Coliege. studied at the Cniv. of 
Chicago this summer. 

"24 -Sugar" Kane svx-nt the summer 
a* a chemist for the National (."anners 
.Association in Washington. D. C . 

2-t John Read, after "getting Kick to 
nature as assistant director of the New 
Br:*.ain Conn. Fresh Air Camp during 
•h* summer, is now teaching in the junior 
h ^ Pawtuckejt. R. L 

H Shepard has been .ip- 

. ntomolcigist with the 

D - - ■ C.S.D.A.. at 


The game was clean throughout. H.)W- 
doin's captain showe.l his >|K)rtsmanship 
when, after winning the toss Ufore the 
game, he gave "CtK)kie" the ball, saying, 
"Tiike it, you earnetl it." The team has 
nothing hut praise ft)r the wa> they were 
ireate.l the short time they were m 
lirim-wi( k. 


One member of the stpiail got his lirst 
view ot tiu ocean as the busses neared 
York lieath. l-Aerytme knew the fa.t, 
ami you tan lie sure that h. knew when 
the Atlantic .aiiu- into sight! 
• • • 

A- 'Dnuh" Kiuhiiiist and Kal|)h 
Kneeland i aine out of the held house iirior 
to the game with their uiiilorms on, a 
youngster nearby was heartl to remark, 
"Look! They brought along a m.iscot and 
he's got a suit on." Which one «li.l they 
mean, we wonsler? 

Last Monday evening a banquet was 
heltl in Drajxr Mall in honor of the in- 
>tall.ition of the new olticers of Delta I'hi 
(.aiiima. .Marjtjrie Pratt '28, represented 
the retiring t)tticers antl welcoinetl the 
new officers into the society. Faculty 
menilters of the sort>rity were prest-nt at 
the bani|uet. The new ofificers are: 
Dorothy l.eonanl '2S, ptesident; Ik-ssie 
Smith '2S, vice-pre>itlent ; .Mite Chapin 
'2'.», Mcret.iry; Flizalx-th Morey '28, 
treasurer; Kat hel Atw.xid "MK sergeant- 
at-arai-., < .tii'a Mawley 'J'.K social chair- 

Kay" Mann has a new Irieml. Ihe 
night clerk at the Falmouth Motel where 
the team stayetl litith nights obligingly 
lalled "Kay" at 4..'{0 Saturtlay morning 
.iiid told him what time it was. "•<;!> " 
replied. "Oh. it is, i..; it? Thanks a lot." 
Ntiw lu'.l like to know Jwho left the call 
for him. < )ur guess is that it's not to thank 


» * ♦ 

"Hoi •• Mohor '2.{, a star foi ihiee years 
on .\gnie teams, gave the sqtiatl a helpful 
antl interesting talk tm line iilay Saturtlay 
morninu Iw-fore lunch at the hotel. 

* ♦ * 

Kre^ges emptirium in Lowill fiirnisheil 

the g.iiij; with baloons .iii.l elastic rubber 

b.tlls to .imuse them <iii the se-conti leg tif 

tlu-lonntripto Portlaiiti, Fri«la> .ifttrnoon 

» ♦ • 

■•Denin" Crowley hasn't ytt put aw.iy 
his I hiltlish traits. .\ short stop was m.ide 
.It ^ .irk Pc.tch antl "Denny" went wailing 
in till -urf. 

••.W Cot>k, tnir retlotibt.d.le c.iiit.iin, 
think' that service in the F.tlmoiith is 
overtlone when they s.-nd iff w.iter to his 
rtHtm after he ha retired when ht 
hasn t sent lor it. 

Tlie .\thletic Asstxiation has start eil 
out on a tlUTerent basis this yeai under 
the management of I'.li/alx-th .\. Stein- 
bugler. .\ system wher by tmly 
taking a.tive part in the sixirts offered 
may Ix-come memlK-rs of the organization 
has Ixen inauguratetl. .\ttentlance at 
practices s«enis to intlicate the advisa- 
bility of tne plan. The goal of a team for 
each tlass in basketball has Ix-en st-t. 
Practice in trat k is also Ixiiig heltl. 

Wo.k on the cabin which the co-etU 
are buililing tin Mount Toby was re- 
sumetl this week-eml. when eight girls 
s|x-nt Sattirtla\ .mil Siimlay on th.- site. 


fnttfruilY I'll. Xo. 

-F.l.lie' Saraztn. "Hloiidy' Mills. 
•Jack ' Ouinn, and "Hob" Lincoln m.i.le 
up a ve.-y Siitisfactory iitiartet .iiul ren- 
dered selections at the meal Saitir.l.ty 
night and at Page's in L..u. !! diining th-. 

Sun. lay bantpiet. 

* * * 

Ihe long antl short .if the te..m. nun- 

tionetl elsewhere in this lolupin, gave a 

lake-.iff on Ihe "Tw.i Hl.ick Crows". 

rhe\ .iii^ht to he siKiied up for Aggie 

Revue. I hey will Ix- g.xxl if they don't 

ie.irn i; ttxj will. 

♦ » » 

Twenty -nini- iil.iytrs m.ide the trip 
while the c<i.tches. drivers, ag. r. 
trainer, ami others m.ide tlu- p.irtv 
thirl v-si-ven. This week-eiul will see the 
team in Po.tlantl again with Hates the 
bait for S;it unlay "s game. 
» • » 

The CollfRiii'i .1 representative with 
the for the first time in several 
years in the |xrson of the athletic eilitor. 
Me has passt-tl on to the re.nlers of our 
jtatxr his gleanings from the trip. 

g. T. \ 

Presultnt — F-llsworth HarnartI 
SeireUiry — .\rthtir I Xiniels 
Tnuisurfr— Roman Kreinbatim 

Phi Signi.i K.ippa 

y'rcv/i/. »;/— Mowartl Thomas 
Secn'tnr\ — Dtiuglas Loring 
Trciisurer — KoUrt K.irrer 

Kappa Sigma .... 
Priiidiut- Harold .\iim11 
Sfiniitry — L. K. Siiiiih. Jr. 
Treasurfr — Jack .\matt 


/'m'.v;(/«'H/ — I t-.tnk Homever 
Scirttiir\- — l.ric Singl.-ton 
Trcasiirtr .\iiiol.l Dyer 

Sigm.i Phi Fpsilon 

Prtsident — .Mexan.ler llotixMi 
Sctnhtry — William 
Tnn^urrr \\. H.iiley Trull 


L.tmlitla t hi .\lpha ... 
Pnstdcnt — Kolaiul Ket.l 
Stirftiir\ — J.ihn Kimli.tll 
Ireasiirir — .\lliioii Kicker 

.\lph.i Sigma Phi 

/V<,v/</cM/— J.imes Cunningham 
Snretiiry — Jtihn WtKidbtiry 
Trtitsiirii II. M.ilcolm Dre-«et 

.\lpha « lanima Kho 

Prfsidinl — Hart well Koixr 
Secretary — H.troltl .Vlatn^ 
Trcitsurcr — ( iordon He.irM- 

Kapi>a Epsilon 

Pnsident— Hole-l.iw Nitkiewi. z 
.sV.rc/.i'-v— -Mexander 







87'. '- 

.tl has been 

but ou!-.; 
Ih on 1 I lii'iu 
fjl. \.' '■'■. 


too iiii ' 
that trik 

.-■- \ TV 

tixe.l his 


.rns ha; 


e high 

schtxil .tt 

•.,i.h 1 


.>] ul.- 

; .011 on 

'2,'i\ '27 Leo I'" Dtilfe. . -is le.tcher «>f 
s.ience. an.l r. as lu- 
m.itics te.i.htr, .tbly M.A.C. on 
the faculty of -Arms .V.itle nv of Shel 
biiriie 1 .ills, Mass. 

•jr. "Hill";t, h,i\itin ..implete.l 
on.- y« of nt-««hi-i"' work .it Peiin. 
State, .ippUetl his ktuiw ledge in 1-. 
Hri.lgewat.'i, Mass.. this sumnur. 
working for the "Coo.l Mnm..." I..' Comp.tiiN . 

'•2i\ "Phil" ( titihiv;, wlm Ireshm.ifi 
co.uh .!( M.AC I..-1 v'.ii. is !•"« illil'li. 
,li,,',!.M .11 tlu' 1-^s.v t ..nntv Av; 
S hool. 

■■:(\ Pi.'-loii |. ll.i\< 1- now 111 
,l,.,,t;. ol ll" ' "•'•'"" ''"'" "' ''"'''"" 
Hi. IS. will. 1. 1- li"-"d loi 11 . hivli Kt.i.le 

live .,101 1. 

Kii 1 11 \ I'.. nil. h.i 
^1,11 1,1 I llni I. .1 Hiolli'l-- 
.U.liil. . I ■ xMlli II.'f 
lin.'. M.t- 


(Continued from Pafte li 

cadets an.l tpiartered in their dorni! 
tories. While there the trtxip gave an 
exhibition of horsemanship for the Para- 
nuiunt News which inclutle.l galloping up 
antl tlown sttep hills, navig.iting a steep 
>lide. ch.trging down stream and endin*; 
with .1 gallop across the tlrilHielil. Tlu 
cadi-ts w«-re very enthusiastic over thl^ 
ride .m.l gave a very striking exhibition. 
Ihe det.tchment left Fort Ethan .Allen 
July IS, stopping at Hristol. at whi. !' 
town a combituil baseball team consi-t 
ing of N.irwich antl M.A.C. cadets over- 
wht-lme.l the Hristol town team. Th. 
ir.H.p st.ipiH'tl at (."amp Knajerog wher< 
it t-ntertained tjuite myally. Hen 
ill.- ..uli-ts gave an exhibition of ridinc 
.111.1 jtiniping. after which all the boys e: 
th. . .imp were given a ride on the horst- 
lli.'v -Liv..! there two days, and thtr. 
,0,1, on to Amherst where thev arrive'. 
jiiU •-•Nth. 

|..nii .1 I 111 
l.iiiil- 1 .ip. 
Ill Htook 

■.'. I atlioii P. CaitwriKht has n.H-en- 
l«.n ,ip)ioiitte.l instructor in the tlepar: 
iM.Mi ot horticultural manufactures .i 
\| \ t Mi. Cartwright played guard 
h. \.i.-^iu football team in 102ti. 
il.oiitinut-.t on Pafte .* 

Hickey-Freeman customized Clothes. So good that their quality makes them an economy 

For your Fall suit ''Consult Tom" at the "House of Walsh.'* 





Boston Headquarters for all M. A. C. and 
many other College Teams and Clubs 


Club Breakfast and Special Luncheons 

and Dinners 


Step in and let us show you the new Fall Styles 
in Bostonians. They are the correct shoe for 
College men. - - $7.50 and SIO.OO 





tConiinued from VnAi- i) 

'27 "i'.in" t '.reenawa^' lta-< lieeti gain 
ing Mime pr.ulii'.d e\p«-i ieiui- on "Al" 
Kii k»-r's tarn, .it Tiirner. .Me., during the 

'27 Ralph N. Hart has Martnl his a> prin.ipal ol tin- ll.i/,iiil\ ilU- 
sehool at llazard\ilU-, Conn. 

'27 "Holi" M. Allister, atti-r s|K-n<liiiK 
the summir months at liarx.iril in gradii 
ale sttitly, is now assistant priiuipal ot 
till- high school at Nt-wpttrl, \t. 

'27 \\ illis W. Sherman is eiiiploycd at 
Charlotte, \ t., in t hargt- ol llu- soft w.iod 
titirM-r\ pr.ipogation at Ilorsft>rtrs Nur- 
sery, one of tlu- largest niirsi-ries in \\r- 

'27\'22 William II. P.irkin sii. 
cet-.led .Mirahaiii Krasker as instiiii l.n .il 
s*ieti.t- .it tlu- l-".ssi-\ I oiiiitN .\gii( iiltiiial 
.S<hool. "Pill" was a at |)r. A. 
W. (lilliert's simiiiiei i .imp .it 
Prookti(-l.l, Mass. 

'27 Mlsie Nickerson has lie»-ii .ippoiii- 
tt-.l ti-chnical assistant in ILnii.- 1'.. .iii.iiiii.s 
at M.A.C. 

'27 .Xlnu-ila Walker is t.achiug Hiol- 
ogy ami otiu-r suliji-cts at tlu- Siiilh 
l?r.iintret- I iit;h S hool. 

'27 ( liarlu- ( lagg is taking gratltiali- 
w.irk in l-ait.nnolouy at M..\.C. 

'27 Lawrence Hrig^s is instriiit.ii in 
Physical l-alination at M..\.( . 

'27 Herln-rt J. Harris s.iih-d lor 
h'rance to tak- his plact- .is assist. int pro- 
lessor of l-ainlish at the S hool in 
(Jiiinipt-r, Brittany. 

'2.') .Mr. ami Mrs. "Kthli." Iiigi.ih.iiii 
ha\e annotiiKt-il the liirlh of .i son, 1-al 
w.ird I lister liiuraham. Jr. 

'27 "Pill" hole is ti-.i.hinn Taiglish 
,ind .Mm-lira .it the New ll.iiiipton, N. 
1 1. lii^;h s< hool. 


Karn while you learn. Spare tinii' work after 
tiassen. Now helpinii hiinilreds of slutlents 
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re<iuir«d. I nuhually liberal offer. Write for 
full partk-ulars today. 

Bradford & Co.. Inc. St. Joseph. Mich. 


$4.00 PER MONTH 
Walter H. Harrison 


Just North nf Adams Hall 

^ Oil will find an e»telleni 

. . . SIIOK KI-.I'MKI\(. SIKH' . . . 

equipped with the iiiosi up-io-date (Goodyear 

Machinery and a niodern 


al II l-i Amity St., . - Opp. .New Theatre 

ll'c unJfrsUinil ymr rriiuiTrmi nl-- aiiil ari fre- 

pnrfd til tfiffl ymir nmi. 

Ml -uork liuiiranli-eil. .Sh'ir\ \hineil anil dyed, SOi, 


Optician and Jeweler 

.» I'l.KASANr STRKKT, (up oneflUht) 

OculiHl!>' PreHcriplions Killed. Broken lenKes 
accurately replaced 

BU; BKN ALARM CI.O<:KS and other 
reliable makes 

strong on ImiiIi deleiiM ,iii<l oti. ii^ .iii.l 
crt-dit is due .ill ol ili.m How. .iml 
l-oslei .lid ill. Im-sI «oik 111. Houil.iiii 
stopping pl.iss liiiit' ,111(1 ,t);.iiii ,ititi I lii'-^ p.iss.'il (he SI I iiiiiii.i^. line. I lie 
siiiiiiii,ir\ : 

.Mass, .\ftttie Kitwdoiii 

Ml Killrick, Pltini.i. I lei.ieiits, t|. 

I.-, S,iw\er, S)iile 
Walk.ii'ii. II It, 1 .unit/. Toil. I, Keiiiii-<l\ 
Kelt. Ill, r^ li;. I.e.ii li, .\le\,ili<ler 

M.iiin, .Mills, I I. Howl. til. 1, ( halini-is 

kuilt|uist, Ig 

rg, .\le\an.ii-i ,, Stoii. iii.iti 
.M.irv, It rt, flirt le, K. iiiu-dv lodd, I'a^e 
Howie, le re, Ail.iiiis, Pird 

Ouinn, Tiilts, i|li 

nil. 1 l.iwes, I li.i\i-r, Still. s 
Km. l.iiid. ilili llili, W.ilsli, Piriom 

llil\,ird, Nit ki.-wi. /, llili 

I ill), l.fsicr , I lowi-s 
Cook, III 111, Stone, l.arcom, l.,iiic.ister 

.Score— M..\.C. I), liowtloiii It. Keler. . 

J. A. McDonoiigh. Cmpire J. J. 
Hutler. < i. H. \ inal. I ii-ltl 
jutlgt — J. S. .Nelson. Tiuu- l.iiir 12 
minuto ihtIimIs. 


l-'ollowing a new ruling at Ttilaiu- Ciii 
versity, fiMithall letter men will U- Itarred 
from p.irtii ipating in li.iskelliall. I'lii- riili- 
willnot Ih- put intoelfict until next se.istui. 
am! it will U- strielly enforn-<l. It was 
propo.s<-d liy the atlileti. t omu il an.l was 
heartily endorsi-d liy * o.i. h ( I. irk Sliaii^h 
nessy. Hail physical t llects on tin- aihletts 
causeil tiy the strentioiis Iraining of llie 
two s|K>rts t-atisi-il th. aiithoriii.- to l.ik« 
this step. 

Town Hall, Amherst 


SKIT iK-,f«» 

II.4.S K .Ul 

I'Kli t- Mil.M.-,..|i I'l. 

A.liill. I..' 

I M'liitiifk Kl""! : I. 
Hall oii.v III! 


SM»I .t« 

«.4S. n.-to 


t»<:i I 


6.4S N.iO 

o<:i . .i 

.< INI 

t. 4.S S til 

■Spe« Kealiire Spec, l-eal lire 

Koiiald Coleman aiiil \ iliiia 
lt.uik> in ' rill'. 1)1 
lt>\|-..-- It In the iiiosi 
Ihrillliili. beam If ul, drama - 
tic riiiiianie Ihe •« reen 
e\er seen. lis piiwerfiil 
lll<-me, baseil on (he l-eiiilal 
law of the Hrsi iiiithi , un- 
foliN iH-fore >oiir eyeii un 
electrifyiiul >tl<>r>. 
N e v^.^ Mi ( Uiineilv 
'-Je«isli I'riiili-m e '■ 

itiiHler Ke.iioii In --Till'. 
<;i-NKKM." Ill-re Ih ibe 
fiinnleKl, laiiUhliiesi KiiHler 
Kealoii you e\er tliil see 
Kiikt and furious runs Ihe 
tale. iliUb and Mild speetis 
Ihe fun. Spoilitihi anil 

( iiimedv . 

.laikle Coiitlan in "IIII.. 
HI <;l K <:AI I ." Meet .lack- 
ie as a boy buillar in Ihe 
daysof indian warfare. Willi 
his buttle, he ttels Inio ail- 
venture and eicilemeiil and 
caps It all bv savinti tin- arni.\ 
post llirouith a Mirprlslnit 
ruse. News A I :harlle I Ihase 
in "What Women did for 
me " 

"III I, II-. Illl: ri>ll KK " 
KuNN Wi'Miover's (treat lom- 
ic-slrip, I hat has tickled 
Ihe ribs of the nation, 
t-ables and Comedy. 




New and I'ascinatin}^ in Style 




(i^onliiiued from I'aiie |i 

Were cii\ere<l l.ele.l oil .i v;.iiii of 
iwelvt- yards fr.iiii his |M>sitioii iH-hind i In- 
line III scrinimage. It tin- only siili- 
st.mtial g.iin made li\ tin- M.iiiK' in 
I III' entire se. .iii.l half. 

Tin- game prcst-nts m.inv' features 
ni\i- satisfaction e\i-n though il nut 
won. K.ilph Kneelaii.i showed up w. 11 
ill his lirsi v.trsity g.ime. Wi-ighin^; Uss 
ill, III .1 hiindre.l .tii.l loit\ |Niuiids, I he 
\iiiiii^ sophomore m.idi- <i l.irge amount 
of y.irdane anil carried out his assi^ii- 
llieills tllloll^hiiUt till VI hull ^.illle. U,i\ 

Mann, anotlu-r sophtniior.- new to i lie 
\arsit>, .lid a great joli .it .enter with his 
ste.idy jKissing. "Dutch" Kiidtpiist, also 
pl.i>ing his first ganu- of foot hall for 
.\ggie, inadi- a fiiu- showing. iM-aring t In- 
punting litirdcn, t hrow ing pass«-s, ,ind more 
than hf>l)ling his own in tlit- liiii-. Our 
forwaril line was strong all the time and 
men were (ontinti.tlK lireakiiig throtit:h to 
stop Howdoin plays. The h.ii klield was 


utn M 

) \ 

I'OK I Mil \ 
\\ I'f, 


I M>l>K\M)t>l» I I w Kl If KS 




to the 

Class of 1931 

and wishes for a successful 


275 High St., llolyoke 


— AT— 

120 Pleasant Street 

is opiii fur tlu" season of '20 
and '27. 

Order I:A'1S for parties, 
receptions and hikes. 



120 Pleasant St., 

lirsi JKiiise south nf r.impus. 
Telephone 511 

Your Fall Hat should be a Mallory. Not because they cost a little less than other good makes but because they are "Oavanetted." 
No other thing you wear gets as much abuse from the elements as your hat and the invisible waterproofing that ''Oavanette" gives is 
the difference between a hat that holds its shape and color and one that does not. Prices at $6 and $7. Other good hats at $5. 


James A. Lowell, Bookseller 

72 sheets and 50 envelopes - - - 


50c up 

Ingersoll Fountain Pens 
$1.00, $1.50, $2.00 

Theme Tablets 
100 sheets 


Desk Blotter Pads 
Pennants and Banners 

To Get the Best, Buy 


and SILK 

Bloomers- Step-ins Vests 



G. Edward Fisher 

Amherst Shoe Repairing Co. 

At the Service of those who appreciate 
Better Shoe Repairing 


Largest assortment of Fountain Pens Your namo engraved on 
pen, no extra charge. 


Ncwsdcah-r and Siatioiu r 





The High Quality Low-Priced Shoe 


Soo "BOZO" Tl FTS 


The Best in Druft Store Merchandise 
The Best in Drug Store Scrvlc« 



No. 1 Main St., Amherat, Mmmm 

Our Laundry First C1«m 

Our r»Ucf GuarMit«a4 


Opposite Post Office 

V\hL(:(*\IK lO A<>(;ik BOYS! 

By this time we are supplied with 
the latest models of f :nlle(te Oxfords. 

!)«» not f<ir(l<l (hoNC $.S Scott h ftriiin tiifoidH 

in liluck or lirawn 


Sln>e Repnirinit Department. 


BRAEBtRN SUITS and TOPCOATS answer many needs. They are practical, Dressy, Attractive, Different and Inexpensive. 
A full line awaits you. 





?.!. A. C. Li^brary 

11 IK M 


K()(;i U I. IIIM/I i'*- \'Ur. 

Seal Stuii.MUO. Wauh 1 ol,s. Ilan.urv. Supplies of all kinds 

•Ki I) hi.ik;k\vi: '2h 


FleKible Hjxll Note books, Hfe 
lin Fountain I'ens. 

K KN ■ IM RKY 2«» 

VIA'" vol N<' ■'2'> 


• 1)1 kK" NiORAWSKI "Ml 

•KKN • BARlMir '28 

time guarantee on I'arker & Conk- 


HAROI.l) WYMAN '2yr 


(Conliiiii'tl fii>.-i IVitif I ' 

(lulKttl ill' 

t.-am vv.i^ iiia.i. UM ..1 M.i.l<.i l''i' "" • 
STu>aiii W.irriii, .in-l S. rui;mi < ■li'i- I ' 
horses \\>i'- llivl' li"i! • ''" ' 

I'liidiiii: Kace, HontU'KKtT 
aipil I', ,i;iiH liiii'i llx' nlilxiiis \V"i. 
(liiiiin; t!i.- SMtk wtu l.i(.ii>;ln lo u tol;.l 
,,1 t( 1. l.« ill' .iwanliiiK on Sal iirtlay mul 
,,l ||„ I ( ll iiiii'ioii Uililioii <" II' 

Jiiikr, ii.i.l.ii l)\ Major Itii'i o( . 

I'll.. ril.i.oiis ami I In- ( lll> aic at I'l'.. i 
on (li-|>l'''> ^1' ''" "opl'V '■•'-"■ •'" ''" "'•''' 

INH Rcol I K'lvn s 

Kol.»ri I lost, famous Ani<ri(ai. i"-. • 
Inlirvts in more indivi.lnalislir e<liuatioii 
for I lie 1..1I.HIS. Speaking Ufore .ull.v. 
nun rec.ntlv, lief.l.l llu- lollowmi; Mo. s 
al„„it ( urn a.l Aiken, another |MKl. Aik. n 
assinm.l lo inleii.ret somelhin^ from a 
IVeiuh .Iramalist, went home and heeame 
so imirh inleiesledin (loinn il thai he <l..l 
not retmn to class for time we.ks. 14s 
that lime, hovvesvr. he had doiu I be 
rnlire |.la\ in versr. ( ommeminK on the 
lait thai the man was peii.di/eil in the 
n.atterof .uls. Frost said, "If .i man did 
that for n.e. IM Rive him "A" in .v. r> 


f onncil ihi-. week. 

^ ih.- sanR- lime a .stor\ ai.i".'i.d m 
,,„. \„rlh Car.ilina -nr- Ifrf!;^ 
!,,.:dl»,olleKKinK. Tlv :M..;.,MhaI 

tuor furnished to m.iv, i-iiy ■,tiideni> 
,- .aadeal a < osi of sixt v . .•nl - a gallon 
,d -o'd lor ^-2.'** a quart. 

„,.|| rolleu«' in Minm-oia a nevx 

.. Ill ihe in-.maiiM l.ii.-ine->.s has Uen 

,; .-,1 An ,i^»ni i.ikes risks np-.n tlx 

1 -indt 111- Ixinu ealled upun 

i„ iTUaiwa.. fanm.i a s.niliar svsli-m 

hr |iui in operation l..n' A .oiiple ol 

dnll..>> sv.Hild I.. ..mipen- 

ation after rm.- ha i.iad. an a - Ml himself 

.. . I 

lia- lon«e-t sinule d.ite on" reeord i- that ol a freshmen who lised 
i„ th,. Dcli.i Delta Delia M.n.ritN hons( 
at the I'niversitv <if ( olordao for thre. 
weeks. One of the . < had eonlraete.l 
M-arh-t fever .iml ul'iie I he Ire-hman wa> 
ralliiiK liter, ihe In-Dell hon-e 
,,„arantined. He wa^he.l all the dishes 
for ihe sororitv to pay his Ix.ard. At the 
comlnsioiK.) hi. internmenl the freshman 
staled it vva> i; lile. sophomores tried Ki break up the 
fr<-hn,an bampiet. Almost all the iiuini- 
eipal resoince.s of the small slate eapiial 
were exhausted after the poli'i deparl- 
111. Ill, Ihe hre department and finally the 
l.»,d National ( .iiard wen- • .'i'l <"il to 
(piell the riot. I'inalU ordi i mk d 

,11,.! ill. fre-hmen eontiniicl lii-ir baiKpiet 
|,ca. rliilK . \tri nu K liil'I"'''' 


Shoe Repairing While I Wait 

Men'.? Whole Sole-. !'('jt>l'er Hwl.t - - - *j-^' 
Men's Half St,\f:*. RiibLer Ili-eU^ , " " ' V .» 
Men's kublKT Soles. Kulitirr Ilei-ls - - ^ jf 
Men'b Hi.lf Soles '■•"' 

Worts Guaranteed— Corner of Pleusant and 
Amity Sts. Oiii-n till 8 1'. M. 

Our Aclverlisers 

- Job Printing - 

of' the 

BK'l' ri:R KIND 

Box & Printing Co. 


When J"hn- llo|)kin- ln-lmuii a 


,,.,,;.... urere is a 7^- /•;:; -;;^ , . ^^^ ):: Ne.. ..e.t.'r !.f reeent date: 

anionn stu.lents toward poke, '''•'> '"^' J" '',,,,,,,;.,,,, ...Red for than 'j:. 

,ivinu of ba.l eheeks. ""-:-^- ■-;;• .., ^ '^bt . humbler, plate, and,oS.d(l ,. . '^^J^J,,,^ „,.., U.e air of the 

president ..f the s.nd.nt n. U ■ '^ .-^ \,„..,rv when a band of ta-arlv 

tkmated that s.v.ial Mn.lent^ w..uhl be .\nn .|..>i.> A' > ^ 

The College Candy Kitchen 

A fine place t« fto am! take your friends for 


ice Cream, MUk Shakes. Fresh I rults. Refresliments and Soda., 
sTed Nuts. I'afte «. Shu... I'ark & Tllford. Boxes Ready 

to be Mailed. 


OrnotForaet that special SINDAY SHAW DINNKR 


the place for the college man** 



Sporting and Athletic Goods 



PRINCE ALBERT is the kind of a 
smoke you get clubby with, right 
off the bat. You'll be calling each 
other by your first names after the 
very first pipe-load. It is so gen- 
uinely friendly, in spirit and in 

P. A. treats your tongue and 
throat as gently as a mother 
handles a new-born baby. Never 
a bite. Never a parch. These are 
details, of course. The thing you'll 
remember longest is that wonder- 
ful taste! So cool, so sweet, so 

No matter how hard you hit 
it up, this long-burning tobacco 
never hits back. You can go to it 
before classes, and right through 
to Lights Out. Get yourself a tidy 
red tin of Prince Albert today. 
The School of Experience has 
never produced a greater smoke 
than good old P. A. 

p. A. »« told every 
where in tidy red lint, 
pound and half-pound 
tin humidors, and 
pound crystal-glass 
humidors with sponge- 
tnoislener lop. And 
always with every bit 
of bite and parch re- 
moved by the Prince 
Albert process. 

Fringe albert 

— no other tobacco is like it! 

(T) 1927, R. J. Reynolds Tobacco 
Cocnpany, Win>ion Salem, N. C. 

The Mutual Plumbing & Heating Co. 


~ . f . ..^»fhi«o wp hive ever offered. For vi'ars the well dressed Aggio 

\ MPW VFAR===\mHttindsusvvithacompletenewst(>ckthatfarsurpas>esan>tht.iu^^eha>te eromrtu. y 

A INbW YC/AK— ^"^"^'"" ft,c.o.,nd refinement You can do no bitter Maintain the old tradition, 

nv.n has looked to us for clothing and haberdashery of taste and rehntnunr. 



KI I r- 










^l^t MnBBUtl^nBtttB (HMmim 



Number ^ 


Student Body Hears Interesting 
Talk on Education 

"Sch<H)Iin|; ina\' Ih' disiipliiu-. hul nnly 
li.iniing is a<l\xtitur^'." was the kcNiintr 
ol I'roft'ssor Frank Prentice Rand's siKcch 
.It tlie assenil>l\ i-xernses in Bowktr .Aiuii- 
luriuni last Ihursclav. In priKil nl that 
stalcniiMit hi' cited several examples of 
|K()|)le who, without formal sihoolinn. 
, li.und "the things that hless anrl tiidiire." 
( iiir versatile professor states further that 
he agreed with WVxMlrow Wilson in his 
.-tVi'ment that "ch.iract.-r. if it toine at 
,ill. nuist tome as a 1)\ -prodiiit ol sciiool- 
iii.H." I he man who sets it as his ^;oal 
will hecome an insulTeralile prii;. 

I'rofessor Kami then odi lined M'veral 
siiHK*-''*' '• "^ f*"" iiiakinn the l>est of our 
opportunities. .Amon^ these the following 
wire perhaps the most striking;: 

"llnter e\er\ new course with tin ((in 
liilent ex(K'Ctatii>n it will ptoxe to 
be a hol>l)\ for life." 

"S<ar(h out titoM." iiiemlK-rs of tin 
I, units who seem happie.>l in their field-., 
fur the\ hold in their hand> the ke\ lit a 
liKiad and unlimited opport luiit y." 

"Cultivate (i)ntact> outsid>- ol the das- 
rouin; gain .in .ippreci.ition ol \our fellow 

IlK It." 

".Maintain .in attitude ol pride luw.iril 
\ (itir work." 

"Do not .iliow yoiirM-ll lo he dneiMil 
li\ thoM- s<holasti( stamlards which >om- 
ill-tit III ion must necessarily|)l." 

".Make it a pcint not lo let a week ko 
li\ in which \<jii ha\\- net done moie 
Mill w»re >u| |.oM d to ac(onipli-h in e\tr\ 
( Diirse." 

I'rofessor K.iiiil epiloini/ed liin rciiiark> 
with the plii,i-< . "S'l.o.iiiiig i- the -iipe.- 
-.■r\ ice, I he noing of t he second mill . ' 

Two-Year Gridmen 

Report For Practice 

Hard Schedule .Miead for Protejjes 
uf Cuach Ball 

With the tir>l practice sihediiUd last 
Wednesday, SiptenilR-r 27, "Red" If.ill. 
< iiaeli of the two-year eleven, ha<l toiirtet ii 
i.Mididates with whiih to start work. Two 
lit these are lettermeii while ten are 
Irc-hmon. Several have had hiuh school 
< Aperience, and while the team promises 
lo In- light. "Red" hopes to turn out a 
TKiitable team. Practice session- are 
Uing held threi' times each da\ . and with 
r<Kistration coming tliis week it i> expec- 
ted that more candidate- for the stpiad 
will arrive. The schedule as it now -t.mds 
lias lull oiu- open dale. 

'>(t. 14 \crmorit .Acadetiiv . 1 here 
IM \\illi>toii. there 
1*,S 1 re-hmen 

\m\ . .") ( )|Hri 

12- i'ittstield, then 
IS - Deerfield. there 

Many Graduate 
Students Enroll 

landscape CMaims Largest Number of 
(Graduates from Many Colleges 

With the rc,;;i-.tnilion in the • iraduate 

> hool nearlv completed it is found that 

liire are thirtv-nine students registered 

■r the first term. Landscape gardening 

- the largest p.-n cnt.ii^e of -ludents, 

■'•••ll Agricultiital Lducatioii .i - lo- sec- 

l'""l. The mo-t complete lir-i ax.iil.ihle 


l-.l>ner I'.arlHr, M..\.( . 

I' Hoden. M..\.( ., rii\>-iolo^ic;d 

' !iMiiistr\ . 

^iiii Brewster. Texas .\gric. an<l Merh. 

' 'illege. I.;inds<ap»' .Architecture. 

^' -. ,\iii>\ ( ,i,le\. (. onnei ti( lit ( ollei;e. 

11 ii rioloi;\ . 

(Continued on Pafte X) 



Reception \Iarks Twenty- Kfth ^ea^ 
of Service at M. A. (;. 

Alxnit sixty persons were pre>ent .it .i 
dinner given in honor of Profi^>M)r 1 rank 
.A. Waugh. at the Lord Jelferv iiii: l.i-i 
Saturdav evening In the iiiemhers of the 
divisit)!! of Horticultiin . .\t the cK)>e of 
the lianipiOl PtolesM.r Uaugli w.i> pre- 
senled with a heautifui leather .ilhum. 
handsomely emhossi-d with gold, cont.iin- 
ing a photograph .iiid greetings liom 
praitiiallv all the nun who have ever 
worked under him al .NL.A.C. 

The celehration held in honor ol 
Professor Waugh's twentv hve vear- ol 
service .it the ( ollene. The l.ihlo were 
U-aulifullv (leior.ited with liiiil .old 
tlowirs Ironi v.iriou- dep.irt iiieiii- ot the 
I'olleg*'. Sevt-ral meiiil>i'rr- of the t.iriillv 
res|)onded lo toasts when called upon l>v 
Professor R.ilph .A. \ .in Meiir. head ot 
the I'oiiiologv tieparlmeiit . who tilled hi- 
IMi-ilion .is toa>lmasitr n iii.irk.iMv well. 
The theme ot eat h talk v\,i- "( liu .\ppie- 
(i. It ion of I- rank Waugh." 

.Among the s|H-akers who ixleiidid con- iiLit ion>. to Proles>oi W'.iugli were 
iVe-ideiit Ro-cci^ W, rh.ilcher. H.ii..ld I.. 
I rost , .1 tril>tce of I III iiillc^;i , I'roh— m 
1. ( . ot the dep.irl iiu nl ol I'miicl 
ogv , Will.ird .\. .Miiiison of the l-lxlcii-ion 
S'rviie; l'mt»->sor l.awiciice R. ('.lo— ul 
llie i ore-trv department, .mil I'loii— mi 
.\itliiii K. ll.trii-on ol the l.and>ca| i 
dep.irtiiienl. In concluding the -|K-.ikiiiK 
lor till' evening ProfesM)r Waugh respon- 
ded veiv .ipproprialely to these t.tU 


Dr. Jidin S. Boyce of Portland. Ore., 
Succeeds Dr. Dana 

1 )r. joliii ^. Bovci^, ( hiet of 1 lie I'nrl l.iiiil. 
()reKon. oltice ot lure-t I'.it liolo)4v in th«- 
Mureaii of I'l.tnt Iiidiislrv ot the |)et>.irt- 
ment of .Vgricultun-. has iMcn recent iv 
ap|)ointed l>irertor of the Norihe.i-tem 
l-Orest l\xp<-rimenl Station who-v ollli r- 
,ire loc.ited in Ireiich 1 1. ill. He will till 
the position left vacant hv ^)r. S. T. I>an.i 
who resigned last June lo Leconie de.m of 
tin- new .A'iihigan Shool of T'ore-irv. 

Dr. liovte inttufls to remain in Portland 
until the >pring of I'.I'JS f<ir the pur|M»-e 
of completing several rexarch proji el- 
and will proh.dtlv not arrive in .\iiiherst 
to a-siimi' lii> new die ie- Iteinre next June 
Since Dr. I )ani!'> resign.itio'i lhedir»ctor- 
Miil> of iIk- .Northeastern Forest K\j)eri- 
meiit Station has Ik-cu fillefi l»v Mr. M. 
We>tv;ld, a^soiiale -ilv ii iili iiri-i .it ihf 
Kx|Kriment ion. 

.\fter graduation in r.Ml' from t lu- 
Nehrask.i ( Ollege of .Agi ii 'ilt ii. , Dr. 
Hoyce entered the forest s«Tvi( • ,i- !ori-i 
assistant at the Southwestern |-ore-t K\- 
ixriment Station lociled at I'Ort \allv. 
.\rizon.i. -r he was transferred to the 
Hlire.iil of I' Inilustrv .i- -(Kiititir 
assi-tant in lore-<t pat ludogieal work in the 
S,in |- r,inci-»co office, lie entered l.el.ind 
Stanford Inivt-rsity in l!tH». where he 
s|)ecializ«-d in Pat hologv' an«l Lnlomology. 
.ind received his doctor's degree the fol- 
lowing \ear. For the past eight vears he 
has lieen Director of the Portland Office 
of Ff)rest Pathology. 

The matters .iImjuI which the F ore-t 
Fx(M-niii,iii St.iiioM 1- .it p^••^( lit I lui-tly 
cc)nccTneil .ire thi^ lore-t prolileiii- c! t he 
(Continued on PuHe 2 


I'rotr— (ir Rand's -pi i-i h m 

■ --iiiihly 1,1-t Thiir-dav in-iilK-d 

I 1 lii^ mind- of his li-tenc^r- .i 

' v\ ,mi| conception of the 

'I 111 111 - ( .1 ,1 proper .it I It iidc 
'iH.ird li-aniiir,^. 

FRIDAY nk;ht dance 


[iidiiiiig 1>> o|)inion- voiic'd on tli«^ 
cam()U-. i' wmild -iini to in'licatc- 
the d, mil held in i In .Menu) Miiilcliog 
on I rid.iv night w.i- one ot tin- iiio-t 
siiire--tiil in ijiiitc^ -oiiic time. It u.i- 
vc^rv well al tended aii'l the- spirit pri - 
vailing w.t- one ot yood lellowshiii .ind 
gaietv. It i- e-tiiiiited thin- were 
.ihoiit -i\'\ I oiipli- pre-rii; , i'i^i-,her 
uitii ,111 .iliimd.mrc^ ot st.t^;- wIim in Ip.d 
keep the I oiiip.inv in cin iilai ion. 

11,, rli,i|»erolHs of the e\iiiiilg wire 
I'roti— or .ind Mr-. Mili- H. ( iiiil.'ii. 

Musir U.I- iMriii-iiid \i\ W.iltir l'.r,i\- 
orchesir.i wliiih. iihk li to ilii- rr;;ri ' ot 

till' COIIIp,lll\ . W,l- olliiyi d to VMljl up 

it- iiistrunu iit» .it eli \i ii o'l loi k 

Cross Country Men 

Have First Time Trial 

Results (JIvf Hope for Strong 
Well-Balanced 'I'eam 

I .1st S.iturday the cross-count rv nun 
wire put ihioii^h their hrst tri.ils. .Al 
though limes were l.iken and the nu ii 
r.iii the full disi.iiice, the trvout wa- 
nur. ly preliminarv .md is only an inch 
i.ilion ot |iossil)le strength of the sc|ii.ii|, 
I apt. Prestciii.Sc ha()pelle, and Rohertsoii, 
a sophomore, led the field and hnished in 
a tripU- lie hir hrst. Mergan, llomeyer, 
Reiiaud. Roper, SedcKpust , and .South 
wick also did the distant e in favorahle 
limectmsidering the oppressive heal which 
|>rev,Mlecl during the run. 

This coming S.iturd.iv .i hirnial 
will Ik- held, .md the iisiilts will proli.ildv 
go far tow.irds dciermining this f.ill's Not .ill I ho nil 11 took part l.i-t 
week v\hicli mc .Ills ih.d | hosc^ who tin 
ishcd well in the e.uK trials will h.ive to 
repe.ii in order to setiire a |M)siiion with 
( CMC h I >erl)v's harriers. "Derli's" ohjec 1 , 
.IS, is a strong, well-ltlanc tcj team 
without strong individu.d siars. In veils 
past this theory has alwavs tounled tor 
success, anti if such i team is av.iil.iMe in 
the l.irge s<|u.ic| that is training, .mother 
siicctsslul sc.ison is in slort . Indii.iiions 
jioint lo .1 rcpiesiiit.iiivc^ ic.mi, liiit ni \t 
S.itmil.iv's nsulls will |,i. t h,. mif lore 


Sh«)Ws Real IV»wer in Seas<tn's 
First Contest 

< .irrviiij: tin li.dl torward tor ion 

-istiiiilv loii^; g. litis through the Noiili 

iiiipton line .ind .iroimd the i nils, tin eleven won .i dei isive .'{ti lo (t 

victory over Noiihampion High .School 

on the freshman field, Friday. S plemlti r 

•'{<•. The liovs from across the river g.ivi 

hi lie op|H>siiion all hough their olfeiis,- 

showiel signs lit iN'casional strength. 

ilolnilM-rg did the iii.ijor sh.tre ot t he 

gioiind g.iining lor the Irosh and 

acct)rdeii excellent interle-re>nce- liv his 

le.imniales vkImIc- I'l.irnes and I'ogj; werc^ 

thr iiiily II. imp men to exit-l. 
(Continued on Page 4) 

Experiment Station 

Has New Chemist 

il. R. DeRose i>f Kansas Will Work 
in Fertilizer Laboratory 

.Mr. II. Koliirt De^Rose ol lii. Ion] 
lalH'ratorv of llu St.ile |{e»,ird ot 
lie.tllh has Ueii .ipiMiinteel recently to 
fill iht |H)siti(.>n ol .\ssi-.iaiil Olfitial 
( hemist in []i • lertiliz«r Lal>oralo.> ol 
the Com I III S-i V if of the l'-xp«-rim.-nl 
Statifin. This ])o-itioti was h-ft \;ieant 
liv th I signal ion of .M'. I.. S. Walker 
last June when he .icc-epled i po^ition in 
;lie I ir,ili/'r I ahtnitory al the Lxjm ri 
meni Station in Itiirlington. \t. 

Alter three vtars sluclv al the IDiver- 
silv e»f ( eilorado. Nir. DeRose enlt reel the 
S\-r»ief during the .\ftcr the Armis- 
tice he entert'l ihe IcmkI laboratories of 
Kansas as an assistant. Resuming liis 
studies he received his Fi.S. antI M.St. 
degrees at the Kansjis State Ctillege. .Mr. 
DeRo>e tomes to .\mherst after seven 
vearsf)! ex|)erience in the ftKnl lalK>ralories 
of the Kall-.e St.ili Ho.ird ol lle-,il;h. 

Aggie Loses to Bates 7-0 

In Second Game of Season 

Teams Kvenly Matched, But Victors .Make lull I se of 




Aftftie Men. Oulweifthed, Lose Only 
'I'hrouiih Breaks 

S-oring twice .is .i result of lire.iks, 
tiishing .Ac .ideiiiv v\on .1 closely fouglil 
game Ironi the iiinioi v.iisitv al .\sh 
liiirnh.iin, S.iiuicl.iy, OiIoIhi I .\ tiini 
lile .mil .1 I ill u keel kick were hot li c ctnverled 
iiilii tone hdowils hv the^ Ctishmg eleven, 
lull tliev (ciiilel not g.iiii consistent Iv 
ihn>iiv;li the junior v.irsilv. The 
t.ige ot li.iving .1 sironv^ punier put the 
.At .idiiiiv liovs ill .in exe die lit position to 
sciM'f, hut cMii pliiikv liiii^ held llieiii oft 
evfiv lime. "Pop" (I, Ilk, I o.ii h ot I he- 
slllis, ,1 sipi,ii| lit iiiilv lolliteili null. 
.tvcr.igiiig 111* potinds, which could not 
very Well pien r ihi^ lic.ixicl le.iiii ol 
"|-.di|ii^" Pike with his siring ol tri-sli 

Ihe lu'st Moii ol the g.iiiic^ e .inie^ in 
I he see Olid ipi. liter .liter .1 timilile liv one 
ol our me II on hi- I went v v.uil line, llu 
p.iss timii I enter low, and ,1 ( iislnii'.; 
III. in -iiiopiil it up. covi-ring the dist.iiue^ 
lo t lic^ ^ with no iippo-ii ion. Ill llu 
toiii I ll pii ioil. t 111 • -11 mill 1 01 II lido w II I .line 
iCeinliniit'd IIII l';iUf .<i 


"I he nuin of •^■isdioii /^ Ihr ntiin 
of yeiirs." 

Thursday — 

Intertr.ilirnitv ( onferenee^ me 1 lin^. 

7 p. 111. I rill. IV \ight D.ime. 
junior \,ir-ifv liMithall: Williston 
.It Willi-Ion, 
Saturday — 

\.ir-itv lootliill; .Miiidliliiiry ,il 
.Middle liiirv . 
Wednesday — 

< oliiiiiliii- 1 );iv . No I I.1--1 -. 
Saturday, Oct«)ber IS — 

\ ,ir-it \ I out lull ; Willi, nil- .it 
W illi.iiii-towii 


ie Men Rate 
High As Dancers 

(adiege (iirls Put Sliirdy .S«»ns of 

M.A.C. Ahead .d lech.. B.l .. 

Harvard and Dartmouth 

'Aggie" hrin Holed lor 
tliiiif.,s ill liliiis p.i-l Iml ll 1- dotililliil il 
it hasever Im-cii ilisi ingoishiil in ipiile the 
s,iine way I hat il is in I he lollow ing arlie Ie 
taken from the Sfirim^fHld I'tiily .\ru\ ol 
< )c toiitr .'{rd. 

Postiin, I )cl .0 \oi "( ,111 111' pi. IV tool 
hall.'' " hill "( an lie damt':*" is the tpieslion 
ihe college girl asks todav. No admiring 
I h rung of lem.ile- tr.iils I he IimiI li.ill Iii'Mm- 
tioMi the Staeliuiii. The hii-kv h.illli.ii k 
w ho risks his nei k ,ine| limlis lor hi- .iliii.i 
m.ili-r iiiiv;hl jiis| ,1- well s|M-nil his lime 
le.irning the lilac k iMillom, as f.n .1- tin- 
girls are ctmcerned. 

The college girl's allilutle toward loot 
liall -tars' "Whv, wf reallv havi-u'l aiiv 
.ittitiide low.ird ihciii." a junior .d .1 
wtniian's eollegc' l$o-toii .inswi-rcd. 
.\nd girl stuejent- ,it the ( amhrieij^c ceil 
leges seem lo agree, lew of them even 
ktloVN the lleroe-' II. line -, tlioil).;ll the fcKit 
hall season is upon iis. 

"That isn't s.iyin;; we don't ciiiov .1 
gCHid tootli.ill '^.iiiie. Inn oiilv we^ 
haven't an\' more interest in the players 
than Wf liave in our own hoe kt-y sl.irs. 
Ihe game's the thing. .\- 1 mailer of 
fact, men in training 'and of ttmrse the 
footh.ill plaxcrs all are, t>r are snp|K>sed 
lo lie I are mil al all entertaining. I he v 
can't eat this and they cml smoke and 
thev havf Itj !«• in In^d hy HI. •'!<•. when 
tiancts flout liegin until II." 

.\re Harvard men gixxl elaruirs.'' Oiiite 

gtMMl, on the whole. Thev go in for slow 

dreaniv walt/c^s anel he-itation steps. 

lee h men are^ lo-l ,it a li-.i d.iiic i' II 

I lii-\ li.iM pliiilv ot room, tliev in.iii.i'^e 

(Continued on Pafte 4^ 



'I he 1 1,1-- of l'."_".l held elei lion- on 
1 llllt-i|.l\ . Sepli liiliei _'<i, ulilili re -lllteil 

in the folle)Wing oltner- luinv; insi.illed: 
president, William 11. Kolierlsun; \ i. e 
pre--idi'iit , St, mil \ 1. I'.nli s , Mi.iMini. 
r.ivlor .\1. Mill-, -leiet.iry, .\. 
I.viiih; i.ipt.iiii, ( litloii K. lohn-oii; ,iiid 
sei;;i,inl il .11111-, i mi. ltd \V . Moiii-uii, 
.\l ,1 hi. itiiii; ol the -oplioiiii 111 1I.1-- 
the li>''owiii.; ottli IT- wi^re ile. od pii-i 
iieiit.|-Tii Siimli^inn , \ 11 < pM '.i!'ii' I 

I . W liile; 1 ,1-111(1 \\ llll.ilil I'l I >li '.V . 

siiret.irv, .M.iv I r.ii' 1 , 1 ipl.ini. I\,i\ 

moiid S. M.inii, -ii^i nit .1! .uiii-. K.ilph 
I . Kniil-tiid 

I .iking I he shell I end ot .1 / to I) si ole. 
Mass. .Aggie met its tnsl dele. it ol the 
se.ison .11 the li.inds ot Ikties on the held 
.11 I c-wisioii, .S.itiiiil.iv , OcloUr I, in a 
g.iiiie pl.iyed in siiniiiier whic h was 
.inv thing lilit iciiidilcive to tiHilh.ill. Ihe 
sun Itothereti ihioughoul the g.tine, .md 
ihe onlv store c.ime when our s.itelv m.m 
lost .1 punt in ihc^ sun, Ikiles iccoverinn 
.md scoring siilisc epie nl l\ . .Mlhoiigh the 
.\ggie eleven showed .1 -Hong piiiii h .it 
limes, thc^ Irom down c.isi held oin 
men oil e.u h lime ihe^v tluc.iliiiid Ihe 
g.inie W.IS pi.ii lie .illv ,1 |iiuiliiig duel with 
onlv iiishi s. 

If. lies opened the v;.ime li\ liooliug the 
li.ill to our iweniv v.iril line where Knee 
l.iud -n.iied il ,iiii| il li.ic k lo the ihirlv 
v.ird ni.irk. Irom this |ic(iiil to If.itis 
. ighlcen v.ird slri|M' our hat ks carried the 
liall on sir.iighl pl.iv- Uliind >;ooel iiiici- 
Icieiiie-. I leic .1 hvi \.iid pen.ill V w.i- in 
till led. wllii h III, lile lilliell V.liels to ^o lol 
lii-l down. I hue pl.iv- nctled eleven ol 
liiosc^ nc^cessaiv filleeu. lull iiii ihe nc-\I 
plav, .III .illenipled p.iss ^loimded 
lie hind the ^; line. If.iles' .idlliM lit- 
he. ivid .1 -iyh ol iilii t when their tc.ini 
leeiivcd the |i,il| .md kii ke d out ol 
d.illgei. .\gv;ii retuilleel the kii k, ,inil the 
.M.lille ele-ven ll.lshed ,111 olleuse lh,it 

I rasheij out a pair ol lusl downs. .A lliiid 
W.IS not lorihcoming. and ihe re lu.iinder 
III iIm pt rioel Milled inio .1 pimliiit.; duel. 
I he li.ilt I mil d u il h no scoring. The li.ill 
W.IS in H.ilis' teiiiioiA niosi ot the lime, 
lull the onlv ot llieii go,il i,iiiii^ in 
ihi^ III -I lew minules cif play. 

With till sun iH.iting down .is liri^ht 
.mil hot as ever, llu^ .Ag.ili's kicked to 
If.iles to >i.irt I hi -c lond h.ilf. I lie 
M.iine le.iiii i.iiiicij (he li.ill to niidlield 
lull we rt held for down-. .\n exi li.ingi- of 
punts lollowed whic h put li.iles on their 
ihirlv varel line. .A couple of rushes lailed 
lo gain, .md the Hates punter lillid .1 hi^h 
one. Kiieeland lost il in ihe sun. .md .1 
M.iiiii^ pl.iyer fell on it on oui tomteeii 
v.ird m.irk. I loin lie le. It.ile- w.ided 
iCttnllnurd un I'uftf 4i 



Prtispt'cts fiM Next .Sprinit's Nine 
.Seem (iood Despite L«>sses 

I. ill li.tseli.ill lieeii progris-in;; sine !■ 
the eijiening ot eollege^ nnel.T the guid.ini 1 
ot « .ipl. "Ifoli ' Moriarly. Only 1 I' • 
Liter men .ire av.iil.ilile for next spiing - 
nine, ami ihi- t.ill'- pr.ietiic is loii-i-iin 
mainly ot drilU in fiindamenlal 
lialling practiir ,1 te,itiire. .\ tew g.ime- 
have Ill-en pl.ived and if the prevailiii-^ 
wfalhei lontinues, the oii'^hi ! . 
ctmie e lo-e to displaying their real |)t»ssi 
liiliiies. .\iiioiig ihf^ leller men whoh.ive 
reporied tor pr.ietiec ,irc- (apt. .Meiri,iii\, 
shortstop, and Thompson, out tielelci . \ 
new li.itlery must |m- il<'veli)|ieil liei,ii|se 
ol tin loss ol N.ish e.liel Itriggs last June, 
"(huh" Patch i'.i showing up well a- 1 
catcher while- 'j^ielinski, li.ill. .iml LalMrge 
are candielate-s lor pile lung h.-rlhs. "Ki<l" 
(ft)re's fotjiliall stpiad claims several h.ise 
Iiall men. among them l^-ing Peiwie. v.n 
sily piti hi-r. and \itkie-wii/. third hi-' 

.\liioii>i the III! n Kill lii-ide the lu" 
let ler men ,1111 1 I he I Ml III \ I .mdld.lle- .1! ' 

N.ish, 1,1-1 Spun;.; ,1 iiiihiv inlieldi 1 
Ml ' .ilire I'.. II 11. ml, While, 
Wall liter, j. I alt, .end Uern.ird. I'ractn ■ 
will lontimie .1- Ion.; a- the we.illier |hi 
mil -. ,iiid it I- liopi il to .III oiiipli 
e^nou^;li tin- I. ill -o .1 tii-l ■ I.1-- li'.ii 

l.lll lie pill ON till held 111 \l ,\|)lll win: 
I he -< lliilnli' iipeli-. 


w iih ,111- JO \iiii.iiei,iiiv I.; 

I'l .IH • imi i I, .\mlier-l O 
I lilt- 10. I owell I . Mill (I 
\ .ill n, Ifowdoiii O 
Nprinutield It. I'rov idi m 1 i) 

|<( M .! 11 I o \iiru II ll (I 


THE MAISACHUSETTS COLLEGIAN U. .•x,>.c^M.>n> .....tain.MR apparint .... 
■ nk Hifi.* Uruity but real in.onKiuity in i<lc.i>. nt 

Official newspaiRT .jf thi- Massac huMttsi . . , ,.. 

Auriciiltural Colltg. 


l'«<l «-viry 
Weciius<lay by the >>. 


Maiiaui'ig Kd't"' 

EtNBST L. Spbncer "^X 
EtLtWOBTII Baknakh '2s 


Kduo.ial '"N^-l ''.-^'^"'"48 

FtUUr.- 11AK..I.U K. euAKK 28 

Alumni & H...r. • -u.. - 'Josfhhnk I•AN^..■A ^K 

~,, ,. Slll-.IMKV H.KAVhs 2'.» 

•■^"''"'^ I.;„WA.<..U.NitH....s'i!'J 

"*'""""' JO..N H. H.AVAK-JK. 'at) 



fAKi. A. Hk.i«;an '^'t 


l-.AV.N A. \Vu...liU -ZS Business Manage, 

D ,? . .s A. L..w,NO •2K C irculation Manager 

U^i:;'-. K. ASM.X .s A.lve,usin« Manager 

Lawkbmf a. Cakk. ih i'J 

WiiHAM A. Kf.AS '29 

Fbkuekkk V lnAYKK. JK. •2'» 

Subscrii.ti.... *-••«' I">- >'•;"• ^"',^''>. Make all onkr.payabl. 

to Vliii MasSA. msKTTS COIXEOIAN. 

In caM- c.( change ..f a.Ulrtss. subscnb. .> 
will pk-asc notify tlu' b..sinl■^s niana^.i 
as scion as |)<)s>ibli-. 

F„..-..Ml as M-.nn.l-cla.s n.atter at the Amh.-.-t 
I.„ I IH . ■ \c..-pl.>l (or n.ailintf at sih> u.l r. I. 

loll... WIT. a..ll.ori/e<i August 20. 1«1S. 


\lti,..ii«h a .iilniit.- .iatf lor Mountaii. 
Day this fall lias not y.i bf.n .kri.kil 
uiM.n al thf time this i-.litorial wint to 
pr,>s, it is hinh tinu- that wf 
binin to l<«'k lorwar.l this annual 
out-of-doors nit-toKfthir ami make plans 
so that ta«h an.l .v.ry oni- of us will bf 
able to Wavv his siu.liis an.l worrits for 
thf tlav whtn the .lalf is ann.nintf.l. 

AftiT a niontliN r.^i.Un.f in Amherst 
ihere art- many pr..blcms arisinn. 
In many casi-s .lisit.urant iiunt is sl..wly 
crce|>inu in an.l st-ttlinu -loNvn up..ii ns. 
Thf in.livi.lual is ra. ktnl with liar> an.l 
obstssi<.n> ..t all sorts an.l if he is a par- 
titularlv sensitive in.livi.lual they i.l.iy with his soul. D.peii.linn uikhi hi> 
mak.' lip h.- tennK.rary ...miH.sure 
and tran.piility either in solitary .-..nhne 
nient ..r in the ..ther extreme. Unt thi> 
,H-aie is temp.Mal, an.l inwar.lK Melhmu 
an.l disturlK.l h.' .an -. an .ly be .ies< ribe.l 
as .-ontent. lie nui>l m .k el>ewh.n. for 
the sour.e of content imiil ami rei...>e. 

\\ith..iit Ueominn umluK sentimental 
Nv.' must a.lmit t.. ..urM-lves that th.' 
w..rl.l ..f nature stimulates us with an 
irresistable ap|Kal .iurinn this season ..I 
the year. The k"*" »''•" '"^•''^ ''"' 
urass is a wood si^;ht. The melting ..f re.l 
to russet an.) rii>sel int.) ^oUl is a si«ht 
whi. h .am.oi iulp but .lear the brain ..f 
all tn.ubl.s ami un. . rtainties. It .annot 
help but a«ak. n in lis ill.' realization that 
after ail this worl.l of nature all ar.nind 
"us is an unfairmu f..mitain of km.wle.lRe 
whieh is.inly waiting lor all who partake 


Ihere are paths l.> be irampU.l in tlu- 
.ul^hborh.uHl. Many are ih.' binls that 
iteh f.)r au.lieme ami the shadows an.l 
colorsof a th.uisaml treesare beinj; wasdd. 
Let us tak.' a.lvanta^e ..I this roL.rlul 

well to mention another authority who ha 
.letiiied the term as a plate of confinenienl 
tor .»iie who resembles a hull in . hara.ler 
.)r a. t i.Hi . asin size, violent e, or l.jud roarint;. 
As to the . hara.ter of this department 
II will b.- prin.ipally devoted to edit. .rial 
...miiunt ..n various haiMK-ninns about 
laiupus. It will als.. ...ntain Ironi time 
lo lime n.w> bits li..m other sourees which 
are <l.-.iii.(l ..I inl.ieM to the stmlents. 
( oiUril.uti.>iis In. Ill iiuiiiber> ..I the stu- 
,|,iil bo<ly \vill b. but the 
..litor in charj;e reserves lli. riuht K. re- 
je. t or alter any such ...iitribiilioiis 
eiilerin^ the same in his c.)limm. 


laM Ihursday eveninj; at the iiieelinK 
of th.' inlerfraternity Coiiferen.e, a ...m- 
niiu.e ..f til.' la.uliy bn.iiKlit t.. the 
,,,,,.,„i,,n ..1 ih.- f..Mteieii.e the feasibility 
.,f having a day set ap.iit every year I.. 
1„. km.wn a^ Da.l's Da v. The i.urpose ..1 
ihis faculty ...mmittee is I., present the 
i,ha I., the Mii.l.iil thn.iiKh the 
( ..nferen.e in ..nUr t.. net th.' ...n.viisus 
..f opini.tii of the undernratluates. 

At pr. >.nl the fathers ..f most of the 
^lll.i.•lll^> ha\.- m. ..piK.rtunity to Ret an 
iiiMKhl ..II what their sons and daughters 
are .L.inn here at AR^^ie. They have m. 
„,,,„,rt unity l..<.msult with the 
uii.ler wli..iii iheii sons are stu.lyinn- 'I In-y 
have little tMtasion to visit the labora- 
tories in which their sons are working 
in sh..rt. th.y have n<. . hance to see 
underKratluate life as it iioniially exists. 
Ark"- life at (■ommeiuinieiits an.l su. h 
times are far .lilferent fn.m that whi. h 
i> maintaine.l throughout the year. 

It has U-en sunneste.l that Da.l's D.iy 
be lul.l in conjunction with Mother's Day 
in the >prinn but this dtRS not seem 
feasible inasmuch as that day has always 
been dev<.ted to Mothers an.l its si^ni- 
.an.f as sii. h sli..ul.l remain uiichan^;e.l. 
The sUKnestion that Dad's Day sht.ul.l in the fall term seems to be mil. h 

.MihouKh this i.lea of Da.l's Day is 
still un.level..iH'.l. ium- it is 
of ureat iH.ssibilities ami with..ut .piisti..n 
w..rtliy of much thoiijdit an.l c.nsi.l.ia 
ti..n. We und..ul.tedly should n<.t U t such 
a ^unK.Mion be dropiK-.l unless an.l until 
we are hrnily ...nvince.l that it cannot 
lM.>.>ibl\ be perft.le.l an.l .ariie.i out. 



(Cuiilinurd from I'.xAv I) 
Ntw Knulaml Slates an.l New ^..rk. 
S|M-.ial attenli..n is IniiiK niveii t.. the 
pr..bleins inv..lve.l in urowinj; cr.)ps «.f 
l>nlp woo.! on the cut .ner areas of f.)rest 
lands ill ihe m.rthe.i-t Stii.lies ..f 
lires, f<.rest fire wt-.ilher an.l fuel relation- 
r,hii.s an- also b in); nia.U . Many agencies 
such as the ft)reslry departments of Auri- 
cultural Collen s an.l lumUrmen's asso- 
ciati..ns are ai.lin^ greatly in furthorini^ 
the study of lias.' vital forest prtjblems. 



Its Excuse 

No, nentle rea.ler, i he above tith- .loes 
iK.t sijjnify a retrenchment in the stupe 
of M.A.C. to a^ri. iilt ore, nor 
does it stujnd a .all f«)r a "l.a. k t.» the 
farm" movement amonn her students. 
True, the sincere agriculturist at .\nnie is 
t<M) often the butt .>f "rube" jokes coiii- 
pose.l by his just as sincere and self- 
acknowledned classmates. How- 
ever, this lam.iilable ...ndition is not the 
cause for the above .aplion. >av..rinj^ 
stn.UKly of til. -tables at a -up. rfii iai 

ri.penlassmeii may re. all with |.iea- 
surable th.iunhts the juicy "Citler I'ress" 
which on.e animate.l the liases of the 
Collcfiidii with its^picy, tart .Irippin^s like 
a draUKht of wassail. AssiiminK that 
present subscribers and .ither 
may likewise .•ni..y a respite fn.m the (.jmm.)nplace news of the .lay and 
ane, the "Ibill I'.n" ha- louml an ex. use 
for .xislin^;. 

Its Purptise 
It has noiu, except to provoke c.>ninu'iU. 
favorabl.- .jr unfavorable, the . 
kin.l of advertising, the sort which is s.. 
( in v.>niie in mercantile as well 
as in artist it . ircles ttxlay. 
Its Method 
The mananer, . aretaker. f..niHaii. 
wi.l.ler, ..r what-you-will of the IVn 
offers no spectacular pnnnises as to 
melh< or ta.ti.s. Ac<-.>r<linn to his 
plans, other memU-rs <.f the e<lit..rial 
btianl, other iiienil)crs .>f the student 
bo<ly, other clle^e pajvis. othe. sounts 
..f news, humt.nnis and ..therwise, will 
furnish material h.r filling the I'.n. 
Acfonlinn to past history ami the l.ivvs 
of pn)l>ability, the iiianaj;er will be 
ft.rced t.. .1.) most of the ontributinn 


Its Responsibility 

.Ml ...mmeiil^ printed ..r impli.<l m I his 
i.)lunin will have no official source, there- 
by freeing the e.litor-in-chief fn.m [K.ssi- 
ble .ariHt -lectures by the Dean an.l 
..tlurs iniereste.l in th.' welfare ot the 
...lleue pajHr. BeiiiK a series ..f .»m- 
IMisiie ...ntribuli..iis fn.m anywhere, it 
woiil.l be .le.i.l.<lly unfair to attach any 
blame ..r credit t.. <.iie in.livi.lual. 'I liii- 
.1.. w«- step oiii fr.iiii iin.ler th.- axe, al- 
th..u>;h i)n..laiming •lilK-riy, not license" 
as our motto. 

Its Results 
Some one will .l..ubtle-s .piielty l.-av.- 
college, either al lh«- insistence ..f collei;.- 
auth.)rities or choleric subs, ribers. 
The First Bull 
"Melvin (.iav.->. .\mher-t chief ol 
IM.lice, has never bl..wn a whistle ..r 
pulle.l a .liib," a..<.nrm^ tt. ht-adlines in 
the Sunday suppleinent. Our rist-s 
to ask what RtK>d it w<.ul<l have <i.>iie t.. 
bl.iw a whistle. The olht-r number .>f 
the f..n-.- mii;ht hav.- been at h.>ine in l.e.l. 

- Br — 

••|i..bby" Harrtiws '24, is teachinK 
mathematics and coachiuK liaseball at the 
hijih Mhool in Middlelown, C.jnii. 

l.ouis Bla.k '27 is farming on the tjld 
h..mestt-a.l in Williamsburg an.l .Irivinji 
to .\mherst every afternoon t.j c.jach the 
line at his Alma Mater. 

I n-.l Baker '2(>, enna^e.l t.. Margaret 
Smith '2<), is the superint.iid.nt of a 
lan.l-tai»e t.ffice in Spring; tiel. I. 

"K.ldie" Bike '24 is now athl< tic 
.lire.ior at Cu^hiiiK Academy, Ashburn- 
haui, Mass. 

i:arl I". Williams '27 is assistant suiK-r- 
iiH.n.lint of the Bn)oklyn Heights Cenie- 
l.ry .\ss.Hiati..n, Cleveland, ( )hi.i, where 
Arthur S. Tuiipei '14 is Mi|K-rime.lent . 

On Sat unlay, ()ttt)ber 1."., I'residenl 
Thatcher will 1r- a guest of th.- .\sso.iate 
.\lumni at a .linner in Draper Hall at 
whi.h the chief topi, lor .liscussitjn will 
be the campaign fun. Is a ii.w 
|)hy-i<al e.iu.ation buil.iing. 

K.irle S. Carpenter '24, with ili<- l.xi. n 
sioii Strvi.e at M..-\.C., t.Mik his vacati..n 
lhi> Mimmer by -ponsoring the Kngli>li S. lu.ol ..n the < anipus. 

•J.K- " C.)riiiier '2f., w.irke.l all summei 
in I'n.f. Cram's lamls. aiK- ofti.e in I?oston. 
He will be back at the llarvanl (.ra.luat. 
Sch.Kil of this winter. 

• I'hil" Couhig '2t'., is athl.-ti.- .Iirect..r 
.It the Kssex .Agricultural Sh.K)l, llatli- 
..iiie. Mass. 

"Jack" Delehmit '21), is a . ..ach at th.- 
K<..kl.iml High S.h.)ol, R.wklaml. Ma 

It will i.njbably Ik.- nect.-.sary to pr.Kurt; 
njoms for »ome of the students in .om- 
paratively distant houses, but no dititi- 
cuity is anticii>ate.l in taking .are of them 
as far as stu.lving fa.ilitie- .ire concerned. 


Hickey-Freeman customized Clothes. So good that their quality makes them an economy 

For your FaU suit ''Consult Tom" at the ''House of Walsh." 


Ihe lolLiwing is the list ..f uiid.-r- 
graduates who have b.-en app.>iim-.i to 
the iK.sition ol s.-rgt-ant in the K.O.'l.t . 

unit : 

To be Cadet Staff Serjjeants 

.1-1 u^ ....V' r.- Culet IVes..)!! D. N<.img S rgt 

.,K-ctacle an.l lanibU- the many by- ^.^^^^^^ ^. ^^^ ^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^.,.^, ^,^,j„, 

vays that li.- -.inn us in every (.,^^,^., j.-^..^,, (■ Ki,.hanls..n Color Sergt. 

( a.lit « .. l-'-.l-on C..lor Sergt. 

To be Cadet First Serfteants 


direct i. .11. 

.\ coin, i.len.e at th.- freshnum-sopho- 
more pull was the wetting whi.h 
"Ja.k" l"lo..d, first man on the roiR-. 
re.eived when he met the llo.xl of .ainpiis 
pon.l mu.k. Kvi.lently the pla.t-d 
implicit faith in the ..1.1 adage concerning 
the value of a name. 


15 Years Afto This Week 
The "Collejje Siftnal" Said 
••.\ggie lost her star track man vvlitii 
"Dave" C .ildwell tlecided t.) go to C..r- 

•IIIE Bl 1 1 PEN" 

Willi thi- issii.- ..f th.- Collfj^uni we wish 
to usher in .mr luw feature c..lumn "The 
Bull Pen. " 1 ..r over a year n.>w we have 
been living to lin.l a vv..rthy substitute 
for "The Ci.Ur Puss", .i f.ature which 
lias ma.le a lasting inipressi.)n in the 
minds ..( all ot n> vth.. \sere famili.u \^iili 
it. We h.i\r ni.<l -.v.ial expt-rimeiil- in 
an ail.Hi|>i i'> tm.i a p.rm.m.'iU snb-li 
tut.- but iioiK' "I "'"I" li-'^'' l""^"l ^•"^- 
l.icloiA ■«- -"Oil a- ih.- iic.v. Itv uoiv >>It. 

.\fter a ihonuigh -tudy ot tlu- ie<|iii-iu - 
which an- .-\iM-.t.-<l .>! -u. h a mluinn l.v 
th.- un.i.-ii;i.idiial(-. alimiiii. and taniltx. 
,!„■ nliKin.i! \n<A\^ i- im.mim.iii- in tin 
opinion iImI '1"- '"'^^ .olimiii will Itiltill 
,dl tlif rciiuiv iiuiil-. riii- iii'« d.->.irt- 
ni.iil ha- li.'-n pl.iod iiniler the .'.irect 
Mipiivi-ioii ol <'ii< ol the -cnior .-dilors 
uho i- p.nii. iil.ulx liii.d tol till- 1M)-Ili011 
an.l \vlu> h-i- «ork..l out all I lu' itniici 
ilctail- to pi ill I lion. 

riii- IK w clrpaitimiit li.i- I" tn Ki\< n 
tlu- apptoi'ii.ilc II. nil. ■ '111'- I'-iiH I'.n 
bi-ciii-i ol tlu iii.iin mid.iKiii.i; nu.iiiinu- 
whicli II in I'll' ~. V I online to one 
anlhority tin v.. ol /•,// i- .,ppli, .1 to .i 
v;ri,t.-'pi.- blundtr in lan:,ii.i^i' .iii-l .il-.i 

Ca.l.t An hill II. ( .raves 
Cadet J.)hn S. Chadwick 
Cadet J. Howe. Jr. 
Ca.l.t I- . I--. Sargent 
Ca.lel Boleslaw Nitkievvicz 

In...]) .\|iu-ll." (Caldwell was a member ..f tht 
Tr.i..p B 
Troop I' 
Troop 1-1 
Tr.M.p I- 

To be Cadet Second Serjeants 

C.idel Uov S. Ian 
( .1.1(1 M.iiiri.i- Stilu-r 
( '.iiltt John 1. I awlor 
l .iil.t William A. P. \K\\ 
( .iilil < >-niaii Babson 
( .idi t John \l . I f.iiMnl 
( 1 Ko^ir S. r.ilt 
t .idet Svhe-ur 
C.idcl l-'..irl 1.. Mor.iw-ki 
( ad.t Ir.iiik I'. W liiti 
C.i.l. I P.iiil r. I'hinnev 
C.iilct ( hail.-- K. t 'l.iiuiil- 
Cailci ( i.iniirc \ .. I l.miinonil 
(',1,1(1 \riliin < .. IMi' 
Cadet 1,1 lol K. Sl<\(ii-(iii 
( adit P. K.iMiionil Piliinti 
( .idi ! 1 .1111 1 Koiika 
('a,U\ I ml ('. I.llen 

( adi I lolin S. W lliiiry 

( '.idel I\ ( ). |i UK - 
( ■,iil(t Paul I '. l-li.ini 
C.idi I Don, lid A- D.ivi- 

1 roo]) .A 
Troop A 
Tr.M.p .\ 

Troo]. B 
Tnioi. B 
Tr.)..]. B 
rr<..)p P> 
Tr.M.p I 

'Tro.)p t 
Troop t 
Trooi> ( 
Tro.ip T, 
Tr.iop T. 
Troop I-. 
Troop T. 


Troop T 
I loop 1 

1 Ii]. Tri)o|) 
1 li|. Troop 
Hij. Troop 


r. S. Olympic team the pn-vious -ummi-r. > 
" the first time in the history ot th.- 
instituti.)n, tuiti.jn was charge.l those men 
entering who were not residents ot th.- 
state of Mass;i.-husetts." 

"The enn.llment '.'>7')i at the institu- 
tion .l.iiibl.-d .luring th. 
l.i-t t'lvi- v.-.irs.'' 


Aii^ir Mud.nt- x\<-r<- , lu-!.;.-i ot a 
rath.-r bitter .micle on Amher-t -In-.t 
-iun- writt.-n by a special cirresi.on.l.-nt 
In the Sprififi/icld RepuNiani n-.tnilv. 
W.- .|U..te verbatim— "It is .iliii.>-t im- 
pos-ibU- to timl a tvpe of -ign in t he 
north I'ait ol tlu- town, whi.h will with 
Maii.i the on-l.uight ol -tiidciit 'selt- 
expressa.n'. . . 1 lanil-omt- -1. il si«ii- "'i^li' 
be n-sp.-.t.-(l by sIluU'iils mid snuill l',>y> a- 
p.riii.m.iU pnii>.rt\. " 1 l.-n- isth.- .limax. 
liow.ver Jii-t why the agricultural col- 
lege -tu.knt- -hoiil.l use street signs a- 
targ.ts, when their neighbois at th.- ot h. r 
,,nd ol th.- town 1..IM- theiii atom-, .ilm..-t 
lu .1 -ign. i- \<-t to be . xplaiiud," 

Is this critiii-iii jii-t ili.ibl.' It H i-, 
some of II- lucii a little . dii. .it ioti on -n. h 
siibi.-cts. Ibii is it .' 

I riiz " 1 eiranti '2.">, is a c.jntractor at 
Marblehead, Mass. 

"Al" C.ustafson '2b, will be 
a--istant t.> Dr. Jeffries at M.irvanI, on- 
I inning his wt)rk for his Masters in Botany.<.ln Munh.iigh '27, has In-en work- 
ing at ill.- I arr Nnrst-ry Co., W.-iser Park, 
P.i. II.- plans to return to College in 
Janii.iry to.tmiplete his .-.nirst-. 

Kolan.l D. Sawyer '2b. after a very 
-II.. .—fill year of toa.hing at Millis, has 
l> a master an.l hea.l coat h ol l.w.t- 
b.ill at St. Maiks S«h.K>l, S<niihl><.n.,. 


1 .iwr.-m. I.. J..nes '2t), will enter hi- 
M.on.l year at li.irvanl C.ra.hiate ScIi.m.I 
of Bu-in.-ss .\.lniini-ir.iti..n ihi- l.ill. 

•ke.T' Sulliv.m '2f.. hi. I . harge ..f the 
D.-.rti. 1.1 .Va.l.niy -mniiu-r -. h.w.l and i- 
reliirning there as master. 

( harley McC.eo.h '2.".. .titer a three 
wt-eks tutoring trip to M.-domek. Maine, 
returns t.. Salisbury S.h.M)l. Conn., as a 
ma-tt-r, teaching mathematics and assist- 
ing in athletics. 

St.irr .\l. King '21, is one .-oach wh.) g.M).l with a bang in his first year at 
Mal.len High. Mis baseball team last 
-pring tnrne.l in f.)iirte.n wins agsinst 
thne def.-.its, hni-hiiig llu-*seas.)n with 
t-iglit -tr.iight wins. 

J.inies K. Be.d '2:\. is now ...nne.ted 
with the T'.)restry l-.xiK-rim. nt Stati.>ii. 
.\-heville, N. C. 

Kii-hanl W. F.>sen.len ■2t., is ..n his 
st-c..nd vear of gra.luate vv..rk in Chem- 
i-try .It M.A.C. 

Kaynmnd H. < .rayson ■2:5. is 
din-ctor at the .XttlelM.n. High S<hool. 
.\itl.-l..>rf). Mass. r, .Mn-le '2:i. is n.>w farming 
on his ..wn h....k .it rovvn-.'n(l Harbor. 

S.>l.>m..n (...nh.n '2.'>, is t.-.i.hing Chem- 
i-try at the Iniv. <.f Ma—,, whi.di is a 
pri-nie.liial sch.n.l th.- Mi. Idle-ex 
C.llege .)f Me.licin. .iii.i Surgery. ("..-raid .Xm-u-in '27. is working 
for hi- in Hurt i. nil ure at l\ 

Irving K. Cray '21. has transferre.l his 
.dfectit.n to the South and is now t.-a. h- 
ing / in New Orleans, l.a. 

lb 1-.. M.dierg '20. is now 
.lire, tor and head .oach at Norwi.h Pre.- 
.\r,i<l.-nn. N.irwich, Conn. 

I<,,|.(H ( ,. M< .\lli-t< r '27 is teacher- 

111.11 h .It th.- high -ihool in N.wiiort. \t. 

Kob.rt D. M.ihor '2:i i- t.-.i. h.-r-.oa.h 

at ( ol.iirn ( l.i— lii-iimtf, \\ atcrv ill.-, 


Sterling Mvri.k 24 i- l.ind-r.ii>ing al 
.")P Wil-on .\\.-.. t oliitiibiis. I >hio. .md the 
p,— (--Ml- 1.1 .1 brother in tin- In-hni.m -ipi.ul al M.A.C. thi- \ 


At till- tiiiie. jii-t pr.vioii- to th.-ii 
rt ui-'i.i'ton, it i- not po—ible 1.> st.itt- 
ex,irt!\ how m.inv -tiid.-nt- will . iiroll in 
the two \ (oiir-i-. bill indicition- point 
to a t'.ir l,irs;.-r eiinillmeiit than l,i-t 
The -hort c.nir-e oth.e ha- <it i.r. -. nt th. 
n.lilie- of i;iM -Illdclll- who ,iri- dll.- to 
-tart tilt-, .i- comiiarod to s7 l,i-t 
\tar .It this d.ite. 

From the 
first kick-off 
of the season 
until the 
The New 
York Times 
news of F'oot- 
ball is reliable 
and complete 
— written by 
experts w h o 
pack the color 
and drama of 
the college 
gridiron into 
their stories. 

Times sports 
news is crisp, 
clean, fair. 
Boxing, base- 
ball, tennis, 
polo, racing, 
hockey, row- 
ing — news of 
all sports — nil 
of it — is given 
readers daily 
and Sunday in 


5f put fork 



delivery from 

your fieics- 





Boston Headquarters for all M. A. C. and 
many other College Teams and Clubs 


Club Breakfast and Special Luncheons 

and Dinners 




Full Fashioned 

Silk to the top 

42 gauge 

(iives the appearance of Chiffon and the wear of Ser- 
vice hose. $1.50 pair. 




Optician and Jeweler 

.» I'I.EASANT STRKKT. lup one flifthn 

OcuHstH* Prest-riptions KlUftl. Hroken len»eft 

aceiiralely replaet'd 

BK; BKN alarm CI.OCK.S ami other 

rfliahle makfs 

Yuu will liiiil an cxt-ellcnl 

. . . SIIOK RKI'AIKINt. SHOP . . . 

equippril with tho most up-ni-dal*- <;i>«dyfar 

Machinery and a niodtrn 


at II 1-2 Amiiy St.. - Opp. N«'w Theatre 

ll> under-^Uintt your rr^itiirrmriih und art [ire- 

fiireil to mrrl ynur Hifd^. 

Ml -.iiirk nuiiniiilii.l. .Sh<i,-s hinnt uu-l ilytd. 60, 

VINCKNT <;RANI)<>Mf;(>. I'l..!.. 

Your Fall Hat should be a Mallory. Not be- 
cause they cost a little less than other good makes 
but because they are *' Cra vane t ted." No other 
thing you wear gets as much abuse from the ele- 
ments as your hat and the invisible waterproof- 
ing that *'Cravanette" gives is the difference 
between a hat that holds its shape and color and 
one that does not. 

Prices at $6 & S7 Other good hats at S5 



C.ontinuetl from Pafte 1^ 

( .iih<)ii ( .iil\viiv;lil. M..\.('. 

( ll.llle- (i.i^;^, M.A.t".. |-'lll(ini(il(i^> . 

Ilenii.iii I hirk, I'nix. ol M.diie, Ak;iitiil l-".dii( atinii. 
Willi. nil ( iiwiiiv;. ( ollis College, A^lii ill 

iiir.d r.d it III. 
\ ir^iiii.i l)iilresi)e, Ml. Mol\(>ke ( (iJli-j^e. 
M.ilioliii |)ull, Ihtpe ("ulU-^e. (Ii^.iiiu 

( heiiii>t!'\ . 
Ihiiieit lliiu-rs, M.A.C, .N^ii. 

I'^ inn. 
I l.ivtoii I'.iii.u, l\.iii>.is Si. lit- .X^riiiil- 

liirai ( t)llt-^i-, I' nltinuilii^N . 
kiili.iitl ri-->M-nileii, M..\.('., ( lu-iiiisirs . 
K.ilpli Iliiui-, I'liiv. tit I )t-l.iw.iit-. Miero- 

liii>l<iv;\ . 
William ( ioDilwiti, .M..\.( .. .X^i it iilliir.d 

I raiitis (iriltitlis, I iii\. nl \\.i>liiiiKii>ii, 

lli)rlit iilturt-. 
Ilii^li I l.irii>. It-s.i-- .\niif. .Mill Mf( li. 

C'llle^e, l.anils(-.i|M' .Aifliilet-t iiii-. 
|-Mwait| Jtihiison, I'liix-. t>l Maim-. I.,iiid 

s<-.iiK- .\n liilt-i tiire. 
Loyal Johnson, Cokirailo .\nrii-. CniU-^e, 

l..iiiiiM .i|H- < "i.irtk-nin^. 
J.inu-s, M..\.('., li-i iolti^v . 
Il.trold Kiuiilseii, liriKhain N'oiinv; I ni\., 

Oiixti Ki-llev. Color. itji) .\^;ri^ . Ctilk-ni-. 
(ieiir>;(- l.,ir>iiio->, M..\.( ., .\nn»iit»iii) . 
\lai\ I.NtJiis. 
Willi. nil M.i\i>. Jr., M..\.('., .Ani u nil 

|-iiliit .ition. 

M.ijt-I M.iiMaMt-rs, M.A.C, Clu-iiii^iry. 
Staiilt-N Nliroyannis, Masteni Na/areiie 

< oiU-^e, .X^rii iillural Kdtualion. 
Don. lit! I'e(ie«-, (niv. of New li.iiii|i>liir)-. 
.Mini Keiil, ()ren«ni .X^rit iilt ( ollene. 

l.aiiil-<<'a|ic .Xit lli t eft lire. 
I'^/eki.-l l<i\na\, .M..X.C, l-lntoiiioloKy. 
Keniietli S.ilnion, \l..X.C"., KiitoiiioloKy. 
Irank S-\inoiir, ll.ii\.iri| I'liix., .X^;rit iil 

tural l-.ilui .ilitiii. 

KttlM-rt Sw.inbaek, .X^rit CoileKi- "' 
lliun.i. Swt-ili-n. .X);r(inoiii>'. 

Il.irolil I hoiii|i-oii, X'.ilt- I'liiv-., I..iiiiIm'.i|H' 
.Xrt liii<-( I II ,-. 

( arritll Towiit-, M A.( . I..iiitj>4 .t|M' .Xit hi 

It t tun-. 
Mil.he.' Wet k-. I< idJilh- ( olli-n.-. 

College Footwear 

of the best makes at 

moderate prices 

The largest asortment 


iConliniuHl frtini Pade II 
alter .1 kit k u.e< lilot kcd mi tun Itii x.iid The li.ill Imiuiui'iI k ol I lit- ^ 
lull- when- a lushing; |>l.i\i-r li-ll tin il . 
* iti.iU win' kitketj .itit-i liiith Mtii(->. 

It-. It lire-- III I lit- j^.init- wt it- lew . "I lit k" 
Hiinii K>>^e .1 >li^lit tliiill when he iiitii 
tciiltd .1 ( iisliiiiK jM'-'' .inti I. Ill iwiiilN 
\.ii(U IK-Inrt- litinn kletl. A line 
lit It-iiM- ii-|MilM'tl the .\sliluiiili.ini 
le.iiii when il li.itl >f,inel\ more ^i\ 
iiiilu-s iti ^ti .inolhi'i. ( oll^illelin^ 
till- HkIii wi-iKhl, kit k III niimlit-is, .mil 
iiie\|i<-i ii-iiee ol I In- juiiioi \.iisily, .i \t-r\ 
eredilahle showing; was ni.iile. Tlu- .Xi.iil 
»-Mi\ |iri>\ i-d lo lit- \ 1-1 \ (Itit ielit hll^ts .mil 
till- K-iiiK t-iijoM'tl the liip. I III- liiit'ii|i: 

Cushinti Xiadoniy .hiiiior Xarsily 

I )iiM nil, I l\i-, ie It-, K.iiii I 

Kliiit-, II. ill. It II, riiiiiiii-\ 

.X. I'itlkii.isk.i^, ( III I \ , In 

\^, I. Hint, NiikeiMiii, lliiiliiii 
XX.ilkei. I letlerit kM>n, t t-, liiltle 

(tioki-, < •tiiilil, m 1^. I.iiiitiln 

l.llt-rl, i.ilhol. rl II. (I'hiiiii. I».i\i> 

lli-nii-oii. I.earil. i«- It-, 

I tiU-> , < >. Kuiiun.i/./.i, i|li i|li, Xlor.iw^ki 
htiwt-, K. Kiiinnia/Ai, llili rlili, lioinl 

|)tMln,-, Uiii.iillit-nl . TreaiKM-ll, ihli 

Mill, Smith 

X\ . 1 iillara>kas. Il> 


1 ItlNM 

Son- liy iieriiKis 





* ii>liiiiH Xi.iilt my 




7 1 

Jiiiiiiir Xarsily 




II 11 

rout liilowns II. ill, lli-nu-oii. < lO.ils 
.llli-i liilit lldnvMi I'.lleit L*. U<-li-rei- 
KealiiiK. I'iii|iire Koluits. I.iiiesm.m 
— ( iMikt-. lime loin III tiiiii. lu-iiniK 

Vocal Instruction 

l-'lorcni'i' (^liirissii Miiys 


Ttl. I.S.S-XX 

Fown Hall, Amherst 



o<:r .St. 

b 4S H .10 



IH.I 7 


(Ml N 

<> 4S N .<0 

on 10 

.< <MI 
«i 4.S K..«0 

K.iil II. nil' .iiiti <.i-oitti' k 
\illiiii III HtlOKII S " 

>"ti'>i' iirMT -I'l'ti .1 im-r- 
I > -Uii iiiiiiiil <( niliih like 
tills, lilt' lill atlniis I. ill- of a 
t'liap mIiii tioes In li.ilnlnit 
I .imp, i'S4 a|ii*s a Ni%-iii'iiill)s 
j.ill si-iiii'iKi- lie iiiio 
ciKiiiUh a-Ntapailes atitl rii- 
inaiii >■ aiul laliiitiN In LihI a 
lill' ilnii- 

N<'»» .liiil i if>\ ll>iiii<'il\ 

l'\l\ I IM. I III low N " 
ulili l>als> Kiilh Mlllir anil 
l.ll'll 'lr>iill ^ l-s nil. Ill'l'- 

im W hit iiKiK- lit- . I way 
Willi liiiii anil liei-ait pea- 
Mils anil tin- ua> In- wins 
liiswa> III lilt- lire t'liiiiniis- 
sinners iillii r ami llie liearl 
of lh<- follies Ih'.iiiin will win 
>i>iir lirarl anil liaiiil > on 
iiiaii> lanuhs 

Sooriliillii aiitl <'oiiii*tl\ 

I.M ILOKM \.- I)> I'el.r 
It K.Mieaiiil will) lini Me- 
< :o> and llorolli> Seli.isilan 
\ kii'or|>eoiiH lilin roniante of 
lill- I- irl.\ plonei-'intl tiays In 
(lalifornia Ni-wsA (:iiiiie<l> 

(•loiia Sw.inson In -Till' 
I (»\L Ol- SI N\ \ •■ Shoulil 
she t liiMise Health aiiilil- 
lion till I y or lote.' lien- is 
.1 new, \ilirant dlorla In lite 
(IIHerenl rolefi. (lorueoiin 
lioHiis. lavish sellintts. 
tlrailtali)' Irliiinph 

l-'ahles mill f'onirilv 


(.OIL CI.LILS Come In and see iheUrlithi 
A llilson .Spei'lai .Steel Shafted Driteis. liran- 
siers and KpoofiH. 

There are a few iliihe left al 10, off. 
<Hilf hails marked oker >.( are i.S , off. These 
are (he well known Kiirke llaitN and are a liar- 




$4.00 l»l R MONTH 
Walter II. Harrison 


Jiihl North of Adams Hull 


275 High St., Ilolyoke 

James A. Lowell, Bookseller 


in Brass with M.A.C. Seal in maroon 
and white enamel, - - - $3.00 

To Get the Best, Buy 


and SILK 

Bloomers Step-ins Vests 



G. Edward Fisher 

Amherst Shoe Repairing Co. 

At the Service of those who appreciate 
Better Shoe Repairing 

niK BKST (:()llk(;k staiionkry 

Largest assortment «jf Fountain IVns ^ Our name engraved on 
pen, no extra charge. 


Ntwsdralcr and Statioiur 




sells 'em 

Drop in and see my line of new Fall styles. 


The Rest in Drug Store Merchaodise 
The Best in Drug Store Service 


SING LEE "^*^" I.AUNDRY \M,|( OMI lO \(.(.|| liONS! 

No. 1 Main St., Amherst, Mauaa '*> ""'* »'"»»' **♦' nr*' suppHid with 

I Ihe liitfsl nitidfls <»f College Oxfords. 

Our Laundry First t;lat* | Un nm forti-i i h< si- $.S Si nii h Uraiii Oifords 

Our P*IU]r (;uariinteMl i i„ (u.u k or Hrown 

RKPAIRISr; ,\Nt» All. KINDS <»!•■ ' W \ I « M Ol k WIMIOW Disci \ > 

WA.SIIIM; DO.NK AT RKA.SO.NABLE ; Sh.«- K.(.i.irinft l».i..irii.i-nt 

FRIGES. ,„,p,.,|,e P.,„ Office \ ]()] !N F'OTOS SIK ) I : S I ( ) K I . 

There can be no question that the leadership accorded to Braeburn, is not only for their foresight in tailoring clothes with the just 
right touch but for the originality of the exclusive woolens. Four piece suits priced at .S4.').00. 





R()(;i K I. IIIM/K I'K M>ir. 




Seal SCaiionory, NNatch Uamurs. Supplits <.f all kinds 
Dyaushiiu'. Jewtlry. Novtilies 


'KEN" IM.KRV '2*i 

"I'KP" vol N<i '2'> 

Flexible Sixll Note books. Life time guarantee on Parker & Conk- 
lin Fountain Pens. toothpaste 


"Dl Kl •• MORAWSKl .iO 

• HAD" WYMAN '2yr 

A(;(;il. Ml N KAII. IIKill 

(Ciinliiiiu-il from I'aii*- •> 

to n(t .ilohn. I"ll ill' ^ •'"■ '"""■'■ ""■''' 
.mil i.m> ih.iii <l:mt cr-. 

D.tii.inv; Willi m«'M '^ ' ■ "'« "• ''"' i^''''' 
s;i>. i- I..U U l.iv,il<inK. "' l'<-^ '"•''^'' >"" 
Iran b.t.k x. you liavc .i lui k.u he 
and a >tilf im ( k llir ii<xl <l'v. I'li'V 
daiin' i.itlu I w( lUlliDiiuli." 

l>;iitiiH)tilh ini-n iiii«lil ii^'- 'l.'ii'i'i^ '"' 
liaiiiinn luavy <(>lliK<'. i'"" •' 'ilhliliis 
and lol^ <>l spaif "iHavv l.iiii. " lo lis. 
Ilic >i,iin; yinisf. iiiil 111.- .uilcK'- H'l'^ 
niNv \\wJ\fr I.. III. M.A.C . l.oy>. ■Il'«> 
liavi iiyT. ill. 111..- Ill iiia.liM- than 
III. II \m\y. anil moif ro-od^. to |>rartis.- ..n. 

1,1 iIk' si. ..II. I hall, the Irislmiin 
,. ,11111. <l i\M. <• 111 ta. h iH-iiod. lloiinli.TU 
(losM.I ill"' liiK '\^<' li'ii'-^ ''^ •' ""'"'' "' 
runs ol hlt\ s.A.ii aii.l sixty yanis n- 
spcdiviU. (..xkIii'Ii and Myrii k Imlh 

iinnu-.liatily kukt-d out ol daiiR* i . an.l t In 
nam.- .•'l with th.l.all in tin- ini.l.lU- ol 
ih.' ti.l.l. 

I h.' liiunp: 

Bates Nlass. Ajjftie 

,.., ... .h.. laM M...n-..r. No .oaU after .VV.^. S...., !.• . , M. K...... k, ( ..,.|.- . 

s. (( 

K.ii.hdown w.n- ina.U-, Iml the cU'ver 
rnnninu ol ili«' li"sli ba. kin Id mad.' thtin 
,„„„.,. ■s.^ais. Sv.ral [lassos, liolinli.rK 
K, Kiniliall, wire < ..iiipliU.I whi. h shows 
that ihf fn'shnicii lia\.- an at-rial atla.k 
i„ ih.ii otlciis.-. On Ihf whole I he new 
I, am lo..k.<l lik.' a strong ronibiiiai ion 
and oiikIiI to enjov pUiHy «>f surcess this 
fall. I 111' liiiiii 


(Conlinufd from r-afte li 

Ihf uaiiir wilh ihc \.iilhaiii|) 
t..n I. am r.-. .iv iiiK- Ml'r .•aininu a liist 
,|„wn. ih. \ ol.lini.l i" ki.k, an.l t h.' 
hall was .l..wn..l ..ii tli. Inshiiiaii thirty 
sivin yar.l lin. . In Iim- plays ih.- ycarl 
inus ston'.l ih.ii Insi loii. hd..wii, II. .Im 
Ihtk and Kimhall u'Hi'iK "l"' !•■'" '" •""" 
inn position with Manly taking il a.r..s>. 
In ill.- s....nd perio.! a niarrh of siMx 
scv.-ii|....nv;hi ih. lo'sli m . on.l 
.-.. . (If 

Mass. Aftftie 

l.o. kwood, Il 
l.illh', It 
OUsin, Hinke. I 

( .)\, . 
|.ar-.<<n, r,; 


r. , Miller 

rl , < iiistavits 

; rn. S'oiin^;, l.liol 

, , Sinilli, St. J.ihn, Miles 

1^, Donahtu-. Undnar 

.\nthoiiy, luster, It 
Drahhle. Ir 
loud, n, .\d.inis, c 
Appleliy, Carnie. r,; 
Nilson, rimer, rl 

1 lynii. Wood, re 

Palmer, Oviatt, .|l> 

M. Andy, While, llil. 

Knox, Kay, \ iolett. , rhi. 

M.iher, II) 
Sor.' hy p<rio<is 


Mass. .\«Ki»' 

Touehilown Whit 

.lown Kay. Kel.iei 

Dan^lemever. M It. I'-'Vl'' ""'^ 

U„sw.,rth,ie 1.-. W..-.hl.nrn, I arrell 

.M\ri.k, <|l. .|l.. Sni.rnanl, Kiilkowski 
Kiinl.all.< ilil'. l*-"-'"'^ 

||„l,„|„.rK, rhl. Ihl.. S..K... Jann., Uania 

fl., loKK 

rt, Walkdeii 
r^, Kelton 
I , .Mann 
Iv;. Kii.hinist, Mills 
11, Marx 
I. , U.>wie. l"ox, 'I'ufts 
(|1), (Jiiinn 
, rhli, KiiK-laiid 

Ihl), llilyar.l 
fl). ( (lok 
I 2 :5 4 " 
O (I 7 1) 7 
(I u II II II 
I'.iinl all.i t.iii. h I ni 

the Ih 111 III ol tin- stuileiils .il lt.)th lol- 
lems. i:h|;ei iaily the fre>hmen are ur^ed 
lo aHO'i'l llit^'si" f>oiials in onler that they 
ina\ >iet a. i|iiainted with the \.)iinn |)eo|)lf 
and the minislersof ihedilfeient < luin lies, 
Kereptioiis siii h as th.-se .ire to lie 
hel.l toniuhl are usualK held ea. h tall 
earh in the school an.l offer splen- 
did ojiport unities to the new men of boih 
eolle^es to Iwronie a((|Uainted with the 
dirivreiit . hurches. Those t hurt hes hol.l 
inn soiials toaj^t are the li.iptist, First 
ConKifKationdVrKpist(< Methwiist and 

Tlu' seiiiDrs aiul junior- of the K.O.I. I . 
ha<l "siniiinij s<hool" iiisiru.tion lasi 
week. Thi.-. means that they simply h.ul 
pra.ti.c in giving commands. 

pi re 

J I 


Linesman \ iiial. I ield 
„li;, (.(..).l.'rinu' four lli mill. i..ri.>ds. 


Firm and Colorful 

Boudoir Lamps 



1 -J :i 1 
r, c lli IJ 
n (I II II II 
rmpiii- U.ill. 
'Iim. toll' 

\N i- sril oainp- 


is open for the season of 27 and "iH 

Order FATS f» r pirtits, rt - 
ceptions antl hikos 

120 Pleasant Street. 

I ir^i 11. >.!•..• Miiit!i <■• »inM»"- 

'lelepbone .SI I ^^^^^^^^^^^ 

.\>. Ill 

S. oie l'\ peii'>d- 
\l, A ( . rit-hii ell 
N.)rlh.imiil.)n lliuh 

K.I.I.C Salmon. 
I.inesin.iii I .-s, 11.1. II. 
Ill minii'e p.ii<"ls. 

A<;(;iK I OSIS lO UAIKS 7—0 

(Coiiliniiol fr'Hii I'i'Ui- I' 
throuuh 1.' .1 i"i" hd..wii .iiid ki> k.-.l i li- 


All.r the s,.,i.. U.iles kicki.l. \v.V.\^- 
,iispl.u..l .in.-ih.i iiMve s|)uri .ind 
.ani.d Ih.' pigskin to lluir oi''s 
ihiMN hv. yii.l m.nk wh.n- lluv w. i. 
h.l.l i..r .l.-wiis. j'lmi^ w.r.' .x. haiiu.-.l. 
,,ml ih.ii .1 iloal.r from Kn.l.|iiisrs I.k' I 
.^.,1 aw.iN Iri'iii 15.11. s' m.'ii- Il «•'> ] 
anNh.«l\'sl'.dl. wilh A««i. ..■. ..veriiiu 
linin.; ii|>.«n llie I.ewistoii team's <i,;hl.. n 
v.ii.i lin. . Ih'- first play nave al.oiM . i^l'l 
\,ii.i-. I.iil Ih.<l \ieUUil iioiiain. \n 
,,lt-.i<li l.\ •■11. .-t "in lin. 111. II .h. lilted I hi' 
,„,H, I an.l ..m last chaii.e 
l„ Mon- .lisap| wli.n ••|5...'.." lulls 
iju.w .1 p.i-s|h,ii was intei.(|it>,l. I'.,il.'- 



'r.iiliulil most of the .\iiilieisl 
ar. -ivliii; s.n iai r. . I'pt ion- lor 


('.(c.l ri.liii'^ I lasse> staried Monday. 
I a. lilt > ri.liiiK .las-es start tom.iridw. 
M..iiiii,.l drill also starte.l M..n.lay. 

The\ dtp.uiiiuni is happ\ to 
,Miii..iiiuc ( aplain II iinhe> has finally 
pur. Ii.i-ecj l\in« Tul. Hh' liorse was 
-hipp.d la-l \\..lnisil.i\ U. M.irfa, Texas, 
(aplain IIukIk's intends to . iii.r him in 
a hoi-.' sh.iw -. . II. 

Ihe k.O l.t . outht is now rapiilly 
coniinsi int.) sha|H . A dela\ was causid 
lt\ the la. k .>f uniforms. 

.\t the Mi. Il.) iiorse show next 
Saturdav there will he entries from this 
colle>?e in the junipiuK classes, the ladies' 
hurtter classes, and in the pair classi-s. 
Those who will ride are: Miss Slack, 
MissSouthjiatt, .MissSmith (a.lelsLane. 
Worssani, Kid.ler, Fleiiiinns. Ikockwav , 
Hray. and llollan.l. The show is sche.l- 
ule.l for 1.4.-) at Pa^jianl Fiel.l. Mount 
jj.iUoke (Dllege. 

To .ill llio-e in ilie Colleue who play .i 
li.iii.l in>iruineiit .iiul have the lourth 
peri.xl free on M.iii.lav . \\ednes<lay and 
IridaN, or .m any of those .lays, (aptam 
Sunnier ami I'rol.-sor Davis extend .. 
\irv cor.lial in\itati..n to <lroi) aroun.l to 
the liiion Kooiii ami sit in witli 
the I ami. 

The College Candy Kitchen 

A fine place to fto ami take your friends for 


Ice Cream. Milk Shakes, Fresh Fruits. Refreshments and Sodas. 
Saltt^ Nuts. Pafte & Shaw. Park it 1 ilford. Boxes Ready 

to be Mailed. 


Do not Forftet that Special SINDAY NKHIT DINNER 


the place for the college man'* 


Sporting and Athletic Goods 



Distinguished l)y a favor that places it first 

The Mutual Plumbing & Heating 



It is a natural pride that Camel feel? for 
its triumphs. Not only ditl it leatl the 
fiehl shortly after its introduction. It 
passed steadily on wilh each succeeding 
>«ar until today it holds a place in puh- 
lic fa\or higher than any other smoke 
ever reached. Camel is supreme with 
modern smokers. 

Ohvioiisly. there is a (piality here 
that particular .>-niokers appreciate. It 
R . J . R E Y .N U L U 5 T C) U A c: e; O COM 

is indeed the myriad qualities of per- 
fection that are to be found in the 
choicest tobaccos grown. And the art of 
Nature is aidetl by a blending that un- 
folds each delicate taste and fragrance. 

You will more than like Camels. 
You will fnul a solace in them every 
smoking hour. Their mildness and 
mellowness are an endless pleasure. 

"Have a C.tmu'ir 
P \ N Y . W i N > T O > - ? A L L M , N . C . 



Ki i rs 










(S\}t MuBButl^nBtttB (RMmmn 



Number 4 

Big Crowd Invades Toby 
To Celebrate Mountain Day 

More Than 500 Knjoy Hiking. Scenery, ind Iced on 

College's Property 

More ill. in i\ir In Ion-. liik(i> \i>iti(t 
I, r.iv- .in>! I'llui point' <il iimiv>t 
,1.0111 Mount lol.y oil I 111' liltli iuiiui.ii 
Mountain l).i\ li»!<l l;»^i Monday. An 
iioiMHiniriii ot llu- (l.i\'s oiilin;; vv.i> iin- 
.irtrill\ ^i\vi\ at tin- C liaptl cm nists 
Mil Momlay iiu.riiinK. In -pin- •'• «•>'• 
liunini iJUparaiions wliidi n-nltrd tin- 
Lir^fst miiiilur ol stiuUnl> ami laiullv 
i.iciiiIhts, (-.tiiuatiil at .")tltt. to ciijoy t lii- 
liolid.iv .-inci' tin- dt-dication ol llu- lowir 
in ntj;;, ^alln'nd about ilir iTUtklinn 
lirts in llu- "liowl" .it llu- iooi ot Toliv 

lor luncli. 

Nuiiurons parties joui n(>cd It \.tii- 

oii.s >lartinn placi > on tin- m»iii1i and wot 
-id«s of llu- nioiiniain uiidi-r llu- li-.idt r 
-iiip of unidfs who \v«-rr nioic or i<-^ 
-urrcssful in ki-t-piiiu to tlu-ir orininal 
I rail.-. llo\v(-\tr all had a c h.iiu <• to 
naih tin- upp< r laiidiuK ol the Im- towir. 
ilm. to \i<-w llu-«l>taiH' throiiuli 
-wiriiiiK li.inks ot lo«. On account of the 
iinloiMcn al.Miuc ot llu- lire lookout. llic 
\i>itor>' moid l.o(.k, linked within the 
lorliiddin (..nliiics <.f llic oliM-rvalion 
Conlint.t'd on I'Me 2; 



t)llicors. Cadets, and KnliMi'd Mt'ii 
All iiiki- Part 

Willi ihc i.arlii ipation in llu North 
.unptoii ami .Monni lloKi.kc (olkuc- 
lloix-hovss during; ihc past two wtcks 
ihc Military Diparinant lias compKttd 
.1 most successful sea.s<JH. Nineleen prizes 
vire aiii.issed at llu Nort liaiiipton >how 
.iiid « inht .It the diow in Smlh I ladles, 
uhiih ti-stihesas lo llu quaiilN of IhiiIi 
I he riders and hnist-s of this collLge. 

Un<- unu.-^ual pan oi i»iiii liiest- slu»w> 
A.,- tlie ridiiiK ol the seiiioi (adds and of 
• ..ttis. Tilt c.idels weie inl.rid in 
llic open iunipiii^ ( hi!-s»s and show(-d 
their aliiliiy 1a takini; the first thve. 
prizes in this eveni .it i hi- Ml. lloKoki 
-how. The co-eds aUo ^howi d up w*ll 
. liiist the riikrsal .Ml. lloUoke. 
I hi- winners of prizes .ire as follow-; 
Ml. lun.^oki noisi. sin(\\ 

(.tiillciiian'M .SatlUI»r <.hls^ 

r;i\i'loiiil. li.l'liii 1» I'M l<"> T;>iiii«i 
folo Pliny < la»» 

; Mi.llic. Majoi r.ii-ioi- up- 

I'lol I 111 k-. Man.! Iliit.b.if'l HI'. 
Open .lumping <.lu»s 
' iJiu Ik-w*. rUUlfii l»y lloiiui- littR-kwiiy. 

' i I.l.'.. ii.-. li Mir. I y l'\t. lli.itnnH-'- i l.i . ■ 
iiiV -. titlilen \)y N • ■ \ \ I ""■ 

! [■;.<■: lio.\, ridflen l>y 

..■■.„i. Iluk». liJiUn !«> \ irKiiiia Griii;< -. > i 
lloiyi.i • 
:oilic. tiii-:' ; ■■ •'> ■ 


l.adicj. Hunter (.lasis 
1 .i.ldc-nroil. rUldeii !>>■ lU-tty l-oonl. 
;. !ii|.l«nl)\ l:;iil..ii.i ^outhnate. 
I'alr Jumplnjl (.lass 
iJiK lit..-.>, ri'liU II In Sgt. < .ain 
M^Kuii-. ri.lflcii t y I'vt. t n-ary. 
' ...lil< nroil. ii<lilin t)\ Hans HaiiiiiKarlm-r 
I i'.;litiiini.'. ridiiii by iJiina Kiililtr. 
I'l inif of Walrs, riilctt-n by Horaic Bnxkwny 
•'•• 'liaT.lin. rii!i!i-ii by Fredctirk l-l.-ii ini'- 

Open Jumping (.iahs 
li' t^!. riddfii l)\ l'\t lantiir. 
..< kit-, ridden by I'M Tliorndiko. 
Ni.mi^i.-. ri<|(ii-ii b> Si-'t '..lin, 
Colli-Ce Students Juniplnft (,las.s 
;iald l.anc. 
,'!, - (.iliiiid. 

I !■_ il I ". ' i_i'l I'.l'i |-|.'i > < l.r 

:■...., Il!> k-. n.;. 1 .\... ..I ll..l,l,..ld- 
Hea^ywl■laht I'dIo Pony <:lass 

I'l V ( i 

< ion t li) lira on i' 

nil. ori.SI ANDINt. KM.M 
OF I 111 PAS I \\l l.K 

\n rnlt; 

-I H'lrilt i II ii|\ 

. .1 11,! I . , I ! I - 1 . 1 1 ^ i n , 1 1 ~ I i i _ .1 
^11 at iiv ,il lull 1,1-1 I IuhmLin III 
A-'^eniliK . 


Alunini Will (ialhcr IhroiiiilioiK ihe 
I'niti'd States and Canada 

The niiiili World .\i;i;ie NiKhl. 
■ Ill ahiinni institution of imn .isini: popii- 
l.uil\ aiuon^ -^RRie Rr-idnalc-^, will l.'ke 
pl.ici- SaliirdaN', Oclolur 2'2. riiirt\-ti\e 
.iluiniii Ral lii-riiiRs have lieen .ur.iUL'.eil, 
aiconliiiK lo llu- latest report> .ixail.dile 
Iroiii I he .\liiMiiii ( llhce, ^iXiiiR the alunini 
Ironi .M.iiiie to California and from Mmi 
treat lo 1 loriila an opportunity to meet 
.mil lo renew aK.iin indoniit.iliU- 
spirit wliirh is liorii into e.ich .\nnie man 
during tour \t-.ii> ol cojlciiir lib- at M..\.( . 

I'l. ice-. .It which World .\i;uie meelinvis 
■ire scheduled an-: l.o'^ .\iii;i l< -, ( ,il., 
ilartfoid. Conn.; \ew ll.iM-n, t onn.; 
Washini.;lon. D. ( . Orlando. I l.i.; I.ala- 
Miti. Iml.; New (llic, in-, I. a.; Hannor, 
iConlinucd III) I'aile \) 



Innovation of New Custom IK-niands 
Help ol .Sliidcnis 

M.issachusetts .Annie will inaUKurate a 
new custom, "|),id's |).iy," on No\eml)er 
ll'ih when llu- lalhers of all lour \iar 
>tudillts will lie welcomi d lo llie Ai;^;ii 
lanipiis. I hi- new holid.i\ will Ik- I he 
first of its kind here, .ilthoii^h ii is oli- 
scrvcd annualK ,il iiuinv oiliir colleites. 

.\ speci.d student cominiltei- iii.ide up 
ot leprest ntali\es fn:iu the S nale, llu- 
liiti-rfr.ili-rnii\ Conferfnce. and the \V<> 
nun's Student <io\ernmenl Council has 
Inin a|)poinled lo c.irry oui pi. ins for the 
day, and th(-\ will lie .tided in the under- 
taking l>\ a laciiliy coinniittei- ot which 
l'rofe~Mir Julius 11. 1 r.indst ii is chairm.iii. 
Ihe iimli iKi.idii.iie oin.iniAii ion c(insi-,ts 
of the lollowinn meiiiliers: AIia.hkIii ( . 
llodson, ih.iirnian; l)orothy I.. I.con.ird, 
il. M.dcolni Dro^ir, .Nrm.ld W. |)\er, 
( littoii U. John-nil. Kol,md I.. Uiid, 
l.ilwin .\. Wilder. 

.\n .ittraclive program i- under con- 
-.ideralion which will include the tre-h- 
(Cuntlnucd on Puge .%) 

Chemistry Teachers 

Meet On Campus 

Mi'mbtTsof \. I,. Association Inspect 
M..\.{;. and Amherst 

.\ meeting of tlie Western Dixision ol 
111 .\i-w KuKland .\ssoci,ition ol Cheiii- 
Kstry Teachers was held last Saturd.iy .ii 
the Coi-ssinann .Auditorium atifl a ratlu-r 
\ari<d program was enjoyed. .More 
.'ill iiacheis from all oxer New l-aiRland 
.ill! nd<-d llu- nil eiiii^. 

-A l)ll-iIle^s meeting oxer \\ lii< h I'roli "-vir 
(i. .Allitrl Hill pri-ided, ojn iied the pro- 
KdiinKsof the «lay. This wa•^ folUiwed by 
llie main niettiiiK at l!.;>il ii whii h Dr. 
Ri'xce W'. Thatcher ^poke. His -iiliject 
w,i> "Siiiie .Xpplications of Ki-sc.iich in 
( 111 mi>try"' and he i harly showed that 
ihi tiarhiiii; of (hemi-tr\- lie l.icili- 
i.ili li il II ,ii 111 I- w ill oiilx ,11 iiii.iiiil 1 1)1 III - 
< i\i - w ilh 1 he II -i;'! - I'l 111 lilt ' ' 

' .,!,.l I '. ■' ■ ■' , klH'UII -„, 

hii'; .111 m" In I Inn 

[I; <.!l\ .ilttr 1 ir.' i hall lier':^ -pcei h 

I !• ■ I ■ iiii.; .iiliniii III iJ fill" liim heoii wliii li 

i ill t li. M. \i I ,:ii' ,111 

M ip III llil ' llilpll- .till! 

, • - ' - - I i; Il .: ■ /• u llil 11 I iided 

, _'ii hi. 

..ii il ,\, III ill , ii!"!l --■ ' 1 ' 

• ^ ■ ■ • ' ,, - ^ ^ ,111 In 

I 11. InjliiW 111^ ,i:i ' III- iiltii It - "( t !|. 

\--i II 111 inn tnr I ill iii^iiiiii; \e,ii: I'li-i 
I 111 . \, M, r.uli.T nl 1 1,1- I'r.ii tied .\i I - 

llu!: s., |,,,,,| ,,! r.n-lnn. In. 1-111(1. 's W . 
kn ki r III llie V\nliiliii l!uli Srliooi. 
•s. I 11 i,ir\ . Mi» < >ci.i\ I.l ( lnjiiii ot M.ilrlen 

lliL;ll Si hnol. 


We i;,illiel lor llie li.lllle 

.Ml lor old H,l\ Sl.ile. 

I iider ihe ll.inol .M.iroo.i ,iiid W llile 

Ue,idx lo li.lllle wilh .ill oui iiiii;hi , 

I 111 er lor .\lnia .M.iier 

.\m We m.irch .ilonn; 

Annie's nolile sons and d.iiinhter-, 

We will n'^e our liesl to 

Mass-.i-i hus ett-. 
■. 7;,.;,|,s 
\ il loi \ , 111. Ill II on! 
.\Kuie men, m.iii h on! 
I oiiu .mil n'^e ,1 cheer 
lor our colU-ne 
M.iss.ii hliscll.-, we .lie here, r.ih! 
\ il loi \ ! h on! 
t 1)111.1^1-, men, lorni- on, 
M. \.( '. w ill ne\»-r waxer, 
\ il loi X I .M,iich on! 

Williams Hands Agates 

Third Straight Defeat 

\ isitors Score I lUit Arc Da/zleil by (IKviT Laleral l»'S 

Score M 7 

Musical Clubs 

Hold Tryouts 

Class of Vt.M Well Represented On 
i{oih Cluhs 

Tryouts for the ( lulis were 
held recenllx, and, while- the perstmn.l is 
not detinitt-lx di-cided upon, ihe following 
men haxe liein M-lecttd from the uroup 
of aspirants: 1 1. ins If.umiuartner 'I'.S. 
James II. Ciinninnham ''2S, Windall I sli s 
I'S, Karl C. l.aulHiislein ''2S. T. 
\ 'JS. Knl.,tl II. Owers 'L'S, .M.ilhiw 
iCoiiihiiit'd on I'aiii' .<) 

Plan For Fall 

Flower Show^ 

Floriculture Club to Haxe Cliarjie of 
.\niiual T.xent 

III a meeting ol tin I loi ii nil me ( liili 
x\hiih held l.isi Tiiikix exeninj;, com- 
miiteo for the Tlowi r Show which is lo 
111- In Id in Trenili llatlon NoxiiiilKr ."i .ind 
li weie I liosi il .iiiil X |ii.iiis bn 
the show were dis«-uss«d. Tloxvers xvhich 
.ire to lie on <-\hiliilioii are fall chrxsau 
ihemiims and only those r.iiM-d in the 
colle-^e greenhouses xvill lie shoXMi. 

( )tf II I I ^ III llie T lorii nil lire ( Itili were 
iiientlx I lilted and .in-: I'resideiil, r,iiil 
1 . 1- rcM-; S en l.irx , .Miss II. Mil--; 
Trea-'iiri I , l)entii- M. ( roxxley; and .Ass'i 
I reasurer, T,i\lor, li-xr. Ihe comniillies 
which XM-ri- -elided an- as follnw-'. 
I'ro^iam ( oinmillee Willi, ini H. l<ol> 
erl-on, ihairiii,iii; .Mi-^ < alkihan, 2-yr.; 
and K.ixiiioiid (. .Mli n. Kefri-shini nl 
Committee consi>ts ol Marlinti. F«>n?ieca, 
chairman; Mis-, Dillawax, -xr.; .nid .Miss 
I'l.inmont, --xr. The llowi-r Committee 
ii)ii-i-t> of Dennis M. Crowlex , T.llioll, 
■J \r , William U. KolH-rtson, Mi— 
llu>s, and Mi'-s Ifiidnes. 2 xr. 

Much care and allenlion will !>< ii-.i! 
ill .Mi.mninii the flowers for tin -how Iwilli 
.i> re^;ard- iheir arli-iic di-pl.ix' .md tin ir 
xarielii-, l)i-pl.ixs xxill Ix- larj^ely cnm 
piiiiixe ,itid will lie m,ide in IhixxI- ,iml 
liaskels. Il i- iiilinded that some noxel 
leal lire- m.ix In- im hided in this coming 
\hiliit that will ,iil<l Uiih in atlraciixe 
III— and inteiest. Oxer IIHH) jM-rsoi)- 
.illinddl the T.ilt T'lower Shoxx l.i t xear 
,ind more ill. in llii- mimlfer an- e\|i«cied 
,it the I xhiliil in NoxemlM-r. 


I lie i.ipiij .ipprn.nli nl ' 'm I i^l i i' n i' 
hall ii.r,.-.' II imuh!- ii- i Ii h i !.■ \ <'.•■ 
Informal i- .■ ; ■ ■ in i In i" a: ' ■ '■' ^ 

iini loo I ,irl\ I •) iii.iki I K 1,1 
imw .iinl .1 ^^nIl| in -up 
lliini 111.11 I niiiiintti I- Ail! I ii.i ' 
iii.iki- I In il III, in- limM 'i( liiiii . 



Fridax — 

S p. :;,, I : hI.iv \i^!iI I l.iin ■ 

I nnlli.ili ; 1 v.n ^ I ;ii v -, \\ illi-lmi. 

Saturday — 

\,il-lt\ I nnlli.lll; W.I', I It \\. 

\ .1! -Il \ I 111-- ( nllllt IN ; \\ .1', I. .11 

Wnri I -til . 
Wnrl.l .\uun \r>;lil. 


New Men Do Well in Defoalin^ 
Wesleyan. 2.\—24 

( ,ipl,iin '"Charlex" I'le-ion led llie 
p.ick ,lcio>> ihe line .11 MiddlcloxMi l,i-l 
S,iuiul.iy in a dii.d nice! wilh the Wislex 
,111 harriers which we xson lix .i score ol 
■Jli III ,')f. Newi II Si li.ippcllc vx,is close on 
"Charley's" heels wilh I wo Wesleyan men 
a short distance hehind. Willi < ipl. 
I'reslon the oiiK' xeter.ui, ihc did ,i 
Iim' joli ill It- liisi unci ol the season. .1 lixe mile course, and this 
i^ llie tnsi lime in lixe yeats ihal a k"'"P 
III .\Ki.:ie li.iiiiiis h,i> lid ihiiii on iheii 
colli >e. 

rieslon .iiid Schapi elli te.itiiit-il xvilli .i 
hiimlied x.iid Njuiiil .il llie tinish xxliich 
di.-^laiiced two men who weie 
in llie liuhl for tirsl place. I ht- time 
sophomores on the team showed up well, 
Kobeilson iM-in^ oiilx l>aiel\ lieali n out 
of I hint place hy the two men 
x\ho followed Sc!iapp«-lle and rresloii 
acniss the line, llu- siinimarx ; 

IVesion (.Ml Isl. Schapp.-lle M Jinl, 
Ml ad iW I and l'<>| •' '^^ ' ''«• '">r ihird. 
Ivolirison (M' ."iih, Honieyer (M I'llh, 
Keliex iW 7lh. I lei II. Ill ' .M i SI h, Irii s« In r 
W i '.Ilh, Kenaiid iM i KHh, ll.itl iW 
I lih, Casiier 'W i iL'th, Kne<hi W Inih, 
Herman (.Ml 1 Ith. 



Aftfiie ieain IMa>N tiotid (ianie, Itui 
Still lacks ISinch 

Siiiiiiiii i^^o I oiii lidow n--, one wiili i In 
aid of .1 lilockid kick .iiid llie ot In i i In 
result of .1 lorw.iid p.i-is, .Middliliuiv .id 
miiiisii rid .i 1- lo U deteai lo our i lexen 
on ihe Middliliiiix ^ridiion, Satuid.ix, 
thlohcr ,S. Neither team >howi<l aiix 
-Irony di-play of olTen-ixe (loxxer, .md llu 
;;aiiie w.i- lot llie mo>l |iarl .i punliiiK 
duel. ( tiir opponents h.ul a last liaiklield 
liut ciuild not L'lin con-isienil\ , nixing 
maiiilx on |>.i ii adxaixe iln lidj. 

Ihe v;.im>- w,i- h.iid foii^hl Itui v>.i- 

'•loXMll up |j> llllllil lull ■ nil I'll llil 

\eriiioni forward i 


Niil hilly. Ill;; ,;,.,i > i i - > 1 1 i i/i li lin 

llf-l (III ind. JohuMiii Middletiuiv 

-,ibl'. I'l.m, r.iii li.ick .<\et,il pliiii- Ini 

'< .'on I in lied on I'afte 2< 

Two-Years Lose Opener 
To Vermont Academy 

Home Team tiets Jump That Leads 
to .<2 — 12 Victory 

\ermoiil \i.u' < ■ ' ' 'I' '' i" piiminK 

a 32 to 12 defeat on 1 1 h I ■ N i , i ■ \ en 
in iheir opening ^;ame at Sa\loii> l<i\er. 
la<-l ^aliirdax. 'Tlie\ermonl ii .mi nm ned 
!i|i ill llil first i|uarii I. pii-hii.. uo 

In ili'lnwns iM-fori- the short ionise iin ii 

, ,,i,i,! • • .1., ... 1- . - .,.;.. i F.,,i,, iiii, 

iiiiiiii ird 

\>. i 1 1 1 I i 111 

^.(11, il ill 11 1 a! r> in;, i in W,iil i liinijv,li l In' 
lilie holh I inn - ,itl< r !r- ti ,1111 iciiri hc'l 

Up 1 lie liiM. I ill 

Wrnioni V< aibin\ I ^- " Ni.n 

K' M-i'i '■■ 

Il i 

U.iciiin lor loin lorn Inlnw n-, .ifiii loiii; 
mil- .mil pl.uinK 'he ImII in scoiinj; posi- 
tion lor .1 lifih, Howe, Heel W illi.iiiiM h.ilf- 
Mck, dell, lied .M.iss. .\v;i;ie's elexen pl.ic- 
ic.illx siiu;lc h.imled in .i ^.ime le.iliiied 
>x hi- liioki'ii held iimniiH; .ii Willi, uns- 
own, S,ii mil. ly, ( Kloliei l,'i, lix . I score of 
il lo 7. ( liir poinis c.iiiie in the opening 
ninnies aflei ,1 W illi,ims limilile, 
.iiixini; ihe li.ill oMi .llil r a series of 
it aiiiiliiiii-<l on I'aiit- 2i 



l>eei field SI III the Icini down 
lo in iheir second v;.ime of I he 
season lix .i score ol l',l lo II .it Deerliild, 
,S.iiiud,ix, OilolHr S. The .\i.ideiiiy 
le.ini I, died lo -cote in llie first h.ilf, hut 
the second h,ill w,is ,i ililleKiil siorx', 
three lonchdowus liein^ ihe lesull of 
lluir impioxed olfi n-e. Two of ihcM- 
I ,iiiie III 1 he I llil d pet iod on pl.ix s I hiotiKh 
llie line xxhile ihe ihiid w,i- the result of 
,1 sweeping end mil. "t \ ' Kimli.dl did 
ihe lie-l woik till the licshmcii, lieiii^ on 
I he leceix iii^ I ml ol >cxei,il p,i>st-s I lirowii 
lix llolmliei^, ,iml pLixillv; ,i K' de- 
li n-ix e ^;.iiiii . 


FOR COMING SEASON (iandidales Report. Practice 
Dehales Facli Week 

.Ml lioiii.'.h mlin-ixe wiiik in deli.iiiu^ 
w ill noi lie-in mil il l he wiiilei ti i m, elcxcii 
mill .lie i.ikiiiK .idx. Ullage ol ihc ciilx' 
-e.ison traiiiiiiv; in this actixilx' ,ifid .ire 
comiHlin^ ill pr.ictice dehales held e,i< |i 
1 liiirsd.o CXI niii^ in I 111- Mi-mnri.d Kiiilil 
in|{. Ihe niitiilier of candidates this year 
compared lo llie three of List, shows 
.1 ureal Ix incie i-ed iiileie-l in I hi- ,icl ix il x'. 
.\l,i\will 11. i.oiilliiiv; L'S i- c.ipi,iin ,ini|^cr ot ihe, ind is .ii r.iUKiiH'. ,i 
-I In diile lor 1 he I omini.: -e.isoii. 

llie iiiilhnd mI pi Medllie I hi- is 
lieiiiv; x.iriid, in iheie will 
lie no liiimn.ilion ol mi n diniiiv; llie 
prcM 111 iiitii. I hi- x\ill he p.irl iciil.irly 
adv anl.i^eou- lo the nexv men -iiice I hey 
xxill lie alile lo olil.iin some x,dll,ilile 
Ir.iiniii^ lieloie the first loiitesl. Keki- 
lixely linlit subjects are U-iriK t liosi-n s<i 
.IS In axoid technical difficulties. While 
the tntmlier nl tiien Irxiii^ out i- iiiiii li 
II. il, in w III. il I I III I- ,d- 
w.i I i I'lole-soi W.illi r \'.. 

I'm 11 I'll \ lolls \i,ir-, xsill 'i,ixe 

I ll,il ;;i n! I In II .1 Ml. 

Ihe woik ol K.ilph W. 1 I.l kin- -27 
will) (he lre-lnnat» nl l.i-l m ..i -iini- to 

1 1 , 1 M 1 11 I 1 1 ', 1 I \ I It I 1 1 I V I III' 
l-lexcll I IJ Ini ill' '' 

whom In , ' I.l, II, n. 

'1 he lollowinu ' tin, i in li l.iti- 

,ii llil- pris«-nl Imie: .Maxweii li. ' loid- 
Irtty; '2H, Janus ||. ( iinnin^ '2S, 
.\lexander < . IIikI-oii US, Kom.ui .\. 
Kn lenli.iiiiii ' I 'I mil- \l. < luwley '!!'.•, 
Miilnn I. (mm .'M, Willi, iiii F, Ciant 
".',(). Ihindoi.- M.iri 11- ■'!'•, Tr.imi-. C. 
I'l,, . .;n \i' ■ I I; iii'l 

Spcim I ( . -il). 

'TrsoiM - fill' fif-hm.iti li'li.iiiii. ,'. ill III' 

held llil iln nil: . If 


I the 

Mil II 


I, i), 
I.,' ■• I' 

M ' \', I i 

! I.ltlilltnll li 





THE WASSACHUSETTS COLLEGIAN mwhpaiKT of tin- M.issailiiiMU& 
AKri.iiltiiial CIKjif. I'uWli^lu'l ivi ry 
Widiuxlay l.y tin- i-tiiiUnts. 

noAkl) Ol I.DIIOUS 

ERNK^I 1- Sl'l-.Ml'.U •2s 
ElXSWUHlll Uaksaku i-'s 

iiioif lor a fir^t iloxMi. An cxi haniio of 
|)Uiits followid. \Vf Miadf our Kii yards 
au-iin l>ut (oiild not iiiakr ii a siicf tssion, 
and KudiiiliM ilroiMxd l-ark ti. kick. 
Middliliury's left taiklfd iHoki- ilirouul' 
111.- lint- and ftlixkcd llu- kick, niovtrinu 
ilic ImII. Ww iiams liiud n|) (iiiU kly for 
l*"''^ 1, 1,1- iHiiod \va> almost finislud. Wl.ill*- 
K.Mor-in-C hiel ^^^^^^.^, ^_^^.^, ,,,,.,„ ,,i^|„ yards, a short lor- 
M;.i.;it!iii« Kditor , ,•,,,,.„.,,.,.;., ,„;,,U. it 


■AkTMlN'l imiOKS 
luli.onal I'"N'><' •- ^'■'•■NCK*' ;f 

Fealurr Ha.ou. K. ( ..a«k 2h 

Alumni & M.nit < u.ns.s Joskpmink I'an/u a .^ ^^' .KV.L...AV..,s'L''.. 

C,a..M...s K..WAKI.1I.NKI.O..S M 

John U. llowAMiJ JK. -i" 

Ekr Sin<.i-kton '.III 

I.a.ully CA«L A. Bkk<;an 7'.. 


!■ l,w IN A. Wll.DEk -iH Hi.sin^Hs Manager 

DoK.l \s A. LoK.N.; -'iH C ir. ulalion Manasrr 

Ha«oL.. K. Anski.i. ■2X A<lverlisinK Managfr 


VVii.iiAM A. K(;an 'Jit 
Fkekkkuk U. Thavkk. Jr. '29 

Subscription $2.00 p« r yr-ir. Sinuk- 
copiis 10 ants. Mako all or.krs payable 
to Tin: Massac in si/ns ("oii.koian. 

Ill ( .ISC of Llianu'- of addi. ss, MiWsrril). r> 
will pltaso notify tin- l.iisiiuss nuinau.r 
a.s s(M)n as iK)ssibli-. 

I. nl. if.l as scconrl-class matter at the Ainh.rst 
Post ( HIM ... a. . opi.Ml f..i at siM-c,;.! r..t.. 

toJKi. 1'.»I7. aiiilion/f.l AuKU^t 20. I'JI.S. 


In ihis piiMiii A^r lluif i^tlif H nd< ik v 
on llii' p.irl ot tadi oin- ol us to (till- 
list' tvvry <-.iiiusl iiultavor whiili is 
niadi- for tbf of liinnan w.l 
(.„,. |( M«-nis lo li- limiian nature lo 
roiiinuiil. fa\ or iinlavorably, on 
cadi ai liU \i luiiit or pi»( f of art tlial is 
^;iv.ii lo 11- lor approval. Tliosc who 
an- unabli- to williliold lluir opinions .ii. 
now dcsiv;nal«<l as crilii s and il is as mk li 
tbat \\»- liav»- ronic to ton^idir llu in. 

Critics art' a coiunion |u-l in all j^ood 

roniinunitiis ami llif « oIUk<' is no im<1' 

tion. \Vi- haM- onr .ritirs and. in iiiosl 

taH -, llu y art- just as tlislruclivi- lun- .is 

<1m\\Iuiv. It is intinslinR to n<»H- wli" 

tlir i.-.d (oU.p- ( rilirs an-. Tiny an- im n 

and soinclinics woiiuii. wlio. loi I lie >.ik< 

of voi. in^ tin ir own opinions, ami iKariiu 

till m-^rlvi stalk, destroy wliii li oiliir- 

ao tisiiiK lo build. Tin u al work, r lir 

no linir for iiiiirisni; he rrali/<'s In- 

\Makiu--s«s and his rounthss irrois, It- 

taiiM- In- lias had t xii-rirniis in i r\ inu lo 

build. I If MIS llu- work .is .1 wboK iIk 

rriiii s, es il oiiK in |iarl. Uo( b h.ivi- .< 

pm|(is« till- out- to biiilil, (111- oth r ' 

ten di.v n. Il is rarely that one liiids .. 

^ood worker .ind a crilir loiiibined. 

It would be iinillsl lo si\ lliat ill. i< i 
no pl.ite lor ( liiirisiii. lor it wrvvs a pin 
jHise win II in ihe form of siii;ii''^<ion. I' 
is loll', lo ten down when there is iiolh 
inu l""'i '" iil'-*i""" . '"" 'bi' i~ i" ' 
wliai (litieisiii doe>. On llu- ot lu r h.'.n-' 
MiKK'^'i"" ""•' ""'> points out llu- "li- 
take, bill .11 ihi- s.hii. liim otit > 

StitUle wlielel.v I he misl.lkl- i.lll hi 
coin tied. Ihis kind of ditirisni is iioi 
only useful bill il is also meileil tooMihi 
at*' mistakes. 

Who is be wild ihe ii.;ht to ei;lh 1-1 ' 
'rrile, ihere .lie tew who t nine iiinli-r ihi 
rlass. llu- line iiilie iiiiisl be .i iii.iii ol 
more than .ibilily. He must he .i 
man of e\i erieiice, a m.iii with .i liberal 
mind. .1 111. in with .i eie.iii\e innpose. a 
III. in with 


(.Conlinut'tl from \'A\i.v li 
subsl.inli.d y..o\\>. bul other ill, in iIiim 
straiKhi looib.iil vii'ied. "l'ii;.ii Uii.liniis; 
mali.iKid lo Uiep the b.ili well ill hi- 
oplionenls' teiiiloi\ b\ his , oiisislt lit l\ 
}t,»),| piiiiliiii;. It oiiK low. ml llu 
end ol the lii-i i i lio.l .in\ li:-! dnuiis 
wen- St I llled. 1 hie .1 pen, lit \ ;, i\i' u- 
oiie, ,uul ,1 iiii \.iid :„.iiii l'\ Kiml.m.: 
\iiliU d .iiu.llu I « >!n 111 li w,is li,ihed on 
tluii '-'•'' ^-iid lilU', ,iild (111 ihe l.|s| |.l,i\ til 
this iHiitid, W iiif.ellioU' lli.uie I'll \.ir«h- 
lor MiiMlt l>in\ .iiound ihe i i:L,iii ~i'l' i i 
bis lint-. 

Al ihe opt lines "t 'In -t , (in! ((ii.iiit i . 
the k I'.iiiilu 1 • ! .'iii-'N .1 fill .niolliei 
(ilsi ildW II lull win ..irn^t il 111 ki' k llin e 
phiNs l.ilii . t 1 I'k s.i^i Us 1 i.^li! \,iii|s 
through 1. nil I .1 ill! Ki;.. l,ir,.l .Hldi d I'm < 

ward mlled om-, and ( .iiariia<-( ia made it 
hist ilown by ad.linn three ino.e. With the 
b.ill on our 1!() \ard mark and scan ely a 
minute lo i-lay, the Vermunlcrs .iilemplecl 
a pass with nosuiKss. On llu i^^'^l I'l-'V- 
(.uarnaiii.i tore aionml ihe end lor 
twelve \, ami Middtebury a^aiii ha<l 
toil, down^ to Ko- I ^^o iilays nave five 
vards. ami on t be third < .uaimn (ia scored. 
A try for noal failed, and the half eiide.l 
beloie Ihe t.-anis <(nild line it\> for another 


.\lar.\ki( k(<l off loopin the second hall, 
;,„d b'lnison iii.uh- ihirly-lwo yards be- 
loii- beiiiK brouRht .lown. ( luarnaccia 
math- twelve yanls on the first pkiy, but 
on the next a penalty set the MithlU-bury 
U-aiii back, and they kicked. We re- 
turn«-d tin- punt, and Johnson brought it 
back to his 10-yard line. On ih.- hrst play 
lli„,M.iii lost two yards, bul Whiltcniore 
Kot tlit-iii bolb back on the next ih)wn. 
llu- third pkiy was a pretty b.rward, 
Wliittenioie t«. Ilinman, the latur scorinn 
after covering the thirty yards bet wi-eii 
biiii and the noal without opi.osilion. I hi- 
Iry for ^' au-'in laili'l. 

Twice after this onr team i arried I lu- 
l,;,ll to Mi.hllebury's 2l-\ard lim- but 
...uld Ko no larlher, ami ihc Kaiiie ended 
with llu- IL' 1«« ( .ii.irna. cia, the 
fast ami hta%y .Mithllebmy fullback, 
plaved an oiitstandiiiRly Roo<i K-i""' i""' 
was the mainstay of llieir secondary de 
base. Kneekimi and (apt. took di<l 
most of the ball carrying for our eh-\en. 
llu- opiiosinn lines wm- evenly miltlud, 
„( iiher yiehlinn much to ihe other, whih 
Kmhpiist smiessfiilly held bis own in i h' 
piinliiiKduel wilh W liitti-more. 
I he sinnniar\ 


l.S Years Afto This Week 
The "Collefte Siftnal" Said 

••Smarting muU-r the -lii'K "> ''''' 
Darliiioutb defeat, the Au^ic b.olball 
team fell uiion lluir o|)|)om-nts from 
l{„s,t„„ ColU-ue wilh suih vi^or the 
latt.r were lucky lo <s. ape with the 
score of I- in favor of M.A.C" 

I' S. Those were the days of real sport. 


■.\t Harvard the sluch-ntsare alti-mpt- 
i„^ to ^;c-t Ihe riKbt to vole while at 


I'alimi. !i- 

I liiiitiiiulixi, U 

.\ll.-ii. Ik 

Wtl.l"-!. t- 

Joiii-s. .\kNar\ , in 

^ iiii Kill. II 

Viaviiaiil. II' 

,I)I|IIS<III, >|l> 

W hitn-iiKi'-. Il>l> 
i:iiiii an. ilili 
i .ii.,riKin ia. it' 
s.iin- liy inrk'tU 

> iitilli-liiiry 

\:a-« .\j;Ki<- 

Mass. AUttic 

11. , MiKimiek 

II, WalWilt-ii 

in, HiaikU-y, Ki-Uoii 

I , Mann 
lu. Mills 
It, Mar\ 

II , liiiwie 
111., cjiiiliii 

I III). l<ui|i|iiisl 

llili. KiMilancI, Tints 

11, fdiili IIIK-.itil 

I -J :i I 

O U I'l c I -J 


l.,iiili.!..wiis C.uaiii.u.ia. lliiman K.-U-ik- 
l.iity. I nil. ill- ro\M-r. II. .nl liii" sii-.aii I ail. I 
li.hi' (our lU-iiiinut'' Muartfi 

■1 1 


ii:<iiilitiiit-il Iriiiii J'aiii' I' 

,1. Iti.ks. tlil.lni l'\ Ni.ij'.i lliiM..i"l 
<;ftiiK-nvair<,Si«ili«1e <.lavM 

•„.i iMi,,. s. l„i, ;,1.-!. li.lll'-ll I'N M;0.,1 

t'-airetl SailiHi? Iliirsf* 

, I I'lnj. Hit ks. li.lili-ii I'V t an)lyn iJ.-^ni. 

MoUii-. liiltU-n l>y I'lHiaM 
.■ml IliHli Jinks. ii.l.l<-n l.y Mt>. I'. A Thomiisou 

li.l.Tiiiliv Hans llaiiiiiuarlm-r. 
I lull I er MiiTi's 

u, i.lll. Ifl 1j\ .M.ii.'i I'lil'l"'-! 

itn Jinks. 1»-<1 by Major Hi ■ ■ 
Polo Murea 
\:. ",. It'll by Siil. Cain. 
|i,,llii. Di.U-, l.-il by Major HuIiImhI. 

.1,1 \.i .',; 

■.'11. i 


( ontiiiiu-il Iroiii I'aUi- I' 

lint pl.ivs. l.itti.d .iiul lorw.inl p.issi'> 
wei. nniKcrous, in.iii\ beiiiK »oiiipltlc-d 
l.\ Willi.iir.s lor loiii; K-nn^- '» ^^-'^ •' ^^•'""' 
lull of tluillii';,^ runs with siarks of 
inleK-st lo llu verv tiul .dlhouiih the 
onesided scon- would hardly indicate- il. 

Ihe ;;ailie openeil 


I t'.ecidt 

, li.iiip.l liileU|) on tlu- p.iit of M..\.*'. Il to be a rejinc-naud team when 
Kich.irdsoii ntoM-nd .i fumble- tin W il 
liaiiis' ;iJ y.iitl liii. . Wt \i.-ior. . I .111 lie- scon-. "Joe" I likartl took t hc- 
ImII on till- Inst play, bul .is l-e . ross,-.! 
I he line ol >t-riiiniiai;i-, it Uiunkid 
tioiii Lis li.iiiii-, \'<\ .1 lilt k\ l.ii.ik 
••rio/n" Ivitls i, , i.\t It d it ,111.1 Hi. id. ,i 
liMiilrill \,li.i .',1111 111 lore I'liliU I'LillsllI 
,!,,\\ii. III. in 111 ir. Kniliiin-! .I'l'l 1 liivnd 
e. lined the 1 ,i!l on a serit s ol Inie iillliliit s 
\\l;irh \\..s liiiiMXt .1 whin ilii- I,it!ir 
, ii.sst .1 ill. In-.', loi onr tii-l ~i "H "I ' In 
\..;r. \l,ii\ Is-, kid llie ;; w liich i iidtd 
I.lll s, ,11 iii< lilt lilt .itlt union. 1 ow.ird ! ht 
I lid ot this s.,ni.- .111,111.1. WiUi.iiiis .icj. 
v.nui.l the bill with ilie -li.l .'1 loiw. mi- 
ll, Mil tlu 11 ■';'.' \,ir.l liiu- 'o .'in I^ 
('.oniim:«-.l on I'.ivii- I 

eollc-ne witlunit havinu lo no home. They 
are lo make a test ease of the- (piestion 
ami if tbey are suce-essful it is i.n.bable the same step may be- t.iken al 


I'.S. It is now jMisMble to vole b> m.dl. 
We wonder how mai:> students t.ike ad- 
vantaKc of that e>|ipoituniiy. 

- nr — 

"I'.ililieal enlhusiasm 'this was I'.dJi 
is ^rowin^ every day. Iiiday a bull 
.M.M)se (bib wasorn.ini/id and I'n-MdenI 
S.,iiisoii lias been busy hamlim; an.umi 
the emblem of his party 'a moose-, I. Tin- Wilson Club b>rme'd llu- 
we-ek U' is full of hope b.i its man. 
The Taft nun, of whii h i h. n- .ne a lew. 
have just ornani/c<i." 

i'.S. Colle-i;e men look their politi.s 
strainlit in 1012. Hut they evi.Knily had 
enthusiasm, idealism, ami hiyaltv to a 
de.,,;n.- wbich our .oiili mporarie-s do not 
e\liiliil , al least. 

I'd'- - 
"The- lirsl inform. il ol llu- ><ar lic-ld 
S.itiinkiy in ihe Drill H.dl and was .i 
siu-cess from every point of view. About 
7.") couples w.-re present." 

r.S. I'erhaps we-'ll hold dances in the 
Dull Hall once nion- now that evcrvtlunK 
is s,, xvbii,. .Mid niie. The Me-mori.d 
Ibiiidinv; t;n.iler .l.coralive iKissi- 
biliilcs ami moil- invitini; nooks, howcvi r. 
and will dotll.lltss l.e llu -eeiu- of future 
t.risi.liorcan arti-try unless tin- nnnib.-r 
attemlinu siu h coll. ue fum lions exeeids 
past rc-e-oril:-. 


Mniiiitniii Day 

.\ luus llu- -1 nil. Ill 1" her iimlli- 
i-ol. nil baunlsonre auain, ami the- .Vuie 
pnice-fsioii will soon jomm-y (peril, ips 
will h.ive jomniye-d ibis e lYusion 
i|,p. .irs lo Mount Toby fir ihe fiilb 
.iiiiiii.d oiitinn. Lamciils have be-.n o\er- 
hi.ird that enthusiasm has not leaehe.l 
;|,,. i-, i.^h'.s ol thai of !'■'■.':! wlu-n the new 

I'ossibly the 
lii^api I in!t il 1'' • • . ' loo much 

(>r-...ini/e il tun. 


Ml. lloKoke ^t lull Ills, for msl.mei-. 
h.iv. no ile-^iiin.ilitl hill lo climb, uid no 
loiiiial pnii-ram to billow, but .imuse 
I lu iii-t-lv . s in siirh tliv t is ways as "hikini; 
the- K.iiiKe. ridiiii; bii->cli's, or showing 
llie luls alioiii the- C'aiiM tiH," according to 

lUWs I e-j ol t -. 

-^ ur — 

.\i;i;ii- is more birtunate in having her 
own cardeii s|,ot in which to enjoy out- 
doois. Don'i look bir manufactured en- 
thusiasm. I.njt.ynent of a n;e)re subtle 
II. lime is inspired b\ the autumn wooels. 

lip — 

Me)untain Day is an older custom 
.iii-.t ni; m ighloring collects than is gener 
,illv nali/ed. .Xicl'.ersi sliulents Used !<■ 
t.ltli.ite with .1 stage-ce^acb ride. .\l 
Wiiliai'.s "llu- Mountains" is playeil on 

llarohl W. I'oole '10 is athletic director 
and football coach al M< I liuli Se liool. 
.Melrose, Mass. 

William II. Terk '22 is married .iii-l 
farming al his olil home- in Stow, Mass. 

•'Mam" Kieh.mlson 'liti has join«! ilu 
b.rc-esof the .\ggie men in the laitomologi 
lal l-lxpc-riment Stalion. Melrose High 
kinds, Mass. 

Kenneth A. Salnum '24 is an instructor 
in the- di-|iartmc-nt ot l-'.nloiiiology al 


John riileiiko 'I'd is athletic dinitt.r 
and head coach at New Salem Academy, 
Ni-w Salem, Mass. 

l-n-d Zwisler '2't re-turns to Sheldon. \ I. 
as head eoach after a stucessful summer 
M liool at I'e an. State. 

John J. Mahoney '21 is engaged in 
lamlseape work with Uivenlale Nurseries 
in West Springfield, .Mass., which is near 
enough to .\nilie-rst so that he is CM-casion 
ally seen on the campus, esiKcially on 

Otto II. Kic liter '27 is employe-d on llie 
Ic-aching statf at Smith .\ 
SelieM>l in Northampton where he teae lu s 
HeUanv, Cheiiiistry, I'livsiis .iiid ollu-r 
siibjee Is. 

|-:ve-nll J. I 'vie- '27 is employe-d in 
l.indseape loiist ruction and is al iin-sent 
working on a new golf lourse- .it llolton 
I. .Hiding, bake (k-orge, \. V. 

(■einge .\. \'.irwooil '21"., now einiilojed 
with riiiner iS: Wilcox, landseaiic anhi- 
li-itures,, Mith., is taking a 
le.ive- of fn.m his work in order 
to umle-rtakt fin i her >liidies it 1 1. n van! 

Willi.iin C. King, l-L, landscape anhi 
te-ct in San .\nloiiio, Texas, is to be 
t,ct in San Antonio, Texas, was married 
on September 27 to Miss Margaret < .e. 
of that city. 

On S-pieinlK-r IS, 1027, J.ihn Allison made his debut in tht- home- ol 
Mr. and .Mrs. U. W. Rogers, 1017. ol 
I almouth, Mass. . This is the latest 
.iddition to the huge- .uul .iclive- tiriii now in l.dmoulli. 


ll.e coUigi thiir.cs the aflernc e.n previous 

Id M.iiiiii.iiii l..i>. which is never .in^ 
iioiiiH I il in ,i<lv .ii;i t . 

S; t .ikin.; ol n.otiii' .liiis, ll.e .inio.inl .it 
v\.li(r wl.uli llll.M.l .iv.i 'il.- snr.ll ,.i 

ih, 1.11. sii\ I it tun- in "111''oi' 
,1s:-, mliK icniindtd Us ol ( .liriib-ts 
t,iiiiiiis |.,,— .I.,.- Innii "Tlu- .\iu;i-iu 
Mnillci." 1 lu- of the- .iiulielice the oiiK If. it lire which riv.dled 1 he 
li..v. of from the st.indpoilit <>! 
siu I 1 t \i 1 ~-. 

bk; crowd invadks toby 

'Coniinueil fiom I'aiif I' 

room, missi-il its customai v .iiu.t.i .1 
iiuMiniain dav signal ures. 

.\ tht.n.ughly represent. nive gn.up ■ 1 
both >tutle-nis ami laciiliy m.ide the trip. 
.\ l.irge-r number of uii|K-rcl,issi!u n 
iiMial wen' on the seene, incliiding a'.l llu 
iiieinliers of ibc- bioiball sepiad, vvho 
.illendeel in .i iH.tly for the tirst time sin. e 
tht iii>taUaiion of moiiiil.iin dav. Tacultv 
me nibe-rs were- in evidence to a gre-.itei 
extent than in past years. The only 
notite-.iblc- decie-ase in attend.ince w.i of the- iii.i-culint- t-le-iiM-nl of the in 
t-oming ela^s. Tht- Two- Near lomingc-ii! 
ol ihe student body api>e-.ired c ii ni.iss, . 
De-.m lUirns obligc-.l with his 
speech in which he reiterated the fact "no mount .liii da\ can be suicessin, 
without Burns." He also pit, id. d 
lor .1 kirgcr eo-ecl ennilliiient U-cause e.l 
tlii-ir good elfe-i t upon the institution. 

ihe- bountiful lum h which incluilc-d the 
inevit.ible- "wee llies", SWCl't eider, dough 
nuts, apples, p.iper ciii.s and plates 
erticiently sc-rvetl by .i pie ke-d sipiad fn.m 
the- "h.ish house". Big tires furnishcl 
abumlant heat ami smoke b.r would Iw- 
( lufs. Raw steak and uncoejkiil potatoes 
were the outstanding ingredients e>f the 
"spe-cial" luiu h provided for the- loot ball 

tine serious eastialty resulted from 
scrambling over the nw ky le-rr.iin when 
W. C.onlon Hunter 20 sprained his 
.inkle .mil ^ e.iiiveve-d em to 
I'n.Usse.r l-.iwcett's I .ir in lu- n- 
ttirne-tl to .\iiiherst. 

Sveral .im.iieiir plu iiotr.iplurs iiraveil 
,1 storm ot pi. Ills. nips, h.dt b.ikt.l i.i- 
t.itnis, ,ind otliti It iini, lilts of the- re-pas; 
in ihtir endt.ivors to sn.ip the- party .it 
luiu h from points ol v.nit.ige- in m.irl.v 

II-, .s. 

Despilt- the thn.ittning wi,i!lier .ind 
■^t ni-r.d h.iziniss the- outitii., pi-'w d one- ot 
the b. si in rittnt ve.irs. I. until at tlu 
liow! a satisl.i.torv imiov.ition .il- 
thouuli possiblv not (cmparable to lumh 

.It tht- -iimniit 
I Ih- fest i\ it i. -. 

,is ,1 1 t rm.iiu n! ( .irl ol 

From the 
first kick-off 
of the season 
until the 
The New 
York Times 
news of Foot- 
ball is reliable 
and complete 
— written by 
experts who 
pack the color 
and drama of 
the college 
gridiron into 
their stories. 

Times sports 
news is crisp, 
clean, fair. 
Boxing, base- 
ball, tennis, 
polo, racing, 
hockey, row- 
ing — news of 
all sports — all 
of it — is given 
readers daily 
and Sunday in 


Krut tliirk 

Order regular 

delivery from 

your iieK'S- 


EVENING CLOTHES by Hickey-Freeman. When ''dressing for the occasion" you will need evening clothes that arc' distinguished by lllckey-Kreeman 
finer Tailoring. CThey have ease, comfort, lasting good looks. See the authurize.1 style display of evening clothes in our winJows 
«L Full line of accessories including rental tuxedos, dress shirts, silk hose, and the new gun- metal shoes. 





Boston Headquarters for all M, A. C, and 
many other College Teams and Clubs 


Club Breakfast and Special I.uncheons 

and Dinners 


S H () K S F () R M E N 


Bostonians are ('ollegiate in Style, give (;()()!) 
service and are moderate in price. We will be 
glad to show yoii the new Fall models. 



woRi I) .u;(;ii. M<;iii s.virRi)\\ 

Coniiniifil from ratif I 
M.-.; \«w.irk. \. J.; \. N.. 
Ith.u.i. \. N.; Ili^jh Point, \. ( ,; (1. v. 
I.tii.l, ( Hiio: t'tilumbu^, Ohio; I'liiKnli I 
phi.i. r.i.; ki-.idinn, I'^i-: Nt.ilf CoHtict-. 
r.i.; KiiiK^lon. R. 1.; l'ro\ i<l< in c. H. I ; 
H^-llo\^^ l-.ilis, \i.: W.nat.h.., Ui li.. 
Appli-ton, Wis.; M.iilison, \\i>.; Mon Cm. Ill, I, .iml in M.iss.kIiiim lis 
tlun- uili In iiuiiin^s .it ltro(-kton. 
('oncord, |),in\t-is, I- itihbiii >.;. ( iici-ntu-l.i. 
N»-w Unllunl. I'itlslii-lil, Spriii^;lirlit .mil 
Won-i'stiT. .\ ft-\v iiicrliii>>s in iuhlilioii 
lo tin- .iboM- will limloiiblnlU In- n-porlt-il 
b\ Sat unlay, <)itolK-r 121.*. 

l-aciiIlN rt-prt'stiitati\rs from tin to! 
Ii-^r will Ik- prt-Miil to i.irrN- nu-ssanfs 
(lircit - tioiii tlu- (-.tiiipus ,it all iiu-ctinvis 
in Mass;i(liUM-tts, \\-inionl, Klnxli- Isi.iml 
.in.l ( iiiim-t'i iriil , in ot.ii i tlu- .ihimiii 
n .ly i(r»-i\c lusl li.iml l.iits .in.i in «s ol 
iiiii n nt to them. 

|)iiimrs, spcikin^ .iiiij s.n i.iblt- pro 
Kr.iiiis will III- i.irrit-tl out li\ the .ilimnii 
a>Mnibl('<l .11 ihr m.iny iiu-tliii^> on this 
out- iii^bi ol till- \( .111.1 III. my .i b.m 
<ptrt hall will ri-xnimi with ;;ooil old 
.\iiU'«" >^>nns ami tlu-»-r>. I'rt-sidi-ni 
I h.itrlii-r will III- till- Ktl*'^l of honor .it 
the iiu-*tin^ in Spriii^tii-ld, M.i^.^., and at 
\\orr«-st(i, Annie's tooib.ill ami 
si.irs will join till- .ilninni In ri-li-bi.itr i> h.i|»'<l will lit- .1 iloiibii- \i(ioi\ 
o\ii uiir liv.iN, llu- l-.n^iuii-rs .it W.I'. I. 
I'toh-ssur ( iiiry S. Iliiks, "Kiii" t .n.- 
and ti.nk . o.irli l>irb\ will .ibn .itun.l 
the Won isti I iiii-i liii^;. 

bi-Kinniint .it II p m .i r.i.lio |>i.i;;i,iiii 
will bf broaiU-ast Ir.mi si.itiuii W l'>/ ,ii 
Spi instil Id .it wliiili lbs bMcllriitv, 
<io\rimii .\l\.iii 1. I- iilli-r is Mhrdiilnl 
1(1 Ill- will Ih- followr.l b\ VMil.b 
of nn-(-tinn from Philip I-. W hit mon- "I."!. 
Prisiilinl of till- .XsMwiati- Alumni ol 
.M.A.t . .ind who will intriidiKt- to the 
alnmiii throughout tin l.uid our n< w 
"Pii-.\\", KiiM-fM- W. I lialchi-r. l-ollow 
in^; Pn sidriit 'I li.ili hri 's nu ss;^!- ijuii- 

Optician and Jew tier 

t I'lJ-.AS.WT SIRKI.T. up oiu- lliilhtj 

Oi.iltsis' I're-i-rlpil.iiis l-ill"-d. llrnU«-ii k-nsps 

-.11-1>!> rt''il 

I'.K. IJKN AI.AKM CLOCKS ;in«l olJu-r 

rcll.ihli- iiiiilvi-s 



Flort'iice (;iariss;i Hays 

Om- A(,iv . .WIIIbKSl 

Tel. l.S.S-\V 

Vou will Kiiil .in excellent 

. . . SIIOL KKrAIRIN<; SIHH' . . . 

M|ui|>|H-tt Willi llie ii|>-l<>-il:ile (;<>i>dye;ir 
Milt hiiiery iiiul :i iiiiiil.rii 

jit II l-i .\mli>- St., - <>|»p. New Thealre 

III- III/,/. , i..;iii/ V i»c rc/MirrwifW/ iiii't ,;r, tre- 

fiirfil lo niefl yi<nr nr> I-. 

Ml :jiirk ^Haninteed. .S/i.»c> shinrd ant ilyed, 60c 

VINCKNT (;KA\n<)NK:<). rr.ip. 

\. .\ Ones just in l>v Jesse Criiwfiir.l. Orftiinisl 

l.<! Ueenis Orilies-r.i 

l.ihmiy I lamps Keiitufky Sen-nailers 

cieor-ie <H,.n I'au! W hifenian 



To anyone v/ho knows shirts these will appeal. 

Genuine Spanish Broadcloth wilh the new well 
fitting collar in white, tan, blue and grey. Priced 
at $2.50. 

Other shirts in white Broadcloth and Oxford cloth 
at $2 and $2.50. 



will lit' .1 pro^ ol siiii^w, ,111,1 iiiiisii 
imt il llu- W'itthinv; hom . I In- i.idio riiii i 
i.iim-is will fompiiM- .i sindini ipurttl, 
.1 simliiit trio, violin solus 
l>\ Ml- \l.ii- K. ( SI ('.inri- .is istiil li\ 
Mi's .Viiii.i I,. Kidder, ,iml onlusn.i 
iiimibiis l)\ M.itis' ( "olli-ti.'iis whii II i> 
lomposid ol .\^;v;ii- stiidinls. 


iCtiniiiiiieil fi'tiin I'aiie I 
iii.iii sophomiirf six-Ill. Ill ropi- pull. .1 loot 
b.ill n.iini- with \oiwiih riii\t-isit\, .1 
diiimr at l>r.i|H>r II. ill, .iml .111 riiti-rtain 
lilt lit .It Siuikbiidnf I bill 'i^ iht- iii.ijor 
li.ilints. Pioi^i.inis y^\\\ bo prinlrd ill I hi- 
nt. ir liilmt- .Uld will bi' distiibult-il .iiiioiil; 

till- si lllit Ills. h illdi\ i.lll. ll is n-tjurstrd lo roin- 
miinir.iii- with his or lii-i l.illu-r .is snoii 
.Is till- pio;;r.ims .in- .IV .lilabit-, i-tulosinK 
.1 SI lu-diili- III till- d.iv's i-\i-nls III nivf 
p.irtnis .111 inkliiiK of tin- i-nioymt-nt pro- 
|Hist'd. I I on It I ript ol .111 .illn ivr 
ri'plv to lilt- inv ion. tvriy stiidt-nl 
should milily sonii- mrmbi-i ol tlu- .ibovr 
rum lllit tt'i' ol t III- .11 1 1'pt.imi- in oidrr 1 li;it 
.iilv.init'^t uit'iit s iii.iv In 111. i.l. ,il 
l>i.ipt-r II, ill .mil ili.ii t oinplimi iil.ii V 
til kits to tht- lootb.ill ^aint- iii.iv b.- 

( tiiipt-r. It i.lll on till- part of t-vt-rvoui- 
iiiiit't-rnid will iii.ikt- this d.iv onr wliirli 
stu.lrnls ,ind p.iitnis will anliiip.ili- wilh 
pi. .isiiii- .iDii irri)||irt witlioul ri-^rt-t'. 

MISICAI. ci.nts 

i<:iinlinueil fruni i*uCt> I) 

I . lil.iisiiill 'J'.K l..iw;tint- .\. ( .iriutli '_".•, 
I . Slitplt \ ( li.ivi-s'L''.t. W. .\ Palmt-r \)a\ 
J'.i, lii-i.rnf lb Mini L".!, M.iiiiii ( .. 
I oust 1.1 'l.'<.l. P.iiil I). Ish.iin 'L'lt, l.v.iii ( . 
Uirh.iidsou L".', I lit ilil W. Dt.iii '.111, 
llirbt-rl .\. (.oodt-ll ':<0, 1. 
(.ooilill ':{ll, Ktnm-lh I.. Iv(s';{ll, Kiissi 1! 
I-;. .Niiiis ';!n. lauri-nii- W. Spoom-r ■.'Id, ( . liriany '.'.II, W.illi-r J. Aldii.h 
';:i, Siiarns \. Pi-ldi n ■:;i. .\lliid .\. 
I'lovii '•!1, John \. '.'il, < . 
M.ilrohii n.ivis ':;!, P.iiil U. I it/<l 
Ml, Philip .\l. I ..iILikIu r ■.':i, .\, nil. Ill \ . 

1 lUt-ii ';!|, I lik A. I.ihn III '.!!. j In.l 
I.IWlrllii- '.11. Ifi'iiii.iii (I, \i Inn ':tl, 
D.ivid M N.isoii 'M, Kiih.inl .\| llwi rs 
'ol. I< < . 1 1 |n> ';;i,,iiil j) rii.iyir 
•>l. Knius II riiiiiii|isiiii '."M, Alli n S. 
Wist ',;!. I hi- Il aili-r ol tin- t bib his mil 
VI t III II ill 1 till. Itilin A Kiiiib.ill, ihi- is .11 i.iiiL-iiii; .1 ■-. li. diili .>l run- 
fills whiih will bt>;iii with tl,r \\iiitri 

Ihr tirw mtnibtis .il t |i.- tiiil's ( dt-t- 
t lull, ol whith I. nil. I I.. Il.iwli'v 'l.'*,l is 
It.itli-r, .lit- .IS hillows: l-li.iiior ( .iltUcll 
"l-Mt, < itiil.i ( .. Ihiwliy 'lilt, (111 I rut It- Davis 
■.■{(>. Kvilvii A. ';;i, s.dli-v I-".. 
Mratlli-v 'ol, llt-iiiti.i I.. l-.\iisoii 'M, 
It .111111- 1 .onliiii '.'{j. |-;\«lvii M. I.ym.iii '.'U, 
\irniiii.i .\b(ioldrirk ';!l, tiiilimlt- K. 
Pii-itt- '.'{I, knlh 1;. .Sum ';!l, Shirliy 
Iplon ',11. |)..niiii.-.i Willi.iins "JS is 
m.ln.l^;lr ol llu (.ill's ( ilti- t lub, wliili- 
l.oi.i M. H.itihil.lii 'JS is pi.iiiisi . 

.\s pn-v itiiislv , Mrs. .\, P. P. .iiiiiiniit 
will iii.uh bill h I lulls. 

-- Party Service — 

las arrivcc 

Let us show it to you in its 



Shoes and Hosiery 


College Men and Women 

The largest assortment 
in the Valley 


27.5 High St., Holyoke 

lown Hall, Amherst 


0( 1 !•» .Ml 

.< 110 



(HI Jl 

t 0(1 

b.4">. S. UI 


o<.r. u 


(l.Js H Mt 

.litliii Harivniiiri' In llie 
l-iirnlnit. ilirilliiiii, ilyiiantit- 
ri.iii.iiii <■ i,( a li>val>le, riil- 
lii kliiu rotiiie ami a lavlNli- 
Inii, kissaltle niaiil. Niiii'll 
love il all. 

Sews Ciiineily ".Saili'i 's lie 
war<-" Ki' pfiii-s 

(IN /.I lUX I I \ Alt!)" 
ullli I \-\\ CimIv anil Ki'iiee 
Vilori-a-. 'I he lillarltiiis i.iU- 
III .1 I'aris waller who siiil- 
il«iil> tiiiils hinivi-ll wilh a 

lilllloll ll,lllls 

S| i.f tlliilii anil a « li.irlie 
( h.isi- i 'iiinealv . 


OCT 21 

I. (Ml 
(> l.S " Ml 

I'eUiii.iiil lleiiny In '-liAS- 
\M> i I KIOI N.*' h's Ih 
s|n i-tl iir.irtel if (lie year. 

I'l-iiiiy wrtile ami Di-iiiiy's 
lo il ami n's liiaileil ulili 
l.ive. I.ii lihler ami lliiills, 
iiiImiI i<,;<ellier as iiiily lien 
ii\ t' 1 11 n'l\ llieiii 
Sews anil ( :iiiiie<ly 

Ni^riila Shearer's Kreaiesl 
pli Hire - Al- ll-K MM)" Nuriiia shows 
.\i II ihe ttavety ami the 
li.iliei!y <\1 liroatlway In .1 
|<iri|iie ..( sheer (hrlll ami 
ail .•■ii'iiii' 

I , nies ^illil ( -<iilii'ilv 


And Cut to Order 


I I 




Camels Hair 




Camels Hair 


JAMES A. Lowell, Bookseller 


Masks Skeletons Hats Stickers Place Cards 

I. amp Shades 

Orange and Black Crepe Paper Poster Paper 
an' everything for the night 

To Get the Best, Buy 


and SILK 

Bloomers Step-ins Vests 


Amherst Shoe Repairing Co. 

At the Service of those who appreciate 
Better Shoe Repairing 


G. Edward Fisher 


Largest assortment of Fountain Pens ^ dur nume engraved on 
pen, no extra charge. 


Ncwsdi-alcr aiul Slatiojicr 

Back the Team==-'l he teum earns your support, your encouragement, your best efforts, 
represents the best Aggie spirit. Braeburn Clothes is the sure way. 



Make certain that your appearance 





sells 'em 

Drop in and see my line of new Fall styles. 


fhe Best in Drug Store Merchan<lis«" 
The Best in Drug Store Service 

TJJB ft te^eaSt Siarm 


m.f ■. m^M • ^.. M. •_ *. K« . '*v this lime we are siinnlied with 
No. 1 Main St., Amher.t. IVUws ,,,.. |.„,.^, „,, j^.,^ „f r.uWvAv Oxfords. 

Our i.iiundry Kiriii CUm 

Our P*licy (;uaraote«d 


wasiiinc; donf. at rf asonablk 

Oppositi' Post f)flj«e 

III! not f(irii> I iln.sf SS Sioirh ftriilii (Ixriirdt 
in III; ck or llrown 
Shot- Rt>p:iirin(l l>«-piirimciit 




SI NDAV NK.hT SI IM»KKS Our Specialty 

Ik St of IJoard by the Day or Week 

Watch for Sreciul Offers 


Regular Boanl $7.00 per Week 



Meal Tickets for S2.00 and S5.00 


((;<)iillmi<-<l (r.iiu I'.i^- .' 

iiiaik, l)tit luu- ilii\ liiiiil'l"!. "Kay" 

M;mn m-ovt-iol, .iii-i Kiid'ini-' Hik" 'I 

(lilt (if (laim«r. 

Al iht ((|>tnii>n "' '''«■ ^"«""'' I'"'"''' 

the faiiud "\aii/illi l.acklild" ot Wil 
liaii's ii.atic il> a|)i<araii(<-. I mri llu- 
,,.i„t .,.. .. (Ia//liii. "I lal'ia 

pa.-M> and tii'l runs ki |.i our i..( ii (.n tli< 
dcUiiM-. VVilliaiiis' liiM Mi.rt- cmif wluii 
I'littiani, MarAUiNt.i. .md il"^^' '""H- 
plcKd a (h.iililc lal.ial 1 a-s, Howe cairy- 
i„H ilu l.all lliiris liv ^a^l^ to < r()>s otir 
H«ial. I all di<»|) kiik.d atiiiiai.U lor ilit 
<xlia I'oinl and litii llu s.oif. Williain^ 
ki(k((l oH altn iIh t<»iulido\Mi, M\i\ tluii 
icti (lul, 'll)i.niiii.on, ricovtnd it win ii 
our ntiivir iuinliU-d lli« I ill- W li. ii iwu 
plays llironuli ll"' l'"'' faiKd m v;ain. a 
latdal pass was triid wiili Howe coin 

«..! ... 1.-^1. H..- ". .1.-:^ ..."I "i'^. '•■:.;'", ''fir r,.,.„'l;: 

I .< Mil . 

lot liall 111*, iiinaininn time, l)m In- Imaliy 
l.rokc awav alter iv.(isin« a punt on our 
l.Vvard line and xniv.l on a l.rilliani run 
ihnaiKh onr .U v.n. Tovsard llu- . iid ol 
ihc (onlv:4, Howe Moifd aKain <>'i a 
iaterd pass Ironi KiiH. \\il!i."n> kiik.<l 
ofT for llu- k»>t lime to our 'J.". \ard Imr. 
Kmdaixlinadi-aMf.U , at. 1. ol a forvvanl ] 
to ^ain iwcniy yar.i>, last <n ilu' n.M 
play. Collins, Nul.Milutc Williams li.u k, 
in;(iv(pt.-«i a pass, an.l tli«' uanii- .-ndcd 
with ih" ball in n.idluld. William- m 

'•nutih' Kiidiiiiist did a k"ai i"'' •" 
, nntiiiK and passing, pla\ini! llu- wholf 
uaini-. l-r thr first time llii- season, mo-t 
all llu Milis u<'l ia, and many of tli«' nun 
-iK.-.xed up well, riu Minimar\: 

Williaiii^', Mu.nii'-"'". ' '•'r''. '"' .,. , 

ri- I'l.nii.r. M. Kittri.fc, liaH'- 

n. M.ii>: 

\\,,( ..II. .\ii.l. i-i.ii. <■- Sii.iili. \v. 

Ii;. Ki. l.ill'l-l.ll. 1.111. i.lM 

\-,ull.-.,l.a-.ll. ..M;.ii.i.M.U- 

Mi' liiiiUri-i, l.avMJ.i. \V.--I. in 

In. Kill.iii. Hi.n Kli-\ 

|i.i\i>. 11. UN. ml, rl "■■ ■"" • 

( .,ll.mii.iii. .\>lil>y. IViiiKs . Tiirii.-y, iv 

I, ( 1.-.1..IU.-. Uowi... I'liiiuuy. Hiirl.m.k. ( .H.k 
I). Sii.illi. l'iUiiaiii.St,.vi.u.ii. Ml- Ml.. Uiiiii" 

( .„!...|iliii. How. , Milfoiil. lla/./iml.llil' 

Ihl.. llilyar.l.< .".U. Nilki..\vi.v 
llil.. Kll.lMlli-l 

(ditor of lliis vear'> Look was Robert H. 
(>w.i> •2S,witti Harold S. Adams 'J'.) and 
Cirl A. HetKan ';!!> as as.Mstaiits, while 
I lie busiiHss liandled by (.((.riie W. 
Duitoii '-".•. I lie liaiidlxiok contains, 
ber-idis .1 history of the colieKf. "'i'<'> 
v.ihi.ible information ecautriiiiiu tin- tus- 
toms and traditions, ami i.- .i1m. reftriedj 
to .IS the freshman "bible". ^ 

.\(kims will have eharue of the publi , 
raiion of next year's li.iiidbook. 

Junior Varsity Loses 1 

In Final Minutes 

pletinn it for a lv\tiit\ yard i;.iin ami Mnaii, Dimiiims. H 

plaiiUK Ihe ball <.n om 1' \ard mark. 

I all rusluil it over from here but 

the txlia piint. Ai;ni. nriived .luain 

and (arried liie pigskin frcm our thirty- 

y.iid line to tin opposing o.'i yard -.lri|ie. 

Ildc an imoiiiplettd lia» h.dud tin 

inareh, and Kiidqiiisl ki(ki(l. Howe 

(uuuhl Ihi ball (ii^ht \.ird> from hi-- own 

I'od l(-arim.' back to miittii Id before. 

!>"'"• "•'"">■• "-'^ . , |;.,vm.„i. .\l..\lli~t.-t, K.-itl.ilil. 

bdliK t.ukUd. William> tried a '«" ^^ •'"',,,;,,,,,,..„. i„Ui„s. (1, 

with no sii((is>. and Howe was ^iydi tlii-| 

oval to < our line av^ain whicli 

lorly-two \.iid> .iway. Il^- hall < tided 

iiiiiiKdianK alt.-r the ki. k ».lf whi.h 

lolloweil Williams third loii.h.lown. 

'I l-.e lliird (|iiarter -aw no vorinv;. passes w. re .iitempl. <l 
to Tiilts bein^ the only one . ..i!i|>i. ti d 
l,„ .1 MibM.iniial uaiu- A-- ila- lomtli 
pdiod siailid. the 'Aan/.tii l»a(ktnl.l" 
.i_nam mad. i riarain.-. 'I !h- A..;'sI« 

Willistoii's Two Touclulowns Come 
111 bast Four NUnutes 

Willl^lon -.piti/ed in .i \i<tory 
oy.r lh(- Junior \arsity .it Wilh.-.lon, 
iiidav, Oilober 7, by si.iriiiv; twice in 
the li-t f. w miiiui.-> of play to make the 
,.,„,,„ IJ 1,, (1. The name M-i-s.iW..I lor 
(1,(- tu>l thi.e .pi.iiters, but within the 
la>t four minutes of play inn time, twolon^ 
i,„„ result.-<l in ^.•ore^. f.r piei .ii.itoiy 
-. h'lol boys. 

lilt- Junior Varsity olf to open 
the ^;anie ami iiiaiiaj:e<l to ke.-p tin- ball 
in the opp.)sinn territory mosi of tin- 
period. In the secoml <|narier, the 
Willisloii offdiM . nou^h 
r,irennlh t<; carry the <l. i|> into our 
-.ide of the field, where tin- Junior \ ar^ity 
lield thtm tor down>. and "" 
O'Brien punted far down llu- lulii and 
nut III i!alli;er. 

Ii w, - not until kite in llu- last .piarter 
ili.ii ai;\ loinl- wire scori-d. Willi>lon 
h.i.l the ball on their H-yard liiu-. An 
did run went for a loiiR ^aiii. and the 
l.ill yya- ilown on the Junior \.u>ity U- 
y.ird -trip.-. Time plays j;ave no gain, 
but till- fourth, a quadruple pass that 
loN.d our \\\Kn. yielded eleven yards an.l 
put the ball <aily thne yards fr.iin the 
j{oal. <'ii the third play, Williston played 
tdi men on the line of scrimmage and 
wadt-d ihro'iKh to .i ioikIuIowii. l he> 
ki. kid oft anain, .uul tin- Junior \.ir-it\ 
mail.- two first .lowns. Th. se were of no 
avail, whin .i W'iihstoii man iiiu r. i iiti <l 
a passant! r.ict-tl from iiiidli.M to tin K"al 
just befori- the whi--ile. 
The >iimniarv : 


I'aiiu-. l'.iik. !.■ 
Bian-y. TciDpliy. It 
Ktiiis. li. In 
hi'iwii. I 
I'.Tiiii t iilli-iiiUit . IK 

I hia. lull. It 
lie.-. I. 
MuniiM'. m'i 
M.kii'wiu. Ihli 
|>. ilili 

I I K.iil-ky, ill 
Si-firi' liv imtuhIs 

Jiaiior \■il|■^ily 

Vi>iili«. I'liiiiiri- Hurry 

Junior Viir*ilt> 

re. Kail. ■ 

rt. Tiiti ■ 

XV.. N'ii'k.TM 1 

., Mulll.!! 

In, Limi.i 

It. SiiUiy.. 

1.-. Kv... 

<i1j, Moratt-l 

rill), frowl. 

lliti, Nilkic\yi 

ft., O Hii. 

I 2 ■■; 4 

(1 II ti 11' 

piiiiaiulfs. kffflf" 

I.iii>'~liiaii toil!' 

Tim. I"iii in-iniiiiiK' in'rio<!> 


Th.- banil started with ap|in)\. 
mately iid iiu inbers. They are WKrkiim 
hard aiitl are already playinu si-veral ol 
the favorite marches of pa>t years as wt 11 
as rehearsing som. n.w ones. 

111. I ill. t. am is starting up auain uiul. i 
.1 new scheme, \hitches are to be sh. ■ 
aj;ainst the variou-^ K.( ).'!". C. Cayalry 
units throuKiiout the country. Tiiis i. 
strict ion to t.ivalry units will make lH)^^i 
bit- with n.w tt-am-. 

(1.. Tiiit-. Kii.-'l.uKl. Niiki'-«i>/ 
>^.ii.- l>y 111-11. »l-. - 

XVilllam. " '" " '-' ■' 

M.-s.A,«u- ' " " ;'. 

K.UM.i- < ..riMiit.r. Iiiil-ii<- Wlial.ii. Im-' 
,,,.,, f.,.i.r-..i>. Tliiw four !.' iniiuiu- IKiio'l- 


li.>hmen an.l .ill new ^lu.l.nt^ hayi 
proliably .ill hati ..(c.isit.n to refer to th. 
{•ashinan Hantllxiok isMi.d by the M. A. 
(-,( , \., liiit 1. w kiu.w who an- dii.tiK 

Diu RY s b\ki:ry 

is open for the season of "27 and '2H 
Order EATS for f>arties, re- 
ceptions and hikes 

120 rii-asant Street, 
I Irsi luiii-f s. nth <>( c.iinpiis 

Telephone SI 1 ____^_— 


S4.00 IM R MONIll 
Waller II. Harrison 


.luM Norih of Vil.ims Hull 

The College Candy Kitchen 

A liiK. piiice to «.> ;.ih1 t.ike yi.ur frk-mls f.>r 


Ice Cream. Milk Shakes. 1 resh 1 ruits. Refreshments and Sodas. 
Salted Nuts. IMjie & Sha« . Park & 1 ilfe-rd. Boxes Ready 

to he Mailed. 


Do not Forget that special SI NHAV NK-HT OINNFR 


the ilace for the college man 


is some 




Sporting and Athletic Goods 

t.:vERYriiiNc; in hardvv.xre 


EVERY pipe is a Sunny Jimmy- 
pipe when it's paclced witti P. A. 
The tidy rej tin chases the blues 
— and how! Why, you feel Iwt- 
ter the instant you open the tin 
and aet that marvelous P. A. 
aroma. Every chore becomes a 
cheer, and you're sitting on top 
of the world. 

Then you load up and light up. 
That taste — that never-to-be-for- 
gotten, can't -get -too -much -of -it 
taste! Cool as a cut-in from the 
stag-line. Sweet as retaliation. 
Mild and mellow and long-burn- 
ing, with a balanced body that 

satisfies, right to the bottom of 
the bowl. 

You find that P. A. never bites 
your tongue or parches your 
throat, no matter how often you 
stoke and smoke. Get o«? the 
sunny side of life with a pipe and 
P. A. Buy a tidy red tin today and 
make the personal test. Pipes were 
born for tobacco like this. 

p. A. ii told every- 
where in tidy ted fin<. 
pound and half-pound 
lift humidors, ond 
pound crv<(j/-g'''<* 
humidort with sponse- 
tnoislcncr l'>t>. And 
always with every bit 
of bile and parch re- 
moved by the Prince 
Albert procen. 

The Mutual Plumbing & Heating Co. 


Fringe albert 

— the national Joy smoke! 

© 1927, R. J. Revtiold* Totiaceo 
Company. Win.ton S.ilem, N. C. 

New College Store 

^\^t MuBBntl^MBttU Qlnllggtatt 



Number 5 

Judging Teams Do Well 

At National Dairy Show 

Dairy Products Team Stands Third. 

Cold Medals 

Allen Wins Three 

Against representatives of colleges from 
various iiarts of the country, our Dairy 
i'roducts judjiinjj team anil Dairy Cattle 
iudginK team suiceedeil in making an 
enviable showing in the National Dairy 
>how luliI last week at Memphis, Tenii. 
lo the Dairy Products team particularly, 
is due great credit since they pliiced third 
among fourteen comjHtitors in the judg- 
ing as a whole, .while the Dairy C attU 
team placetl twenty-fourth among thirty- 
iwo colleges. 

The Dairy I'rtMlucts team was com- 
IKMied of Leo L. I. Allen "28, Ralph ( .. 
Murch '2H, an.l Waltt r li. \an ll.dl "2H, 
of whom Allen was high scorer, lie «s- 
lablished the remarkable record of l)eing 
lirst in iqe cream judging, ^l^^l in milk 
judging, and first in all-products judging, 
lor which he receive<l three gold medals. 
A silver cup was awarde<l to this college 
,is Ining the institution having the 
liiglust s<(»re in milk judging. The Dairy 
tattle team included Ralph <i. Murch 
L'J.', Albion 15. Ricker '2H, and ll.irlwell 
K. RopcT '2S. Of these, Ricker high 

Professors Julius II. I"ran<lsen and 
\ictor A. Rice accomjKinied the teams, 
and much credit for the excellent results 
of the show is due these men, togc-ther 
with Mr. Merrill J. Mack. 

The teams left .Amherst on October 12, 
returning on the 22nd. On the way down 
they stopjK'd off at the various large cities 
and had a most enjoyable time. 



Faculty, Visitors, and Undergraduates 
All to Take Part 



Visitors Make Only One First Down. 
Flashy Run by Converse Brings Score. 

Lack of a scoring punch spelled defeat 
for Mass. Aggie's varsity elevTn at 
Worcester, Saturday, Octolxr 22, and 
Worcester Tech chalked up a 7 to 
victory. The Agates out rushed the 
Tech tcant in every tpiarter but could 
not oflstt the flashy run of "Dick" Con- 
verse, Worcester's star back, who re- 
I eived a punt early in the second half an<l 
s(ore«l after a thirty-seven yard run. In 
the last quarter the engineers twice heUI 
off the M..A.C. eleven when the latter 
threatened to scfire and had the ball in 
the very shadow of the goal. Late in the 

.ond period Marx atteni|)ted to put a 
, .icement over the bar from Worcester's 
2.">-yard mark but the ball went wide. 

In the first perio<l the ball was in 
lich territory the major share of the 
lime. They had the wind Ixhind theiu 
nd resorted to a kicking game. The 
Hill was in their hands four times during 
tlie perio<l, and on three occasions they 
kicked on first down. The second (|uarter 
(Continued on Pafte 2) 

One of the principal [wrts of next Iri- 
day's inauguration exercises will be an 
academic parade al two o'clock frt)m the 
Memorial liuilding lo Siim kbridge ll.dl, 
in whidi the installation itself is to take 
place. This procession, in which al 
t')(K) are ex|Kcled to lake part, will Ite 
comixjsed of state ami college ofticials, 
deligates from other I'olleges, and other 
undergraduate organizations. 

The line of mar. h will start at the 
Memorial liuilding, |)r(K(ed by the 
library and the atimiuisl ration building, 
and North (ollige, thence by dirtt t roiUe 
to SuK-kbridge Hall, lioth sides of the 
road from the Memori.d liuilding to the 
ravine will la' lined by llu- t adet t'or|)>. 
At the junction of the paths from Stenk- 
bridge and DrajHr llall I he band will be 
stationed lo play for the |)ro( ission. In 
the area directly in front of Stockbridge 
the six classes will line up, in order of 
s«niority — even numb»ri'd (lasses on the 
north side and o«ld«l on 
(Continued on Pafte 2) 

Aggie Alumnus 

Dies Suddenly 

A. W. Montgomery '98 Was Noted 
Rose (jardener 



Fwenty-four etchings made by Mr. 
Warren Davis comprise the first exhibi- 
ti<)n lo be shown in the Memorial Build- 
in;; this year. This collection, as has 
'••n the case with other collections in 
I'.i>t Ncars, has been secured through Prof. 
I rank A. Waugh. The exhibition is made 
up, almost exclusively, of studies of the 
human figure and are what is known as 
"dry-[)oints". These etchings are pub- 
li^-hed by Francis H. Robertson of New 
Vork City and it is interesting to note 
that they are priced from fifty to one 
liundred dollars apiece. 



Lee Allen '28 distinguished him- 
self by winning at the National 
Dairy Show Judging Contest held 
at Memphis, Tennessee, October 
18, three gold medals which made 
him high scorer in the contest open 
to all agricultural colleges in the 
United States. 

.Mexaiider W. Montgomery' of the class 
of I.S'l.S, nationally known as .m authorit\ 
on rose culture, died su<ldenly last Satur- 
tl.i\' »'\ening as the result of a shcnk whiih 
(Hiurred while he was out hunting with 
.•\. J. Hastings of Amherst. Mr. Mont- 
gomery was geiu'ral manager of the Mont- 
gomery Co., Inc., ol I'.aM Hadley, whost- 
rose gardens comi)rise many acres of 

Mr. Montgomery, after graduating 
from this college, tiuiu-d his attention to 
tlu- culture of flowers and es|K'cially to 
the growing of roses, lie ft)und in the 
cla\'ey soil of Mast Hadley an i<leal condi- 
tion lor the propagation of ros<'s and as a 
le^iill ilie Montgomery roses have at- 
tained a wide repul.ition. 

Mr. Montgomery leaves his wife, three 
daughters .ind a son. He was a member 
ot till' Pat i til- Lodge of M.isons, the 
.\mherst Rotary Club, the .Amherst Club, 
the H.idley Men's Club, the .\nurican 
Rose Association anil the Suiely of 
.American I'lorist^. 

Alumni Celebrate 

World Aggie Night 

Rudio Broadcast from Sprini^Held Is Bitt Success. 

Gatheritifi ut Concord 




Frosh Cross Country 

Team to Run Harvard 

Material L«M>ks to Be Best in 
Many Years 

Coach Derby's freshman cross country 
team is receiving a final polishing up this 
week preparatory t<j its trip U» 
biidgc iitAt Fiiday to .un it^tia.-> tl.t 
Harvard frosh team. The team is one 
of the iKst ever put out by a freshman 
class, according to those who have fol- 
lowed the sport here at -Aggie. This week 
the schedule calls for a lengthening out 
of the courses run, so that the runners 
will Ik- belter filled for the long course al 
Harvanl. .Although the times of the ten 
nun who will make the trip have been, 
as a whole, al)Ove the average, that of 
Nash has Iniii ex( »plional. 

Thosi- who will make the trip are: 
Waller C. liiiker. Henry I). CariK-nter, 
I-.rnest R. Holmes, Ldwin .A. L<w)mer, 
.Mbert Nash, John W. North<(itt, Paul 
.A. Smith, Rufus Thompson, Allan S. 
West, Keith H. Wilcox. 

Whatever the team does al Harvard, 
it is sure that there will be good material 
for next year's varsity team. 



Has Been Connected With Ciillefie 
for Many Years 

Sidney B. Haskell, direc tor of the Lx- 
(Rrimenl Station and active of the 
division of agriculture, has recently ac- 
cejHed a p<jsition as manager of the agri- 
cultural <lepartment of the Synthetic 
Nitrogen Products Corporation, one of the 
largest fertilizer corporations in the wi)rld, 
with offices in New York and Havana. It 
is his intention to leave Amherst for New 
Vork, to assume his new <iulies, sometime 
in Deceml)er. 

Since his graduation in HK)4 Mr. 
Haskell has Ix-en connecteVl with the 
college in some capacity except during 
the years 1917-1920 when he left .Andierst 
to take the chairmanship of the sf>il im- 
provement committee of the National 
Fertilizer A--<Kiati()n with headquarters 
in Baltimore. During his connection with 
the college Mr. Haskell has Ixtn loved 
and esteemed by iIiom' who ( ver had 
relations with him. He showerl his 
interest for the college in many ways, 
chiefly in regard to campus and academii 
activities. He has for many years l)een 
president of the ,A( idemic Activities 
Board. The general >< iit iment on campus 
is that of deep regret at the recent news 
that Mr. Haskell is to leave us. 

Harriers Annex 
Second Victory 

Teamwork Attain Wins for Agates 
by Narrow Mariiin 

Over a hard, hilly course, Coach IK-rby's 
cross country team nosed out one of the 
Inst teams Wor«ester I'olytechnic 
Institute has produ(«'d in recent years 
List Sjiturday wlnn they beat them 2t) to 
29. The race was run over the Worct-ster 
(<nirse which has long been recognized as 
one of the hardest in the east. Captain 
Rice of the V\'.P.I. team crossed the line 
((Continued on Pufte 2) 

Williston Defeats 

X r 

1 WO- 1 ear 1 earn 


Home Team Shows Itself Superior 
At All Times 

Williston .Academy ilefeat«c| the Two- 
^ear f<K)lball team at Kaslhampton last 
lri«lay aftern(K>n 'Xi to 0. The Williston 
team lineiii) was changed se\'eral limes 
• luring the g.ime by substitutions, making 
it still harder for the Two-Year team lo 
s<:ore. Pernandes, of Williston, was the 
high Morer, sicuring three tou<hdowns. 
He also kicked three iK)ints after tou< h- 
downs. The team from Williston showed 
itM-lf suiM-rior lo the team from M.A.t . 
in every way. The summary: 

Williston Two- Year 

Paine, Bri( kley, le re, Butler 

( hurihill, Scott, It rt, Brown 

Perini, Burns, Sturlevant, Ig 

rg, Taylor, < ireene 

Aggie Team Huh Yet to Show 
Keal Sctkring Pt>wer 

With the season just more than halt 
over, M..A.C.'s footb.ill eleven enters tin 
harder |M>rti(in of its schedule with a 
record that tells of a team that has 
pl.iyed good loot ball and wretched finit- 
liall during its early season .schedule. 
.Amherst with its usual giNwl team is mir 
next opponent, and the (piestion in every 
miiul is what lo ex|Kct this .Sat urday. 

In the first game of the season, the 
team jouriu>yed tt> Brunswick and played 
.1 strong Bowdoin t»-am to a scoreless lie. 
Bowdoin has pnned itself since lo be .m 
eleven of no mean calibre, for after Uing 
defeated by N'ale's team it has not 
lost a game with collc-ges that are in lis 
class. Dur team played gcNMl fiHitlull in 
that g.'tmc-. Bowdoin h.icl .1 hi-avy ex- 
|K'riencec| team, whicli wc lacked, but the 
spirit of the- Aggie club fighting against 
these odds hcljK-d lo tie the game. 

I'ollowing this game, Bates won from 
I he Agates bya score cjf 7 loO, and .Middle' 
bury seven days later sent the same club 
down to its second clefeal bv a count of 
12 to O. in neither game did the 
show the determined spirit that charac- 
terized their play against Bowdoin, an<l 
iH'cause ol that lack of light the shulouts 
were inevitable. 

Then c-ame the Willi. iiiis game which 
meant that wc were sl.icked up against 
one of the liest small college teams in 
the- east. Here the Agales came out of 
llieir stump and scored, threatening at 
other times, but a d.iz/ling set of lateral 
and fui ward |<aiised in a backfieki tiiat is 
shifty, fast, clever, was an advantage that 
Williams c Ic.irly had. Howe-, one of t lie- 
high |ioint scorers in the ICast, was a big 
factor in this game, and his elusive s|H-ecl 
made ]iractically all of Williams' |Ntinls. 

Latest in the minds of those who have 

folleiwid I he- team clos«ly is the- W.P. 1. 

game-. Here .igain the team sluin|Mel, and 

although !V1as.s. Aggie rushed the liall 

(Cunlinued on PaHv 2) 



c, M it die II 

Ig, Dibble 

It, Pulley 

le, Sylvia 

q\), ( 

Brcjwii, Parker, c- 

Rouse, Howard, rg 

I yler, B(K)th, rt 

Dee, Clark, re 

Monroe , Boyd, Marquis, «ib 

D'Kulsky, J. Morse, Schumacher, Ihb 

rhb, PeUett 
Fernandes, L. Morse, rhb Ihb, Olsen 

Hamel, Skourcjnek, J. Morse, fb 

fb, larnier 
Score— Williston lili, M.A.C. I wo- Year 
O. Touchilowns — Fernandes 3, Monroe, 
.Schumacher. Points after touchdowns-- 
I'ernandes :{. Referee — Young. Lmpire 
— Barry. Linesman— Bowler. lime 
10-miiiute [(criods. 


"Of all noble qualities, Iming com- 
passion is the noblest." 

Lao-tze Chinese. C04Ii.C. 

Friday — 

2 p. 111. Inauguration of President. 
\ arsity Tross (Country: Harvard at 

( ambridge, 
Ireshman Cross Country: Harvard 

freshmen at Cambridge. 
Two-Year Football: Trinity Fresh- 
men at Hartford. 
Varsity Football: Amherst at Pratt 

I Wcjrid .Aggie night is a well es- 
lablisheel insliliition is shown by the 
but that a|>proximalely SIN) .diinini and 
liiends gathered last Siiturday evening at 
thirty two clitTereiit es in the United 
States. Although the .duiiini cillice had 
not heard from all of the various a.ssem- 
bl.iges helel throughout the country at 
the- lime of going te» press, it is U-lieved 
that this year's WorM Aggie night was a 
highly siicei-^sfnl all.iir .end it certainly 
was throughout Ne-w Lngland. 

As was the last year, a program 
W.IS hroadc.isled b-.nn sl.ilion WBZ .it 
Springfielcl by undergi.iiluates, logc-tlie-r 
with s|Meclies by t •overnor Alvan T. 
Iiiller, Pre-sideni Reiscex- W. Thatcher 
.ind .Arlhiiw W. Cilbe-rt '01. Cominissione-r 
of .Agriculture lor^.u huse-tis. Tin; 
radio progr.iin rereived much favorable 
conmieiil .ind as .1 re•^,ull it is expected .1 ^ program will Ik- put on 
cbniiig the- winter in ceinneclion with the 
iiiec-iiiig of the- Be)sic»n Aluiiini Club. The 
epi.irlet c cnii|M>.seel cif "Red" M.irsh, 
"Jack" (Juinn, "Blondy"— all 
of till- el.iss ol I9J.S. .md "Don" Iilf.uiy 
((Joniliiuctl un i'uAc 2) 

Amherst Professor 

Lectures on Africa 

Cup Offered for Best Entertainment 
by a Fraternity 

Invitations to Mass. .Aggie's first 
"'s Day" on November 12, were sent 
to the- fathers of all M..A.C. sliieh-nts last 
Monday, and replies will soon b<- forth 
coming. Progr.ims of the- v.irions e vents 
scheduled were also inc liiiled with the 
invitations which wc-re ni.iiled from the 
Pre-sidc nt 's office-, contrary to the plans 
announced last week. I-Acry student 
should eo-o()t-rate with the "Dad's Day" 
cc»mniiltee by notifying some- nM-mU-r of 
the- acceptance c>r r«-jec lion of the invi 
tation sc-nt to his parent. This informa- 
tion is absolutely necessary in order to 
make plans for the clinncr at I)ra|K-r Hall 
and tcj allow for compliineiitary tickets 
to the f.xilball game. 

With the- announce-ment that a i up 
will be- awariled to the- fraternity or 
sorority tiirnishe- the la-st enter- 
tainment at the evening program in 
Stockbridge Hall, the- com|K-ting organi- 
zations are extn-cted to increase their 
elTcjrts to stage creditable exhibitions. 
.AlKnit ten minutes will l,c- allowed for 
each act. 

ILach student should make rcK)ming 
arrangements for his parent or parents if 
possible. In case success docs not reward 
his c fTorts to obtain a room, suggestions 
concerning the Icxation of available rcmms 
may lie obtained from Arnold W. Dyer '29. 

.Arrangements have been made for a 
brief, informal reception to the Dads by 
iiicmlK-rs of the M.A.C. faculty at IL.'JO 
.1. m. in the Memorial Building. The re- 
mainder of the program will include the 
features mentioned in List week's issue of 
the Collegian. 

Prof. Friedmann Recounts Ex> 
periences on l^tllecling Trip 

"It ,in cMclin.iry lion cm jump ten feel, 
jiisi how inifihl .1 lion three times the 
si/e of an onlin.iry lion jump?" Such was 
the iM-rplexing c|iiesl icin which faee-el Prc}- 
(I'ssor Friedmann, of the de|>artnient of 
Biology at .Amhe-rst Colle-ge, one «-arly 
iiiorniiig during his rt-c e-nt trip to Africa. 
whic:h was for the puriKioe of collectin|{ 
new- and ran- birds for museums. 

riie profes.sor Ihcu asked by the 
chief of an African Irilic- lo rid the village 
of a large- lion whie h had iM-en killing the 
cattle- of the- me-n in the- village- ami in the 
iie-iglil>oriiig eoiinlry. Thus it was that 
Prof, i-'riedniann founel hinisi-lf in the top 
of a low Ire-e with his ^uns wailing for the; 
lion lo put in an ap|M',ir.iiice-. During the 
night the* professor haci the s^itisfaction of 
shociliiig Iwci small lions, which ple-,isecl 
t lie men mightily. 

The U-«ture was on Africa, its customs 
.ind its country, ami was profusc-ly illus- 
ir.ite-d with lantern slieles. Prof, l-'ried- 
iiiann s|ioke mainly of the- country sur- 
rounding the /ainlK-/.i river, which is the 
least known of the- gre-at rivers of Africa. 
The- llora of the coimtry was treated at 
some- le-ngth as was also the c-ustoms of 
the trilM's inhabiting that |t;trt of the con- 
I incut, sen h as the Masai. 

Prof. Friedmann staled that traveierg 
in Africa sc-c-iii to lake- licjiis .is lh<-y c<)me 
and that I hey are- not afraid of thi-m as 
is usually thought, lie concluded his talk 
with pictures of some- of the- unusual birds 
wliieli he- si iidic-d and collected. 



(icK)d music, a gcKMl tiiiii-, but .1 scjrne- 
wliat smaller crowd characterized the 
thini Friday night dance- of the term, he-Id 
last Friday evening in the Me-morial 
Building. There were- aliout thirty five- 
couples present anci there- was consider- 
able- favoral)le- commc-nl on the- orchestr.i 
which played uneh-r the title of "The 
Little Serc-naders". ProL and Mrs. « 
li. Snyd«-r were the chain-rone-, for the 


lufls 22, Veriiir>iii n 
Norwich -14, Lowell lextile 
Wcslc-y.ui 21), Amherst 12 
Maine 07, Hates 
Ihru'dotn l.'i, ("olby ti 
Columbia 19, Wtllutms 
.Springfield *>, Boston Iniv. 






Official ncwsiiaper of the Massachiisttts 
ARricultiiral (ulltgc. I'ul.lMit <1 ivny 
Wedmsday by the hludiiils. 


Bw^Esi 1,. SiiN( IK ■2K Kditor-in-Chief 

BU.t«uKili Baknaku "2S 

Maiiauiiig Kdiioi 

Editorial l•-'<^t^' L Si-kncer •2k 

Feature Hak..u. K. Clakk 2h 

Alumni & H.oii ( on.s.s iJoskphink I'anzua JK 

Athletic s""^'-"^^ "^ "^*^'^'' ;;;' 

Cam,.u. K..WAKi.JI.NKHO,.s 29 

John U. IIowakd Jk. Jd 

Ekic Singlkton "W 

Faculty ^ *«'• A' l*""*'*'' "^ 


Edwin A. Wi.i.ek 'SS Business Manaser 

D01...1.AS A. U)i.lNC -28 Circulation Manager 

Harolo K. ANSE..L -28 AdvertiBing Manager 

LAWKiNtR A. Cakkdth '29 

William A. Kcan '29 

Frbdkbick D. TiiAVKR. Jr. '29 

Subscription $2.00 ptr year. SiiirIo 
copies 10 cents. Make all orders payable 

In case of change of address, subscribers 
will please notify tlie business manager 
as soon as |)ossible. 

Acrordinn to I he story of the season 
thus far, the .\nilurst name on^ht to be 
a Npot in the sthediiie where the finlil wt 
have b<i 11 speaking of is due In l)c evi 
(li need again, loach White has a de- 
pendable <lub at the other end of the 
town. The Wesleyan set-back will Ijc the 
Sabriiia's big motive force for their work 
lliis week, and our team has got to show 
every bit of s»ia|)piness that it can 
muster. 'Ihe Worcester game clearly 
sh«)Wi<i the lack of icstrve strength that 
"Kid" (.ore fairs. Walkden tore the 
hgameiils of his knee in this game and 
will be out prob.dily for the rest of the 
siaMiii. l.o.sing a dependable lineman 
iiH-ans more work for the scjuad, and when 
physical ability fails, the fighting spirit 
that is ofliines subject to ritlicule but 
wliidi has earned resi)ect nevertheless is 
the only alternative. 

'lirkets for the game are fast dis- 
apiMaring, and no .\ggie eleven can afford 
to show a lack of tight in any contest with 
Amherst. The outcome of a football 
game is hard to predict as Wesleyan 
proved last Saturday. The wearers of the 
purple may have a gwxl team, but let's 
not be licked before we start! It's up to 
the student body to help by giving the 
team a Inwst. On to .\mherst! 


Kntcrod as second-class matter at the Amherst 
Post Ottice. Accepted for ""a.ln.K at r. te 
of poHtaKeprovided Icr in *'"'<•" "«'',.^" "' ^'"^ 
loJjci. 1917. authorized August JO. 1918. 


In view of recent conditions on the 
campus preceding the announcement of 
Mountain Day, it wenis that a disser.- 
taticm on tin' subject of "rumor" is not 
untimely, lor more than a week the 
campus literally Hooded with rumors 
of more or (usually.) less reaM.nable foun- 
datit.n. The speed with which the most 
casual statement bcronies absolutely 
authoritative- and pemtrates to every 
corner of the campus is an imfailing 
source of wonderment. 

t)f course, there are rumors and rumors. 
No doubt most of theni are as harmless 
as thos.' which have recently Uin prc\a- 
hnl n.ncerning Mcuintain Pay; but there 
are other kmd^ ol rumors which it would 
be far bi iter to suppress. Kach t)f us .an 
easily think d example >. from past>- 
lumc'.is involving the npulation of sonic- 
f. How-student; talk oi various ihiuK^ 
xvrong with the coIIck' ; S^"^>'P "f '» '"'" 
dr»cl dillerent things that \\ere better leli 
undi>cussed. The love of gossip 
M-andal seeni> to Ik- inherent in the human 
familv. but cannot we, as college slude nt>, 
overcomi- to some extent, at least, our 
desire to hiar and to si.rcad unsavory 


11 Nou lionolly think that there is 
something wrong with the college, and 
you have a constructive criticism, the 
columns of the ColUy.iau are always optn 
for eommunications; but surely we should 
not allow our college community to de 
cene-rate into "M.iin Sine t". 

/•:. li. 


The sky's her roof, a r(K)f Inneath her. 
From her home, when day had endc-il, 
We led he r. Through the chilly ether, 
lip Jaeob'h 1 addc r -he- ascended. 
Saint I'etcr ope iie d wide the gate 
To let our >wee tlic.irl enter, 
lUit he couldn't linel out what >he ale-, 
AntI from neighing he couldn't prevent her. 
And now >hi- lie s with e \es of lire- 
And gazes through a wiiulc-r; 
It is her very he-art's desire 
Someone- will come- and lind he r. 
So we, the ela» of '^S, .ilnne with thai ol 


Do challenge you to lake liom us lb* 
famous I'Kl DKNCK flirty! 
(Signed ) TIIK K\ KNS. •2S\ •:U) 


Contlmu-el froni Tatle I) 
more t.".0 >.nds while Terli mad. 
less than W, we lo^l by a 7 to t» score. 
The push and light that made- the- lU.wdoin 
game- interesting and solaced u-> on llu 
result ol ili< Williams game was woefiilK 
missiuK. No IC"-'' line- piim h has ever 
iH-en l.ukinv; b* ion in Avv;if ti.iin-, and 
the dill) loM be. in-r 'M'.i ti'slit w.i- 
kept in the b.i' ^ H^niul iii-i win n w. 
needed it lUo^t . 


(Continued from PaUc 1) 

merely rejx.'atcd the preceding one. Our 
team tore olT intermittent first clowns 
while Worcester could do little or nothing. 
Tufts completed a i)ass from Kudcjui^t for 
a tillee 11 yard gain, but no other play in 
the period gave as miu h yardage. Marx' 
try for goal tame in the last minutes of 
the half. 

"Nick" Nitkiewicz oix-nc-d the second 
half by running back the kickoff forty 
yaieU. Two line bucks gave only three 
yards, and on the thinl play, fiill inter- 
(•tpled one- of our passt-s to give- Tech the- 
ball. Worcester lailed to g.iin, and Con- 
\erse- bootecl a U-autiful punt with tlie 
aid of the wind to our two->ani line. A 
hhot at the line- yieldecl no gain, and 
Kuehiuist got olT a punt from behind his 
goal. ConNe-rse received it on ihi- .Aggie's 
;>7 yard line- and with good interference- 
.iiid a tle\er trick of reversing his field. 
More (I llu only loiiehdown of the- v;amc 
.inel adeieel I he evlra point by dropkic king 
the ball o\e r the bar. Nekther team made 
.1 lirsl cIkwii in the- entile peiioel. pinils 
being the word lor both teams, i 

lech's only firM down of the vjame- e .inie 
in ihe last eiuarler whi n Convers*- due kcd 
ihroiigh the- line on a c|uarlerbae k sneak. 
Twice- in this last |Hrioel the .\gales had 
the ball less ihan five yards away from 
Worcesler's goal with buir downs to go, 
bill the- oppo>ing defense would not yield 
I lie precious List vanl. K.ilph Knee-land 
made- long gains in the waning 
minutes of the eonti-sl, but the luginee-rs 
were invincible and the- gains availed 

One of the interest ing sidelights of th>- 
^;.iiiie is the- fat t both (".nidi and 
(on verse played their fourth fcK)lball 
eontest with M.X.C, having U-en on the 
Te-ch team for four years. In l'.»L'4, 
(.nidi stored twice- on long passes from 
Convi-rM . bill .\ui;ii- wnii the g.ime .">! to 
111. The- next the I we) men scored 
!".» points, fouNerse making a run ol 
nine-ty yards for one store while ( luidi 
stored the- other two on long runs. I..»sl 
\.ar 'Tech failed to stcne but this year 
they reveisetl the store «)f 1".»2«> with I lie s. 
same- two men ihe eogs in 
Wort-ester's maehiiu-. The-\-: 

Fifteen Years Ago This Week 
The "College Sijinal" Said 
"Dr. .Mexander Meiklejohn was offi- 
. ially installed as president of Amherst 
College in College Hall Wednesday. 
.\mong the notable educators who at- 
te-iided the ceremony were Presidents 
Lowell of Harvard, C.arlield of Williams, 
l-"aunce of Urown, and Hyde of Howcloin. 
President liulterfield of M.A.C. was also 

r.S. Dr. Meiklejohn was succeeded by 
Dean Olds, and soon Amherst will be 
inaugurating another president, Arthur 
S. i'ease. Dr. Meiklejohn is now in 
charge of the new University of Wiscon- 
sin l-:x|)erimental College, an innovation 
which embodies some of the former 
.Xmherst leader's ideals of a liberal edu- 
cation. No fixed program of studies 
handicaps the favored members of this 
student lK)dy who pursue wisdom by 
untried paths. 


Williams Wins 

A noticeable feature at Williamstown 
last Saturday was the abundance of 
M.A.(". upiM-rclassmen and the lack of 
freshmen. Perhaps the unusual schedule 
has prevented the- frosh from becoming 
acepiainted with the true Aggie spirit. To 
those of unwavering loyalty it was a 
thrilling ex|M-rience to st-e the whole- 
he-aru-d, consistent, and vociferous sup- 
port which the Mass. Aggie supporters 
gave their eleven. The increasing lop- 
>itltcliuss of the score made no difTerence 
in the amount of encouragement con- 


Some ilay soon those Agates are going 
lo blossom out! A faint indication of 
their latent powers came in the- first 
cpiarter wlit-n Williams was oiilclassed. 


"Dutch" Uuilciiiisi still refuses to re- 
move- suiiertluoiis hair from his face, 
alihou^h not ever\ one is >»-t aware of 
his \ow to I lie- gculs ol \ic tor\ . 


Worcester Tech 

llllbbaid. le- 
linney. It 
C.irl>on, 1. 
.\iken. e- 
Sliaketiir. rg 
l.c^ltr, -Vnderxin, rt 
( .raham. re 
! '(ifntr-e-, <|ti 
( iiiidi, lldi 
(.ill. rhl> 
Wilkinson, lb 
Store by |>e rioil- 
W'i)rie-st«-r 'Tei h 
M.i". A.^-^ie 

Touthclown < MiiM 1 -I 
iniK lidown- ( ciiive rsi . 
(,ii. Inipiii- In;.'.il!- Aftftie 

re. I'luiiic-r 

rt, .Mills. Cie-nunts 

Walkden. Kichanison 

. . M.inn, Mills 

1^, Ktllon Hr.ii kle-% 

It, .Marx 

Ic, Cle-meiits, Cook 

«|b, (.hi in 11 

ilib, llih.ird, Nitkiewic/ 

llib. kiid'Hii-l 

'lull -, Km 1 land 


1 (I 7 
) II 


ki I. rc-( 

fl 7 
n () 



I -man 



lour l.'Miiinilii j.iriod 


.\t least one pi ison who is not coni- 
ptlltd to subscribe to our tollt-ge weekly 
appreciates its value. The btisinesss 
manager reports that one individual has 
sent in for all the copies of last year's 
I'ollfi'Jitu as well as ordering an aiUance 
^ubst•ril^tion. And the money accom- 
panied the reciuest. 


•'l.isl Wednesday's assemlily was de 
voted to a mass meeting with T. I >. 
Ciri^gs 'b> presiding." 

P.S. (.rings, at time presiile-nt of 
the S-nate and the athletic i-elitoi if the 
"Signal", has since- bt-come- known to 
successive annual generations of Agates 
through his tomiHisititm of "Dt-ar Old 
Massachusetts " .mkI "Tight em eo \ it - 


■■.\mong the- notables who visitt-tl the 
M..\.C. campus this week was( ommodore 
Peary who came- down lo see Aggie during 
his slay in An.herst for the inauguration 
at Amherst Collt-ge-." 

P.S. Couldnt we- h.ive- l.indbergh as 
eiur most famous modern exi)lorer? Or 
peril. ii>s President ( e«)li(lKe will elrfip 
around during .Xmherst t ollege's coming 

inuutiurating a President 
Oiure more the |H)mp and splendtir ,it 
tt iicjini; the installation of a coUe-ge- presi- 
de iil \vill be offered to the plebians, and 
;;ifi>ol < lit ^ from Friday afte noon tl,is-( - 
itor ihoM who have- thenii will be- djstri- 
1,11'. d. .\<.iin tht- martial phalanxt-s fllie 
K.ii. |.( . will assemble to play an itn 
pori.inl part in the cerenumies leading' ui> 
to till iiidiK tion itst-lf. 


.M.iv our IK w "l'n-N\" have- iin e c|iially 
long (if he- .so desires) and .in e-eiually 

sue ee-ssful reign! 

(Continued on Pafte 3) 

''.18 Willis S. lisher, secretary of his 
tlass writes that already i)lans are being 
brought to a successful issue concerning 
the thirtieth anniversary of the class, 
which takes place in June, 1928. 

'lU Marion (i. Pulley rejjorts that the 
Amherst alumnae are making plans lor a 
gathering of M.A.C. women em Alumni 
llome-Coming Day, Saturday, Nov. l'.». 
The local committee are working on the 
plans and a notice giving full details will 
be sent to each alumna in the near future. 
'Ki Perez Simmons, e ntomoh)gist , was 
recently transferretl from the Kntomology 
depart me-nt at Washington, D. C. to 
Tiesno, Cab, where he has charge of the 
U. S. Entomological Lalx)ratory. 

''.Mi Harry T. Kd wards was a recent 
visitor on the campus. He is employed 
by the U.S.D.A. and is stationed at 
Manila, P. 1. 

'OG J. Kdward Martin, one of ihe- 
many .\ggie alumni who have made gorjcl 
in editorial work, is managing editor of 
"The California Luml^er Merchant." 

'15 Harlow L. Pendleton, former in- 
structor at M.A.C. is now su|x>rintende-nt 
of the ice cream department of the A. R. 
Parker Co., Hrielge water, Mass. 

'17 "Hill" Strong is an alumnus who 
is making rapid strides in the financial 
world. He was recently appointed New 
X'ork represt-ntative for the Marine Trust 
Co. of HtifTalo of which comijany he is 
also vice-jiresident. 

'I'.l Arthur M. McCarthy, former all 
round Aggie athlete, whose marriage trjok 
jilaee recently at Palmer, Mass., is en- 
gaged in the insurance business in Chicago. 
'L'l Janus W. Alger is now in the 
e-le-etrical business with the Collins Tllee- 
tric Comi)any of Springfield. 

'2.'} Krnest Putnam who completed 
his work at Aggie- last June is now prin- 
ciiial of the- high school at Mill Uiver, 

'•S.\ ''Hob" Martin is eniph>yed by the 
U. S. De-pt. of Ceimmerie- at Des Moines, 

•L>4 "\'ic" Cahalane, of the V . S. 
Toiest Service, was in charge of gather- 
ing data on the Trench Hniad anel Noli- 
chusky River damages for the Mississippi 
llcjod Control hue-siigalion Commiltee 
during the recent flood disaster in the 
Mississippi X'alley. 

"2o Herbert J. Marx, former Aggie 
football star, is now emplojed as a 
theinist alc^ng with several ejther .\ggie 
graduates. He is in the lalKjratories of 
the PrcKlor and ('.amble Co., L. I., .\'. X . 
L'li Roland D. Sawyer, Jr. is making 
Kood this year as teacher-coach at St. 
Xlark's School, Southlwro, Mass. 


Local organizations such as Adelphi, 
the Honor Council, the St-nate, and the 
Women's Student Council. 

The captains of the various athletic 

'The delegates from each fraternity. 

Many New Members 

Added To Faculty 

Twenty-six new members have been 
added lo the- college faculty since the 
closing of ccjileges lat June. Many of 
these new me-mbe-rs are here to fill places 
left vacant through resignations while 
others have come to take positions which 
are entirely new in the- various depart- 
ments. Of the i)ositions being filled the 
one which includes the largest number of 
men is that of instructor claiming seven 
newc-omers, those of assistant professor 
and investigator are next with four apiece. 
The following are new members to the 
faculty this fall: President Roscoe W. 
Thatcher, D.Agr., LL.D.; Paul H. Ander- 
son, M.A., Instructor in English; Law- 
rence E. Hriggs, H.Sc., Instructor in 
Physical Education; .Marian V. Brown, 
U.S., Laboratory Assistant in Farm 
Management; Carlton O. Cartwright, 
H.Sc., Instructor in Horticultural Manu- 
factures; Clarence B. Coombs, B.S., 
M.L.A., Assistant Professor in Landscape 
Ciardening; Esther H. Cooley, B.S., 
Assistant Exten ion Professor of Home 
Economics; Esther S. Davies, B.S., 
Assistant Research Professor of Home 
Economics; H. I<ol)c-rt DeRose, Assistant 
Official Chemist, Fertilizer Control; 
X'irginia R. Dufresne-, H.S., Lalxiratory 
Assistant in Agricultural Economics; 
Siowell C. Coding, A.M., Instructor in 
Trench; Francis P. Griffiths, H.S., In- 
vt-siigator in Horticultural Manufactures; 
Mrs. Annette T. Herr, M..X., State Leafier 
of County Home Deinf)iistration Agents; 
W'ilbie- S. Hinc-^ardner, Ph.D., Instructor 
in ( he niistry; William R. Hinshaw, M.S., 
D.X'.M., S|H-cialist, Poultry Disease- Elim- 
in.ilion; Tlliz.;ilieth F. Hopkins, M.Sc., 
Ste-d AiiaKst, Control St-r\iee-; TLustis L. 
Hubbard, .XIajor. Cavalry, U.S.A., A.ssis- 
tant Profes or of Miiil.iry Stienee and 
ladies; John W. Kusineski, H.Sc., 
.Analyst , Control St-rvice; Hairy CI. 
I.inelenii-i , M.Se., Instructor in Dairying; 
Konald L. Mi^;lie 11, M.S., Investigator in 
T'arni Manageiiu-nt; Paul R. Nelson, 
H.Sc., Investigator in Chemistry; Elsie E. 
Niekerson, H..St., Tethnical Assistant, 
Home T".e-ont)niie-s; ll.irolcl H. Rowe, 
H.S ., Extt-nsion Professejr of Marketing; 
T'llmore S. Sanders, .Assistant S|H-cialist 
Poult r\ Oist-ase Tlliminat ion ; Most-s Tl. 
.Sntll, hnesligator in .Xgnmomy; and 
(a noil .\. 'Townt-, H.St., Insiructor in 


(Continued flom Pafte I) 
of tht- class of l'.»;>(l, were es|Hcially recog- 
nized for their excellence. Tor the second 
const-cutive year the meeting at Concord 
was the- largest with Ul present, while tbe 
meeting at Springfield was the next 
largest with M.') present. 


(Continued from Paftc 1) 

first in a time of '2^ minutes ;{0 seconris. 
Not far iK-hind him ran Cajitain Piestem 
and Newi-ll SchapiH-lle, Inith of .\ngie, 
who linishecl second .iiid third, res|ic-e-- 

Hall of W.P.I, was fourth, closely fol- 
lowed by -Xlace, also of Worcester, who 
had overtaken and passed Rolnrtson and 
Ikriiaii of the .Xggie team by a remark- 
able sprint in the last (|uarter mile of the 
track. The- nst finished in the feillowing 

Rolnrtsejn (Mj (itli. He-man (M) 7th, 
llomeyer (M; Sih, Nelson (W J !)lh, 
St. ike (W) lOtb, Renaud (M) llth, 
liirgan (M) Il2lli, bJth and llth Worces- 
ter me n. 

£ Diretlly after the c- llu- team went 
t()*llie- Worcester Alumni Hanciuet. 


(Continued from Pafte I) 

till- south. The- order of llu- jiroi essiim 
itself is as follows: 

President an<l Tniste-e-s of the- college-. 

Tac ulty. 

Delegate-' inmi other ional insti- 

I lit ions. 


kc-iirinted from Silionl mid Sadety, X'ol. 
\X\ , No. (147, May L'l, Ilt27. 

Every earnest student of education, e - 
|He ially if he pursues imliictive methf)d- 
of study and examines phenomena as they 
arise, must give careful attention to the 
"bull session" or "bull fe-st."* It consti- 
tutes, in fact, erne- of the most im[X)rtant 
units in the whole machinery of university 

Is any intelliK«-nt jR-r.->eiii ><j out ol 
touch with actual affairs as not to know 
alM)Ut these bull sessions? Is any one 
ignorant of tht- fae t that students gather 
in grou|»s of I wo or four or six, in private 
rooms, dormitories or esiH-cially in fra- 
ternity houses, and for hours ;it a tinn 
aruiie and discuss every matter within 
their shining hejrizon? It may Ix; the 
dividing line between physiology and 
elu-mistry, or the futility of Doc He)om'.- 
course in |Mj|ycon 3, or why the librars 
shoulel 1h- dost-d on Sunday fort-ncKjns or 
whether fresh me n ought to Ix- allowed .ii 
llu- senior prom. Hut serious ciuestioiH 
from till- tieids of poetry, science, statis- 
tics, morals have- a refrt shing preference. 
Whatever the- topic, it unde-rgcM-s an ex 
aniination which might m.ike- Cflaucf)n 
writhe- in his forgot ten grave-. 

This is the genuine e-dueation — the in- 
tense "drawing out" of the- sltiilt-nt. Here, 
ten times iiior,- in the best classrfX)ni. 
he summons all his resources, expresse - 
himself in his native strength and charac 
ler and takes his criticism. Tor ever' 
(Continued on Pafte 4) 

IT WON'T BE LONC; NOW. Colder weather, football games, and warmer clothing, 
in our history you can't go wrong in being outfitted here. 



With the best assortment of Winter Clothinii 


THE RULES OF PROPRIETY demand Dress Correct for the Occasion. (Careful attention to every item of attire is requireil if one is to be correctly 'Jres.sed 
for the occasion*. We are showing 'correct apparel for the occasion' in Ilickey-Freeman CiUstomized (Mothes for Kail. The finer tail(>rin)> that characterixeK 
each garment, gives to the wearer tliat distinction of dress that can be et]ualled only by the leadin(i custom tailors. 





Boston Headquarters for all M. A. C. and 
many other College Teams and Clubs 


Club Breakfast and Special Luncheons 

and Dinners 


(Conlinueil from Piifie i) 
These- ie>ns aie too rare at 
.Xggie- te) alleiw the ehance tei sli]) past 
inuised. Only one puMic inauguration of 
a presiele-nt pre\ie>usl> l)ee-n helel .it 
M..\.C., that of Kenyon I., 'iiitterlielel em 
October 17, HKIti. The siil)ject of his 
inaugural aelelress was "The I'ejrwarel 
.MeiMiiK-nt in Agricultural Keliie-atie)n." 
I'le-sielent lUitterlielel's adniiiiislratie>n con- 
tinued for nineteen successful years. 




Neat in appearance Collegiate in style Moder- 
ate in Price. They hold their shape and are hard 
to wear out. 




Optician and Jeweler 

.1 IM.F.VSANT STRKKT, Uip one Hifthl) 

Oculists' HreNcriplionH Killeil. liroken lenses 

aci-iiralely replareil 

BU; BEN AI.AKM <:I.(k:KS and other 

relial>le makes 


is open for the season of '27 and '28 

Order EATS for parties, re- 
ceptions and hikes 

120 Pleasant Street, 

First heiuse soiilh of campus 

Telephone 511 

Vou uill find an extellenl 

. . . SIIOK RKI'AIKINt; SIKH' . . . 

equipped with llie most up-to-date (.ootlyear 
Mai'iiinery anti a m<Hiern 

at 111-2 Anilly Sr, - Opp- New Theatre 

We under sland S'lur rf'iuirrmitil, and arc pre- 
pared lo meet yur nerds. 
.XU UKtrk guarantfed. Sh-ies ^h^Hed and dyed, 60i 


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Walter H. Harrison 


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You're Going to the Cjame=- 

Be sure you have the right clothes to wear so 
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A new lot of Fall Suits. A new lot of Topcoats 
and the greatest assortment of Overcoats we have 
ever had the pleasure of showing. 

Of course we have plenty of leather coats, mackinaw 
coats, sheepskin coats and sweaters. Come in and look 
them over. 


Hut why can't we ci khrate this nio- 
nmitenis eMcasietn with all the- ritiialisi!; 
anel ceremonial exercis<-s iHJssiMe- whe-n 
such a trilling occurrence as a football 
game hetween \a\v anel the .^rnu- is the- 
oe'casiejn fe)r e-ve-n more- e-lalKjrate display 
fe)r infinitely more spectators? 



New hymnals have been pre)vieleel feir 
everyone exee-pt the>se st-nie)rs who neiw 
oee-upy the freml row e>f si-ats in Howker 
.'\iielitoriuni. We suggest that this over- 
sight be reineelieel in oreli-r to e>bviate the 
informal grouping arounei the organist 
when those hymns of more or less familiar 
ee)ntent are playetl. 


W hy is the- e-elite)r of our college- pa|Kr 
M> |K-rsistentl\ slighted.'' Free {Kisses to 
ihe movies, invitations to various celc- 
br.ilieMis, ele., are showire-el U|Min the 
St iiale, while the- indivielii.d who has e>ne 
III the- iiie>st indue-Ill |M>silieins aine>n^ 
line|ergraelllate-s geM-> Ulll'e-\\.iril«-el. Sic 
S( in|Hr, Unite-. 

Ihe- unreli.d)ilit\ eif the Im-IIn 
whiih feiriiK-iK m.iikeil the be-^iniiing .ind 
ellel ol e.ich e'> liiiin h.l> liieili^ht let e)ur 
miiiii .1 iHis.silile- miIi->I iliile-. I t I '> h.i\e- a 
whistle- ble)\Mi fle)in the- |iei\se'i pi. int. ll 
Mii);hl pre)\'e- a meire- e-lfe-e'liv e- piine-) inn 
pe)iiit te> the- e)ialiiin-< of le)ii^ windiel le-c 
I urers. 



Mene than live hunelreel fathers e)f tlie 
sluelents of the I'liiNersily are e-xpee leil lei 
ri-si^^it the- instil lit ie)n S.iturelay fe>r the 
thiiel annual "Dael's l>a>". Presielent 
i-'.elwarel Me)rgan l.e-wis will s|H-ak tei llu- 
l>aels in the gymnasium after the infeiiin.d 
rt-cept iem.--77/(' AVw Uampshtrc. 

— — BP 


Two universities, Penn State anil Ohiei 
State have tlu-ir e)wn |M)liee- ele-partnie-nts. 
Perhaps we she)ulel have- s|H-eial ofViee-rs 
during apple-picking time-. 


A geological party headed by Professor 
Looniis of Amherst College covered OKK) 
miles this past summer collecting s|ieci- 
niens of varying degrees of anli(|iiity. 
They collecteel 110 cases weighing .'fUK) 
ptjimels of choice skeletons. 


l'(>I>erclassine'n at Wesle-yan may eirive 
cars if they are- up in their studies ami 
have registereel with Ihe Dean, l-resh- 
me-n anel sophomores will ne>t be- allowe-el 
te> bring thi-ir meile>rs lo si he>ol uneie-r .eii\ 
conelitie>ns. This new ruling has gone- into 
e (Te ct this fall. 

-Job Printing- 

ot the 

|{i:rri':R kind 

Box & Printing Co. 



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pi|H-s, pailliM-kii. rhetnoUrapltN antI pimolH. 








d H 


for the 
College Men and Women 

The larjiest assortment 
in town at moderate prices 


275 High St., Holyoke 

Town Hail. Amherst 



OCT. it,n 


6.4.^ N..M 

MalinM' I'tiil.l Kir 
A'liile.. .i..< 
lA.nliiir. II. M.I :(■« till- 


»m;i ix 

*.4.S. R.tS 


»m:i. I't 

<i IS K <n 

«»(.r 11 

< )M» 

ei 4S K (II 

Syerial FuUrr .S^cid Fralan 

•KKSI KKMri ION." wlih 
R<hI la Koi'iiur and IKilorea 
l»«'l Kio 'lolNloy'it liDiiiiirMl 
I ovf-ilrania i'oMrrfully plc- 
liir«tl, NcnKational. hcauli- 
lul, ttrtMi humiin drama. 
HusNla of |||«- <:zarit oplrn- 
dor niaitiilHrcncc, and h*- 
>iin<l Ihe ihrfai of .Sllieria, 
land of loNi hu|M-ii. 

Ntw« and Muck Nvnnetl 
Co mfdy. 

"Al IAS Till- DKACUN." 
The H lory <i| a itlrluhii ran 
away friiiii home the hem 
she mel in a liii» car feill of 
lioliiies.'anil who imtk .i ler- 
rlHi ten riieiixl liealliiu in 
or«ler lo earn ihe tiriit pay 
iiii'iil tor Ihe fiirnllure for 
I heir now home. 
Sporiliithf and our ttanU 
1 oMiedN '- \ :ile \s llarMird ' 

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Kanioii Nii\.irri> and .Mire 
lerr* ill -'M>\ Kle.S." A man 

Ins IxMUilfiil ><'eiiiU wife, 
his frii'iiil. wli:it a tri.mule 
.iliil vsli.ii an urilooketl f<ir 
1 lic»i:i» I :itiles A l'oi<M-.l> 

.nun;; ooii • I |i|. Uij. |' |. 
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(Continuvtl from HaHe i'' 
MiitiiiMiil lit- iii.iy m.ikf lla^ to face llif 
iiu>st l)lisliiinK (ritirism wliii li inlilUx- 
tual s;iva>{f>i ran iiivint. Tlif UjUI attack, 
tin- parry and tlinisi, the tactical re- 
treat, the recovery and inial stand, all 
constitute a series <)f intellectual gymnas- 
tics of su|K'rlaliv( worth. 

Till- mere eMnise. tiierefore, is liiKhly 
salutary; but the n«t result iu greatly en- 
hanced by the malt it involved, lor the 
frat houw bull s.ssi()ns habitually (on- 
sider lu|)ic» of real solidity. Naturally 
these are drawn mainly from the field of 
university studies, esi>ecially from the 
more jvopidar ami viviil (ours -i. If some 
enlerprisiuK university president really 
cared to know what courses in his curricu- 
lum were taking etTect he could not 
|H)ssibly devise a better line of investi- 
gation than to dis«tiver which ones were 
supplying the most matter for these bull 

Sonu- teachir> ptihaps woul<l be as 
tonished to he.ii llienwelves (piolcd as 

they an-. 

"KenienilRr what John D. told ii> last 
term?" fiiiys one bull throwir. 

"Yes, but old Pinkie told us ju-^l the in (ieolony t')," siiys another. 

The teacher who i an proict i himself 
thus into tins*' educational arena?, ha^ no 
reason to think that lie is not rtachin^ his 
pupils; and if his t«a» hin^ comes through 
thest- vulcanic ordtals undama;;(Ml he may 
»-onsider himself established at the head 
of the lyceuni. Here is where teaching 
takes effect ; and the course of lectures 
which is so inno< nous as nev»r to be 
drawn into a bull xs^ion minlit about as 
well Ik- cancelled fntm the university 

The bull fest is a lusty,>;enous 
j;rowth, in every res|K'ct showinij; it'- 
adaptation to the academic soil .uid 
clinuite. It has never Inen disturbed by 
IM-da^oyic interference nor bli«hte<l by 
faculty rules. It could easily la- <lenraded 
by such means to the level of exanis and 
lab. periods. Its exaltetl value in the 

educational process tempts to such "im- 
I,r<.v.-ments." One easily thinks how 
useful it woulil be to "nuide" these 
sessions by intrtxIucinK valuable topics; 
„r Ik.w thrilling the result if champion 
bull throwers from rival fraternities were 
pitted axainst one another in a public 
arena. Hut one also shud<lers to think 
how instantaneously the system would 
be ruined if the iR-daKORues ever laid 
hands on it. 

Still it is worth serious study and I 
suanesl that the next parti* ularly briuht 
student who wants to take his do< t orate 
ill education be assigned to make a 
railiial investigation of the bull fest, the 
most elficient educational prwess to ,be 
f.iuixl ill the modern imivt-rsity. 

rrank A. [Vtiuuli 

him to study in foreign universities of 
his own choosing. Since thai time he has 
studied French at the University de Dijon, 
from which place he received the Diplonie 
de Franvais (de^jre superieurj. He then 
attended the Universite de (irenoble 
where he studied FJcjtany and French. 
He returned this fail lo the Sorbonne in 
Paris for another year as the result of 
the receipt of the .\merican Field Service 
I'lllowship for 1927-28. He has also held 
the Harvard Travellinj; Fellowship giving 
Harvard credits for EuroiK-an work 
toward his Ph.U. 

lor which several juniors are com|)<;ting. 
The personal pictures have been started 
with Kinsman, the class photoRrapher, all 
of which must be taken by the middle of 


All the horses are now bein^ driven 
two or three times a week through the 
newly erected chute in the pine woods 
near the Wterinary Building. The pur- 
jxjse of this is to teach the horses to jump. 

♦In this modern period of urban civili- 
zation one wonders if there are not many 
men who have never st-en a bull at pasture 
pawiiiK the earth and boastiuK his inijior- 
taiice to the whole bovim- world. When 
two bulls (K( u|.y the same pasture these 
rivalries in bragnadocio are exceedingly 
.olorful. One who has never seen a ses- 
Mon of this sort will har.Uy get the unique 
llavor of the trop<'. "throwing the bull" or 
"bull fest." 

Aggie Aluminus Has 

Enviable Record 

1929 INDEX 

Work in the various departments ol 
the 1U29 Index Board is rapidly pro- 
gressing under the leadership of John S. 
Wo(xlbury, editor-in-chief. The editors 
are as follows: Irene L. Bartlett, statis- 
tics; Leonard W. Morrison, literary; 
Harold S. Adams, photography; and 
I'rescolt D. Young, business manager. 
Most of the iK)sitions as assistants are 
tilled, but there are still some \ acancies 
in the literary and statistics departments 

There is to be a Two- Year rifle team 
this year. The co-eds will also have a 
team, and |)08sibly the faculty. 

In the latest Cavalry Journal there is 
a review by Major Briscoe of the book 
entitled "The ICvolution of the Horse." 
This book was written by Professor 
Frederick B. Loomis of Amherst foUege. 


A seed laboratory of which Miss 

i:iizal)eth F. Hopkins is in charge has 

liecn recently installed in the Control 
Service Station and is largely a conse- 
quence of the new seed law which is to 
go into effect on November 1. The main 
business of the new laboratory is to 
inspect seeds and see that they are 
pro{xrly labelled before they can be sold. 
At i)resent Massachusetts is the only 
state in New Fngland and one of the few 
states in the Union which does not have 
a law regulating the sale of agricultural 
seeds. As a result of this unfortunate 
legislation this state has been the "dump 
ing ground" for all sorts of impure seeds. 
The new law should remedy the trouble- 
some seed conditions, for it provides for 
a "true labelling" of agricultural seeds. 
Kach sample before it can leave the 
lalM)ratory must bear a laUl stating its 
connnon name, percent of purity, name 
and perc<nt of weed seed present, |>er- 
centage of germination, dale the sample 
was tested and the name and addr.-ss of 
the vender. Particular attention in 
analyzing seeds is given to the presence 
of noxious weeds, such as quack gray, 
Canada thistle, dodders and wild mustard. 

John r. Perry '24 Is Studying In 
French Universities 

Pirhaps one of the most interesting 
and nolalile records of graduate work 
d<me by an alumnus of this college is 
that of John T. Perry '24. He has l>een 
.ibroa.l since June l'.»2() >tudying in 
various French universities as the result 
of his selection for one of the American 
lieUl Service Fellowships. 

John Perry received his A..\L from 
Harvard in 1020 and was chosen as one 
of ten graduate students. Ucause of his 
high standing, for a Fellowshii) enabling 

The College Candy Kitchen 

A fine place to go and take your friends for 


Ice Cream. Milk Shakes. Fresh 1 rults. Refreshments and Soda*, 
Salted Nuts. Pafte & Shaw. Park & lllford. Boxes Ready 

to he Mailed. ^ 


Do not Forftet that Special SUNDAY NKJIIT DINNER 


the r*ace for the college man 




Sporting and Athletic Goods 



The one cigarette in a million 

The Mutual Plumbing & Heating Co. 


The instant a Camel is lighted, you 
M-nsc that here is the distinctly helter 
cigarette. And how this superior quality 
jrrous with the smoking! Choice to- 
haccos tell their fragrant slory. Patient, 
careful hknding rewards the smoker 
with added pleasure. 

Camel is the one cigarette iii a mil- 
lion for mildness and mellowness, hs de- 
cided goodness wins world popularity 

© 1927 

for Camel. Modern smokers demand 
superiority. They find it fidfilled in 
Camels, and place them overwhelmingly 


You should know the tastes and 
fraj^rancos that choice tobaccos really 
give. Camels will reveal an entirely 
new pleasure. And the more of 
them you light, the more enjoyable. 

*^Have a Camel!'* 

New College Store 

E\^t MvLBBUtl^uBHtB (HMt^xnn 

Vol. XXXVlll. 


Number 6 

Amherst Victorious 

In Annual Clash 20-0 

A^ftie Team, Outweighed, Fights (iamely, but Fumbles Proves 
Costly. Uuinn and Kneeland Hadly Hurt 

1 (trward passes and a fumbU' playi-d 
;m|)ortant i)aHs in Anihtrst's win of tin- 
annual .\K^;i»-Ainlu'r>t football ronti.-^t 
jilaM'd at Pratt liild. Satiinlay, (KioIkt 
2^>, by a store of litt to U. I'lu' luavier 
I'urple elfvt-n carntd foui tiiii tirM down- 
while our team pushed out five. Passes 
were qonipleled freipiently by both sides, 
two of the Sabrina attempts yielding; 
touchdowns during the second perio<l. 
lunibles were also numerous, one on the 
part of M.A.C. being especially costly in 
the third cpiarter when L. Parker re- 
covered for Amherst on the Agate 14- 
yard line and Warren rushed the ball over. 

.\ndurst oianed the game with a kick- 
off and manageil to keep the ball in Aggie 
territory the nuijor share of the period. 
l<ud<iuist and Wilson punted on even 
terms while neither backfuld couUl make 
\,ry substantial gains. Twice the .\ 
lans halted a threatened match by hold- 
ing the Lord Jelfs for downs, once on our 
;i.5-yard line and once on the 11) yard 
mark. Amht rst had the ball in midfield 
as the (juarter t nded without a score. 

( )n the iM'cond play of the sicond ihtLmI 
Wilson tossed a f(Mward to Walker, 
Sabrina end, who made the twenty yards 
to the goal for the first touchdown of the 
game. He als«) ad<led the extr.i point. 
.\mherst made another strong bid lor a 
>core soon after by annexing a pair of 
(Conltnued on I'afte 6) 

Alumni Return 

November 19 

Program for Home-(ioming Day 
Is Announced 

.\lumni H«)me-Coming Day has In-en 
(hanged this year from the Saturday of 
the .Amherst game to the Saturday of the 
Tufts game. .An attractive program is 
Uiiig arranged with interesting features 
lor almost everyone from young to old. 
lor this reason all the alumni are urged 
lu ( <mie early and stay late November !'.•. 

.\side from the fact that NLA.C". meets 
her old rivals there will b<- something 
doing most of the rest of the ilay. In 
the morning the various departments of 
I he College are m.iking plans for the 
liome-coming alunmi and at mnin the 
ill partment rally luncheons will be served 
l.\ several departments in their res|*ctive 

In the evening there will be \arious 
•,- ol entertainment at the \.iriou> 

!(iim\ house>, some of which to 

'd >niok. Ts. The first informal of ihe 
. , 1.11 will he held in the Memorial 

Milling, .md ihoM' di >iring to attend this 

■ iir r-hoidd write at once to Mr. .\le\- 
!<T llodson, Sigma Phi Kpsiton IIohm . 

I tickets lor the Iid'orma! will be tour 
Il.irs for a couple .ind one and a 
it lor stags. 

ildine-coniing alumnae will Ix- enter- 

!i«(| during the evening of NoveinlM-r 

•ii li\ a eonniiinie of .ihinmae which i^ 

I l,v Ml- M.nion (". PiiMey ']'.<. annoinueinents of the j^lans will 

Miiiled toe.ich .dunina. The complete 

'.; to date tollows: 

"• a. nt. — 12.:{0 p. m. Registration at 

Ml iiiorial Hall and vi-its to ('o!l<t;e 

• IMIt until -. 

" p. 111. ! . ! ."i ;i. 111. M,i -or I >'i.,,i I 
' nl IvilK I iini lit oil-. 
p. 111. _'.nii p. in, .\--enilily on 
\ ii'iiii I i( 111. 

;, Pi !.;;(( p. HI. I oot li.dl ; Tiitt^ 

'•■ 1 [1. 111. ! 1 .1 II i p. 111. I 1 ,il i-riiil > re* 
inioii?. .It tin- limi>e>. TuliV liiloiin.d 

II Menioiial ll.ill. StipiKT ami eiiKr- 
iiiuiK lit foi" .\liiiimar. 


riiK Ol rsi.\NDi\(; 


iolm 1- . (Juimi, im-idenl ol the 

' I'lli^i Sill. lie, wliii at llie ill.illi;Uia- 

•loll, was I, lit il will) I lie tr\ ing ta>k of 

-i'eaking lot tin ^iinleiit bod\ . iiii- 

'-~iil the eiilire .illiiii r.i <• ti\ I lie 

' ' n^lit torward siiuirilx of his speei h. 


Many Present at Final Event of 
Inauguration Day 

The inauguration bainpiei, without 
which the ceremoniis woultl not ha\c been 
ctjmplete, was held at seven o'cUH-k on 
Friday evening in Draper Hall. There 
were presi-nt olficial representatives ol no 
less than sixtN-three colleges, in addition 
to alumni, friends, faculty, and a few 
members of the student body. IVetl D. 
( iriggs '|;{, stale representative from 
Springfi»hl, acted as toastinaster and 
c.iused niiu h iiierriinent b\' his amusing 
anecdotes and many stories. 

The first sjx'aker was President .\rthur 
S. Pease of .\mlierst ("oUege, whose in- 
augiiratii>n is lo take place next we«k. 
President Pease wel»<jnu'd Presidttit 

I hat( her and expressed the ho|K' that the 
friendK rtdations iKtween the colleges at 
op|M)site ends of the town wouhl continue. 
President .Murray Hartletl of llobari 
College, ( ieneva. New ^'ork, where Prtsi 
dent Thatcher was formerly director of 
the state ex|>erinient station, extolled him 
as a man who woidd hold his con\'ictions 
e\en to the loss of iH-rsoii.d |Hipularity, 
and ciletl actual cases where this had 
(H-curred. Dean .MImtI K. Mann of 
("ornell liii\ersit\ expressed regret that 
("ornell should have lost President 

ihalcher, but congratulated him on his 

well-deserveil |)roniotion. The next 

(Continued un I'lide rf 

President Thatcher Inaugurated 

With Impressive Ceremonies 

Representatives from Many (lolK'jii's IVv's^Mit. hiuiAural IVoc.'Hsiin Is (^^I(»r^■lII Spirtacie. Vis- 
iting Delegates, Faculty, .Mumni, and Students Welcome New Leailer. President Makes 
No Definite Statement of Policy. Woultl ni»t Limit (lijlle^e to Teachinji of Agriculture 

Nine Fraternities 

Hold House Dances 

.Many Couples Enioy Themselves 
After .\mhcrst Game 

House d;uices were in order at nine out 
of eleven fraternities on the campus after 
the .\mherst gaiiie last Saturda> evening. 
.\utinnn and Hallowe'tn furnishe<l the 
theme for the majorit\' of the decorations 
and jovial as well as ugly Jack O'l.anterns 
sh(»ne from man\' a n<K>k. A mild night 
helpid the festi\ities along and tin 
couples went from house to housi- <|nit<' 
a g<M)d <K-al during the evening. 

Ueginning at the head ol the slr««'t 
O. I .\ .'s s|).ii ioiis house (I hoed lo the 
music of May's Orcheslr.i of Pittsheld. 
.Major ami .Mrs. N. Hutler Hri.s<(K.- were 
t he chajK-rons. I'lun, as one strolled dow n 
the street. Lambda ("hi .XIpha's (([k n <loor 
bade a iheery welcome. I)«>'s Or- 
(liisira of IloKoke pla\(il there .md Mr. 
and Mr-. Willi. mi I. (lomlwin wire iln 
( h.iperoiis. .\e\t in line e. one Sij;iii.i Phi 
l',psilon where Melliol's Or( hesir.i of 
(Conlinueti on I'uite .*>; 

First Informal Will 

Follow Tufts Game 

Tickets May Now Be Obtained From 
Committee Members 

licket.s for iln I nil- Informal are now 
n.iih li)!' i|i-trilnit ii II In consideration 

ol the juiixiii'.it \ o! the liou-^e IXinee-. 
the llii^ ( Diiiiiiiili I will v;i\e In ki t~ 
I o I liii-e \\ ho lie- lie t hi m n. i\\ ,i1h1 i njli i I 

I lie money i.iii r 

S-\eral goml mi lie-n.i- ,iie iniiler i on 
-iiiii ,i1 11 111 . .iihoiil; ullirli .iie Niuiiiiiili'- 
NxietN <)rt lustra, "j.iik" Del.ituA s 
(trchcstra, .md "Jack" More\ 's Siiii^iiiv; 
( )ti 111 -t 1 ,1 . .\ ill I'mite .iiiniiijiii eini nt will 
Ix' ^i\ell next week. 

Sliideiit- liavilli; il'eiiil- i oiiiiii;; lo I lie 
i^.inii .IK- iiii;iil III iinile tlum to t lie 
daiue, ,lUo. Ille t ii kel- W ill lie Iniu 

doll.u-. I he slii;ht inere,i-e in piii e h.i- 
been niaile in order lo provide lit Mer 
nuisie. Those iiiletiiliieK In .iHend -hoiild 
give lileir names to some iiienil)er ol tin 
Informal ("oiiimittee. wtii(h includes the 
following; .\li A.inder ( . lloiUon. John I- . 
(Jtiinn. loliii .\. i\iiiiti.ill. and John R. 
Ka\ . 



President Thatcher .Stands llitth .\s 
Scientist and F.ducator 

- .\s .\ggie lost, in e\ Presidi nt l^dward 
M. Lewis, a man with the blood, ( ourage, 
.md initi.itive of the jiionetr in his veins, 
so .\ggie foimd .mollier, in the [ktsou 
ol President Kos< oe \\ . rii.ilihei, who 
.ilso, .Is his life history shows, inherited 
the (pi.ilitiis .iml ch.irai l« ris| ies ol I he 
pioneer r.ol h men .iie 111 lie -.line .ij^e. 
and, while the one workeii his wa> up 
from a boyhofnl tille<l with the Iri.ds ol 
ihe -on of an innnigrani lo ilu- lountry, 
the other w<*r kid his way up from the 
trails of the st>n of a father who w,i- 
siruggling on a farm in the western n 
s« rve s*'Ction of < )hio. 

Presi<lent Thjitcher's v;i.iiiiii.ii In i v\,i- 
.1 shoemaker in l.xnn until shorlU alter 
ih. ( i\il when he Joined the tide of 
• 'iiigr.ition westw.ird in the hope of doing 
1m Iter In hi- f.iinily. 'Iragt'd) upset hi- 
pliii- 1 II ih. ,■ i\ when he was kille«I by 
,1 train, thereby having Presi- 
di nt Thatcher's father, then a I. id of 1-. 
ilie whole resiionsibility of tie I' 

was on tlii- Dhio f.irm thai I'le-ident 
Thatchtr w.i- born in ISTl.'. lbs «arly 
life wa- filli'l \siih loniiriiial stniu^le an<l 

ijei iile.l!-, 

.\l the .li^i ol ':, I'll -loi hi 1 ':•'•• hi 1 - 
'(Continued on I'.iC ^ 

Plans Completed For 

Dad's Day Celebration 

Committee Must Have .\cceptance of 
invitations by November 7 

Next Mond.iy, Nom-ihImt 7t h, has Im-cii 
.mnounceil as the final date for students 
whose fathers are coming to the .\ggie 
(ampus for "l)a<Ts Da\' i" upon .h 
leptances of invitations lo nuinlK-rs ul 
ihe -Indent committee, which i- 
i<»mp"i-i(l ol I hi lollowing nienilK'rs: 
.\li-\andei ( . I lodsoii, I h.iirman; Dorothy 
I.. I.eon.ud. II. .M.iholiii DiesMr, Arnold 
\V. Dv.r, ( lilion K. Johns.,n, Kolaiid I.. 
Kml, l.lwin A. W ihhr. 

('omi>limeni;iry ^kisms lo the l<)<»lb.dl 
u.iiiie will be i-su<-d C)n th(' b.i-is of till- 
iimiil.i r who -i^nilv ihiii inii iii imi- ol 
.tiiendinv;. I<«'s< r\at ions for r«M(nis should 
lie<- .il oiiee ill order lo .i\i,ii! i l.i-l 
iiiiiiiiie rii-h. .\rnold \\ ! 
ftirni-h suggestions connrnti lili 

riMinis to |M-rsons unable to I.-.,,. 

Addil ( nlerf ;diim« Tit not 
h> \l. \.C. will 

iC>>ntinui-U un I'aUc 2, 


1 S < \l 1 N!> \K 


'f hiirsil.n 

. : I'hi Is : !■ 

-!..■ ,V,. 1 1 • 

-Mli. ■ '■ 

..| thi' S h' 

1 ridiiv 

- \i 1!1 1 t. U.l 

I'lli (,.111,11... i'.ii • 

\;. ■ ..:. :; 



\.,.-;;> 1 • 


S;;llM,.'. 1 L ., 

:. nt I'.iin.i,' 

■ 1 i H. ;■.. 

V . ^ . , . ; , . 

1 , . . '■■,■'.,', 

. N \' 

Fwo-Year Eleven 

Wins First Victory 

I .isil> Topple Irinii li> limen 
l)\ 2r> — Scon- 

■|h. I v.. I ^. .; 1.,- 
the win I oliiiiin in t lu u i^-nat i.i-.i I le.l.iv. 
(liiiilier L's, -.vith the TriiiitN I n-hineti 

,ll 1 t lul'l will II t hi \ M 1 II! Ill li 111 Xlli 

her-t wit h the ii.i'l .itid till ! "! 

.1 _'.') to H -111!!. \it hoii.:h ' il.i> 

lO.II h. ■■Reil' l'..,li, W..- 11! ill 

uilh t hein. ih. -In I ' M liiiilei 

the liirei lion ol "Ki n -.i; held I he 
li,ill pr.ielie.dU all I hi lime. Sir, light li.ird 

|o..l|,.i|l lallliil 'hi lll,l;iil -ll.lle 111 till 

|!oinI-. .iinl the lriiiii\ MMiliiii;- win 
li i.t on the lie I en- 1 M- thi'i I..!-, .lit the i on 
I lie i wii N I .11 on 1 1:- 

j,i,[\ 11 1 .1 1 iiii-i-i I lit iir,\ 1 I h.ii V..1- ill 
-oK.ilije Imi the ( ..tun i Mi III ti nv, .oe! 

whii h i^.iM till' v^ mil' 1" '"'It '"" 

Wiih lepu seiiiatives from liliv lour 
colleges .inij iiniver.siiies present, the in- 
.mgnr.iiion e\er» iso of President Komoc 
W . III. Ill her l(Kik pl.Kc last I'riday after- 
noon in Ifowker .\udilorium. The Iut iHrlecl, .md the bright lolorsol i he 
hoods of ih(. distinguished guests .iiul 
l.u iill\ , lonibined with the \ .ii ious sh.ides 
ol ilu .intmnn foli.ige as a b.ickground, 
ni.ide .1 most siiiking .ind impressive 
s(ene. I he .K.ideniie procession, led by Marsh.dl N. Iluller Mrisiiw, pro- 
ctedid from the M.inoii.d building lo 
Sloekliiidge II, ill between (lies ol k.t). 1", 
( men .md large groups of stu<h-nls and 
liiendsol iheeohege. Mow ker .\u<liloriuiii 
while ihe e.Mitises were held under ihe 
diieetion ol Dean Willi. im I . M.n hnii r, ( rowded to capai ity. 

The iinoealion given by Uev. John 
.\. Il.iwlev ol the Til si ion. d 
( hunh ol .\mlieisi. Dr. Payson Smith, 
t oinniissioiui 111 TmIiii .iiioii, representing 
tioveinor .\ T. Tiiller, presideni of 
ihe bo.iid ol Truslees, inducted the new 
piisiilnii into oltice .md expressed I he 
coiilideiiee ol the trustees and government 
in him. Di . Sniilh said that in seeking a 
III. in lo till the olTiie, the truslees had 
< oiisidereil a great many tandidates, but unanimously favored President 
Th.ilcher iM-caUM- of his recogni»<I ability 
.md bie.idlh of vision. Sv of the 
eliiel .idministr.ilive ollice of the college, 
(('onllnued on I'ufte .<) 


\arsity and FreHhman Aggregations 
II Are Hadly Heaten 

.Mass. Aggie's varsity harriers v»ere 
overwhelmed on the Charles Kiv«'r course 
at ("anibri«lgf hmt Friday, Oiiolxr UK, 
when Harvard took the winning end of a 
l.'i to ■'>ti sH-ore. The Crimson scpiad placed 
seven men Udore our first runner, Ciptaiii 
Prislon, in.idi' the tinish line, showing 
elearlv the big margin that the < .imbiidge 
ie;iiii harl. Ilalwmaii, a runner for 
ll.irv'.ird three ye.irs, m.idi' the Ih'sI time, 
lovering (he ."> I H miles in 'JH inintiteH 
and 2\ 4-.'i si-conds. 

This is (he firsi registered 
.i^;.iiii-l mil le.iin this, .md the 
-eeoiiil I 111' ' 'i.ii h I )ei I 

eoiinlrv si| siiDeii'l in lime 
seasons. The summary: 

Isl, Flaksman (il). I'ml 1 ■• II . 
:'.id, I.utiman (H); 1th, Wildes (IIi; .")ih, 
Keid <\l :, Mitchell (II): 7th. Ilvde 
II ; .sih. iVesion fM); !tlh, WiMKUmth 
'II i; iHih, Shait|j»4k-4M>;mh, liergan 
'\l ; iL'ih, .Mil imin 'II i; bith, Ifernin 
M ; I Ith. 'Toiirteltott <\\ ; I.",lh. Ho 
nil ■ ■ ' M '•.-! II I' II i .Ml, l;. '. 'I 
-oil \l ; iSih, N.iiiliwoitli :.\b; l''!h, 

H< iLiii'l \I : L'lHh. Alin-lion'/ ' M . 

On (III - ih.U the varsity rind 

Il.irvard in • ...irv it,,. ft,-liiii.m 

sipiad eoi)i|M'. ' I'l 

Iteshli !•"» to tin. 

Nine ol tie 1 1,11 \ .11 M 1 111'- '1 1 •--'d the ta|»i" 
Ix-fore rnir reftreseniatives showed up, 
\\(-l leading .i .mhiI' h! -i- \-<ie fresh 
mi n to the fmi ' I W.I- the '■ 

'■■! till !ro-h tli i he -ittiii 

: ', il , _■: !, \|...i. II , •■'■I, 

i 1 .'llll, < olib 

llodje- 'II'.; 

M , ."ih. 

\\. -t ' .\I ; i nil. Il.ik' 1 M . :-''h, lloliiies 

\I ' ,1. ( ,,,!„.„;, ; \I • ;.;. \".,Mh- 

.",ih. Sneth \| 

M II . is-'il l-.l'i!ll"l 

\1 , ,"i, i i:..i.;;. • • M 


II. inn'' 

i! tllid!!!:, I.I, t nil HI I 1 

^f>n>n"!i!({ 10. New II iri'i-hn-' n 
X, I ^ :! , /'. /. 1 1 

'\"/ . • nil llll < I 

/./'.''■ : . , I'liiv ,r> 




Oflicial iH-wspaptr <.f the Massachiisitts 
Auriiultmal ColUgc>lH«l ivtry 
Wediu-sday l»y tlie stiKlcnl^. 


Fditor-In Chief 
MuiiaKi"« I'diff 

EXtiwomii Baknaki) '2S 

Hditorial l'-''N«>.i 1- Sl-BNCEl. ;2K 

Feature "*«....« !• Clahk 28 

Alumni & M...rt Courts iJoshph-nh I'anz.c a 2« 

Atl.letlr SlIElM.EY Cl-KAVKS M 

Campus E..WAK..H.N.c..o..s;29 

J„||N H. lIl.WAKU JK. Jl> 

Kkk Sim-i bton '30 
Faculty CA«..A.bKKr.AN'29 


EmviN A. VVli.i.KK "JS Hii-^lness Manawr 

Dm ..l-AS A. U.KIN.; •2H Cirrulation ManaRcr 

HAK..U. K. ANSI .... '^K Arfve.tisinK Ma.'-B^' 

Lawkenck a. Cakki .11 'iU 

William A. Koan 29 

FkKDKKKK IJ. TllAYKK, Jk. '29 

^.bscriptu.n »2.()U iHr SinRlr 
copus 10 '•.•..i>. M;.k,;';'yal.U' 
to 'line Massaciilsktts ( <.LH:».1AS. 

|„ , a>c <.f clianui nf addn ss, miI.m . .l-cr. 
will i.l.n>.- iii.tifv 111.- l.tiMii'-^s iiiaiiaKi'i 
as soon as jMi>>ii)lf. 

,.„„,,,,| as M(.m.i..b>s inam-ral the Amhwst 
tol'ii, I'.'IT. authorl/e.l AuKUsl M. l'Jl>>. 


With Mi< i. a spcctaile as took pla«r on 

our .a...|..i> l.'-l I ri'li'V ^'i" f""^'' '" "'"■ it ^^.>nl.l l.r iminslitial.l*- not to 
iii.ikc -oim- ((..luiKiil i.i litis iiiaii«iiral 
issiif on till- iiiauniiral addnss from I la- 
undirnradiiaus' |K.inl of vi»vs. 1 lu-»»- of the- raps an<l k«'«"s •""' 
tin- <ai)os wliitli lUnolf tin- MJiolaily 
attainnunts of lori.iii.K ll»' main 
part of tlu' aradcniir proirssion roiild 
not help i.til i...i'rt» 1 1>*' •;"' '•'•" •' '"'^^ 
p,ri..d in ««nr < o1Uk*'> I''^""V '^ •''""" "* 
l,.V;ii.. Ilii- It'll "•^' "f •''*■ •"■'"«'"■•'' 
a<l«irtss may In- fotind tlst-wht-n- in llii> 
isstif, M. ihal this t<litorial will simply 
takr into , ..iiMd.rat ion iIiom- points of 
spr.ial iilUnst to the stndnit ImkIv. 

IVsidiiH I lial. liir l>.ii.K> "> ii> '^ ^^'H 
iarm<l rtptitalioii in nuard to hisal.ility 
as a M-irntiM a.i<l l<ad«r lir l.a> 
arquirfd in :{.'> ytars of .•MHTiciur .is a 
stu.ltnl. family iiR-mlKr aiul admiiii^ 
tralivr ulfu.r of a slaW inslitnlion nl 
l.a.liiiiK "I ristarrh. I If also l.rinK> 
crlaiii t<lii.ali(mal idiais jK-rlaininn K. 
"till lilKial and piatliial t-chiration <d 
till- in.lustrial ilassts in tin- st-vtral pin 
suits ami piol\ssifm> of liir." wliii li is 
tin- a\o\\<d pinpo.M' ol ih. so.alKil 

"l.iiid K'-">' tolli'Ri''-''"- 

In <arr\iiiK <>iil l>is rxtititiw diilu> 
I'rcsidtnt TliaU li«r staUs "as a matur 
«( primiplf. I P><l»r "• '"" ' '^^"»'^ 
sciiianly lo statr ii.u«pii\o< ally m\ 
IM.silion or lonvirtitms willi ntnrmr to 
n.alU-rs of \n\h\\v iiitm>l." Alilioiitili hf 
will al.idr l.y tl>«- «ill "' 'I"' ""•'.i'"'<^ ••"^ 
it is.xprisstil by llu- piopl. tliroilv;ll llu ir 
nspi»s.ntalivcs, hr will n.'i In 
wislus ol "s.\f-<<l nprisinta 
tivis" who have "individual rnds or prr 

lli(<-,f .illribuU^ ol soul, mind ami ImmIx 
wl.idi (haracl.rizf llu- »dii(.il<«l pirson; 
Iml o.iK ill ll.«' iiKlliod and inalrrial iisi-d 
ill impaiii.iK '•"■■''' d*->iral(lf iliarai Itr- 
i^li.^.ind ill tin- inl.aminn ami di«iiify 
iiiH of llif I in iiinstanrfs and surround 
iii^s of lilf ill a «i\i II voialion." 

In answer lo llu- \arions disi iissioiis 
ol ilir (pi.-tioii ot wluilwi ilif n.imc of 
tlu- lolltnf slioiild 1)1- tlianuid or not 
I'nsidiiil riial.lur stal«<l that tlu' naiiii- 
is of lillU' iiiiportaiin' uiiltss it inurfirts 
with ihf sfop«' of ihc «()1I(K<- or limii-^ .n 
som.' way iIh' possiliililif-of ilsuradii.ilt^. 
riiai llii> is not tin- (ax- may Ik- sitii by 
his slal.imiil : "1 lu' honond place of this 
insliimion amoii« the colk'nes of ihc 
..Miiilry .m<l ihf csiieiii and resiHil with 
whiih its Kiadualis an- reci'ivid cviry- 
wbiif Mtiii to indi(alc that in the past 
.It lr.i>t its iiaim- has been no h.i.i<li< aii." 
Il iv iiiipo>>ible lo say wliellur (•.(.iiomi.> 
aiul civil' fomlilions will make I hf (li.inuf 
m<<ss.iry in the future. 

I'residiiil 'Ihaldier Male.l tlii> rolleue 
should soon eome to play an iini.oil.n.l 
pari i.i the ediualional system of ihe 
Slate. What the Stale will do in sup|>oil 
of rolleniate educatiim f'>r its (itizen> 
liim- ..lone will tell but hi> hk'^I I'I'>- 
found ...nvi.tion i> thai "il is "">l <>"lv 
lU-sirable but essential to the f.iUire of 
deiiKxr.iey llial edii.alional opiiorlunities 
sh.dl not be limil<<l K' oor we.dlhier 
.lasses but every you. in and 
woman in the Slate who has an earnesi 
desire lo seeiire the best possible "e.liK a 
tion for eiti/enshi|." shall have an oppor 
lunily U» <!<> so. 

In eoniuelion with his eomeiilion ol .i 
>lale ...llene President Thalrher will eon 
liniie lo hold fast to the imrpos*' whi< h 
tlu' eolleue wa> fotimled. "Siiue this is 
an aurieiilimv .olle^e." he states, "we 
will snrrouiKl ihe sUidenI di.rinu h.s 
lour years' eoms.- here with e(mdili«ms 
whi.h lend to make altraetive ami to 
dinnily the voealions of .inrieullure as 



Assembly Speaker 

Describes Russia 


Inauguration Notes 

Amherst took on the ap|>earaii(e of 
Hollywood last l-riday with iiume.<.u> 
phoioKr.iplie.> reporliTs seekinu to 
m-l '" of the eelebrilies 

|)resenl . 


M.ijor Urixoe's proeessioiial plans were 
well (arri«<l out, aiul added to the im- 
prf^-iv eiiess of the allair. 


l)..>pil.- the faet that "Ja. k" n>'i"» 
was listed ami intro.ludd as President 
of I'.IL'T, his s|M-erli of weUome was a 
x.mre of imlireet pride to his elass 
mates of l'.»2H. " |a< k" re. eiv ed abun-iant 


the .III) 

•Pnxy" wins the .iil) f." rapid In. 
talking. I h' surely ..... .uanipulale th.' 

molli.r toiiK...' ami his own. 
UP - 

No one wl... has r.a.l anylhiun "t 'l'*- 
bi..Kraphv ..f ...u n.w l.a.Ur will .1....1.I 
i' That, .-ouraK.'. Anyone 
wh..<aii earn his w.iv ihn.UKh .oll'K^ and 
net married at lIu' s.ime time .l.serv.s 



••( hel" Marstoii w.s the busiest ma.i 
i„ ...lUne the niuhl of Ihe ban.|uet. whi.h 
was as suecessful as it was immense. 


To anv obseivanl re.ider of last week r 
issue wh.) ..... I.ll us what was the ..rininal 
in.l .•oiitext ol ill's .•ohinm. w. 

dinnily the votalions of .inrieuliure as a ^^^^j^,^ .^j^,, ,.,„„,.xt of this (•ohiiiin. we 

life work ami l.) .nipliasi/.e the .lesir- ^ ^^^.^ .^ ^.^.^^.^ subs, riplion to this |.aiKr. 

•• ■'- >'•"•<"■ li''- ,|s thai a rewar.l?) The "printer's .lev il" 

.ibiliiy an.l worthiness of horn.' lib 
H.I.' hi- will b.- <<mf..)Ul.-.l ..mlinually 
with llu- idea that auri. iillure as a s. i.ii. . 
and as an art ehallennes the Ust that is 
within tlu- r.-alni of llu.unht and emieavor 
of the hum. Ill minil." 

The pree.-.linu p.iia«iai>lis li.ive bn.uuhl 
,,m to soi.u- .xi. Ill ill.' ..u)st sirikinu por 
lions of Piisi.leiil riiauher's inaununil Ihes.- \>ri.l extraels show th. 
idi.ils .111.1 ...iivi. lions wlii.h om n.w inl.n.b U) loll<>« a...l wliuh 
„„,l..uble.llv .leM-rve the w ll..l.' lu ..rU-l 
Mii.|.ori ..n Ihe part <.f the b...l>. 
llu are pra.ti.allv ... 
a.-.'ord wiih his .lims whirh h.ive d.s 
IHist.l .ill the illnsi.ins whi.h many h.ivv 
ha.l e.m.eininn the future poliey .)l i lu 
...lmiiiisir..tiv.- oflie-rs. We h.reby wish 
.,ur n.w Piexy the bt-sl of su. . .ss in his 
new un.K-rt.ikinn and pk-d«e our most 
h.artv ,..-.)i).-rati..ii U) ai<l him wherev.r 
po>sibl.' ill ... hievinn the reali/.uion of hi-> 


\ i.r«'nl nia.luale of ihe ...Uei;.'. who 
Ktmiu'.l I., witness ihe ^.im.'. 
o.n.irki'.l I., us that il seemed no.«l .m..' 

whi.h he been in Diil.ut sin.e leav 

m. Ill .T la. k ol d.v. lopm. Ill .)f a positiv. 

proKram h. re.' 

■-tin llu- (.iiiti.irv, I . xpect lo havi- 

positiv.' as to li.iw Ih-sI this 

eoll.v;e ..i.i\ s.rve the I omnu.nwvallh 
an.l lo expri-ss < ..nvi. I ions 
upon every suitable .K.asion an.l K. urg.- 
theiii with all the toi.t- an.l skill that I 
possess. After h.ivini; dom- this, liowe\« r. 
1 il l.> I'.' n.v .liitv to abi.le b> 

in^; .\«nie. n.. su.h .■u-l..m i.revails; ih.' 
Mud.nls sp.ak ..nly l.> their friends. 

Ihe foUowiiiR .lay we an ni.per 
.lassnian eoiiinu-nt up«>n the hut that 
ni.inv of the fr.shiiu-ii are l.ix in 
ol-.servan.e of this cusHMii; that. thn.UKh or in.lilTeren. .-, ih.y often 
fail t.> Kr.ft ui>i.<-nlassmeii with whom 

or some other <jne evi.lently me.l.lU.I «ill' 

llu- tvpe. 


A Statement for the Press 

Num.-roiis d.-ionalory roniiiu-nls hav.- 
r.sulu-.l fi..m our menti.m of "slinhtmn 
,1„. ...litor" we.k. We !..-« to slatt- 

thal lb.- .'dii.>r kn.w u..lhiiin il 
„mil b.- r.'.id lb.- arii.le. that tlu- e.lilor 
,loes mil write i his . ..liinin. we wish 
he <li<l (and so .1.) you), an.l that we will 
...uliniie lo ......m.-nl .m iiu-mUrs ol ih.' .111.1 ..I hers if we clwosv to .lo so. 

- HP 

Dad's Day 

With m-w .l.awi..^ .uar. 

ronlli. tinu ih.u.nhts are passing thr.mnh 

nianv miiuls. Any hesitan.y in urv;.nj> 

Da.l I.. ....lie iH-.aiise of nnloun.l.-<l Lars 

.,., to h..w V..U eaii eniertain him is un 
nr.essiiry. The pro>;rani is Km. inviting 
.ui.l the Xuni.- spirit of fellowship is t..<. 
|,ot,nt t.. let this ..pii..rl unity f..r exten- 
sion of friendship pass by. 
,\mherst the Victor 
Ihe number of injuries makes us ask 
with fervor " I'ri..- (.l<.ry:'" 
.Xinh.rsl's .iH.itil.ts t.i reviv.' List's mirserv rhvme only K.iiiied .<<n- 
lempi fiotii Ihe visiting; whu h 
w.-n- r.-m.irkablv or.lerly. 


Win does, l Ihe Purple ....d Whit. 

■'.Ml Marry V. is enii.lovnl b\ 
(he I'.S.D.A. at .Manila. P. I. 

(tC. J. K.lward .Martin. ...le of the 
m.inv .\nni«- .dui.ini win. h.ive made ^ood 
in editorial wi.rk, rep..rts he .s 
.nananinn editor of "111. I .ihf.irnia 
l-umlK-r Merchant". 

'12 "Dan" Curran was a re.ent visi- 
tor ...I ...... p..-. "I>an" is ...niiected with 

ihe k-Kal .Up.irl meiit ..f th.' Slat.' Dept. 

ol .X^rii till. ..■>'• 

'1.-) Harlow I.. Pemlleton, lornier in 
siructor at M..\.( • is now superintendent 
of the i.'e cr.-am deii.irt iii.iH .•! llu- A- R- 
Parker t".... Hridntwau-r, Mass. 

'Ki Perez Simmons. entonu.loKisl. was 
recently traiisferre.l from the Intol.jloKy 
l)ei)artmeiit at Washington, D. C t" 
I r.-s.u., ( ..I., where he has charge of I he 
l'. S. l-ailoiiioloRi. .il laboratory. 

'17 Koswell W. Ilemiin^;er. wh.. is 
li-achiii« in the de|iartmeiit of 
manaiienient. N. I . State loUeKe, Kaleinh 
N. ('., was .ilso a n.-ent cam)iiis visiK.r. 
17 brooks l.iRht, wh.. re.t-ntlv visited 
I he (.impus for the hrsi tinu- sin..- his 
nr.idiialion. was r.illu-r suri)ris«-<l at ih.- 
(hatiK.'s whi.h h.i.l taken pia. e .luring 
the |..isi ten years. 

'!>(( (.eori^e M. Campbell is iiupl'.y. .1 
as traflic a^jent for ihe H. ( ). railroa.l at 
Jai ksoiivill. , I'la. 

L'l W. .\lner is now in the 
el.'clri..d biisin.s, with the ("nllins Klec- 
tri. loiiipany .it SprinRhelil. 

'2\ "Don " Doiiulas has severe.l his 
conm-.lions with tlu-' Ins. Co. 
and is lu.w .'01111.-. led with tin- lal 
s.iles deparliiu-nl ol th.- I.eiieial Motors 
.Xcceptance at Hostr.n. 

'l'l I ran.-is I-".. Hit. kU-v is ,1 member 
of the .re.lit s«-.ti.>n of tlu- (ieneral 
Nb.lors Cor]., with ofti. es in 
the Statler Hiiildinv;. Host. .11. 

'22 "Al" Sniiih. f.>rmer .\n>;i.- basket- 
ball star, is "l.«.kin« after" the ice cream 
,U-p.irlnu-nl ..f the Pitlsfiel.l Milk Kx- 

'2l> Kmorv S. I...U.1 is spreading edu- 
c.ilion in tlu' form of history at the 
.\bl.innton Ib'^di S. liool. 

'Jti Chester W. Nith..!.- i.ille.l upon 
friends on the campus r.-.-enily an.l in.i.le 
re|.orts concerning the pronres> ot .XuKU' 
stu.l.nts at the Harvard S« h.K.l of l.and- 
M.iiK- .Xrchite.ture. The .\K>;ie dele- 
Kaii..ii at present inchules l-"rancis J. 
C.rmier. Chester W. Ni.'hols. Freileric 
\. H.iker, Rav iiioiid II. Otto, and C.eorne 
A. Varwoo.1. all of the class of '2»i. 

'2f> "Red" Potter is coniie.led with 
the l-"isk Seed Co.. Hoston. Mass 

Leonid Tulsa Declares Bolshevism 
g^_^ g is Failure 


.\ new insight on Holshev ism and other 
lusloii.s iH-rtaiiiinn lo Russia was K'ven 
last Thursday afterno.»n b\ Leonid Tulsa, 
who lectured on "Russia— Its Past, 
Present, and lulure" in Howker .\iidi- 
toriuni. Mr. lul.a's t.ilk, inlersi.ersed 
as it was with many aiiecloles an.l 
illustralive stories, was a revelation t<. 
many whose ideas ..ii liu- country 
U-eii ta'kei! from the press. 

piiisiness conditi..i.s to.lay in Russia, 
sai. Mr. Tulsa, are horribly complex an.l 
tan>iK-d. The novt-riinu-nt . which under 
I lie H..lslievistic rule has l.ikeii over all 
the <'oiii.iie.(e of the t.iiintry. is bi'Kiiiniiin 
to timl .11.1 o.ily .1 business can 
run a business. As ex.imi.les ot the wav 
in which the ^jovernm.nt ..Ihcials coiidii. t 
the business he liled several annual re- 
ports whi.h have U-en haiul.-d in 
single (onipanies. One such reix.rt ..f a 
railroad i-on.ern. ...riipied 1S,(MN» pa^es 
and cost *4,.".<MI,IMK) to prepare. 

The siK-aki-r stat.-il that llu- 
laii^iuiK.- is the in all l-airo|>c-. For 
exaiiipU- whereas the FiiKlish noun has 
oiilv or two f.iriiis the Russian nouns 
((.miiionly have fifty. In tlu- s.iiiu- w.iv 
there an- 4;{ forms to .1 Russian verb to 
.our b.ur, and 2t'. forms to a Russi.m lo fiur three. This nix-s to 
m.ike i.p .1 richness of jxH-tic form, s.iid 
Mr. Tiilsii. It also makes possibU- the 
use of s|Kcilic words for dilferent mean- 

H As to the j^reat men whi. h Russia has 
jirodiued the s|M-aker iiiention«-d R.u h 
manninotf. the pi. mist, Men.leljeffe. th.- 
chemist, ami other noted scientists an.l 
men of arts. In regard i.. the i)ro<lu.ts 
that Russia has niveii I., the worl.l, Mr. 
Tulsa spoke of alfalfa, oats, barley, and 
maiiv kinds of appl.-s. 

Mr. Tulsa stated that the- Russians as 
.1 w hole were very ambitious, and gave as 
illustraliims llu- facts that the lower 
classi'S, the farmers, ha.l ornani/ed in 
I'.HK"., 4rilH) co-o|x-rative Mnielies whi.h 
nunilx-r has since jjrown to over till.lMHl. 
This is all the more remarkable when it 
is realized that 7:{ pen eiit .if the |M>pnla 
tion is illiterate. 

Mr. Tulsa himself is .1 Russian and was 
educai.'.l in llu- I'niversity at 
Moscow. Later he taunht natural sciences 
in cenir.d SiUrLi. Sim <• he was fourU-.-n 
years ol.l he has supiM.rted his family. II. 
is now a travelling le. turer ami was in 
slrum.nt.d in lormin^j .1 ^roiip lo ai.l th. 
ill' l-t.^aml I). Sawyer. Jr. is making I S'M».<M'<> R"ssians in this ...untry. 

..upp.irt .1 b.iiiil.'' 


their represent alnes. 

.\> to his ideal of a stale college he be 
liev.s it shonl.l bt- .levote.l t.) aiiri 
cultural ediualion. lull, .n lIu' same lim. 
h.iviuK .. b..«ader sii;iiif'icaiu'.'. lb- is 
mu. b ..pi>os»<l •" '•''' '••>""""" i'l'^''!"''' 
tali..ii vo.ati.m edmation as applie.l 
to agriculture slumld 'be t.. leach slu.lents 
how to farm, ami that if its ura.luales do 
not go inmu-.hately into the practice ol 
farming their education is wh..l!v erroiie 

CIV.' II .> I"' '"^ .1.11 > '" •' ^ ■••• '- . , 1, .. 

„„. ,i„ ., „u. maioriiv of llu- ,K-.,pK of th.v .h. m.t happen ... W ,H-rsoiial 
,".S,.,e.isi'epresem.'.ll.v.l,e, -p.aint.'.l. 1 h.s sUile o tl.m.s sluml 

"" • ' ,,..1 ...nlinue. We pri.le ourselves on 

being .1 democratic comimmily : the spirit 
of ..pialiiy which we like to think i..-r 
\a.les the cimpiis cm be in 
110 finer wa\ than by gr.-.ting vour 
collegi- mates wilh .1 .heers .uid wholi-- 
lu-arte.l "lb!" N" person 1- -' mi 
|; on this .anipiis as o.u- who is 
--hiv;h"; that is, wh.. sp.-.iks ..nty to 
his (.r he. p..rti(ul..r friends; ..n.l i" our 
opiiii.iii su. li unpopularity is entirely .le- 

is Irt-.aiise skill gaiiu-.l by mer.- roiilim serve.l. 


repetition has liltU- .diicalional valui 
In his con.eptit.n. the .lilfei.iu.- betwi.'ii 
v.H-ational ediuali..n and the or.linary 
acad. ii.ic. sciintilic or so-called "cultmar' 
rdmaiion lies "not in stan.kmls ..! <p1.1l 
itx ,,v t hoi. Highness of tlevelopnuiii .it 


don't hi.--itate to 

greet a person whom v.m iiiiel on th.' 
(.impus, even though you .lo not know (MTson's name; just a duirfiil "Ibl' 
a.. l'> ■' smile, brightened 
ui.inv .1 -imilur moimiit. .iiid' ni.uiv 
.1 III. iid. '■ /■•' 

Now is tlu- time for carping critics t.. 
b.-m...Mi the Aggie f.M.tball system. Wit- 
nes- till re.i-nt exp.-rii-ii.-.s of Dr. W ilce 
.It < )hi.. Si.ite. F.K.tball i- still in a <-.>m- 
parativelv youthful state of .levelopim-nt . 
but some .lay we may see coaches admired 
an.l hire.l for their chara. u-r and for their 
i.lbu-n.e u|>on their teams, f.>r the 
niiiiilK-r of consecutiv*- vi. t..ries whu h 
I bey win by costlv .iml del.iil.-.l s.'ouliiig 
.Old coaching. 

WV — 

Fifteen Years .\fto 
The "ColleiJe Signal" Said 

" Iross C.nmtry Run \X"i. I'v 
M..\.( ., 2il-nt." <>(t. 2W. 

P.S. b. those days th.- with tlu- 
highest s(-ore won, sin.e th. first ten men 
were score.l inversely 1.. the order in 
which th( \ finished. 

);ood this as Ua.'her. ..ach at St 
Marks Shool, Snithboro, Mass. 

'2\\ "Hill" SK.pford .111.1 Uasil Nieil- are in business as the U. .\. Nii-d- 
ham Co.. Inc.. in New York ( ity. Tlu-y 
s|H-cialize in the maniifa.liin- an.l im- 
liorting of (lolhes for the lolW-ge man. 

w'Jli Leslie .\nderson is a sujK' 
in tlu- refrigerali.Hi .U-partment of the 
C.iiH-ral l-.le.lri. ( D.. Hoslon, Mass. 

'21 ■•R.>g" Ch.imlMrlain .md "Herb" 
ll.irris "di.l" Kur<.|R- this sumiiu-r. tr.iv.l 
ing through of th«- Kiiropean (<ii.n 
tries. "Rog" returnt-<l t.i Springti.ld, 
Mass.. whiU- "Herb" stay.-d in Paris to 
lH-«'.)nu- instruitor in Knglish at LKcole 

'21 C laremt- .\. Cr.M.ks. who is e'u- 
ployed at the V . S. C<.rn Horer Laboratory 
at Yarmouth. Maine, has re.-oviTi-d Iron, 
a recent ..|xration whi.h kept him in the 
hospit.d at PorflamI for a short lime. 

'27 "F.ddie" ILurtle. former versiitile 
Aggie athl.-te .iiid l.-.i.ler of the famous 
( (.«! d'Or Orchestra is now filling "Al" 
(.ustafson's shiKs in tin- Hiologi. al .1.- 
l.arlment at Williams t oUege, 

'27 "" Hanson, who g..n.- in 
lor dirt agriculture re|)orts "a very suc- 
cessful seaM.n and is now 111. iking i>lans 
for a real year next year. " 

'27 R.iliih W. Il.iskins is t.a.liing 

mathematics at the .\iiiherst High Sihool. 

'27 John J. M.ih..ney is engaged in 

lan.UaiK' work with Riverdale Nurseries 

in West Siiringfield, Mass. 

'27 Otto IL Ri.hter is eiii|.loyed ..n 
the teaching staff at Smith .\gricultural 
Si'hool ill Northampt.m where he leaches 
Hotanv, Ch.iuistrv, Phssics an.l ..iher 



Miss Lida M. Thatcher was anuing th. 
numlR-r of Umg distance travellers (.resent 
at tht- inauguration of Presi.U-nl Thal.h. r 
last I rid. IV , h.iviiig r.-turm-.l l«. Aiiiher-i 
fnnn the middle west. 

Sin.'.' her gra.liiation from the I'niv. <>! 
Michigan in n>2.'.. Miss hi-r 1k-.ii 
busily txHUpied in colle.iing data for a 
book which she has in pr..griss on th. 
siibjeit ..f biological stains. Among Uu 
( liiii.s which she has visited recently in 
collecting .lata for her book is o! 
the Mayo Hrothers in Rochester, .Minn 
Miss That, her returned Sunday lo re 
sunie her work in < f»-iu-va, N. X . 


(Continued from Pujie I) 
night for early arriv.ils when the junior 
class of Amherst High Sih.x.l will i.resen' 
"The Cal and the Canarv" in Uowk. 

Following is a program for "Dad's Dav 
Ndvemlx-r 12th: 
'.t a. 111. — 1 !.:{'• a. m. Tour ..f campus an 1 

11.. '5(1 a. m. 12.IKI m. Fa.iilty r.-cei.tii". 

in Memorial Hall. 
12.(K) in. Luncheon at Cafeteria. 
1.;{I) |). m. Six-man roix- jtuU. 
2.00 p, m. I'ootball game, Norwi.h \- 

M.A.t . 
♦i.;ill p. m. Han.piet at Dr.iiKr Hall. A 
dress to Dads by President Thatchi 
7.4.1 p. ni. Kniertainment in Si.h kbri' 

„,„ ,.„< < I O . Ill S «ere well ropresen.... at ..,e A.nhers, «an,.. Your appearance Is an, facer and our best opportunty .„ aid >„u. It is oar 
M.sinl! .0 knit '*!.!' to „,akc the n,L of your arrearance and we are prepared to sl,„w you lu.w well we know our stuff. 


(.Continued fruni Pafte i> 

l,t l.uniini*sioner p.cseiited the piesi 
,Kiil with tht charter of the college, 
i're-ident Thatcher accepted the charier 
and pledged himself to hll the posit i.>n 
t(, the best of his ability. 

D.iniel L. Marsh, president of Hoslon 
I iiiversity, greete.l the new president on 
In half of the .lelegates from other insli- 
luiioiis, and gave a brief history ..I agri- 
luiiural colleges, during which he eiiipha- 
-i/itl the thirty-six years of 1 1. it|x-rati.»ii 
wieii this college and Hoston I'niver 
,iiv. The two colleges wtri- coiliucte.l 
until 1011 when Aggie had assuiiie.l a 
[H.-iiioii ..f such iiii|xjrtance that ihe 
n.i-ons for the alliance ceased to exist, 
she iH-caiiie a separate college. Tlu- 
laker poinie.l out tlu- i..i|M.rl.iiicf ol 









I he p(.silion ot presid.-nl since ..n 

l.ills the i'es|H.nsil.ility of moulding t he 

.ni.leiits ami refining their tastes. 

Professor Trank .\. W..ugli, h.-.i.l ol I h. 
lUpartiiient of Lands, ain- ( .ardeiiiug. »-x- 
Kiided greetings lo the .-xecutive from 
the faculty. Me contrasted the inellu.ds 
ut o|K"rating llu- college t...lav wilh tlios. 
Ill llu- (.iist, wlu-ii llu- la. nil y, in .i.l.lilion 
III (L.iiig all the teaching, were also the 
.iiliniiiislralivt- ImhK'. Now, in this age ol 
,|«ri.ili/..ilion, the fa.ulls has been shorn 
ol this powir, whi.h Pr.»less..r Waugli de- 
I l.ired. is a Il tosters 
,1 (oii.liti.)ii U.i.ling to with I lu- 
i..iclu-rs which is of v.iliu- i.. llu- 
siu.lenl. The spe.ik. r pl«dg.-.l llu- sup 
jM.rl an.l co »)ix-.atio.i of tU.- I.u\. .iml. 
ill return, said thai tlu v i-xpetn.l a led 
iiig of sympathy from the pr.sid. iit. 

The next s|H-ak.-r was Philip I . Whit- 'b'l, president of the .Associate 
.\lmnni. who dedareil that, although I lu- 
.iliimni were in a certain \say ina.tiv.-, 
ill. y were vitallv int. r.-sH-d in the ii.lleg. 
,111(1 pr.nid of it, .iml, U-Liuse of lluir 
i-m 111 l..r tlu- m-w pr.sid.nt, re.idv 
lu lollow his lea.Urship. 

The last s|x-aker was John F. Oiiinn '2H, 
|iiesi(l(iii of the Slii.leni , who wel- 
(..iiie.l Presi.l. Ill ..n IkImII ol 
ill. stii.leiil ImmIv, .iii'l expressed ...nfi- 
il.ii..- ill him. Oiii.iii alMUii ilu- 
l.iigi- |M.ssibilili. s inher.-nt to llu- |M.silioii 
.111.1 the dittu ullies of th«' lask. He s;tic| 
iliat "Prexy" had Iw-en observe.l crili- 
i.illy bv the stu.l. Ills iin.l.-r all . ..mliii.Mis, 
.lid ili.ii III h.i.l Iw.-n a.npie.l by all. 

Hie U-ne<lictioii was pron<.nn.»-d by 
kiv. .\rlliiir I.. Kiiisolving ol llu < .ra. <• 
l.pisiiipal (hur.h ol .Xiiiht'.^i . 



Ml iiilurs III ihf Board of Trustees, Miinl.ets i.l 
ilii- l-.ii ally anil .\luiiiiii. Siiiilculs ami Kii.-ixls 
..I llu- Massaehust-lls .\KrU ultiiral ( olU-Kt- 

I ..pi^-ar Ix-fore you on this o<iasii>n wearinR my 
• ■ ,iili-mii lap. «o»n and IkhjiI not (roiii any [mt- 
~<>nal iiiflVniuf loi tlii;^ iii. tiiti->«iii.- Karl* nor win. 
.ui> liiK'niion to indii an- a ilrsirc ur hi)i«- that tin- 
I'M. Ihf ol wi'atinK aiaiU-iiiii mstiiim-s at < oll.uc 
lull, lions shall lie inaiiKiiratc'l umirary lo tl.i- 
«i>tif» of tin- family or lo iiu-ic<li-iit in sn< I. 
inaltiTs; but for the siM-iilir i>uriH>s«- of i-iiiiih.i^i/imj 
my ronri'iition of tli«' acaiU-iiiii' rankini! of tlu- 
i»>MUon which I ani assuiiiinK and <.f the stanilanls 
.iii'l i|iiality of aiadcniic work wliirh shoulil pri- 
v.ul .11 the Colk-K*'. It is for this saiiu- reason that 
I liavf (hosen to wear Kxlay the IkhjiI syiuliolizinv! 
Oil- tiunorary deurei- of IJoitor of Laws rat hit 
Uiaii eiiher of the hoods syiulxiU/inK (l.-lire»-s in 
\!I- i.r in ,\Krii iiUiiri- whi< h 1 iiiiutit have wtjrn. 
M.A.C. Kank» llifth 

It will l)c reconni/ed at oiut- that my iIioiikIii in 
'lu- i.^ tluit the position which I am now assuininK 
!'a< the same duties, resjionsiltilities and oj.jKjr- 
tiiniiies as dix-s the siime jHjsition in any other 
i!i>tiiution of colleuiate rank and resi«xtahli- 
.1 i.liiiiic standinK. < 'f the aiiiirary ol this idea 
!li.i.- tan lie no i|Ue>ti(in. The illii^tiious men 
wlai liave preceded me in this iK.sition, the fame 
"I .lie institution at home and al.road, and lh<- 
"'H.ihle f|uality of the men and women who las 
i'- aUimni) constitut)- its principle product, testify 
'" Uif standinR and standards of the institution 
'Ahf,.«. destinies in the immediate future are tcxlay 
'" -s intrusted to my care. 

1'' iliaps it would be an adequate statement of 

:ii: -.iise of resiK)nsibility as wt-!l as my hoi^-s and 

in t itions if I were t<. stoji rinht here. ( ertainly 

I Ml would earn for me an unique place anions 

■ presidents and a reputation for brevity and 
111 which it miRht iK-rhaps Ik- difficult to live 

"in the future. But custom decrees otherwis.-. 
\!i :ii,iuKuration ceremony would not s.'eni com- 
■ • without an address from the inaiiKurei- whi< h 
-11 vc as a keynote to the ;iolicies and iin-tho<U 
"' -i"' new administratiim, or at least a.s an intro- 
'1" -I'm to the audience of the jK-rs<mality and 

- of thouKht of the new president. I am 
-; and glad to do the best that I can lo pro- 
"ly apiiropriate pari of this inauKUraiioii 

'■'•'•. 1 li,ive tried to iirejiare for this occasion 
lilifss which will servi- the purposis iiist 
il'd. I have approai I.eil this task with a 
•<iis<- of Ihe serious nature of the protilein- 
1 .111- befoie me and of the danuers and difli- 

- «hith may arise from a iiri-mature an- 
'iiient of f«>rsonal opinions with reference to 
itumal policies, ('nder ordinary circumslan- 

■ \ task Would be easy. I could aii- 
' "ly intention to carry on the well-tried and 
i> -.iplirf>v»-d iKjlicies of my predeiessors in 
iii'i lo promote the continued welfare of the 



I oiiri;i' .liiMii; »c!i-i-»tal.>li?lKd liiic.^ ol cuJcHiJl ■ 
This would be a safe, sound and sensible state- 
iiuiil of a laudable ambition on my pait. 
Tu»k Nut Su Simple 
But the biief study that 1 have been able lo 
make of ths situation with which the Colleue and 
ii~ new President are conlioiited convinces me that 
the lask before us is not so simple as this. To be 
sure, the land-atanl' colleues in general, and the 
Massachusetts .Vnriv ultural t ollege in iwrliculat. 
liave them a ileuilv defined i.uriwse and 
more than hall a century of succ'.ssful experience. 
\o one is iiioie appuciative than 1 am of ihe 
^l.lendill uchievemi-nls ol this nf and old iiistiiuiion. 
Its history, us tiaditions, and us noble men and 
w<.iuen were the attractive features which le.l me 
II. accei.t the tu.sition as its I'resideut when it was 
leiulere.l to me l.y ihe Board of Trustees. But the ol the I olle«e of the future cannot be 
s.-ttl.d wholly on the basis of the exiK-rience of the 

This is because the needs ot the . Iti/ei.s ol llie 
Ini eibuatioii of coUeuiale Kra.le are not 
but aie thaiiKiim liom year to year with 
ihaunini! economic and social coudiiions. This is 
true everywhere, bul il is a specialb sinnil.canl 
..sped ot the educational situation in the New 
l-; Stale, paiticularly as it lelaies to the 
.liili.-.., Iim.tions and opiK.rtunili.s ot the state 


.\ I'uhllc Trust 

l-iol.i almost Ihe veiy day ihal I was elected to 

lhi> position. I have been besieued by lUtel- 

viewers who seek to Uarn my IK.hcus as 

President aie to U- and what th.- scoim- ol the 

lolleue i, to be lllidel my dir.clion. I have le 

melted often that I . ouUl m.t Kive delin.le replies 

to ihos.- imiui.i.-s. .\s a matt.'. ..1 pMncipl.-s, I 

pill... II. m.-et issues siiua.ely and to slat.- uu. 

iiuivoially my in.sition 01 couvi.lions with lel.-r- 

to matl.-rs of imiM.c mteiesl. But in this 

I have fell const ienlioii.sly u not 

wilhin my i.rovince or rinlit to announc- 

li„ mysilf 01 f..r the instituli..n. This is a stale 

lollene. It is sui.lK.ited by puhlii I'""''- '"■ 

., fliers are repies.ntatives ol th.- public in llu- 

...Iminisiratiim ol th.- atf.iirs ol ihe instiiuli<..i. 1 

do not want I., over wot k a mu. h abus.-d state- 

mint o. to lay mys.-lf oi«-ii to Ih'- suspi. um ol 

hviH..risy whiih oUen att...he» to such an uto 1 

.,me but I can say ho.iestb 1I1..I I helieve lh,.l ... 

.,ur deminracy .. public oll.ce is a publi. trust 

III .onse.|U.-m.- of bel..-t. I ^anm.l on 

ihi- mw ent.-.pris.- with the int. mion lo n.ake ih.s 

inMilution a c.a.ur.- ..i n.y own will or wishes, 

lii-leail, I niu>l approaih the und.rtakinK wuh a 

woik out h.-.e tin- will ol the 

will. ieli-n-m*» to this lluii 


em 1- 
I asi- 

»ii.i< ti 


ot till 

ill^tlllltinll 111 liMlllllli; 

Cannul ,\nnounie Dehniie l'olUie« 

This d...-s not mean I im.-...l to supiml> 
submit 10 d..m...alion ..I the atlai.s of the instuu 
lion bv sell-desiunaled, ..1 ihe 
IMople who n.a> ...dividual .n-ls or iK-..^.na 
aim^ to IM- serv.d l.> some .leveloi-melll o. Ia..k of 
d.v. lopm.nt ol a iH.sitiv.- h. r.-. N..r d.. 
I .xiM-ct to ...lepl a- iepres.iHiliK ll.<' d.l.l«ral. 
expr.-ssion ol tl.i inl.ll.i;.'... - an.l «.ll ..t a s.,v.-..i«n 
,H-.,pU- so.m- l.ii.l-.a.v whim or .at. l.y slonan 
whi.h may liav.- .aiiuH th- lancv. On 
ir.irv. I exiM-cl to have |K.r.|liv. .onviclK.ns 
t«st ihi> t <.II<-K'- may s«'rv.- the ion. 
,.,..„weal.l. and to publi. h .-xi...-sh lh..s.- .....M. 
t.ible oi.asioii ami to uiw 
md -.kill thai 1 

ih.- I 01. 
M to h.iw 

whtiiiicsct iii.i> have been icspuiisibU loi the lusl 
overt act, by the time we entered it it was apparent 
that the wat was a life-and-dealh struKgle between 
the ate old idea that "miiilit makes iiuht' and the 
newer pimciple ol fiee peoples that "iiKl.l is 
might." The Kaiser, with his dieam ol woild 
doniinioi. and his blasphemous assuniplion that 
"mil h and Holt" should lule evei> where, cou.d not 
stand beioie the loUoweis of the itreal Teacliei ol 
the Fatherhood of Cod and the Biolheihood ol 
man Heme, we approacn every new task, hovv- 
.•x.t ix-rplexiui: il may appt-ar and howevei un 
1.1 tain we may be as to just how it is all uoing to 
w.iik out, with a new and supreme a»suiance that 
111 the end rlnhteousness will i.revail. riiihl will 


This then is the basis lot my confidence in the 
fuluie of out public institutions. .\s a result. 1 am 
.iccepting a iKisition of adiiiinisuative lesiH.nsi- 
bilily in one of iheiii with a feeling of optimism as 
to llu- tuture, and with a certain calmness ol mind 
•md i.hilo.-^ipiiical exiR-clation that the way will 
oiKi. up as the ne.essilies aii.K;. What may l«' 
ui.ceilam ol indehnite now will stand loilh in 
cl.iiily when the tim.' Uii .ulioii .iriui-s. 
Ktlui-utlun U .Sufeiltuurtl 

The nexl piinciple wliuli stands beloie m«- as a 
beacon light to progiess is my bcliel that edm aliiiii 
.IS a saleguaid to democracy is no longer o|K-n to 
(luestiou. TI.ioukI. anil beyond Ihe discussii.iis ot 
till- details ol how m.iny and kindu ..f In.ys 
.mil uiils.dioulil c.ui.e lo this College there lies t lie 
limilam.-nlal .Vimiican piiiu ipU- that we want jiisl 
as many ol oui . lliz.ns to be as highly edu.aled 
as it is iKissible loi them lo be. l-oi us llier.- can 
\k no aiislociacy ol educalion l-oi us ih'- .leveU.i- 
ment ol ptoloun.l scholarship is s«ion.lary to 
.diualioii lor citi/ensl.ip. Tlu- .safety of any 
.lem.ciacy tests u|K>n the degre.- of lliis education 
for citi/euship which its iM-<.ple iH.sst-ss. This has 

.vs lec.iilly in KuKsia. «« the wimloiii ol slate- .ducalion Im citi/.iiship thiouMl. th.' 
Kl.i.h> ol the public an.l 1 1..- hiKl. scIi.k.Is 
Iheie h..s U-en m. .iu.-sli..n since the .• .lays 
..f public education in this countiy. 1 ImIi. ve that 
th.-i.' is now .... seiious .K.ubt of the .>! 
exleiidiuK the is.ssibilili.'s ol 
.-dmaliiiii thiough the collegiate gia.l.-s. The in- 
thien.e 111 Ih. goat slate u..ivei>ilies of the West 
illKili the sl.imla..|s a..d iiuahly of c.l i/ s.-ts 
an example lor oui old. i whi.h is 
wi.ltl.v of seliolls i.insiilei.itloi. 

KuNofH I'ublUly -Supporle.1 
(AilleUlule l-.ducailon 
To my i.iimi th.- .|uestion as I., wh.lh. 1 a.le.iuate 
opi«.itunili.s U.I edmation ol ioU.giate gia.le aie 
now oi-u K. all w...ll.y youth ..I this I "u.n.on- 
we..lth h..s not >et Ih'" s..tisla. loiily answ. l.-d 
The t.i.l that only a l.-w pL.t-ily <|iiahl.e<l i.-si- 
.le.its ol .Mass... Iius.tts who have appli.-<l U.r 
a.l.i.ission to ...lleg.- this y.-ai hav.- l«-.-l. rej.-. l.-l 
lKcau«- of lini.t.<l .nrolm.-nt legulalions. .hn-s not 
fully answei the iiuestK.ii. U d<»-s signily, of 
.our.s.-, that n.ariy every y.ung man or woman 
who had suflu lent lumls in right to justify a i.-..- hop. on his part lie might be able to 
11... I 111. ..dmitfdlv high an.l rising ■ ost <.f ...lUge 
.-.Imation iimhi.hi.g ih'- g- i.'ially im r.-as.-.l and 1.1 -lill luilli.-r in. tuition .haig.-s. and 

h.-m .- I. It ir.-.- I" plan lo. m 'I'" -.•"'" •""' '" 

apply l..r admission al one ... . ..II. g.s. 
finally sii. c.-.-d.-.l in siiiiiing t-noano 

in .some stale,.,, .ii K..>-t. lh..l tin- mw tN;c ul 
college was to have a diff.-i.-nl puiiKiM- that 
of existing colleges. It was thought that the pui 
l«jse was 10 educate students lot nilain /'u'-'i'"''" 
vocations in lile, lathei than lo otlei to llios 
l>ei,sons ol ceitain classi-s. lo whom such tiainiiig 
was not then availabl.-, "eduiaiimi loi the m;>»u/ 
puisuits and piolessions ol hie lleiue. in h.ill 
the states of the I nion, the new college was >et 
up as a separate e.liicalional unil, si.meiiii.-s 
having dillereiil .-nliance leiiuiii-iiu-nls, nland.tids 
ol woik and giadiiatmn le.iuiiem.nts loi wli..t 
cam.- lo be > all.-d vocitional i-ducalion in agii 
lulliiM- and th.- me. ..its, than piesailid in 
otiiei iiill.-ges. .Vlso, Ih.-lt- was the iilld.iiialili- I.u t 
thai tilt- body ol sci.-i.tilic knovxl.'lg.- to loim the 
g.-neial b.isis and b..ikgu>uml ol the cuiiiiiil.i ol 
instuiction in llii-s»- colleg.-s was not as well oig..i. 
i/ed 01 ..swell suil.-d lo educational uses as w. is 
which had s.-rved lot d.-ia.les as the loiindation lot 
Ih.- couises ot .sillily in oth.-r lyiM-s of clh-g.-s 
l-oitiinately. how.-vi-l , llu- .■on.eiition thai edii 
latii.ii in lliise ' land r.t.iiil coll.-g.-s " was t.i b.- on 
.1 lower plane ll...n ol oth.i i-iliu.ition "lot th'' 
M-veral luilsuits and pioi.sMnns ol lile " was 
abamU.n.-.l. ami I think there ale now l.w .1 
any exi.-ptions to the lule that the ol 
edmati.«n in thos«- ...ll.g.-s an- as high as tl.<.s.- ol 
oth. 1 IMKS of ...ll.-g.-s .11 the .same edilcali< 
lommiiiiili.s, .Ms». piogi.-ss h..s Im-.ii n....h- 
in biiiigiiig w.ll oig.miz.-.l in-il.igogi 
.all) sound met hods ol ii.slimtioii int.. tin- > l.iss- and laUinloms ol Ih.-si- iiill.'ves. 

l'ntoiliin..telv, liow.vel, Ihei.- still i«-isisls in 
Iht- minils of mai» ihis<.i.s th.- id.a that th.' pm 
l«m' ol "v.H alional eilucation ' is lo imiKiil l...i.di 
craft skill in the pi..cli. .- of s«.n»- v.M.ilioii Vs 
.ippln.l 10 .igiii lilt 111.-, this is said lo mean that 
Ihe i.iniH.s.- ..f an agiiciiluiial ...liege curriculum 
should be lo t.a.b si ml. Ills h.iw lo lain., ' a..>l 

I lull il its gia.liial.s .1 t g<. iiiim.'li..l<-ly iul" 

the piaitii.- ol l.umi.ig Ih'-n .-.lin'U. must I"- 
..l I. mil. 

llM l>ur|M>He 
To n.y mind this "trail.- mImm.!' ....... -i>l ion ol 

v.Kalioiiul .■.lii.ati..n is whollly eiiom-ous as 
.ippli.'il 111 thus.- institutions whi.h an- eslablish.-il 
lo piovi.l. liUial .....I piaili<..l .(lii.alion in Ihe 

M-veial puisuits and pioU-ssions ol lile ' In the 
lirst pla.e, skill .s n.oi.- . ..sily an.l 
n.oie .flu i.nilv a..iuii..l in Ih.- ...tual of 
ihe v<Nali..n ot pi..hssi..n Ih.iii in ans s. Ii.m.I 01 
college class liKjin «.i laboialoiy u...l.-r iini.-ly 
aililicU.1 cnditions ol work.iiy In lb.- s<-...iid 
I.lax-. III.- ni.-n- routine i.-iK-lilion "I some me. 
Ual oiM again an.l again until llu- olM-ralor 
is skilllul the sian<l|M.inl has 


, how.-ver. 

tii.ii- ii|i.iii i-v.iy 
th.-iii with ..II il..' I'"" 
Vile, having .lone th.s. I...weve.. I c.meive U I" 
be my duty U. abi.le by Ihe w.ll ol ihe n.a)o.i.y 
of 1 1..- isople <.f the Stat.- as r.-i.r.s,-nt.d by the ..f lh.-ir repies.nlaliv.-s. the Boaid <.l 
Triist.-.-s. lb.- U-gislatiiie and the ex.-ciitive ..tli-, ..I llu- Slat.-, and to emieavor to work <iut .-Miress.-.! wid.i-s in th.- u.ost effettive way iiiav 1..- iK.ssibh-. I'.ihaps my thirtj-hv.- 
>..ars oi as a stll.leiit. faculty memlM-r 
ami admi..i-l.ati\e olb. er of a slat.- .n-tilulion ot 
l.a.hing 01 ha- im this i.l.^a in me sir.mgly than oth.-iwise wouhl b.' true .11 
Ihaii may b.- th.- .as.- with'-i m.n in my is-i 


Il.-iii. . il i- not lK.ssil.le tor me to announce 
.leliiiit.- teims al this time what my iK.lici. 
I'resid.-nl of the ( ollege ar<- to be. 1 can 
pr.-s.-nl a v.-ry ch-hniu- slal.-menl of the prim ipl.s 
.,r cmvi.tion^ whi.h will guide my atL-mpts 
L.ward Ihe fiillilm.ul ..I th'' la-k ami th.' oplH.t 
lunity whi.h 1 am m.w la. ing. This I will now 
elliUn.vol lo d.i. 

ConHdenee In ,\merU-a* Kuiure 
111 th. lu-t pLiie, I have a profound conviction, 
resiiliiug in a sublime faUli, in this 
d.-mo.r,.iy right will always ultimaU-ly prevail. I 
know that th.-r.- ar<- many sim.-re anil t.alri<itii 
I itiz.ns who are actually f.arlul for th.- lutur.- ol 
our d.mocracy. But I have not fotgolt.n what 
was lo me the sui.remi- lesson of the World War. 
n.imely that our democracy i an meet any .-ni.-r 
K.-n. y that coiims to it. It sei-ms to me that the 
real lesson of our iwrticitKition in the War Ims 
li(-en lost sight of .luring tecent .lays but I In-lieve 
that fiiluM- historians will not fail to note it ami 
that il will b.-tome a part of the fabtic of oui 
national b.-iiig as il has of my own iH-rsonal ex- 
perience. That lesson is twofold in its character, 
but single in its effect. 

First, there is an unfailing cunfidence in An.eri- 
las future as a democracy based ui«)n its success- 
ful meeting of the emi-rgenty. Prior to 
our entrance into the War. we were a nation at 
[R-ace. We wire thinking, j.lanning. working 
st.k-ly on the arts of jx-ace. I'reparedness for war 
had no place in our individual n.inds and no 
serious i«rt in our govi-rnn.ent iK.licies. 1 an. not 
one of lhos<? who d.-pre. ale this fact. Rather, I 
glory in il. I w»nt lo live in a country wh.>sc 
i-M-ry iiU.n is dir.-cted toward the ways of iKi'ace. 
If I had wanted to live in a nation whose princiiwl 
object was preparing for war, I would long ago 
have moved lo (..-rmany. But suddenly tlii- 
I«-ac<-ful nation was < aUed iitM.n lo enter the War. 
We met the call with a spirit and su.i.-ss that 
astounded lh<- world. To Im- sur.- we made mi> 
tak.-s which w.-re costly in lime, men and money. 
But th.- astonishing thing is thai we were able so 
MK.n U. r.-ilify thos.- mistakes and in suit, a 
u.arvelously slioil tim.- to ..rganiz.- our w.'allii. 
our indilstii.-s, our agrii iiltiir.- an.l oui in-ople ii.lo 
^11. 1. an i-fti. i.-nt war ma> Line. 

lleiic.-, n.y unfailing contideme in Ameii...'- 
future. If w.- coul.l do so well the job which w.- 
hate and abhor, war. what can we not do at th. 
lask which we love and respect, ptait. 

In the second pla.e, the War taught that, in 
the end. ri<*ff.<«.nf s [irf.uih. Whatever may 
have la-en the pretext iiiK.n which it started and 

Mill 11 h. iii.iii svli. 11 lu .• 111 diii-i 
mine what ate th.- |K>ssiliihii.-« hu and needs of 
Kducat.d Men in the vaiuuis uih-sui ago. uliuial 
iniisuils ,md to lie. ide luiiietniiig hi-i ada|itabilil> 
to ih.-se .\lso. he Wil! have lec.-iv.-d a bai kgu.uml 
and an oiitl.K.k whu h will pi.-|K.i.- hiiii as a . iti/eii 
I., paiti.ipat.- wis«-|v ..lid helptully m the loiisulei 
ation an.l hiial il.-t.-iiiiiiiali.jn ol piiblii |m>Iii let 
with leferen.e lo aglii ullilial .levelopm.-i.t and 
rural, s<k iai an.l ecoii.tmii welfare 

In 111.- end. the III.- work ..f .-ail. .il mil 
ati-s Will b.- d.-l.'t iimi.-d liv lit.- .'i.iiiomi. opisn- 
tuiiiti.-s whli h oiuii 111 hull Tli,it in Ihe Vtn.-iiiaii 
way But wlielhei or no .ii.\ given al.iiiiniis nl 
this I iillcm- fiiiiU a -..itislai (ol) oiil».rtiinily lo 
stall lile on a I.u in ..t in some one of the many 
..lli.-d iHciiiKilions whi.h i.>n-.|ilute the sliu.liii.- 
of mo.letn agii. ultiii.-, h.- i,.iiiuit l.-ave this . anipiis 
uiihoiil having a bett.-t ul.-.i .if ih.- iH.s>il.ilitii's, 
i.-i|Uii.-ni.-nls, ideals and i.l.ilive so. i,d. .-iiiiimiii. iiitell.-i wii:>h ol tins voi t.i-lil than 

111- h.t.l when he' Il.-l.- To uu llllllil ihls 
lepl.-S4-nts \.H eilii. .illoli nl , iill.-i; j.ili- gl.iile 
..I its b.-sl. 

Name ol liiip<iriuiK-e 
Siiuc I i.ime to this|iu-<. I have h.' 
s«-en in the public press fi<-i|iieiit .liwusshins ..I the 
.|ii.'siion .if W'h.-tb.'i ih.- n.ii.i.- of mis Insiiiuijou 
oiiKlil not l.i b.- I h.iiige.l or else its s. .>|h- .iii.l 
.iiiivilies niodilii.l in stiiii.- way, I must . ..iiless 
th..t to im- tli..t iii..ll.'i ol the n.iiiie is of minor 
imiN.ilan..', iiiil.--s It ..hniilil aptH.ii this is 
..I. a>lii..l misnoiiii'i uliiili iiil.-ilei.-s with Ihi- 
liiii.lain.-nl..l pui|m.s<- ..l the iiistiiiiilon to pr.tvi.le 
' lib.-ral and t-dii. alion ..( the iiidusliial 
I l.i.iiH-K for th.- s<-vei..l puisuits and prolesHi..ns ..1 
Iil.'," Ol liiuils ill soim- wa> the |>iliiliti.'s ol its 
gi.idiial.'s 1.1 liiiiiK III ih.' C.imiiiiiiiw.'.ilth it..' 
Ii.' 111 ilieii ".'.111. .ilmii till I iii<i'ii.<hi|i " Ihe 
linn.. I. '.I pi, II .'III I Ins in ..til lit ion among II..- . oll.-g.-^ 
ot II..- ..>iiiili> .111.1 ih.- est.-<-iii .mil ies|M-i i with 
whi.h its .11.- i.ieiveil .-veiywheia- s«-eiii 
lo in.llial.- that in th.- past al least iti. name has 
I..-.-II no han.lUap. VMi.-lher the .hanging e.o- 
iDinii an.l civic ...nditions of the luluie will make 
a .I...111:.- d.-iialil.'. liiiii' ..liii..' 1 .III lell 
I'oKsiitle Scope 
.\n 1. 1 till- |His:<ibl.' SI lip.- Ill the woik ot lu.- 
( oll)-K.- Ill th.- lutiiie, I lliiiik that il is piob..!.!.- 
Ih..t this I .ill.'K.- will siMiii 1 nine lo hav.- a v.iy 
■ l.'linil.- .111.1 1 le.iijv .letiiii'il pla. .' Ill th.- edm 
syst.-m ol the Slat.-. I hav.- al.-.l my pO'louiul 
...nvi.tion that it is ii..t only .lesiiable but .-sm-ii- 
tial 1.. th.' lutUK- of .l.-iii.H la. y that e.l.i. ali..nal 
..piH.itiiiiitles sli.ill mil be liiiiile.l lo oui w.-altliiei 
clas^4-H bill that .'\.'i> ^olll.g 111,111 or woiii.m 111 
ill.- s>t..l<- who all eaim-sl d.-sjir lo set me Ihe 

lilll.- .■iluialiniial value. .\nil linally the time ami ,^. ^ ,^,^^|,,|,. ,.,|„t.„|.,„ i.u . iii,enshi|. ' have 

pra.tii.i.iiuiK.I logiv.-ev.-n a modi, um ol hand. 
Halt skill 11. ..Illy a h-w ..I the piaitu.s iiivoK.-d 

i„ ;„,y linn viMalinii nl hi.- wi.iil.l ii....n -11. h 

liaiiow siH. iall/alion ol .Hoit as to d.-t.-at ihal 

lilM-ial" whi.h is our g.>al ,.i.'l whu 11 

IS Ihe -'.-duialioi. *.r . ili/enship " whi.h lusolies 

. xiHi.ililuir ol publi. I..1 ils pi..n.oi imi 

The OHIerence 

vni ..llnll.ll I'dlH ..llnll 

in OIK- ol 
th. Ill and is now on th.- <l.-sir.-.l loa.l. But what 

ol Ih.- ho-l of worthy young in-oph- t.. wl Ih.- 

moiinimg tuinou ami resi.h-n.e costs ol ...ll.g.- 
.•dmatinii oH' i"l a s.-...m> dis. nurag.-meni . il n'.l 
an in-uimounlabl.- baio.r, lo ih.ii hoi-s loi 
furth.i eilu.ati.m. »)ur ...nta.l> with iIm- lM-'>ple 
of th.' Slat.- wl... are in li.e middl. m Inwei fainily- 
imoine groups lead us to know thai Hi.-«-. 
of such young i--<.pl.- >s ""w very mm I. g..-..t.-r 
than ever U-fore in our country's hisU.ry. <»iir 
.• wilh the young men and w..i.ien of 
thi- group wlH. ...n.e lo mis ( oll.-«e fully juslih.-s 
th.- comlusion that th-y ar.- ihe valuabl.- 
timls-r iH.sMbl.- tor tl...t stiii.lure nf an .-.Imal.d 
I ili/.-u>hip whi.h is nui goal. Th.y hav.- .... nth.-r 
n.otiv.- f..r ...ming to ...Uege than to ac.4Uir.- an 
educalion 1 h.-y hav.- lH-.-n a. . ust..m.-il by ih.-.r 
home surroundings to th.- i.ha and n.-cssity ..f 
striving har.l ami .-arnestly for whatever is wi.ith 
whil.- in lit.-. This refl.-cts itself in a .iiiality ..I 
1 lass-t.K.m work by th.rsc- which is ..fl.-ii ami comni.i.te.l ms.n favorably by t.-a. 
who m.-.'l. .ither simulian.-ously <.r in ii.-ar juxla- 
IK.Mlion as to time, classes in < oll.-g.-s su.h as ours 
.md in ...lli-g.-s wh.-re the major pail of th.- stu- 
dents do not have the same ba< kgroun.l and mnliv.- 
lor educational eml.avor, tl..-v- stiidi-nts 
exiK-i t to, and our alumni group i.roves that th.y 
ai tually do, put the educalion whi. h lli.-y a. .|iiir.- 
inlo most efti. i.-nt us.-, lo the Ixnelil of thems.-lves 
ami the tommonw.allh. Il 1... oims f-r llieiii r.-al 
-eilu. ation for ( ilizenship." 

Hence, apart from the iiiiestion of 
wh.-ther a.lditional opiK.rtuniti<-s for it should 1..- 
pr.jvi.led h.-re at Massa.hus.lts .\grii iiliural < ol- 
l.-g.-, I shall d<;.sir.- to champion lli.- ■ aus.- of an 
ade.iuale opi*.rlunity for publi. ly-supis.rl.-.l 
coUegiat.- .'.lu.ation for worthy young m.n ami 
wom.-n of our state who arc m.t financially al.l.- 
to acquir.- it .-Ist-where, as earnestly and as 
as I may hnd opportunity lo ilo so. 
Vficallonal Kducallon 

( nming now lo the question of what kind of 
.-.lucalion shoul.l »«• offered at this College. I find 
niys.-lf armed with certain very imsitive convic- 
tions as to th.' guiding j.rim ipl.-» lo b.: observed. 
This is one of th.- so-, ailed land-granl colleg.-s. " 
originally establish.-d as a conseqii.-ni <- of th.- 
Fi'leral ena.tnienl commonly known as ih.- 
Mnrrill Act. which had as ils avow.-d th.- 
lilK-ral and practical i-ducation of the in.lustrial 
classes in the several pursuits and profession-- of 
life." 1 think that there is no doubt that the 
author of that phrase sought to convey the id«-a 
that it was th.- iuK-nt ami desin- of this new legis- 
latioii to put within the n-ach ..f thos.- who wen- 
nnl then abb- to acquire it. an oi.pi.rtiiiiily fot th.- 
same eduiational privileges and opiH.rliinili.-:- that 
niemberi of oth.-r .lasses of s.» i.-ty .noyed. It 
should Ix- noted that the original a.l ili.l not 
siK-cify that it was to be tin- piiri«.se of th's.' 
I olleg.-s to give training for the pra. li. e of agri- 
1 ultui.' ami th.; me. l.anic arts; but instead ■■With- 
out .-XI hiding other siienlihi and classical stiulies, 
to l.aih su.h bran, lies of l.-arning as ate r.-lal.-d 
t.j agriculture and the me. lianii arts in siu h 
manner as the l.-gi-liUure of the Siat. s may re- 
si»-ciivp|y prescrilje. in order to promrjte the 
liU-ral and practical education of the in.lustrial 
classes in the several pursuits and professions ol 
life." I'nfortunately. however, the idea develi.isd, 

liolii lii\ standi It 

ilillels linlii .ii.lii.aiy ..1 ...l.'.i.l" . s. i.iiUli. . nl -.n- 
. all.-.l ".iiltui..r' .'dm ..linn 111 ..I 
qualily nl till... .ugliness nl .1. V.I..11I11. Ill ..f llios«- 
.illiibul.s ol M.iil, mind ImmIs win. Ii . h..tai 
leiiz.- |»-rs..i., but ..nly in ih. ii..ihn.| 
ami niateiials us«-.| in impaiting ih.--- <h".ii..l.l<' 
I hai;i.teiisli.s and in the .nlian. mg and .lignily 
iiiK nl the . in umslaii..- and suii..un.lings nl hie 
in a gi\.ii v.Hali.iii. \'.m alini...l .-dii. ation n- 
qiiii.-> the u-.- nf tl.iiiK- ii'-ar at liaml and .. 1...1I 
nf lh.-.iiviinliim 111 nl thai v.h ..linn as Ih.- m..l.-li..l 
l.,r iiii|iailiiig that k.-eiimss ..I ikh eplioii, ...Ki. ill 
analysis an.l linn, and abilily m m.'<'l and 
s..lve the pi.>bleiiis ..( physi. al and s<« iaI envimn 
ment whii h is the ..f this ly|M- nl .-.Ima- 
ti<.ii. T<«. ofl.-n. in the \a>l at least, .-ducatioli 
h,.s d.-alt .l.i.-lly will' tliiugs far remot.- in liim- 
aiid pl.ue lion, th.- pi<--<-nt ..1 future ■.iirroumlings 
ol the sUl.lent. This has h.d Ih.- iinloltiinale 
elle.t of eiihan. ing and dignilying Ih.s.- things ami 
th.' ...nseqii.nt b.'liltling of the aflaii> nf . veiyd..y 
life as obj.-i Is of ii.t.-i'-st an.l valil.- Wlial . an 
I.ut a future citiw-n <.ul of hain.ony Willi hi- 
physiial. s«k iaI and civi. .•nvii..i.meiit mon- than 
to in. iil.ate in him the id.-a that f.ireign things are 
bill r. moie .lignitw-d and ni..r.- woitliy ..f adniira 
lion ihan ale h.m.e surinuiiilmgs. W hat .an iiijiii.- 
his future smoss an.l plia-un- in lli. piir>uit »l 
son.e siKi iaI vocation in lib- more than to giv. him 
a dislort.-<l colii.-ptinn ot It..- r.lative rank an.l 
dignity ol olh.-r professions or viMatioi.s ihaii lii- 
own. «»ur hrsl obj.-ct. ther.-fore, is t.» dignity and 
.-nmd.l.- as pursuits in lib- thos.- voiations liom 
which our students .omc or to which they exi*-. 1 
K. gn, and so to aid in establishing that .ont.-nti.l 
and proMs-rous rural and industrial lili/enship 
whi.h is lb"- bulwark of s;il.-ly to our deinocia. y 
We cannot ai mmplisli these iil.-als unl.-ss we 
provide lh<- very b.--t vf s. iei.liti. an.l a. ad" mi. 
t.-acliing in those h.-lds nf kiinwl.-dg.- whii I. ■ nil 
tribute to th.- w.-lfare of agri. ulliir.- and ruial lile 
Tills kails lo the pi.ssibility. even the certainty, 
that stmlenls will desire lo come here lo pursti. 
iours.-s of study in llios.- bran. I.cs .»f learning a 
.-nds in themselves. Thus inailvertenlly and with 
out intent on our part we may Iw. on..-, or in.l.i.l 
may have alrt-ady l«;i oim- a -'s. hool of s. i.-nc" ,i< 
well as a v.Kalional college of agri. nil lire, in (ai I 
if not in nam.-. I "lo not s.-.- l.<.w this can well In- 
avoided if we are to provide h.-re tiie fa.iliti.-s for 
the kind «>f educalion in agri.ulliiral s< i.-m 1- ami 
prai ti. <■ for whi. h w.- are established. 
IliR Aim 
Wl- cannot, if W"- w.iiild. bind .ai h eiili-riiig 
freshman with a promis.- that he will .-ngage in 
farming as a vo. ation. Th.- lolleg.- ...iirsi- i- 
always an nis>rtuiiiiy for tl..- student lo hnd him- 
selt and to survey the of opiK.rluiiily wliii li 
are op..-n to him. (iften his hoij.-> and d.-.ires a..- 
.-ntirely dilf.-renl on graduation day than llie\ 
were on entrance day. To try to exa. t any dir.-< t 
or impli.-d pron.ise of . Iioiie of vi«ati..n at Ih' 
iH-giniiing ••;' his . ourse would stultify th.' .''Im .1 
tional pr.K'ess. 

But sine- this is an auiii nil mat inllei'i . w «ill 
surround th.- sliidtiit .luring his fniir-y.-ais' .ouih' 
iM-re wilh con.litinns whi. 1. t.-ml to m..k<- atliai live 
and to .lignify ihe v.Mations of agri. iiltiit.' a- a 
life work and to ernphasisti- the desirability anil 
worthiness of rural home life, lb-re he will b<- 
ion(roul.-<l .onlinually with th.- i.l.-a ..gri- 
■ ultui.- as a s. j.-m .- an.l a- an art . hallenge- II..- 
besl that is within the r.-aln. ol th.iiighl ami eii 
d.-avor ol tht- human min.l Here he will never liml 
that derisive attitude toward the countiy dw.-ll.i 
which is reftect«-d by the ..-xpressions "hi. k". "hay 
s«-ed ". or -"clofJ-lM.pper". lie will b.- biinr .ibli- 

all ..|i|Hirlunily to .1.. so. Wii.-lliei .>p|ki|. 
lunily now exist-? I cannot s..y. What tl..- Stati- 
will .lo ill III.- future in th.- su|i|N.rl uf loll.-giaie 
.-.III. ation lor its < iti/ens is, ..I ...urse, a .|ii.-sti<>ii 
..I Stat.' |Kjli. y whi.h is y.l in lie .h-teiiiiin..!. 1 
I i.'g..i.| It as a h..|M.fii! iiiilii ..lion llial th.' iiil.' 
j ol III.' oiiuiu.ii I'ilgi.m talh.'is in th.- .-.In. at... 11 ol 
' ili.'ii . Ilii. 1 1.1. IS still an a. I IV.' p.. 11 ..I N.-w I' iiglaml 
till. light .md iniidilil. that II..'-.- iii.itl.-is nl .-.lii- 
.allnnal |miIi. v ...iiipv so iiiiimilalil a pl.n .' ill 
publi. thniighl 'lis. iissi. Ill as Ih.y aplKiienliy 
■1.1. Wliai shall Ih.- the plai .- ..I this t olh-|{e in the 
.-■In. alional syst.-n. ot ih.- Slate in, ..I i.tiirse. the 
S|at.-'s piobleiii. W.' are the Slates inslii.ili.)n. 
I think thai I v..i. .- Ih.- s.-iillm.-iil nf ih<- .-iilii.- 
iiisiiiuii.>ii wh.'ii I sav' it... I w.- -.l.iiul i..i<l\ in >lo 
..III Ih'sI i.i |m'| I.ii III .-v.'iy p.lbli. salvi..- lh..l is 
..-■-iglH-.l 1.1 us l-iiilli.'i, w.' sIl.II b.' II.-.- lo sugg.-st 
what S.-.-1II In us l.i b.- .ipimil uiiil i.-- lor si-ivi..- in 
OUI fiehl as th.-y Ih-...i.i.- <ip|>ai.-iit lo us. bul we 
will exiM-.t I., abi.le . li.-.-rfiilly l.y Ih.- will ..I the 
maiorily as it is <-xpiess<-<l to us by th.- repn-wnla- 
liv.-sof ill.- iM-oph- ..f th.- Stale, In th.- linal d<-. ision 
of th.-s.- .jui-st tlth.-twise w.- w..iil<l m.l Ih! 
loyal and <-th. i.-iil |iubili seivants. W.' may ex- 
|H-. t 1.1 b.- l.-a.|.-rs ..t public i>|iiiiinii in Ihest- mallets 
in so far as nut l.'.id.i-'liip .-< okIiI and sound an.l 
. aiii.-s . ..nvi. linn with il , siiii .' 111 ihe .-ikI "light 
is might." 

Bul, how.-ver these .letails ..f . ollege and state 
|H>li. s may w.ilk in Ih.- fill ill.-, il is my eainesl 
lin|M- .imbiti..!. that w.- will always stall. I as 
proud .-x.'iii|ilais ol iIi.-Ih-sI tv|M'o(ilial vo<'ati'.nal 
.-dm ..linn win. 1. -...ks to diKiiity .md eiiii.ible ihe 
.iglii illliir,il .111.1 pill suit r. nl til)- ,iml In 
til iii.lividiial lot kii. . .-ksIiiI, iiiL-lligent 
ami .'iit.'.l if . ii|ialion ol some woitliy v.m ation 
as <ili/.ens itt this gnat .l<-iiio.ia.y. To this .-n>l this puriM.s.' I am lio|M-fully fating the 
duties ami th.- .>p|M.rl unities of Ih.- I'resi.Jeii. y nf 
111.' Massai hiiselts .\giii iilliiral «'. 

INAlIf;iIRATI()N PR()<;R,\M 

2. (HI p. III. .Xia.lemi. l*r«»cession 

Iroiii ihe liiiilding lo 
St.M kbri.lge Mill le.l by f .rand 
Marshal N. I$iilli-r BristiM-, NLijor, 
( avalry, [ .S.\. 

2..'{(l p. III. f )r«ler of Lxercisi-s. 

Sl.Mkbridge ll.ill. < midii. t*.l l.y 
William L.iwson .M.n Inner, .\..\L, 
I h'.ill of I he ( ollege. 

Organ Processional 

M.inli of th. Pri.-sis Mrndflssuhn 

Inv <M at ion 

Kev. John .\. I la why, P.islor lirsi 
( ongr.-gal ioii.'il ( liiiri li, .\iiiherst, 

Indii.lion of f h«- President. 

Payson Smith, LLI)., Lilt.l>., ( om 
inissioner of l-.diication represi-niirig 
His |-,x. «-lli-n< V , < trjveriior .Alvaii T. 
I idler, Presi.l. Ill of the Itoard '.f 
U« s|M.iisi- of the lit. 

.\ddri-sM-s of <. reel ing. 

< 111 b. halt ol ill.' Del. s 

h.iiii.l L. M.irsh. Lin. I),, 1)1)., IL. 
I)., President ol Hoslon I 'iiiv. rsii \ . 
On iM'half of the iaciillv 

|-rank \. Waiigh. .\LS ., l'ii>les-,or of 
Laii'ls. a|M' ( .arilening. 

< III iN'li.df of the .Miiiiiiii 

Philip I . Whil more 'b'l, Presid. tit of 

the .\s>,o( i.iti' .\liiiiini. 

On Ik li.df ot tlu I ndergradtiati-it 

jolin I". Oiiinn '27, President of ihe 

Stu.lent Sii.iie. 

(l^onlinued on Pafte A) 


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Every day in the week 

Smith Colk'gi'. 
( 'iiiiiii-<ti( lit Agiii iiltuial Collegf : 

Benjaniiii \V. KIlis, B.S<-., Direrti,. 
oi Extension Service. 
South Dakota State College: 

Howard A. Flowers, A.M., Fellow ui 
deology, Harvard l.'niversity. 
Intirnational N'.M.C.A. College: 

l.auit-iHi' I.. Doggett, D.D.. Ph. I) 
Oregon State .Agrirultiiral College: 

Kred K. Ewart, M.S., Cieneral Ehi 
trie C Oiiipain , L>nn, Mass. 
Clark University: 

David Potter, M.S., .Assistant Pi 
lessor of Biology. 
State College of W'asliingtoii: 

l-red P. Flanders, M.A. 
I iiiversit y ot Idaho: 

Talbot Jennings, A.M. 
Khodi- Uland .State College: 

John Barlow, .A.M., I Kan. 
.Montana Stale College: 

Fre«l S. Cooley, U.S., I onnir Dirii i 
or of Extension Str\ ici-. 
Simmons College: 

.Mice Francis lilood, Ph.D., Professor 
of Dietetics and Director of tin 
Sch(K)l of HousehoM ICconomics. 
Connecticut Colleg*-: 

i-lizabeth DuBois Bache, A.M., A> 
soiiate Professoi of iiomi- Fconomii - 
.Alice Cowles l'iiir(hild, .A.NF, Assi-i 
.mt Professor of Home Economics. 

Wlieaton College: 

Sylvia F. Meadow>, A.B., Member .,1 

Board of Trustees. 
Fn ersit> of the State of New N'ork: 

Charles F. Probes, li..A., Editor, New 

^'ork State lid u( at ion Depart mem 

.Aint'rican International ("ollege: 
«.. II. I). l.'.Ainoureux, M..A.. 
Proft'Ssor of History. 

New Jerse\ .Agric. Ex|Kriment Station; 
llerUrt J. Baker, B.S., Director oi 
Extension Service. 

New N'ork Stat*' .Agrii . F.xp't Station: 
Flysses P. Iledrick, l).S<., \ ice 
Director and Horticulturist. 

Connecticut Agric. Ex|Hrimeiit Station 
William I.. Sl.ite. Jr., B.S..\. 
I )ire( tor. 

I ill hburg Normal S<h«M>l: 

John I.. Randall, M.S., Head of IK 
partnient of Nature StuiK. 

Lowell Textile School: 

Charles H. Eames, S.B.. President. 

We^l field Normal Shool: 

Charles B. Wilson, Ph.D., S<-.|) 

Head of S<ien(e Department. 
Wontster Normal School: 

W:"iani B. .Aspinwall, Ph.D., 



iNAi'ca R.vnoN i»r(m;ram 

((U>nllnut'il from I'uitu I) 

Hynm "T.iitli ot <>in Tailuis" 

I iini\ "St. ( 'iilliiiiiii " 

I'.iilh ot iMlI l.itlni^. liMiii; siiU 

In sjiitt- (il iliiuu'-oii. liir ;inil -wonl. 

O liovv our luMits licit liJKli with ioy 
Wlicin- ri \vr 111. II L'loiniii- Willi' 

K.iilli ol »iit l,itliti>. lii'K I. mil. 
We will U- lull- to TliiT liU iUmiIi 

K.iilii of mil latlitis. I.iiili .iinl prayer 
llavi- kfjit mil loiinliv biave and frrf. 

.Villi tluo' till' truth iciiius fioiu ('■txl. 
Iter iliildicii have true liliertv ' 

Kaitti of oiii f.ilhers. hiilv faitli. 

We will hr liui' to Thii- liU (liMtll. 

Faith of mir fathers, we will love 
Both fririiil anil foe in all our suilr. 

.\n<l iire.u li thii-. Kh). as UiVf knows limv 
By kindly words and virliioiis life. 

Faith of mir fathers, holy faith. 

We will hi' mil' li> ilni' till di-.itli. 

'The In. luminal .\ildres>. 

The Presiijeiil of I he ( ollem'. 


Ke\ . .\illiiir l.ei- KiiisoK iiii;. Kiiloi 
(■race ( liiiiilt. Aiiiliei^i . 

Organ Recessional. 

4. .SO p. in. Recept ion. 

By Presiiieiit and Mrs. Th.ilclier to 
the deli^.ilo, iiuileil v;tu>ls. t.u tilt\ 
and aliinmi. Mi iihmmI 11. ill. 


Harvard Inixi i-it \ : 

Thomas N. ( .omi, PhD.. 1 I .l> 
I'rolessiii of Poliiii.ii T.iiiiioiiA 

Yale rnixeisiiy : 

Cl.iir F. I.iiihei, HA.. P..l)., I'l- m 
dent Weslern M,tss.ii liiisi 1 1 ■- Dniinu 
School Association. 

I ).il I lllolll h ( nllem : 

( h.iiles U. I iiiuUy. Ph.D., Chairman, 
I K'p.u I nil 111 ot I ii-'iory . 
I iiiversilx ol \ el iiioiil : 

Josiph I.. Ilill~. Si.D., Dean of ihe 

( 'ollei;e iil .\i;ricilil live. 

Willi. mis ( oileut : 

llanv A. (..uli.l.l. I. ll.D.. 1 ID., 
I iii\wloiii ( ollege : 

Harry <l<Tor«sl Smith, .M..\.. Pro 
fessor of (irei-k, .Amherst College. 
riii\er>it\ ot Teiiiu-ssee: 

( lilloid J. Fuller, Fs(i. 
Miildlebmv College: 

Dii.ine l.ero\ Koliiiison. .\.M.. Secre-\ of the I acull\. 
Fiiited Si. lies Military .Academy: 

luistis I.. Hul)b.ii(l, Major, t .i\.iiry. 
I .S.A. 
Norwich I niviTsity: 

S. 1 r, nil is I low. mi. Ph.D.. Professor 
ot ( heniislr\ . 
( oili\ ( ollei^e: 

< 11 111 i;e i\ I'.il ineiilil . Ph.D.. Sr.D.. 
Prolessor ol ( In itiislrv . 
Aniluisl Colleue: 

Anliiir Si.iiil.A I'l ,,-. . Ph.D., 
I 'ri -iilt 111 . 
HoImii ( oli.-i : 

Miin.iv r.,iill.M, \).\>.. 11..!)., 
I'll -iiieiK. 

li iiiit \ < nlli '.;! ; 

1 Link ( . l'..ililiill. Pli.D., 1 ll.D.. 
I'li'li— HI •.'! liiiek .illil Srililary ol 
the l.n llil\ . 

\\, -il . ,.!. I iii\i i-il \ : 

< .. lu.i A. Hill. I'iiD . Pinti"or ol 
t liiiiii--l : \ . 

I iii\ 1 1 -II \ lit I 111.) w.iii : 

Chnl. - \. Ml ( III . S.P... De.m of the 
N hiiiil I'l .\^i i( ullure. 

Mount HoKoke ( ollec< : 

Mary E. Woollev. 1 iti.D., 1 ll.D.. 
I.I D., IVesident. 

Tlorence Purington. I ilt.D.. De.m. 
l'ni\ersit\ of Missouri. 

W. W. ( luiioweth, M.S., Professor 
ot M.iniil.ii I nils, M.iss. 
.\);ricllltlli,il Col!ei;e. 
I iiixeisily ot Wisioiisin: 

John C. 1. mil, nil. B.S.. Professor of 
Poiiltrv Husbandry, M.issachiisells 
.Agricultural ColUge. 
rni\ersit> of Minnesota: 

John D. Black, Ph.D., Proft ssnr of 
Economics. Har\ard Fniversitv. 
Tufts College: 

Clarence P. Iloiision. 1.I..H.. Proles 
sor of Commercial l..i\v. 
Pennsx K.iiiia St. tie Colleiie; \'. (.lat feller, M.Sc, .\ssisl.ini 
Professor of Animal llush.indry. 
M.issai liiisetts .\grii iillili.ll College. St.ile ColUge: 

Ilerniaii II. I I.ill.i.i.iv. D.WM.. Sec- 
ret. ii\ III n<i,iril of rru--lees. 
Fiii\ersit\ III M.iine: 

F.imert S. Corhelt, M.S.. Prnli— m 
of .\ Indiistrx. 
K.iii-.i- Si. Ill .\t;riclillinMl Collei;e: 

Tied C. Si ,11-. M.S.. Pnde-Mir ol 
Poiiioloi^v . \ liu-i H - .\i;iiiiil- I 'ollege. 

B.lles ( iillfLie: 

I reiUrii W. Pluiiiiner. P.d.D. IVin- High School, Niii|iloii, 

( 1 1 mil I iii\ ei-il \ : 

Aljiiit k. M.imi. .\M., De.iii of 

I uiiiC'- "I \i;i icuhure. 
\\..i( I -Il I i'nlv III hnir Iiislii nil-: 

( .ipt.iiii Ralph F.irle. I . S. N.i\\, 

D.Sc,, President. 

I nivirsit\ of New liampshiie: 

Edward Morgan Lewis. I.l.D., 
Boston Cniyersiu : 

Daniel I.. Marsh, l.itt.D., \).l\, 
IF. I).. President, 
low.i State College: 

Joseph S. Chamberlain, Ph.D., Pro- 
fessor of Chemistry, Mass;>i luisetts 
.Agri( ultm.ll College. 
Cniversits of Nebraska: 

Julius H. Frandsen, M.S. .A., Professor 
of .\niinal and D.iir\ Husbandry. 
Massiichusetts .Agricultural College. 
Purdue Cniversity : 

Robert B. Stearns. \'ice President , 
Eastern Massiichusetts .Street Kail- 
way Company, Boston, Mass. 
Syracus*' Cniversity: 

Reuben Fovell Nve, M..Agr., Dean, 
Slocum ColUge 111 .\griiiilturc. 
Cni\iTsit> ot 

William D. (.ray Ph.D.. Professor of 
Histor\, Smith College. 
Smith College: 

I .iiir.i W. L. Scales, B.I... W.inii i,. 
\1, ill, nil. I PoKlii hiiic Iilstitille: 

T.iiw.iril W. rtiii .il \:u 
i;ilieer. New Tliigl.ilid Power to. 
\ iikjiiii.i .\gric. and .Mech. (ollege: 

l\anhoe II. S-later, ( T.leitrii 

Colll|).lll\ , I'itlstulij. .\I.i--. 
Willi -ley College: 

II, 111! Is.iliel D.ivi-. H..\., A-i-tanl 
l'iiiti--or nt 1 liiri il tilt lire ..m! I.and- 

sr.ipe * ..llilellillg. 

.\i;rii . .nil! Merh. Coll,., of Texa-;: 

S.iiii T. lirewsur. H.S., Ma-sachii- 
-1 1 1 - \,;i 11 lilt lll.ii t ulliije. 

k.ulrlilte Collev;e: 

lion III !• A. Cii.ii^i;. Ph.D.. Professor 
of F.itiii l.aiigu.ige .uiil Literature, 


The K. K. Club held an initiation 
ilance in Memorial Hall last Fri<la\ 
evening. Main of the alumni who wiri 
li.ick for the game atteiuU-d ili' 
il.inci'. Mr. .ind Mrs. Harold Smart .m 
Mr. ami Mrs. (.rant Sinder were ili< 

( )n Sat 111(1. ly e\-ening the club furl In ' 
riilerl. lined the new members by a 
i|iiel at Di.iper I lall. .\mong I he spe.ikei- 
present were Director \'ei beck and Enmr. 
dr.isson '17. 

Brierly I ield ex-"24, of Scarsdale, N.^ 
(lied of typhoid fever at Charlottes\il!(. 
\a., on .S.i)lember lit, H)27. Mr. Fii 1<! 
was a meiiilKT of the K. K. club. 


The Military De|jartmenl in genen 
and Major Briscoe in (larticular, wislu- 
to thank every one who helixd to m.iki 
last Friday the success it was in every 
wa\ . 

M(nili(rs of I he R.O. T.C. are to i" 
(ongratulateil for the splendid sliou n- 
they made on Frida\' afternoon. Ill' 
li.iiid .ilso (leser\cs commendation tor lii' 
ua\ ill \\ liirli it did M - ii.ii t . 

Both the college and the R.O T.C. nil' 
If. nils .ire due to start up some time tlii- 
iiionth .\ii\ iiieinber ol the i.iwilrs in ' 
will be elii^ible to try out for the R.O.I * 
tc.ini. .Athletic eligibility rules, howi-M' 
will hold lor the lollege The c ' 
plete SI hiilule will be printed .i- sooii ■•■ 
it is completed. 


Deli.i I'hi I ..nniii.i i- pi, inning to en'if' 
t.iiti the trtslinan girls at a llallowetr' 
D.iiKtt this Triday evening at eiiili' 
oclock ill I Fill. 



Tailored for us by Hickey-Freeman 





Boston Headquarters for all M. A. C. and 
many other College Teams and Clubs 


Club Breakfast and Special Luncheons 

and Dinners 


(CuiiiinueJ froni I'a^e l> 
s|»e.ikt'r, Profi'ssor Ch.irles II. P.iiiei^on, 
he, id ot the Tjlglish dep.ii I iik ill . exliiided 
the best wishes ol the t.iiullv .iinl s.iid he tell t complete h.iniioiu woiilil 
exist bel Weill the le.icllers ,ind the .id 
iiiiiiislrali\e head. .M.iry I". \\oole\, 
president of Mt. HoKokc ColUge. con 
gratul.iled the new president on lii- 
arri\.il in I hi' ( onnecticui \alle\. wlii.h 
she termed a parliciilarU gifted seciion 
ol the countr\, IhiiIi .is to 
o|ip(>riiinit\' .111(1 scener\ . TOniier presi 
(1(111 of the (ollegi-, T.dw.ird M. Lewi-, 
who iii.iile lli» first .IplH'.ll.llli e on i he 
(.impiis since .issiiming his duties .is llie 
held ol the Ciii\crsii \ ol New I Limp'^hiie. 
I'xpressi'd Silt isfaci ion th.ii such .i in. in .1-. 

Presideiil Th.llrher been i lio-i 11 ,1- 
le.ldel . 

Ihe .It lllospliere .i| I he b.lllipitt w.i- 
one ol jo\iality .md good fellowship, .nnl 
-•erxed as a fill iiig climax lo ,111 iiiipii— i\ e 

Sigiii.i, iieNI dooi. till lis I li.ip lolls 
Prof, .iiiil Mrs. ( .u\ \ . < .l.iih 111 1 .Mill till 
iniisii liiiiiislieil b\ .1 It, nil pii kid 
b\ Rii ll.iiil NewKimb ol Noi I h.impliiii. 
Phi Sigiii.i K.ipp.i. ,11 the othei end ol 
I he 1 ow d.iiiied lo I he iiiie-ir ol " Dili k\ " 
ll.iNw.inTs ()riliesli.i ol Woicesler .md 
the ih.iperons here wcie .\li and Mis. S. Cl.irke. 

( )n the other side of the slieei K.ipp.i 
Fpsilon, with Prof. ,ind Mis. (■ B. 
Snyder .is ch.iperoiis, d.meed lo the music 
ol Mese/ii's ()r(lieslr,i liom HoUoke. 
\i Thtl.i (hi, W.ilier Bi,iv's ( )ri hesir.i 
helped lo. 111. ike lliings nieii\ .mil here 
M.iim .nnl Mis. Tiisii;, Hllbb.iid wiie liie 
I h.ipeidlle--. .\nil l.isi III .ill .Mph.i Sii;iii.i 
Phi with SpeiK (1 's I 111 hesli.i ol llolvokr 
.mil I'liit. .nnl Mis. W.ill.ue I . Powei- .1- 
rll.lpi loiw loimded onl I he li-l 1 1| listjxi 


t:<iiitiii(ii'ii (kiiii I'.iue l> 

l.niiiK iiioMil to N(bi.i-k.i wiiiii 111 to gel .1 lull M'.ii III high si hiMil 
II. lining wliii h ,ipp,iieiitK .1 piolit.dili 
line lor. .11 the .iv;e o| l.S, he W,|s\ foi 
college \Hii Iwo ve.iis he enliied I In 
Cni\e|s|l\ ol Nebl.isk.l tloiii wlliih 
he gr.idii.iled in I.S'.i.S Dining hisiollege 
(iiilise Piesidetil Th.iltlui di-pkiMil hi- 
coin.ige .Hid pioneeiing spiiil bs giiling 
lll.ll I ieil bel ween his -ophomoie .md intiiol 

.\ller his ion lioni inlleiti Im 
i.inglit SI liool lot ,1 \e,n .md lluii n 
i< :<>nliiiiifil on I'liiif hi 


Knjoy the best possible shoe at the most reasonable 
price. Bostonians ars high ftrade CoIIeftiate shoes at a 
moderate price. $7.00 to SIO.OO. 

On display in ".M" Building Barber Shop. 





You will And un cicellt-nt 

. . . SIIOK RKr.\IRIN<; SHOP . . . 

Optician and Jeweler 

A PLEASANT STREET, (up one lllftht) 

Oculisltt' I'reHcrJptlons Filled. Broken lenses 

aci-urately replaced 


reliable makes 


is open for the season of '27 and '28 

Order EATS for parties, re- 
ceptions and hikes 

120 Pleasant Street, 
First house nouth of campus 
Telephone 511 

equipped with the m«»st up-to-date CicHidyear 

Machinery and a ntodern 


at II t-2 Amity St., - <»PP New Tlieaire 

We undtnlanJ ymr rfiinremoih ami att prt- 

parfil lo mert ynur iifci/v 

.1// work guaranhril. .Sh"r\ hintd and ilynl. 60. 



$4.00 PER MONTH 
Walter H. Harrison 


Just North of .\dams Mail 


((Continued from PaUe I) 

llolyoke pl.ivcd. Dr. .iiid Mi->. ( tiller 
were llle rll.l|iei()ns heie. Ne\I i.ime .1 

house i.iiher iini(|iie in lli.ii ii Ii,i(l a 
( ollege orchesir.i pl.i\iiig. .Mph.i ( i.inmi.t 
kho danced lo the music of M.ites' ( oh 
legi. Ill's .md Prof, and Mrs. ( ieorge W. 
.\ ch.i|N'roned the .ilt.iir. K.ippa 

- \(K \l. IN.Sikl C I ION- 

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Out Vrv - .\Mlll.kSi 

lel. I.ViW 

Cooler Weather, Warmer Clothes 

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Leather coats - - 11.50 to 14.50 
Mackinaw coats - 8.50 and 9.50 

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Green and Rose Glass 


Attractive Prices 







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..MasUTs t»f ModiTii Mclotlios" 

Sf.RH N Al I RA<:ilt)\ 

Jack Mulhall Dorothy Nhu-kail! 

Thiirsday, Nov. .< 


•riif ColUftf VVitlt.w" 

Friday, Ntiv. 4 
Dorolliy Ri'vior (it'o. 'T. ,\rtluir 

I N 


Satunlay, \«)v. .S 

<;k<)i«;k »ki».\n 
"Till Lovi; Ol- Rkiakdo" 

.\lon. and Tiu's. Nov. 7 H 

(ilara How in 


lown Hall, Amherst 


S(l\ 2 i 


(. 4.S H W 

KK.I I \K 
l'KI« I S 


N()\ 4 


N(>\ f> 


«i.4.S KM) 

.leliii «.III..TI III -I Whl.VKj 
Mil IS Ol I" An .iiie.i/-' 
iiiti l;ili- III ships ir.iNH 
III llle ||I|>I<< . .oxi I !>•' tli.iKl.i 
lll.ll si.ilks llii'ii ili'tks- 
Kiilii iiiiiiii-is. keis. 
litilillnit. Iiiic' iii.ikliiti Irv 
• •> iiii.iUliK' .\ litiii r*iiii.iiiie 
hellir Hiiileil lo llii- il.isliliiii 
.loll II (.lllierl 
\**\\s 'Iwo-reel < 'oiiH>il\ 

I .iiir.i I .i|-|.iiiie III 'Ml K 
SHM;MN«.S •' .\ wliliiisi <l;iliilv faree t •iiiit'iiy in 
ulilell A |i;iir of silk slotk- 
Inits caiiHf t'onsicrniiilon In 
Ihe lioiise ot S;iiii ;iiiil Moll\ 
Wiih Oiis ll.irliin ;in>l .loliii 
ll.irriMi Iriiiii (:>ril llar- 
I oiiM's pliiy 

Sporl llitlil iiinl <:iiiiieil> 


\<(\ 7 

.( IM) 

h 4S N <ll 

I III l•KO^ I il K.>iM AN 
One of Ihe iiioxl Hllrrliiu 
l>.i|lcs of \nieilraii lilsKii , 
llir (Mrl> Inillaii v\ar- ii.iv 
now heeii hriintthl (< tlie 
M-ri-en In ;i ti;iNhlnil pi m 
lion. Willi llle HUM V\ fs III 
>i;ii I liii McCoy iinti ()l;i re 
W inilMii 

News. Hill i-reel ('iiniolt 

' \l> \ ti AMI I' \ II. 
I' tMliirlnit I i-H <:o<lv ;iiiil 
Allt-eii I'rinitif lle'eonltl 
lesim e\eiy ihliiit lull ;i Im.iii 
lifiil woniiin <;r.inll.iiMl 

Kite's fooih:ill si-iihi* "I Ik • 
I I'.iss 

( Olllt>ll\ 

.eiiHe I In • 
l':ll>l<'H ;llltlh 


Hello! KreNliniiiii. V\ hen you iirr ftivcn ;i liniith 
err.iiiil Iry I HOMI'SOS'S SIKM' \i.n cm. 
t>el lols of theerfill ser\ ii e lliere liesitli" 
l'lioiiii|tr;i|<li Keionls anil Ihe ineiiilinti >l 
|>i|H-s. pailloi ks. l'hiiiio|>ra|illN jiiil pislols 





d H 


for the 
College Men and Women 

The largest assortment 
in town at moderate prices 



275 High St., llolyoke 

James A. Lowell, Bookseller 

The Best English Dictionaries 

The Collegiate 

S5, S6, and S7.50 

Funk & WagnaWs 

College Standard 


$5, S6, and S7.50 

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and SILK 

Bloomers— Step-ins Aests 



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Our Laundrj FIrat Claaa 

Our Pallcjr fiuarantMid 


Oppunlte Post Office 

wii.coMi, io \(,(,iK iui\s : 

By this linn- wt- iiri* siipplii>d will; 
tin- laU'sl modi-ls <»f (:oll«>(ii> Oxfords 

Doiiiii fiirii>i those $.S Si fiii h Ar ;iin Oiford- 
in Khirk or Krown 
ShfH- Rep'.iirlnft Dpp-.irtnu-nl 

JOHN FOTOS SIfoi: sKiki: 








Hoiiir IliiU/i'. Mjir. ' l'> 

Two Best IMacts to Eat 

\\\. A(;(;iK INN 

and Home 

Pip Vounft, *i*> 

Kill Hartlitt, '2S 



Hud VNyman, 2 yr. 'iX 

Ken Ferry, ,2'» 

Regular Board $7.00 per Wetk 
Meal Tickets for $2.00 and $5.0(1 
Watch for Our Special Offers 

Remember it is run by S 1 1 DKNTS 
Red Redjirave, '.>s 


ijAiiiliiitifil In. Ill r.iU*' ''• 
HlllKd In 111- I ili\rl-il\ ol Nil.r.l.kil as 
an . luii.iM in tin' rx|KriMi(iil 
Million. Il«- •:<nn<l on niadiiat.- \\'>rk 
x^liilf I lure aii.l\.'.l lii> inaM.l's 
(iinrrf. i i"iii >1'<" ""■ '""'' '''^ IM'sitioii 
as In ad ..I tl>f N*« Vuik l.xixrinKnl 
Station at (.ciuva. In- woikt.i his way 
from om- |H.sili<»ii to aii<)ili<|- alssays 
a(<|iiiriiiK nion- and iiintr knos^irdK'' < "n 
irrninn tin- vaM |> ol a^i icnil mal 

I' lliaKlici was a in.iiili<r ol 
llic C.iK-va Uo(aiy ( Inl) and l.tsidr iM-inn 
a ini iiilxi ot lli<- riii i^< la Kaiipa M.iic-ty 
lie was also a ininil.n d miMicrons other 
lionorary so< i<li«>. 


Coillilllll-tl flolli l'i>H»" •' 

Crsi down-,, I'll! ill' Ma>-. AkKI' <1< v. n 
hfld 1 li« 111 oil on 1 In- 1 yard line i<udi|iiisl 
inini«<liaui\ kii k(<l oiH of dan«»T, hut it 
was ^,horl livfd nii.l. I oilowinu a lateral 
pass that lo>i li\'- vard>. W . I'arkci 
Hiat(h(<l anolhtr pas^, from Wilson an<l 
ran for tlit- Micind xoif. Walker auain 
kieked ^oal. On ilie kit k<itf I lial resumed 
play, Kneeland made a Innn rniih.n k, 
I Ininn downed in niidtuld. We wiie 
ohli^.-d to ki(k, .iiid the hall ended jnst 
as Amiierst hail lirou^hl the hall lo our 
.S-\ard stripe as the result of two lust 
downs and a lonu forward. 

The score of the name laine early 

ill the third ipiarter when Warren nislied 

the hall over alt«r I.. I'arker had ri- 

covered a fumhle<l |>iiiil on ' •"■ gates' 

1 12-yard mark. Iwiif duriiiK the period 

the Sahriiia^, carried the hall <leep into 

M.A.i . territory onl\ to he held from 

M oriiK when forward |)a>.se> wiiit wronn. 

one heinu inter(<pted hy Kneeland and 

another heiii^ jjrounded in the did zone. 

Neither tiaiii threatened in tin- last 

rifi.iii minutes. I<.il|)h Kneekmd coiii- 

).lcted >e\erai passes, uiviiiK '"^ yardaKe 

that helped to earn first down, hiit the 

\iiilier>t defense sireiiKtheiied when the 

hall was inside their fOyard line, and 

their noal was ke|)t intact. I'he K^nie 

K-wVA while Ainlierst Ii.kI the pigskin in 


Alihouv;li outweiKhed inaterialK (Hir 
line played a ureal Kame against the 
heav\ experieiHcd .\iiilurst linesmen. 
"l<a\' Mann and ■UIoikU" Mills fea- 
tureil with their (Wfeiisive work, hut all 
the men did well in sto|)pinK their luaMer 
opiKHients from tearinn through for loiin 
j^.iin-'. Tiitlle who replaced nuinn in the 
lirM period played his first name of 
\,u~it\ foot hall and did a splendid job 
in h.i(kiiig up the line, lor tiie l.or«l 
hffs, ( aptaiii Miller >tooil out as the bin 
la( tor in hreakinn up the A^ate line plays, 



Gift Shoppc 


tii> wfiKlii and >i/e i)lavinK him in line 

Two hard-workiuK * ioieiiieii wi re forced 
..lit of the name hy injuries. "Jack" 
(Jiiiiin iiijiired hi-' hip early in the contest 
and will he out of the lineui) for a while. 
I<ali)h Kneeland. after matchiii« his 12H 
|M)imds of nrit anainsi the heavy .Amherst 
tacklers and playing an important |)art 
in our offense, fractured the hone in his 
right forearm in the Uisl |Rriod after 
making a pretty catch of a forward pass. 
This puts Kalph out for the season, and 
his lo>^ will be keenly felt, for although 
he lacks size and weight, he is a siivagi' 
tackier, an adept at receiving forwards, 
ami the fastest hacktiehl man on the 
s(|uad. "Dutrh ' Kudipiist who sulTereil 
a severe kick on the head at Worcester 
Tech the week before, sta\ed through the 
whole of the game last Saturday, punting 
and passing \\»-ll heside- efTectively hlix k- 
ing his hole in the line. The bumm.iry: 

Amherst Mass. Ajitlle 

Walker. 1-aimli.iiK-r. r.- 1--, I'Uiim-r, ( Iciiiciiis 

SliaiikwiU-r. K<-ll<»nK. rt U. K.llwii, laiiul. I'ikc, HolYm.iii r« 

\-. M. Ki'.tiii W. llduii- 

M.ili.jiii-y, \x\s\<, tarroll. c i. Manti. M • 

M:!lir, 1« rt'.. \\\\U. Ki. iKinlson. Uratkley. Liiu. n 
.\<-l><)ii. B.ilthvin, k "• ^' 

Hiiuain, 1.. I'arkrr. Kelt, k- 

re, ti)ok. Clfiiu'iits. KuiM 
R. Wilson, ul' <llj. Uuiiiii, Tuule. Kox. |{< 1 

Ikisy. W. Wilson, llil) rlil). Kniilaiul, Kli ; 

Suiuffir, W. I'ark.t. Uipka. llib 

Ihl), llilyard, Nitkie« / 
Clyne. Watr.ii, ih '•>. Kudcii.;,; 

Store by iK-rioda 1 J .1 4 

.\inlR-rsl »' H l> •> -" 

.Mass. A«Kie '• <» •> '>^ " 

Ti.iulitiowiK Walkti, I'.iiktr, Warren. I'l.i it- 
after loiKhdowns Walktr 2 Kt-leree Swafli. ! 
t'mi.ire -IVterson. Linestnaii Wall. Tim. 
four l.'i-iiiiiime periotls. 


Mrs. KiH-oe W. Thati her was taken i!i 
on tlu' afternoon of President Thatcht i - 
inauguration and has since been undtr 
a physician's care. The illness is not ol 
serious character and she is gaining 
steadily in health. 


Grace D. Beaumont 

51 AMITY ST. - TEL. 211 M 

Amherst, Mass. 


'VeLphoncs 155'^^^ '^^^'^ ^53-J 



The College Candy Kitchen 

A fine place to go and take your friends for 


ice Cream, Milk Shakes, Fresh Fruits. Refreshments and Soda., 

Sd^d Nuts. I>a*e & Sha«, Park & 1 ilf ord. Boxes Ready i 

to be Mailed. i 



Do not F«.rftet that Special SUNDAY SICAW DINNER 


the place for the college man'' 




Sporting and Athletic Goods 



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So mild, in fact, that it never 
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p. \. i» f'otd erery- 
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tinvnd and lull-pour.d 
tin humidors, and 
pound f rv»l.i/-gliJj ' 
humidors with jpongt-- 
vioiitcner lop. Ar.J 
alujtt ntlh errry bit 
of hitc iind pJ'fli >""• 
rioycd 6v Ih" Pr- ■ 
Albert pro;( ■. 


J'JuJ- ii'li-^ ^- ■ J-ftLUj ^ 



-^no other tobacco is like it! 


(P) 1927. R. J. Revnoldi Tobacco 
Company, Winston-Salem. N. C. 


New College Store 

il|0 iBa0gafl|UBglla Olclbntatt 



Number 7 

Eight Undergraduates 

M ake Phi Kappa Phi 

President Thatcher, Professor Prince and Professor Yount .\Iso 
Get Keys. (>lark Wins Scholarship For Highest Rank 

At I Ik- annual I'lii Kappa IMii a>seiiil)l\ 
which was held hist Thursday, Prt'sident 
Kosioe VV. Thatclur, t(»m-thcr with two 
nunila-rs of thi- faculty ami liuhl uiidir- 
(■raduatis, U-fore llu- roln-d laiults and 
asseinliUil student Ixxly were presented 
kevs in token of their ileition to meni- 
k-rship in the honorary fraternity. In 
conjunction with these exercisis Harold 
E. (lark of Mont. inn • w.»> furt her honored 
by bein^; the recipient of the new I'hi 
Kappa Phi scholarshi|) of $'2'At. 

Colonel Henry S. draves, director of 
the forestry schcKjl at Vale IniversitN , wa> 
the s|K'aker of the (Kcasion. Taking "Pub- 
lic SiTvice as a Career" for his subject , the 
speaker emphasized the value of s»-rvin^ 
the public either as an employee of the 
Federal Ciovernim-nt, of the state, or of 
the municipality. The attractions of such 
a iM)sition were |)ointed out and something; 
of the ty|H- {)f n)an selected was also 
s|M>ken of. 

The initiates were proented for nieni- 
Urship by Marshall Charles A. Peters 
(ContinuMl on Pafte I) 

Practice Begins For 

Varsity Basketball 

Fifteen Men Report. Three Letter 
Men .\vailable This Year 

H.isketball practice has >tarted in 
(.irnest, anil although the fcMitball scpiad 
(l.iiiiis many (»f the men on whiJin Coach 
(.ore bases his hopes for a successful 
-.iMMiii, alK)nt fifteen (andidates have 
reporleil. Drilling in futidamentals such 
as pivot iuR, passing, dribl>linn. .itnl tlu 
like constitutes the work for the e.irh 
weeks of the s|xjrl. .Manager |{n« kwa\ 
has the schedule practically complete, 
oiu- or two names still h-invjini; fire. 
"I.arry" Mrinns, freshman cixich, is 
i.ikinn charge of the j)ractice sessions 
until "Kid" (iore is relieved of his ffjot- 
li.ill duties for this s<'ason. 

Three letter men are available for thi> 
winter's five. Captain "Holy" keed. 
"lilondy" Thiimas, and "Scjuash" M< 
T.wen. I-ast year's Junior \.irsit> and 
1 re>hman team InUh contained some 
K(M)d material, and they should prove 
very ustful this year in rounding; out a 
winiiin^'^ club, .^mon^ those men who 
li.ive reiK>rled for practice are: Capt.iin 
Keed, Bernard, Coukos, Daniels, Ham- 
nion«l. Hetherin^ton, Hintzc-. Horan, 
.\I( ICwen, Suher, \'<Htsch, and WeblK-r. 


Eleven Not to Meet Williams Next 

Year. Track Team Has 

Four Dual Meets 

.\t a meeting of the Joint Committee 
iMi Intercolle>{iate .Athletics held Wedner, 
(lay evening, Novemlier 2. the following 
ofticers were elected : I'resident, Dean \V. 
M. Machnier; Vice-I'resident, Prof. .A. \ . 
Osmun; Secretary, .\sst. Prof. F. A. Mc- 

The f(K)tball schedule for next fall was 
tliscussed and accepted. The new s«:hed- 
ule consists of eight games, the season 
opening a week later than this fall and 
closing a few days ea'-lier. We have the 
s^nie opponents as the 1927 team has on 
iis list except for Williams. The authori- 
ties at Williamstown failed to agree to a 
home and home arrangement, and our 
athletic department decided to sever foot- 
hall relations. The schedule is as follows: 
^p. 29 — Bowdoin at Brunswick 
f)ct. 6 — Bates at .Amherst 

(Continued on Page 2) 



The winning by Harold E. Clark of 
'he newly established Phi Kapjia Phi 
N hf)larship of i'liiH) was n leivefl with 
universal commendation b\ both the 
' ntire student Ixxlv i.a<\ the faculty. 


Brilliant Displays of Chrysanthe- 
mums Mark Exhibition 

ScM-ral iu\N ,111(1 di^tiiKtive features 
,i(l(U-d to the iH-aiitN' of this year's T.ill 
T lower Show held last Saturday' mu\ 
Sunda\ .it Trench ll.dl under the aiispico 
of the Floriculture t lid>. < hie ol the mo>t 
striking; (li>pl,iys entitled "^'e 
( )lde T low«'r SliopiH-", which represented 
a window di>pl.i\ such as a ccmimercial 
florist iiii^ht use. Chr\saiitlieimims ol 
man\' t\'|K-s, both as to color and sh.t|M', 
formed the basis of this year's show. 

Paul A. Frese, presitlent of the Flori- 
culture Club, took first prize in the senior 
display contest. S<'coml prize in the same 
contest was awarded Miriam H. Iluss. 
Tht" disphns of the seniors were <liffeient 
from those in jiast \ears in that eai h 
seni«jr was allot tid .{2 scptare feet in 
which to ){rou|> his baskets and other 

Ill the Table .Arrangement contest for 
iwo-\c'ar students, the judv;i-s aw.irded 
.Mildred T". Bridges and ( .eor^e Fl. Fllliot 
lirst prize f<»r their table decorated with 
a basket of .Minta aiul Mary .Ann chry- 
sitnthemiims. Second prize went lc)<)scar 
B. Tas'lor and Harry I.. I.awson, who 
used ( ioverncn Lake and New ^'ork 
\arictics. F'.li-.inor K. Winkler .ind .Albert 
J. ( )wcii> took third with <i t.ilile dec or.ited 
with Chiista and (iolden (•ems. 
(Continued on Pafte .)) 





i I. 


I, ■..I. 
.•{() a. 
4.') a. 
(K) a. 
I.". .1. 
."id a. 
I.") .1. 
0(1 111 
:{() p. 
»-. p. 
(H) p. 

:io p. 
).-. p. 



Kap|>a F'psiloa 

I.ambd.i Chi .Alpha 

(J. T. v. 

Si^iii,! Phi F'.psilon 

.Alph.i ( •aiiim.i Kho 

K.i|)p.i Si^iii.i 

Deh.i Phi Alpha 

.\lplia Siniiia Phi 



Phi Kapp.i Phi 

I loiior Council 

MA. CCA. ( abiiiet 

Roister I )oistc-rs 

Cross Country Team 

Pins Defeat on B. U. 

L«)ckh;irt, B. V. Runner, Makes Fast Time to Win, But Team 

Work Brintis M..\.(]. Victory 

Tickets For Informal 

Are Selling Well 

"Jack" Delaney's Eleven-Piece Band 
To Furnish Music 

Outing Club Plans 

Membership Campaign 

Seeks 200 New Members .\s Part of 
Extensive Prof^ram 

The M..A.('. Outing Club, foriin-d a 
\far ago, is planning an c-.\tc-iisi\-e iiieni- 
iKTship campaign to Iw held next week. 
The generous sup|M)rl that the Club has 
alreacK- recei\ecl from certain memlHTs of 
the faculty and the student l»fidy has 
justihc-d its c-laiin for existc-nce. 'I he 
supporters of the Club feel that the 
organiziition would Ik- ca|>able of greater 
.11 hievements if a larger student mem 
Inrship existed. .Alre.idy the Club has 
nearly hni>lied the building of a ctd)iii 
on Mount Toby in addition to conduct 
ing many hikes anci trail clearing «x|m 
(lit ions. .\ more- exteii^i\f program has 
U-en prcparc-d for the coming Winter 
Mason. Representatives of the- Club will 
be found in tin- fraternities and dormi- 
tories during the coming memlKTship 
campaign, and it is ho|X'd that the full 
cpiota of 200 new members will In- reachcil 
early in the week. 


Neither Team Shows Superiority 
In Colorless Game 

In a slow uninteresting game, the 
Freshman and Two- Year elevens battled 
to a scoreless tie on the old varsity field, 
Friday, Novemlx;r li The frosh oix;ned 
the game with their second string back- 
field in the ranks, replacing them in the 
second perirxl with the first-string men, 
but neither quartet could make any head- 
way through the short course men's line. 
The game was hard fought, and because 
both teams were fighting hard, the con- 
test was without features. The summary: 

Freshmen Two- Year 

Frpy. if re ("hpnp> 

Little. It rt. Brown 

Ol.^.son. nines. Ik tk, Taylor 

Bosworth, Cox. c • c. -Mitchell 

Larson, rg iK. Dibble 

Minkstcin. rt It. PuUifer 

(;iila, re !«'. Butler 

(loodrirh, Loi kuood. i|li '|l>. ( 

Oliver. Holmt>erK. Ibb riib. I'ellitt. ( lirisman 

Kolonel, Kimball, rhb Ibb. Olsen 

McAllister, Manty. fb fb, Sylvia 
Referee — Salman. ! niiitn' Hr.iikiey, Lines- 

m.m Mills. Tisi"- ''.*'■ '■ "- "'1 '«" 12 minute 

If the sale of tickets for the Tufts 
Informal on Novemlur I'.Uh continues to 
increase, there may Ix- a necessity of 
using lM>th Hoors of .Memorial Hall as 
was the case two years ago. Thos*- ha\ing 
Irieiids coming from 'Tufts should res,'r\-e 
their tickets as soon as [xjssible. 

"Jack" IVI.iney and his eleven piece- 
band ha\c- iH-t-n secured by the 
Committee to furnish music for the 
approaching e\'i-iit. .An appetizing diimei 
is promised by the dining hall, and plan> 
are under wa\' lo provide a vi-r\' attrac- 
tive bampiet lor the dancers. 

.Any student planning to bring a partner 
from »-ither Ml . I lolyoke ( 'olh-ge or Siiiit h 
College- must inlorni some memlH-r of the 
conimittee in order to t.icilit.ile I lie- 
se-c-iiring of cha|H-rons. 

Delta Phi Gamma 
Dance Is Success 

Sixty Couples Attend Reception to 
Iresliman Cu-etis 

( )ve-r sixty couples attended the hr^t 
Delta I'hi (iamma elance <»f the stlicM)! 
year wliii h was held in Mc-morial Build- 
ing, 1. 1st Trielay evening. This is I he- 
annual fall dance which is given by the- 
members of the sen iety t«» the- Freshmen 
and transfer nj-etls of the ceillege during 
tlu- Hallowe'en season, and this year the 
invitation of the ii|)pcrc lass girU was 
accepted by a l.irge niiiiiber of tlu- new 
(Coneinued on Huttt' .<> 



Frank .\I. Bishop of Nati«k, Mass., ha> 
recently Ix-en ehcted to the |x>sition of 
assistant manager of track to serve uiick r 
John ( hadwic k, the i)rest nt manager of 
tlu- sport. Trae k is one of the- two varsit> 
s|X)rts which have junior managerships, 
and Bishop is the hrst iiu-mlKr of tlie 
i l.iss of I'.CJO to 1m- elected to such a 
position. His ap|M>intment has come after 
a manage-rial com|)c-tition which e-xle-iicU-d 
throughout the college- year just past, in 
which "Frankie" demonstrated that he 
could Ix; trusted with the resjxjnsibilities 
of the position. 


"H'ilh filial confident e inspired, 
(an iijt lo Heaven an unpre-inrnptuow: rye. 
And smtlinn say. My haiher made Ihem aW." 
— Ccmiper (The Task) 


7.:H) p. m. Index Board Meeting. 

'.iA't p. m. Open Korum. 
7. .'JO p. m. Outing Club meeting. 
S.(K) p. m. Tryout^^ for AgK>e Revue. 

7..'W) p. m. Floriculture Club Meeting. 
Play, • The Cat and the Canary' . Stoik- 

bridRe Hall. 
Saturday— Dad's Day 

1 ..iO p. m. Fresliman-Sophomore Six-.Man 

Kot)e Pull. 
2.0O p. m. Var.sity Football. Norwii h at 

M A ( 
fi..'Jfl p. ni. H.inquet at Drajjer Hall. 
7. 1.") p. m. Kntertainment at Sto< kbridce 


!t lOa. ni. Sunday Cliairtl. Hi^Iidii John T 

Dallas, Episcopal Churc b. Con, md. N II 

\ ar>.lty Tr.i< k: N<-w Kngland Inti-r- 

colli'uiati-s .il l-r.inklm I'.irk, Don h"-tir- 


New Backtield and New Offense Kails 
at Springfield 

Spiiiiglie ld\ hi-.ivier, faster c-le \t ii, ,il 
though held to one touchdouii in t li< Inst 
li.ilf of the- g.iiiii- .It I'r.itt Til-Id, Spring; 
Ill-Id, No\iliibe-r .">, opciu-d up a >tidiig 
olh-iiM- in the- M-cond half anel sent Mass. 
.\ggi - down to defeat by a count of 2ti to 
0. The- .-Xgate-s e-ntered the contest with 
.III entirely new back lit- Id .iiid .i new 
>tyU- of ollense, but the op|M>sitioii was 
too strong. Spriiigrield's sc|U.icl its 
lull si length for the game while- ti\t- 
M..\.C. regulars were out of the game-. 

During the hrst h.df, ne-itlie-r le.nn 
showed an> dt-cieU-el eve-n 
though .Springfu-UI scored late in the 
o|x-iiing epi.irter afte i t he b.ill was brought 
(CunUnued un Page A) 

College Is Ready 

To Welcome Dads 

Plans for Entertaining Visitors Ready 
to Be Carried Out 

Major N. Butler BrisccM-, I'lofi-^Nor 
.Mes.inde-r .A. M.ii kiiiiiiiie-, and I'rofessor 
Charles II. l'.ittei-.on will .u t as judges 
ol the- tr.i'eiiiit\ stunts which will In- 
pie-M'iited on Satiird.iv e\e'iiiiig in Bowker 
Auditorium .is p,iit ol the "Mad's Day" 
pi'ogr.iiii. .A lro|)liy will Ih- ,iw,irde-d t lic- 
organi/atioii giving the lM'^t eiiti-it.iiii 
iiit-nt within the- allotted time. 

Registration for the- Dads viNiting 
the- c.itiipus will t.ike plaert- in the Me-iii- 
orial Builcling from it a. m. until just 
U-fore the fcHUliiill game with Norwich 
I'liiversity. It is im|x-ralive that all 
tatlie-rs register in orde-r to M-cun- eoni- 
plimentary ticke-ts to the- fcKttball game 
ancI tickets for the b.iiicpiet. 

Kol.iiid F.. Uc-eil has c h.irge- cif plans for 
.1 cliiiiier ill DrajMr Hall which will be- c)l 
an iiilormal n.itiire, and which will in 
elude- a short s|H-(-c'h of wc-lcome- to tlii- 
Daels by I'ri-sidenI 'Thatcher. The price- 
of ticke-ts for the bancpie-t will Ih- ,iii 
iiounee-cl in a>seiiibl\' cm 'Thursday. 

Mc-mlM-rs of the- faculty are desirous of 
c cj-opv-rating in every way |)ossible, and 
li.ive- agn-«-d to keep all the- buildings and 
lalM)ratc>rie-s c)|M-ii for inspection on S.itiir- 
clay morning, an e.vtellenl op|M>rt unity 
for a Intter unile-rstaiicling c»f the college-. 
The- faculty and Dacis will also have- a 
c hance to meet informally at a briel re 
le-ption in .Memorial Hall at II .'IO 



Will Eniiage in l'ers«»nnel Work 
Replacinfi Mr. Viets 

Flmory E (irayson '17 is again back c)n 
campus, this time to engage- in |x-rsomiel 
work, filling the |K>sition left vacant hy 
the resignation of Mr. I'aul Viets last 
June. For the past three yeais Mr. 
f irayson has Ix-en connected with the 
physie-al education de|Kirtment of Amherst 
College as varsity basel)all and basket- 
ball coach. During the |)ast year he was 
coach of the freshman grid team and 
throughout his connection with Amherst 
has coached the varsity wrestling team. 

It is hofxrcl that the |XTsonnel work of 
which Mr. (.rayson will have e harge will 
expand to include employment s<Tvic e for 
lK>th the two-year and four-year gradu- 
ates. He is particularly well cpialifie-d for 
this ty|x- of work since- he was for six 
years connected with the short ccjurse- 
cjffice at the college directly following his 
gradii.ition from M.A.C. in 1!»I7. During 
this [x-ricxl Mr. (irayson was not only 
ac lively interested in unclergraduate affairs 
hut w.i- .ilso director c)f two yc-;ir .ilhielic > 
,is well as coach lA \.irsii\ base-ball and 
haskilh.ili .end assi-l,iiii < o,i. h of varsity 

M.iss. .\ggie-'-^ h.iiriers won ,in exciting 
r.ii I- Iroiii .1 strong Boston l'ni\ersily 
te-.iiii on the M A t course, Saturday 
iiioi 11111^. NoMiiilK-r ft, by .i store of 2»» 
to .1(1, I (Hkli.iii, B. I', rimne-r, le-il the 
p.ii k lIlKillgli the iioitli ol the- :-.o<'cc-r 
field Utwe-tn the- Diill II. ill .Hid Smth 
t olli'gt-, to tinish Tiihl in the time- of 
27 minutes 10 2 .I seionds. This is the 
tliiid \ie-loi\ for our e-ross-country le-ani 
ill lour st.nis ancI a wi-llcjrse-rved one. 

At the- start ot the- race, Se h,ip|M-lle 
.iiid l.iN'khait took the .iiid iii.iin- 
t. lined .) brisk .mil ste ,id\ p.ic c- tliioiii;hout 
the- run. Il .i tight lor first |>i.ite' .ill 
till- w.i\ with "Sch.ip" only a fe-w yards 
behiiiil tlu- wiiiiiei when the latter bloke 
the- t,i|M- at the- linisli line-. The- battle for 
third place was just as tight and was not 
settle-d until the- hiindic-d \,irds when 
C.ipt.iin "( h.uley" I'ri-slon broke- into a 
Ix-autifid sprint and left Broad, B. V.'s 
lio|N- for third place-, iM-hind, after having 
dogge-d him lor a considerablt- dislance-. 

'This tit-d the score, but tlu- Boston team 
registereil nt-xt when Il.irmon raced across 
(Gonllnued un Pafte i) 

A(;<;iE REVUE I RYoins 


Tr\outs for .Aggie- Revue, the annual 
production givc-n under the dire-clion of 
till' Uoist«-r Doisii-rs, will take- place- nc-xl 
Thursday evening at eight o'c IcN-k in (lit; Building. .All who have- icle-as 
lor siiil.ibU' skits or short ske-tihe-s .ire 
iiigi'd to siiliiiiit the-iii ,it time in 
order di-liiiile plans ni.iy be loiiiii-il 
,is soon as |H»ssil)le. 

It is customary for the freshman class 
lo piU on a play or ad of their own lor 
this e-vent, ancI this year a short comic 
ske-ti h has iN-e-n selected. As many inem- 
Ix-rs of the of 19<jl as |M>»iitibl«- arc 
.isked to In- pres4-nt so thai all tale-nl 
may In- iinearlhe-d. 

.Maxwell H. r.ohllH-rg '28 is in e h.irge 
ol the- Ke-vile-, which will In- given on 
Fiid.iy, I )ece-iiilM-r <.Mli, in Bowker Audi- 


Trophy (loes to Cadet llavinfl .Mf>st 
Ridinit Credits 

Ah iiiory c)f the ,uid c llu ieiit 
( .iptain Dwight Hughes, of the .Milit.iry 
deiwrtment, wh<» was recently transferred 
to Te-xas, will not In- lost iiitirelv to I In- 
st ude-nls of M.A.C., through tin i re.ilion 
of a lasting and appropriate- iiic-iiiori.d in 
the form of a magnihce nt silve r c up, t o 
Ix' awardi-d for intere-st in horse-iiiaiishi y 
t-at h yt-ar. 

This c up, whic h is at pr-.-senl in he- 
Military office, is a Ix-atitiful piece- of 
work over twenty inches in height, 
highly |K>lisliecl, anel worthy in every way 
ol the- gallant young ollii er whos*- |)res«-nce 
is miss«-d so ke«-nly by all those- whet 
knew him. It is to be buitably engraved 
and presented each ye-ar to the selected 
e acle-t at the Spring Horse Show. 

'The rules which are attached to the 
handling of this cup may Ix- of interest : 

1. This cup, the Captain Dwight 
Hughes Jr. Cup, is to Ix- coni|x;tecl for by 
memlxTs of the Reserve Officers Training 
Corps Unit taking the Advance Coiirs*-. 

2. The Cup will Ix- pres<-nted to i Ik- 
student having the greatest numlM-r of 
riding credits at the end of the sc hcx»l 
year. I'resentation to Ix- mack- at the 
Spring Horse Show or cm soini- othe-r 
suitable <x-casion. 

(Continued on Pafte 2) 


i;. of .Maine 27, Buwdmn 
Lowell Textile >>, finle.s 
Wesh-yan 12, WtlUams 
A w/«rr,5/-\'e-rmont ^canceled; 
\\i,r/rslrr Te< h l.'i, R.IM. <) 
/«//> ;'.U, New ll.lllipshire O 
Snru'iih 2:{, Mtdillrhury '.t 



THE MAI5ACHUSETTS COLLEGIAN ti«\\>i)aiHr of till-»tls> 
Ajiritultiiral (<.ll<ti(. I'lil.lislud ivtry 
We<liuh<lay by tlir ^lu(l^■llts. 

iJOAkl) ol I.DITOKS 

BU-tWOHTH Baknaho '2H 

Kditor-ln Chief 
Manauliig Kdiloi 

Editorial KwNKM L SiKNCKK •2y 

ITeaturc IIakoi.i. K. Ci.akk '2^ 

Aluitini & Hi.-rt 0.iir>«> IJosh.piiink I'an7.k a '2^ 
Atl.lelic S.niThY CLiAVKs •2<.. 

CainiMis KiiWAHl.H.NuHOl.s ■2'J 


Kkic Sinoi.kton '30 

EuwiN A. Wil.l.KK •2H Biihiness M.n.iKer 

Dim <,l AS A. LoKlNi: "ZH Cir< uh.tlon MmaKer 

IlAiM.i I. K. Anm.1.1. •2.S A.lvfrlisiim Mani.uei 

LaWKINCK a. ( AKKlIll '20 

WiiiiAM A. Kr.AN '29 
FRBUBKItK I). TllAVl K. Ik. '^'t 

Suljsrriptu.n S2.00 p. r Sinu <■ 
copi. s 10 n nts. Make all okU rs i.ayaM.' 


In tasf of iliaiiKc ol adtlnss, hiil)MiilKrs 
will pU-asf iiolif\ ll>f Imsimss niananir 
as soon as iMJSsiMc 

Itii.iiMi as MM mill class matter at the Aiiiher;.t 

of lK.sta^;.•prov,<l.•,| Inr ... -"';':'" ••'^^'' "' *"^- 
tol«-i. l',»17. ai.thori«-<l AuKU>t ^). l'.H«. 

yoii can ciili Main il llni. nVMi >oii hap|K'iis 
lu U- lailcii awa\ to lake pail in s<inif 
luiKlioii. KcnuiiilMM that this (la\ lia> 
JM-cii sit apart loi tin- Da.lsaiiil I lien ion- 
all ollui tliinus nnwl takr a lia. k stal. 

\\f \\lio art' favoiid wiiii ilir (<)nii)aiiy 
(il oui own Ua.U miiisI mc lo it llial iIh\ 
( iijoy tlxMiiscIv*'!! to ilu iillirmost dininR 
llicir slay ln-n- on tanlpll^. 'l'h«- piiinc 
puiposf of llif (lav is lo liavf I htm ii.(« i 
our pioftssors an<l instriu lots and to 
visit the lalM)ialoii( s wluiriii vsf work. 
i.\ir\ Dad is inl<i(-i(d in ili«- work ol 
Lis son tvcn tlioiiwli li<' dot- not adiiiil il 
iipi-nU, and nalnralU lie is jlisiroiis oi 
niidiiiK llu- iiisiiiu tors, so do not lail lo 
s(f lo il lit- lia- ilic i)|)portnnil\. 

A word or two iiia\ In- ail<lc(l in ion- 
ntiiion with llu- lootl.all naim- will 
luini a pari ol I In- program. KcinciiiiMr 
ilial ilic Hani is uiir liani, an<l wc must 
iiai k il np. ( liaii -porlsniaiisliip such as 
was shown al ihi- .\nihtrst name is all 
ihal is needed o;: onr part . < )in spirit 
and actions will perhaps make a laslinn 
impression on onr 1 )ad-., so let lis make 
il a la\oralile one. 

This day is oidv an eN|KriinenI , Inil 
with the (omliiiied ellorls ol e\»ryone, it 
should also sirve as the benimiinn of .m 
instil 111 ion whidi has alreaily lieen es 
talilished in many colleges as an annual 
e\cnt . 


is was the impussion whiih many otjonly are olitainaltle on one day, one in 
rectivid last 1 hiirsd i> at the annual die niorniiin and one in the aftern(H>n. 

4. The winner of the clip will have his 

sciioi AKsiiiP AM) AcnvniKS 

•Many are caUed l>ut lew are diosen!" 
This was I he iniDHssion whii h many ol 


I'll! Kapi.a I'hi asseinlily, and we nuisl 
a<lmil thai it is the trnth in this partidi- 
lartase. Theie art-\ interest iiiK linh' 
sideliKhts whi. h lie hidden Leiieath the 
tieep sinnilicance ol the honor, and a lew 
of them are well worlli\ ol Ktnimi nt. 

In the hist plate, it was noiiteal.le 
that every activity which comes niidt r 
the head of academic aclivitie- a 
represeiilati\e ill al least one <.t llu n< w 
initiates. In this (onnection it may Ik' 
well lo ad.l that llu-e representatives, in 
tlie ..iM ol loin ol the aiadeniic adivites, 
an ihe leaders in tluir respective or^am 
/.ilions. Athletics were also rei>res. iiied. 
allhoiiKh |ierhaps not to ihe .stent whi. Ii 
ley wile iv^o ytar-> a^o. Ihe con 
usions whiih may l>e ilrawn Iron. ^iid. 
n interesliuv; t iiini ideiice are so iininei 
lis that it would Ik' inHKissihle to lon.h 
t.pon any yl lh>iii in stidi a limiled spa. e. 
It was also not iceal lie iiont <>l llu 
initiates, this ytar are <>l ilu' i \ pe whiih 
i> |H>pularly desinnated as a "^;rind". 
This has rarely Uen the cast, and then 
l«»ie the «'•■•' ho'i'" wld'li l'-'^ 1"'" * "" 
ferr««l upon the diosen lew seems t«) take 
on a.hle.l siKniluaiue. for it has proven 
to our salistailion that to l>e a student 
«Uks not warrant the tummon i .in. »i)i ion 
that every student is .i ■■i;riml". 

r«» one who has had .oiila.i with the 
iiiitiatt-s lo any great extent, the la« t is 
ol>\ious that the majorilv ol theiii have 
f<iun<l il neiessary lo ai.l 1«\ their own 
initiative in deferring the cNiKiise ol 
their tollene course, the tUniee in whu li 
this is true varies, lo lie sure, Lelwetn 
IniiIi cMremes, hut il inditates that a 
student who i- li>rce<l to work in ordei 
to remain in <<>lltv;e h->s an opport units 
to gain M holasii. honoi . 

In -lu'il. the gioiip of initiates this is one to whi.h we » .m all |M>iiil 
with pride. Tluv ha\f exemplilie.l lor 
Us the lai t thai -diol.lstic lionoi lu 
Haiinil at the s.iine lime cMi.i cin 
riciil.t ilnlies .iic heing perl.irme.l. I hex 
ha\c shown tl .il I'lu Kappa I'hi is worih 
hss when songht .iller with ihe e\cliision 
ol 1 \er\thin-; el-e which -^o.- ... ni ike up 
col lege life. 


(Cuntlnued from Pa^e I) 

:>. The ri.ling . re.iii will l.e one point — 
h)r one hour or more on pass— tw.i credits 

name engraved on il ami may keep it in 
his |)ossession oin- v' In the event a 
iunior wills it, and again in his senior 
ye. II il lie. (lines his |Krs«)nal properlv. 


'111, pii i..n~ 1.11 1 >.hr- 1 '.1 
Ik t tl llii I"!!.,!; 
linden. ikiii- 
ni« inlier d i. 

oiK'rate .in<! ii.i 
Satmd.iv. 1 li' ' 
planning M\i\ ' 
pl,iii~ uUi> .u t ion 


VV 1 

ll.lV 1- 

I on; . lull it llu- 
.1 ,1 -111 11--. I \ II \ 

i, 1,1 lilliK ;illl-l 1 i: 

-li.n I- ! In- : 1 liiiiM-^ 

diilU- (he 

!ip lo the 

' itK' tiles*- 

Ki(;nT iim)kr(;rai)Iiatks 

(('.(iiilinui'tl from VaAc |i 

.ind VMK received liv l'r.iless<ir .Mlieil \\ . 
Waiigh, inisideiit of the lotal ihapter. 
Those ill the fa.iillv who were honored 
in the .isemlilv were, in addition to I'lesi- 
ileiil rii.itdier. I'rolessor Waller 1-. 
I'riiKf, Assist. ml I'ldlessor of laiglish, 
,ind I'rol. — (ir llulierl W . ^"lMnt, .\--i-t - 
,1111 U( I'ldhs-or ol .\^;ri( iill ur.d 
l.onoiiiii-. Ihe imd( rgraduates thus 
houond, in or.ler ol their s.holaslic 
.iverages. w. .(■: li.iold 1.. t lal k ol 
.Monl.igue, Ma\wdl II. t .oldlii rg ol 
Stonehani, llartw- II I.. Koper of Closttr, 
New jersey. I.or.i M. helder ol ll.isl 
h.impton. Idlsworih Ifarn.ird ol She! 
Iiurne i-.dls. Hl.iiidu D .\very of I irit-n 
luld, K.irl < .. I..inl)ensi( ill of M.ivnard. 
,111(1 ( lordon I.. Ite.usi' ol Shanin. 

.\ii imiov.ilion in ihe I'hi K.ippa 
I'hi .isMlulilv the pres< nt.ilion ol I he 
I'hi K.ipp.i I'hi xhol.irship which was 
.iwardetl this lor ihe lirsi liiiu. This 
M hol.irship, whidi caiiies with il a r»-- 
muner.ilion ol *l2.">tl, is lo Ik- given i .ich 
vear al the I'hi Kap|M I'hi asseinhly to 
out of the three r.iiikiiig seniors, .md is 
lo he li.isid on M hol.uship .md character. 
1 lu itciiiient of this highest ol scholastii 
honors ll.irold K. (lark. 

This schol.irship is ptrh.ips onlv the 
highesi ol the manv lionoi s Harold 
I.. (I.irk has ret-civcd dmiiu his lom 
ve.iis. lor his liter.nv .iliiliiv won lor him 
ihe posilion ol ediloiin i hiel ol the I'.'L'.S 
/in/c.v ..s well ,1^ the editorship ol I he 
le.lture dep.irtmeni of tlu' Collii^nni .titer 
h.iv ing lieeii on 1 hi Ho.ud sim f ihe middlt 
ol his freshm.m; while the .ippif. i- 
.ition liv his lillow sludents ol his hiyh 
di. 11. Kiel led In his eleclion .is .i 
nuiuher ol ihe llon.n t (nunil. .md their 
n.-ognition ol hi- (in.dilies ol le.tdership n-nlled in his memlKishi|i in tin 
Sn.ite .md l*re-i.itiu\ <il Hie liiltr 
ti.iieiiinv ( imtciiiiii 111' i .lUool .\ilelphi.i 
In iiinnecuoii with e\u .1 t iirricnla a. 
livitii- il i^ iiilere-lill^ to liole those ii 
ul;;, !i i!:i . llu ■ ,'■,!■;, Ill - 111 . P_.r^' <i 

\ 1 , N \M ' I i ' 

delnn;: . 

Hoister hramaiic 
JH't n .1 iiKtulH-r ol 
lirsi three". 

i!., M 

No Partiality 

Willi I'hi Kappa I'hi .iward- the 
|)t all's lioard in one week, both ex- 
I nines of ni.irks were honored with 
linlilidly. Douhlless the mitldle gi<nmd 
is the leas! emharrassing position, alj- 
soKing one from excessive congrat iilalitju 
or ( oi.iiiiisi r..l ion. 

I'd' - 
I roll) evidence al the retcnl I'hi 
Kappa I'hi elections, the av.i.ige onlooker 
draws one ol the three following coiulti- 
sions: either a group of students ol 
inferior aliility are maioring in the 
siieiilihc divisions, or the i>roiessors in 
these departments are marking more 
severely, t>r the work is more dilht nil 
than in other major courses of studv. 
No -.indent d< voices of st ietn e were Upon 
the loriii. 

I'hi Bctu Kuppa 
Ueipiirements lor .idmission into I'hi 
H(ta Kap|)a wen diange.l l.i^t June Irom 
selection t»f the highesi iL' pen eiit of a 
graduatiuK ilass. whidi formerly the 
standard, to election of all those having 
an averanf of S'y for their hrsi time and 
one half year's wtirk at n. lieges where 
t hapters are estalilislml. Ihis is to make 
ni.Mf uniform the ipiality of men t host ii 
ea. h vear liy increasing the numlier 
whiih will Ik- t host-n fniiii a of high 
st.inding, .md vice versa. 


Fifteen Years Afto 
I he "College Siftnal" Said 
■In .1 contest, replele with 
.l.ishing plavs the Mass;uhusi-tts Aggies 
loiighl Holy (Voss to a t'-«i tie in iht game .it I- it ton lield last S.iiur- 
.l.iy. Ihe .\ggiis" heller teamwork was 
a result ol I'r. Mrides' tine co.iching." 
Oct L'",l. 

r.S. ( hirown "Kid' (.on- tjiiarter -' 
li.ick ill this. oiliest, wliili- 'nolly" Dole, h .It lonnetliiut .\ggie, played at 
ct-niei. Dr. .\rihur I-.. Hrides. .i iiunilier 
ol the N .lie hir ihnt- years, and 
loriiierlv co.i. h .it North ( .irolin.i, i.ime 
in I'.tlJ to M..\.( . when he n-m. lined lor 
lour M-.irs. His I'.U.'t elevin one ol 
the liest Aggie has ever seen. 

- UP 

".\ |Mirli(in ol t-vtry .isseinlily .liter this 
is lo Ih' niven over to mass singing under 
the directitm of Mr. John Ulaiid of New 
York, who is to the musical tliihs" 
( )ct . Jll. 

I'.S. t )rgani/.ed singing on .i l.irge stale 
Ileitis .IS mudi pr.iitice as iltK-s the < ilee 
(lull to .11 (piire .my elTeclivt ness. How 
would von like to do this again' 


•Word (.line last night fnim T'licago the slot k-iudging team won lonrlh 
l>l.uf .It the Dairy Show tmm 
a held of eighteen teams." t )i t . 1'1». 
■llu North. impttm l'l.ivtr~. Within 
one h.ilf hour's rith- fnmi .\mherst is the 
lirsi .md onlv municij)ally -owned the. lire 
,111(1 ((mip.inv of pi.ivers in .Xmerit.i " 
ltd. L".». 

I'.S. N.<rthampton still owii~ llu 
.V.idemy ol Miisit. hut the slot k tom- 
l>.inv now ("Living is one owneil and 
ilirected by oulsi.le interests. That is 
not it> ^ly that the tiuality of pro- 
diiifd is (U-lt rioriting. howevir. The 
liostoil Uepertorv riiiatre is now Un old. .111(1 is o|H'r.ited in connection 
with .1 St luKil of stage produttion ,is .i 
lullural entirprist ." With tmir colleges 
uiihiii li.urm:; i!i-t,iii« c ^ilih .i project is 
. -;t.l.' Ill \onli.ii;.:iiiin. 

.\boul one hundred alumni attended the 
sixth annual bantjuet of the Two \i ar 
Alumni Assotialion whiih was held al tin 
liiiversity ( lub in lltitd Hridgway last 
S.iiurday evening. Harry H. Springi r ''Si 
a. ted .IS toast nii-.ster. Anumg the honor- 
,irv mt-mbers prest-nl wen- I'resitUnt 
Host tie W. Thatcher of .\l..\.( .. Director 
Kohind II. \ erbei k. Miss Margaret 
Hamlin. I'rotts-or I urry S. Hit ks antl 
kobt-rt I., riilter. The musi-- was undi r 
llu tlinttion ol I ram is I). I lav ward 'J7 
and the table iltcoralions were furnishi-tl 
by llu .(lurtesy of I'.iul 1.. lUirgeviii 'Jb. 
The lonimittee in charge of the|ut I 
was composeil of h-. ( . X.mdtrpod. Jr. 
•2lt. Uini.imin l.ibby 'Jl .md .\. <-. Mark- 
ham '2-2. 


A 1 wo-^ dancing class for nun 
b. en started under the leadership ol 
"Dunli " .\nsdl, formerly Two-^'ear 'L'.'i 
.111.1 now .. member of 1 our-Near class ol 
L'.S. I tit d.iss is scheduletl for evi ry 
riitirsday evening from sevi-ii lo eight at 
the Memorial liiiilding. .Ml two ytar nun 
who .in- interested .ire inv ited. 


I nder the iiuspiits of tin N .W .( .A., 
the AbIxy held "Oixn House " for .ill the 
members of tin fatuity antl their VKives, 
last Suiiflay afternoon from four to six 
o'tlock. Hlant he D. Avery, presitlenl <jf 
the Association, poured tea, which was 
sirvfd in llu- Center. 


llu- . abin whiih the co-eds are build- 
ing on Ml. Toby is rapidly Ix-ing com- 
pleted. A gniup of girls wtiit U|) to the 
site last Satm.l.iv .iiid with ihe aiil ol 
.Mr. I..iwit-iii\- Dit kiiison, lu .id ol the 
grounds ilt-partmeiit. staried the hre- 

liessie M. Smith tarrietl oil hrst honors 
al the track meet hdil last Moiulay after- 
noon by the Athletic A-sstxiation of the 
Women Sludents of the follege. Domthy 
Leon. ml and Majorie I'ratt '28 and Sally 
Ur.idlt y ".i\ vvt-n- high scorers in the nuvt. 
Interd.iss basketball teams of the 
Athletic Assotialion are playing oil hnal 
games this week and next week, dames 
.ire lallt tl at I. .'JO p. m. antl are schetUlletl 
as follt>ws: 
Nt)v. 8 "Senior vs. Sophomore 

i»— Freshmen vs. Tv^o-Near 
10 — Junior vs. Winner of Nov. 8 
l.'j Junior vs. Winner of Nov . ".i 
17 -lin.ils 

'27 •Ken " Milligan is a farm manager 
■md is lot. lied al Wrenlhaiii. Mass. 

"27 H.irry 'Ked" Nottebaeri anil 
Thomas J. Kane have Inith t.iken [Kisi- 
lions as plantation overseers with the 
Initeil Fruit ( o. "Ued ' who sails Oil. 
2'.>. will Ik- lotatitl .it I'uerto H.irrios. 
Kepublit of » ■uateniala anil "Tom" 
Kane is stationed at (iii.iro, Cuba. 
1 '27 Merrill H. I'.irtiiiheinu r and 
llerlKTi v. \eriiy are n>oming together 
al l.Mb North F.dgewood Ave., Wintoii 
Place, Cintinn.iti. Ohio. 

'27 Fvtreii J. I 'vie is employed in 
l.inilscaiM' construction .iiul is al present 
working on a new golf course .it Holt on 
l..iniiiiig. Lake C.eorge, N. \'. 

"27 •■Kt-il" Nolt.ibiart siiled fmm 
Ntvv York lor PiuTto If.irrios. ( luatamala. 
while he will work for the Cniled Fruit 
Companv . 

■2.'i "S.immy " S.imnels, former basket 

ball capt.iin is co.u hing at the N.itional 
1 .irm St hool in Pennsylvania. One of the 
ni-wsp.iiK-rs in commenting on his work 
with the fiM>tb.ill team says •'Co.icli 
Samuels hail his ti.iiii working yesterday 
in such a manner no pnp school 
team in this section toulil have slopped 
the terrific onslaught." 

18 Arthur I.. Frellick is instructor of 
Sientf .It the West Hridgewater llowanl 
I ligh S litKil. 

14 P. D. Peterson was recently niaile 
svcret.iry of the Concord (Mass. » Aspara- 
gus < irowers Co-ii|H-rati\e AsstR-iation. 

'i;{ Lewis J. Dury, one of the leailiiig 
l.ittors in the foiiiuling of the Iik.iI 
th.ipter of the l.ambd.i Chi .Mpha fr.i- 
ternitv, now nsiiles in ( linlon. Mass., 
where he is head scoutmaster ol the Mov 
Siiuts' org.mi/ation. 

'14 Uaynu)nd F. Neete was recently 
matle nianag. r <il the On 
.It \alley St.itii.n. Ky. 

11 K.ilph Melloon has charge ol the 
IhiuiI tlepartment of llornblowir .S; Weeks 
to.. .It Pnividiieie. k. 1. 

'2» ko-well King is now in ch.irgi ol 
llu 11. 1 King Ice Co.. Woonsocket. 
k. 1. He .lUo runs .i larm in Millvillt. 

Sixlv three .ilumiii. representing nuist 
ol the class.s from 1871 to H»27. .md 
.\lumni Clubs of M.issat husilts, Rhotle 
Isl.ind, C onnei ticui. .mil New York wen 
liresi-nt as oftuial delegates to the in- ion t xi rcisesof President Than her. 


(Continued fri>m Pufte I) 

the tielil lo score lillh. Tollowing him in 
order came "Dick" lit "Cab" Her- 
gan, antl "Frankie" lloiiuyer which in- 
sured an M.A.C. victory, siiuf ILC. toulil 
score as a minimum 2",» points ami we were 
si't with 2ti. kussell counteil for the 
visitors stKjn after our three men crossed 
the line, but "Sam" Tourtellot Ixxtstetl 
the St lire of the op|M)sition one jMiint when 
he edgttl CampUdl. the fifth Iniversity 
runner, out i>f tenth place. Fvery man hnislit d in scoring position was hani 
pressed, anil then- ensued in exciting race 
lor e.iih place .it the ta|K'. 

LiH khan's lime is the fastest ncorded 
on our course since tin I. ill of l'.'2."> when 
an Amherst runner n.imed L.ini . h.dked 
up a mark of 2(1 minutes ."if seconds over 
till 4 :5-4 mile course. Coat h Derby's 
charges did a tiiu job in pulling the ran 
out of the fire wlu-n the opixisilion hat! 
pnived itself so stning liy setting a recor.l 
lime for the p.i-t two s. .i-.on--. I he 

1st, LtK-kh.irt U ; 2n.l, Sh.ipiMlle 
iM); .'{rd, Preston 'M'. 4th. IJroail (Hj; 
.')th. H.irmon lUi; Oth. lltrnan (Mi; 
7th. Hergan iMi; <8th, llomeyer (M); 
'.•ill, kussi-ll I Hi; l<»th. Tourtellot (Mi; 
llih. C.implKll (111; 12ih. kobertson 
iMi; loth. Dunkle (Hi; 14th. ( .utxlale 




Im \ 

\ .1 


l ...111 imicl I'll i'.iiif 


,.i\ iiu 

1- .11 
I i,uk 

I iMIll. 


:1!11 ■ 

■ Tiiv.!!' -iipport .Is well .is st.ile .lid is 
nniss,uv. In live yi.ii- w i i;iii~t h.ivf 
.iiioihi-i dii l.iboi.iiKi \ ; a iu w >iMn 
.iml !,.v iiin.isiiiiii pnijiit li.i- ln-.n 
iilril \'\ I apt- M.mi'i- T'.mi.h i :i'ini ,i 
.-IH-edi Itv I'li-iiiiiil i'liti.rti-M .11 \. ^'. 
.MiiiiHii Mteiing. I K i . -'■'■ 

!'>, \iiii i 111 > hiiiii-ii N building; bill lud 
! . ', . r ,1 -IrV. on. W.l- -l.ined. I'llV (11 Vt .11- 
\- h 'I ,1 ^\ i; n.i-iiiiii 


.\ meeting of the 1 lori. nil lire Club will 
hv hcl.l in koiim I'. Ir. IK h II. ill. I ridav . 
Nov 1 1 ,ii 7..'.n I '. 111. 1 W.inii.lort. 
.1 llorisi. .it 2111 BnMdw.iy, 
New \<>\k (h\. is to be ihe spe.ik.r of 
llu- ivening. .\lso. he will ijiiinm-tr.iif 
iiieihod- 1'! .irranging b.i-kvis nl i iit 
lli.wii- ami oihi-r n' > i 1 hi- pio 
Cl.iili -llollld provi- .iMr.n Il\i tn -illdillt- 
whii .in- iii.iici:;.- ' •; ' ^; ' ' ' '" in,iii>r in 
iloricnltiin-. 1 1 v,, mi. .ir.Mnu \\l;ii - 
uuen-lid i- iiu;i''! 1" '"■ pn-ciil. Ki- 
ln -hlii' ill- Will be -1 I "- ' '1- 


(C^onlinued from Pafte 1) 

lo -Middlebury at .\iiiherst 
20 Norvvith al Norlhtidd 
27 — Worcester Tech at Amherst 
,i — Amherst al .Alumni lield 
10— Springfield at Springfield 
17 — Tufts at Medford 
Manager Chad wick's lineup for ft he 
spring track season was also .iccepted 
which int ludes four dual meets in aildition 
to the Fastern and New Fngland Inter es. The scheihile: 
.\pr. 21 — Woriester Tech at Amherst 

28— Wesleyan at Middletown 
M.iy .V Trinity .It ll.irtfoni 

12 T.astern Intercollegiales al 

19- New Fngland Intenollegiates, 

Itxation not decided 
2t> — Tufts at Amherst 


.\ Sund.iy .ifternoon fiible class is being 
« iiiitemplated lor tin winter term with .: 
prominent member ol the f.iculty a- 
It .ider. This cl.iss would 1k' oiku to an\ 

si Uili-nl- ol tileroileui- Ail tllo-i \vh(J .ir. 
interested ,in<l de-ire tiirther intormatior 
ng.inlillg the class ,in- reipiesled \o sii 
T.liiier U.irber ,u the ( hrisli.ui .XssiK-iatioii 
< ittice as s<x)n .is ()i>ssible in order th.ti 
liiLil arr.ingcnienis in.iv be m.idc befori^ix lu. In llic •vent ili.i! .i in<>r' 
1 1 HIM iiiiiit iH'i I'l.iii Sniid.iv .lii.riuioii- 
, ,in \-i tDiimi till ill'- niii-tin-< ol the pri 
i>. i-iil 1 '.1--, -11. il .1 limi iui.,lu 'vvtll I 
-llb-titutt d. 

TlH. C..K1 vvc.:ulur is Ihto at last, fhat moans Overcoats. Sheepskins, Woolen .lackets. Sweaters, etc. We have them in abund-ance 
with ;i guarantee of satisfaction or your money back. 

CARL H. BOLTER "^^^ni^ 

CLJr^p OP ^^ALSH ^ nien's store full of (iood (ioods. There's a Knox Hat for every occasion Knox in taste and faultless fell, fora» 

comfortable and as fair a price as $8.00. 

CONSULT TOM-Walshization pays. 




Boston Headquarters for all M. A. C. and 
many other College Teams and Clubs 


Club Breakfast and Special Luncheons 

and Dinners 


It's not hard to have individuality of style at a moder- 
ate price. BO.STONIANS are correct <listinctive and 
reasonable in price: $7.00 to $10.00. 

On display in "M" Building Barber Shop. 



Optician and Jeweler 

.1 l'l.l-:.\S.\.NT .STREKT, (up ont' Hlfthlj 

I Oculists' HreNcrlpliunH Filled. Bruken lenHen 

accurately replaced 

HK; BKN AL.\KM clocks and other 

reliable inakeH 


is open for the season of '27 and '28 
Order EATS for parties, re- 
ceptions and hikes 
120 Pleasant Street, 

FirNi houwe south of campus 
Telephone 511 

^ ou will find an excellenl 

. . . SIIOK KKi>AIKIN(; SIIOI* . . . 

equipped with Ihe niosl up-to-date C^oodyear 

Machinery and a modern 

SII OK SillNINt; H.\KI.(>K 

al II 1-2 Amily St., - Opp. New 'I'heulre 

It> underslanj your re^iniremfnt^ ami arr prr- 

pared to merl your needy. 

All work guaranteed. Shoes shined and dyed, 60i 


.SIK' per nlfthl. $ I .INI per per week. $4.0« per 
month. Laid up carw, l>er. Inl to Apr. Isl. 
$i.00 per month. 

Walter H. Harrison 

2nd house North of (^ampuH 

Cooler Weather, Warmer Clothes 

Sheep lined coats - $7.50 to $25.00 
Leather coats - - 11.50 to 14.50 
Mackinaw coats - 8.50 and 9.50 

Genuine Oakes Bros. Sweaters 

$8.50 and $9.00 

And the lowest prices on good overcoats that you will 



KKiin rM)KK(;R.\|)l Ml S 

Continued from l*aite ii 

;il-<i .1 iiu'iiiIk'I' ol ihf N'.\\'.("..\. c.iliiiui. 

l.lUwdllll U. III). nil, l)f?-i(l»-> luiUK .\^^^l . 

I ilir.iiA liditor of the l'.»JS Index .iiid 
one ol the M'liioi iiumuIh-is of \\u- lionoi 
tOiiiU'il. Ila^ workt'il up to the |Mi>ition 
ol in.iiia^iii^ rdiioi ol llu- i'(>llfi>i(iii. 
hl.iiu !)»• |). .\\ti\ ij. prir.i(liiil ol the 
\ .W'.l . A. K.iil ( I. l.uilMn^ifin lia>lH»ii 
.uliMJy <n^;.i^t(l in llu- M» n'> ( ilfi- ( liili 
siinc (lie lii'^iiliiiti).; ol lii^ Mi|ilioniol't \( .n 
tiordoii }-.. hc.usf p.iii i('i|i.iti'> in \,ti^ii\ 

1)1.1 I A PHI (;\M\i.\ 

(Conllnufd friiiii I'aUe II 

^;iiU. Il i^ inlcroiiiij; lo note 
iiiiiiUt' prt'\iiiu> y(-.ii> iioiic ol the .iIiiiiiii.k 
n 1 iinu'd lor t hi' d.iiici'. 

( oloiliil ((irM-slidk>, piiinpkiii". .iml 

t-MT^n-t'lls lolllU'd tile Ih.lill p.lll ol I lie 
drtor.itioii^ .md (.iiiicd out tin- >piiit ol 
the M-.i>oii. 'Ilic pi(>v;i.ini iili iiidcd twiixc 
il.iiii t- .111(1 two cxiias and !.i-t«'il from 
.s p. 111. initil III 111. Kflif>liniriit'- \\«tc 
Ntixfd .It Kt.iStI p. 111. Ulwiiii the ?.i\lli 
and stvtiitli d.inris. 

|)(x-t()r and Mrs. Joseph S. ('lianiiK-i' 
lain .Hid .Assistant I Han and Mrs. 
shall < ). I..inpluar actt-d as ( liaiHroncs. 
I lie connninif in charRf of iht- arrannt- 
iiniits for tin- <lanc«' consistcil of ( •iiil.i 
ll.iwlcN 'J'.l, (li.iirnian. .iikI kiitli I aiilk 
'J'.», .111(1 ka(h«l .\t wood ';i(l. 

- \()CAi. iN.srKrri ION- 

Klttrt'iuf Clarissa Hays 

oiu' Acre - .XMHI-KSI 

IVI. 155 W 



100 Bo.ved Assortments at .Sl.OO 


100 at 25 cents 



are popular this Autumn 
in fo«>twear and, of course, 
this hi|i shoe store 
has the finest assortment 
in town. 

BROWN alm(;ator 


$6.00 to $I2..S0 
Hosiery too. 


275 High St., Holyoke 

Clontinued front l*aii«> I 

I lure .ilso .1 U.ixl<( I \i I .iii^t iiu'iit 
icinti'-t ill whiih I'.li/.ilK't h .\. I aikIi took 
lirNt pii/c, .\rllilli II. (iia\»s I liv st i oiid 
pii/c .iiKJ Mil i.iiii III liiss I hiid. 

All iiitt lest iii^ ixhiliil W.IS iii.nif up ol 

ijillt Kilt \|K-s ol ( lllV s.lllt lu'llllllll- 

groups lo^ii hri to --how llu iiiodilii .it ioit~ 
In .inoilu'i displ.iy .in .iitriiipi ni.uli' 
to show .1 lew I'oiiniioii I.Mitl-- of llowrr 

in.iii^M'iiU'iit . 

\ii I A.iiiiplc ol till- v.iint' ol 

Apcl ion with llowiis ^;i\»ii 
li\ .III ivhiliit I oiisistiii^ ol ,1 \(llow 
( 111 \ s.iiithciiiniii wliiili liccii <'\ol\i'd 
li\ the crossing ol .1 white llowci with .1 
d.irk \('llow 01 Itron/t' colorrd llowci. 
( oiiimrn florists s.i\ llii-. Ilown 
shows pos-.iiiilit i,'s .1, ,1 11, .\\ ispc Ixciiisr 
ol its siiikiiiK I'olor ,ind form. 





Wedno.sday, Ntiv. <>, .Mm. & Kvo. 

(>raiid OpeninU 



5 ACTS 5 

s<:rkkn .vriRAcrioN 

Ifni Lyons ( ico. Sidin y in 
"For the L<»ve t>f Mike." 

Thursday, Nov. 10 

|-.\< liisivc showing ol till- ion 
of I'lcsidi nt Til, III Ik 1 of M.,\.( . 

and Montr Mill.' in 

'IHI. nrsil LEAtJILK." 




W . t . 1 

i. Ills 




. N.iv 

. 12 




".liidtiniciit < 

f 1 ht 

• Hills." 

Moil, and Tiit's. Nov. 11 l.S 

\\ .1 11.11 .' Hi I I \ . I I. IV II In III I II, I Mom III 

"Ntiw V\e'ri> in 'ilu' .\ir." 

(Continued from I'liito li 
into s,,,iiii^ |Misiiion on .1 Imiv; 1 im by 
l>.i\is 151. 111. jv" Mills liioikcd the try 
loi the (All. 1 point. < )iii loi\«.iid p.issitiK 
.It I.K k kept lis 111! ( Mil lei Ills w il h S|ii in^;- 
lield's niiiniiii; .ill.nk. ,ind illlioii);!! 
W illi.lllisiin III, lint. lined .1 slight edv;e o\el 
Uowie III till- ki> kiiiv; dtp.iltmeiil. "Itoli";< d to keep the li.ill oiil ul olir 
l< lliloiA nilH II ol I he lime. 

M.ll\ kii ked oil to opt II I lie i i olid 
ll.lll. .md Splin!.;lleld downed llle ii.ill on 
t 111 il .'i.S y.ird ni.iik. .\ sie,id\ 111.11 1 li i|o« n 
the held W.IS tei mill, lied oiil\ win 11 I >iiii 
Coniiiiiicil on I'.iitf 4> 

I own Hall, Amiierst 

Tuesday, Wednesday. Iliiiisday 

Miiif iliaii li\t' million |ii<i|ili' li.ivi- Uoiif 
In set- 'Ihi' Uiij iVir.iile" in Iin i-pm Ii,iii|l Mills ill \|.» \iilk <:il> .mil 
llirooi'liiiiii llu- u iirlil. |>j.\ lnk> 1 o,i<l s||ii» 
I hc.ilrc priecs II In lifr<- ii<i» (hi iIu-Iiisi 
linic 111 |ii>|>iiliii prict'H llle fpi« III |ii\f 
anil Hal lliai iii.iilf iiKiiioii pli'iiiir 
liisioi> MaiiiiiM' al .« «>ii<' show <'a< li 
iiiAlil ^11 7 .(0 Maliiii-f I'ricih: ChiMrto. 
ISi- , Ailiilis. .Mte. Nvmn Kteniii|t. :ill 
srals Site 

Friday, Nt»v. II, Nt» Movies 


.Saturday, Nov. 12 

/.lint' (.riy's sfory ol ilu- wild home 
lfii(l«-r "l.itthlliiit " rill- lasl Johyiia Kiil- 
sloii. M.iriiari-l I ivintlsioii .iiul Roltrri 
l''ra/i-r Mr (ira.x'H slor.\ ol ili,- wllil 

hiallioii ihal sut < fss(iill\ i-liiilitl 1 a|i- 
liita- l^ an ciikiroHsliiil ronianci' 
Ni'ws antl <.oinfil> 

Moiida\, Ni»v. 14 

R.iinoii \o\atrii in .1 t>riMl hit 


III iliis swirlioit slorv nf piralc h.ililis. 
aliil 1 1.111.1111'. ■ ii|.\|.r sa.\s tlie riii- 
slat ol "Iti'ii Hill" ii<>>\ t>i«fs llif stiffii .1 
piciiio' .IS ilirillinu in ils h.i> as ili.n 

Cr.iiiltanil Ricc'h I'ttolhall Scniir. "Kooi- 
li.ill I'ii'lil tMtit'i.ils." I'ahlfs ami ( oiiii'il\ 


i'.lft'lrit t iirti . i'liius. Si.iplcs Insiil.iiitrs. Kit'. 
I'.lft irii Siovfs. »l iH'tnii Miillis. .S till 'mt 
I'.li'i irli T.ihli- I amps. %l i>0. %i IMI \2 SO 

I- loeirit' I lashlilfs. 7"'e n. ikiso 

'' rii<iiii|is<>ii Ki-|iair ■ \ii\ iliiiiu liiiil" 



James A. Lowell, Bookseller 




To Get the Best, Buy 


and SILK 

Bloomers Step-ins Vests 



G. Edward Fisher 

Amherst Shoe Repairing Co. 

At the Service of those who appreciate 
Better Shoe Repairiti}^ 


Largest assortment ()f I'ountain IVns ^ Our iianie enftraved on 
pen, no extra charge. 


Newsdealer aiifl Slalioner 




sells 'em 

Drop in and see my line of neu Fall styles. 


The Best In Drug .Store Merchandtoe 
The {'it irt Drug .Store Service 


9X» IS to^tait Storm 


No. 1 Main St., Amherst, Mmmm 

Our Laundrjr First (:l>>iia 

Our Pallcy f;uaranl.«<l 


Opponite PoHt Office 


By this timt' wo arc supplied with 
the latfsl mndfis <»f Ccillege Oxfords. 

I><> not rnrfti'i ihosr $S Sioiih itnilii Oiforils 
in lll.ick or Hrown 
Sh<M- Kt-pitirinU Drpiirtmf nt. 



Mr. Basil B. Wood, 

% M. A. C. Library. 


Rofter lllntze, Mftr. 'it 

A (iood Place to Eat 
Lunches at all times . . 


Pep Younft, '29 



Ken Bartlett, '28 

Had Wytnan, 2 yr. '28 

Ken Perry, '2't 

Cigars Cigarettes 

Candy Banners 

Pennants Novelties 

Red Redjirave, '28 


iCunlintii'il from I'atte .*) 
can, S|.rinKfi<l<l's star Lack, skirlorl our 
ri^ht <inl (or a tout IkIowii. A |>ass, 
Williaiiison to ("rai^;, .i(|.l»<l tin extra 
IM.inl. 'Ihi- lilt lire coadud kiikctl olT, 
and tlif hall was put into |»lay on thr 
M.A.C. J » yard line. Hire- |)lays lailcd 
to ^-ain. aiui Howie pmiKd to Williamson 
who uathered in the ball on the Av;k"'s 
4r.-yar<l stri|H- and rated tor a loti. lidown. 
This time lit etry for ^oal failed. 

Sprinnl"l<l il^;ai^ kicked off, Imt MA.C. 
was foned to pniit, and Uolliai lier's men 
took up . mother relentless, this 
time from their :M yard lihlH.n. Ilie end 
of (ht <|ii.uler hallid it teiii|)oiarily, Iml 
on the third play of the ensuing |Mriod. 
N..rdyke dived over a pile of linemen for 
the score, (rain ai;aiii ((.miled the extra 
{ .m a pass from Williamson. The 
remainder of the contest saw the visitors' 
(lefinse slithn, and no further scoring re- 

Mass. AnK'<" never tliiealened seriously 
to score althoiinh a formidalile aerial 
Kame was displayed in the hrsl iialf. 
"Uol." Bowie was the stellar jHrfornier 
for our ttaiu in the playing of his new 
|X)sition, passing accurately, kicking well, 
and <loinn some line defensive work at 
end. "Hob" l"ox played his first full 
varsity name with "Dick" Hond and 
"Freddie" lilUrt alternating at halfback 
as the other new men in the backfiehi. 

•( lui" McKittrick was .halted from his 
positi<.ii at end to .all signals. 1 1 was 
certainlv a ra.lically lu-w kt.eld ami 
showed sinus of offensive ,M.wer in the 
,„.w style of atta.k develop..! by the 
coa.hiiinslafT for the Ki'""- 
The siimmaiN : 

MiiHH. Aftftle 

,., IMuiiPi . < liiiMin- 

rt, Mill- 

I n. liiui WIcs 

I , Miiiin 

In. K.ltoii 

It. SUrs 

i|l,. Ml Kiilii" W 
,1,1,. Hi.n'l. 

Uar<l<>. ll.iiMiiiDinl, I'- 

.|,iilviii-i. Wliitiin;. ti 

Wolyii.-. . Clarkr. !« 

l.iiiibuUKli. Millfi. ' 

\V.-li«rlc, IK 

Ciiiminnliam. Il'iidii. k-. u 

(rain. (rt)lli>T. r.' 

Williaiiison, Willi.'liii, iil> 

Davis Dumaii, Atliii. "''' 

11,11. Si.-i-v.-s t'""«''- •'''' ,,., , 

llil). Nitkii-wu/. liilyai'J 

K.Mol. Noiilyke. John-oil. H' ^ _ "'' ''"" 

So,..|.y,H-i.o.l- llu , 2.; 

S..r.nKn-M ^^ ^, „ 

.Muss. Annu- ..,. .. _ U-avis. |)n.u an, VMU.aii.son, Nor- 

,lvk-. I'oiuts afU-r loiiclxlown- rra.« "J. K.-l.r..- 
Sw-..ft..-l<l. inipir.- -Keane. Linesman- W a! . 

iM..|,| Jn.lK.' L.-wis. Time-lour fJ-min. 

visited the C'lothinn ( linii- at lilene's. t he 
Community Health .XhStKialion, I'ristilla 
I'roviiin riant, the Mowe information 
(enter at (f.lar Mill, near our Market I'ield Station, and the (iirl Stouts 
in the siinie l.Mality. 1 he girls were 
entertained at tea while at Cedar Hill by 
Mrs. Stoddard. Instriutive visits were 
also niaile at the Hostoii Disiwiisary und 
the l-ourth Dental Clinic. 

The objei t of the visit was to study 
the various appli. atioiis of Home Kco- 
iiomics to the community as it is in actual 
ojHration. The tri)) iirov.d to have both 
|)raclical and inspirational value. Whil.' 
this is a new f.atuie in Home Kcononiics 
work in th. .ollen.'. it will be continued 
in fiituri- classes. 

EXTENSION servic:e s(k;ial 

Members of the Kxtensi«»n Serviie were 
entertained at the home of Director and 
Mrs. Munson .jf 101 Hutterfield Terra. e 
onSatur.lay evening, Nov. 5. Thiswasthe 
tirst of the winter parties which the Kx- 
tensi.)n Service exiK-cts to c.m.lucl. The 
evening was pleasantly siH-nt in playinn 
names, ami refreshments were serve.l. 
MenilxTs of the entertaining .■.>mmitt.e 
are W. H. Howe, W .K. Col.' an<l I".. S. 

(.eornia; and (iregon Agricultural Colleuf 
at Corvallis, Oregon. This last match u 
one of the Cavalry K.O.T.C. match., 
which this college is running. 

Rural Home Life 

Class Visits Boston 

(;irl9 Make Trip Under Guidance of 
Miss Knowlton 

IVspite the fl.KHls Miss Knowlton. ac- 
companied by her class in Kural Home 
l.ih HI Uft Amherst early Friday morn- 
ing for a week-i-nd trip in Host<»n. They 


Gift Shoppc 

Amherst^ Massachusetts 

TcU-plHiiics l."».")-\\ -15.)-J 


At a meet inn "f '''•' < '«i^s ol I'.IIJO last 
riiursday after assembly, John H. Howard 
Jr. of Kea.ling was elected to the Honor 
C.> Margaret 1*. Donovan was 
ele.t.-.l class Hist.)rian at this meeting to 
strve in that capacity the remainder of 
h.T (ollegi" (ourse. 


l-light malihes have b.«n se- 
ciire.l with other colleges ami K.O.T.C. 
teams throughout the countr\. l he 
three college teams to lie shot against by 
the college team are: West Virginia liii- 
versity, Morgantown, West \irgiiiia: 
Pennsylvania State College, Stale CoUegt.-. 
Pennsylvania; and Culver, Culver, Indi- 
ana. The matches to be shot by the 
K.O.T.C. rille team are with the follow- 
ing colleges: Cniversity of Cincinnati; 
Iowa State College at Ames, Iowa; 
Oklahoma A. & M. at Stillwater, Okla- 
homa; l".mory I'niversity at Kmory. 


Last wiek No. ;5'). one of the colle,, 
riding h.)rs.s, broke his leg and had t., 
Ik- .iestroyeel. This week Ni>. 24 and N.j 
2ri are to be destroye.l. and John Harv.inl 
is to be sohl to the highest bi.ld.r (|,,r 
whi.h Hans Haumgartner will Iw .)v. r- 

During the past week's deluge ami 
subse.iuent inundation the Military 1)(- 
partmenl turned over all tin- . niply gram 
bags <jn hand for use in Hadley. Mi 
\bjnlague and his men turn.-d out lull 
strength and ma.le good use of ihes.' i„ 
reinforic the barricades. 


Grace D. Beaumont 

51 AMITY ST. - TEL. 211 M 

Amherst, Mass. 

The College Candy Kitchen 

A tine place to go and take your friends for 


Ice Cream, Milk Shakes. Fresh Fruits, Refreshment, and Sodas. 
Salteil Nuts. I'afte & Shaw. Park & Tllford, Boxes Ready 

to be Mailed. 


Do not Forget that Special SUNDAY NIGHT DINNER 


the place for the college man" 


Sporting and Athletic Goods 



Some call it mellowness 

The Mutual Plumbing & Heating Co. 


Some say that Cairn^l is the mellowest ciga- 
rette ever made. Some that it's mild and 
smooth. It's really all good things in one, 
and that is why it is supreme upon the 
pinnacle of modern favor. Camel's popu- 
larity today is the largest that any cigarette 
ever had. 

And, it costs something to make this kind 
of a sniake. It costs the choicest tobaccos 

that money can buy, and a blending that 
spares neither time nor expense. Each 
Camel cigarette is as full of value as the 
world of tobacco can give. 

You can be sure of smoking pleasure, 
serene and full, in these quality cigarettes. 
Smoke all of them you want; they simply 
never lire the taste. 


Have a CamelV 




New College Store 

J^\\t iiaBBairliuBgtlB fflolUntatt 



Number 8 



Students Manifest Lack of Interest 
In Out'stions Brought L'p 

In plait- of a lecturer at last Thursday's 
.i>Minl)ly |)eri(>(| the time \va> devoted trt 
a r.iudnil> <>|)tii I oriim, under the leader- 
ship "I the i\iemlier> of Adelphia. the 
ricnior honorar\ s<j< iety, duri^^; which 
\arious topics of interest to the stu<lent 
|)ody were brou^jhi before the uroi'P- Ihe 
president of the scxiety, Harold K. Clark, 
|)ieside<l o\er the meeting. 

\ arious subjects were brought up tor 
discussion without eliciting nmch com- 
ment. .\mong these was tin- custom of 
sa\ing "Hi" to fellow students, a custom 
uliich apparent 1\ is dying out. It was 
sui;gested that this was a custom that 
ought to be preser\ed for the g(M>d (j| 
student relationships. Other topics that 
were mentioned the crow<ling of the 
doors at Draiier Hall by the freshmen, 
the continued movements of the students 
while in ihaixl or assend)ly, and the 
fact that the relations Ix-tween the 
sophomore and freshman classes were 
not what they should be. There is 
apparently no ri\alr\ at all Utween the 
I w(i groups. 

Tldwin .\. Wilder, president of the 
Honor Council, presented a reiKirt of the 
work of the council for the past term. 
He stated that four men have la-en con- 
\icted, unci one of these was sus- 
(Continued on Pafte i) 



Tufts (;ame. Informal, and Frater- 
nity Keuni<»ns are Main 
Features of Program 


Special Program for Farm Women 
Is New Feature 

Saturday morning. November I'.i, should 
find a large nuinlM-r of alumni i-ither in 
.Xndii-rst or en route. The (K'l.ision, ot 
cours.-, is the .iMiiii.d .Miimni llouic- 
coniing |)a>, when old graduates are in- 
\ited back to .Xggie t<> renew former 
friendships anil to see liuw the college is 
progressing. .\ largt' nuniU'r of alumni 
have alreads made reserxations, but there 
will be rcMjni for all who can attend. The 
entire college will Ik- wide o|H.-n, in the 
corn-ct s«-nse <)f tlie expression, and the 
professors and departments will be on 
hand to extenil a friendK greeting. 

The outstanding fe.iture of the d.i\ is 
the game with Tufts, our and most 
im|Mirtant game, whi<h i?. scheduled for 
two o'clock. Innnediati'ly alter the game 
there will Ik' an intormal dance in the 
Memorial Hall. All alumni are recpiested 
to register at the Memorial liuilding as 
early in the morning as |)ossibU-. dier 
eight o'clcxk. 

The following is the completed program 
of e\ents of tin- da\ : 
.S.(K) a. in. to PJ.:iO |). m. Registration .it 

Memorial Hall .ind \isits to College 

lJ.;>n p. ni. to 1.1') |i. m. .M.ijor IK-part- 

ment Rally Luncheons. 
1.1.") p. m. to 'J.fKI p. m. .^ssemlll\ on 

.\lumni Kield. 
2.(MI |). m. to 4.'M) p. m. I cH.tball: Tuft- 

vs. Mass. .Aggie. 

(Continued on Pafte 2) 


Hci.iuse of the fail that the 
Thanksgixing Recess In-gins at 
Moon on Wednesclas, .\cjv. 'S-i. 
next week's issue of the i'oUixiiiii 
will .ip|Kar Tuesday afternoon. 



The Literar\ t lub, which cMiupied a 
di-tinile plac-e in college life l.isl yc-ar, is 
to hold its liisl meeting of the nc-M 
Thursday e\ening at se\c-n o'clock in the 
M..\.C.C..\. room. This (lid), fonueil 
under the leadership of Const. inline I'. 
Ladas ''2H, plans to hold weekU meetings 
at which topics of interest will be 
discussed. Ihe discussions will be lecl by 
one of the nuinl)ers, thus tending to 
dc-Nelop freedom of expression of ideas. 

It is ho|Hcl that nian> of the freshmen 
and other newcomers will take acKanl.ige 
of this op|M>rtunit\ , together with those 
who attended nic-elings last Near. .\1I are 

First Dad's Day 

Proves Big Success 

One Hundred Twenty-five Dads l.isit Campus mmI Knjoy Pro- 
jiram for Their Kntertainment 

The M..A.C. Farm Forum has already 
coninienced its regular winter and spring 
broadcasting program from radio stations 
W HZ at Springfield, and \Vli/.\ at Bos- 
ton. I'rofessor William R. t Ole is in 
charge of the r.idio lorum work. 

Kvery Monday evening at six o'cUnk 
memlK-rs of the college staff broadcast 
answers to timely cpicslions which ha\c- 
lieen sent in to the ccillege for answer by 
the i)eople of the state. 'These- cjuistions 
(over such fields of agriculture as fruit 
growing, flowers, landscape and vege- 
table' gardening, animal husbandry, farm 
forestry, |>oulir\, farm management, and 

In addition to the regular forum there 
I- this year a forum for farm women 
which will be broadcast regularK- from 
the same stations at 2 p. m. every Monelay 
,iltcrneK)n. This new feature will \tv 
h.iiidled b\ wome-n on the ccjlle-ge and 
1 Mciision staffs ancl will be conducted 
l.irgeU' on the cpu^stion and answer basis. 
SoMie sid»jects to be eliscussed are: cloth- 
lU. inilliner\, health, nutrition, hoiiu 
luniishings, and kitchen im|)ro\enients. 

lollejwiiig the homemaker's prejgram 
on NovemlK-r 14, Miss Margaret Hamlin 
will discuss "Opportunities in .Agric ultiire 
lor Women": on November 21 Miss Kdna 
Skinner will s|)c-ak on "( )|)iH)rtunities at 
the College for Home Economics Train- 
ing"; Miss Helen Knowlton on Noveiiil)cr 
-X will exj)lain the teaching side of hcjme 
iiomics at the college; and on Uccem- 
I'tr 5, Miss E. S. Davies will gi\e the 
i< -lilts of some research work in rural life. 

The Farm Forum on Novemljcr \n will 
I' 111 charge of iVofessor C. L. Thaver: 
l.,in<!-( ;ipc- and flowers will be his subject. 
' »' \ii\fmtK-r '2'2. (.e-orge L. Tarley, 
■' li ,i(|cr of b(j\ s' and L;irl-' < lubs. uil! 
■ iiK on 4-H t lub work in M.i-sai lius«-tts; 
1 irni Forestry- problems will l>i- dis- 
''1 b\ k. B. I'.irmeiilcr on Nov. 2U: 
'' "11 1 )(•( . t; II. H. Kowe- will discuss 
'■' ' '111- iin marketing agricultural pro- 

Annual Poultry Show 

Comes Next Week 

Will Bo Held in Stockhridge Hall 
.Monday and Tuesday 

.Next Mond.iy and Tuesday the annual 
Market Poultry Show will be held in 
Room '.iV2. Stcx kbridge- Hall. This show 
has attracted eonsiderable attention in 
former years and the committee for this 
\e-ar, which is comprised ol RolancI Ri-e-d 
'2S, Alice Ranelall, and D.iniel Haker of 
the course, has arrange-d t he- 
following program: 

Monday. 7 p. m. livening Program. 
Room 21). Student Killing and Picking 
Contest. S|)eaker to Ir- announced later. 
The show will Ix- ofK-n from 1 tc» 7 p. m. 
and from X.:}() to 10 p. m 

Tuesday. 1 to .') p. m. Sale ol eggs 
and dressed poultry to students, faculty. 
! and public. The show will Ik- o|hii Iroiii 
j S to 12 a. m. 


.Steady Drive in First Half Krings 
13 — 6 Victory 

Playing a strong game, the 'I'wo-Vear 
team won a hard-e-arned victory over 
Pittslidd High at Pittstield, Saturchiy, 
November 12. b\ a score of ]'■', to *). The 
contest was closely fouglit throughout, 
the short course men piling up a lead in 
the first half with the Pittsfield players 
scoring in the- third |K-riod. This leacf 
proved to l)e enough to win, and although 
the home team threatened at times to 
-.MIC', Coach Hall'- am;n g.ition held them 
oil and eme-rged tin- winners of the 
struggle. Olsen and <irat i\(c-lle-c| for the 
Two-Nc.u- whilc' 1 u-ti-r. Siilli\,in. Pom- 
er<J>', and l.iiiiiiiuis dicl tine work for 
Pittsfield. The summary: 



1 Ik- « 1 pr. -. i;;^ ! \,y ilic Dch.i Phi 

^.)i'..rit\ a» till- |)ad'- I ).i\ 

' ! I amiiii n' , plaiuiei! and din-rtcd 

Miriam 11. Iliis- '_".». ri(ri\cd lllii- 

'-il .md un'|ii.ili!i( d ion 

'"'ni tin- Dad-, the -ludctit-. '.ind t he 

Two- Year 

( licn<-y. li' 
Uriiwii. It 

Uibhl.-. u 

Mill \u\\. . 
Tayior U h • 
).,,! ,. 


( lin-inan. rh'i 

S* O! 

l'iu-i» M 

I mpiti- Kiiii;!,' 
lour 12-niiniite j ■ 


rp. Martin < ■. K'nii 

rt. <>. kii'ii. KtlK 

T\i. I>«'llcrt. Bfdi'oni 

( , Donnii. fjcllr-rt 

'i; liiii;,-!. \< K-H.! 

It. KrlK 

;• . I.iliiiiiiii- 

' ' K.)!.in-.iM 

I ii''. J >iilii'. tn 
ll;l. l-.'.r 

Tufts Game Ends 
Football Season 

Visitors Will Bring Undefeated Team 
to Alumni Field 

Tall Home-Coining Day this Saturd.iy 
is to h.ive- as one of the major feature's 
ol its |)rogr.iiii the fin.d .ind onU' football 
game ol the season at .\lumiii lield, with 
Tufts the opiHjsing team. The- Medford 
Hillside outfit is one of the strongest 
siii.ill colle-ge teams in New Knglanel, if 
not the strongest, ancl comes to M.A.C. 
with an unlieaten and untied re-cord. .\ 
we.illh of e-x|)<-rienced male-rial has m.ide- 
( o.ich Sampso'i's task of building a 
w inning club very easy, and .\lunini l-ield 
with its only varsitN' game this fall will 
si-e a strong fast line comple-menle-c| |)\ .i 
\ersiitile- backlield whose .ibililN was 
clearly demonstrated in the .{2 to (I 
\iclory Tufts sc-ored over liowcloin last 
weeK. Ihe greater liostcjn s(|uad ex 
[Mcts to exhibit full stre-ngth this w»-e-ke nd. 

On the- olhe-r hand, injuries ancl I he- 
lack of size and s|K-ed in the Mass. .\ggi" 
football camp have served as large factors 
in the unsuccc-ssfiil season this fall. Oiiimi. 
W.dkdc n. .md Kniiland are three- regulars 
who will not be jihysically fit for Salur- 
da>'s g.inie-. Rudcpiist is still sutTi-ring 
from the head injury he met with in the 
Worcester 'Tech game, ancl the siibse- 
<|iieiit .\mherst contest. Captain Ccj«>k, 
whose shoulder injury kept him in 
"civics" last week may l)e able to gel 
into the struggle. Ik-cause of these- in 
iiirie- ( o.ii h ( lorc- bec-n c»bligc-d to 
(Continued un PaHe 2) 


llolmberg Makes Only Score of (ia me. 
Penalties Numerous 

.Minksteiii. .i linesiii.m. \\.i-. 
,1 big l.iclor in the (i lo U \iiior\ I he 
\e,iiliiigs scored over the .-.oplmiiiores in 
the thircl |icrioc| cjf their g.ime, 
Saturday. Novcinbei 12. when he- re 
co\e-red ,i p.iss wIik h got ,iw,i>' from 
a sophonior,' back. liolmlK'rg, in two 
rushe-s, made the twenty \arcls to the- go.d 
lor the onl\ score of the g.inie. Neither 
of the teams could .ub.mci- c ly. 
iK'ing alKiiit e-\enl\ ni,itche-d. 

.\ IcMise ball fe-atured the first |M-rii)d 
with |Knaltie-s ii\s»} numerous. In the- 
latter part of the- se-cond cpiarte-r the- 
Irosli c.iiricci the- b.ill allc-r recove-l ing .i 
lumble, to the- soplionioii- two\,ird line 
but coiilcl not push the b.dl oNcr. O'ltrien 
kicked mil to tin- thirty-five- v.ird lin« , 
but llolinl)erg I .irri'-il the- ball lo the 
soph's Iti-yarcl m.trk. Here- Uuib.tiik 
intercepteel a pass, and the <|uaiti'r iiided 
U-fore the frosh got the- b.ill .ig.iin. 

TlarK in the- secoiicl hall, the Ireshmen 
piishe'd DMT the-ir score-, ami Irom that 
lime on, the \earlings allowecl their ri\,ds 
(Continued un Pafte 4) 

N.Y. Florist Talks 

To Floriculture Club 

c.H \nc;e .\(; ed 76 


.\ recent c h.inge in the term location 
of two I c)urses in e-ducation m.iy be of 
interest to the student readers of the' 

.Agricultural Lducation 7ti - Sjhc i,il 
Met hoc U of teaching -Agriculture and 
Related Sience — has Ixen transferred 
from the spring term to the- winter te-rm 
and according to recent information from 
the siheclulc- ollic i- it is to Ik- at ten 
o'clock during the winter term. 

Students interestecl in tc-.ic hing voca- 
tional subjects or closely alliecl m ience 
are canclidates for this course- ancl should 
take note c)f the change in tcrnis. 

This transfer has inacle il iic(c— ary to 
change the- location of .Agricultural Ivlu 
cation 7.")^ Scond.irv' Fclucatic)n — t'j the 
s|)riiig t'ini tiDiii the winiir term. 


Idittr d he(,rii:f) 


7 ;n 1, i.i M 

^, ■■■■ ■ , ,,, ,.,;.. 1 


S.ll 111 J.l> 

,i--( .jlililli; 1 ) r 

:-v iMKitt.;,! \l .\ I ' I 

Mc>ncl;i> ami Tut'silav 

(iood .Attendance at .Second Meeting 
uf Year 

On Fricjay evening last, tin l-loric iiliun- 
cliib welcotne-c| as its giie-sl , Mr. Ilc-rman 
Warendorl, a we-Il-known florist of New 
\'ork ( itv. The lecture and denionslra 
lion which .Mr. Wareiidorf pre-seiite-i| 
Well rece-ive-d bv' th'- club iiie-inlM-rs .iml 
I heir friencls. H.isket .irraiig»-ni<'Hl -, hoiiii' 
decor, It ion, .iml t he,il ion ol wre.ii lis 
vcere- disc iisseil and illust r.iteil by the 
le-ctiirer. .\n audience- of over sevenlv 
attended, .ind al the- gathe-ring 
,ifte-r the- lecture-, while re-lre-shnienis we-ri- 
be-ing servi-d, the nieiiilM-rs hid a chance- 
lo meet Mr. Warendorl. 

'The- fact s«> many jxi-oii- 'how^ d 
interest in this, the se-iond feature of the 
Club's season, iKnles well lor future «-n 
lertainme-nts ,eiid it is promist-d that more 
lecture-s of e-cpi,i! inti-rcst will U- <»tfi-ri-d 
this year. 


Aggie Team Has Hard Lurk in 
.Season's Last Race 

In the annual N.E l.< .\ A < loss 
Country Run held at Franklin P.irk «»n 
.Monclay .iflcrnoon. N'civ . 14, tin- M..\.< . 
team place-d wi-ll tow.inls the Ixjttoiii c»f 
the list ccjinijosed of .iboni eleven college- 
teams. The- I'niv. of Maine- harrier-> won 
the race with a low score and wen 
clos«-ly followed by the Cniv. of Ne-w 
llaiiip-liire. MIT riiiinf- wen- third. 

rnlortiinate circumstances marred the- 
fair chances of th»- M..A ♦' team. ( a|)t. 
Preston ran w:'i, lolcl wliiih 

hinde-n (1 his tr.ii;urig throughout lasi 
week .iiifl reii'leri'l him in rMHir ■ oinliiioii 
for the- fi\e mill- ^nnd i ' ''\i- In -t 

cpi.irter mile "iJic k " i ' .■ 

by l)eing stepp«-ii on ! 

the earlv' |)art of i he I 

to lose .d)otit a minute !• Mp' i. n,^ ■ 

Newc lie Si happc-lle tini-licd lii-t lor t ii" 


• ti a;ii 


1 d.., 


:'.2nd it 

\l til. 

I IM:.- 

po — i! ■ 

the !■ 


1 illlllel 

-, 1 

I ■ ■ 


. p!a< 



h-l of 



1 -, - 

for P. 

iiri\ ; . 

f .. 


n uc-cl 


I'iiUi' J 

!l < 


\r,-t ..: 

< >\< 1 mil' hiindied .md I wiiii v live- I ),ids 
look .idv.inl.ige last S,iiiird,iv on D.ids 
l).i\, .111 innovati ni in i he hisioiv ol I he 
< ollege, lo visit the- I impiis ,ind to gel ,i 
more- intim.ite- knowledge of iindergrad- 
ll.lle lil. al M \ ( I he piil pose ,,1 the 

d.iv Id give- ilie l.iihcis ,tii op|Mirtun- 
il\ to nicci the v,irioiis menibe-rs ol I he 
l.ic iiltv , sec- I he- I ,impiis ,ind its buildings, 
ind s|«iid .1 d.iv wiih their seins and 
d.iughters ,11 (ollege. Judging fniin the 
comme-nts of the- I Kids, snidinis, and 
l.iciilty alike-, the d,iv .ic loniplishe-d its 

During the- morning the I ).ids were 
>liowii .ilM)iit the- i.inipiis ,iiid iiiuodiii III 
to I hose- memlM-rs of the l,iculty whom 
they i.ued to meel . In ejf the 
dcpartnieiiis siudinls were- .it work in 
the l,ilM»r,ilorics .md in this vv.iv I hi- 
D.ids had ,111 op|Miiiiinii y lo observe the 
ly|H- of work which is carried out in scjnie 
of the dep,»rtliienls. .\l II. ,111 the- |),ids 
leluincd lo the .Memori.d liuilding wheie 
.III rt-ceplion was given bv the 
menilM-rs of the- lac nil y. 

In the afterneMMi the D.ids g,iihertc| in 
front of the library, on the old varsity 
field, lo witness the- sophmnore victory 
over till' Ireshniin in the .innual six ni.iii 
rope- pull. The winning te.iin was m.ide 
up of John ,\ndre-w Jr., ( •e-orge Harrus, 
Wilfred Piirdv. H. iirv True-, Peter W,iec h- 
ler Jr., ind ,\lliii W.irnii. .Alter the ro|H-- 
piill the- fre-shiiM-n n-vcrse-d ilii- i,ibh-s and 
de-fe.iled I he sophoniores (i (Iin I he- ,inilll,il 
numeral IimiI b.ill g.ime, which sub- 
stituted in the program iM-eaiise of the 
cancellation of the v.irsity g,inie- with 
Ncirwic II. 

.\l ti.,iO the Dads and their sons and 
(Continued un I'ufte .t) 


.\ brii-f pans*' in the- reniline of e lasse-s 
liMik place List Thursday at ten minutes 
ol ele-ven wlic-n the student ImmIv .isseiii- 
bled in Ironi ol the Hiiilding 
for a brief s«-rv lie in eibse-rv.un >- of .\rmis- 
liii- D.iv. The- b.ind, logilher with the- 
iiic-ml»eis ol till- R.O.T.t . were- pre-se-iit 
and the- se-i v ie i- \*as read b> Dr. Ire-de-rie k 
M. ( iiilcr, M.ijoi ol ( h.ipl.iin Rese-rve 
r.S..\. .Alter the re-.iding ol the- ixe-r- 
e is«s. Taps wi-ii- sounded and ihe-n the 
li.inci playi-cl the .Star Sp.inglecl lt,inni-r 
while- the- meiiilHrs ot tin U < ) I ( stcxnl 
.It .itii'iition. 

New Picture Exhibit 

In Memorial Building 

Block Prints and Etchings Make 
Interesting Display 

1 lieii i. now on exlobil .il .\biii.>ii.d 
liuihling ,in iinusiialU interesting grctiipot 
bloc k prints and etchings. These are all 
fresh picture-s b\' e-onie-iii|H)r,irv .\m«-ric .in 
■irti-ts, ineluding sevi-r.d ol ilie Ih-sI kii'twn 
print m.ik«-rs, as Frank W . I'miisod, 
( harles W. Wocnlbliry, .\llrc-d Hiltly 
.inci Will, .\ui-rbai lil.c-v >•. The exhibit 
also inclu'le-s ,i ionsideral>le- amount of 
"demcjnstrati»>n material"; that is pl.ites 
.ind picture-s showing hejw etchings ancl 
bloc k prints are- made. 'Phi-, material is 
highly intere-sting aiul of much e-cluca- 
ticjnal \alue-. 

'The- entire- exhibit iM-en assi-nible-el 
e-iie. I lib, !i)i ...!ii,;i usi- by the American 
Te.ler.ition ol .\rts, c)f W.ishington, D.C. 
In order further tc> interest e c>IU-g»' stu- 
.|i 11'- ill gcKxl pictures this colli'c-tie>n 
liccn m.ide lip m.iinly of prints whic h m.iy 
Ik- purc:ha.see| .it ;i eoiiiparatively low price. 
The- picture-* will i. lunn .III the walls of 
till- Hiiil'liiu' tlirmiirh i|,e 
iv.'iii h 'it Vov'Dilxr 


( .,''.' '.;. /iatr> (I 

/ i' " ■'.-. fiillClllllll II 

,', IT///;.; 

Mnl.ii. ■■!,,, 7 

'. K P I n 





Official ncwspaiKT of llii- Mas^adni^tttb 
ARricultural College. Publi^^hed every 
Wednesday by the studeiUh. 


Managing Kdilor 

EllNESI L. Si'KNtEK '2.H 
BU-tWOKTH Barnahu '2K 


l.>.iture Hakold E. tLAKK VH 

Alumni & l-h..rt t..uis.s IJosKfurNE I'ANZirA ^K 
Athletic Sin .1 EY ( i.kaves "M 

Can.i-us E..WAK.. II. NICHOLS '29 

John H. Howaki) Jr. '30 
Ehit SiNc.l.KTON ao 
Fa.ulty I AKi. A. Uekgan -29 

BisiNKss i>i;i'aktmi;nt 

Edwin A. Wuvkh '^s Buslnrs-i Mi.n:.Ker 

Dot <a AS A. UiKINR '28 Circulation ManaKer 

llAHOLli K. ANSEI.L '28 Advertising Manager 


Will 1AM A. Kgan "29 
Frkubkiik U. Tiiavek. Jk. '29 

Sul)sirii>tion $2.(X) per year. SiiiR <■ 
copies 10 n nts. Make all orders payable 

to llIK MAbSAt lltJSKTTS CtH.LiailAN. 

In , .,M- of ( iiaiiui' of addn ss, >ubsrriber> 
will pUase not if \ llie biisiiie>h manager 
as soon as jxissible. 

Entrrcd as <«con<l-clas» matter at the Anilicr>t 
Posi Oflicc. Acceiiti-'l lor inailiiiK at siwi ial r.ite 
of iH.sUueiitoviilo.l lor in w. tion llo:i. .Act ol <ic- 
tobel, 1917. authorized AuKUst 20. 191S. 


There i> not .i <iiieslioii ol .i <1<miIiI lull our In -I Dad'- l).i\ la-l S.iiui(la\ 
\va> a ^wM -neii-^ and e\<n evt-efled 
the e\|K<lali<in> of tln»se in ( h iri;e ol 
plannini; llif inonr.ini. Il is e\idiiii 
from ihe nnnilKM of l».i(U who were on 
i.iinpn- ihix |>a-l week-end tin- 
idea <if haviiiK a l>.itr> I >a\ is realK 
M)inethin^ woilh while and worlhy ul 
finlher developnienl. 

We h.i\e bill made .1 ^t.lrl bill linmlhi> 
U'Kinninv; we h.i\< hail .m i.p|)ortiinil\- to 
Mf the bent (ilr- lo Im deiised ihereol. 
Our liavi- nnw -et n how wi' -p< ml 
oiir lini>- here whili al work .ind .il pl.iv. 
We leel I hey .ippieu.ile lo a ninth 
KitMiir t \ienl the type of men iintU r 
wlitmi we .ire M nth inn ;•'"! f""" whom 
we .iif itifi\iiin onr prep.iralion tor 
we mn>l fat f when we i;l.itlu.Ue. We 
hope ihi A now h.ivf .i Uiitr n-.ili 
/aiion. that alter .ill, lonr year> spent al 
t()llt-.:t i:- ntit .1 w.i>le t>l time anil inon; \ . 
Il mn>l li.ivf bttii intleetl eneonrav;in^; 
to ilio-f who h.i\t' bt I n prtHiiolini; ihi-' 
untU ri.ikin;^ evtri ihoniLih il wa^ 
hininl nett-s.iry .il ihe la-l iniiiiite Itt 
laneel the var-^ily Iti.iiball ^.ime, tin 
niinil" r of l>.ii|- who .iileinlttl ntti 
nniili Itiwer tli.iii the number wliiih w.i- 
e\|Htletl. Ihi> ntKs to -liow tliil ill. 
I»atl> ihtni-elve-N fnlly reali/.etl llit 
footb.ill name w.i> not the main atlr.n 
tion on the pidur.ini .mil llu pnrpoM 
<)( the I > -elf WHS inoiii;h lo jiistifs 

their elloi I- -^jx lit in atttinlini;. 

'I Ivirtntc. J! i^ .i!nii>-l iiecdif-- <■• -,i\ 

wliiiii ,<|irulil limmii. .1 I'.ul til our ( ,ii 
ell. I. II. We li.iXf iritil it as an i xin-ri 
111., II' .1'^; ;; h.i 1 ! i.\ . . i -iifff-^liil .mil 
htr thai ivaMiii il ^lu iild beiiinie a [k rni 
aiii Ol "o-t a iilion .11 the I'tilletie. We iii.i\ 
li.i\ low. in t iiinpari-oii wiiii oilui 

tollei;es, in K'vini; this itiea .i Ir.iil but 
now that the ire is broken tliere i.> imlhini; 
lo imiHile onr etlorts to devrl«i|) it into 
.1 reco^ni/ed and worth while nnd'il.ik 


loiuin 1,1-1 lhni:->'.i> aUeiiiiMHi v\.ir. not 
wh.i! il .-htn;!il ha\i Iwen. There w.i- 
soiiu-lhin\* railiealK wrons; for m,iii> ol 
I 111 -iiitlvnts '-uii-U-d with llu 

f.ire of the ( ollfge <»r certain chann^'s 
whiih arc- desirable. 

Now Ul us consider the Oi)en loruin 
whiih was held last Thursday. It was 
(ondudtd as prescrilwd but nevertheless 
il jailed to eieate the proiK-r interest on 
I lie part of the stnilenls. Surely the 
fault iltKs noi lie with the .\delphia hir 
il^ lilt nib«-rs this y»-ar .ire iirlainly etpial 
in leailership and al)ilit\ to the iiiemlHi- 
in past years. We niust seek elsewhere 
for the cause of l.iilure. 

The stndenls themselves hati an oppor 
liiniiy to brinn up such subjects lor tie 
bate and discussion which they were 
iiiK reMeil in but no topic was bronchi to 
llie front. I his is evidtnlK the untler- 
lyiiiU taiiM- for ihe lailiire. There was not 
.1 tojiic wliith ileemed iiniH»rtant 
enouKh to be brmighl u|) h)r disiiission. 
Therefore, why h.i\e an 0|Hn Tonini if 
there i- nolliinu to iliscuss? 'The riisto- 
iii.irv leiMMis foiilil easily bi' m.nle al 
-Dine other time. 

Wmiltl it not be more benehcial to .ill 
eonitriietl It) hohl an Open Torum oiiU 
will II it is deeineil necessary rather than 
,it a dehnile time e\ery term renartlless 
of whtther iherc' are any topit s ti> In 
broimhi lip for distiis-ion? It wiiultl be 
.id\i-able, ne\trt hel>->, to have- a cert.iin 
d.ite Ml aside every term hir the Open 
Torum but as tht ilaH tlr.iws near those 
in I hari;e eould liinl tmi upon iii.ikiiiu 
ini|iiiries whether there .ire any siibjett- 
lo Ik- di.-cussetl .iinl if there are none I he 
Open l-"oriim lor that term i miltl be re- 
placed by MMiulhinu. more iHolil.ible to 
the -I iidenl>. 



(Cuiilinui-d from I'aHe I) 

I. .Ill |.. III. to 1 l.tMl i>. 111. Tr.ilerniu r. - 
unions al the hcuise-. Ketrealion in 
Miiiiori.d ll.dl. Supinr antl enlertain- 
iiiinl for ilaiice at 
Memorial Hall. 


iConlinuitl from I'afte l> 
ptiidtd. .iiitl other o'.hers rei|iiired to the examination in tpie-lion. 

The f.iit that there is no iiinior out 
for the jiosition of \ar-ity < heer K.ultr 
w,i- .il-i. mentioned. This means 
unless some juniors eonie out lor ihi- 
po-ition the iob will atilomat if.ilK i;o to 
.1 -oplii>mtHt'. 

\ili Iphia this year has the following 
iiuniber^: llaroM I'.. ("I.irk. pnsi.iinl; 
Albert C Cook. Jt.-eph l\. Iliiyaitl. 
AltA.ind. r I . llot|-on. John T. tjiiimi. 
anti T^tlwin A. Wilder. 

Unbeaten Turners Falls 
Team Trims Two-Years 

nriUiiiiit Forward Pussinft Atiack 
Win. lor Hume ', 20 — \i 

INK 1 yT y/^ 

Opportunity Knocks 

An opportunii\ for ili>lingiii>hetl ser- 
vite presents itself to the student IhmK 
of M..\.('. this Saliirtlay when the 
Jumbos face the .X^iales. If it is haul to 
Mippori a losiniij team, eonsider how iiiut h 
harder it is for the players who are 
actually parlicipatin^ in the ^aiiies. Then, 
there is the coach. How thns he feel.'' 
Let's show Tufts some real .\K«ie spirit. 
Just think of lirown. 


Fraternity Stunts 
Who s.iiil the ttitiK woiiltl win the 
prize, anyway? Who saiti they ditlni 

dcM-rveil? 151' 

1)1. in Maihmer was ably carricaluretl. 
We wonder if "I'rexy" noticeil the spell- 
iiiK of "aiHiliKies" .iboxe his likeiie--, 

though. '*'* 

Freshman Hazlnft 
Trtipieiii itdiiiiieiit - tt>nt(rninu this 
evt r pit -tilt >l.ile <if affairs in the colleKe 
tDiimiimily tt.iitinually appear. Some 
in-lit ulion>, siith as l'.oston College, 
tolerate no h.izinu al all. welroiiiin^ the 
incoming classes as eipials in every le- 
-pctt. Other institntitHis have ralher 
lenient rules, while in M)me 
eollevifs, 'hazing in hs most ptriiit iou> 
foiiii ^lil! jiersists. 


At William-, freshmen must not wear 
knit kt rbot kers, army breeches, eortlu- 
roy-. mole-kin troii-ers. leather t.r lur 
,>; freshni.iii must > iehl precitlence 
tt) npperclassinen on the street ami in 
irollev cars; neophytes niiist never .»p|Mar 
ill the slrcel coatless or bareheatUil, nor 
may they snuiki- in the street at an\ lime 
of the year, in atltlitii.n, fieshnieii or 
sophomores imist not h.ixe automobiles. 


■Tniiier- I lil- inidfte.iii d 'i'X'ii i ■ n 
I linn d on i:- winninK way at the exiK-nse 
ol the Two-Vear team when the shtirl 
(oiir-i nu 11 took the short end ot a I't) to 
1^ .piMint nt^' heltl. Triil.iy. 

\o\tiiiliii i:. .\llhoin;h "" \\.i\V> 
elub rushtd o\er the Tir-t eiutmnter. the 
air mtafk of the «t»jx>isALuMi vi:tirked cuii- 
-i-leiilly, .ind llie leatl of the Two-Ye.irs of -hurt tluralion. I'.nrke ami Dubie 
pla\ tl well for the high .school ii.iiii with 
I'.ilnier .inti tiraf stainlint; out as the 

Weslt \.in fraternities were reteiilly atl- 
moni-hetl by rre-ideiit McCtmauvshy that 
".mvthin^' which interferes with the 
>tuilies of the »ir>l year men during the 
tir>l few wtvk> of collev;e is .i sevi re (Utri- 
iiient to the Iri-shmen, .i> well .i- to tin 
fratt rnities ami the folle^;e." 


Oiitf upon a lime a he era is now be- 
eomini; reunite eiiouuh t'l s|H-.ik of H 
ihiisi. .Xiii-ie used toha\e ' Tontl rarlies" 
lanioiis entertainments for wayward frosh. 
In I'.HJ, the freshman cap was worn only 
uiiiil the thri-imas v.icatitin, but cti.its 
wt re lo be worn at all times, and yearlini: 
b.iiiner> louM be confiscateil if the iii- 
iDiiiiiK class lost the rojK" pull. 


\oi only I-reshnun. but i vt n iipper- 
el.i:-siin n at Ni>rwieh conltl not -niokt 
until this viar. wluii i be new c-oniiiiantl 
ant liftetl the "i >int)kini;. fa'lets 
can now bei;nile tlieiii.-elves with lath 
nic-otine in thf idthou'-ih not on 
the streets. 

'211 John A. Crawford is a reiK)rtL-r 
for the Plain Dealer in Cleveland, Ohio. 
'2') Oonalil l{. .Alexantler is assistant 
engineer for the .Metropcjlitan I'ark BoartI 
at Akron, Ohio. 

'lid ( I. Robert Derries is a lancisca|>e 
tt>nlraiti>r in ( ireensboro, N. C". 

'11 Lewis K. Daniels is .i practising 
phy>ician of obstelries and gynetoUj^y 
in Detroit, Michigan. 

'J I Kenneth l.tirinn is assistant sales 
manager U>t the Ohio Health .Muiiiinuiii 
C't). in C'levelanil, Ohio. 

''.12 J. B. Knight is assistant psycholo- 
Ki>t .11 lhir\aitl liiiversity, Cambridtje, 

'2(1 (.eorj>e .\. Smith is manager for 
the Bushway Ice Cream ( o. in West 
MetlfortI, .Mass. 

'■2') Clarence Harris is a liardwanl 
ileale'' ill -New York. 

'2-> I). K. Collins is a veterinarian in 
Mal'len, Mass. 

'12 Daniel J. Curran is em|)loyeil a- 
.imiil for the Stale Department of A^ri- 
eullure at the State House in Boston. 

'22 Howartl J. SlKiuglmessey is eon- 
nectetl with the Dtparlment of Bacteri- 
olt)^\ and I'liblii Health al the Cliicano 
rni\tr-ii\ . 

'It Burton C. Whidden is >t iliii^; 
motor irutk tires in Jersey City, N. J. 

'I'.t ( harilaiis C. Raphael i- praclic- 
inn law in Brtmklyn, N. \ . 

'211 J^tieorjie J. Anilerson is a thaler in 
anlitiiiesat the Shtijipe I'oiiipatltnir. Pari-. 
T ram e. 

'It; Harrv .\. Curran is employed by 
the Om.ih.i I'.ickin- Co. as a live stock 
bii\t r. 

'Hi ( l.iire Don.ihiie is assistant prin 
tipal anil tiaiher of Latin ami Trench at 
the liiKh school in Charleiiiont, Ma-^. 

'12 L. W, C.askill is a state aseiii in 
Wichita, Kansas. 

■2.") I'aul 11. Shiimway is tiachim; in 
the 'lurner> Falls lligh Shool. 

'2o T. T-arl William is jirincipal of 
the .\ti.iw.iiii Hinh Sihool. Auawaiii, Mass. 
'27 ".\ni;ie" Meilini i> wtirking for an 
M..\. .11 Williams College. 

'17 Harold T. Howell is emplovttl a> 
auriiulluial in7.iruvttjr at the Central 
IliKh .School in Patterson, N. J. 

'17 II. P. Boyce is chief accountant 
for tin Brown Bro-. X Co., Bostt)n. Mi--. 
'12 Louis K. Leiinas is city clerk at 
North .\flaiii-. Mass. 

'2(1 T-. Fiskine Harvey is tisini; 
M'teriiiarv science in ( ■reentield. Mas-. 

'20 •Bill" IVckham .iii.l L. P. M.iiiin 
are in tht ruail builtlin^ liii-iiit» in Wliiu 
Pl.iin-, N. ^". 

'21 Joreph D. i> general ili^- 
iributor iiian.oier for the C.irlol Broker- 
of Triiit .Jv Negetables. 

'V.' Carl .\. Shutt ■ -il'-ii'.m foi 
the ll.imly Chocolati ' ^pringlicld. 


(labriel .'\. I'hilailephus, two-year '2«, 
relurnetl lo .Amherst Monday afternoon 
after recovering from an ap|H-ntlicitis 
o|Kration at the Cooley Dickinson Hos- 
pital in Northampton. 

Arthur Butler of Dedham, two-year '29, 
was taken to the Nt)rthamplon Hospital 
Siiturday morning where he was o|X'rated 
for an acute attack of ap|K'ndicitis. 
Donald Robinson, two-year '29, and 
Richaril Liverty, two-year '28, drove to 
Detlhaiii in a heavy fog in exactly three 
ht>iirs to bring .Mr-, Butler, his mother, 
tt) Amherst. 

A sjK-cial .\rmi-tice Day i)rogram was 
heltl at the regular two-year chapel session 
Thurstlay morning. Henr\ < iraf , i)resi- 
tleiit of the two-year freshman class, pre- 
sitletl at the exercises. On the program 
were Blanche Saunilers '2.S t)f Brewster, 
N. Y. and Krrt.l T. Cook '2,s of Wallham. 
Director R. II Verlieck, who serve<l in 
Traiitf as a first lieutenant in the air 
>t r\itf. was in uniform for the cerenion\ 
aiitl :>iM)ke briefly on the >ignificance of 
the tlav. 

.\ibt rt J. < )wens '2S t.l Prospect Plains, 
N. J. siilleretl a fr.ittured rib antI hatl 
ligaments lorn off hir- hip while partici- 
pating in a game of t.ig lootb.ill in the 
phyMial etlucalion claas Friday. 

.\ recei)tion and tlanre wa- givtii b\ 
the two-year seniors to their freshnu ii 
last Saturd.iy evening in Memorial Hall. 
Mr. ami Mrs. Tlmory K. (ira\son chap- 

Diitttor \erlR-ck attemieil a meetiiii; 
tif tile Summer .School tlirectors of iiortli- 
crn Ni w T.ngl.iiid at N. II. , last 
Tritl.iy ami Sat unlay. He re|Hirts a very 
pleasiint visit with former president 
Ltlwatd M. Lewis. 

Mr. T'mory E. Oray-on, su|MTvisor ol 
placement was at Hanover, .N. 11. la-t 
wttk tonfcrring with ihe Dartmouth \nr- 
■^oiiiicl ollice. 


'luHt course le.itn'- b 
Turm-rs FaIN 

\\ t ■llli;.!!!, I'.lil IW iv W. Il 

C .i-.\ , Bmtwick. ; t 
Doran. rg 
l.i-ary. M. i ' 
Dul.i.-. tc 

f;,.I,,l. , k.i 
\\.,i-ll..l. is . , 

t Mw. 1'. ,; 



till ;' 

be . 


I It .1 
! it ici/i- 

Twi> \ 

t i.iiirll. C. H>-iirv 
It . \\ hite. I'iil?iur 
tu, Ctrecn. Taylor 
■. N tovin. Mltilif!! 
ti;. .\.-ion. Dil'Mi' 
It. NaiHili. Brown 
, A-!i\\otth. Baker 
,;1 . Hall. C'.Tai 

M.A.v . i- .1 Miii-iiiii i>..raiii-e in miii- 
|)ari«in *.o many colleges. Here we tan 
well fill ( ilri\e automobiles, and not when we are freshmen (pro- 
vi.lttl w. iMii .ittoril thing- . Anti 
\ , I , , ,i.M, r heard wilt n .i lillle 

work on tlie ,.>o!l.,ill fit itl i- 


Fifteen Years K^o 

the "Collefte Siilnal" Said 

"111 tHie of the be;>t intercL.--- v-inie- 

seen on the campus. !9Ui defeated iht 

sophomores in the annual footliall ganu 

ami -urve\i>r in Waitrbiiry. t lum. 

"02 Joshua IL Beltltn is n ^itlt ni 
managir ft>r tht Fitliiity wV Ca'^tiahy Co 
of New ^■|)rk in St. I • 

'22 -Xrthiir T". Wiliiau'r i- :i>ptigr.iplur 
lor the piilili-lur ol tin Littli -Brown Co, 
at lk»*toii, ^' - 

'26 Ray \i. .Nor> • .iplnxni .i- 

an a:-- '•■ m" ..iin:\ , \. w ll.ixin. 


■;i Harohl Hadlieiti is ingiiuciing 
tialiic for tht N' v ^^>rk li It-phone Co. 
'2:5 (.e<>ru< • '. li.'i'. - .1 lami-f.ipc 
.Ul l! • i ' \\ > -i"ott Niir-ei : ' 

Tail- t- iuin n, \ .i. 

'si T",. .\. I'.nes w,i- .'. n-i-' M! vi-iior 
M'. J.. I 
Mi|iiiiiiuiu^at ot the M..\.t- . lan-:, .im; 
for m.iiw ytar- li.i- bet n !iian.t»;er ol the 


(Iluntinui'd front I'aiie I; 

tkvelop an entirely new ollt iisjve system. 

whiili slujwiil lip well in iIm- lir-t h.ilf oi 

the Sjiringl'ieltl g.ime. 

Ti\f lettt r mtn >nil looibaH careers at 

.\ggie in this last game of the season. 

t .iptain Cook will conclutle three year^ 

of ser\ice as a varsity man as will Ouinn. 
M.irx. .1 liinsin.m .iml the he.ixiest man 

on tilt stpiad, has Imn a regular two 
vear-. while Hilyard, t>ne of the -i|t!aiTs 
harilest hilling b.icks. is a regular with 
thret vears of cxperien<f. Tuft-, .mot lur 
.\ggic back, earned a letter List \ear. 
Kv.m-. K.irrei. Lincoln, and Ttillle havt 
Inen tleiHiidable JunitH Varsity men for 
thrtf y«:<.rs. Fox completes th^ senior 
I ndablt IjackfieM 




".' Rh'v' 

i-ia.i.l U ■ 
mile jtiurii 
,it \ali\o • 
will ti'i 

the govirtiiiH n' 
Th. se bi:ils wci 

<o I Ik .\.;rii oil oral ( olU ... 
^oulh America, where tin 
the foundation stock fo 
rm then 

p.. .St 1 I \ I !...•> Medin.' til'.' 


Nov, 12. 

I'.--, A 


.111 b\ 

,,f M- 


I -.ciorv 

■..'•II; t >r til' Chilean government an 

imal industry depart inei 

ol UK "^.iniMso l*x|>irinu'nt Station, wl 



; \nz 




L.iiiier T".-t.i;i 

,111. I iiiin 

.') Is Wen j.Uf.iicii 

aiii »' 

v.ilind .It .:12lK!. 


t'onliniuul on Pailf 1 

Mylri-k. i. 

,t\ Tl C^.t- 

< Ipi 11 

: 1 \ I I ', 

thi- -11! 



I . ■ lltiW Uj) 1 II I 111 

Tin tirld iu re i- in-t al'iuil 

.1) ti.r liu- 



111. lies ai 
.> tlie'Tu: 


\ I! - 
\, V 
•I 1; 

1.1. I titlll i.l -'\ 

\ 1. It 

I r.uikiii! 

;;1 p!,U-iii 

ill ill'' 1 n 

\ ,-]< 

\i> i 1 i 

Jackets of every kind. Sheep lined coats. Gloves Galoshes Sweaters and C^orduroys llickey-Freeman Giistomized Clothes 



Amherst ... Massachusetts 

W hatcvcr your needs may be for the lufts Game and the Informal you may rest assured that the clothes you buy here are correct 
Overcoats. Derbies. Mufflers, (aoves. Neckwear, Hosiery. 

ExrrER CARL H. BOLTER ' ^v^NN.s 





Boston Headquarters for all M. A. C. and 
many other College Teams and Clubs 


Club Breakfast and Special Luncheons 

and Dinners 


Hostunians are designed to meet the requirements of 
College men. They are one step ahead in quality, style 
and individuality, yet they are moderate in price. 

On display in "M" Building Barber .Shop. 




Optician and Jeweler 

t l'I.KAS.\NT .STRKET. (up one flifthl) 

Iticulists' I'rext-riptiiins Killed. Krokcn lense* 
accurately replateU 

lilt; BKN .M.ARM CI.OOKS an.l other 
reli.ible makes 


is open for the season of '27 and '28 
Order K.\TS for partie.s, re- 
ceptions and hikes 
121) Pleasant .Street, 

Firsl house south of c.oiipus 
llelephone .Sll 

You Mill lintl an excellent 

. . . Sll(»t. KII'MRINC; SIIOI' . . . 

rquippetl with the niosl up-Oi-tlale <><MHlye:ir 

Machiner> and a nxxlern 


lit II 1-2 Amiiy .St., - <>pp. Sew Theatre 

\i'e un>ter\Uind ymr reiuinmeiii. ,iit,t ore pre- 

pitred to niffi ynur «l■l■</^. 

.1// tiork nuaranlied. Sh'n'i ,/iiiic./ and dyrd, 60 

VI.NCENT (;RAM)0\IC0, Prop. 

.M»c ^er niuhl. M (Ml in r per wfek. $4 Oil per 
inoiiih. I aid up e.irs. |U«-. 1st lo Apr. Isi, 
>i.(M> per nuitilh. 

Walter H. Harrison 


2nd house North of <;anipus 


(Ctuitinuetl from Paite I) 

tl.iii^lilers nut in I)r.i|HT Hall for .ni in|iiti, ( )\-er 27.") were present 
.Mill IoIIdwIii^ llie li.iiii|iiel IVesiilenl U, 
\\ . Tli.ittlier sptike lirielly to llie D.itis, 
lie enipliasizetl the elltle.lMil ol I lie 
l.iiiiltv to St) prep.ire llie slutlencs ili.ii 
tlie\ lli.iN he Mittissliil in llieir illtiMii 
protessicin tir \ tie. it ion. 

Tulltiwini; \\\v li.iiiipiel the Hails ,iil 
joiiriitii lo .SliK kliiitlv;e 1 1. ill where llie 
tillieial pini.;r,nii w.i> lirtin>,>lit lo .i ili)se 
with .111 enterlaillllieilt prt)\itleil |i\ the 
v.iritins Iralernilies on llu- e.inipiis ami 
the Delta IMii ("•ainina sDroritN. The tup 
whieli was oTfeietl hy the .\t .itleiiiie .\i 
tivilies Hoaitl to the i;ii)np |)resenlinn the 
iiitisi eiitert.unin^ si mil presenleil id 
Dill a I'lii (..iinina. Their sketeli. t ii 
titlttl ■'D.intjiiK I'ierrots" jjivin 1>\ 
Dorothy l.tun.itil. .Mon\. 
M.irjorie I'l.m. ul th.- el.l-s of 'J.S; 
Tlililh Meiteii>li.i\\. Miii.iin l|ii>s, tif tin 
il.i-^> of 'i'".t; .mil k.itlnl .Ntwootl. M.i\ 
I'.iit kler, Miiiiii.t t'tiitti. .\l.irj,;.iiit I )tiii 
ii\,in, l\\ei\M Dovei, l.iit\ ( >! iinw.iiiii , 
\iiii Hint In \, t.irtrntle .M.iyltiii, .M.ililt Cansl.inil, TMlyn Sinilslroni, .mil 
Kiilh Stone, all of the elass of ',•!(). l-.sther 
I'll kin- 'l'",i .iiitiinpanietl the uroiip as 
l>i.iiii-i, I iDiiiiialile mint ion j;i\iii 
l>\ llie jiiil^i'il ii> the .Mpha (1.1111111.1 Ulin 
li.iitiniiv liii' their presi'iit.itiun cniitleil 

- \()c Ai. iN.sjKre ri()\- 

r lonncf ("lari.ssa Hays 

Oiif .\<if - .\Miii:Ksr 

Tel. 155^\V 






Cooler Weather, Warmer Clothes 

Sheep lined coats - $7.50 to 825.00 
Leather coats - - 11.50 to 14.50 
Mackinaw coats - 8.50 and 9.50 

Genuine Oakes Bros. Sweaters 

88.50 and 89.00 

.\nd the lowest prices on j^ood «)vercoats that you will 


are popular (his .\iiltiniii 
in footwear and, of eoiirse, 
this hii> sh(K' store 
has the finest assortment 
in town. 

liROWN l.i/.ARD 


$.'>.()0 t<i $12..'>0 
Hosiery too. 


27.S High St., Holyoke 

"H.iili.ii.i Triethie" in wlmli l>a\iil 
iSr.itlltml -J-S, W.ihtr Smith 'li.S, .mil li.i 

li.lles '■_",» took p.lll. The jlltlm s Wen 
I'rol. Ch.ules II. r.illersDn, ih.iiiiii.m, 
.M.ijiir N. Hill lei Ifiistiie, .iiiil I'liil. 
.Mexantler \. M.iekiiiiiiiie. I lie piii).;i,mi 
ol t he eniertainiiient was .is IoIIdws: 
.Mpli.i ( •ainni.i Kho "liarli.ira Triet hit " 
Kappa Si^ina " ^lolllenl^" 

l.anilitl.i Chi .\lph.i " S(lii>" 

Ihet.i (hi "\ ,il Skils 

I'lii Si^iii.i K.ipp.i "D.iii Mitirew" 

Delt.i riii < i.iiiiiii.i "D.iiiiiiin I'leirtil^" 
Sii;iii,i I'lii T.p--iliiii "liii--iiie-,s is kiishiii;,-," 
.\lplia Sinni.i j'lii 

"Stiiiv; "' 1 '" \ iil'^.ii Hu.itmen' 
Dt li.i l-hi .\ipli.i 

'■.\ I tilli ui.ite Tli.mi.isv " 

I 111- Dail'-^ D.i\ iiiiimiinee t llll^isl(•(| 

111 .\le\.iniler ('. IIimImhi '2s. i h.iirm.m : 





Wednesday, Nov. Kttli 
ft ,\<;ts (h Kill II SI \K \ At i>i \ II I I s 

.M.iiinee .mil T.\tiiiiij, Si\ pii c <■ ( >i 
ihisti.i pl.i\ im; i>iitineeiV T.\etiinv 
Kt II M.i\ II, ml ill 

Thursday, Nov. 17 

k.iipli ( ii .IM ^ .mil M ililii tl I l.ii I i - ill 

2 reel ( «ip \i\\ ,tit«i l*.ti .Ld.i.ool \t'v\s 

I'riday, NtA. IS 

I'm III I l.lllit l~ III 

•'SWIM. (;|RI., SWIM." 

( ,i--t iiK linle-- (iiHiimIi T.ilrrit .mil 
!.. lilts II. ill. 

Kilt I w<> Reel <a>nif(l.> ami Kra/\ Kai 
Kai loot). 



. I«> 


■ III; 





.III .ill 

si, 11 

1 .|s! 

liliK alioiial ( 


\ an<l 

I'aihe \i 

•u s 

.Mon. and i ues. Nov. 21 11 


( ,ist ill! Iiiili s ()li\i' jiiiiiik, T.mKii 
I'reiit. (ititrv;!- I'.iiirroft ,mi| l..iii\ 

Comeilv aful I'.Ohe Ne^^- 

lltiiatiii M. Dresser L'S, humiliv T. 
I it.ii.inl L'.s, !•.. Kntl J.s, l.ilwin 
A. Wiltlir 'JS, Arnoltl \V. Dvi r L'H. ami 
< lilimi k, jiihnson 'L".l. The\ wtre 
.is^istid lis I'ltif. Juhiih II. Ti.imlscii, 
whit stiMil .IS I. unity .nlvistir. 

i<:N<;RAViN<;s (;ivkn (:oi.i.i:(;k 

liV NI W TON Sill MIS •% 

Nt wiim Miiiliis, ni.itln.iie ul the i l.iss 
t»l 'iM'i, li.i pttMiileil the (iillfKe with .i 
uroiip III iiM- \.ilii,ililr >t»H'l ennravinns, 
whiih .lit .11 pifstiit in (he iilTui- tif 
Uttliiit ll.iwles, setrel.iiv til llie ('t>lle^;e, 
.iw.iiimj; ilet isiiin .is lt> the l>tsi pl.u i mi 
■ .impiis liii t at II iiiili\ piiiiiK. The 
t iii;i.i\ iiii^s .ire \ti v l.iim .mil h.iiit|st»iiii ly 
It. until ,mtl im Imlt' tht- l<illtiwin< lilies: 
"Till Ililii nol", "D.iniel W'elislei", " The 
I nihil St. Ills Siiale \S:*) .\ D.", "The T.xliiliiiiiin, I'liil. ulelpliia. 
I.STfi", .mil "till ihf M.iiih to llu- Sim". 

lown Hall, Amherst 

Wednesday, Thursday, Nov. Id- 1 

I aiir.i'laiile in 

tin: <:Ar a\i» ink canarv " 

Till seiisaliiiiiall> popular sia|>e pi, i> ili.i 
I'Mik l<roail»a> li> sliiriii (or lliiee ni.iis i-. 
al I.I', I siirpasseil in .1 sili'fii lu.islii (a-'t •'. 
Mail lUNsKtlsnt • hillinu Iriohi ihe lilu- 
Ui^I pli lure of lis Itiiiil etet iiiaile Ncu'i 

.iikI a 2 reel Coineilv Rei> Pro es. 

Sat unlay, Nov. i*> 

A iiill!lii.\ epii 111 Ihe :ilr ' Tlllv lONF 
l'.\(,ll' " A imiiiri thai meets ihe • lam 
■ irons ili'iiiaiiil for Mii'er Or Ihiills iie. iiil 
li.\ llie iKTM' ami il.irinti ol Ihiill.iiah. 
Ch.iiiilierliii ami ll.\fil. \Vllh Kaviiioiul 
kr.iiie .mil 11.111. .ra K^-iil sii<i> lt\ I 1 
llou..til Kl^'lii liarj News anil i reel 

I :i»iii«-'tv 

Monday, Nov. 21 

"S\»»\' Itol \|i " liii|<ris<ii>eil ill a miiiiii- 
l:iio loil|>i \t\ .1 l<li//.iiil 'liiei ioii|i|es liinl 
ih^.l I liplil is I'll till jol). 'I'l.e n<lrilil III 
lal" it .1 motor r<i|<. .> <l<'^lttllll1^ .t 
^ir' ami Iwu ri\al<-. lahlvn and 1 reel 
r 'imiih . 


And Cut to Order 


I I 





Camels Hair 




Camels Hair 


w -curt. . 


r,i(->- w 


- Hi .. 


, - ht r- 


,;iii::i^ v\ - 


ulllrll 11 



i:i llu r 

1. <\ !'■ 



::i-iiii. .;: 


James A. Lowell, Bookseller 


The best time to buv for little brothers and sisters 

lieautiful Volland Color Hooks 
in linen and hoard covers 

'\ inston (;iear- Type Classics 

l)eli(^htful verse hy Milne 

10c and up 

To Get the Best, Buy 

and SILK 

Bloomers Six*p- Ins— Vests 



G. Edward Fisher 

Amherst Shoe Repairing Co. 

At the Service of those who appreciate 
Better Shoe Repairing; 

THE BEsr colijxj: SIA I IONERY 

largest assortmint « f I'ountain I'^ns \ < ur n; me iiijirisNed on 
pen, no t \tni thargt'. 


Nivv-'dcali r and Si.itioiK i 


" BOZO ''"^ TUFTS 

sells 'em 

Drop in and see my line of new Fall styles. 


The Best in Drug Store MerchatMline 
The Best in Drufi Store Servico 


No. 1 Main St., Amherst, Moms 

Our Laundry FIrit Claa* 

Our Pi»llcy r;uaran(M>ii 


()|>P<>^lte Post OfHc* 

\\ ini t r is ;t round the t'onier! . . . 

\^ t -.iXv well - !■ I ) 111 il v^ i t h .lil kipii V of 

Rubber foiitv\e;ir 'U* h as Holiliers. 
Ovi-rshoes, Boots, et« . 

Sh<>r Repiiirinii I >■ |i:iriin<'nt . 


h.Q . C. XA 


Rofter llintze, Mftr. '29 


Kin BartU'tt, '2« 



I'ep YounU, '2') 



Had Wyman, 2 >r. '28 

Ken Perry, '2'» 


Red Redftrave. '2s 


(t;uiilliiuv(i from I'liftf \\ 
only a >iiiKU- lirM ilowii. Kimhall aiirl 
HoIiiiImtk ladi mack- sulistaiitial Kaiiis 
l)Ut iiotliinn iiMillcd. Till' loiitol look 
place- (Ml A'uiimi I'irld, ati<l \va.-> liil'l 
insiU-ad of I hi' scludiiKd varsity «ani 
witli N(ii\vi(li wliii li \va> po^i |miii(iI Ik- 
cauM- of tra\tllinv; « oiidil ioii>. <aiis((l liy 
thf ricciit Mood. Tin- fray wa- a l> iliirc 
of thf I)a«l'> Day program, and a laru<- 
crowd was <iii hand to s«i' tht- annual 
struK^lr of ihf I wo lowt-r clas-st-s. O'lirirn 
ftaiunti lor i In sophoiiHms, whili- Holm 
btru wa> the ImsI Im I for llir I ro>li. 
'I'hr snntniarv : 


l-r.-v, I.' 

Davis, Little, ll 
Hinrs, Miiiksli-iii, Olssoii. In 
(ox, c 
Larwn, rit 
I):in«li'mayiT. r' 
(iulii, re 
Loi kwuixl. Ill) 
lloliiilM'r',!, Ihli 
Kiiiili-ill, oil) 
M.iiity, Ml .\lli!.|it, it) 
S( ori' liy |)iM i'lili 


I1-, Uiiii'l. Hali-^iM 

It. I)'<w 

IK, Di'iiton 

< , KUioll 

Ik. Nil ki-isoii 

ll. M.iKiiiiMoii. Ilali'v 

|i-, IMiiiim y 

i|l>, O'lirii'ii 

ilili. Ifiirl>:iiik 

III)). lialison, Itonil 

fb. Ilayi's. Siiiilli 

I J ;} I 

I) ti « 
l-r<-*hi.i.n ^^ ^1 „ ,^ ^, 

^"•'"""""■" ,, , , K.ii-.-r S.liM.u.. 

,:n„.ir.. F.-ss,....l.". lutlli. 1 - 
,w.. HI. liivi •«" 12-ininiit.- i« 


,.„v ( \V.>l 'lil and Mr>. W. >l w. r^. 
,,i,„.U ,,„d I.K.kinn up infornialion on tlu- 

U.n.ral M.l.j.-. t of<a,H- uar.linn.K 
wi,h.,H«ialnf-r.n,v to Mr. West's work 
a. su,H.rinl.nd.n. of alaru.Tountry.lul. 

at I ill Uivtr, Mas.s. 

-|i„. laM lu.inlxr of LamUape Anln- 
tr,l„rr .on.ain. an c' iHustraU-.l 
arti.lf on "SotiUurn IVxtiU- yW^i^^' 
IManniiiK" l.y »•-• ^- I >nMH- 'l- M"^' "' 
,h.- w..rk illustraf.l ha. luin done l.y 
Mr. l)raiK-r in ih.' i««w villaK.> of th. 
soulhirn ^lalc^. 

with "Notes in Refcienie to Contracts 
and S|H(ifuations." 

William C. raulcy, K'^duatt- studt-nt 
ill I.iikU ap«- architecture, has an excellent 
Itusiiu'ss established in .\tlanta. f.eornia, 
his address Ininu 7»)2 Candler Aniux. 

Temple I'liiserr^iis in ii- o|H-ni!m 'jjame 
succeeded in storinj; 110 [mints anain^«t 
liliie KidKe College. To prevent the score 
from ri>.ini; higher, the periods in the 
siiond half were cut lo five minutes and 
three of the Temple players were used in 
the opponent's lineu|> when iilue Kiflge 
(ollevic ran out of suhstiliite-- 

An unprecedented a.ssault was staned 
recently when an ambitious senior w.t- 
divested of the Ijeninninns of a ba(ijje >.i 
di.linction u|>on his upixr lip by en 
workers at l)rai»er Hall. Kven a juni. 
participated in ihe attack. Is there ii. 
security in custom or precedent.' 


A ^.ymnasium costing «U(tO,0(M) i-, being 
.reded at the Iniversity ol Kedland^.. 
( alitornia. The KVimiasium i> to be 
e«|uipiK-<l with swimmini,; pool. >howers. 
iiuiiblinn rooms, locker room:., and large 
kitdien. Thiie will also be ample room 
for spectators. 

Five hundred new member-, were ob- 
tained during the first day of the memlR-r- 
shi|) drive of the TniversitN of Illinois 
I iiion. 

Mberi 1>. Taylor 'OoofClevelaml, Ohio, 
„r,.s,-nl. a.lditional notes on landscape 
,onstruc.ioninll,elast nund,er of !««'/- 
uape Archttnture. These- are luirt of an 
.-xlenderl series, the present paiM-r dealing 

liiiversity of Michigan freshmen en- 
rollment is 2(K) less this year than last, 
in response to the (pieslion that the 
university's ban on automobile^ mi«ht Ik- 
respoiisif)le for thi- reduction, IVesiiient 
('. (. . Little said, "If enrollment has de- 
creasctl because of the automobile re- 
striction, I am nla<l of it" 


No longer will there be a hostage in 
the .\mh<-r>t camp, lunv that "Em " 
(iray-^on '17, .aptain of tht- IVtUi eleven 
is returning lo his old haunts. Well 
have to win lho>e basi-ball games next 
spring, for we shall not be able to solace 
ourselves with the thought that an 
Aggie grailuate is Inhind the scenes. 

- Job Printing - 

of the 


Box & Printing Co. 



VOCAL INSTRUCTION ^^^mpsois ^^ ^ ^ 

I P \ T 1 1 K \ M () V I K C A M K R -^ 
Grace D. Beaumont ,,Kno. ;,«-"-'-♦• '" "•'"' ''*"*'* ^'""wtJh 

51 AMITY ST. - ILL. 2II-M n,, ,„ ,hem .^^,_ «„oP 


Amherst, Mass. 



Gift Shoppc 

Amherst - Massachusetts 

JUHl .. (ow HO-Ps ^■^^^ "• '»'' ■\plary 

" Gijls For All Purses 

Telci)hones i:)'.-\V l.V)-J 
,,NAii.i>KKi'.v ll.<mK^;^^(_^A^s^ 

The College Candy Kitchen 

A fine place to go and take your friends for 


to be Mailed. 


nl^fotTra^t that special SLNOAY NK.I.T DINNER 


the place for the college man^' 

Pipe paths 
lead to 



Sporting and Athletic Goods 



The Mutual Plumbing & Heating Co. 


YOU can take the long, circuitous 
route and come to P. A. by de- 
grees, as you eventually will, or 
you can cut corners and start right 
with The National Joy Smoke. 
Open a tidy red tin of Prince 
Albert, drink in that rich, rare 
aroma, and you will decide on the 
quick route. 

Your first taste of P. A. in a 
pipe will clinch the decision. What 
a smoke, honestly! Cool as a con- 
ference in the Dean's office. Sweet 
as getting back on unlimited cuts. 
Mild as tea, but with that tobacco- 
body that satisfies your most 

deep-rooted smoke-hankering. 
No matter how fast you feed it, 
P. A. never bites your tongue 
or parches your throat. Just cool 
contentment and solid satisfaction 
with this long-burning favor- 
ite of experienced jimmy-pipers. 
Ream out the old pipe and give 
it a brand-new deal with good 
old P. A. — today. 

p. A. i« told e>ery 
where in lidy red tint, 
pound and half-pound 
tin humidors, and 
pound erMflal-glan 
humidor* with tponge- 
moiitener lop. And 
d/»tfv( with every bit 
of bile and parch re- 
movid by the Prince 
Albert process. 

Fringe albert 

— :'ic national joy smoke! 

Company, Winston ^.I:rlll. -^ >-• 

New College Store 


Sl|g iMaaaarI?u0gltg ColU«iati 



Number *> 

Social Union Promises 

Good Entertainments 

Many New Features On This Year's Projjram. Arctic Explorer 

Will Lecture December 2 I 


1 lull- will Ik- a MiioktT lor tlu- 
iiuiiiIhts of tlu' rlass of I'.lJlt in 
tin- Suial I iiioii rooms Tinsdiv 
• AfiiinK Nov. 22, at H u'rhnk. 

( .lornf I'aliiR-r Putnam, thr fdniou> 
Arctic ixplori-r. takes first plaro on tlii> 
star's Soiial I'nion >ilK(Julf of entir 
lainint-nts at tlu- Massaihusitts A^ri- 

iiltural (olU-Kf. llf will till of hi> ad- 
\tnliirts (luring this summer's explora 

ion of Circenland and Matifin Lan<L lit 
had a great nann with him: ('a|il. "Hol) " 
Hartlett, Knud Kasmuss»n, Arthur N'oun^ 

ilie How .irid Arrow man", Karl Dunrud. 
ilu (owboy, his own son David and main 
oiliers. His motion pictures are superh, 
showing the l.i.-^soinv; of |)olar l)ear, the 
wreck of his own ship, the thrilliiiK climli- 
iii^ of ice barriers, etc. A splendid oppor 

I unity is offered liy his apiKMram e at 
SKK-kbridge Mall on I riday evening. I)e- 

II inlier 2. at 7 (>. m. 

There are main other uni<|ue alirac 
lions in the eight entertainments in this 
V ear's M'hedule as may be note<l. 

Amherst's old faxorite, K<hviii Whilnev. 
will reail on laiiuary (>. 

Of I'aul Shirlev, the I' I'n.s.s 

Ihrald say: "Mr. Shirley is the hnesi 

rtist on the \ iola il'amor*- in the world. 

tiiil his compositions for this in>iriinieni 

iiispla>' abilities .i* .i (oiiuxt'-er .i> well as 

(Continued on Hafte i. 

Chance Offered 

To Study Greek 

I iiutTicial Course by Mr. Dunhur Is 
Open to All Interested 

.\n elemcnt.iry ( Ireek (ourse will U- 
.,iv4!i again during the winter term bs 
Mr. Dunbar of the French department, 
and will Ix- o|Kn to all thos<' in the college 
who may Ix- interested. The coursi- will 
be held twiie a wtek. in the evening by 
arrangement, and it is mntu.illy under 
Mood that no college credit will Ik- given. 
The (ireek t ourse was primarily insti- 
tuted for freshmen !<» mei-t the etymo- 
logical demands nenssiiry for the spring 
term |{otan\' coursi- and for thos^- pur- 
suing Z<M>lcjgy, but it will Ik- (xtssibk- lor 
others of the college stlld.-nts lo Ik- .id 
iiiitted to the class whether th»y enroll 
out of interest or curiosity. Anyone 
wishing to enroll in the course should 
leave his name at .Mr. Dunbar's otiice in 
In lit h Hall Ix-fore the last dav of Novem- 

Photographic Display 

Is Of Wide Interest 

Seattle Camera Club Pictures Show 
Wide Rang>e of Subjects 

\ v.irietx of different interests will re- 
>|)i)iid to the flis|>la\ of pholograjihic art 
iiiivv on exhibition in the 
lluildiui;. lor example if one is interestetl 
in the «Hean there are siii h pit t ores as. 

Il.izy Light". "In the Harbor", anil 
'"tie Summer's Da\" to awaken mem- 
!"- in the s|H'rtator. Or again if one's 
iiiitrest is centered in nature thire are 
-'111) In-autiful photographs a-. "Last 
'''"i\", "S-tting Sun". "IU-t\\eeii tin- 

liti-s", "Mr. Shiikiison" .ind others to 
tlirill the loM r ol the out -of-d<K>rs. Then 
liiir.iIK minded pt i>on th'it- m 
' 'll (li'light ttlfltl tno. sUfll .1- 

"st". .mi! "Moriiiiii;" 

I ■ I ;!. : ^ ! ' I . : Ml' ll- hiliu HI' I ;ti 
\v llli ll \\ l~ ll Mlici I 
I, I ( 111!. \!..-- ..' 
:'~pl.i\ ,!■ 
Mil ,111 im!« in\ .ilii\ 

1 - r\\ni\(. iM ui «»i<\i \N( I. 



Real Pep Shown 
At Mass Meeting 

'I'eam Gets Great Ovation from 
Student Body 

.\ thrill such as is exiierienntl but om e 
or twite during one's college career was 
gi\en lo those who .ittt-nded the mass 
meeting lK-lore the lulls g.ime l.isi 
lritl.»\ e\ening in Stockbridge Mall. 
Noise, yi-lling. |>i-p.- in short honc-st 
lo gtMiilness Aggit- spirit, displased 
ill one ol the best in.i^s meetings which 
has been i)ui on in recent \ears. 

"Dutch " .\nsill with his ti>rps ol .ibU- 
assistants, togeilu-r with "Hlonily " 
Ihomas .ind t h<- banil leii t hi- student 
ImxK- on to grt-.iti-r and gr»-ater heights 
of i-nthiisiasm. Nine \i-r\' able s|R-akers 
hel|)ed every one wlm .itiendetl to le.i\t- autlitoriiim with .i pitturt- ol ,i sur- 
prix-d 1 lifts on the morrow. 

"Kid" ( lori- o|H-iied tile disciissiiiii lor 
the eM-ninc with .i pU-.i lor e\«-ry mi-ml>t-r 
of his .lutlience to i'lin tin- .irm\ . not 
tlu- regular arm\ but the\-.ition .\rmy. 
lie paitl .1 tribute lo the boys who 
ha\e pl.ived the part ol the iiiulerdog .ill 
of this st-ason so well, ami es|M-i i.illy *ii<! 
lit praise tlu- s|)irit of "J.ick" Oiiinn .iiul 
Aidt-n luttlt-. He t loseil his spet-i h by 
ijiKiting the sloijan of the SaKatitm .\rm;.. 
"A m.iii iii.iN Iw down, but he'^ iii-\t-r 
ttut ." 

Next on the t.ime Homer 
■|<e<l" Darling, .\ggies lighting halfb.ick 
ol I'.M.") who g.ive his ri-.i-on- wh\ he felt 
that tlu- Im>\s woultl spring .i l)ig surpiis*- 
.igainst Tufts. Then came "Kdilie" Hike 
24 who ga\e his iiU-as on tht- situation. • 
"W" t iMjk, captain of the team, gave a 
short sjnet h, after a tremendous ovation ^ 
by the students, in which he thankeil 
them for their sup|H)rt and .issun-tl the 
stuiltiit boil\' the i« WDuliI do its 
Im-sI to redeem its |MM)r record. "Max" 
(lolillM-rg siK)kt- in U-half ol thoM- who 
.tre interesteil in .ii.iih-mic ,icti\ities .ind 
"Joe" IliK.inl .iildeil his bit to tlie com- 
ments of the evening. Tht-n came "Hob" 
Mt)hor '2.'i who ga\e a "tight" talk such 
as few will forget. With his "irfin hat" 
as a syml)ol of sirtorv .iivl his thirteen 
^'Continued on Pafte 2/ 



.M>«>ut Two Hundred Register. 
Many More on Campus 

.Xboiit two hundred alumni m.ide their 

annual pilgrimage It) their .\lm.i Miter 

lisi Sat unlay, Alumni Day. This 

number sm.iller ih.m in pit \ ioiis 
Conlinued <>n fade 2' 

Phi Kappa Phi Figures 

Prove Interesting 

.Science I)i\isi(>ii Has Best .VveraiJe 
For Last 'I'hree Years 

i hrougn the efforts of I'rof.-ssor Irank 
.\ W.iiigh, presiiU-nt of tht- lot .il th.ipiei 
ol I'hi K.ip|).i I'lii. tigliits h.i\e been t tmi 
pileil tl) show how the x.irious depart - 
iiu-nts h.i\t f.iretl in retnit I'hi K.ipp.i 
i'hi elei litnis. These st.itistiis .in- onl\ 
lor lilt- p.isi three years iK-iause lK'ft>re 
then comlitions dilT<-re<l ctmsiderably frt)m 
those of the pres«-nl. .\t-\frt heless. thest- 
tigur«-s slioiil.l etpiali/e tem|\ lliittii 

Com men Is oti t his Ii,i\ t- been madi- 
in lh«- eililo'i.d column but tin- ^l.ilistics 
siiininari^t-i| b\ inaiors ami 
b\' ili\ i^ioiis are as lolltiw-: 

/•.7c. I,;l 


.Season's Record Includes I wo Wins. 
One Tie. and Four Losses 

In the l.isl Him.' tit the st.i-i.ri I >■ r 
held outscored the Two- Year ti i 

7 on th«- Deerlieiti grifjiron, i"rida\ . .No\ . 
\H. Ihe at.nlenu eleven hi-ld tin- le.itl 
throughout thi- g.imt . ami although thi-' 
short i<)iir»(- i;;i 11 -lunil in the earlv' half' 
of the I tiniest, ihev toulil <lo nothing 
against Deerfii Itl'^ more powfrfiil .iL'^rc 
g. it ion. SmtMil. the I )ferliil<! - 
tiireil the g.ime with his wurk win'' 

Dibbl.-. Butler. ,ind (ir,;f lilavetl uill It.; 

Ketl" Kallstlub. 
This g.iiiM' briiu 1 lid .1 - 

u.iiiie sihediile wii,. .. niord ni .i.. 
\ 11 Tories. ■( -iniil*- tie. and lour dilcii- 
\ 1 riuoill A \\i- !lii Inst upi>on- 

III!, t ,i' :-N'iMr- into cam- - ' • 

.1 .;_' Ill s i^fon Riv i-r. t (i ■ 

Wiili-tim . - i;^ tin 



/,. /•/, 






.\g. Ktiintimii- 



.*. ".t 

.\g i-^(iucalit>n 

• u 


1(( .-. 

.\n. Hiisbanilrv 



!.■. 7 




pin (1 

( hemistrv 



• i 1 








17 ;; 

lariii .\lgi. 



1) II 




IS 1 

l.anii. 1 iard. 



1 »i 

Mit robiology 







12 .-. 





Neg. Cianl. 



2.-) () 

2 ft! 


12 2 






11 :{ 




',t .■) 

.S ience 




' kiir. S«jc. St-i. 



It .■. 



12 2 

B & M. VVILI. 






1: l;i(ston t\ .Maine K.iilroad i- .h 
1 onunfM fating thos*- stutlent' vslio . in- 
going to Boston and interiiie'litte immiiIs 
with .1 s|M-(ial train, le.iving for Hosion 
from .Xitdii-rst .it I .:{n ji m. W'et|nes<lav 
.ifternoon and .irriving in Boston arouml 
4.4') p. m. I his ir.iin will stop at Jt-ller 
son till I |M)ints east. Suiulav night thin- 
will U- a similar train to .Xmhersi. leaving 
Boston at li.2.'> p. m. .md .irrivim^ .it 
\mher*t at '.«.40 p. m. 

Chennistry Club 

Holds First Meeting 

llolhind Chosen to Head Ne\*ly 
Orftaiiized Societv 

' dl-i 1)1; 
1 b.i- -lilt 

! Tufts Downs Agates 

Col orful C lash, 32-6 

M.A.C. Team. Outweifthed Twenty Pounds Per Man, Molds 

Opponents On Kven Terms for Most of (^arne, Hut Two 

Freak Touchdowns Prove Too (;ieat a llanilicap 

Harriers Had 

Good Season 

C«>acli Derby's (ireen Team Won 
Three of Four Dual Meets 

I lin-e V it lories anti one ttuisti 
tdte the mmmenil.ible iln,il mttt rectinl 
ol the n-tt-nllv t iideil li.iiiiei s«-,ison. I li.- comptistd this I. ill til eiilin-lv 
new with < .ipl.iin I'n-sloil I be 
onlv e\|H-iienfeil i iiiiner. ( tiach DciIin's 
t.isk seemetl ho|Hlesslv ililfitlllt .it I lli- 
lieginning of the st-.ison, but ,i willing 
grtnip ol runner- vvorkt-d l.iiihtullv with 
winning results. 

Wesl.-v.m o|K-n<-il tlif SI hetlnlf (litnlxi 
!.'( with .1 met I .It Midillt-town. Here t In- 
M..\.(". h.inier- scon-d .i 22 to il vititiry 
ovt-r tin- (oniu-ctitiit ttillt-ge. Uing t lt<- 
liist in livt vear- th.ii Aggie hill .iiid <l.tltrs 
h.ive tlttt.iittl Wt--lt-v.m on her own 
tiiiiist. lilt tollowmg \\e«k s.iw Wortts 
ler I ei h go down beloi, < o.k li Diibv s 
runners by a sutre ol 2l> to 2'.t. Kiif. i he 
Woncster tapt.iin. won the r.itt-, but t In- 
.\ggie team w.i« stiong enough to biiin h 
in iM-himl him .ind take I he «t>nlisl. On 
Ol toiler 2'.» H.irvanl overwheliiie<l the 
te.ini l."> It) ,')li. tnittlassing the M \< . 
si|ii.ii| t tim|iletelv . but stveii il.ivs Liter 
Boston Iniversity found .1 ieli,ibilil,iliil 
teim .mil were foiced to .n t tpl ,1 2ti lo 
.fit s«-lbai k I hi- w.i- the <inlv liomt 111. tl 
sthtiliiletl .mil w.i- .1 thriller with evi rv 
III, in in the i.ue within striking "li-t.init- 
ol .ill o|)|M)nent anil .ill i)osiiioiis .it I lit 
(Conlinurtl on l'.itt« .() 


Will Recall Brilliant Smial F.vent 
of Other Years 

Recalling an event whith was .m annual 
siM-ial custom during the "gav" nineiit-s 
the c.iilet- ol the college will give a 
milil.irv b.ill earK in the winter term pn- 
ftr.iblv on J. in. 27 or on leb. -i in ihe 
Drill II. ill. .\be.idv upwanls of sixty-five 
itiiiples an -ignetl lor the iMcasion, iinl 
it is e\|M-itet| with the .iddilion ol 
ihosi- who have noi vet signe<l h)r I he 
il.inte and guests, the iiunil** r of t DUpl.-s 
may almost doubli- this ligiin-. 

The Ball will U- lit-ltl in the Drili II. ill 
whii h oilers ,1 very l.irge lliK)r spiue. .ind 
will be onh tor memlR-rs of the K.O.'I .( . 
■ iii'l ihi-ir guests. MeniUrs of the l.n ultv 
,in- inv iteil to aitentl. Si-niors and juniors 
in ihe Milit n\ di parttiu-nt may invite 
two frienils apiete and sophomores and 
fn-shnien mav invite one frieml .-ai h. 
Sinte the il.iiin will b. Imnial in naiiin 
onh iinitorms ami tUM-'ios will Ik- .illowtd 
In view of the large niimlM-r e\|)<i ted .it 
the B.ill the .0-1 (ht n.uple will 1m .1- 
low as can |)ossiblv \n- arr.tnged. .ind it i- 
hoiH'd it will not e.xceeil .'<I..V» a 
ttiuple This figure will not lie exceeiled 
pnivid'-d .1 sufiii lent numlK-r sign up for 
the Ball Ufore han'l ' .ood i»«'ppy muvic 
i- in order, for it h->!«d that Neweonib's 
1,1,(11 Noiih.i'i . eiiually fine 

' .11 !iesi r,i I : 

< 1 111 inil ' 

I5t 1 


.Although Tufts is cretiited with .1 ,'12 
to li vii loiv ovt-i M,iss. .\ggie in I ho linal 
game ol the stason, tlu- m.irgin ol tlilfer- 
1 111 e lietwi't'ii the two te.iins bv no 
lilt, ill- ,i> .is I he -tore would iiidit.tte 
in llieii ttiiite-t st.i^etl ,it Aliiiimi 
lielil, S.iiiiid.iv. NoMiiibei 1!». .\ great 
little .\<,;gie It-.iiii, l.iictl with overwhelm- 
ing otitis III si/e, s|H-"'i|, ex|M-rieiiti', .ind 
si-.ison records," fiiughl willi all the coiir.ige 
.mil spirit its siip|Mirlers loiilil ,isk. holtl- 
iiig one ol tilt- liiiesi te.inis Tults evi-r 
proiliit(-il lo thiei- e.irnetl tout hilowns, 
antI s<-iirinK once in Ihe (losing moments 
ol the g.ime. Two lliike lout hiltuMi- 
iii.iile bv M.irsli.ill ill the ln-i ipi.uiii 
lioosli'il lull- stKie, bill lllev wile pun 
'.;ilts .iiiij III till' niiiiils III were 
tjiie-t ion.ililf loiiiiters. Ihe olfit i.ils liileil 
them legitim.ite, however, .md so llicv 
niii-l si.iiid. 

".\lo\ie" M.iis kit ked oil to open t he 
g.ime, .(inl till t'ltveiis lini-il up mi Tufts' 
2il v.inl liiii'. Tour pl.iv- lu-iieil iwii first 
tlowiis, bill T.llis loneil (o kit k on 
his I'.t-v.inl siiipe. M.iss. .\ggie f.iiled Pi 
g.iin. .iiid Bowie kit ked. The b.ill lout lied 
.1 lulls niiii, ,iiid I'liimer remveieil on 
his ;f7 v.inl liblMtn for M..\.( . .\ii e\ 
cll.ill^,' ol piiiil- lollowed, .mil .\ggie ll.ld 
llie b,ill on her 211 y. ml line. Two pl.iVs 
g.ive no gam. .unl Bowii- .ig.iin piinled. 
"Diitili" kiidipii-l. ,is W.I- down 
undi'i the kii k, ,iiii| .i- it boimileil .ilong, 
leli on It. siipposiii;! he li,i<l ilowned 
il on the op|Htsing 4li->.ir<l m.irk. Tlu- 
r.'leree w,is far from th*- pl.iv, .mil wlii-n 
lie f.iilitl lo blow his whistle, M.irsli.ill 
pit ked lip the b.ii! ,1- "Dillili' il 
down .iiiil for a score. 

I his w,is .1 he, irtliri, iking bii ol 
link ,iltlioiigli il showed tine thinking on 
lilt 1 1.1 1 1 III I lie I nils liiUb.ii k. Sion .liter, 
will n Agu'e held Tiilts for downs on 
ill r 2'.) y.ud line. .M.ii-li.ill .ig.iin ni.ide .i 
tout Inlown on .1 lliiki. recovering .in 
.ippaienllv tie, ill b.ill wliiih free 
Im'c.iiisi- ol ihe ri-leret-'s l.iilure to blow his 
whistle. Both .itti'iiipis lor tin- «-xtra 
l>oinl wi re bliM kill The ipi.irler emled 
.1- Bovvii- kit keil .1 well diret ted plint to 
the |iimlMi2 yard stri|ie. 

Tufts iniinedialely ImjoIi- I the lull oil 
ol i|.ingi-r. .intl <i subs-ipient exch.inge ol 
punts drove the .\g.ites l).ii k to thiir 
'• yirtl ribliDii. A short kick put the pig- 
skin out I'ltlu- M..\.( . 2M-vari| lin -. T rom 
this |Hiint, s!-\«-n Tufts pl.iys yieldiil .1 
SI on-, Howker receiving .1 short pa ■■\ 
llie on the 1. 1st flown. Tit/get.ill 
kii kt-d ilii-i-\tr.i jMiiiit. On the folliwing 
kiikolt, "I n-ddif" l.ilirt i.ui the b.ill k thirty-five variU, but the remnmler 
of tin- i|ii,irt«-r s.iw no developmi-ni •*. 
('.iplain ".\l" i'ook'- el'vi n vards for 
a first down, but a iN-autifiil pi— bv 
Bowie was in(r)mplett • i-vi 
went for n, night . 

1 1.,. 



I tie 

!•! Olid hill two iitt<-en 

■..ini bv Tlllis brought tin- b.ill itito 
storing |)osiiion. and King-ion pl'!n..;ed 
i>\rr the I.1-' iiiiikit Shortlv 
Tufts st.irttd Mom .Xggie's ;{7 yard ni i: k. 
and .ifter making t wo first down-, [lound -d 
out their final touchilown with litzgerd<l 
kicking I !i ' • Th- Agates 

|,,„..I 1. 'i • ' iw Tl- 'ifT thr 

k 'iroiuh 

the line vvliile a pass. ii<;w;i 

i 11. Ill 
iw :ird 

\(»l l( I 


THE MASSACHUSETTS COLLEGIAN iuu-i).tiHr (.( lli«' Ma^-.Kliu>(Ub toll.ti''. I'ul.ii^lu.l .Airy 
Widiu ^»l.>y I'V «•>'' ^tu^knls. 


E«NKM I- Sl-KNtlSK "-'S 


Featur- •'*"<'"" »• ' ^ '•*"" ,^^ 

AUiipni K M.nn O.ursc-^ JoSFI'iLNl' I'AN/>< * ^^ 
Atl.l.-tic Sl.l;ll EY Cl.KAVKS J«t 

C,„„„, Knw*«..Jl.Nic..oi.s;2«J 

John li. Howard Jk. Jtt 

Kkic SlMil.KTON "JO 



EUSMN A. W. .!..:« "JS Hii^lnr^s Man..«er 

Doi .,. AS A. 1.0KIM. 'L'S ( ir.ul;.«ion«er 

llAiio. I. K. ANstl... ••J^ A.lvrrlisinK M.H^.te. 


WiiiiAM A. Kr.AN 'W 

I-"KKllKkHK I) I H\VI 1'. Ik ■-"• 

Suhsiription S2.(M) p. r y.;.r. Sindc 
Coi.Ms lOont-. M;.krall..i.!.r. 
to Tmk Massac 111 sktts ( ou.ih.ian. 

In (MS. uf ilianui- <,t ...Win ss, -iih^n il.. r- 
wil! plra-.- iiolif\ «'i.> l)UMn.>> niai».tK< ' 
as siKin as |)u»ilil<'. 

|. ,„..,.. ,1 .„ ..n.m.l cla-« ni:itt«T at the Amher^i 

of , .1 lor a, s.-U>..;. II )• . Act of (k- 

to».w. I'jlT.aiitlioiWfd AiiKust^), IJI.^. 


I -ualK aWiail llii- liiiic iv<r> N'ar 
tiur.' a|.|Kar- lli<- tn M nl a xiifs nl t-di 
lorials iirninv; a "'<"'■ ""'"^ L.liavior at 
..-„fml)lv <.ii llir pan i>i tin stud, III IxhK. 
'111.- i.lilniial a- a i iii< <iil>l"n- ili<- la. k 
(il ainnlis<- iiiliitsi sIk.wii <lmiii:^ ili<><' 
.•MniM>. a> <vin<i<l by tl"- all Imi 
..u.lililc Mu.MN. Tlu- la>t a^-MiuMy >ti\<> 
as an i.lral illiiMratioii. In .IcIiiim- nl ilic 
slii.Uni IhmK il may lif \v«ll l<> a>k ..iir 
^,•lv.•^ ilif M»'«-^''""- "^^''> ^I'o"'"' ^^'' 

\\f <li> not iiiliiKl to pioinolf suth a 
l.tlia\ioi l.nt oil tin- otlui lian<l a few 
wonU nia\ Ik- .kvotcl In tlir .iii.Mioii 
Iroiu III.' im<krnra«hiatf's point ol vitw. 
riuK- i> a vi-ry st-rions (|iusti(»n ainonu 
maiiv of tli. MiKkiils as to tin- ri-al value 
whuh i> ol>tainf<l from tlus.- ^;atlu•rinK^. 
II thin.;- .<animi«- as tlu-y art- an<l alti-n- 
(lam.- (onM>n'>"ry. •» •>* "'" wliolly tht- 
stmknt's fault if. l.uUiuR tlu- m.ntal 
stimulus, hi- xirr-n.krs to a strong urv;«-. When dull, nnintt-nstinu, 
illovtit.d, .mil honsonu- aiklrt-sst-s atr dr 
livtr.-d to a roll«-n.- uroup. <<fti-n in an 
.duio>( in.indihW- voin-. who ran l.lamc 
the liMcnfrs. sinci- they cinnot If.ivc. lor 
at sirkinj: lonsolalion in divir^ion.-' 
It is .1 well known i-<hii alional lonrtpt 
thai .« uood proU->sor can \nv\) .ilinost 
an\ riass awakt-; whik- no ^rollp ran Imii; 

nil. rill K.\iM»A I'lii iKsr 

I. Ui where in ihi- is-ue there i> a lew 
statist iis of inuresl rt-y.irdinn the initi- 
ate- !u I'hi K.iplM I'hi durinu the \>,i>t 
tliKc yearr. I hi^ < h.i> heen <<'m- 
pilid l.v l'rofis>or 1 A. Wauuh, 
pKMdriil <A ihe i'M.d rh.ipl.r ol I'hi 
,. , K.ipiia I'hi. These h^nre^ in themselves 
ManaK.n, I-Jitor ."v .nl..esl.n« hut a h-W , on. lusious 
whi.h may U- .Ir.iVMi lioiii iliem .ire |>ei 
li.ips eviti inoi.' nolew<»rlii\. 

ludKinu I'V ih. inili.ile- who wer. 
,l,,led some ihiee we. ks ;>in, to llie 
lionor.uA Irai.Miii ii<lude the m.iiors in > n' '-■ ■> '"' "'" ' 

licuhiire dixisions .in- soimwhai more 
dilVieiill ih.m ili.ise in other tlivi^ioiis. 
However, investiuation sliows that this 
i^ not the <as. th.' -. ii-m «■ division 
imlds ;, Kilmer |ier. ■ i' -' 'lian .in\ 'iih<r 
di\ isioii. 

I he lomiiion lulii f ih.ii "ne < .m ol.t.nn 
.1 I'hi K.ipp.i I'hi K''»'l'' i'"^'«^' t'i'^'b '•> 
m.ijorini; in the Social Seiinres has also 
liuM proven . rroneous lor it is easy to 
M that this .li vision is i i. d for l.isi 
pl.ii I . 

|-.)i .l.p.iMiii. Hi- till mmi 
h( i-s .11. too sin. ill to l)<- sjmiih.,1111. I 
loic. il i- lo iiiUr the 
p.Hhw.iy le.i.liiii: lo I'hi Kapp.i I'hi i- aii\ 
.a-ier hy one major i' is l)\ .mother. 
I or esample, il u.m'd I'e to 
(onilude that no .nu in <l.iiry, larin 
iiianaKemeiii, ami nii<rohiolou\ ntiild nil 
a hiv;h mirk: luither .-ouhl we assiiiia ihe liol.inv ill lior is a -lire li.kel 
lo ell . '.ion. 

< »n ih.- whol. the .lisiriliulion seeiiis to 
he lairly i-ven. . .>nsiihrinK t h<- small 
minil.ers (over.-d. tiriainU w. miisi all 
hope thai I'hi Kappa I'hi will always 
Mpi.selll the whole .-olk'ne. S< hnlarship 
oiijiht to lie- tin- ideal of ever\ ileparl 
111. Ill anil of everv sttid.-ni. 




Fiftot'ii Vt'-.trs \fto 
Ihe "Collcjio Siftnal" -Said 

• I'll, sophomori- class held its hamiuet 
in ( ooley's Hotel, in S))riiiuheld. Saun<la\ 

.•\eiiillU-" No\ . M*. 

I'>. Ihespiiit whi.h this elass showed 
in hol.linn an alfair of this kiixl without 
s|,e. iai provoeation has simv h. en e.pialeil 
hy the elass of I'.d.S, whi.h oiiiv !o 
slatii' a l)an(|uet this year lo ..nnplete an 
unlirokcn n.-ord of ikiss yatheiini's ol 
this n. It III.- ev.ry \<ar -in..- 



'Willi. 'Ill i.i linn am i. ll.-. on 
our l.aii.l. 1.1 il he -..i'l I iheir ah-, m .• 
\\,i- not not.. I." No\ . 1'.'. 

r.S. The aho\e comni. nl 
aft.-r the Spriiiiili.I.I «,anie, whi.h \s.i- 
losi li\ .1 II lo s.-.ire. TofhiN. we 
s.iy our IkiikI woiil.l he a wi!>*ome le.iiiir. 
at aiiv Aui^ie contisl. no maiur \\h.ii i h, 


••|:\.ii ihoMuh Jnpit.r I'liivius -w.Ue.l 
ihe pond l.t llu' inmost capariu, ill.- 
M.phomores .li.iik-d l.isl Thur-daN th.ii il 
uoul.l proliahly -land a little higher levil, 
mil so ten of ilu- new ly-sinokers proviik-d 
an ;',.iati(- eiilertaii'ui'.nl lor a t. w 
iiioiui-nts at ih.- iipp< r i ii.l ..I ihe poii.i. 
\o\. P.I. 

I'.S. Those davs are i;<>ne h>re\.-r. 
— ^Hl' 

l-ldilor of the Colh'v.inn. 

I'l.ase e.Meml to llu- stmlenl IxmIv th. 
.ippririation of the hiothall .m.l lh«- 
...aihinn stalT lor tht- spk-ndhi support 
Saturday. The support was .•onlinuoiis, an<l h^hlini;. The Ham deserved it 
.111(1 Kot it . We eaii all feel proud of a st ick- 
to-itive eleven ami .i stud.nt hodythal 
h)und it. 


•Klj)" (.OKI: 


SiiriiiKlield ( olie>;e ii-ii.ili\ ..mi 
plimentary tilings to say ahout Mass. 
.V^ie elevens, and this year was no t-x 
.eption, for the SpntiRJidd Slmli'iit .-oin- 
iiient.-<l Oil the usual Aks'I' tinl't l'"^^- 
ever, a justitiahle critieisni eoneernin^; loo 
mill h time hir ealliii« 'ii^nals was addi-.l 
,is a hit of sodium ehl(»ri.le. 

(Conlinuetl from Piifte l>»ns ("Ki.l" (.on. th.- i-h\<!i men on 
th.- team, ami the student ImhIn i wh> tht- 
teani iliie to heat Tufts, lie na\.- .1 
spceeh worth rememlM-rinv;. T he last two 
s|K-e.hes on the pro^jrain w«-re i;i\.n hy 
k.ilph Kiu-elaml. who R.ive a . kvi-i 
speech, following a ureal tribute hy the 

tudeni ho.K in re. ounilion of hisahilitx 

withsl.iml Ih.- somnol.-nt spirit aroiis. .1 .imi s"i n ^ ^ _ ^ ^ ^^^^ 

hv an i.riait. n-stin-.; iiistrii.l.'r. Speakin 

i- h, 

hill ill' 
Ih.ii tl 

11 inodili. .1 forms nl 1. .nil 

,; hilt lht» aili> !>'. 
' 11. lent can .!■ nv 
il numlHi. .1 

1 wliyji J»ilY£ jJ' ' 

,ii-!.4;Kt - '>f s(u.k-nt apathN 
I il; liuiiis of .ittenliviii. -- 

liiiil.- w.iiind lip hy saying ih.ii ili.- 
. s.-.ison on ami thai he h li 
ih.i! Aiiiiie pkiity ol ijnns 1.) u" "i" 
.111.1 ^ei th'- el.-phants with. I*lini\ ot 
\ liinv;. .1 few ^oo.l soii^s. .nid tin- han.l 
liell',. .1 i. -"i".."' iMe' - mi am! k.-ep tliinv; 


Conliniieil «>n I'lifte 4' 

ve.iis due lo ihe l.nue uuiilher «h*> li..>i 

i-semhl\ s|K-akers 

:,lliiili.|, V- i >e.- \.'. I'Mi-i.ler the ter-stai lo 
hi- il.rivid Iroiii the math. mat ic.d reki- 

11.111 !- '■' '- 

11. .1 .ilwa\.- ilu -!...iKii \\i!i' 1- .1. l.iilli. 
I I, ii,,i\ I, [\i ,i llii-cnnr.-ptton n-< '•' the 

; ;i!i ^e I", mill 
. ' !■'• .uidiin.-i'. 


Toni '..111 

.ihei.iv I'c. n h.ick U.r th.- rre-^iih-m'^ in 
aui;ur.ii M.ii .nnl 1 h. Ainin i-i '^.m!.-. 

hi tlu- niorniiii;. tiie ahiiiini vi-iie.l 1 In ii 
III. lior .1. n.ili'ii lit- .\v.i\ then atl.-niie.l 
hin.l- ' "" 

I loricull III.-. .\v;ri. liliuiai l..lui .iiion, .inA 
Pomology .ki-arlmeni- .. ih. ir 
quests in l>rapcr Hall, in -: ^ ^ 
divis! ^lockhridjif. and llu- .\j.;ri 

ciiltm.ii 1 ••• • ■■: -.-'"ill' ill ^".iil' 
( plieue. 

.\mherst College's unht-aten frt-shm.m 
eleven hirecasls no easy \ictories hir li.-r 
town rival during thi next three years. 

Anilurst Colk-iii- fraternities have ina.le 
preparations for the annu.ii interfraternity 
-ini; which is M-lieduled h)r Dec. 7. Kach 
yrotii) is lo sinn a re<|uin-.l s<mn and one 
optional one. .\ coninion hasis lor jud« 
Hunt is thus pro\ ide.l hy havinn one 

soiin sunn by i>" *'"' Rronp!^- • '>^' MA-^ • 
interfrat»-rnit\ sin^ isn't so far otT. ihos.- 
wh.) att.iid.<i Ih.- fun.lion will 
not .pi.stion its desirabilils as .111 

( Usloill. 


St 11. l.nt- il liiix.-r-ii >• .ire 
ni.ikiu^ a campaii.'n t.>r .uls, which an \et in voviu'.- at th.ii iusliimi. n 1.. 
.Lit., ihe military otVicial- 
.i.-ipiie-.-e I'l .iii\ -ml' -\-i''i. Ill" 
lindene\ in ..11 Aiii.ri«.iii lolUms miiu. 
to lie towaid more liheru. IVrhap-; some 
.lay ivji! . I! \ , - capahh- of 
Mi:i''.in<^ ihe iiii.ili.- Ill wiii.h we ho.i-i 
1,111 V hi. h t'li- ! nuli-h, for ex.imph-, tniK 

■()■, (iienvilli- N. Willis is the distri.t 
• nuinter in . harjje of re|)airs bein« nia.le 
011 llu- state hijfhways of M.rkshire 
( oiill|\, follow iliU the re.eiU llo.xl dis- 

(17 .\rthiir W . Ili'^:.iins, h>rmi-rl> pr.-si 
dent ..1 ill.- Old De.-rh.l.l l-.riili/er Co., 
Soiilii Di-errield. Mass., has r.-.enllv 
sev.r.-d his i-onnection with that company 
and is <,r^.iiii/iii« a new coni|>an\ lo gix. 
-ir\ice to ihe ^ pot.ito region of 
.XiiMintook ("ounly, .Main.-. .\ la. tory is 
now beinti built, and Mr. HinRins ho|R-s 
I his next wasoii to h.ive the factory in 
lull lim.- op' ration. 

'07 |-"rederi(k ( . Peters, pitsideni of 
the I lass of HMI7, is a liv»' w ire m.-mb.r of 
llu House of K. pn-(-ntatives ol the 
P. nii-v K.mi.i l.i !i;islat me, an.l has Ik. n 
.ippninied to many impo'tant coinmiitees 
..f that He is .ilso the of 
,1 Kiiimii;. .It .\rdmore, P.i. 

(IS William I.. Ilowi , who has been 
optratiii:^ ihe hi-iori. .stale, j-'.iirview 
I .inn. Marlboro, .Mass., met with sex.-re 
u\!!-(s wh.ii !iri destrove.l the barn ami 
d,iir\ |»laiit on tlu- property on Nov. Hi. 
Ihe, whi.h has U-en in ilu- Ih.we 
f.iniiK o\.r 2,".(l years, bein« tirininally 
il.-.<l..| t.i ih. Ill by Indians, was formerly 
0W11..I b\ Mr. Ilow.-'s hitiier, the lat<- 
i;iimr |). Howe M. who s.-r\i-d ih.- 
l ollei;e as a member of its Uoanl .)t 
irusti es for so ni.iiu y.-ar-. 

"l.; Ualpli J. Bonjen, who for a niim- 
b. r of \<ars h.i- Ih.ii with the Kami- 
hiimha S< hools. Hawaii TerritorN. aiel 
more l.itiiv has sieii serviie with tin 
Stall- \orm.i! Schools, re.enllv on 
tht- lanipu-. Mr. Monli n is shortK to 
t.ike service as distri.t m.ina^.-r hir ll.iw.iii 
with the Chilean Nitrate of So.l.i l-l.lii. a- 
lional Bureau, ^ivini; his parti, atten- 
tion to the ureal su^ar cant- inductry of 
the Islands. This was Mr. Burden's first 
visit to the campus since his (graduation 
hiurleen years a^o. 

T.") Frank \\ . Biiell, who .lurini; I he 
past six iiionths has been resiilini; in 
Kor.-.i, now returnei! to Olympia, 


' H) William S. Coley is teaching chein- 
i-ir\ .111.1 physics in the C.ntral Hinh 
SihiKil, BriilgeiMirl, ( onn., .iiul is 4)rin 

Charles Slielnul '»'ti, an.l Mi-s l-.lvira 
Sch'.ilci-, former steiiograi)her .it the rhort 
course lifl'ice, were siiarried on N-i^. ,'), 
l'.iL'7. They will make their hom." in 
North Falmouth, Mass. 

Till Iwo-^ .Munini Tuition S< holar- 
>hip ha- l'.tl'7-2.s has been awarded to 
( .ahriel .\. I'hiladelphus of the Twn-N'ear 
senior cla. s, a luajor in j-'loriciilturi . This 
award is tn.ide anniialK on t!ie basis of 
scho'ar-hip. . Iiaracler and u.iural ability. 

Willi, .111 Jordan of Som.rville has re- 
(•.•i\i<l appoint iii.iil .is h.ld riar. lor the\ ile|i.irtnienl of the . ullege, 
.loin;,^ temporary serxi..- .-oll.-riiiiv Mood 
sairjiles for jioiiliry control. 

( ...Mi;. .\[i and M trio Nii-olai, both 
1'7, w.-re on lampiis i-n liome-Comini; 
Da v. .M.ison is located cii llu "Nest-to- 
\" poultry f.irm of Rob.rt Tr.isk at 
l.exint;loii, M.iss. 

Ilexton P.rsaiii '2^ of Dririit. paid his 
last visit to the coll.-ne sin. e ;.:ra<lual ion 
last Sal iirda\ . Ih is .,|M-r.itin'.; his hoiii." 
farm, inc' inline a dair\ of ;{,'> cows, with 
cash crops of L'.'rfMI buslu-ls of apples, .")(H) 
barrels of potatoes, and L'lMMI Imrrels of 

.1 \ 

..nil tul.l- 


i 1 1 nil 
liuills .piei> .dniUl .iii\u. New 
lhiiii;>shiie aim.-- •'"'■'• 'h.- tml! fimv 
the Bull Durhai 

1. hill finally adopu.l lii' 


hili.e I ! 


I ,i„ i„,^l .,! .h 
1, wlii. h V.' •:! 

' •;'! ht in at .\1. \ - . \ 
loot ball team which 
I hi W hi(e Rats". 

The .\.T.C.. inilialion baii'iu. t w.ishell 
l.i-l Saturday eveninj^ at tlu- I ord J.fUry 
Inn. .Maii\ alumni were back hir the 
o(..isioM. Dire, \.-rbe.k and |-lmory 
( ira>soii were anion.' ih.- s|>i-.ikers. 

Mr. P.uil W. N'iets, h)rmer su|K'rvisor 
of placenieni traininj;, on campus 


(Continued from Pafte I) 

\irtu.)s.>. The artist has rea. lie.l that 
|iiniia.'le, where technical diltiiullies are 
surinounte.l with such ease, that the 
aiiili.-nce sees only lK-aiit\ of inlerpreta-" Mr. Shirley will briiij; to this jiro- 
nram series on Sunday afternoon, January 
1."), other talented artists, .i cellist, a 
|)ianist, and a soloist to assist him in 
what he promises will Ih- a niemoralile 

Ilhe celebrated l-ainlish actor, Frank 
SiK-ainht, will presint one of his world 
Si hi Mil. 

'Pi llonu-r C. "Ked" Darling 
viven up his jiosiiion with the Del-Bay 
Farms,;.-ton, N. J., and is residing 
at the ol.J h.mie f.irm, Mendon, Mass. 
He W.IS on the . ampiis ri-cently and 
assisie.l "Ki.l" (.ore whip the football into shain- hir the Tufts ijanie. 

"Ifi James T. Ni.holson, assist. int 
\ in . h.iirni.m of the .\inerican National 
ked Cross, is the representative in charge 
.»f thi- Kill Cross lli>o.| r.lief a.tiviiies .u 
Uiii liiii..ton. \ t. 

1^ Ir.inklin H. ( .iiiLtt. 1 -1 l.i-iit.. 
."nil 1 . .\.. F.S..\., was visilinK friends on 
lile ..llllpus re.ciMK. H- •- -1 .'ionerl .it 
1 ori B.-.iyi;, "^ ^ 

■s ■■il.,i/- lloli;,. ■ ■• : ■ \. . 

ihui 1. (i.-r on tlie i.iiiipu- : !ii- 
fdl in.l iM.n.l.ii (hi Mi.ldlebur\- \ -. 
M 1 ' i. . I le 1- ill iharKc 

ol .1<.- il-Hieuhiire I sl.iblishnie-it .It 
Ml Ih (11 10 Station, I'.O., .Nev.i! ■ 

:■! k .^•nin^.| T. I'arkhiir-i 

!■ ., I ;,, . , . ,;| 

l-iiii., i . \. j., as liin lor 01 ilic N 

p.,i!:i' Ii:,-iiMtt .11 n.iiii.i .\i!iins Ayii- 

ci .■l.iiid. 

.riihul^t i".'k ills iii.ij.x III (Hniitr\ 

i,..-..,iii.lry at .M. \ ' ' graduation 

h' be.ame i.Men--. in jioiiliry 

f.imous Dickens recitals on F*"bruary li. 
We have sujj^^ested that it Ik- "Pickwick 
l'a|H-rs." it is saiil of him "so hue is his 
art he is one of the j(realest single 
eiiurtainers in the world to.l.iv, wilhoul 
.iiiN' ex. i-ption." 

Some st.irs of the ra.lio worl.l will in Mar.'h. ( is 
scheduled tor M.irch 2 and on .March Iti, 
Jessica Dranonette, Kric soprano and 
entertainer, an.l ("norijia Price, h.irpist, 
will entertain. .\ll of these ihrie ha\. 
U-come fam.nis as radio enU-.-tainers and 
their contribulion- in thi- s.-ri. - will 
.-ertainly Ik- .ippn. d. 

111.- usual -iinlent -. llu 
.\^Un i<> ' •■'■ lid 1 h'- Musi, .ll ( I'll. 
roii.-ert ail .11-.) iiichided in th • siri.-s. 

hollow iiu, is a !i-t of tlu- Soci.d Fnion 
envjai; nr. 111 - t.^r I'.'JV 

hridav , DecemlKr . ' • 

P.ilnier Putnam, ii . > 

.\.i i il l-',xpediiion. 

: . 1 , n 
;1 mil 


li;: - pn.M 
,;,,S , aC'l ■ ■■• !io — il'!i 

, ,in\ wild 
\i- 11101 l'>iiil( 
'III 1)1. !>' il- 1 


lem-. 1-iir 1 HI 1..-I :i mi .1 .11 ■ 

hful of the poultr- dc))artni 

: ;,llilll!-.l! ( nil' .; . 




WhiilK . U : 1. I. 

Siiiid.iN, I 
SliirU-v Trio. 

I'ri.l.iN . I ■ 
U.ader .;t Du Ki 11 . 

i-rid.i>-. F.I. 1.'. 

Musir.d Cllll'-. 

i'\. .M.uch 2, 


p. n 

< irah.ic 

\i V . I i, Soloist ind I-aittrt.iin. r. w'v 

,( i!\ ! 1,1- 1 

. ll ^11 i\ 11:^ 

•A 1 : 


_ , i ! I 1 1 

I I nil I 

^. mil n 

in ill. 

,ll nil 

I I 

.\r. uiul (ampii- 


11 1\ 

!1 li 



., .ill' 1 
.. I I - In 


1 '■,, 1 ■ ' ,i< .1 b.ini|ii.-i 

i ' : I i 1 he .il'imn m- 

1 t M linna ( . iiiiiii'.; 1 ' 

,v . . 1,1 11 I h 'ili \ iiiij in iir. n! I 1.1 -1 
. . Ill- al Irmliil. 

I >i-ll.i Phi < .aiiinia r\{ iinji-i 1 ,1 v, 

1 1» 1 lie .liinna.l'- b\ - 1 \ nu I ' 'll' ''< 

\lilic\ < '-nlir Siillil,l> .111' illnnii. 

Jackets of every kind. Sheep lined coats. Gloves (;aloshes Sweaters and Corduroys IHckey-Freeinan Customized Clothes 


Amherst - - - Massacluisotts 




Boston Headquarters for all M. A. C, and 
many other College Teams and Clubs 


Club Breakfast and Special Luncheons 

and Dinners 


Bostonians have achieved quality, style and durability 
at a moderate price. Try one pair and you will always 
ask for Bostonians. 



Optician and Jeweler 

« IM.KAS.WT -STRKKT. iup ont' fliftht) 

"ciilisih' I'reHcriplions Killrd. Broken lennes 

uccurately repUuetl 

IIK; IlKN AI..\K\1 <:I.(K:KS and other 

reliable makes 


is open for the season of '27 and '28 
Order EATS for parties, re- 
ceptions and hikes 
120 Pleasant Street. 

I'irsi liiiiise suiilh of c;itiipus 
llelephone .SI! 

You will find an excellent 

. . . SIIOK KKP.MKINC; SIIOl' . . . 

equipped with Ihe niosl up-l<i-dale (.(Htdyear 

.Machinery an.l a modern 

SIIOK Slil.NINt; l>.\KI.OK 

at 11 1-2 Amlly St., - Opp. .New Theatre 

IIV undenliind your rfiiuirrmenh and are pre- 

pareii lo meel your ttfiuh. 

All uiirk ■^Hdriinleiit. Shift \htni,l unJ Jyeil, 60i 

VIN<:KNT <;RAMM»MC;0. Prop. 


.SOc per nitihi. S.|.«Mt ptr per week. 'Si <MI piT 
nionlh. I, aid up ^■.^r^. Dec. 1st to .Apr. Isl, 
$i.00 per nionlli. 

Walter H. Harrison 


iiul lioiis.' North of Oiimpus 


('< fr.iiii I'aite il 

liiii>li ( Inst K Kiiii»>i( .1, l.ii. kh.ul, .1 Ii.l . 
iiKin, lu.ulf !.i>l tiiiic in ilii> r.ur, wiiiiiiiii; 
il ill 27 iiiiiiin. - In i' ."• m<(||1(|>. '||u 
s«';i.s<)ii tii.ltil Mnh llu- \i \\ I iii;l.iii,U ,,t 
I'laiiklin I'.iik .ii l>nnlu>ur. .\i>\i mUr 
1-1. ill wlii. h ill. .\;;'^if M|ii.i<i hiii>li,(l \ul! 
'Inuil 'II lilt ii-l .111.' ill l,ilv;r lli(.i>iiu i,, 
llu- ^i( l;iH-.> ol ( .ipl.lill rilslnii wlii, ll 

iiiailc liini in(.i| .i( iiiiiiiiiii; nn.' i.i 

( .ipl.tiii IVtsioii li.i> Imii llu- iiMinV 
It.iiliiii; rumiii llii> l.ill. .\( WisUx.m In- 
w.iii the rare, Itil hi-- u.ini .u ri)>s llu- lim- 
ill tin- \Vi)i.i--i( i Ti-t ll .iiiil ll.irvaid i.uv>. 
iiul liiii-h»(l tliinl in tlu- U.T. iiu«i. 
S(li.i|i|)flk-. .iImi .1 M iiior .111(1 niiiiiiiii; h'x'. 
Iirst \iMr III ir.i--- .iiiiii(i\ ll,^^, iiiriK.I in 
|>. rf.inniiiK . s si.oinl mily li« his U-.nli-r 
II.Hiit \t r is ih.- t liinl si njor mi tin- s(|ii.i.| 
li.i^ .iK.i Mill lull iiiit' \..i. ill \.irsii\ <<iiii 
lit-nti.iii., .Sdiii Jiwirk. .m.l Tuiu 
I. '<>tt .11.- till- iimior (It I. X. It inn in the spdit 
I'l. I will In- .i\.iilal)li next t.ill .is will 
11(111,111, U.)l)<rts(,ii, ,111(1 Ki-ii,iii.|, >(i|)li(> 
III. 11.-, wli.i ll i\i' iw.i full >c,is()iis .iht-a.l. 
AH I iii--.( ii!i 11 li.iM- I iiiii|i|« t.-tl oiiU tlu-ii 
tii-.i si'hi'ilulc (ll \,ii.-.iiy crdss i(iiiiiti\ 
work ,111(1 .lie I.I lie ( (>ii,,;r.n iil.ilt il on llu 
w.i\ ill ulli. h tlu-\ li.ivi' aidtil in pid.lii. 
iiii; .1 wiiiiiini; season. 

- \()CAi. IN.S'J KIC'I'ION- 

I'lori-'ncc- Clarissa Hays 
Oiif Acre - AMIiilK.Si 

r,-i. i.ViW 


— OF— 


at 25c and $1.00 


Cooler Weather, Warmer Clothes 

Sheep lined coats - $7.50 to S25.00 

Leather coats - - 11.50 to 14. .50 

Mackinaw coats - 8.50 and 9.50 

Genuine Oakes Bros. Sweaters 

S8.50 and 89.00 

And thr lowest prices on good overcoats that jou will 



iiFis i)o\N\s \<;.vn:s 

Coiitlniied from PaUc li 

I >.ii>l til. Ilk. "J.H- ' IliU.ii.l ..iiii.-il ll 
oxer on t he ik \l pl.i\ , (nil i li.- 1 1 \ lor i In- 

v\U;\ (Miint Willi wiil' \'. luii: 

iiii; ii-Milliil .ilihou-h 1 ii/i;| .I'll nip 
till .1 In 1(1 j^ iiilt- in llic l.i-i mill 


ll ( (-ri.iiiiK .1 i;,iiiic wort li w.ii. liiii" 
with the work ..f "■hiiiili" Kiii|i|iiist out 
stamliiiK '•" ' \';lioii',;li 

\\. i^lii hoiu Ills li.ii^; r.i,i\ ill till- inhi 111,11 \ 
.111.1 li.iiiilii .ippcd li\ not liciir.; .iM. in 
pr.i(ti(c loi ilii.-c wi.ks. "" .|i^ 
pl.ivid 11, ll lootli.ill. hoi. till)* hi.-^ own in 
the line .iiiil v;i-ltiiitj down under ill.- p'liit 
with llu- sp«((l of .III (lid. '1111" Tniili 

.111(1 "l-rit/'" l.licil. llu Iwo liL;!ll( 1 nu n 
on llu- (i.iiii. also pl.iu'd ,1 n.iiiif 
while "U.iv" rinnier (dxcred hi- wiiii; ni 
liiK- sh,i|« . l.llis, \l.ii-.ii,i||, ,111, 1 I'Miukir 

si. 11 re. I |.«| lull-. I lie \ : 

lufls Masx. .\Uftie 

Itow ker, I iiili.i. h. K- re, IMiiiiii-i 

Souk . It ll. Mar\ 

il.iiison. U.uli.loil, Mill, 1^ rn, Kili..n 

ISreh.inl, t mil/, t t , M.inii 

M.lli-v, r.,,l|,^|„r. ri; Ik. Hi.u kl.-y 

I it/pr.ild. It It. Undipii^t 

.\nstin, I, n- I., rmile. I (i\ 

I. Hi--, Inu.ill-. (|li (|l», |{.twi(- 
K( iin.'ilv . I (How s. Mill 

1 lili. 1.11" ll , Niikiewi.v 

Kin^ .\, ilili ilili. IliU.n.l 

riiili.i.l(-.iii. M.iidi.ill. M.idik. II) 11.. ( ook 

Scoi.' Ii\ |M-ii.i(|s 1 2 ;{ I 

liilt- IJ 7 i:; (I .JJ 

\ .\kK''' " '• '• '' •' 

i'oiK lidowns .M.iisli.iil U, Kiiii;si()ii, 
liowker. |-:ilis. Ililvard. I'oinI afii-i 
lonihdown iil/xeralil J. Uett-rei- II' 
( .niiiell. I nipin Slie.i. I 
liiK.ills. 11(1(1 Jiuke l>ulf\. liiiK 
lour l.'i ininnie |h'| iods. 


S,itiir(|,i\ was successful in il k.i-i one 
lliiiiK .111.1 W.IS the lulls 
will, ll W.IS Ill-Id in the Itiiildini; 
.iftir tlu I lifts v;.inie. .\ kir^i . rov. .1 
danced lo the niiisii of "j.k k" l>(l.iiie\'s 

.le\eM pie.c |iii|.| \ ,,„„| niiml.ei .il 

I 'III ■ 111.11 \>. 'I ilii'r ,iiii| iliiiiin^ ihe 

siijipei, will, h WIS ■-, rw.l .,1 hr.ipcr II ill. 

Id.- Iilfl-' ui.iiip ,111.1 till M.\('. i;iniip 

I'l 1 "I Ml I !■ " I i! -ii||j,;s. 

' 'll Ili.l.iX 1 \(-nill',.. I >e. ciiiliei -J. ihc 

sophoinoTe fl.tss is lo lioM .i .1 ui, • 
I.I lilt- one li,'ld 1. 1st \,..ii, whji h 
i- I .tiiiiiioiiiv (,.ll.i| .1 "I'livcrts I'.iriv". 

< I. I iiiii.~ Ulli !..■ 11 i|iiiii ,!, .111.1 I liei. will 
lie, Ik -ill. - d. 111. 111^'., K. lines ol \,iii..iis 
kinds ,., ih.ii .ill iiienil..i . ..I i lie . |,i~, 
"I, I, ii.iiii. ip.iic. \ln h. p.ii 1 V , 

*\lii. ll will il ■ 111 Id in ih. 
liiiiMin ', v(i!! ll.- till iii-.lii-.| In I'M, 111- ' 

Ihe . .iiiiiiiilli ( ill 1 ti.ii^.' Ill ihc .ill, in .i| <, l>.i\i-, .\,;.ii( I 
I' l>.>nin.i'i K.ilph i;. iiiniii, (•(.iii;(- \\ . 
"^"I"'.'. I'.iiil I riuiiiu \ , .mil I nil i S. 


1 own Hall, Amherst 

\\ etinestlay. Iluirsdav, Nov. 2.i 24 

'•riiK coiMuv i)0(,r(n<.' 

.\ \llir.iiii Miir> ol lii'ioisiii, S.I, rill. I', 
iiaihos, lull' .mil tli'tiiiliin in Mic l>ll>^i■ll 
hill', of New I iit>l:iiiii \ ilr.iiiiiiiii' pli iiiic 
pai^i'il wlih ilirllls ^iiitl llo- liii 
csi t lassii siinf '\\.i> Down last " 
New-. i re'-l (:<iiii|.||> Ke ;iilai I'lins 

Friday, Nov. J.S 

-SIN <;akc;o." 

Thrills iii\slcr> .l.i// ilrani.i. Ihe 
hiUliimiKs ill (his pcrleit III pirliire of lii- 
il;i>"s \oiiiit>i'f siiihil si-i. uiili Sliiili-> 
Mason ami Kolicrl l-t.i/ri 

Spiirllii>hl iliil niir (>atl|> Coiiiedy 

Saturday, N«>v. 2b 
RKX IN "Will) IIKAl'I'Y." 

K'-d in Ills liiuuesi iiiiisl ilirillitiii pli i iii i- 
with . I e .1 (i|>i ixlo iHsl.inipeileof iIioiis.iiiiIn 
■ f K-iir III III hi.rsfs. he le;ips ihi ;ii| i I ..,| 
his pri-«io(is efTorls in ihls -llrriiiU e«|iiitii- 
ilr.iiii^i the UriMlesi liorNe pliliire evi-r 
III. file 

News and i»o reel (Utniedy. 

Monday, Nov. 2H 

Marie in "Tili:(;iKI. IN 

The rolliikifitl i-oniedy-druniu hIiIi .i 
well-known i :oil. 

Kahl's .iiiil Cliiirlie CliaHe Coineilv 


are popular this .Viitumn 
in ftiotwear and, of course, 
this hiji sluie store 
has the finest aKsoriment 
in town. 

liROWN All K;AroR 
BROW \ SI I i;i. 

.$h.00 t«) .SI2..S0 

lltisierv loo 


27,T High St., Ilolyoke 


Ready-made ^ 

And Cut to Order 


I I _T7 




Camels Hair 




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IMoomtrs .Step-ins \ests 


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G. Edward Fisher 

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. . f 11 , ^.^ . ..f ^i<..^.,.^r fhinds: linod times, visitinfi the home folks, etc., and for the man 

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No. 1 Main St., Amherat, Mmim 

Our L.un<ry Hr.t c:i... Riihlur footwear s.uh ;is l<,.|,l.,s. 

Our Pwliry GuariificaMi ( )\ crsliocs. IJ<« >t s. «ti . 



Opponitf Post Oflire 

shi.«. Ki'p.iiriniJ I >i |>ar!nii-n( 

TOHN KOTOS ^Hol v|( Ml 

U. A. C. Library. 


Rojicr llinlzo, Mftr. '2*t 





Pep Young, '2"> 


Kin liartlett, '28 

Had Wyman, 2 yr. '2H 

Ken Perry, '2'» 



Red Redftrave, '2s 


'llu- l.miiiiin «>( Jiimlii) ill llif oiMiiiiiK 
of llu- ^.lm(■ iiiiist li;i\r stt lirt- t.i •'Kid" 
Mrirsliall's lliinkiiii- (;i|). No oiu- rise in 
llu- field or on llu- stand- iM-lii-vcd Ihov 
first two sinroH It-^itinial.- inilil tin- 
olVuials df(rt-i'<l llu-iu so, and <-.i-n lln-n 
tlu-rt- w«ri- donl»t-:. Marsliall's work 
showi-<l .1 thoioiijili knowli-dv.t- of tlu- rnl< s 
and wt-n- (l«-\<r liitsof work alihoiiuli llu- 
tondidowns w«-r(- llu- ristill of Kt-fi-ri-i- 
()'( oiiiuH's f lilnrr lo soiiml liis wliislk- 
as (HHU\ as llu- play was inailt-. 

"DnUli" Ui:d<iuist's heliin-l <anu- in 
for ((insid<-ral>l<- (oninu-nt. Tlu- inosi 
siiilaMi- dcsiriplion wi- lu-anl for it was 
that it looktd liki- a roal hod. 

The- liosli)}! lit raid in attc iii|>tinj; l<> 
jiiNlify what llu-y Krnu-<1 I'lifts" dis- 
iippoinlinn showing said in tluir story of 
tnc- conti-st, "Tlu- third and liy no inoans 
tlu- U-asI iniporlani M-a-on may havi- U-c-n 
"Kid" (.oii-'s sirappy Ai;«ifs- 

'i'lu-y wcTf all straniid up foi ihf Kaiiu-, 
and lluy showed it. They ta(klt-il 
viciously, ihcy dived into plays with 

.,p,,,„,.nl .lixlain l«.r iMissihk- injury, and 
liu-y 111 vir v;avc ni)." 

ih,. H„^lo>, I'ost Mai. (I, '"llu- AnK'us 
„,v(-r uavt- up, .oniiim back in the final 
,p,,,rler to Lallle llu- Juinhos with a well- 
t-xe< utid lorw.ird pa-.s attack. 

And lluy n» vcr did ■^;ive up! 

Stiid.-nl su|.| su.h as that ac.onled 
th.t.-an. last Saturday is a sure siun th.H 
there is still sonu- spirit left in the college. 
M.A.C. hail a linhtinR team l)a«k(<l Uy a 
loyal student Ixxlv, an<l no ahminus is 
juslilu.l novv in l.-llinu how nuich Ixlter 
it was in "the (»1<1 days". 

In the v'oc.l ualured banter that pas:,t-d 
|„.,«,.,-n llu- rival players, "Duich" Rud- 
,pii>t t.M.k tlu- |.ri/.<- for the clever 
wis.- ,ra.k. When I lifts .alle.l tor time 
out in llu- Ihir.l duarler, "Dutch" re- 
niarke.l, "I I'e 'All-Americans' 
hiivi .all.-d liiiu- out." 

first, ami the A)i^\v hand then did its 
stuff. Hoth ornani/ations ( leverly fornu-d 
an "M" and a " l", and thcM.- lormalions 
were followed by the combining of ttu- 
two bands uiuler the .lire, lion of ihe 
Tiifts drum major, ll certainly souiuled 
tine, and efficiently used u|) the tim«- 
hilwc.-n the halves. 

"Kid" (.ore may call his players a 
l.muh .)f "kids", but they surely played 
like men the entire sixty minutes. Nine 
(.f llu- eleven played llu- whole time while 
l-.lU-rt and Tuttl.- were reli.-ved almost 
uimecess;irily so far as condili.)n was con- 
ierne<l. A record like that is a tribute- to 
the coach and to llu- men tluins. lve^, v.hen 
physical condition allows th.-m to play 
as loiiK and as well as lhe\ did. 

M.A.C. Men at Meeting 
Of Land Grant Colleges 

Thatcher, Machmer, Haskell and 
.Munson at Chicai^u Convention 


Grace I). Beaumont 

51 AMITY ST. - TEL. 211-M 

Amherst, Mass. 

I uti- had a line representation up fr.mi 
M<-.llor.l with her baml very mm I. in 
.vid.n..-. IIh- visit. .r> were allowed the 
lu.n.H of Ki.inn ihrounh 


nil. 1 .\( I I.IA Wll I. I'AKADK 
anytime vou woiil.l lik.- t.i s.-e tlu lU. 

[•.ATIII-.X out tils lake m.uvciius. 
S-.- llu- para.l.- at 


"Uob" Howie's lon(4 forward pa-..-, in 
the s<'coiul |HTiod was one ol the loiiRest 
heaves seen on any field this l.ill. It 
traveleil dose to forty yards, an.l al- 
tiu)ii^;li it was urounded. there was a thrill 
lor llu- s|H-(tators in the play. 

l).leKale> from the College who atten- 
ded the forty-first Annual Convention of 
the .Association of Land (irant C'ollejjes 
and Iniversities held at the Connress 
llot.-l in (hiia^jo returne.l home Saturday 
nu>rnin«. Keprex-nlatives from the col- 
lege t.) the onf.-rence were IVesident 
Ihat.her, Dean Ma.hmer, Din-ctor S. 
B. Haskell and W. II. Muns.)n. 

The chief event of interest during ihe 
three-.lay c.)n\entioii was tlu- report Kiven 
on the aj{ricultural situation .>l the Inited 
States. The re|K)rts and reconimeiulations 
offered by the ommittee .)n this impor- 
tant subject are usi-d .lirectly by Congress 
aiul llu- Stale legislatures in drawing; up 
k-Kislation pertaining to ajjrii ultur.-. 

Director S. li. Haskell has ln-en secri- 
tary of the asx.. iatioii for some time and 
iK-cause of hi-- intention to leave colK-iji- 
ale life to eiit.-i l)n-iiu-- ht- is bein« n- 

pla.f.l in lii^ olti..- b\ Dean C.KiiH-r <,i 
K(-imi(ky. Mr. Haskell was for one year 
.1 iiu iiiUr of the Committee on Publica 
tion .)f Ker,earch. IVesi.lent Thatcher wa- 
for two \ears a memln-r of this same com 
niittee as well as a memlKT of the (oiii 
mittee on \'it,imin Cuitent of K.mj.I li; 
K.-lation lo Human Nutrition. 

.Xmoiiij former faculty memlx'rs oi 
M..\.C. who were present at tlu- conven 
tion were ex-l'resi<h-nl Hutterhel.l, (\ 
President Lewis, J. IMu-lan and J. 1) 
Willard. Ex-l'resi.lent Lewis has been fur 
three years a memlH-r of the ( Ommitu. 
on Colleije Orjjanization and l'oli(\. 
.Among the C'.jlle>;e alumni present wen- 
IL W. l-:ilis 'i:{, Director of the Agri- 
cultural i:x|Hiiment of Conne. - 
t icut : an.l 11. ,1 . liaker "11,1 )irector of t In- 
.Agricultural KxiH-riment Station <jf New 

Kx- President Hutterfield is a memlxr 
of the Comniitlee on l'ro|Kisi-.l Section .'ii 
LiU-ral .Arts and also a member of tin 
C ommittee o n Slate Fisca^J'olicies. 

l-:ie\en l."»-year-ol«l girls are registered 
in the Inivtrsity of fdifornia and are 
(■arr\iii.; 'luir work ^u. cesslully. 


Gift Shoppc 

Jmlwrst - Massachusetts 

JiiM ;i ti-» si''l>s I .'sl "I "I"' Apiary 

C.ijts l-'or All rurscs 

IVU'plinms I.Vi-W l')-'»-J 


The College Candy Kitchen 

A fine place to go and take your friends for 


Ice Cream. Milk Shake.. Fresh Fruit.. Refreshment, and Soda.. 
SaUeil Nut.. Page & Shaw. Park & Tllford. Boxe. Ready 

to he Mailed. 



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liberation^ of tobacco taste and fragrance, mifohied by experience. They are alway= 

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But the fame that Camel has won i* u»-ii{,Mi y 

worth all the trouble. Il ha. brought 'Ilaica Cametr 

K . 

O 1927 


N . C 

New College Store 

Sy iHaggarliuB^ttg OlgUggtatt 

Vol. XXXVIll. 



(;. I*. I'utiiam li'lls of Kxperk'iict's on 
liuffin Island. Movii-s Kntcrtaining 

Should .\kR'»' stuiU-iUs snil(l(iil\ taki a 
iKitioii to migrate lo lainls vvitliiii llu' 
Antic C'irilf it would not Ik- at .ill siir- 
^lri^illH afliT having atuiidfd the iii- 
tiristing and absorhiii^ ktluR- nivtii last 
1 liday at S<xial riiion by (icort;f I'aimor 
rutnam, the noted i-xpiortr and |)ulili>lur. 
Mr. i'utnani was in cliarvii- of llic .XnuTi- 

I an Mubi'Uin Mxpi-ditioii to < iiccniaiid in 
1926, and also of the UatHin Land I'xjK-di- 
lioii in 1927. It was the latter trip that 
llu- leeture <lealt with. In addition to 

.line excellent slides, I he siK-aker pre- 
M nted three r«-els of motion pi(~tures (!»•- 
jiiclins the hitjh |x)ints of the trip, which 
was made early this year. The object of 
the voyage was to add to the world's 
knowleilge concerning that inunense and 
little known island to the north of our 
(ontinent, Hathn Uland. Over three hun- 
dred yi-ars have elapsed since white men 
last exjilored the ground covered by this 
e\|H'dition, the previous explorer Ix-ing 
Captain I'ox, who, in his vessel "Charles" 
saile<l up the coast ot the island a short 
distance. The "Morrisey", the ship iiM-d 
l)\ the I'ntnam <X|H(lit ion, followed the 
coast nuich farilur northward an<l di>- 
covere<l that an area of (i\c- ihous.iiid 
xpiare inik's. wliich had hitherto Ihi-ii in- 
cluded in all maps ol that region, did not 

The aihentures of the niemlMrs of the 

. u w rtere \aried and exi iting, antl pio\»(l 

(hat in this l\v»iiliilh century, excitenuiil 

,1 ad\enture are not contiiud solely to 

-lory iMxiks. The |)ictures cr>ntained 

II i-ordM of tlu- acli\ilie>< <)f the men l«)th 

uork and at play, and niadi- one sei- 
iliai, wliil(- a great deal of work was ex 
III. till from (-\er\(ine, there ?.lill 
111 pla\ . I'articularU inliroting 
iC^onlinucd on I'ufii* i) 

Ol iiNc; c;lib (jains 


uthwick '2'f Will lU'ad Orfjanization 
During Comiiij* ^ ear 

\ .1 result of the recent dri\e for 
liii iiil« rship, till- Outing Club incn-asi-d 
thi niMiiber of its nieiid)ers by t'lflN'. TlKre 

liiiwcver. r<H)ni for more and it is Iu>p< <l 
111. it inon will join in the near futnp I In- 
< lull plans to hr)ld meetings tlu Inst 
Ihursday of (-ach month beginning nexi 


^' lli(- nietling held la^t lliursd.ix, 

- and contniittees for tht- \ear were 

1 1 and policies in gt-neral were fiis- 

! Walter K. Southwick '29 was 

! I're^ident, Ro\- S. 'larr '2'.) \ ice- 

ii III. Kenneth II. Hunt MOsecretar\. 

^iliiir II. draxes '29 treasurer. 'I he 

iiy commit tee chairmi-n W(-r»' al-M) 

; ( .ihin ( (timnittec-, I.aurence .\. 

ll '29; .Activities Committee, .Milton 

11 '.'!l); ;ind Trail ( ommittt-c, < ii urge 

';;(). rile I'olicx Cdminittei- i> 

i-l of Professor Charles I'. .\U \- 

l.aurend- R. (irosi , Curry S. 

Charles II. 1 honipson. and the 

of the iliib. 

.Satur<lay the club (onduited a 

' till- cabin on .Mount Toby at 

:!i • I hey put the window fraiiHs 

-uiHtiire. N<xt Saturday another 

ill Ik- lielrl t(» the cabin when t he 

ill be ]iUt on. 

Aggie Revue 

Comes Friday 

Novel and Interesiinti Foaturt's in 
l'>27 Production 

.Aggie Revue, tlu- second entertainment 
to be given under the auspices of thi- 
.Social Ctiion thi» term, is to be presenie«l 
by the Roister Doislerson Friday evening, 
DecemlHT 9th, in Howker .Auditorium. 
Coming as it d(R-s at a time when the 
pressure of studies is es|R'cially strong, 
.ind when tiii.ils are but a few da\s off, 
the l<e\ lie has nevertheless In-en b<M)sted 
with such co-o|)i'ration by those taking 
part in it, that if should provide an 
evening of enjoyment, and, incidently, of 

The comniiitee in charge is of the 
opinion that the evening will prove more 
interesting if the acts are prest-nted as 
surprises, so the program will not be given 
out until t hi- night of the event. However, 
attention may Ik- tailed to a f»-w of the 
nuinerous attractions. There are several 
dance and musical acts, including selec- 
tions by Ira [?. lies .md his ColU-gians, the 
(Contlnued on Paite 2) 

Winter School To 

Open January 3 

Prospectivo Studonts Required to 
Enroll Before December 20 

c.\Ml't s (;.\I.KM>.\R 

■ 11'.' ■'prnii; wmUl >>f hut uluomy 
;.f hail niilhim li^f hut ^t^nti^ 


'' >-ilnesdii> 

.('.iiior- . 
1 hursday 

• ■ '..- I! 



• '' p. III. .\KKk- Rt-VIK- 

■ 'rdas^; Ba^k^•tl)i^ll <iani«-5 

I '.lo-N'. ,11 - \ - liuiiiir- 


' : ■ ; ' ' ■ ;n Miib ( .iin •ntujii 

^' ii;>;r.- V.-;. Jimii : 

Irc-linipn vs. Si] 
^»'>ndiij -Friday 

' 1^ M !-.\.\MIX AT KiNS 
' '' ir> =.. S 00, ColU-fte Opens 

S|>ecial courses for fruit gmwi-rs, 
greenskei-ja-is, llorists, d.iirymen, herds- 
men, unit courses in home »-<-onoiiiics, 
and 2t( (»tlu-rs on various subji'»:ts will be 
offered in tlu- Ten Weeks' Winter School 
wliiih will III- condiK led from Janiiarv .'{ 
to h Ht, 192S, atioiding to tlu- 
.innouiH t'liieni by |)ireilor Roland 11. 
W-rbei k. 

.\dv.ince rc'^i^ ion will bt- retpiired 
this year .iiid will close liicembir 21). .At 
least six must register lor .i ^iibjet t by 
this dale or it will not be offer< <l and 
pros|M(iive sludenls s«i noliliid. .\t l»-ast 
ieii must efiroU in the S(>ciial cour.scs, 
such as those for dairvnun and gre« ns- 
kicjK rs, if they are to be given. 

The course in dairying will be offered 
from January 1(1 to I ebru.irv 2t .ind i> 
divided into iliit-e Pii d.iv iM-ri<Mls. Te>t- 
((^oiitiiitied on I'aUe 2> 


Representatives from .\mherst. 

Smith, .Mt. Ilolyok*-' and Springfield 

\\ill Attend .Meetinjt 

Next Saturday afleriuHni, DecemlK-r H), 
the College will ha\e the honor of enter- 
taining repn sentatives of («>sm»i|K)litan 
t liibs from four other colleges who will 
meet hire for tht-ir annual convention. 
Th(- four (olleges to be re(ir»-st-nted in 
.iddiiion to M..\.C"., arc Amherst, Ml. 
Ilolvoke, Smith ami Springfu Id. 

.\t this meeting will be represented 17 
different nai ioiiaIitie>. Thi'- count rv will 
li.ivc the larg( st numbi r \\ i:h Fngland 
seeiind. The re|iie>ent,u iv e> Irom Mt. 
Ilolvoke Collegt- and Smith ( ollege who 
come from oriental countries will be 
<lr«-ssed in their native cosIuiik s. 

.\t three o'chnk the repn-si ritaliv<-:> 
will gather in the Memorial Building 
where the convention will In- hehl. I ht- 
[irograni will Ik- o|Kn< d b\ Consiantine 
I'. I, alias '2S, I'risident cif tin- ( 'osni<ip<ili- 
i.iii (lull 111 M,.\.( .. ulio will extend a 
word of vv( leoiiie in iM'hall ot the Club to 
the vi>iting members. Pn-sident KoxtM- 
W . lliatiliei w ill -jM .ik (111 t he iiii|.(irl ,1111 I 
i)t ( o^niopolitan ( lubs ;ind sirens their 
I ontribiition to international mulerstanfl- 
ing. The iiriiK ipal -pi .iki i ot the conven- 
tion will \m; Professor .Alexander .A. 
Mai kimmie who will talk on hi"- exiK-ri- 
en(<s with foreign jM-ople while travelling 
ill iMirojK'. The musical p.iri of the 
program will Ik- furnished bv joxphine 
Panzica ■2S and Faith i:. P.u kard '29. 
0|Kn di-'i ii->ii)ii will tollow the .iddre-M^. 

Students who are nut members of the 
( iisiiiopolitan Cluli and who wish to 
p.irticipate in the convention should get 
in touch with either Klmer F. BarlK-r or 
Consiantine P. Ladas. The M.A.f .r.A. 
under the direction ol l.i.ner I.. I'iiIkt 
i- I n nper.iting with the I lull in 
111. iking thi> tdnvcntion .i -in i e-.>. 



Four New Members Chosen Followinti 
Freshman Competition 

.At .1 spet meeting ot the 
IkkucI of the i'ollit^iiin last I hiusd.iv 
afleriKKiii tour In-shnu-n were .idded to 
the editorial staff. The fushmen who 
received the elei lion are, in order of tluir 
rt-l.itivt- St. Hiding, .Mary M.iumoiil ol 
Saxonville, .S. Potter jr. of Spring- 
field, Sally K. Ika.lley of lee, and I- rank 
T. Douglass of Springtiild. 

These elections follow as .i result of tlu- 
treshman com|H-tition whith ended l.isl 
week and which was < arri(-d on uiuler the 
efficient dirt-ction of Harold K. Clark, 
senior fealure editor. The freshmen w«re 
graded on a basis of eight typical nt-ws- 
pa|H-r re|K>rts which wtre submitted dur- 
ing the term. These pa|H-rs were corrected 
by various faculty members and by niein- 
Inrs t)f the editorial board of the Collcg,iiiti 
in order to insure fairness lo those coin- 

With these a<l<litions it has In-en ftiund 
advisiible to make several changes in the 
make-up ol the Bo.ird. r.rnest I,. Siwiict'i 
'2.S as editor-in-chief, Fllswiirth H.iin.tid 
'2S as managing i-ditor and Harold F. 
Clark '2.S as feature «-dilor will continue 
to liea<l the e<litorial staff. S.illy I-:. 
Hradlt-y will replace |-'.ric Singh-ton as 
si-cretary. Josephim- Paii/.ica '2H will ri-- 
inain in charge of alumni and short < oiirse 
news and will Ik- assisted by .Marv 
Baumont '.'il who will in ad<lili(Mi st-rvi- 
as «-xchang(- c-ditor. Fdw.ird II. Nichols 
'29, assi>t<(l by f-iric Siiigleloii '.'{(I ,ind S. Puller '."I, will remain as head of 
iIk- c,im|iti> de|i.irl meiil . The .ilhlelii 
depaiiment is he.ided bv ( '. Sheplev 
Cle.ives '29 .iiid he will ll.ive .|s |ii> 
assistants Carl .\. Bergaii '29 and 
'T. I )onglass 'I>1. John B. How. ml Jr. 
';>(( will Like over the faculty department, 
assiste<l by S.illy 1^. Bratllev '."Jl. 1 hesi- 
changes and i-lections will not gii into 
effei I until llu- next issue of I he Collixt'ii: 
i on janii n \ .'». 


Three \ eterans of Two ^ears 
Available for l'>2H 

\arsily hockey practiic- is now well 
under wa\' inuler the direction of ( oai h 
"Ri-d" B.ill. I>aily sluMiting pra<lice is 
bt ing held in the nar of the Drill Hill in 
pii p.iration for work on the ic(- vvhii h will 
iK'gin ;i- --iMni .1- wiiitei I Mini -. It tlu-re is 
sufficient colil v^e.iiher to Irie/e the rink, 
the men will come b.u k early Irom 
Christmas \acation in oider to swing into 
the s«-ason in lip lop form in the first 
game of the \e,M with P>aiis, liei.-, 
January 12 

Three players, all of whom T»avc- lu«l 
two years of v<irsity exjnric-nce, are av.iil 
able for tliis year's sextet. They ,ii« 
Captain lore-.t, .Abrah.inison, and T rese. 
C<Mik and Nash, first string subs on last 
winter's aggn-galionf ar«' strong cindi- 
'(>>nlinued on Puie i, 

Frosh Five Faces 

Difficult Game 

More Than Thirty Candidates Report 
to (Joach IJriftfts 

Interest among the- freshmen in ba-k<i 
ball is very high if anv conelusioiis (an be 
driivvn from tlu- large tiiiiioul that re 
|ii)iieil ihi,- jiast wei k. ' ch li I' :.>- 

,1 >,(piiiil 'li -lij^litly more ih.iii thniv ineii 
out of whiih to selei I a hve. Little i- 
known about any ol tin ,i-.|>ii,iiii -, but 
there are several yearliiig> who h.ive tli< 
lu-ight and ranginess that aid in in. iking 
good b.'isketball plavcrs whii h in. ike- llu 
sea-oii look proiiiising. 

.\ii atlr.iitive but ditln iih -i liedule hi'.- 
Ih-cii arr.inged for the fro-li i|iiintel which 
ini hide- I lie-e game-: 
Jan. 10 -South I herhelcl there 

21- Clark Sc hcwjl at North, iiiiplon 

27 N.w S.ileiii It ,\1 .\.( . 

:50 I lofikins .Academy at .M..A.( . 
hell. '■> Cil>.hing .Ac ad. at .\shbiiriihalli 
7 Siiiit ll \( .ideiiiy ,it M ..\.< . 

11 Middlesex Pre-.MccI ,it M .\.' . 

17" Bay Path at Spriiigtnld 

Maroon Key To 
Hold Mardi Gras 

Will Replace Maro<»n Key Informal. 
Dale is January H 

.\l v.iri.iiice with llu- ii-ii.d ciisiom of 
holding .III d.iiiic dining the t.ill 
tt-llll, the M.iidon Kev, Ullclei 
the le.idcrship ol l.dwiii J. Mullen '.{(», 
proicUni of the societv, coiiiplel«-d 
pi. ins for .1 M.irdi tiias, which will icniie 
.IS tlu- lirst college daiiii- on the winter 
social calendar. This dance, in addition 
to U-ing a costume party, is scheduled for 
T liday, the l.'{|h of January. Many novel 
leatuies will add inieresi lo tliis occasion 
whic h has alreadv .iroused much inlen'st 
.miong the few sludenls who have- lie-eii 
tortunate enough lo le.irn .i ft-w of the 

IMiiding |il.iiis. .\ii g the- iiovellii-s, 

which h.ive- iK-t-n arr.mgecl, the- Leap 
Near numlM-r will prove one e>f the nM>sl 
interest ing. During the- diancl March the- 
King .iiid (Jueen tif the- occ .ision will In- 
chosen and a prize awarele-d for the most 
.ipi>ropriale costume. 

In plate- of the ciislomary informal 
dinne-r re-fre-shmenls will Im- se-rved dining 
the e-vening and l.ivors will be- in evidence. 
(tlonilnued un I'aUe i) 

Picks Alumni Advisory 

Basketball Committee 

"Three Basketeers" .Xmenifi ' 
Chosen hy Coach (iitre 

"Kiel" C.OIC-, cci.ieh ol v.irsiiy b.iskel- 
li.ill. li.i-^ recenlly .innoiiiicc'd the iii.ikc- up 
ot the .M.iss. Aggie- .Alumni .\d\isoiy 
B.i-kctb.dl ( tmiiiiitltc which he selects 
e.icll ve.ll .It the iHgimiillg ol the llCMip 

season. R.ilph Sle'dmaii '2<l cil Spiing 
lield will act .Is tor the lifili 
c iin-^eculivc- with the other nic-iiilH-rs 
of the- e ciilimiltce- iilillidillg: ( o.ich 
"Re-d" B.ill, dirt-ctor c>t IwoN'i.u aili- 
Ic-tic-, and oin- of the bc-i known b.isket- 
ball otiiriils in (he Cciiiiiei I ic ill \ allev ; 
l.awree- |iin<s '2t'i, lormer crack 

C-. liter ami oiu ol .M..\.C.'s i.iiiioiis 'Thre-i- 
Baskt-te-ers who plave-d logeilur for llire-e- 
liill se-asons, aiicl who is now a sliiclent in 
ll.iiv.trcl Bii-iiie-s School; John 'Temple 
'2ii, another of the lliicc- Ba-keleers who 
.1- e apt. tin <;l till 192ti .\ggic- cpiinlet was 
pic ked as all Ti.isti rn .iiid .ill- New I'.iigl.iml 

'<:tintinui;d iin Piittf Ji 

ll \I.A( 

,,> h.ii.. . 


.: \ ' 

, i >. • \l \ I . 

I ) Null In .1-1.1 n ,ii ,\L A.< . 

is .\rniy at West Point 

20 — Maine .ii M \ ' . 'iM-ndiiigi 

2K~Springhc Id .n .\1 .\.C. 
lib. 9 Willi. nils at W illiam-lc»wn 

Hi I' Instiliitc .i! \I.A.( . 

i:; St. .Michael's ;it .M..\.( . 

l."»— HarvartI at < .imbriflgi 

IH — Worcester Ic h at W'oi 

2:; St. Stephen'- at M \.< . 

L'l N.-w H.impshire at M \ ' 
Mar. :; I lilt- .it M«-dlord 

Kid 'iiiii ~ MOW niniilMr- 
-iMiiii nil 11, ' R.iy " .M.inii, "Triddii" 
Lllc rl . "I'.iii" Piiirb.'ink, .iiid "I'.o/i." 
Tuft- having ioiiied llu liiiop-ic-r> afle-r 
the tool b.ill M.e-'in was ove-r. "Link" 
Miirdoiigh, an c xfuric iicec! guard, is 
ex|Hcted li.iik .it (ollii^e ni\i iiim iml 
will be- a great help in biiilclm^ up .m 
etfeilive defensive game-. In tin- pi.KiHi 
ses-inii- III d.'ile, ( a|)t. Reeil .ind l.lliit 
li,i\i liiin li'ildin..' d'i'.Mi I he forwarcl | 
po-ii IOI1-. 1 hoiii.ts and ( oiiko'- h,i\i- Im-c'ii I 
jumping alternate-ly .ii lenier, with. 
Ml 1 .WI n .mil .Mann at the >;u.n d puMiions. 
( o.ic h ( fore plans to h.ive a l.i-i .ittack, 
,md all iiidirat iciii- |K)int to .i -mcissful 
ijiiinlei wliiih will in.iiiii.iin I he high 
reiord lit -.lie ct s-ifs \L \.( , livi-^ 
have ri iiiidi'l fc)r sevc \iar-. 

Numher 10 


.Six .Seniors, Ft>ur Juniors, Three 

.Sophomores (iiven Award 

For First 'Time 

PI. IV ing oiilv one home- g.iiiie dm ing 
the- e-nlire- scimui. ilic 1927 fcHilb.dl 
bucked up .ig.iiii-l .ill -oil-, of dillii iilties, 
.iiid .illhoiigh (he lecctrd hung up by llieni 
shows one lit- and seven clefe-als, the 'Tufts 
g.iiiie .1 thrill lo it that iii.ikes one 
torget about scenes and give- credit to the 
players who h.ive- vvorke-cl under "Kiel" 
(■ore this tall. TJu- .Aggie olh-nse- storetl 
only l.°{ |Niinls while our opponents rolle-i! 
out .1 total of [.{."i. I..U k of weight h.indi- 
eapiied the- team seriously while injuries 
ccinlinu.illy cut into the- alt.iik devisetl 
by the coac lies. 

Several lu-w men m.ide plact-s for iht-m- 
selve-s on the ilt-vtn in their tiist se.ison 
t)f varsity hMit b.ill. Knc-c-l.nul, the light- 
est man t>n the se|iiael, playetl at halfb.u k 
until a fractured wrist in the- .Amlurst 
game- fore eel him cnit ot the- lineup. .M.uui 
and Ruele|uisl elevelo|K-tl into tle|H-ncl.dile 
linemen whilt- l-;ilert reieive-red frt)in an 
injury in lime to linish the st-.ison as a 
regular. lo\, .i b.u k, Br.u kley, .t lint-- 
inan, ami Plimier, .in end, wtn- I lit- it-- 
mainder of the le.iiii who were aw.irded 
let lets for the- lirsi lime. Sever. il senior 
Iclleis were .iKo >;iveii lo men who 
Ihc'II .ictivc- meiiilM'l-. ol the for 
lllic-i- ye. II ?i. 

iCiHiliniifd t>n I'aUf 2i 


Star Fnd and Itackfield Man Has 
Played tin \ arsily Twt» .Seasttns 



Ajiftie Team Meets Seven Opponents 
.Nt>t on Fast Year's .Schedule 

.Nine- home g.iiiie s li.iiiire I ht- var^^iiy 
b.iskeiball schedule as anntiunccel by 
I III' ' ■ I Broikw,!,, ni.iii.igcr cit the 
-.|>ort lc)i I lie coming sca-«oii. Svtral new 
teams are listc c| as .Aggie c)p|M>nents with 
Fttclilnirg Normal opening ItJe scliwtuJe 

RoUii I.. Bowie of F^'isl Milion, im m 
iH-r c)f the t of 1929, Imc n elecii-d 
captain of I he- iootb.ill eleven Im | he 
coming > Bowie h is Ik-c n a 
for twi» s. a<i>iiH, pla>iiig at t nd his 
stiphomore year .iiid lmi,liiiig up I he 
lallt-r pail ot the- p.i-t I .ill's siliecltde ,i^ 
the li.iin's punter .iiitl passer, iM-iijg 
th.ilted into thi;^ new po-,iiioii tiom his 
old pi. ICC- on the wing when Ruelc|uist 
was injiiicei. In ihc .Springtielel ami 
Tufls games "Bob's" passing a 
fealure, one of his lo>ses in the lalte-r 
c-oiilesi being a ten I v yard heave- whith, 
all hough it W.IS groundecl, givi-s some 
inclieation of Ili^, ability in line ett i he 
g.iliie. Bowie- is .iKo ,1 v.ilsity pile her 
which piob.iblv ll. IS some eeinne-e tion with 
his forw.iril passing skill. 

'TW()-\ FAR B\SM I BAI.I, 


.\ImiUI '■',U c anihd.ilcs .iiiswered ( e>ac ll 
Ball's c.ill hir Two b.iskeiball last 
week, artel work towards bnillhng up .i 
strong l<-.iiii is going sie-,idily forward. 
' .i|>t,iiii P.iiller-, ,iiid Ol-eii are the only 
I'M 11,1.1 I ■,! I., I W ll;;. i ■ , live, .iiid I ill e 
two nun will loilll the nile lelli of the 
I92H team. .Among the ne w men wlui 
have rlisplayed promi-,e in the- e.irly 
sessicius are, < ieirh.iiii, N.ipoli, larlane, Pclleit, anel Woodger. .As 
yt-l, the s< hediile noi \f>-n eoiiipl*-lti|, 

but il is c-xpecli-(| thai t mig 

vae:alion, a gtKwl -< i m ■!; ■inii i~ uMI 
h.ive Ixc-n li-led. 


tiamt-s to he plaved Ibis wet-k 

Tuesday, H.Mi p. m. 

Jiinieirs vs. Sfphoinores 

I re>hmt-n vs. Two N'l-ars 
Wednesday, 7 p. m. 

Seniors vs. 'Twe)-\'i-,irs 

Inniors vs. Freshmen 
Thursday, H-LS p. m. 

S)phoinores vs. I wn \'i ,ir- 

Senie)rs vs, Fr»-'-hm. n 
day — after Ajlijie Revue 

Two-^'t-ar- \ -. | iinini- 

St-nif)rs V-. S.-phoinore- 
Saturday, 7 p. m. 

S<-niors v-. jinnors 

I rishnien vs. StiphunKtreit 


_ ::r 7"i 



Oflicial iKWH)aiMT of tlu' Mas:,achusiUs 
AKriiultuial (<.ll<gc. l'ul)li>h.<l fvtry 
Wtdatbtlay l>y tl"'' stiKknts. 


E«NEM 1-. Sl-hMl.k '2N 
BU-tWUKTH Baknahij '2K 

Kditor-in fJiief 
MaiiuKiiig Kdilot 

Krlito.U.l l-XN''-''' 1- S'-KN"" 

Fealun- Hakol.. K. Ci.ahk 

Alumni & ^-huit ( - Joskpiiinh 1'anzk a 

Athlet.c SHEl-lEY CLEAVES 

Caki. a. Hm«.an 

Kkank '1. Dm <.i.Ass 

Ompus K.,<.LS 

hKH SiNiil.KI'lN 

KlAl S. I'ol ll-.K 

Faculty J"MN »• HOWAKUJK. 

S\i IV K. Hkaui.kv 











EmviN A. Wll.UKK -^s Husinrs. M:.n..Ket 

D(.i ..I AS A. l.oKIN(; •2H lir. ulution MaiKiKer 

IlAK-i I. K. ANSKI... -^s A.lverlisinK 

l.AwmstK A. Cakkith '29 

WllllAM A. KfiAN '2'J 
l-kKDHKU K 1) TllAVIH. Jk. '29 

Sul.^rri| Sl-'OO p. r SinJ. 
coi.i.s lOcnls. M.,k,all....l.r.,.ayal.!.> 


Ill ra^fol .hanu.ol a<l<ln ss, ^lll)sl■rllK i> 
will pl<asi- iiolifv tin- l.usino^ iiumanti 
as soon as i)osNibK-. 

Fnt.-.p.l as (^ton<l-da5.s matter at the Anilitr-.t 
Vj;"im.,: AoH.,.«.-l f... mailing .1 si^-cul r,.u- 
of ,H.Ma.M.,.rovi.l..M... H, s.-.t..,n 1 ... Act of O.- 
tolioi. llUT.aullioiwcd AuBU^t JO, l.HS. 

vviN n K SCHOOL to 

(Cuniinued from Pitfte I; 

iii^, .\iiaKziii)<, ami Iii>ik« tiiin D.iiry 
I'rodiK t>. will 1)1' K>vtii January Kl lo 27. 
Milk I'iaiil ()|niation from January :iO to 
ltl)ruary 10, aiwl l(»("r.;im Makinu from 
liliriiary 1:5 to 2 I. 'liiiM-ourM' will apptal 
to milk plant operators, fortimn, ami 

'I'hf toursf for t^rtrnsktipirs is open to 
Hrftnskicixrs (»r nuinU-rs of tjretns (om 
mitt CCS. it lias Imn arraiiK'"! •"> » '>" 
operation with the New Knuland ('.riciis- 
kci|Kr>' (lul). I'ilic (<iursc for llorists 
will aid nun aiid^ wonuii t-nnancd in 
ilori( work.* 'Hie Boston C.ardin- 
crs' and llorists' Club lo-opcr.itcd in its 

Thf fruit urowiiiK course is for those 
who are pariicidarly intt listed in «row 
inv; friiil for profit. 

'Hie lierdsmen's (ciurse, whii h will d«al 
with fcedinnand <lairy herd manaKcmciii, 
will run from I'eWruary li to 17. l<c(( iii 
developments in feedinn, breeding, aii<l 
manau'iiicnl of dairy herds, as well a- 
lli( lieallh of the lierd, will be taken iii». 
I he women will be iiiK rested in the 
imit coinxs in home ((onomics which in 
elude subie(l> Mich as textiles ail<l cloth 
iiiv;, food and mil rit ion, and home in. in 
,ii;eiiuiit. lloriicullural manufacluics, 
which deaU with tlu- i)reparation of food 
products from venelabli-s and fruits, will 
probably attract many. "Auriciili m.d 
Opportunities ftir Women" is the subject 
of another <oiuse to lie olTered. 

Cuiiipliie programs ma\ be obtaimd 
Irom till Short Course Ollue. 

Fraternity Banquets 

Will Come February 1 1 

Interfraternlty Conference Hears 
Report from National Conference 


Kequiescat In Peace 

At this season of the year, the hot- 
stovc leagues resume their sthedules, and 
hymns of triumph or obituary for teams 
and athletes, and especially those or 
heroes of the (gridiron, are the current fad. 
Ill closing the Mass. A^nie season, let it 
be said that roach and players have done 
their lust. If victories were not luinier 
oils, Dame 1 Drtiine may be held respon- 
sible to a (crt.iin ixtent. The wonderful 
I xhibition staKcil auainsl Tufts, in which 
M.A.C. became one of the three eleviiis 
to store aKainst llie Jumbos this year, was 
proof of the (pi.ilil\ of trainiiiK recei\ed 
,ind .ib^oi beil. 



'Ihir, edilori.ll m.i> ^ceiii lo be a little 
tarilv in makinu its .i|.iic.u.iiice bin 
nev.'tlheless we i anmn .illow this 
opportunity to nunlion ihe l'.tJ7 foot- 
ball tiaili K" '•> liuhteded. In tin- lasl 
issue of the Colkni'iil there .ippe.ited .1 
short note U-arinj; "Kiil"' (.ore's opinion 
of om last name. In an adjacent toliimn 
in this issue is a comminiication which 
Wf b.lieve portraxs the sentiment of tin 
alumni body as .1 wholt . it is, llurefoie, 
not out of place lor lis to voice the < 011- 
census of opinion of the nndt rKr.iduates. 
We all lelt proud of mir team for llie 
showing which it niadt against Tiilts. 
We are not ashamed to share the tiefe.ii 
with the team for we all bt lieve that the 
team, as it plaved against Tufts, was .111 
honor to the Collide in spite of the con 
rln-ions which one may draw from the 
store. The i redit v>o»"^ •'• ''"" entire team 
In-catise tile outstanding jilays were not 
the athievements of iiidiv i<liial stars. 

In spiti of the rumors w Inch have drifted 
in from time to time durinn the football 
season this fall leKardiiiK the (o.uhinu 
staff, we have every contiilenie in "Kid" 
anil his assistants. We Ulieve tlitse 
rumors have nniie from those who are 
not ac<iuainte<l with the comlitions which 
the coaches here have had to face tliniiiu 
the past season with our team of iiux|Hri 
tnced men. Ihe name was ample 
evidence that the coaches and men had 
tltme their uttermost, and for this reason, 
we are sincere in the st.itenient that the 
players on the 111J7 team have no canst 
to haiii; their he.ids in sh.iine. We all 
b«lie\e tltev did their level best. 


(Continufd from I'uftf H 

«lates for positions as is Ktidipiist. sub- 
stitute pialie on the l".tU7 team. I'.itih, 
a transfer from Dartmouth, has also had 
some ex|)erience while four menilHrs of 
the lM:i(t treshnian team (omplete the 
list ol those reporlini;, l'illsliiir\ , W.iei In. r 
W.irren, and ZiiKcr. 

A teii-K'Hiie si hedtile Ihi'II arr,iiit;ed 
with llie majority of the contests to In 
staf;ed aw.iv from home. ()iil\ one con 
ttsl is listed with Aiuhersi .is \ii. itii . 
rel urn U'l'"*' '""'> '"' ^tak;(d b.-liie tlu 
MM^oii closes. Ihe sdndnli : 


iioiiilniicd from Tafti- I' 

( .iiiiptis tjiiariet. 'will iho-e who lie.ird il 
.11 ih.ll b.lskelb.ill '^aille l.lsl willtil e\er 

foiuei it!j, and a .n 1 b\ tliecoeds 
iniilt r the ilirectioii of .\liri.iiii II. Ilu'-s 
'2'.K Three or four skits .ire In be ple- 
^.nted.oneof which isintilltd ".Mothers 
Mistake." The cast for this includes 
I It lie 1.. bartUtt '2S, llhanor Caldwill 
'l".t. Leonard W. Morrison '!.".• .iiid I'aiilini 
.\. Spiewak "-'A . 

.\s their contribiilion to ihe eiiterlaiii 
luent, the fieshniin are u'^i'iu a play 111- 
lilled "Trill h Will Out." 'Those taking 
part in this are as follows: William T.. 
hosworth Jr., lalherine .\. IWnnliani, 
Ttlwin .\. Loonier, \ iruinia Met '.oldrick, 
( .. Koss M.ickimmie, John J. Moikle\, 
and Louis I'yenson. 

In addition to liavinu general charge of 
the entile pioniam. Maxwell II. ( .oldberu 
'2H also coached the freshmen in their 
plav. ( credit is due him as his task 
has taken much time, |)atience, and 


C'onlinuvd from I'aile I) 
Wire the immense fields of floating ice 
which .It one time heinmeil the ship in 
so completelv that pio^ress was m.ide 
only by chopping a lane in the ice bv 
hand. It was while wemlinn its w.iy 
tinder these dittuulties that the projxUer 
ol the ship was damaued, necessitating a 
h.ilt for repairs. With the aiti of a tide 
of over fifteen feet, the "Morrisy" was 
run ashore and h.istily erpaired when the 
falling tide exposed ihe keel. 

At a point on ihe coast, I'litnam and 
some of his mt n left the vessel in an oinn 
Ixiat .inil made .1 live hundred mile ( riiise 
idose to the shore, stoppinj; to make 
observ.ttions. .ind la-ing contintialU on 
guard against the ice Ihx-s hurried alting 
by a seven mile .in hour current. On this 
trip, they discoveretl that the original 
iii.ips of the island were not coirect, and 
pioved the toi.d l.tiid area of the 
world less liy live iholisami sipi.tre 

I'erhap- ihe most exciting incidt nt 
where the men encouniered .1 laige 
bear at close r.inue in .1 smill boat. Thcv 
lolli>\\ed it .1 tMii-i,!. i.ilii. .li-i.Mii e. . :i(i, 
,1 fi,i;i ■ ill' ^''' I'lilii-Hii 

.i.lii.ilK . 

Those having a more cynical attitude 
low.ird lilt i> fall sixirt might enjoy 
nailing llevwood Uroiin's arlicle on 1 he 
.uKantages of i)rofessional, collegiate 
fooib.ill ill .1 recent issue of Thf Xiilion. 


Willi.ims College gr.mted thirty-three 
Utters this season, a teiidcni y which is 
to be commended in that it meant less 
empiiasis on imliviilual e. he 
tpienl ami en iii.isse siibslil iilions beiii;^ 


The New Attraction 
U.isket ball once more si I Ills the polished 
llonr, and "Kid" (.tin's ch.irges are dis- 
covering uiisiis|mleil iiiiisilis b\ feinting 
.Old pivoting in s\ iii lironous movemeni 
with -v III op.ited chords from a pi. mo. 


( )iii new Drill ll.iH siirf.ici' will pmve 
of more \alue lli.iii money cm express, 
for reprt ives from many high 
M-hools will Ik- on the lainpus this winter 
for the b.iskeiball loiirnameiit on M.inli 
•.till .ind Klih for the championship of the 
Conneilicui \ allev. 

I'.P - 
\ gr.ive error been brought to our 
.itteiilioii. .\ word leceiitlv niis- 
s|Hllid in this loltimn, a severe enough 
mistake, but the crowning rebuff was the 
fact that the encircling was a 
comiiienl uimiii anotht rs orthography. 


.\g.iin we niract. Statistics given in 
the issue of this pa|Kr concerning I'hi 
Kappa Phi t.ike i)recedence over our own 
hasty observation concerning st ieiice 
majors .ind the well known honorary 
societ v. 


New Use for Education 
Only in MIT. siudenl could have 
concocted ihe st heme which was recently 
eX|)osed in the sc1um)1 press, nanielv, the 
invention of electric treatnieiit for hot 
liogs. .A wire is hoolced to each terminal 
of the sausage, the llO-volt current in 
the dormitory is t urnetl on. and the 
"cookey"' st.inds by till the ilesired degree 
of heat .ind crispness is reached. 


Fifteen Years Ago 
The "College Siftnal" Said 
"The sophomore class at a recent meet 
ing decided to levy a tax for the sup|>ort 

.\t a meeting of the Interfraternit v 
( onference, held last Thursday evening, 
William U. Ki>bertson '-JS) gave a report 
of the meetings of the National Inter- 
fraternity Conferente held al the Hotel 
Pennsylvania, in Now York ( iiy, Nov. 
25 and 2t), to which he was sent as a 

Of the problems whit h were discussed 
at the National Interfraternity Confer- 
ence meetings |Mrhai)s the most interest- 
ing to those at M.A.C. was that of the 
relative merits of first week rushing ami 
deferred rushing. It is iiUeresling to note 
that a good lu.iny of the delegates were 
in favor of earh rushing. The chief argu- 
ment in favor of early rushing seemed to 
be thai it meant better si iiolarship lor 
all concerned, .\mong the other things 
whidi Kobertoon mentioned was the 
fact thai al several colleges and univer- 
sities the pledges are reipiired to room .it 
the fraternity houses and they are fiir- 
lh« rmore reipiirttl to be al their desks ;it 
7.. 'id every night with the exiepiion ol 
Iriday ami S.iltird.iy evenings. 

'The (onference sel the date for the 
fralirnil y baiii|uels to be held on Tebruary 
11 and .dso deeiiled to hold the Inter 
fraternilv Sing as usual this year. Ilaiohl 
S. .\d.iiiis '2'.t was elected manager of the 
Interfraternity U.isketball League. 


iConiiiiui'd from l'ail«- I 
lorw.ird. .ind who is now .ttlending II. ir- 
v.iid Meilical School; Kaymond ( . Simlev 
'2t'i, tiie third member of tlie Ihiee 
U.iskeleers who is farming in Worcester; 
lldw.inl L. Uike '21, ca|)lain of the living 
.\gr.iri.ins in l'.>2f ami now dint tor ol 
.ithleiics at Cushing .\cademv : < .1 oige 
K.lso '2f., ihe "Dead-eye Dick" of the 
l«t2f. club, who is market ganleiiing in 
W.iban; .\lton (.iistafson '2(». an .\ggie 
gu.ird. who is now enrolled in ll.irv.inl 
C.iaduate School; AlUrl W. Smith '22. 
diminutive of the .ill-\ alley livi- 
rei.resented the College in l'.»22, wh.. i- 
now in the dairy busiiiCHs in Pittstield. 

lo the 1927 football team, its coaches 
and the students of .M.A.C'.: 

Having been a spectator of the Aggie- 
'Tufts game, 1 would like to express my 
thoughts to you in the columns of the 

The Aggie Mitlgets diti themselves, 
their coaches and their tollege proutl in 
the annual game with Tufts. I'laying 
untier the tremendous handicap of Ixing 
outweighetl nearly 19 pounds to the man 
and having two unearned scores marked 
against them in the early part of the 
game, they carried on to the end fighting 
for every inch. Such ])laying was an 
inspiration tt) the supiMirters of this team. 
Never has an Aggie team battled more 
courageously against such odds. There 
were no heavy men or stars on this team, 
yet time ami against the best plays of 
their stronger t)p|)onints were sio|)piil 
without gains. 

Indiv idii.iUv .mil colkctivelv this lillle 
team tleserves praise for the game 
lhe\ plaved, liven more jiraise (if that 
is possibles should go to the coaches, vsho 
develoi)ed a defense and an offense which 
worked surprisingly well, only \n-\n\i 
broken .mil slop|>ed al limes because ol 
the much greater weight and strength ol 
the opponents, .\ggie is inileed fortunali 
in having a coach of (he c.ilibre of 11. M 
Kid) C.tire. Let us hope we may be ablt 
lo keep him m.iny y.-ars. .Nevei was ;> 
losing lighting team given more loyal and 
hearty support by its coUe.igues than on 
November I'.tlli. It well tiesorved and 
splendidly and continuously given. 

A good lillle ti .1111 was beaten by .1 goo.l 
big one. Till V pl.ived the g.ime, lhe\ 
gave their best, outclassed and out 
weighed they fought lo the finish. 

We are proud of the boys on iliis ti.un 
iheir loai lies and .11 live siipiiorlers. 

S. S. CKO.SS.MAN •()•) 

Clminiuin of the Aluinii 
. 1 </: isor \> Allilctir (. 'unimilti . 







(Continued from I'afte li 

The (onmiillee wishes lo .mnounce 
this will not be .i jMograin d.iiice .is is the 
cast- al the informals. Uecause of ihe 
limited dance are.i il will be neiessary to 
limit the attendance to ti.') touples. 
details as to the orchestra will apjiear in 
a later issue of the CoUi-^ian. 

Prelims may now U- secureil from aiiv 
niemlKr of the Maroon Key Society for 
the price of one tlollar. In addition to 
Kdwin J. Mullen the MariKm Key meni- 
lHrs are Harold J. White. Charles U. Cox. 
l.tuien W. Dean, Ralph L. (.imn, .Arthur 
(.. Pvle. .\rlhur U. Sedertpiisi. Karl .M. 
'Tomfohrde, I rank T. White and .MUrl 
P. Zuger. 

of .1 b.iskeiball team. Pr.ulice will U-giii 
soon. Siveral games with outsiile le.inis 
will prob.iblv be played." \'*n 1". 


•During the Thanksgiving recess, the 
wires lor the lights on the ht)ckey rink 
were strung ui>, ind everyone is now 
(Kiiiintly waiting for inld we.iiher .ind 


The Y.W.C..A. is planning a ( hristinas 
parly lo be held in the .Xblny Center 
from four to five-thirty o'cUm k Sunday 
afternoon. ICach inrson attending is 
exiHCled to contribute a gift to one 
guest whose name she has previously 
drawn bv lot. 


(Continucil from I'.ttie 1) 
Tdllowing is the li^t ol litier men: 
.\lbert ( . Cook '2.S of Waverly, captain , W . Terguson, Jr. '2S of .Newton 
Highlands,; l<ol»ert L. Uowie '2!t, 
liasi Mill on, I loyd li. Ur.ickley '2'.t, 
Strong, Me.; I ted C. Kllert "M\, Holyoke; 
Joseph Ti. Tiv.iiis ''IH. Lawrence; kolnrt 
1.. l-ox ■2,S, Ware; Joseph K. Ililyard '2S, 
.\mhersi ; KolK-rt J. Karrer '2.S. ilingham; 
Kiihard C. Kellon ''2S, lltibbardston; 
K.ilph T., Jr. ';{<!, .\tlleboro; 
Kobert .\. I.iiuoln '2S, Ilingham; Kay- 
nionil S. Mann "M). Dalion; Waller 11. 
Marx '2!t, Holvoke; Kenneth V . .Mc- 
Kittritk '2\K Uoston; Taylor M. Mills 
'211. Uosion; Uokslaw Nilkiewicz '2'.». 
Holyoke: Paul K. Plunitr '2<t, .Adams; 
John V. (Juinn '2S, New pHilford; Cecil 
C. Rice '28. Worcester; Uirger J. Kud 
i|iiist '2'.t. Uosttin; Henry U. 'Trull '2.s. 
Lowell; Warren J. Tufts '2H, Jamaica 
Plain; Alden P. luttle '2«, Uellingham; 
Charles E. Walkden '29, Swansea. 

Uenjamin W. Ntwhall '2() has enteretl 
the Cornell Winter School and cx|jects to 
finish the course in Poultry Husbandry 
which he has elected late in February. 


{^^x. n>. 


The .Athletic Association interclass 
g.inus are being played off this week .it 
the lioys' Club (.ynmasium. The games 
are called at five o'clock. ( Mi Wednesdav 
the Freshman team is to play the Two 
Year team .ind Thursday the juniors will 
play the victors of Wednesday's game 

Lasl Saturday afternoon the .A.T.( .. 
Stxieiy held a dance al the Woman- 
Club in .Amherst. .A large attendance 
patronized the aff.iir which was under the 
chaperonage of Mr. and Mrs. C.ould and 
Mr. and Mrs. K. T. .Muller. 



1 ! 
i s 



1 , 

' \| 

\ ( 

>' M 

Nlllle ni • 
S.IV ill' 

lldlll llli 
.md e_hl t : 

'-1 iiu '..:-■ 

_ ( 

\ , i i 

' ' ! 

^ ! ; : 

i ' 

1 i.{ III 

Ill ^\<v. 


WaU ■ . 

1 1 

w ; i 

\ ( )\ .ej;i 


1 I 

\inlu 1 

1 .1 

:, \ ( 

^ . 1 \ • ■ . ' i . . 1 . ' 
nil >i In 11 ■-' ;■ i !' : ' 

- ; 11 i; 

in ill 

I \\i I K ,1 11' ! I !' ' . .I'ly 

'. er lleM \\ ei k Im' .1 

/■v which VDii will 

nur friitids ill other 

n ii.ti't "11 I IK 
.\ 111 11 It 
. t \ 1 1 > student 
/■;./( \ without 


|.||„,, 1 . Aiii'il'l '-"i 111- loniplit' il .1 
Year's work in W '''■ Sihoot, .i 

private inslitiilion .u tl.iritord. Conn. 
He to enter tin St hool ol Lducation 
at UoMoii CniversiiN iieM \ear. 

W.trrt n H. Uatchellor '2f. of Stoughtoii 
has been elected i (resident of the newK 
organi/ed (.lee Club .\ss<Jciation. 

• ■ iin >. l-.'l.^l 
I re, ill! 'lei .11 1 '1 
I, , t !i .lUl * 

eU lied presiiii i; 
.\-~ui-i.iti('n .1. 

• I 

ni li 

: 11,1 _i 





Ahll'iuuh u<<: (|ilii' .1- Will .itl'llded - 
th.d ot ll-l \e,il , till ~"|ihiini'>re ")i- 

d.inee li' Id in :' " ■ •' ' MuildiiiH ... 
I rid. IV iii-,!)! - successfiii. 

1 ji, i !■ 1 ■ ' . ^'.ii I' 'II- .iri- -o !i' 

,,rul..ihlv 1 ihr lact th.ii n- 

.jl ihe r '" .1:1 .i|)l>ear.Ui' 

• in >-; \'. ' 'II 1' '\> '1 

,;;,. '1 l'\- the < ' 
;,M.. , . . , . :. . . .-, ' " : I rude IXr 

yi,,,.^,,it I', i ».in<'\.i:i. .md R.ilph 

t ..nliiiei .! I'll i'iViie .< 


\Ni' ;,ro s.Jlinji All Wot.l Overcoats, extra hmjl mi dels, flyfront and be;.utifully tailored for $?5M. 
the regular price *.-^» «« r»^^^l T'CID 



I his is your opportunity to buy a fine Overcoat beU'« 





Boston Headquarters for all M, A. C. and 
manv other College Teams and Clubs 


Club Breakfast and Special Luncheons 

and Dinners 



Btjstonians have achieved quality, style and durability 
at a moderate price. Try one pair and you will always 
ask for Bostonians. 



Optician and Jeweler 

X PLEASANT STRKKT, (up one HlUhi) 

OculiNtit' Prescriptions Killed. Broken lenses 

aecuralely replaced 

BU; BEN ALARM tILOCKS and other 

reliable makeH 


Is open for the season of '27 and '28 
Order EATS for parties, re- 
ceptions and hikes 

120 Pleasant Street, 
First house south of campus 

[Telephone 511 

Vuu will tind an excellent 

. . . SHOE REl'AIKIN<; SIIOI* . . . 

equipped with the most up-lo-dale (tixMlyear 

Machinery and a niiHlern 

.S II O E .S II I N I .N <; I' A K L () R 

at 11 1-2 Amity St.. - Opp New Ihealre 

He under itand yuur re'iuiremeni^ and are fre- 

parrd to meet ynur needs. 

All u-ork guarantied. Shoe-: shtned and dyed, 60: 



.Sflc per nitthl. $1 .tM» per per week $4.tM» per 
monlh. Laid up cars, l>ec. 1st lo Apr. Isl, 
$i.00 per month. 

Walter H. Harrison 

2nd house North f>f Campus 


You're going to give Dad, the Kid Brother and your 
Friends a remembrance at Christmas. Why not make 
it something they will appreciate, a tie that is just right, 
a silk scarf or any one of a hundred other things we can 
show you that will be more than welcome. 


James A. Lowell, Bookseller 

\Mth Still cf the College - - 5 and 10 cents 

Books for young people by David IMnney Putnam 
sr>n <»f Cieoriie Palmer Putnam 

Rooks hy other ytiunftsters 

. ; ^iH.-, lo Batt.n I.'ikI AiiiDni; 'It- .\1[i- witli l5i,i'iloi<l 

'iviil goes toCiieiiilatKl I '. ' \..; ; 1, -i .n i - rxplorins 

I ;.;. ,1- \ iiv.iuiiiK 1 >, rii wiili till- Indiana 

i ), , ;, ill \fi-~,i \'i riU- 


.\ lai'^c iiiul striking display of hlnck 
piiiHh li\ till' i;ii^li>li arli-l ili 
Istilli li,i^ Ihim |iI,u<(I <m view in I lie 
Mt'iiiorial IStiililiii^ .iiid will he lu'ld liuic 
uiuil C'hrisliua^. I iii^ iitlUdiiui i> Ixiii^; 
I'irciilatcil liy I lie .XiiU'i icaii I' ion ol 
Alls and lias JK'fn .iii.inm-d liy I'loftsMu 
I'raiik .\. WauKli. 1 In Milijotts are .ill 
diawn (loni llu- li.isi — China, Kdici, 
J.i|ian .mil llii' riiilipiiiius, — and the 
pill nils .lie lull of oriftilal rliarin, (olui 
,intl mv^lfiy. Tlu- prrst-iit xokiu' ol 
liloik printing will ^iw additional in- 
itii-^l 111 \\\'\s I'xiiiliii ion. llli- |>iipiil.ii 
piiiio-- was cxplaiiii'd .iiid iilu>iiatid in 
.iiiollu'i r\liiliilion nrriilK luld at the IWiildini;. 1 lie picliirr> will 
Kin, till on the w,ill> iiiuil t In i->t mas and 
tlic piiMic is alwa\'s Wflt-onic lo mc tin in. 



'■ i III- 1 il Id of Orsanif ('liiini>ir\ " w,i 
till' sulijiit III .Ol informal t.ilk |i\ I >i . 
Jii-fpli S. ( li,inilH'rl,iin, l'ii>ti-s>or ol 
( >r^,inic ( lifiuisiiy, hi-i WVdiU'sday cm- 
ninn to tlu nioinlMTs ol tlu (itK-ssniaiiii 
( Snit'tN'. Tlu nu'itiii^ w.i-- 
.iiiaii);((l liy .i ('oiimiittii' consisting ot 
laiusi I.. S|Miurr 'l!.S, Waltir R. Siiiiili 
'L'.S and Ditkiaii \art.miaii '2U Imt w.i- 
prrsidfd o\<T \>\ IliTtram II. 'L'S. 
.\s an introduction to lii>, 1 )i'. 
( liaiiilM-ilain ^a\t' .i short hi>ii>i\ ol (lie 
liiinui ( hiniistiN cluli which w.i-^ mi \ 
.iiiiM- up till six ycar> .luo. Ih' sticsMil 
ilu' \.ilui which mi^lit lie lUiiM-d liniii 
>iich .III oi};ani/..itioii .old ciiiph.isi/i d its inii- Nii;riirii .nice -lioiild !«•. I he 

- \(K Al. INS! kl CI ION- 

I loifiK f ( l.iriss.i H,i\ - 
One .Vie - .XMIM.KSI 

T. 1. 1.-..-. W 

III. tin jKiition ol his s|m'(cIi w.i-< dcxiitcd 
to discii^sin^ the liild ol ()i>;.inic Chrin 
istry and the p.iii wliuli this hi, inch of 
l'lu-iiiistr\ is pKiviiii; in iiidii-»li\ .ii ilic 
pitsciii time. 

I he next liieelilii; ol llu' Sncietv will 

1k' Ik'IiI on l.mii.iiy t, in ihe lilii.iiN ol 
( l..ilioi,ilor\ . It toiiiid 
,id\is.ilile to ch.iiiKe the lime ol ill.- 
meeiinii from 7..'{ll to 7. 0(1 p. in. 


t Itiniiiiiu'd Iriini I'uUc 2' 

< •iiiin. .Music lor the affair fniiii.shed 
li\ "Don" TilTuin 's on hestr.i. 

|{»sit!i> the d.mciii^;, there were 
novelty dances .iiul (,iid n.imi s. ,mil .iliei 
the nr.uiil m.ncli, prizes were .iw.iided loi 
till' imtiiesi, funniest ami loudest cos 


llu- p.irt\ w.iM (-h.ipeiom d lis 1 )e.m 
.Old .Mrs. Willi.ini II. M.uhmer .md 
riuli-sMii .md Mis. ('h.irlis 11. r.itierson. 


Linen - or - Leather 






\N odiu'sday, Doi-. 7lh 

iS A<:is tu- Ml III 

VAC I) E V I L I, E 

lllMlll'll ll> 

HI KM. A 1 (H I IS Kl.\ I I 

4 I'ltU'l I-. on Ihe SCKI I N 

r.ilM D.mi. K in ••Slu-'s a Slu-iW" 

Coiiifdx l';ir:iiiiiiiiiii Ni-»,> 

'riuirsday, Dec. K 

M.ii.iHiiii I >,- I.I .Mmii. v\ .M.iliiilni 

Met III ^111 III 


I'jr:lllliillll< < omi'if'. )'.ir:lii',,|l'i> \<'»>s 


' imir 


Ihiiiii.,-- M 
•RE All. < 
h Ki. 

Dit. «> 

i-i-.;Imii ill 


e\ k;ii Kiriiinn 

.Sa turd ay, 

Ivill 1 ill 

• JAWS Ol 


Dot-. 10 

Iin ill 

IVillii' Nfws 

Mon. and Tues. Di'i*. 12 l.i 

I ' ihn li.ii I \ iiiiiK' in 
•DON Jl AN." 

fjsl ini liiilfs I sli'llr TiixInr.W ;irM«-r <H;iii<l, 
MiiiiMUii i. <•«<■. Ilflrni- ( :<isl<-l|ii iiiul llll> 
■ tiller (iclfhriiit--. Sli<i» n iint <-. M.iMiurs 
;il .i.lO Kv«-nliu>'> III 7 4'' Sllliw sl;irls;ll 

I. 4s NO M»\ \N<;i IN I'Kii rs 

F.\<:i;i,iv NEWS 

t *n l>iieiiil»ei 17 the ( iille^je |,|( nil y will 
hold ils ,1111111. d hike In Mei.iw.impe Cdiiii 
on ,Mt. Tiilis. If ihe wc.iihei is f.ivor.ihle 
.1^;e numlier wi'l he e\pecled to t inn 
Kill lol t he lesliN nil's III ihe d.iy. 

MilsM-s will he I nil It) WiMidhin y's as .11 which pi. ice ihe hiking will 
he^ill. I he II. imping will piiHied to tin- 
c.ihiii .md ihiii nn to Snndeil.ind where 
.1 sllppei will he held liillowed hy ,i 
nueliiiK Al I his lime olliceis lol next 
ve.n will he elected. \ .irions sorts of 
eiiiert.iinmcnl will he enjoMil which wilt 
he ^i\en h\ dilleienl iiieinheis nt | he 
l.icillu . 

Ihe pieseiil ullliels |ul ihe .limu.ll hike* 
.lie .IS lotliiws; I'lesidinl, I'liilessoi l< A 
\ .III Melei ; \ ice piesident , Assist. ml 
I'lolessiii ( 1. W. Aldeiiii.m; secret, ii\- 
lii.isiiiei, Diieiliii U, II. \erheck; trek 
m.isler, I'mli-soi M. ( ). I ,iiii | 
pile. II, ,iiid insl.ill.ii inn nllicei, rinlessor 
t . I 1 . 1 III llllpsnil. 

1 own Mall, Amherst 

lius.. \Vi*d.\ilitirs., D»H. to, 7 A K' 

No |ii< iiin* In lii^liiM h,i<, i-\i-r >I;im'iI ,iI- 
l.'in|tl ihe ni.ii>>-liivisi\ iliiilliiiu ul.niK'r- 
• i(isl\ iM'.iiililiil SI riii-s ii<'|ili ii'il in llii>ri-- 
iii;iik;il>lf ni;isli rpli-i !■ ilii' iiiiiitl <>i iiiiin 
\i.t-, iii-\cr K-iiirivril I he uonlx lo tlPM rltx' 
I'Ni'ii t. limit ilic ci^iikIi-iii . iii;u>.iiiHi i-iK t> 
;iiiil .i»<--iiis|')iliii^ i.Kiiiiciils iliiii luiss Im'- 
li'ii' )oiiri'.M' ill iliis aMiiiiiMllii); proditt' 
ions ufiii. NfH> <.<iiii<'ily 

M.iliiifts 111 .t riilMrcn iSc Atliili„ Mli 
I.-, -iiiin'^ ^n 7 <" - ■ - Ml ■,-;it> Mti 

Fritlav, Dor. •» 

Willi >'li>llis ll.itrr, 'loin Moorr. Jiii «|iii>- 
1 1 III' I otian :iiitl JoM'iili Siiikcr lli<- t-ii Irani 
ifil> sloi> III .1 uiini.iii who <>iillla|i|«'il a 
M.i|i|ii-r ami icuitiiicil IIk- waiiili'iliiii Iom- of 
liir liitsti.intl. Short Siiliji-i I llalKii.iili 
all • j>iiii-<l>, -Siiiiar li.ulti-v ' 

.Saturday, Dt'c. 10 

Hoot <,il,si,n III Ti-ur It Klliu-'s 

'•<;ai lopiNt; II Rv." 

Ili'ii'v a haiiU ii|> Wi-sit-rn llial |ia< k- ilif 
pilIK h of .1 illl/fll |)l'lll|ls<'>s 

Nf \<'. , < iinii-ily 

Monday, Dt-r. 12 

\ l.iii)ilili'r |>iitiirr <f \> wi\i'-. hIiii 
taiiillii I hill »afiili-ilnc hii>liaiiilv ,i lesson 
ill li<lelil> li> hirinu ihri-e i olli-|>e sheiks lo 
play Ihf pariH of lo\iiiU Monieos 
l-'ahles anil Oonicily 

A pair of our.... 

will (Jive you the greatest pro- 
tection and comfort this Winter 


275 High St., Holyoke 


AimI Cut to Order 


I • 




Camels Hair 




Camel* Hair 


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and SILK 

Illoomers Step-ins ^ csts 


G. Edward Fisher 

Amherst Shoe Repairing Co. 

At the Service of those who appreciale 
Better Shoe Repalritiji 

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Opposite Pom <>ffu< I 

SIkm- KrpHlrinft Ihpur 'rmiit 

JOHN F01T)S SHol, sroRK 














Mi-tliifMhiy. IK-i . 14. 7,MI-'».Ml a. in. 

Monday, lU't I J. 7..SI»-'» =>•• a. ni. 

l-ll'IK'll 1 

(Mr. Jiiliiiii) 
Auiun 25 
Draw 25 I 
An Kcl .15 
All llus.V) 


(; An. I 




( lii'iii .'il 

!•;< Si( .i(> 

I'loi i M 
( lii'iii HO 
Land (iuiil 75 
I'l.iill 75 

I'll K 
l-ll ( 

<; 2(1 

(II A 


lu >ij( -jr, 

Aii Me .-*) 
.\n K<l 51 
i:a>i <K) 
l-riiK II .".(• 
< iiTinan .'<0 I 
llort .'>() 

I'll I' II 



111 I. 

(. L'li 

I'll I) 

Miiili .".II 
.\K K<l ^'. 
Fiiriii Mm V<i 
Miith 7ti 
l< II l.iK' Tf. 
\ I'K < laiil 75 

Monday, 10-12 a. ni. 

Actio I O AikI. '.ill. liH i;iit .'■.IS l.» l< 

I>raw25 11 Wll I.aiuKiunl .50 Willi 

Hoi aa (II l» l>^iirv 75 M- <) 
Enl50 KH I) 

Monday, 2-4 |>. ni. 

ICiit! 25 (; Aud. 2(i, JH An Kc K\ 1 I'l 

|.lori50 HI K Ah Khk 75 lOJ 

ffori'slry 55 Kill- Mori Mftjs 75 II, M 

••om 50 Wll n l'i>iili 7() 51- 

Tuesday, l>ei- l.<. T.SO-S.SO a. n>. 

(;erinan 4 (128 Hist (iov .50 I'lll) 

Ifnnch'A^ MM" Riir Soi .50 MHB 

l<T(mh2rt Wll It Ak K< 77 HI 

CkTmana5 (i 2H Clicm 75 <i2(i 

Ak Kd 52 III Km 7(i Kl* ^^ 

l>:«try 50 Kl- M l.aiid Card 7'.» (II A 

tCngOS 102 Toiii 77 Wll A 

TueNday. 10-12 a. m. 

Malh I Mf. Moore I'^H l> 
Mr. lliiilK-r M» (". I'hysii » 25 
Ml. Hoiitllc t II A (i Ami. 2(1. 2S 

Mr. Machnici M H II I'oiii 75 Wll » 

Tui'sday, 2-4 p. m. 

An lius 25 1 I I l-rcncli 75 l-H K 

(;<rman 2S C 2V> llort MfKsKO Kl,(» 

l.ui r>2 KH K l,;iiiil (.aid 70 WIIH 

AKronVO H'* VVl 75 \L » 
Knl7« i:it K 


Grace I>. Iloiuimont 

51 AMITY ST. - Til,. 2il-M 

Amherst, Mass., 

Wfdm-sday, I'l-I2 a. m. 

( h. Ill 1 (■ Jti, 2.H K II l,ili- 50 

Cliciii I (1 And Kilt H5 

Zixil Jli I'.lt I). (11 A 


I lit 20 Kl» 1) 

Hot 01 (II H 

(..•riiiaii .".Oil (. 20 

I'oiill .■.() :'.12 

'I'hurHday, i>ec. I 
Mil 1 (II A 

K II Life I 110, 111 

Mil 25 
l< II l.ifi- 2« 
A (4 I'x .54 
KiiU 50 
.Mil 50 
Spanisli .50 
Ak K<I 70 

Unit 25 
IMiysiol Xi 
( lii-ni 01 
(,fol rA) 
I'liysi. s .'.O 
Hot 75 

KB 1) 

( ; 2(5 
KII ( 


111 K 

( ; 20 

I'l, H 
(II H 


i:iit4 I 

Mi. .Xiidcr.-ion 

( ; 20, 2K 
Mr. I'attiisiiii 

W.i. Ill 
Mr. I'riii.f 110. Ill 
Mr. Hand 102 

, 2-4 p. n». 

Ak Kc 7tt 
An II us 75 
Mori 75 
l< II I, if.' Hi 
S, 7.MI-9.S0 a. 
lu: S)t 75 
.Math 75 
Mil 75 

Ak 0|»iK>rt SI 
I'oin SI 
I'oni S7 
llort Mfus SI 
Rur Soc SI 

10-12 a. m. 

An lliis SI 
lloiiK- Kc SI 
Ak luiK S7 
llort SI2 
I'oiii St 

, 2-4 p. ni. 

Agron SI 
An Hii8 b:j 
Dairy S2 
Flori S3 
lli.rl S4 
I'oult s;{ 

\||i <. 
I I I 
:', 1 

.MH H 
111 7 

111 ( 


1 I 1 
I i:( 

KH I. 

Ill A 


Ill K. II 
.MH H 


I'll I) 

Wll H 
KK .M 




VU l> 

Wll B 

t-rid',iy Dt-c 16. 7..S0-'>..^0 a. m. 

I'.iiK 2» I'luii SI Ml I'. II 

Mr.Andi-rson ll.ict S2 M 2.s 

IKi. 1 1 1 Mori S5 KH C 

Ml I'riii. e 102 llort S7 Wll H 

Mr Kaiid 110. HI Hort S!) Wll H 

Via Caril >:; I II 1) 

Dairy SI 11. M 

Friday, 10-12 a. m. I I'aiK SI 1':h k. 

Mi. KII K .\k Kna SI HO 

Mr. (.odiiiK Fll ( . D Flori S<i 111 H 

Herman I I'oiii S3 WH .\ 

Mr. Diirkc- O 20. 2S I'oult S7 VL B 

Friday. !-.» p. ni. 

I'oiilt SI 


1 1 1 

Ak KnK S3 102 

\ .'H (Jard SI 

Fll I 

. 11 

l'..iii S8 WII B 




Ak Kc .so 

I'ub Spk .50 

Ak Kd SO 

Kiir Soc 70, 79 

Halt ,Sl. H2 

Spanish 75 

liol .'.0, 7H 

Zool 53. 75 

Dairy 7« 

Ri'Kistrars (Jtiuc on Monday, Dec. Hi. Blanks 
lor ii'iiortinK IIk-h- may l»- ol.taincd l.y ttli'iihoii- 
inK to tin- R<'Ki>trar.s ( )tt ce — 2(m-M- Kivinn the 
niiiiihcr to In- rciMirtfd in each ilass. 

Two-year grades for first term are due at the 
Short Course Oftice on Monday, Dec. 1(». Blanks 
for reportinK these may be obtained at the Short 
(_"ourse CJlTice. 

New Jersey Wins 

Fruit Judging Contest 

.M.A.C-. Team Is Third. Goes to 
Louisville This Week 


Tlie hours scheduled for examination may not 
l.e chaimed (Rule book sect. \'ll, 1). In case of a 
coiillicl between a repeat and an advanced course, 
the ailvaiici'd course examination is to be taken as 
sdieduled and arranKenient made with the in- 
slruitor in charKe of the repeat course lor the 
examination in that subject. 

Four-year Krades for hrsl term are due at tli<- 

In the triaiiKiilar fruit judging contest 
in which teams from IVnnsylvania State 
College and New Jersey met with the 
home team in the Cold Storage Riiildinj; 
last Saturday morninK, the New Jersey 
team won the meet and I'enn. State was 

The chief difiticulty which our team 
found was in |)hirement, Imt in spite of 
this fact the team lost only L'(H) of a 
|)ossihle 12,fKM) (Kiints. John L. Nutting 
made a ixrfect score. 

.\iur till- iDMUsi a >lii>rt lour of lli. 
campus was enj<J>cd followed by an in 
formal luncheon at I'rofessor Cheno 
weth's l.alM)ratory. .Ml three teams win 
invited to attend the Social liiion eii 
terlainmeiil at Slot khridjie Mall at \shicl; 
(ieorne I'almer Putnam ^ave an illiis 
traCil lecture on his .\icii( ICx|H(lition. 

.MemUrs of the M..\.t". were 
Richard J. Davis, John 1.. -Nutliujj, ami 
Cecil C. Uice all of the class of 192S. h 
is interesting; to note that the coach ol 
the IVnnsylvania team, Frank M. Fagan, 
received his Master's Denree from M.A.( 
The memlxrs of the visit inj; teams wen 
lodged in the fraternity housi-s over 

On Monday tlie fruit judging team left 
for Louisville, Kentui ky, where it will 
com|Kle in an apple judging contest to 
be held by the International Horticul- 
tural Society. MeniUrs of the team are 
Joseph A. Kvarjs, John L. Nutting, ami 
Cecil (". Rice. Assistant I'rofessor R. I ). 
Drain left alst) with the team as coach. 
This is the first time in several year-, 
that M.A.C. has sent a team to this 
annual contest. 


i»ih>n<)<;r\i*iis.> kkn 


T^ l'l,W KIIT.RS.- Anythimi hut an mnhrella 
Whai's the Ansuer? .'.-? ? I"> r«'p.iir 



One Acre Gift Shoppe 

A (e« .steps aliti*e I lu- .\pl;ir> 

lloml ranilcd Chrislmas (iifts Party Favors ami Dnorations 
liurupcan Novelties Jack llormr Pies 

F.DNA II. Ill kliV I'elephones: LS-S-J KS.S-W FLOUi.M I < i 1 AN ^ 

The College Candy Kitchen 

\ fine pii.ce to U<> linil take your friends for 


Ice Cream. Milk Shakes, Fresh I rults. Refreshments and Soda», 
i Suited Nuts. Tafie \ Shaw. I'ark & lilford. Boxes Ready 

I to be Mailed. 


Do not Foriiet that Special SCNPAY MCIIF DINNFR 


the riacc for the college man" 


Sporting and Athletic Goods 



The Mutual Plumbing & Heating Co. 


WHAT you get out of a pipe 
depends on what you feed it. 
Millions of contented jimmy- 
pipers will tell you that Prince 
Albert commands a pipe to stand 
and deliver. You suspect you are 
in for some grand pipe-sessions 
the minute you get a whiff of 
P. A/s aroma. 

The first pipe-load confirms 
your suspicions. What a smoke, 
Fellows! Remember when you 
asked for the last dance and she 
said "YouVe had it!"? P. A. is 
cool, like that. And sweet as know- 
ing that she didn't really mean it. 

Sweet and mellow and mild and 

Put your pipe on P. A. You can 
hit it up to your heart's content, 
knowing in advance that P. A. 
will not bite your tongue or parch 
your throat. That one quality 
alone gets P. A. into the best 
smoke -fraternities. And then 
think of all its other qualities! ^ 

p. A. it sold every- 
where in tidy red tins, 
pound and half-pound 
tin humidors, and 
pound crystal-glass 
humidors with sponge- 
fnoi^tenrr top. And 
always rith every bit 
of bite and parch re- 
moved by the Prince 
Albert process. 


---no other tobacco is like it! 

© 1927. R. J. Reynold'" Tobacco 
Company, Winston-Saleiii, N. C. 

New College Store 

Sl|g jJaBBarl^ug^tlB Qlolbgtatt 



Aggie Revue Provides 

Varied Entertainment 

I'rograni of 1927 Production Well Received By Large .\udi- 
ence. Compares Favorably With Other Years 

Willi lu.ul liiurn ill ail llie hianilies of 
iiiurtainimnt— siiiKins. actiiin. playing, 
,,1(1 (laiuinK— the -XrhI*' Ke\ lie was \m- 
-ditnl to a larjte crowd in Skk khrid^r 
Hall on Friday eviniiiK. DennilKr '.'ili. 
I'.fJT. This served as a tilling ilinuiv in 
, r.iiliii' \m>\ icnii of smial t-\iiils. 

As tlu- liislniian class coin riimtcd 
um- act to the |>roniani. whirh this 
M'.ir, a plaN niiiiled '■'rniih Will Out." 
1 lie cliaradns wire will portrayed 1>> 
ilu- students, and did full justice to the 
(u.iihinv; of Maxwell II. (loldliein '^S, 
ulin was also tlie author of the Iilay. The 
1 WD-xiar (iiiirx was represent* d l)\ I- red 
S. .Moore '2\* who s.inK and <■l()^;^;ed. The 
eo-eds, under the lead«rsliip of Miri.ini II. 
llu-s '-'.t, presented daiue arts, 
lldith 1-. Uerten--li.iw '2'.» and Monica O. 
t (liter ';5tt performed in(li\ idualK . while 
two dances were put tin by the ^roiip. 

The ( olle^e Ouartet. coniiiosed <if 
Idwin F. Marsh '2S. John I". Ouiiin 'I'S, 
I loll ( . Tiffany "M), and Howard Thomas 
I'S, occupied a iilace on tin- pro^jrani and 
drew iiuich applause. Other musical 
iiuml ers were rendered l»\ Hates' (ol- 
(<:ontinued on Pafte 4) 

Two-Year Five Opens 

1 928 Season Saturday 

"Red" Ball's Teum Faces Schedule 
of Thirteen (iames 

On Saturdav ninlit the Two- Year 
li.isketluill ti-.iiii will oiun its season in a 
)ldiw- with the .\riiis .Vadeniy live on the 
Drill ll.ill lloor. The schedule for this 
siasttn present^ a nuinlier of interesting 
opponents and r-onie doseK fought name> 
are in order. .Mfhounh ihv material on this \ear is more iiiex|Krieiu<(l than 
iliat c)f last season, foach "Red " Uall is 
^;ettinj( his team into j^ikkI »h.i|K fot the 
first i;ame on Siturday ninht. The fol- 
lowing; is the line-up for the initial v;ame: 
Tletnin>;s, c; ( )leson. If; Kelly, rf; 
Butters, captain, r^; I'ellett or Na|N>li, \^. 
The following is the s«he<hile for the 
cominj; seas<.n for the Two-N' hasket- 
hall team. 
jin. 7 — .\rnis .\( adeniy at M..\.t . 

lU— lloi)kins .Vadeiiu at M..\.t". 
2A — Smith Academy at M..'\.( . 
;il— S<.. Deerfiel.l llijjh at M..\.( . 
111.. ;5— New Salem .Vademy at M..\.( . 
4—l'ittsfield llish at M..\.( . 
7— .\niherst llitth at M..\.( 
in— Middlesex IVe-Med at M..\.( . 
14 — Sacred Heart lli^jh at llolyoke 
21— Holyoke High at llolyoke 
25 — Deerfield .\cadeniN at Deerlield 
29 — Turners Falls at Turners Falls 
Mar. 2— Smith .\gric. School at M..A.( . 


(x)mpetition for Interfraternity Hoop 
Championship Starts Jan. 11 

i'lans. for interfraternity basketliall have 
betn progressing rapidly under the direc- 
tion of Harold S. .Vlams and a schedule 
for the winter is published herewith. The 
conijx?ting teams have been divided into 
two leagues, league ".\" comprising Kappa 
Fpsilon, Phi Sigma Kappa, Lamlxia ("hi 
Alpha, Delta Phi .Alpha, Alpha Sigma Phi, 
Kappa .Sigma, and the Two-X'ear club, 
-X.r.'i. League "B" has on its roster 
Alph.i (.amma Rho, (J.T.X ., Tlieta (hi. 
Sit'Di 1 I'lii Fpsilon, Non-T'rateriiit\ , and 
'li Koiony Khil). 

All ^.imes are to lie^in proiiiplly at 
fivht o'clock in the evening "f the (|,i\ 
^'li'duled. F^ligibility will be deterniined 
'■y the athletic department while the for- 
1' uure of games will ( iimk- under the same 


• I 

.1- III (irexiou- \ 


.\il,mis h.i- ( 1), !!>;(• <it ihe i wo 

" ' ' - incj iii.n tic 11 ai li((i .ii ilic .\ipli,i 

''■'■ : ,1 kilo liiiu-i III .iii~\\ii' .ni\ (|ii(-- 

' ' ■ ' li.ii in.i\ arise. 

iina!- in whiill the Iciijcr- (jI the 

•'ti\c Ic.i^iie* will liattli' for the 

- 1 haiv,pionshii> .ne to lie held 

ii\ 2.S. 1 ollowini; i- the xjiedule: 
Ctinlinued on Pufte 2j 


Organize Chapter of New Fralernily 
of Kxtension >V«)rkers 

.\t the leceiii exlensioii coiifereiK e. held 
on the c.impiis duiiiii; the holid.iys. .i 
(h.ipier of tlu' l';|'>iloii Sinm.i I'lii fr.t- 
ternity whidi sKhIkI in the M.ile of 
Montana last Tebru.iry, was orn.uiized. 
Thir< fniiernitv linlit^ its nu-iiilHiship to 
those iKrsons who ha\e been ser\inn ui 
-oiiie form of extension work in ihe -i.iu 
tor It'll \-ears or more. The ptir|iose of 
ihe trateinit\, .mordin^ to il> loiisii- 
liiiion i^ to "ill. lint. till llu- ide.ils, pre- 
>er\e the traililioiis, uphold the morale 
ot the co-oper.ili\t- extension si-rvice .iiid 
(|e\tlo|) ihc ;.|iirit oi Ir.ilerniu .iiiion^ its 

Ti\e ol ihe exieiision workei> in .M.ixs.i 
(hiisi lt> wire eligible for initiation. T'red 
S. ( o<»Uy, now retired, was the oldest 
landidate an«l was therefore nunle de.iii 
ol llu- House of Pioneers, the iiaiiH' of 
the group whi(li he re|)re>.eiUs. 'The 
other candid. lies win: Ralph W . Red 
man, as>i>tanl director of the e.Meiision 
service; ( ieorge Fl. F. Slori-y, .Mli^ter 1 
M( Dou^;,il, .mil TraiK is (". Smith. 

llure were about eight extension 
employees gathered on the cam|»us for 
the pur|K)se of re* .ipitulating the work 
of the past year and pl.mning for the 
coming year. 


New Plans Prove Very .Successful 
in Operation 

rn<ler the direction of F^li/alMth Suin 
bugler '2*.*, the Women's .Xthleti* .Associ- 
ation t<Mik a new liasc upon life this fall 
and <-ompleted its most successful season 
siiuc its organization. The association 
was started with great enlhusiasni in th«' 
sjiring of I'.IJ.") but the interest in organ- 
ized sjH)rts ilecreased steadily until this 
fall. Whin Miss .Sreinbugler step|H(l 
into the otlice of general manager of the 
association in SeptemU'r. she inaiignr.ileil 
a system which awakined the interest ni 
iheir assiM-iation .imong the women -ta- 
dents of the college. .According to this 
new scheme each girl must win one hun- 
dred |)oints lH'ff»re she <'an Ih-coiim- a 
memlx-r and she must make at least 
twenty-five |X)ints each term to retain her 
active memlK-rship in the ass<Kiation. 
.Numerals are to Ik- awarded to those who 
succeerl in making one hundred |x)ints in 
addition to those required for active mem 
l)ership and who also take part in the 
final tournaments. Points are awarded 
for attenrlance at regular practices and 
for participation in the tournament 
events. The system pro\ides a demerit 
system by which points are lost for 
failure to att«'n(l regular practices or to 
comply with the rules of the organization. 

Basketball, managed by Priscilla W'fxxl 

'."50 proved to l)e the sjxjrt in which the 

most interest was shown this fall. Su<h a 

large numlnr turned out regularly for 

(Continued on Pafte 2) 



.All intcn sling exhibition of facsimiles 
of (lr,iwini;~ b> 'he old m.istcr-- in the 
.MlHTtina collection, in X'ienna, ltal\-, i^ 
now on display .it the Memorial Biiildini;. 
Tlii- ( ()lli'( t ion, wlii(ti wa- •-cc iircil .iii'l 
Ining b>' I'rof. Irank .\. \\'.iiii;li. ua^ 
jissembled ;in'l jirepared for exhibilion l)\ 
the .-Xnierii an I ('deration of .\rl~. .\( - 
(■oiii|>a!i\ iiiv; 'lie cxhiliiiion i- an iiilcrest- 
iiii.; hfioklct ( iiiil.iiniiiy an oiillinc ol llic 
ol<l ina'ters, to'^elhir with ,i^^r.ipli 
.iIpoiii ( ,i( li one. Amont; llio^c nia-.t('r-. 
wlio are represented in the (()lle(lioii .ire 
Ira -Xngelico, Ira Bartolomeo, .Michcl- 
anv;< lo, R.iphai 1, Rcmlir.indl . kiiben~, 
I.eoiianlo (ja \ini i, ari'l ^ otln i-. 


.\ comeiK enlilk'd "The Vouilgesl " 
l>> Philip B.irry, has U'cn selected 
this year for the annual Prom Show. 

Trsoiits for the cast, wliii h coiisisis ot 
nine characters, will be held this 

Thiirsd.iy e\ening at einlit o'l lock in 
tlu' Building. 

Sophomore "Collegian" 
Competition Opens Soon 

Offers Sophomores Chance to Win 
Positions on Board 

.\c*-oriling to a custom instiiiited .i li w 
\ears ago the i'ollri^iiin is picp.iriiiv; <" 
run a competition for those members of 
the so|>|ioinore class who wish to become 
members of the bo.ii.l. This 
competition will sl.iit within the next 
week .111(1 it is desired ,is m,in\ .is 
possible will tr\ out for a position on the 
paper. .\ |M)siiioii on the bo.ird 
ol .my college newspa|Mr is well worth 
while, both from the standpoint of |wt- s.itisf.ictiori and ixperieiue and 
from the st.indpoini of ihe assiMiatioiis 
illorded by p.irticipatioi) in .in\ icademic 
acli\it\. This \ear the opporiiinitv for 
.iiiiliit ioiis ,iiid c.ipable sophomores to 
make the editorial Ihi.ikI is imiisii.ilK 
goinl ,ind the t oiiipetition, .is com 1 in led, 
is a x.ilii.dile ir. lining in the elements of 
iourn,dism, even though the ilesired goal 
is not ,ittaine«i. 

Bergan to Lead 
1928 Harriers 

Number 11 

Haskell Leaves 
Experiment Station 

Nationally Known .\^riculturist Severs Connection wiih M..\.C. 
.\fter Twenty -Tliree Years of .Service 

Five Men, Includini^ Three .Seniors, 
Win Cross Ckiuntrv *'M" 

t arl .\. Bergan of Northampton was 
elected captain of the Mass. .Aggie var 
sity cross-country t«'ani for next season 

It .1 meelinv; of the letter men held 
short 1\ before the end of the past term. 

Ihe niw c.ipt.iin is a junior but has Ixen 

a harri«'r only om- sciison rnnninij this 

fall with ( oach Derbv's hill and-il.ders 

for the first time. His work during the 

unfolding of the schedule improved 

steadily, and Ik lore the list of contests 

was (ompleled "Cab" iM-came a valuable 

memljer of the sc|uad. 

(Continued on Pufte 2) 



liitensi\c work for rela>' (.indidates 
has iM'giin with the o|i<'ning of the term 
and a nuniUT of runners ;ire working 
(laiK with Captain S< hap|Hlle under the 
direction of Coach I)erb\. Captain 
S'hapiM-lle, John Ka>, and "Stan" Hall 
are three available letter men while the 
list of the other candidates ought to pro- 
diKf a worthy fourth for the winter relay 
quartet. .-Xmong those re|K)rting in addi- 
tion to the thrie mentioned are Ik-ars<', 
(Ointinued on Paite 2) 


"Frail us the leaves that quhrr on 

the sprays. 
Like them man flourishes, like 
them decays." 

— Homer 


7 |). III. Social T'nion Kntertainment, 

l-Ldwin Whitney, Reader. 
7 p. m. Class Hcxkey: 
Seniors vs. Sophomores 
Juniors vs. Freshmen 

7 p. m. \'arsit> Basketball: L'psiil.i 

a' M..A.C. 
Two ^Car Basketh.ill : Arms 
.\c.idcnn at .\I..A.( . 

".t. 10 ,1. in. SiindaN ( lia(iei. 
t'l p. in. Second Term Riishin^: 
Se.isoii enils. 

I rc-liiiMn Baskefl'all: So. DcrlHld 

,it Smith Deerfield. 
Two ^l■ar Basketball: Ho|jkiiis 

\< .v\'V,<\ .11 M, \ ('. 

( l.iss ll(Kk('\ : 

Junior^ \ >. 1 wo-^ Cars 
Senior^ \ -. \ reslinien 


Four .Seniors in \arsily Lineup. 
Reserve Material .Strttng 

"Kid" (lore's baskelballers ret mind to 
the c.impiis Wednesil.iN, l\i. 2S, I'.I27, lo 
put ill ,1 solid week of t ice si'ssioiis in 
piep.d.ition lor the opening g.inies ol the 
se.ison on the new sint.ue of the Diill 
ll.ill with Titihbiiii; Norni.d .ind Tlps.d.i 
lllis wiek Wedllesd.iv .iiid S.ilind.U 
nights respecli\el\ . Ihc twelve iiii ii 
comprising the sipi.ul h.i\e reporleil tinei 
limes a d.iv .ind .lie In condition to gixc 
.1 ^;ood account ot tlu'iiiselves as the 
si'ason o|M Us. 

Tour letter men .ue listed ill the tirsi 
string lineup, and .ill .ire seniors. ( .ipl. 

"Rol\" Ri I'd pl.iM'd one se.ison .is ,1 

refill, ir .ind will be sl.ited ,iy:,iin .it lor 

w.ird. "I'loildx" is eiileiini; his 

third \ ,is ,i \,iisii\ pl.iser .ind will 

jump (enti'i. Ihe two ^;u.irils, "S(|ii.ish" 

.Mdweii .ind "Link " .Muidough. li.tve 

both seen service on a previous <|iiinlet 

iiikIci ( 'o.ii Ii ( lore .ind will resume their 

old positions with the be^iimiii); of the 

s( liediile. The liltli member of the 

is "Tieddii'" T.llerl. a sophomore ,iii(| .i 

ri'^jiil.ii on l.isl's lieshm.ui five wliiili 

Imislied the se.ison imdele.ited, who p.iiis 

with ( .ipt. Reed in the jorw.ird coiiit. 

"Kid" ( lore's second ion 

.ill the e.irniarks ot an ex|M'rience(| club 

.lit hough three of the men are siiphomores. 

\\'( bbei and I let heritiKton play the for 

ward positions with Coukos at cenlei. 

T^llerl, who pl.i\s toru.ird in the liist 

string combination, shilis to guard in the 

M'coiid, h.uin^ M.inn as his running m.ite. 

t oiikos ,111(1 Wiiilx I are iiitiiois wliile tiic 

other three men .ire sophomores and in 

their first \ear ol vaisitv i <im|K'l il ion. 
iCiiniiniitHi on I'ufte i< 

Plan Interscholastic 

Basketball Tournament 

Ciames to Determine Connecticut 

\alley Chanipi«)ns Will He 

Played in Drill Hall 

Plans have retently In-en f<»rmulated 
bv' the physiial ediic.ition dep.irf nii-nt of 
the college for a b.isketball toiirn,iiiieiit 
to Ik- held at M..A.( . on Man h 1» and Id, 
1928, whi( h will determine the Connciii 
cut X'alley Inters* holastic Class B Chairi- 
pi*>nship for high school c|uinte(s of this 
s<(tion f)f the st.ite. "Larry" Briggs, 
director of freshman athletic^, is (hair- 
man of the committee in charge of the 
tourney with "Kid" Gore, varsity coach, 
s*rving in an aflvisory capacity. "R«'d" 
Ball, coach of the short * ourse teams, 
will have charge of the selection of 
ofilicials, while Coach T)erby, tra* k men- 
tor, will han<lle the publicity 

Teams com|)eting in the tournament 
are to Ix- selccte<l after the s<-asf)n gets 
under way by a committee *<jm[X)sed of 
Prof. Curry S. Hicks, head of the dejiart- 
ment, Ralph Stedman, chairman of the 
.M.A.C alumni a<lvisory lusketball lom- 
mittee, anrl Coach«'s tiore and Ball. 
(Continued on Pafte i) 



.\bolll thirty IIH'II .ire expeilii] III jii 
with the Mii-ii il ( lulls on their lir^l triji 
*if the season lo l.eeils, where they will 
giv(> a ( OIK <rt .<l the Xeteran's llospit.Tl. 
1 he -(.hedule ol (omiil- Im I lie .-( ,i-.()ii, 
as announced by Mui.i^er John .\. 
Kimball '2S. follows; 

J. HI. 'i I.(((|- 

'.' Smii h .\i adenu 

IS - Wiilirali.mi \i iileiiiv 

I'.t 1 loniH I 
I'd— Bell hirl'iuii 

I'll M.iMi.ird 

L'7 Ib.inni- 

L'S Wll! ham 

TCIi. 77 < anipn- ( mii ill 

Bv the les|^;ii.itioil ol Diieiloi Sidney 
B ll.lskill ot the M.1SS.I, hilsetls St.itr 

TlxiHriment Si.nion the .Auri. till m ,i| U,- 
.«',iich lor.*- of the st.Hc lost one ol 
ils most v,ilii.iblr .idministi.itois. ||,- is 
lo booiiie dii*-ctor ol the .ii;i ii nit m .,| de- 
p.iilmilit of th,. Syillhetii Nitrogen Pro- 
(In. Is ( ion. in which position he 
will h.ive>;e of eiilarning this field in 
th.' I nihil St, lies, Porto Riro, ,m,| Ciil,,i. 
<»n I. 1.1 11,11 V I, Dire, tor ll.iskcll ,s to 
m.ik.' ,1 iiip I., ( ..iin.inv .md t., T;,i^.|.,n,l 
'"'<•"■ i'uipos. .li St inlying the 
li.' is to iiitiixliKe into this .oiintrv . Th.' 
iKw .111(1 vrry su,.essliil 
m.llio.1 of p.islur.- inipi-ov.'iiieni will I,,- 
I ik. II into s|M. .onsiilcr.ilioii. 

Dne.l.H ll.lskrll ,,,.,,|..l .III . I,. 

vi.ibl.' iv.or.l sin..- his ni.i. Ill,, lion liom 
Ihe M.lss,i,hllselts .\i;ii. i\>\\,y,v m 
l''«M. He h.ld iii.iny import, ml 
ex.. iitiv.' in aniii ultuial en.|*Mvor.i 

•""' •'•'■' 'I • "iiii.h to proniot.' S4 ieiilific 

■iKii' iiliur,il m.ihods. Dire.tly upon \m ion from .olleiie lu- w,is l,ik*'ii into 
the I'.xp. rim. Ill Station ,is .m assistant 
.iKri. ultiir.ilisi .m.l in P.Km; be. .mu- .in 
inslrintor in agriculture. He n iii.iined in 
this (Hisition two years and ihen vv< nt 
to «\ lor further stiidv. I' his 
lelinn It the end ol .i v..ii he w,is m,i<|e .i .il aKriciillnr.' ,ind soon ,i(ter 
be..inu' hci.j of the dep,irini. III. It W.IS 
in this olli... |„. „.,s iii(|,i,iiti,il in 
.irLiiiKinn th.' d.'p.iitments of ,inriciil( ine 
.IS w. now tiiid I hem in Skm kliri.ln*- Hall. 
His n. xl positi.,11 w.,s. ., m.nilMiship m 
th.' Soil Impr.ivi'menl ( onimiite* o| iho 
li^tnlinutHl on Puite 2) 



1.1. V. 11 nil iiiInts of the I.miI- 
b.ill s(iii,,.| w«Tf awar<l«-d numeral., at .» 
i.'.«iit nie.tiiig *)f the M..'A.C. Inlerclass 
.\lliliti. The two ni.inagers also 
K.t'iv.d the saini' niov;nil ion l.r their 
services to th*- During the si-.ison 
the team |)l,ived live ^anus under th<- 
dir*'<iion ol "l.irrv" Briggs, dir*-* tor of 
II. shm.iii .iihleli.s. ,ind made a r*-**>r<l of 
tw.i wins, two ties, .ind oidy one «lef«Mt. 
1 hos*- re.civiiiK num. i.ils are: (.ipi. 
<)s*ar F. HolmUrK of U.ihh.iin, William 
T.. Boswoith, Jr. of lloly.,k*-, ln-«l*-ri*k 
T.. (ox of J.iin,iii,i Pl.iin, R.iymon.l 
< .iMMlri. h .if .Amherst, Ni-w. II Irev of 
S<iiiih ll,i.ll*y Falls, Philip \\ KiimImII 
of NorihlMiro, Hihiing l.,irs..n ol Hol.fin, 
( harles I.. I.ittl.- of West M.<||„rd, I.Uin 
P L.Kkw.Mwl of Shelion. Conn.. Weikk.i 
( . .M.inty «)f .\I,«l. T,. 
.Miiikst.'in of West field, Anmld W Olsson 
of Bum kton, and managers \V,ilt*r T. 
Bonnev of Springfield md l.iwren.*' .\. 
Jones ol ( .r.'enfi.'ld. 


Prospects Bright as ()pi>ninit f;ame 
With Bates Draws Near 

X'arsity h*)ckey <an*lidat*'s, un'ler the 
ha.hiship of "R.-*l" Ball, ha v.- Ix-en 
pra* tiling sin*e last Thiirs*lay. anrl the 
s*iiiad is shaping up well. The fift«-en men 

who reported were* aptH-d b> la< k 
of ice but two work.nits were held .Tiily. 
These practitx-s consisted of indfKir sh<H>t- 
ing aiul the'>ry. 

Three letter men form the iin< l.iis for 
lllis y*-ar's team: Ciptain "Jim', 
wing; " AIm- ' .Abrah.imson, d. fens. , .uid 
Fres*', < finer. Patch will jirobably hold 
the <ithei wing posiii.m .m'l N.ish. .» sub 
11-' -I II, will probabK work with 
.\l»r.ih,imson. Cook, another last v<\ti\ 
sub, ari'l /uger and W'ai. In. r «it l.i-r. 
year - li(--li.ii.ui .in- ri -< rvc i|i N n^i 
111(11. I'ill-iiiirv I- ,1 Mibsiitiile forw.ird. 
1 IV nun I'! I'hinney, Devine, Mills, 
,in<l 1>..'' ,1. 1,111 I',. t«-n(|er. Kinney, 

T.iliot , \1( K II I I h k I uinplete I 111' ~(p] |.|. 

I lie nil II ai. iinv. h ivitiK <lailv workollt- 
(.11 iti( III iiid . ..:iiim1 te.iiM will represent 

till I nlli ,.;(• ill llie III ,| 1^,11111' Willi r.,!li - 
on J.inu.ii \ 1 J, 




Oflkial ncwspaiHT of ihv M:.s.-,aihiisttt8 
Agricultural l■^h««l every 
Wednesday by thi- btudcnls. 


Maiuigiiig KiliKir 

■rnest L. Si'knckk '2h 
Hk-ttWOHTH Haknaki) '2^ 

Editorial tKNKST L S,.KNCKK -2^ 

Featun- Hakoli. h.. Cla^k 2^ & Miort Courses Joskph.NK J'anzu a 2S 


Cari. A- Hkk<-an i'!* 


RuwakdH. Nichols '29 

KlAl. S. I'DIIKK, JK. "il 

John B. Howard Jr. "30 
Sai I y IC. liuAi'Li'V ':il 




paity ur pailii-^ dircdly (uiucriud. This 
ad ion is surr lo l»f rescnlid l>y the ac- 
cused, and often leads to ^-rave dilVu ulties, 
l)r<iunlil alioul llnoiiv^li a luisimdersland- 


We all have our lik«s and dislikes, and 
no iiiaKer what the issue, there are nearly 
always as many supixirters as rejettors, 
(jiu- lo ihe faet that there arc two sides 
to «\iry (|ueslion. And one may not 
hlanif another for his parti< ular views on 
the same sid)je(l, e\en though one may 
he wroiiv; and the other riuhl, as governed 
l»y th( (onventions of >o( iety. I hiicfore, 
is it not better, svhen any dissatisfaction 
arisc-s, to take one's grievances directly 
to the parties immediately concerned, 
and liavu a complete understanding.' 



Edwin A. Wilder 'ZH Business Man.w. 

D«.i (.1 AS A. LoRlNC. '2R 

Har... .. K. ANsti.L I's Adverfsmg Manager 

Lawrence A. Cakruih 29 

William A. Kcan '29 
Krfi.krick U. Tiiaykr. Jr. '29 

K.illlKI •■ <• '^"^^ '•"' 

W I NT II 111 II' C. SMI Ml "in 

John H. Tank "JO 

Subscription S2.00 per year. Sine 
copies 10 cents. Make all orders payable 
to 'liiK Massac HiisinTs C ollecian. 

In ca^eof chanueof ad.lress, subscribers 
will pleas.' notifv the business niana^ier 
as soon as iKissible. 

lM,.ri..l aK MT..n<l-clas!< matter at the Anilirr-t 
Po-., on. • f'-r Miailiiit: at si.tial rale 

toiler. 1917. aulhori/ea August J(». 19 is. 


Once more lather Time has l.ft lis to 
our fate. We have ententl iM"'" <be ^'ar 
of nineli.n hundred an.l t wenty-eiuhl . 
the to \\hi(h the senior class has 
U-en' lookinn f..rwar<l since Inst it came 
upon the I ampus. 

It is more than tin- mere fact that llu 
earth, through a particular part of its 
orbit, aufunatiially tishers in a new year 


(Conlinueil from i'afte I; 
National lertilizir Association. At Inst 
Circulation Marger I lu- was in charge of the work aroun.l 
lialtimore but later assumed the respon- 
sibility for the work done in the entire 
nation. Mere he iiistiKaled the use of 
hinh analysis fertilizer standards, a prac- 
tice which, tliouuh not accepted until 
after he left, is now .dmosl universal. 

As Director of the l^xperinn iit Station 
he has built up a plane of accom|)lisli- 
iiH nt hitherto une(iiialled. lie has de- 
\ eloped the project system here, and 
iiiidir his supervision several very valu- 
able projects have been carried out. 'Ihe 
departments of Auricultural lucmomifs, 
llorlicultiiial, and Dairy Manufactures, 
and 1 arm \!aiiaK<iiieiit were created 
dmiiin his direc torship. 

I$esides his work as director he ha> 
found time to hold >>everal otiices, among 
them that of the Presidency of the Ameri- 
can ScK-iety of Ajjronomy in Wlb, Secre- 
tary of the AsscH-ialion of I and (iiant 
Collenes and I'niversities in I'.iUT, and as 
a member of the Executive Committee 
of the Division of States Relations of the 
National Research Council. 

lie- is the author of numerous bulletins 
and reports on subjects relating to agri- 
culture. In recent years ;i number of his 

Student (Government 

With the acbciit of a New Near, rcM) 
hit ions solemnly iiroclaiined are now be- 
Kinning to encounter seemingly insiir 
mounlable obstructions to fultillment. .\s 
a matter of fact. New "S'ear's resolutions 
alfoicl an excellent opportunity for house- 
cleaning which would otherwise ne\er be- 
at tc-mpled. True-, a great deal of the chi>l 
whie h is raised settles back into the same 
old corners, but in the disturbance whie h 
ac companies the effent to remove iinde 
sirable pieces of furniture from our col- 
lection of habits, some good is likely to 
result. This sernutn, let it be understood, 
is particularly ai)plicable to others, bike 
the physician who says, "Don't dej as I 
do, do as I tell you," we admire the prac- 
tie e of "turning cner a new leaf" in others. 


.Anollur characteristic of this ixriod of 
the- year is that best illustrated by busy 
accountants poring e)ver long columns of 
figures in a more or-lcss successful at- 
tempt to show the ascragc' business man 
what his present clelic it is and where he- 
amassed it during the preec-ding twelve- 
months. Mental inventories are a sort 
of prerecjuisite to gocjcl resolutions. Hav- 
ing located an eyesore, we try to remove 



'ID Harold \\. Poole has made an en- 
viable reputation as athletic director and 
football eoaeli at Mc-lrcjse High Se ho..l, 
Melrose-, .Mass. 

'20 Alfred A. Clough is sales engineer 
lor the Creamery Package Mfg. to., 
Host on, Mass., one of the largest maiiu- 
lacturers and distributors of dairy ecpiip- 
ment, supplies and refrigeration ma< hin- 
e-rv in the: country 


To the Kditor of the Collegtan— 

The fact has recently In-en brought tc 
our atlenticm that there is a feeling 
among the student Ixjcly to the effect 
that getting a costume ready fcjr a 
maseiuerade recjuires more elfort than the 
affair is worth. 

On the (jther hand, it has been our 
experience that, after all, the task of 
getting a suitable costume ready is not 

■ in lilt: cejeiiiii>. . , , i l i i 

•>1 Irving K. Orav is teaching zoe^logy a dilticult task, and that the end cer 
at Tulane University, New Orleans, I.a. tainly justifies the trouble. Ainiropriate 

'121 Fred K. Zercher is now teaching 
in the College of Business Aelministralion, 
Syracuse University. He received a mas- 
ter's degree from Syracuse- University last 

.1 luie. 

"22 Cards are out announcing the 
marriage of John M. l-"enton to Ck-rtrude 
Maher on Saturday, November 19, in 
Trenton, N. J. They will be at home in 
rre-nlon at :{47 Cordon Ave., after Dec. 
I'}. Mr. lenton is employed as a market- 
ing ex|>ert in the State Department of 
.\griculture of New J»-rsc-y. 

'2() Royal W. Potter is traveling with 
the W. T. (irant Co. and is now in 
Ut-wislon, Maine. 

During his ccjnnertion-whh this college-. 
Ml. Haskell has endeared himself to those 
with whom he had dealings, whether 
busiiu-ss or social. He has ever main- 
tained an active interest in the doings of 
the students and has been for many 
\ears president of the .Vadeinic Activities 
Board. His going from the college leaves 
a void which will be hard to fill. 

t\ii y ll.'..» - - illllllll. Ill l»\\IH. »V.»i.' •» ••• 

which makes ihis season of .j,.,;,.!^.^ j,.,^^. ^pp^.^red in leading journals, 
interest to us. We woiihl be as inte-rest.-d • • •• 

in the twentieth of June- ..r the fust ol 
October as we are in the first of January 
i( ve- were looking at it from a pureK 
astronomical standpoint. lUit tin- fact 
that our time- is divieUd inlo sections, by 
^•hich we jiKlge progress and promoti.m 
and conditions in general, lends greater 
signilicame l.. the new >ear because it 
serves as a time when we can take an 
acee.unt of stock ami xisiiali/e our com- 
parative standing. 

Whh this in mind it would be well lor 
us ,-ach t«. take the time- for an inventory. 
I el us analyze our use of the past year 
and e-n.leavor to ascertain our gains an.l 
our losses during that period. 1 hen l.t 
us appK whatever conclusions we may 
reach te'. the vear which is but at its 
incept iem. With a clear knowledge of 

values derived from the study of the 

previous year we cannot help but profit 

in the- vear to come. New Year's reso- 
lutions tejo often deal Nvilh the trivialities 

of life and seldom are broad enough to 

form a working basis by which the new 

year may be init to better use. 

The- Collegian lakes this opportunity to 

wish each and every Aggie man a haiipy 

and piospe.c.iis New Year in which he 

may profit b\ the \car& which have gone 



If all things were just as they should 
be. there would be no stirring toi)ics for 
the "bull fests" which take place wlu-re 
groups get together in fraternity houses 
or elsewhere; there would be no need for 
critical editorials; and there would be no 
place for those who siri\e K. better exist- 
ing conditions. l?iit things are not al- 
ways what thev >hould U\ or what we 
would like- K. li.i\>- tlle-m be, so 1 lie re- i> 
always oj.ioiiniuiv lor discii>>ion, there 
are alwa\:- the mcs Un editorials and there 
is always work for those who seek it. 

Dissatisfaction concerning a measure or 
organization, in a group or even in an 
individual should and in many i ases doe-s 
lead to the betterment of the- matte r upon 
which criticism is l)rought t<i bear, it the 
subject is broached in a l,m and jiisl wa\. 
But, in too inan\ in-i.inrcs, not only on 
our campus, but e\en in the world at 
large, thoM who see- laults are wont to 
discu-> 1' ln<!\- wilh (\ii\oiu- luit the 


e Continued from I'afte 1) 

This team is i.ipidly developing the fast, 
snappy passing attack that has charac- 
terized Aggie clubs in the past and will 
se-r\e as excellent reserve material for the 
coming se-ason as well as being the basis 
of next year's <]uintet. 

Biirbank, Hintze, and Kelley were also 
.\mong those to report early. Burbank is 
a guard while- Hintze is a center. Kelley 
is also a guard but is ineligible-. Paksarian 
joined the scpiad this week. .'\lt hough 
ineligible, he has like Kelley been cem- 
sidere-d by "Kid" valuable enough to 
retain in preparation for next year. 

Practice sessions have been numerous 
and varied. Teams from nearliy towns 
and cities have given opposition in several 
scrimmages. Blackboard talks and lec- 
tures have constituted a large jiart of the 
work. Results have certainly Ix-en ac- 
complished, and the team is all set for a 
successful season. Aggie fixes have set a 
record of :il wins in 41 starts over a period 
of three years which means that the pre- 
sent club has a high average to maintain. 
It certainly lcx)ks as though they can do 
it, and the results of this week's games 
will give the student body a first hand 
idea of the strength of the 192.S cpiintet. 

Recent agitation by the Se-nate has 
brought to the student Ijotly of M.A-f. 
an inkling of the possibilities of "taking 
slcK-k" of our student organizations, ol 
trying to analyze their weaknesses, and 
suggesting rc-iiu-dies for their dilVic ulties. 
Without chmbt, the Se-nate will scjon bring 
be-fore the student body its proposed plan 
for revision of powers, a step whie h has 
been deemed necessary in view of t he- 
diminishing prestige of the Mass. .\ggie 
Senate, part of which loss of inlluenc-e 
has been attrihuled lo the termination of 
"I'ond I'arlies." Whatever the cause of 
the present situation, ihe conclusicm 
stems evident that the Senate, the stu- 
dent gcjverning lK)ely, should have greater 
opi)ortunilies for advancing the scK-ial, 
moial, intellectual, athletic, academic, 
etc., etc., welfare of this College. 


«;onllnucil from Paile I) 
practice that it was possible to have 
selected teams from each class to play 
final games. The outdoor court uikju 
which praclie:es have Uen held early in 
the fall be-came unfit for use- late in 
Nove-mber and it was not until the court 
in the gymnasium of the Boy's Club in 
Amherst wasejblained that the final games 
ec.ul.l be- playc-d. The- freshmen team 
,.irrie-d off the laurels when it defeated 
the sojihcmiore team 39-15. 

Karlier in the fall was he-l.l the tr.iek 
meet in which Bessie M. Smith won first 
place. The siK)rt was managed by 
l-:ii/.al.elh Lynch •2'.». 

l-Or the winter term the assexiation is 
offering bowling and outdoor winter 

costumes may l)e dexisc-cl \er)' easily 
from stray oelds and ends od clothing if 
one uses a little ingenuity, or they may 
be rented quite reasonably. .\ costume 
dance is a success because it is the most 
informal of this type of entertainment. 
.As niasciuerades are not con\enlional, 
ease- in bearing and conversation cannot 
hell) hut follow, thus insuring the success 
of the affair. Costume elantxs are color- 
ful — a welcemie change from the every- 
day clot lies, or ihe formality of the evening 
dress. K\er>oni- iHconu-s tired of affairs 
which are neither formal nor very in- 
ftjrnial. After a while- they U'conie 
terribly nionotonenis. The ga\ , swirlin< 
colors of a maseiuerade, hcj\ve\er, put new 
life inlo the occasion, and make the spirit 
of the dance as gay as the costumes. 

Therefejre, it seems to us that whex'ver 
has the courage to shove aside his lazy 
streak and make up his mind to devise- 
or obtain an effective costume will un- 
doubtedly feel amply repaid in the end. 
Why not try it? 



(Continueil from I'afte I) 
Wednesday, Jan. 1 1 .\.(..K. vs. Q.T.V. 
P.S.K. vs. L.C.A. 

K.E. vs. D.P.A. 
O.X. vs. S.P.K. 
Non-Krat. vs. K.K. 
A.S.P. vs. K.S. 
Wednesday, Jan. IS .\. T.C.. vs. K.K. 
.\.C..R. vs. S.P.E. 

Thursday, Jan. 12 
l-"riday, Jan. bJ 

That a proposed plan for increasing its 
scoiK- should come f.oni within the 
Se-nale is logical, in that those on t he- 
inside have a chance to view the actual 
workings of the hiiury and also have 
the opportunity and experience of receiv- 
ing criticism from those on the outside. 
The method has a iirecedent in the re- 
organization of the Senate which was 
initiated by itself and approved by the- 
sludent Iwdy early in 191:5. He u said in 
praise of those who conceived the plan 
that ihe methcxl of electing men lo tlu- 
Se-nate, as well as the organiz;ilion of the 
siiid body, has rem. lined unchanged (ex- 
cept for very slight moelilicalions) to ihe 
pre-senl time. 


.\s now practiced, elections of four 
juniors by their classmates to serve two 

plinary organiaition. The reiiealing of 
sc-veral of the most obnoxious freshman 
rules during the last two years Uars out 
this assumption. However, it is admitted 
that the "frosh" still nee-d disc ii)lining, 
and the Se-nate wemld probably l»e-ar ihe 
l.urden of law enforcement more cheer- 
fully if assured of stu.leni sup|K)rt and 
inle-resl in matters of wider sco|k-, such 
.IS a study of the curriculum, a |)rograiu 
le.r advcK-ating a new gymnasium, or a 
more inclusive student re-creation pro- 



Anvthing which eonee-riis the interest 
„f the student bod> is material lor thought 

Q.T.V. vs. Ncjii-I-Vat 
P.S.K. vs. D.P.A. 
U.C..A. vs. A.S.P. 
O.X. vs. K.K. 
Wednesdav, Jan. 25 S.P.E. vs. Non-Prat. 
K.S. vs. A.T.(;. 

Saturday, Jan. 21 
Monday, Jan. 23 


(Continued from Pafte 1) 

Faux, Van Hall, Davis, Southwick, Lynds, 
Renaud. and RolH<rtson. 

Manager Chadwick has completed the 
schedule- which is ,is lollows: 
Jan. l-'.s K. of C. Meet at Boston 
1 eb. 4 \\..\.\. Meet at Boston 

17 — IndeK)r Meet with Worcester 
Te-eh .It Worcester (pending) 
22 — .-\meriean begiem Meet at 

2.">— Armory Meet at Springfield 

years, and the selection of three Seniors 
by all the students have resulted in un- 
desirable situations at limes, such as an 
honorary athletic Senate, but have proved 
more satisfactory than any arbitrary 
limiting of membership to leaders of 
various activities or restriction on fra- 
ternity or non-fraternity representation 
could iHJssibly be. 


There is d.mger that the student 
governing body here at M.A.C. may 
deteriorate into a nure interclass judiciary, 
existing onl> lor the i)rotection (?j of 
iiiisiispe-cting frosh from their arrogant 
superiors, the sophomores. At New- 
Hampshire State, a "Sophomore Court" 
(with suiR-rvision) rules the wayward 
neophytes, and to the student council 
are left tin- larger aspects of student 
government and student-faculty rela- 
tions. We- have a feeling that the present 
senlimenl in the Senate is a revulsion 
against the prevalent idea of the existence 
of the Senate solely as a freshman disci- 

.md discussion on the part of the Senate, 
although other (jrganiz.ili<ms like the 
Honor Council, the Interfraternity C.)n- 
fe-re-nce, the Interclass .Xthletic Board, 
and the .\cademic Activities Bo.inl have 
definite eluties lo iK-rform. .\«lelphia 
general oversight of matters which also 
come under the jurisdiction of the Senate, 
but which cannot be c.irried out by 
.\delphia without the- sUi)ervision of the 
Senate, a condition which seems anoma- 
lous at' first themght. llowcvi-r, the meire 
general representation and sin-cilic eluties 
e)f the Sc-nale make it, rather than Adel- 
phia, which is a strictly hemorary (but 
not strictly functionless) society, the 
logical means for enforcing student senti- 
ment. To .\elelphia rightly In-longs the 
less conspicuous task of instigating or 
formulating student opinion; to the Sen- 
ate is the duty of tarrying out the ex- 


Without support from its electors 

Thursday, Jan. 20 
Saturday, J.m. 2S 
.Monday, Jan. 30 
Wednesday, l-eb. 1 
rhursda>-, Feb. 2 
Saturday, Feb. 4 
Monda\ , I eb. l> 
Wednesday, I"e-b. > 
Tuesday , leb. 1 4 
•nHirs.|.i\. Fe-b. If. 
Tuesday, Feb. 21 
Tuesday, leb. 2S 

P.S.K. vs. S.A.P. 
g.T.\ . vs. K.K. 
A.C..K. vs. O.X. 
I..C..\. vs. K.E. 
O.T.V. vs. O.X. 
P.S.K. vs. A.T.t:. 
A.O.R. vs. K.K. 
K.S. vs. D.P.A. 
A.S.P. vs. K.E. 
P.S.K. vs. A.T.ti. 
O.X. vs. NonFrat. 

1).P..\. vs. A.T.(.. 
L.C.A. vs. K.S. 

.■\.(..K. vs. Non-Frat 

S.I'.E. vs. K.K. 

DIVA. vs. A.S.P. 

P.S.K. vs. K.i:. 

S.P.E. vs. 0.1".\. 

K.E. vs. K.S. 

.\.S.P. vs. A.T.G. 

L.C.A. vs. D.P.A 

P.S.K. vs. K.S. 


without the feeling of lH)wer to accom- 
plish worthy objects, the Senate is h.indi- 
capped in its attemi)ts lo make attendanee- 
at this institution a pleasant and profit- 
able experience not only for the present 
registrants listed in the cat.ilogue, but 
also for future members of llu- .M.,\.C. 




".\t a recent faculty meeting it was 
voted to suspend classes two days before 
the mid-year examinations, by way of 
experiment."— The Wesleyan Argus. Why 
not here? 


(Continued from I'afte I) 
Bergan was one of five me-n lo receive- 
letters in the siK>rt with Captain CharU- 
I'restem '2.S of Danve-rs, Frank F. Homev- 
er '2.S of Wellesley Farms, Newell \ 
Seh.ip|>elle '2.S of Hamburg. Penn., atil 
Richard llernan '30 of Shaw sheen thf 
other memliers of the sejuad awarded the 
insignia, liergan and He-rn.m will hv tin' 
only letter men available when. the com- 
ing season rolls around, for graduation 
will take ihrc-e reliable runners in Home'.tr 
Prestem, and SchapiR-lle. 

Although a majority of the letter nu-n 
will be lost. Co.ich Derby still has thre-e 
memU-rs of the scpiad who made credit- 
able showings this past fall and should l)e 
of aid in forming next season's aggrega- 
tion. They are Tourtellot '29, Renaud 
'30, and Rolx-rtson '30. In adelilion 
several promising freshmen runners have 
been eliscovcred, among them being 
Baker, CariK-nter, Chadwick. Loomer, 
Lorrey, Nash, Northcott, Smith, and 
West. All indications point to '"^ 
availability of a wealth of material iJf 
the 1928 harrier squad. 













Boston Headquarters for all M. A. C and 
many other College Teams and Clubs 


Club Breakfast and Special Luncheons 

and Dinners 


Bostonians have achieved quality, style and durability 
at a moderate price. Try one pair and you will always 
ask for Bostonians. 




IMAN INTi:RSt:ll()L.\.SIK; 
(tlonllnuttl from I'aite 1) 

(. cKii li Brians will answer an\- c|Ue-^lillll^ 
rekitiii^; to the- Icuirm-N. I'.ii t ion i>> 
to Ik- limite-cl to public hi^h scheieil^ in 
the- tlin-e Comie-clicut \ .ille-y comuie-s of 
ll.impshire-, I r.mklin, and Hampden with enrollment of less lli.m TKH) students. 
"Tlu- Class B Cliampionship of t he- 
Connect icui X'alle-y" will be the- title- 
awarded to the- winiic-r ami suitable- 
awarcU will Ih- made- tei the- winning 
.inel the- one tini^hiiiK in seconel ]>l,iee-. .Ml 
the >;ame-s will be phlNcel on the- lle-\v 
1 >riil ll.ill lloor, and t!ie tourney will 
e-\te-iiel o\er a period of three cla\s in 
order that ce)m|)c-lin>; e|uinlels will be- 
obli^i (I to play emiy one j;ame each day. 
Juel^in^ from tin- results of sc-a- 
sons, likely contenders in this toinnamenl 
will be- teams ill the Twin Sl.ile League; 
I lampshire Count >■ Le. tulles; 'I'urners l-'alls 
lli^;li, -\rnis .•Vadi-my, Sandc-rson Acad- 
emy, and Orange Hi^h in l-r.mklm 
Count >; t hesler lliuh in ILiiiiihIcii 
County; Willi. imr-biii^;, Belcheitown .ind 
1 liMiliiiKlon IIIkIi Schools in li.impshiie- 

To s«-rvc- on an acl\iM)r\ and con^ullinv: 
ce>nimitte-e a numlH r of men promine iil 
in the- eemduct of schejol athletics in the 
\ .ille-y have- be-e-n s«-leete-e|. Lie hlde-e| 
.iiiionn these m«-nilH-rs an-: (leetr^je- 
\\illiam^. of .\niherst lli^h, Li-o Duffy of 
Anns .\c .idi-nu I'rineipal Simmons of 
Che sle-r llinh, I' James Kee-d of 
llopkin> ;\c.i(lem>', ('.ill l.orden of Tui - 
ners l-'alls 111^1), Harold lieinx ol tin 
Sfiriiif^jiild I'liiott, and .\. ( i. Johnson ol 


Florence Chirissa Hays 
One- Acre - AMUKKSP 

Tel. \bb\\ 

Sophomore Five Wins 

Interclass Tournament 

.luiiiors and Seniors in lie f«>r 
Second IM ace 

Optician and Jeweler 

^ l'l,F..\SANT STREKT. (up i>ne flight) 

Oculidts' Prescriptions Flllod. Kroken lens«?» 

accurately replaced 

BK; ben Al..\RM <:L(K:K.S ana other 

reliable makeM 


is open for the season of '27 and '28 
Order EATS for parties, re- 
ceptions and hikes 

120 Pleasant Street, 

FIrNt heiUHe 8«uth uf campus 

Teleplione 511 

You will linel an excellent 

. . . SHOE KEP.MKINC. .SHOP . . . 
equipped with the moxt up-lo-date (>e><Nlyear 
Machinery and a inudern 
at II l-J Amity St., - Opp. New Theatre 
We undmlnnd ynur rfiiuirrmrnl^ and art pre- 
pared lu meet your needs. 
All work guaranteed. ^hoes -.hined and dyed, BOi 


.«iOc per nlfthl.- $1.00 per per week.- $4.00 per 
nionlh. Laid up cars, Dec. l!»t to Apr. 1st, 
$2.00 per month. 

Walter H. Harrison 


2nd house North of Campus 


You're going to give Dad, the Kid Brother and your 
Friends a remembrance at Christmas. Why not make 
it something they will appreciate, a tie that is just right, 
a silk scarf or any one of a hundred other things we can 
show you that will be more than welcome. 



Glass Powder Boxes 

Willi a total of tlire-e e-onse-e nl i\e- win-- 
.(iid no losses the siiphomore c'I.isn team 
won the interclass baskeih.ill toiirii.inie-nt 
eh.iiiipioii^liip. rile n.imc-s were pl.iyed 
ill the- Drill ll.ill dminj; the- e-ve-niii^;s ot 
1 )ie'e-mlte-r 7 III ine liisi\e-. 

ri.ivilin e-spe-ei.illy well loi the- soplio 
moi'c^ sse-re I' .md lie rii.ird, lioih 
ol whom rolle-d up .i e'on-<i<>li' iiumlie-r 
of points ill .ill the- n. lines ol the >hoi I 
le-anue-. ( )ll 1 le-c. 7 the- --ophomores de 
le-,ite-d the- iimiol>, ill .1 closely lounht 
i;,iine liy I.") II. Ill ihi-- i;.ime- I'.iksiiri.ill 
of the- sophomole-s leatureel Ly t.llKin^ 
three- li.i^kets from the- lloor. In llu- ^ame- 
wilh till- Iwei ^'e-ars, on |)e-e-. '.», ISein.ird 
^iiiieil tliiie- li.iskets and a foul which 
hi JiM'il < iin-.ide taliU' low.irels i||i- win nl 
\, 1. 

1(11 the- seiiioi--. Milillile- lli^;ll 
sillier ill the K-'l"e wilh the 'i'wo N'e-.ii - 
on I )e( . .S, limning up ei^lil li.iskel-' .iml 
I wo lollK liim-^ell wlliill helped .1 lot 
tow. nils .1 \ ictoiA' ol 1 1 l!."i. rhiimpsiiii, 
l.e-on.iiil .end \'eK-tsh e-ae h si ored six 
points apic-c-e in this ^;,iiii(- loi the- sc-nieiis. 
I III I )( 1 . '.» \loriart> up six h.iski I 
lioiii ilii- lloor in the- ^.iiiie- wilh t he 
In shine n. I lifts did ^ood woik in this 
^.iiiie- wilh live- haske-ls in his credit. The 

sriiiols won ISMi ^, lines ,illd lost one ill 

I he tinn ii.imeiii . 

Ihe juniors won I wo i;.imes .mij jn^i 
our, lieill^ wilh the- se-lliols lor seeeiinl 
pi, II e ill t he inteic lass toiii iiament . WelilH-r 
pieihahly clid the most outst.iniliiiK work 
lor the juniors in most ol the- ^.iiiies. In 
their name with the- Irosli on Dee. H 
WeliU-r scored six l>askt-ls from the- floor 
.Mill three- fouls helping malt-rialK to 
l)aill> sw.imp the- yearlinns l»y .i .■!."»<■) 
seeire-. 'I he-ir one loss Ue-n( lo tile- sopliit 
more-s on I )<-e. 7, III .">. 

|i, liming lor llie hosli in ihe-ii '^.nin' 

wilh the I wii N'e.iis on Dee. V. .Miiiksiiin 
illO|i|ie-i| ill iive- It.iskels .Hid on loill 
wlliill m.ide up the- liiilk ol I he- iwiiily 
poillls whiell the- liiisli i.iu up in.iiii,! 
their oppoiu-nls' e-ii;ht. riieir na'ni-s on 
Dee- ,S .ind H with the- jiiiiiors .mil seniors 
were- l>e>lh lo>t .!.">(;, .im| 1.") Ci. 

Ili^h seeui'is hir the Two N'l-.irf. mi tln-ir 
n.lincs e»f the- short le-.l«ue We-Ie- \l.i\o, 
\.i|M)|i, .mil UoliLins .ill o| whun did 
their l>es| wiiik in tin- ^;.iiiie wilh the 
se-iiiors on Det , .s .mil in whi<!i tlie-y 
seoie-il se-\in. .sis .Hid six points re-spei 
lively tow. Oils .1 (,| -J,-, ill ., ,1 .|,.,,i ,,f 
J.-) II. .M.I, I Mil. I, I, I .iiiij Kelly .ilso eli.j 
e.ip.ilili- woik lor the- Two I. 

liiliie-stinn l>.iskeil).ill .md ^oo I spirit 
I li,il.iite-ri/,e-d the- v;. lines of the slioit 
loiiin.iiiu-iu, .111,1, .ilihoiinh the n.iiii. , Iml 
to lie- pl.i\e-,| oil during the week piioi to 
the- end ol the- leriii, they were siiipris- 
illKh well .illeiide ,1. 


Five Different Colors 






I'luirsday, .Ian. .Sili, Mai. ^ 

< 11 III Si I .lid, n I ',,1 1,1 "^ \,,\ I 

•iiii: ii.\RVi.sii;R." 

i:om f(l\ I'.ir. Ilium ■ \e-w s 

i-riilay. Jan. <tlh, Mai. j^ I \e-. 

ISi II I \ ii II .mil I Ills \\ ils II 

".XLIA.S. IIIK lONK VV<)( ' .' 

(:<>nifil> Ki.i/\ K;il >• rii . 11 

.Saliirday, .Ian. 7lli, Mai. ^ l-.v*-. 
Ki II .M.i\ 11.11 il III 

Kdili <:on»e«l> -^ I'all News 

Metiiday and Tuesday, Jan. V \' 10 

Miiiiiie-i' I \y\ I' t<-iiiiit>s 7 III' 

Doiihlelealiire Hill 

I'.ilU D..M ill Miown ^ I . 1 

" 111*' Am. Heauly" .< .<« k m » 


I' r.iiikii' I >.ii iiiw in 



'I'wii Kce-I <:oni>-il> I'.iilie N«-w»i. Nii/.,i- 
v.inrt- III I'rlc i-s 

Wedneseiav, Jan. Ilth, .Mat. \ hAc. 

M-.ii. 1 -.« »• M Kv. I. 4S !• M f ^,l. , , 
II. K. keiih Vaeiile villi- ^iiiil l-srhi-t ' .lU.t.ii 

in -KK.I KI S HON I ill. , 
(Utniedy I'araiiiocii ' \- \< 

Vaeidevllle Mat. S.SVt l-.eenlm.' H /Il 

I . ,1111. \i.,i ■' :t" I- V. I. I-', • .1 

sill, Mil 

.MailiH I .'0 
Ktenini 7 . 

A pair of our.... 


will liive you the greatest pro- 
tection and comfort this Winter 




275 High St., Holyoke 


And Cut to Order 


I • 




Camels Hair 




Camels Hair 


IaMES a. Lowell, Bookseller 

Books for young people by David Binney Putnam 
son of George Palmer Putnam 

I'.i\id goes to Baffin land 
' 'a\ id goes to Gicc-nland 
I 'avid goes voyaging 

Books by other youngsters 

.\mf)ng the .Xljis with Ikadford 
liob North starts exjiloring 
Ueric with the Indians 
Deric in Mesa Verde 

To Get the Best, Buy 


and SILK 

Bloomers — Step-ins — Vests 



G. Edward Fisher 

Amherst Shoe Repairing Co. 

At the Service of those who appreciate 
Better Shoe Repairing 


Largest assortment of Fountain Pens Your name engrawil 
pen, no extra charge. 


Newsdealer and Stalioiier 

( n 




sells 'etn 

Drop in and see my line of new Fall styles. 


The Beat in Drug Store Merchandlae 
The Best in Drug Store Scrrlca 


SING LEE"^'^^'^^^'^^'*^ 

No. 1 MUUn St., Amherst, 

Our Lauadrjr Firtt CUm 

Our P*llcr Guaraatc«4 



Opposite Poat Office 

Winter is around the corner! . . . 

We ;irr «fll •.•ipitlUul »lth all kit ■ 

Ruhher footwear such as- Kuhli 
Overshoes, Boots, etc. 

shoe Repairing Dep-.irtment 


Liti'c.ry . 











(Coiilinuid from I'afti- i) 

Icniaiis aiKl Joliii K. <.iirnai<l '-Jl Ji'H'- 
I'initrson 'J'.t ami Harold K. AiimH '-'X, 
ill a (oUirftil Spanish alm<)si)lun-. i>rc 
stMltd s»\<ial pUasinw danns. Not to 1h' 
oiiKloiic. HniiT I".. Holtoinly ':{() an<l 
Wailti K '^iiiilli '-K iilso prtMiiUd a 
<laiitt, I'lt -imialily in a Parisian tafi-, 
with Siiiilli lakinu llu- tiniiiiiiif roU', or, 
jicrliap^, roll. 

One ot llu l)(M mcivtil iumil)irs was 
tlial l.y l.coiiaril W. '2'.l who, 
a> "llif i'-ool)", (iili\trt(l an addriss in 
wiiidi \n- ilJM ii-><<l a varitly of vital Mi\>- 
jctts. At till- (tiiK Insion of hi;' spi-i( li i»- 
\va> llu- it< ipiint of a token of esteem in 
the form of a hoinincl ol .i^ri< nil ni.d 
prodiuf. "Ked" made a r^uilal.le r-peet li 
of a(n ptanie. The laM nnmlier on the 
proKiain was a play, "Mother's Mis 
take," a rliaraiter skel. h \cry 
rcn.leied l.y liene L. liarllill '2'.>. I'.leanor 
!•;. ( alilwell 'J'.', Leonard M. Morrison 
'2il, and I'aiilint A. Spicw.ik '-'A. 

'I'he Kexiie in<li<aleil ihal a k"-" ''<•'' 
of tinii- hail heeii spent in preparation 1>> 
the volunteer artists, and l>y < .oldlxr^. | 
who was <lire(tly re^ponsilile for I lie en 
tire program, assisted l>\ Koliirt 11. 
Ovstrs 'JS, manager of the koisler 

Mnsie hefoie .md after the perform 
anee was fuinishud by Leslie K. Sinilh 


'•2H and his ordieslra. 1 he roinpU 

program follows: 

1. '•Trulh Will Oiii" 

Tom I"l"' ' • M";'l^''y '• 

j;„.k I. d ward A. LcM.iuer ': 

||,„ik William K. Hosworth ': 

Almrnon \an Ulythe. l-ouis I'yensoii ': 

Ali(c \an Hlyllie 

\ ir',;ini.i M< < .oldri( k ' 

Mrs. \.i!i lUythe 

Catharine .\. Uurnham ' 
ri„. I),, ,11 Koss <.. Maekimmie " 

2. l,i|)pinK the iioards 

lr< ddi<- Moore Js r 
.i. Dell. I IMii h.illie;e lliiss ■-".>, Leader 
Uav At wood oO "«'» I*""''"' ■ 

|.:dilh [{erlenshaw 'L'"," U<llv Lym h ' 
Mas Unrkler 'AO <'«'tii' Mayl.)tl ' 

.Monica (olt.r Ml) \Ld.el Mt ( anslan.l ' 
I'.HHV Dom.van ".{O ll<Hy M""V [ 

I. n.At. •;;(> Lvelyn Sandstrom" 
li,.(ly SleinliiiJiler '-".» 

4. ( aiiipiis Oiiartet 

Blundie I homas -L'S Jaek (Jniim ': 

Ked Marsh 'JS l>'"> I ilfaiiy '• 

5. Kthearsini; for llu UeMie Nelson ':!•) 1><"' l'iff'i"> ' 
|». 'The 15(K)li'" 

Kill Morrison '_".• 

7. Musi( .\Likers 
Uates ( ollegiaiis 

8. A Stip or Two 
Duteh .\nsell 'liU Jane i'alierson 

9. \ ie de Mont mart re 

Iwo Denishawn Dancers 

10. Jack C.uenard and his Hanjo 

11. Mother's Mistake 

Mother Irene L. Uartletl '^'f 

Mahel Pauline A. Spiewak "M 

C.ladys Kleanor K. Cahlwell '2!) 

Charlie I.eon.inl M. Morrison '2'.* 







I'rofessor Dunbar has calle.l ihe tirst 
meeting of the Creek class for Monday 
• veninj;. January •,», at H p. m. The course 
seems to be a popular one. for forty-two 
students base enrolled in the course. 

Orders should be placed inuiudiately 
at the l)ookslore lor the text-bctok, .Allen's 
'•I'irst ^■^ar of t.reik", publidied by 
Maciiiillan. Th. tirst class shoiiM be 
attemUd even though the student has not 
obtained the book. The text is not abso 
lutely imperative, but is advisable. 

A new course in the History and 
Interpretation of Music, v.\\vu by Pro- 
fessor Stowell «.. (.o<lin«, will offer an 
imparallehd opportunity for the study 
of v.irious i()mi)osers and their works. 
The course is to U' ^iveu, to a certain 

extent, in collaboration with a similar 
course niven at Smith ColleRe. Smith 
College is probably the onls colle^;e in 
the country where such a course is xiven 
with Krcat artists to illustrate many of 
the lectures. I'or this reason, those 
studenis taking a Mnsi<- ."d , which meets 
Thursday evenin^js in Koom 1 11 at Skm k- 
bridue Hall, will be ^jiven a rare op|)or- 
liimly to hear a few of the artists at 
Smith College. The first class will be 
held at ("...lO p. ni.. January o, and the 
course is limited to tifiy students. 

Jan. 17, 7.(K) p. m. 

Seniors vs. Juniors 
Stjphoniores vs. TwoN'ears 

Jan. !',», 7.(K» p. m. 

Sophomores \s. 1 resjimen 
Numeral uame. 







(i, 7.(H) p. 111. 

Seniors \ s. Sophomores 

Juniors vs. IVeshmen 

II), 7.IMI p. in. 
Juniors \ s. Two-Siars 
Seniors vs. I reshmen 

I 1, 7.(H) p. in. 
I lestimeil vs. Twd N't.ii: 
Juniors \ s. Sophoinori-s 
. i;{, 7.(10 p. m. 
S'liior- \s. Two ^ 1 .11 - 

Miss Ksther Da vies, who is in charge 
of the Purnell home econ()mi( s research 
at the L\|M'rinient Station, sjioke on 
\Ve<lnesday, De< . 7, before the State 
Kxtension Confeieiuc at the Universit> 
of New Hamiishire upon tin- subject ol 
the food of the rural m hool child. 

Mr-. .\iiiKiie DiiiKxkof Last Corinth, 
\irmont, will be .i meinlKT of the Home 
Lionomics staff durint,' the winter term. 
Miss Lucille Kt \nolds. formerly state 
Home Demonstration Leader visited in 
.\mherst during the holida\s. She is now 
at the Hure.iu of Home Kconomics, 
Washinntcm. D. t • 

Miss Marion Tucker s|Miit the holid.iy 

\,ic .itioll ill New \ tilU. 


Grace D. Beaumont 

51 AMITY ST. - TEL. 211-M 

Amherst, Mass. 


(.1.1 riiosi-. 


Oil Finish of ct>urse 

R\l)ll S TO ORI>ER at 



One Acre Gift Shoppe 

I A fo« steps iit«>\i- ttu- Apiary 

Hand Painted Gifts Party Favors and Decorations 

European Novelties 


Jack Homer Pies 

.Telephones: LS5-J 155-VV, LLOKKNCK C. HAYS 

The College Candy Kitchen 

A fine place to go and take your friends for 


Ice Cream, Milk Shakes, Fresh Fruits, Refreshments and Sodas. 
Salted Nuts. I'afte & Shaw. Park & lilford. Boxes Ready 

to be Mailed. 



no not Forftet that Special SUNDAY NICIIT DINNER 


the place for the college man*^ 



Sporting and Athletic Goods 



Good. That's what it is 

The Mutual Plumbing & Heating Co. 


No USE trying to put a definition around 
Camel. It is as diverse and fugitive as the 
delicate tastes and fragrances that Nature 
puts in her choicest tobaccos, of which 
Camel is rolled. Science aids Nature to be 
sure by blending the tobaccos for subtle 
smoothness and mildness. One way to 
describe Camels is just to say, "They are 

Somehow, news of Camel lia^^ pot around. 

Each smoker telling the other, we suppose. 
At any rate, it's first— in popularity as well 
as quality. It has beaten every record ever 
made by a smoke. Modern smokers have 
lifted it to a new world leadership. 

Camels request a place in your apprfcia- 

tion. Try them upon every test knowp. 

You'll find them always loyal to your hii^li- 

est standard. 

"Hate a Cameir © ^'^r 

R . J 




New College Store 

^\^t Mn^mtlinBtttB ffloU^ntatt 

Vol. XXXVlll. 


Numher 12 

Ninety-Two Students In 

Fall Te rm Honor Groups 

Four Win Highest Honors. Sophomore Names in First Two 
Croups Conspicuous by Scarcity 

SiMial rliaii^iN air to Ik- noliceil in 
till- Honor List for the coming Irrni whit li 
has just Ix'i-n iM)stftl on the Di-an's Board. 
Alihounh thin- an- not (luiti- as many 
lunio oil thi- list this urni as last tirni, 
it is griitifyinn to note that the nunilK-r in 
the first Kroup has imriantil to four. Tiu 
(itlu-r groups show a slight dropping; off 
\shich niinht |)erhaps Ik- txplained In the 
IdiiUiT first tirm. 

The list is as follows: 
First Honors Ciroup— <>0 to 100 

Maxwell II. (.oldlxrn '2S of Siom-liani, 
(.ContinueU on Pafte ij 

Maroon Key To Give 

Novel Mardi Gras 

Dancers Asked to Wear Costume > 
and Masks 

I riday ninht the Memorial lUiildinu 
will l»e the seene of another danre Imt l\u> 
uine it will Ik- tjinti- a dilTereni parly has iMen seen in this College at any 
uiMf. The Maroon Key s«m iety, in puttinn 
,,11 its Mardi (iras. is earnestly reiiuestinjj 
I hat all those who attend this dame shall 
iimie in (ostiinu- ami be sure to wear 
masks, ill onler that the affair may Iw a 
M.iiiplete siitress. May's .-i^tht piece or- 
. hi-tra is playing; and will be in (oMuiiie. 

1 lie or* best ra is planning? si-veral s|K-eialty 
iiumlRTs. There will Ik- a novel way of 

, rviiiv; refreshments an<l the dame> will 
1„ \aried and iiniipie. It is planned lo 
liave the hall ri( hly deiorated in Mardi 
(,1.1-. Myle. The « haperons will Ik- Dean 
,,iicl Mrs. William Mat Inner and I'rof. 
.iiiil Mrs. t'lirry Hieks. 


Desires to C;ive Full Time to 
Research Work 

In order that he nii^ht devote hi> full 
nine to reseanh work. Dr. Joseph H. 
I.iiids«-y 's:{, at his own retjiiest. was re- 
lieved as head of the department of 
(luniistry at the C<.llene on January 1. 
1H2S, in aeeordanre with the art ion of the 
(ollege Hoard of Trustees at its iiieetinK 
in Boston on IkremlK-r 2. He will, how- 
i\er, continue as rest-areh profi-.x)r and of the department of plant and 
.iiiiinal ehemistry in the Kx|Krimenl 
Si.ition. and also as vice-director of the 
M.iiioii. Me will also retain his title f>f 
t .iH->sinan I'rofessor of .Agricultural (Ik in 

Dr. Lindsey has a notable reiord of 
tliirty-seven years of almost continuous 
Mivi.e for the Collese, iH-ini; f)ri^;inally 
>i|iIHjinted to the College staff in IW.l. 
Hi- research work in plant and animal 
nutrition has been particularly outstand- 

In filling the vacancy caused by this 

rli.mge of officers the Board of Trustees 

li.i>ai)iK>inte(l Dr. Joseph S. ChanilK-rlain. 

now profess(ir of organic and agricultural 

ilxniistry, new heail of the department. 

I'r. Chamljc-rlain's career as a teacher of 

<liiniiMry at NLA.C. <luring the past 

'■vliieen years is well known to .Aggie 

iihmini. draduating from Iowa .\gricul- 

' ! College in l«'J<t, he continued his 

■^ in this country and abroad. His 

I'i i'. degree was conferred by Johns 

11' [kins Lniveisity. fie is a member of 

't" Anuriian ( hemical ScKiety, a Fellow .\--o, i,(f ion tor tlic .\d- 

t nieiu ot Scienic, in aildition to 

'• : .: a member of the lionorar\ so< idles, 

iVta Kappa and I'hi Kai)i)a I'lii. 


\i tile fruit judgirig ( oiitest 
i<i l.i-t week at Wonoter, the 
I .\.( . Iriiil jud^itig team, roni- 
-''1 lit Kiclianl I. I)a\i>, John 
-Nutting ami Cecil C Kice, 
"U the New Lngland cham- 
"ii^hip in conii)etition with two 
lur team-. 




Edwin M. Whitney Chooses Play 
'•The Square Deal" 

liefore an audience to wliidi he was 
(|uite well known by reason ol three pre- 
vious readings in as iiian\- xi-ars. Mr. 
Ldwiii M. \\ hitnev ag.iin provided de- 
light Jul enlertaiiiiiK'iit last I'rid.iy t-\e- 
liing at Snial I'llioil. Tlli^ \ear he 
"Thi- Scpiare Dt-al." a pla\ adapted from 
one of ( iiorgi- AL t'olu-n's produclioii''. 

Ihe pla>' is one oi four acts coiilainiiig 
the stor>' »)f a m.inV transformation from 
<( bartender li> .i powt-rlul le.ider of ihe 

TemiHrance League. llolida>, .i barien<ler 
from New- ^'ork, arri\i-s at Joliiisbiirg to 
taki' a |io>itiuii as bartender in .i new 
hotel owiieil by a \cr\ rich and di- 
agreeable man c.dled < iraiiger. Melon- 
taking up his diitie- llolida> actpiires .i 
di^llke for ( iraiigei and il de\elops thai, 
Ucausi- of this le<-ling, lit- oilers to U-ad 
a tem|K-rance im-eting at the Town 11. ill, 
to which the rich man is very much 
opjMised. Ill spite of attempts to prexent 
the nueting and disrupt priHi-ediiig-., it 
is a huge success mjIcU Ik-c.iiim- ol the 
former bartemler's speech. As a result hi- 
fame is sprt-ad ihroughoiit the i«uiiilr\ 
and requests f<>r hi> services pour in 
through all channels. .\ general dislike 
lor hard drink dexelops in Johnsbuig and 
the brewery l>usiiu-ss, in wlildi < iranger 
is chietly interested, dt-clines rapidK. 
Holiday helps in the manufadurt- <jf .i 
new drink called M.iltino, the iiiV(-ntion 
of a newly formed friend, and enl.irges 
the liusiiie» iK-yoiid all ex|K-cl.iI ions. 
I iiialK', the town brewery closes entirely 
uinl the men are |)iit to work in >olt 
ilrink manufacturing. Holiday feeU 
he has found his right uc(U|)ation and 
decides to make preaching against .iKo- 
holic drink his life work. 

.Mr. Whitiu->'s inlerpr«talioii of tin- 
play was so wt-ll done that one could 
easily forget the la( k of background and 

(C>>ntlnued on Pafte 2) 

Men's Glee Club 
Sings at Hatfield 

(lanipus Quartet Features Second of 
Season's (Concerts 

In its second puldic ap|x-arance oi the 
.s»-asf>n the Men's ( ilee Club presenteil a 
concert in the Town Hall in Hatfield on 
.Monday night. The concert was sjMin- 
s<jred by the senior class of .Smith .\r,id- 
emy and an unusually large audit-nce wa- 
in attendance, i'robabl)' the ones who 
drew the greatest applause were "Diiti h' 
.\nsell for his individual claiK iiig and the 
((uartet for its excellent presentation ot a 
(Continued on Pafte i) 

Two-Year Sextet 

Expects Good Season 

Four Veterans for Team Which Plays 
First Ciame .Saturdav 

With four veterans and several promis- 
ing first year candiflates on the I \\o-\'<,ir 
hocke>' sfpiail. a -uccessful seas(^n i-, ex- 
|M-(ted. .\ tiw practices were held on t in- 
K (• wliili- tin- wi-ather was f.iMiralilr, .mij 
since then t <»ach "i-arry" Hriggs in- 
been giving; blackboard talk- dail\ on 
theory. It the warm weather ronlimics, 
the i.inili'late:, will lie kipi ill i oiiijii iim 
uitli so( 1 I r or -onir oilu-r gamr. 

I hose ulin li.iil I \|)<rience la-i -i .i-on 
were ( ,i|)i,iiii .Maijilock-, l>,U( liildir, 
Kimball ami Wills. Srjiiie ot thi- In -i 
yearlings on the an- lirmik- < 
Hii\t, .M,i-.< ['Hi hi, ami I 'liilLrirk. 

'Ihe first K'""e for the team is with 
Ueerfield Acadeiiu , unlay, it thin- is 
ice. The remainder ul ; !;. -(luijuli has 
not been fixed, but ^.iim- arr ,\|iiiled 
with the W'illiston seconds, Williraiiam 
Academy, and Greenfield High. 

Fifteen Frosh Pledged 
in Second Term Rushing 

Lambda Chi and Kappa Epsilon 
Receive Three Kacli 

.\notlier rushing M-asoii just come 
to .» t lose lor the freshnun. lliis one s;iw 
fifteen members of that class pledging to 
the various fraternities. This number is 
pretty e\-enl\' dixided among the nouses. 
Lambda (hi .\lpha .iiid K.ippa l.psilon 
receiving the most, three each. The list 
ol the new plcclgcs is as follows; 
n.T.W John, Stephen L, 

I Limillon. 
IMii Sigiii.i Kappa Ua\ iiioiid I-.. < '.ood 

K.ippa Sigma — .\llc-ii S. West. Jr. 
I.ambd.i (hi .\lpha — KolM-rt H. I.orrey, 

.\riiold W. Olsson, H. I'arker. 
.\lph.i Sigma I'hi John IL I iood. John 

t". L.iwrenc*-. 
Sit;iiia I'hi |-.psiloii Willi, ini I-,. Hos 

wcirtli, Jr. 
.Mpha (•anima Kho — |-'r.iiik 1. Douglass, 

James J. Woods. 
K.ippa Kpsihm- .Newell W. I n \ , .Mbcii 

IL «'.ower, Lowell H. !'al<h. 


Fruit Judf>in|i (;hampi«)nship of New 
England Cioes to M.A.C 

llu- .Massiuhusetts ( ollcge 
jumped into proniini-m i-, at least in the 
field of pomology, when her fruit jiidging 
tc.iiii placc-d first ill tin- fruit judging 
contest lit-ld at the Worcesler .Armory 
List ThiirsdaN, thereby making I Iu-iiim Ives 
.New ('hainpioiis. Tin- team, 
ioinpos«-d of ('«-(il Kict, John Nulling, 
and Kic hard Davis, all of the class of L'S, 
met teams from the Conm-cticut Agri- 
cull College- and tin- Lni versify of 
New Hampshire and Kice had the highi-st 
score with Nutting and Davis «los • 
behind him. The re- were- eighteen v.irieties 
of apples in I he- conti-sl and sixteen class«-s. 
,\ |H-rfe< t Mort- totaled up lo .'{I'OO |>oinls. 
Kice hael |K-rfe(t identification but mis 
phin-d a few class«-s making his scoie .'{(Mil) 
points. Nutting was a cU)s«' sec«)nd with 
(Continued on Pafte 2) 


I reshman basketball candiclates, un<h-r 
the- leadership of "Larry" Hriggs, an 
having claily workouts ami are- gra<luall\ 
U-ing slia|K-il into a team. The lineup 
which was ex|K-(tecl lo face l)c crlii Id 
Academy last night was Nichols and Kane-, 
forwards, d. M. Davis, center, and L«K:k 
wcM>d and Minkstein, guards. Othci 
freshmen who an- making a g<MJcl showing 
are liaker, Heowcjrth, Dangelinayer, Kun 
\ik. and Wheritv. 

Agates Flash As Of Old 

In Defeating Upsala, 40-24 

Team Shows Much Improvement. Reed and I'homas Lead 
in Scorinji, Vilin^ Ip Karly Lead 


■' \iilhinii ii more praiituorthy , and nolh- 
niii miire clearly indhiiles a ureal and nohU 

'iiil, Ihaii clemency and readinns („ /or- 
gire." — Cuero 


Jnti-rfratcriiity basket ha 11; 

.Vlpha Gamma Rho vs. (J. T. \'. 

I'lii Siijma ICaiipa vs. l^imlKla <Jhi .Mi,tia 
s p. 111. IJoys Vnklioriic incf-ting 
liiK-rclass hockey: 

l-rt-slitiK-n vs. Two-Vcars 

Jiiniors V3. Sophomores 

I ntc-rlralernity baskclliall : 

K.ii.i, , ICi.mI.)!) vs. IVlla I'hi Alpha 
SiRiiia Phi lipailon 
\ .,, .. uv r- , . Bates at. M \ •'. 

7 ]< ".1 Mardi Ora^, Mcpioriai iiiniiJiiiK. 
7 i 'i i> in. -'Tin; .\ge of thetarth" by iJi;. GeoloKist. 
Intf-rfraternity l>a^kc?tball: 

Non-Kratcrnit> %-. K K. 

Alpha .SiKma I'hi v.-i. Kipiii Sixina 
f.iii - (;iw; Club Con. . • :< 1." : 
IntiTi lass liockf-y : Siii'.i, v-. 1 wo-\i-iir-. 

\ arsily tj.i^kcnli.iil: Norlhi.ailcrn at .M.A.C . 
\'.crMt\ hoiJ.' y: Williams at Williamstown 

'..t.lO a. in. ^:in.l.iy ( l..i!..l: K-v. < h.irlrs 

A. WiiiK, c hill' il (/I til'- 'iiily, .^i)ring- 

ll.-lii. .\Ia.,. 
I'a'il Sliirl'jy T:; k lir' >.• r .Xu'liloriuni. 

l.'j p 111. Itifortnal Hour by Dfiiartimnt 

of Ilutnanities. 



Trims Fitcliburii Normal in First 
(jamo on New Fh>«»r, M-21 

In the o|i('ning g.iiiie ot the- I'.I'JS season 
.mil the- I'irsI to he staged on the new Drill 
Hall llcMM, till- M.isS. .\ggii- hve el«-h-.lle-c| 
the I'iteliliiirg Normal ecimhinatioii liy .i 
seori- of ,"{ I to 2 1 on t he- eve-ning of Jan. I . 
The- visitors I hre.ilc-iie-cl niosl ol the- first 
h.ill ami the c-,irly p.irt ol the seeonel to 
t.ike ,iw.i\ the Ic.icl the .\gali-s eoiitiiiu- 
.ill\ |>ileil ii|>, Itiil eac h time lliis li.i|i|M-ni-c| 
( CMC 11 t lorc-'s chaige-s hrcike .iw.iv. ,mil 
the g.ime emlecl with I hem well .ihe.iil. 

I.illle scoring (MC'liric-cl chliillg the- ci|iell- 
iiig li.ilf. Me l-.wc-n l.illiccl tor .\ggie- Irom 

the llool lol the fust |ioinlsol till- lllssic 
Hilly a)li-r sc-\c-ral miniile-s of unintc-resi 
ing |»la\. .Shots lt\ t'.irrig.m from the 
liiiil line- e\»-m-cl the- mdii- lor I ilchhiiig. 
Iiiit ( .ipt. Kceil ag.iin put the- .Xgatc-s in 
the Ion- l)\ seoiing cnui- on ,i In-c- throw. 
( .iriigan made il three .ill shoitlv .iller, 
Imt riiomas |iiit .M..\.< . in ilie h-.icl .ig.iin 
li\ clici|ipiiig in one tioin the Moor. I'loni 
this point on the op|Hisition iii-\i-i i|iiiic' 
caught up although in the- siccmkI hall 
the store tame very i lose h»r a l»ric-l linn-. 
M..\.('. was leading at h.ilf time- h\ .i 
12 to '.) margin. 

|-..iil\ ill the- l.itie-i li.ilt the shiMiting ol 
< kept litehlnng in the- rinming 
.md within striking clist.uicc- ol llu-, 
hut the- accurate- hcMip work ol, 
keed, and Mllert e-nahled the- .\g.itcs to 
slay out in trout. In the- List ein.irtcr 
Aggie showed its greatest power and 
(Continued un HuHe -t) 

Cast Selected 

For Prom Show 

Lt'udinii Tarts to be laki-n by 
(;oldlK'r|t '2H and lluss '2*t 

I'hilip Harry's "llu- Nounge-sl" is the 
play which has In-eii e hosi-ii hy the- 
Reiiste-r Doisters h»r pr« se iilalion at the 
Junior I'roiii, which will Ik- held early in 
the- spring term, the- slory deals with 
the- re veilt of i modern youth in his home-, 
in whic h he suddenly asserts himself, and 
the- eomecly e.l the ch.ini.i lies in the c dii 
plications which sulisc c|iiciitl\ follow. 
I here- an- only hmr male- p.irts in .i e.isi 
ol nine eharacle-rs and these- .ire icj Ix- 
tilicil l»y M-niors who have all had .it 
le ,ist thre-(- year's i-xjKric iic e- with the 
Koister Doisters. The leading parts are- 
te. Ik- played hy Miri.iin Muss 'J'.) and 
M.ixwell (.oldlte-rg '2K. I'rofessor Kancj 
will again ac t as eiia' h for the- pl.iyers. 
i<:ontinued on Pafte -i) 

Two-Year Five Wins 

First Game Easily 

learn Shows rromlse in Defeating} 
Arms ,\cademy, 2H-IS 

"Ked" l'..ilis Two-Year varsity team 
opened its season hy In-sting Arms Aead- 
e my in the first haske-tl.all gam<- for thc- 
shcjrt eourse men, staged alter the l.psal.i 
contest in the Drill Hall last .S;iturda\. 
.Mihoiigh larking in c \|« ric iic e-, Ccjaeli 
hall's unde-rstndies pl.e>c<l well and hid 
(air to have a sneiessfnl season. Me-ming 
at c enter and Kdic \ .ii torw.ird were high 
scorers in the- match, while- |V»gnoe-lli 
kept the- .\c ademy in the- running l»y m or- 
ing eight i)oini~, .i major -^li.ti' ol his 
team's total. I lie; suiimi.iiy; 

Iwo- Year 


\V.,o.l' it, I 







I'. I . 1-. 

J J 'i 

i 1 '.» 

'1 II (I 

.", in 

Il O I) 

II l( II 


Arms ,\cademy 

H. 1-. IV 

ISokina.iii I .'. :, 

I'lirriiiKton.ln li ! I 

Kiiisiiiaii.lK 1 1 'i I' 

Tonnarclli :', j - 

Hrowii.i i) II (1 

lJul)ii'' I) II II 

Manli.rl 11 fl II 

l.' II 1 i 

Showing .1 grval improvement of form 
<»v«-r that ilisplaM-d in the- hist game- a 
lew nights ImI.m,., M.„s. Aggie, chalked 
up Us sc-coiid Niclorv ol the- se.ison at 
the eviH-nse- c.l I ps.d.i hv a store of 4t) 
'--■I in the Dull Hall. Saturdav eve-ning. 
.l-"'"-"V 7. The- .\ew Jersc-v t.-.iin 
"""l'"->«-d inostiv ol tall luavv men, l.iit 
this .idv.iiii.ig,. p,„x,.,| ,„ |„, „, „„ _|^.^j, 
l"> 'Ki.r' t. ore's siiLiller plavc-rs i.,n 
""Icsaioimd th,.,,, At innrs ,!„. n,,„„. 

l"<'ko,i.i rough and il.le- ..sp,-, i whi, l, 

kept the- r,-(ere-e- on the- nimp i,. keep it 
'""'"■' ""'""I. Aggie- „,, ., ,„|,. 
slantul in ,|„. ...„|v ,,„, „, ,|„. 
eonlesi ..nel never lie-ade-d|,.,„^|, 
the Swedish plave-ls enitsi ciccj ihei, |„,.|s 
in the- l.iiic, h.,11 

U.iskcts w.,,. .,!,,„ i,i .oiniiig during 
ihc- oiMiiing minule-s .ilihotigh \\.\r. 

h.ld sexci.ij elos,. sl„,|s. (.,,,|. U,.,.,| 

Im.ilK il„. i... |,y sinking .i iwrniv 
•"oicr. I ps.,1,, l,,||owec| with ., twin 
eounler. hut "lll.mdy" leLiincd 
Aggie. 's lead l»y slipping one- in fiom ,nidc-r 
Ihe h.,ske( scH.n .ill,,. |,,„i, i|„.„ ,„, 
milil th,. I,,, II c lidc-d. .11, c-lhelivc. olh lis., 
aeldcd ste-.ichlv to the. ,\g,il,. |,,|.,| which 

h.ld ICC heel L'.'i I s when ihe gim 

anniinnicd li.ill tin,,-. Thisalt.ick proved 
(<:onllnuvd on Pa^e .1) 



First Mfi-iinft Will be Held Noxi 
Sunday Afternoon 

The- Christi.m .\ss«Mi.ilion wishes i,t 
.iimoiincc. th.ii IVesident H W rii.u, |,.r 
will led .1 scries of |{,|,|,. ,|,^ ,|.,,i,,„ 
grcMips on Sunclay allerneMins dining the; 
winter term. Ihe. eljsc iissic.ns will 
wh.ilever lopi.s the. students wish, .tml 
those, inleresteel are re(|ue-s»ed to re|M)rt 
ill the- loggi.i „i the- Kihlding 
next S,in,|.,\ ,,||,.|,„„„, ,,f|,., ,1,,. Su, i,,| 
I nioii c oiiee-rl . 

ric.ise- tomi- ready ici suggest the- linn 
ot thoiighl which you wish to in 
the. Itihl,. c l.iss. 



Deluney's Orchestra Will Furnish 
.Music. Date Is February 4 

In ai I omI.iiic e will, pl.ii,.. lorninl.titil 
List icrni. Ihe. Milil. iry M.ill will !,,. he-Id 
on the- night of lel.rii.iry itii in the Drill 
Hill from eight le. twelve-. Although 
nriin.irily h.r I hose- in the- .Milil, ,rv de- 
partmcnl. it will Ik f,,, ., , ,„|. 
sider.ehle- iiiimher ol the oihc-r -I iifleiits of 
the- college- tc, .itlc-nd .,s well. In, ,i,id sophoiiioii' i,, llu di p.irt- 
ment in.iy invite one. Iiiend .imt c.ii h 
jiiiiior and senie,, in the dcp,,rtiiiiiit two 
Irie-nds. Me.mlHrs of the. e iille-gi. f.icijlty 
are. invited («» alleiiel as well as gnidu.ile 
s| iide-nls win. have (om|ilele-c| ,,n K.I ). | .( '. 
c ejiirse- at some eithe-r eejlle-ge-. 

J.ic k |)elain-\s ten piece- orchestra 
Iroiii Norlhamptc.n Im-c-ii si-c iired for 
the- I).,!!; s«j it is cert.iin e-xcellent 
musie is in onle.r. This te.mi c.f imisieians 
einerged .is vie tors from a l.atlle of music 
held riiciiily in the- .Xriiiorv in .Northamp- 
loii III wliii h other orchestras in- 
I Jiiijim; Ni-wc onil.'s were e<>mp tini; 

' 'il- III the- nni'ine altraitie.iis c.l the 
{{.ill vMJI ill- till ili'coraliem seheine- for 
iM-aulilviiiK till mil rior of the Drill H,di 
for the- occ.ision, a se hc-me which is lM-in){ 
woikc-d ejul hy a commiilie- of which 
( aclet ('a|>tain KoIm-M l.inioli, _'s i, m 
I h.irge. In adelitie.n to stre.iiners ol bunt- 
ing and orii.iments of a martial n it me- 
sne h .1- nil' -^. l.;iye)iie-ts, niImts ,i,,<j imup 
guidon^ It is lio|.<-d that the- Il i,;> ul iIm- 
v.irioiis Ir.ilirnii ics iiiav' l«- sc-i urid to 
.I'I'i In the- ill < III iiiuii- . I he presence of 
unitorms .md iiiMdos onl\ lo he; worn l.y 
the; ).;iiilli 111! n will lend the- clallee .i dis- 
liiiitiM !>,i!tiri. Information regarding 
III kit- .iiiij me.iiis of trans|M>rtatioii of 
.III- liuiii Smith ami Mt. Molye)kc- will 
.iplM.ii in late-r issues of the Collegian. 



\\f IhIuM lll.ll it Ir 

ilic opiniiMi < 

i r.f iIh' slii.Uiits on \\w .ami)"- tli.'i 


Ofl.cial .uAvspaptr of tin- ^'''^-''.^'''^^^ Sunday . 
Agricultural folUgc. I' d every 1 ^J'"^'''> ' 

WidiKMlay l<y thi- stu(itiil>. 

E,NEsi L. S..BNCHK -as Kcltor.ln Chief 


Munakliig !■ ciiioi 


iKNtM L. Si'fcNCBK 2h 

HAKI.1.D E. Clakk •2h 

SllKIl fcV I l.EAVKS 



Aluiiitii & i-l'"'l • •"" 



. !K(hili' •>( library li<)ur> ou 
uii>aii-.taiiory. In tin- fn^t 
placr v.rv litlli liuu- i^ atTofiUd t<. t!i.i-< 
v,l„. 'M li In iiM' ilu- lil.iaiy (.11 Sun-lay. i 
In ilic >ti..ii<l plan- ili<n- arc many >tii- 
, lints wIk. prilrr to w» t" cluinlKs in tlu- 
lown \ niak. -> it ainin^l inipossil.l.- 
lorlluii) lOK't to tlu- library. Th' ii too 
ilurc arc mi. li iliiuK'' i''' ^"'"l^'V l'-'''^''' 
llo !,.■ r«a<l ami o. ( asionalK a litllf >lt''P 
lo !»■ mail. ui> >o all in all tlurf i^ 
littlf opportuniiv tn MM' lb. libr.try on 
Snii.l.i\ morning 


li i^ .,ur bcli. i ibal any library, ami 


CABI. a. BbRl.AN '-'■» 

';:::.^:u'^::Z -211 pa;M.'ula;U a ...IUk.- Hbrary. is..s.-n,iall> 
Ek.c SMNG1.ETON "M) | lor tbc ( . .UN . niiii.c au-l licli. <)f tliow- \\li<. 

Kl.M. S. I'ol IK". Jx- '•" 
J,, UN B. Howard Jh. '30 

^M I Y !■.. UKAl.lfcV '.'il 


p:^:.^tA - SO-2H CM,cu,a..on Manager 


WU.1.IAM A. Kr.AS '29 


KoKi.KT ^•..(.<»'l'^"w ■:«» 

\YlNIUK«>l'<".- S-M"" '•"' 

J. .IIS K.Tank 'ao 

SiibstriDtion $li W per yiar. Sinclc 
copU^ Oc-.^. Mal<.allor.Ur>,MyabU- 
5o Tnr Massac iiLSF.Tis ( ou.ia, an. 

In a-- ■ of chanu. of .ubscrtUr. 
^■ilr phase n..tify th.- busmiss manager 
as soon as |M>hsib!f. 

tol«-i. l'.M7.aiitlionzi-(l AiiKii*<t -"• '•""■ 

usi- it an.l tlur.tori- >li..ul.l as marly 
nil . t th.-ir .U-mi. s as is ri-as..nal>ly possibl.-. 
\V.- fin t her b.-li.-v»- that Sun. lay alurn..on 
an.l t-M-ninn an- mmli m..i.- nim-rally 
ulilizi.l by tlu- inaj<.rily ..f stuiltnts f..r 
till- purpoM- ..f stiulyinji than is Sun.l.iy 
niorninn. 1 ..r tlu-si- r.-asons wi- sunKfsl 
that tlu- l.i^ an.l . ..nv.-nit-nt liim- to 
haw tlR- library opm would U- Sun<la> 
aftt-rn<;on ami (-vi-isinu ratlu-r than Sun- 
day ninrninn. < >' i' i' '^ imprac'iial t.. 
havi- th.- library oikh both Sunday aft.-r- 
m.<.n ami i-vi-niiiK miuht it not bi- |)..ssil,l. 
to havt- it opt-n om- or tb<- otlu-ri' On 
tlu- <MU- day in the wifk vvlun tlu m..>i 
>tu.h-ms lan .U-votf tin- uri-atc-st ani.nmt 
..I tiim- to library work tlu- library is 
oiKii 111. l.ast ami .H th<- in..ppor- 

luni- tinu-. ♦ 

— K. II. N. 

Survival of the Fittest— or Lucky 

Many acrustomt-d faci-s an- mi>sinK 
Ironi tht-ir furnu-r places in assembly, thi- 
didi-as.- in numlxrs In-inn t-xtrtnit-ly 
ii.)tii(-abk- U-cause of the lari;(- nunilH-r of 
\a.anl stats in tlu- rear of Bowk, r .Viidi- 
t. Ilium. It may be well to ri-meinber 
what "Ikn" Iranklin sii.l about that 
wor.l .Ir.ipped t.) the \vi>e, an.l th.-re will 
Ik- less renrel when tlu- in.l of tlii> H-rm 
arrives. The .)I<1 eiisioni of n-turnin^; 
from vacations to rest up is lo.-in^ its 
popularity uii.ler the pressure of studies 
ami activities whi. h college stu.lents 
liiiiik wci^li them .l.)Wn. 




With the assembly exercise of last 
\V,..|ms.lav still fr.-sh in <«ur mimi 
a httiiiK .ipportunitN 

, It IS 

(.» refresh our 
menuiiii^ cuuerninu our ..blinations as 
|„,sts It is nee<lless K. n-il.iate to what 
this reference is made because- ol 
the nu-m»H-rs of tin- stmlei.t boely were 
present at this exercise last week. 

I ,1 n> ..iiiMiler fe)r a minute what the 
s, impression is e.f us after sue h a 
display of scntinunt as was prevalent at 
that time. rmlonbt.-.IK this impressum 
^^ill Ik- iK-rmaneiil an.l as such it will be 
eertainly n-lle. te-.l ba. k e.n the College 
from tinu- to time. 

It is eiuite- true- that we had a just cause 
to Ik- elissiitisf^ed but she.uld we have- 
Kiveii wav to our .lisappn.val as we ehd.-' 
Would it'mU have U-en far bitter for all 
lurti.s c.merne.l if we had kept our 
feelings to ourselves at the time an.l then 
enter ..ur e-e.mplaints thie.uj;h the pr.)|H-r 
channels Mich a., the .Vlelphia, Sc-nate. 

etc.? If 'lu^ ^^»'"' ''••"*■ '''•' ''1'*''''^'''' 
woulel have carrie.l away an enlireK 
dilferenl impression of the student IkmIv 
and we wmilel have- had nothing to lose- 
by keeping our criticisms to ourselves 

for the time In-inK- 

rurthermore. the College authorities, 
or th.)M- in . harge of the assembly excr- 
lise-s, she.ul.l have Uen nu)re diligent in 
arranging this tirst assembly. It has al- 
ways iK-en the custom to hold nuetings 
of various after the first assembly 
of ea.h term, lor this reason if for no 
other they shoulel have arranged a pre> 
gram which woul.l have- Ikcu completed 
on time and thu^ provule suttuieat time 
to make these nuetings worth while. 
They sh.iul.l h.i\e kiu)wn that it is prac- 
tically impossible- to limit t.) forty min- 
utes an illustrated lecture which normally 
reejuires an hour and a half or two hours 
to lie- im-senteel advantageously. 

With these- few suggestions in mind let 
us be mor.- careful in the future concern- 
ing the manner in which we receive our 
guests. If we have complaints to otter 
let us seek to enter them and make changes 
threingh our representati\e bodies. 


(Contlnue-d freiin I'hAk »J 
Stage proiK-rties. an.l e.iuld imagine that 
all the characters were present speaking 
their own parts inst.a.l of everything 
U-ing done by a single individual. One- 
of the notable features was that one was 
never in .l.)ubt as t.i whi. h character was te. be speaking. SO perfectK 
were the types portrayed. 


Only niarvel.>us lait .)n the part ejf our 
h.a.l wait.r at th.- .lining hall prevente-d 
an outburst of outiag.-d stii.ii-nt I.elings 
when the manager rei.ntly inauguratc-d 
what it is li.»|M-d will be en me an .\ggie- 
. ii^tom, tlu- use- of .)iie- single piece .)l 
butter per in.lividual \nr meal. ' "' 
availing venal protests were ma.le in the N. N 
loiiii ol iiiipr.)mptu cheers for nu)re butler, 
but it is pi.)bable- that a siKcial ommittee 
will seion ap|M)int itself to investigate the- 



'■2\ \i.i.>r H. Cahalane is a forester 
in Marion, North Carolina. 

•■2G Harry W. Hlo^k is a re.ear. h 
chemist at tlu- Agricultural KxiK-riment 
Station. I'urdue ruivc-rsity, Lafayette. 

I>>'1- , , 

'■y, I iinton J. Daggett is em|)loye.l as 

treasurer of Jas. Ackroyd cS: S>ns, Im ., 

Albany, N. V. . , 

•2ti L.I win L. Tucker is teacher ol 

V.>ealional Agriculture in Arms Ac:aelemy, 

Shelburnre Falls, Ma>s. 

'20 AllK-rt l. Mann works for tlu- 

Litchtk-ld County larm Bureau, as 

county club agent, in r.irringi.jn, Conn 
'27 M. C.olk-r is a florist with 

the" Houghton ( ..)rney Fle.wer Shop, 

B.iBton. Mass. 

•27 Norman B. Nash is science teac lur 
in the- high school in Terryville, C.)nn. 

'■'7 \lbert F. SiH-lman is employed as 
assistant chemist by the L.,well l-\-rtilizer 
Co., South Leiwell. Mass. 

•().-) Hugh Barnes is employed as stoe:k 
clerk in the B. D. Ki-i'>U ''•'P^'' ^■"■■ 
llousatonic, Mass. 

>p.'ll \i»> Tso Liang is chief .)f tlu- 
general affairs elepartn.ent in the Bureau 
of l-:cononii.- lnformati..n, r.king. C hina. 
•14 Tlu-o.lorc- Ni.olet is general agent 
for the National Life Insurance Co. of 
X.-rmont. His olVice is locate.l in .Mbany, 

|»r.->i<lent K. W • That, her, Director 
Willard A. Mun>.in, .iml Direct. )r Kolaml 
Wrbc-ck atten.le.l th.- Inioii .\gricultural 
meetings of th. Massachusetts Farm 
n.ire.iu AsseM-iation h.l.l at the Armory 
in Wejrcester, Mass., on Januarx 4, I'.tJT. 
They represented the College and each 
siK)ke on the different departments ami 
he-Ids .)f the College. A large number e)f 
alumni registereel at the Uxtxh which 
was the M.A.C. he-.i.l.piarters at th.- 



Dr. D.ivi.l l<.)zman, a sixrialist in eco- 
mimic stu.lies of the uiilizati.m of laml. 
han been appe)inteil a>sist.inl research 
professe.r in the .lepartnu-nt of agricul- 
niial e-e-.)nejmics at the College. 

Dr. Ke)zman is a graeluate ol the Uni- 
versity .)f Mose-ow and also heilds degrees 
jrom tlu- universities e)f Wisconsin ami 
Northw. stern in this country. He is an 
expert linguist. For some time he has 
been onnected with the Institute of Laml 
l-:ion<niii.> at anel has alsej ha.l 
some- banking exiKrie-ne:e in New York 


Criticism, probabl\ .i> much as an\ 
other single factor, makes for progress 
but. unfortunately, when the word 
criticism is me-ntioned or thought of it 
to.) olt.ii imi'li. - to I lie .iverage jn-rson 
tlu- idiM <)t .l.struilive rather than e-on- 
stni.iiv. thinking. In just that resjiect 
li, ~ till iaiilt <it the average criticism In 
one who I- not tr.iineil t.) re-.ili/i thn 
iriliiism ill'.-- not ne-ee-ss.irily or .\iii 
l(iv;i(alK ti.ivt Id It ,1 di-triuti\e ( re.ilitill. 
Su II i- lll.ll we hope, in this e.lit.)rial to 
preseiii .i mii. i^iii wliirh s.inu- con- 
stni. tive suuv;. >tinns. 


(Continued from Pafte I) 
Kenneth F. McKittrick '29 of Boston, 
Ruth H. I'arrish -_>'.» eif C.reat Barrington. 
an.l Walter K. Southwick -J'.l of Clintem. 
Second Honors Group— H5 to 90 
Jack Amatt '2^ Blam he D. Avery 'lis. 
F:ilsworth Barnard "28. Lora M. Batch- 
elder "28, (.orehin F. Bearse '28, Marjorie 
K Beeman '28, Harold K. Clark '28, 
Ki.harel J. Davis '28, Se-th J. Fwer '28.^ 
I'aul I- . Irese '28, Wellington W. Kennedy 
'28, Constantine P. Ladas '28, Karl C. 
LaulK-nste-in '28. Margaret K. I.iiuoln '28, 
Margaret A. Little '28, Myer Lynsky '28, 
Leon C. Marston "28, Oliver S. Plant inga 
'28. Siirah T. Plant inga '28, Hart well K. 
KoiH-r '28, Alden P. Tuttle 28, Chesley 
L. Black '29, FJnory D. Burgess '29. 
Harry R. Copson '20, William C. FIdson 
'2<», Walter C.. Hunter '29, Paul D. 
Ishant '29, Roman A. Kreienbauni '29. 
F:iizalK-th A. Lynch '29. Roble-y W. Nash 
'29, Rol)ert S. Snell '29, Phillips B. 
Stee-re '29, F:iiz;dRth A. Steinbugler *29, 
John A. Sullivan '29, and John B. Howard 

Jr. ':«). 

Third Honors Group— 80 to 85 

Howard J. Abrahamson '28, Harold K. 

Ansell '28, Kenneth A. Bartlett '28, Hans 

Baumgartm-r "28, Allnrt C. Cook "28, 

Dorothy ^L CeK)ke '28, Ian O. Denton 

'28, H. Malcolm Dresse-r '28, Lawrence 

H. F.lliot '28. Jcjseph A. i: vans '28, Joseph 

H. l-orest '28, Demalel R. Lane '28. 

Doreithy L. Leonard '28, Flizalxth P. 

Love '28, John L. Nutting '2.8, Jose-phine 

Panzica "28, Marjorie J. Pratt '28. Cecil 

C. Rice '28, Parker Ryan '28, Barbara 

W. Southgate '28, Krnest L. Sixncer 28, 

|-"rank C. Strattem '28, H.nvard Thomas 

'28, Frances C. Thompson '28, Stanley 

F. Bailey-'29, Irene L. Bartlett '29. K.lith 

L. Bertenshaw '29, James V.. Bonel, jr. 

'29, Alice S. Chaplin '29. John W . De\ine 

'29, Martin < '■. lonse.a ^'.t, Arthur II. 

Craves '29. Clifton K. J.)hns()n 29. Ler.)y 

Jones '29, Richard C. kelton "29, Taylor 

M. Mills '29, Lc-cjnard W. Morris. .n '2'.K 

B.)leslaw Nilkiewicz '29, Karle C. Prouty 

29, Cameta F. Sargent '29. Leonanl K. 

S.irg.nt "29, C.ladys F:. Siveri 29, Dickran 

\, in, mi. in '29. Harold \. Campl>e-ll "-i^l 

Addi-on S. ll.ill ':il>. The-odore Marcus 

oil, Donald 1. Murphy 'oO. Arm- K. 

Toltala '.•fO, Wilfred ».. Pnrdy 'W. Alie'e 

(.. Sanborn '-iO. I.. '.iO, 

Cecil H. Wa.Ueigh "otl, and Marie K. 

Wells '30. 

In Censure 

Our first b.iskitb.dl game was only 
ane.the-r victory in the eyes of most 
upperclassmen. but the p.).>r freshmen 
were so iK-wil.Ure.l that they would have 
failed te) cause- the olel ch.ilK-l Ik-U to 
rc-joice- hael it not been feir several thought- 
ful soi>honiores. The se-eonel triumiih 
was nu)re reaelily lecognizeel, thanks to 
sonu- one or ejther. 


In Praise 
l-reshnu-n are showing a lUJticeable anel 
commendable attitude in regar.l to aca- 
demic activities, an attitude even In-tter 
than that of the sophe)mores. An extra- 
ordinarily large group of frosh have com- 
IKted for the Collegian, while- the Roister 
Doisters have- also In-en gr.itified with 

19:J1 supi)ort. 


Courtesy (?) 
liven though a visiting speaker exceeds 
his time, even though he exceeds it by 
twenty minutes, the virtue of patieiue 
should rettrain an impatient student IxMly 
fro») such a elemonstration of absolute 
discourtesy as was displayed at our recent 
lecture on the "Land of the Midnight 
Sun." However, it is rumored that 
speakers at Yale chapels are warneel that 
no souls are s;ived after thirty minutes, 
aiul certainly our sin-akers should alscj Ik- 
warned that no "message" (the\ alt have 
those) is put across if the time limit is 
passed. There is a reciprcKal e<ule e)f 
c ticpiette, as shown in a neighboring edi- 


Fifteen Years Ago 
The College Signal Said 

"The second annual Christmas trip of 
the Roister Doisters took the 1912-i:J 
production. "The New Boy" into seven 
towns and cities of New York and New 
Jersey, and was a most successful and 
enjoyable one, lasting from December 2G 
until January 4." Jan. 14. 

P.S. Can you imagine what would 
hapiien if such an attempt were suggested 



■A petition was ratified by the student 
body asking hereafter examinations 
be counteil as only 59 iM-rcent of a stu- 
dent's standing in a course, and that 
every student be permitted to take all 
the exiiminations." Jan. 14. 

P.S. We wonder how often testj were 
imiMJsed during the term. Fifty j»ercent 
would now Ik> considereel a high value 
for an .-xaiiiination in most courses. 

'IS I )ean Sanliorn is e-mployed as cost 
accountant ..f the Reed & Prince Mfg. Co., 
Worcester, Mass. 

'18 F^}!ivst C.rayson is employed in 
the main lalu>ratory of the 
Creame-ry Co., Detroit, Mich. 

'20 Warren M. Dewing is salesman of 
the"(.eneral Dyestuflf Corp. of Boston, 
and is now traveling in Western Massii- 


'21 Orville IL Sixncer is employed as 
furniture dealer by the Anderson & RuHe 
Co., Cambrielge, Mass. 

'2.} Lawrence F. Broderick is a sugar 
chemist in Chaparra, Cuba. 

'24 Harejlel D. Stevenson is landse:ape 
gardener in the Park Department of the 
city of Mianti, Florida. 

'2:1 Luther B. Arrington is now an 
assistant professor .)f horticulture at the 
Pennsylvania State College. 

"2'.i "Bert" Cerry is assistant professor 
of "liie.logy at Tufts. He is employeel 
sumnurs by the Mass. State Dept. of 
Agriculture in plant pest control work. 

•23 Rolx-rt B. Bates is in the |K>ultry 
business at home in West Springfield. 

'24 "Al" Leeland is county agent for 
the Hampshire County Farm Bureau. 

•25 "F:rnie" Dick and "Phil" Dow are 
working for the (Jrant Stores. 

'20 William F. Ford is a moving pic- 
ture oixrator at Pittsfield, Mass. 

'26 "Red" Douglass is a*milk tester 
for the Hampshire County Cow-Test 

•27 Wenclall Cook is a lalwratory 
assistant in chemistry at the Iowa State 
College, where he is studying for his 
masters degree. 

'27 "Larry" Rhoaeles is assistant farm 

manager at the Westlwro Stato Hospital. 

ex-'28 Arnold W. Agambar is working 

in the drafting department of the Clinton 

Foundry Works. Clinton. Mass. 

•27 Dallas Love Sharp, Jr. is teaching 
in the American Internati.inal College, 
SpringfieUI, Mass. He is the pn.ud 
parent of a daughter, l>orn July 2.5, 1927. 
'27 Ray C.rilifiii has a ixjsition with 
the New I>parture Brake Co.. Meriden 

Ri.har.l T. MuUer, assistant |jre)fesseji 
in the . lepartnu-nt e,f tlejriculture ha- 
tendered his resignation t.) Iw-.ome elTe-c 
live DeeendK-r .31. Professor MulUr will 
bc-ce>me assistant manager e;f the Mont 
gomery Rose Com|)iiny, Iiu.. of Hadle\ , 
Mass. His positie^n at the College will b- 
fiUe.l temiM.rarily by Mr. Alfre-d M. S 
Prielham of Cornell University. 

Prentiss French, formerly connecte.l 
with the landscaiM.- departnunt at M.A.t 
is lUiW supervising landse.ipe- an hite-ct e.i; 
a large development at \ enice, Flejriela. 

The .\dvisory Council of Women an.l 
the Trustees of M.A.C. were enter 
tained at lunch on Friday, January 0. ai 
the home of Mrs. J.J. Storrow on Beacon 
St.. Boston. I'roblems concerning th. 
welfare of the women of this College wer. 
di.scussed at that time. 

The co-ed gym classes, conducte.1 \>y 
Mrs. Curry Hicks, will be held imlo.ji^ 
.luring the winter term, a change from 
holeling them outside as in the fall. 



January 14, 1928 

8.00 a. m. 

.Agricultural Fldiuation r>2 anel .')o 

Zex)logy 2tj 

Bcjtany 61 

Landscaix- (ianlening 79 

Mathematics .JO 


Mathenuities 76 
Chemistry 61 
10.00 a. m. 
Physics 25 
( ierman 1 

Mathenuities 1 

Military 1 

1.00 p. m. 

Chemistry 4 

Chemistry 1 

Fnglish 1 

French I 

French 4 

Cl\ B 
WH \ 
MB 1» 

( ; _''i 



C. 26 and -'*" 

M B H 


( . _'•■> 

( ", _'s 

25 and ID 

C. 2.') 

FH il 


(Continued from Pafte 1) 

-1 score of 3920 points an<l Davis han 
the New iA.parture oraKe vo ........... , -^ ^^^^^ ^_.^.^,.^ ^^^^ , 

Conn. He ism the draftmg department, -ore 1 

the inoral code, recently resigned in a 
Ixxly as a protest against the ineffective- 
ness of their liody, which evidently was 
weakened by faculty restriction. On the- 
other hanel, a professor in Ohio has re- 
cently ventured the statement 
"Ohio WVsleyan stiulents are too darned 
busy trying to run the Iniversity." 


"The Harvard Crimson's fifth Confi- 
dential C.uide" on courses of study has 
made its apjx-arance. It is a supplement 
to the official and uncritical lists, and is 
descrilu'd as 'an eff.jrt to .inalyze seriously 
and to prese-nt from the students' point 
of view a portion eif the many courses 

splendiil showing of the team goes to 
Prof. Brooks D. Drain, who coached ih- 


.Amherst is having its ditficulties with 
self-government, tex). The Committee of , „. - . _ 

Se-ven, an organization elected by the offered the undergraduate. -H,. Ac. 
students which deals with infractions ot\.SIudcnl. 


.AH co-eds wishing to try out for 
girl's rifle te.iin .ire asked to see Capi i' 
Sumner as s(M)n as pcjssible. Prac ;i 
will start as sexjn as any girls sign up n 
will Ik- held on Tuesday and Thur- 
m.jrnings. Captain Sumner will b' 
constant attendance to assist in the 

The first College rifle team match -^ 
be held this week against the team I 
De Pauw Iniversity, in In. liana. 

The Military department has rece ' 
two challenges thus far for mat 1' 
I against a girl's rifle team. 







Boston Headquarters for all M. A. C. and 
man\ other College Teams and Clubs 


Club Breakfast and Special Luncheons 

and Dinners 

Bass Winter Footwear... 

Wet or Dry, Snow or Ice, your feet will be warmer 
and more comfortable in Bass Winter weight Footwear. 

Step in and let us show you the Bass Storm-proof 
Oxfords and Moccasins there are none better. 




(:.\I)i:t oh k:i:r.s appoin ri.i) 

III.' Inllowing .ippoint nieiits eif C.idel 
( irtieer> l.)i I he- | January .> to Mareh 
lii, IPL'.S .in- It. ieb\ .11111. nince.l. 
Te» be Cadet Majeirs 
t a.lei Donalel K. lane 
•• juM| 1. U. Ililvaiei 
T«i be Cadet Captains 
( .1.1.-1 Kobeil II. lineeiln 
l\obe-i t J. K.irre-r 
I l.iii> h.inmgaitne-r 
Warii-n j. Tufls 
1 1. lit well I., k.iper 
•• Albie.n h. Kie ker 
I )ana J. Ki.leler, Jr. 
liertrani 11. Il.)llanel 
Tei he Cudet 1st Lieutenants 
Ca.le I t liarle -^ I.. ( 

Tlieimas \\ . TerguseMi 
Jaiiie> W. Cnmiingham 
( li.irle > J. Smith, Jr. 
T.i iie->t I.. Spe-neer 
( •.ml. Ill 1.. U.Mi-..- 
Te> be (>udet 2nd Lieutenants 
Ca.le-t KeilK-rt 1.. l-.)\ 
" I e-cil C. Uiee 
" W.ilier K. Smith 
" Tr.ineis J. Crowley 

lloraee T. IJiejckway, Jr. 
I.dwin S. White- 
" t I. olge- S. TulleH h 

Optician and Jeweler 

? PLEASANT STREET, (up one flight) 

e)c>ili«ts' Prescriptions Filled. Brolien lenses 

accurately replaced 

Kit; BEN ALARM CL(K:KS and other 

reliable makca 


is open for the season of '27 and '28 
Order EATS for parties, re- 
ceptions and hikes 

120 Pleasant Street, 
First house south of campus 
Telephone 511 

You wUI And an eicellent 

. . . SHOE REPAIRIN<; .SHOP . . . 
equipped with the most up-to-date GeMKlyear 
Machinery and a modern 
at II 1-3 Amity St.. - Opp. New Theatre 
We understand your retiuiremenls and are pre- 
pared to meet your needs. 
AU work guaranteed. Shoes shined and dyed, 60c 


50c per niftht.— $1.00 per per week.— MOO per 
month.^Lald up cars. Dec. Ist to Apr. Ut, 
$2.00 per month^ 


(Conlinuerd freini V:\tty I) 

Ktoup e)f seings. .\fle-r the- eeincert IllUsi. proxi.le-.l for el.ine ing by the- < ile-.- 

( lub Ore lustra wliieli is elireeteei by .Mr. 

Miles V. CublKni. The pr.)gram was as 


(»n the Tielel 

.\Kgie My .\ggie- 

J.>lm I'e-el 

(.lee (lub 
Orehestra seleetiejns 
l.einelemelerry Air 
.Now is the- Memth .»f Maying 
Jugo-Slav Lullaby 

1. 1..' (bib 
I >aiii ini; Skit 

••" \nxll 
Sin^; 1." \b- Sw.-.i MiimII.i 
The- Xeilg.i 15. Lit .Seinn 
Seillji; .il I 11.- Un.iil 

( .l<< ( lllb 
1 1 lllllpi I Solii 

I >.i\ ill \.i-^iili 
I' Silo 

I >oii.ilil Till.iin 
Si-le-eti.»n li\ t 11. < 111. II I. t 
Hoi.l.-r M..II.I.I 
.\lni.i .\l.iter 

(.lee- (lub 


iConlineit-tl fr.iiii I'aUv I) 

pull.'. I Nil. 1. lily .iu.i\ li.iiii the- \oi lll.ll 
ipiinl.'t . 

1.11 nun W.I.' iiM'.l ill ill.' game' with 
til.' u.iik ol "Iflon.K" 'Th.inias fe-aturing. 
"S.pi.ish" M. I'^w.n ami "" T'.ll.-rl 
beilll di.l we'll wllil.- the- whole- sepuiel 
sli.iwe.l preimiNe-. I lie . .inte->l >«-rve'd as 
an initialietn f.ii the- iii.ijeirilN .il I he iiU'ii 
int.) \arsity ranks, an.l all pla>ee| well 
iiinl.-r lire-. With one- \i.i.»ry imele-r its 
belt , I 11.' PIL'.S t.'.im start.-. I th.- Ne'ase>n 
on til.' light >' eil the' leil^ei .iiid oii^^lit 
t.i be prime- lor the- iii.ire- .lilli.iill ^aiiM-s .11.' to .'.line'. I'll.' >uinniar\': 

Flichhunt Normal 

<; ski ■.cili) i-or pkom 

<:<tniiiiii«ti fioiii r.ii>i- I 

I III I .isl is .Is Iflljnw ^: 

Charl.itle \\ in-^iow [.m. I'.h i. 

( >li\.'i \\ insliiw 
Mai k W iiisl.iw 
Ki. h.inl Wi.iJ, 
I Alan 

K. nil. th h.itii. 11 
I I ink M I 

\| IWM-ll ( lol.jlnt- 

Kolicrt T.i\ 

• HI. I s.iiycni 

\ iii;iiii.i M,( ,oldii. k 
Miri.iiii Miiss 
I li/.ib. th Si.iiilMixIcr 
.Men's iin.l.isiu.K W.ihrr Siiiiii, 

CiirTs iin.l.rstiiiK .,,. ( il.hv, II 


MuKN. A|l)tU- 

it 1 
K.' :: I 

Ili'lliiiiiiUldU.ll 1 






Ml I'.wi'ii.ilt 

Wilkinson. II, 
•J I .'« e l.';ily,lll 
II n i-illlia< k.c 
<i I i:i I airiitaii.rf 
n II n ( avnnaiiKli.rf 
.1 II .1 Ki. hai.N.II 
.1 O I) 
I 'J 4 
.1 II II 

H 1' 1'. 

I n -.' 
I) II ti 
.1 II II 

.■. .-. !.■• 

I I :< 

II 1 -Ji 

Totals |:J f) 31 Tutal.s 7 7 21 

.St'uK- al li.iK time -Mu^u< AKKie* 12, Fit. liliUtK 

Noiiiia! '.t. K.-f.-r.-.- Wliali-n. Time.- tw.i 20- 

niiiiiile [htIikIs. 


for those 

Christmas Photographs 

Walter H. Harrison 


2nd house North of Campus 


January Clearance Sale. .. 
20% Reduction on 


ALL SUITS (except blues) 







Wednesday. Jan. ilth, Mat. & Eve, 


s A <: T .s •> 

Strern Allraillon 
Esther Ralston in 


Oimrdy i'arantount NewN 

Vaudeville Mai. .(..tO KveninftN. H..W 

I'.'aliiri', Mat. -J..IO •>. I.".. U tn 

Thurs. ErL. Jan. lith & I.Uh 

.Sll> CIIAPI.IN UH --Ol.l) Kill." In 


<;«imeclv I'll I he News 

Miilinee at .<.00 Kve.. b.4S M.fn 


(Cetiillitilcd friiiii V;tilo I) 

to b.' ,111 .'ll.diM- d. I. Use .,s w, II. I,, I 
I'psiila in Ihis sp.i,,. ,,l ii,M, ,oiin..i.,i 
b.r only two II.H.r b.isk.ts ,mi.| .i sini;!,. 
loiil point I.I briii^; ih,- i,.iin l.ii.ij np lu 

ll.'tli.-iiiiv;ion. M.inii, .mil \V.I,l„i| I. II M \ I . vvlui, ||„. s,.,i,„| I,., II|. III. \isit.Mss,rin.'i| i.-jiiM'n,,,, ,|, 

b.r llu'v i.ipi.lK,d in l.iin II.hh ,hois 

an.l .1 fn.' i,s «liil.- ih, .V.,t,.s ,,iuld 

Uain.i onK iwo |ioints, |,oili .i| i|„.s,. 

l)e-iliK bv the- ^ eil joiil ,|,nts. rile 

subs then loiin.l tli.ins. K, -., .,,„| ,,|,,.,. 

Webber h.l.l iiiine \e.| two points liuin | |,i. 

loul line-, he- ,1,1.1., I III, ^.,,|„. „„„||„, |,y 

eaviiii^; .i n.-.U si„ k. i sjnil. |;||,.,, ,,|.^, 

siiiik one', thns |ii,i.ii,.,||s; ill,' 

leael .'sl,.lilis|i,,| j„ ,|„. („^, |,,|, ^i^^i^i 

Ibis ijin,. ||„. MKiil.iis le-iuriifd to iji.- 

name will) ( (iiiishinK "ill th.' |.,m 

iniiiule-s in pl.t.. ol The.m.t^. Hon.iis w. r.- 

t-ven as ihe .onlesi with |„,i|, 

e lulls pl.ivi,,^; },.„,( ,j^|„ „,, ,,, ,1,, ,^^^1 

(apt. "KeiK" K.r.l ,„„| ••|{|,„i,lv" villi lor Me.rinn, I..11I, 

re-nislirinn six Ir.m, ili,' H.hi, vsliil, 

"Holy" e-.lneel his le-.iiii,ii,,i.' jiy ,„„ininn 

onee In.m the' |,n. . ||„. ,,.;„„ ;,s ., 

whol.-I.Hike.l mil. h li.ti.rtli.iii it .ipiH-.u..! 

an.iiiisi I il.liliinv; N,i,„,.,|. ||„ ,|,.|,„„v,. 

work still seemeel ,1 hit uii.l.i ,mi, tor 

I'psiil.i had iii.inv .■,is\ sh.its ,,i ||„. 

K^onllniied eiii l'a|>e 4) 


M.W Vl( lOK Ri;((>|<i)s 
I'Aery Irifl;iy 



Town Hall. Amherst 

lues.. Wed. A I hurs. Jan. 10 II U 

A pair of our.... 


win give you the greatest pro- 
tection and comfort this Winter 



275 High St., Holyoke 

Saturday, Jan. 14th 
Thomas .Vleii^han in 

"<:iTY (;ONE WILD." 

(aime'dy Paramount Newt. 

.Vlitnday and 'Tuesday. Jan. lA & 17 

IMX lil.K KKA'I I KK nil. I, 

with Lois Wilson 

Miitinee .\ .Mt Kvenlnft N.tO 

Peter the C;real in 


Mullnee 3..tO Kveninii 7 Ml 


One Acre Gift Shoppe 

'A few steps alMtve the Aplstry^ 
Kdna H. Derby' C. !la> 

Telephones: LS.S-J I.S5-W 

Al ulis. M»r 

Friday. Jan. iA 


Fr. m »• <, W,„|,.|„.„H.. s,„ry l,, the l,|h- 
trty n.i.tti./ln. 11 S A KMH ., „„sH.,Ai- 
f.r ewry .iiii.ll „,;,„ nh.i's i.fruM „f ;, M,> 
**"""*" ''l-'-rtliUht i reel i;,.,„..,|j 

Saliinlay. Jan. 14 

- ■ - ^ ^ • 

News Wi<-kl> i.ltiise Comedy --Never th 
Diimes Sh;ill Meet ' 

.Monday, .inn. |6 
"ON ro KKNO." 

A .l;ini<'s Crii/e |ir»ilii. lion with Marie 
I' :in<l Ciill.n I .iiulis „„| mi firiiiier 
hilt fun nil eiiil. 


2 ri-fl Coniedv 

James A. Lowell. Bookseller 




72 sheets: 50 Envelopes 

The Best Mystery Book 

on sale 

To Get the Best, Buy 


and SILK 

Bloomers— Step-ins— Vests 



G. Edward Fisher 

Amherst Shoe Repairing Co. 

At the Service of those who appieciate 
Better Shoe Repairing 


Largest assortment of Fountain l»ens Your name enftraved on 
pen, no extra charge. 


Newsdealer and StatiVuier 



Cloe.,es ao no. ™..e el.e bl, .en. ol conl. But M.le men .Ho do .Hln.s. „Ho „e Hftea up I. .He. own merits, choose „« 
fines. .Hlngs .o wear. ^^^^ ^ BOLTER »^^« 




Two Prices 
$23.50- $31.50 


Representee! by 

S. W. Truesdell, - Room 9, 
North College 


Made to 

The Best in Drug Store Merchandise 
The Best In Drug Store S«rvlc« 


No. 1 Mfldn St., Amherst, 

Our Lawadry FInt Claaa 

Our P*llcy Guar«at««4 


Oppoali* Post OAca 

W inter Is around the corner! . . . 

V\.- are well supplied Milh all kindo of 

Ruhbor footwear such as- Rubbers, 
Overshoes. Boots, etc. 

ShcK" Kepairinft l>epartfnent. 



II. A. C. Library. 











(Conllnued from TulJe t) 
hask.t t.iil.d K. siiiW. (Hl(iisis.l> 
tin- (ininlcl >l«.nv(<l n al power wlii. li 
,„„n- tl...n lul.m...l ll"- lailnn- "I llic 
,l,fnis. t.. hold ilMll iiua.l a( all imi.s. 
N..rllua>l(rir> i ra< k Ww plays lurr 
lu-xt Salnnlav and will ^iiv.• ( oa( h ( .on's 
«liaru»s a r. al liM. A vsoW in whirl, to 
r<M and iiii|>rovt- any weak ImhiUs ll'"' 
,1,,. ,,.,M Kam.s hav Lronul't '" ''«'" 
^ll()llld niakr the (liil- P'i""' '<"' ''"' 
contfst. Thf >nnMnaiy. 

MllHN. Aftiiio 

ll.'llii-iiiiKl"!' I i 
W. I)b»-r,t( 
Mann .Ik 




!■. I' 

I i;; 

I I 

1 .'. 

:i .'• 



S)i>stl<illl IK 
Sill'l-'ll"!" IK 

11. J<)lii\s<)ll,ln 


/, JiilmsiMi.H 






Iv 1', 


(I (I 

II 2 

r.>t..U Ift H IK Total> HI 1 J I 

Kof al luill liiii'- Mass. AkuU- •-'.>, I psila s. 
R.ffnr Whal.n. Tim.- tw.. 2(l-n.iii. l« ri.Kls. 

1<.((»7 svhcn he ii tinned to hi-, colk-ne 
, nurse al I he Iniversiiy of Wisronsin 
Iroin whi. h he look his U.S.A. dcKrc<- in 
P.tKl. In I'.lJli In- look his M.S. decree 
from tlu' sinie in>til ill ion. In the niean- 
linu- he MTved as inMni.ior in soils al 
the I'niversily, as auronomist and siiiwr- 
intend.nt at lh«- Milwaiik«-f County A^ri- 
(ulliiral S.hool and after I'.HT in his 
present jiosition at Washinuton Stale 
( Olle^e. 

Professor Sievers has Ufome a proini 

nent finure in west <-oast aurieiill inal 

• irdes. lie was president of the I 'a. i lie of the American Soeiely of Auron- 

„my in l'.IJ:{ J I; pifsident of the rnllman 

ChamlKr of ( onmienv in lUlil; an<l ol 

Ihe I'lillman Kiwanis Clul. in l'.»2t;. He 

is a fellow in I lie Ameri. an .\s>.Kiation 

for the Advanii nient of S.ien<c, a mein- 

lier of the I'.xerntive CmmiiHee ol the 

Internal i<mal larm Conuress, and «'l 

sivvral fraternal and honoiary soiieties, 

SiKina Xi. IMii Kapi-a I'hi, Al|.ha /eta. 

Th.-ta (hi, and ( .ainnia I'hi. 

only possible means <if ohtaininv; full 
iMnehl out of this world, whieh is pleasant 
and serious while yet transitcjry. Me 
(omi)are<i the lift- of an ordin.iry man to 
that of a condemned individual, showing 
that both are ai^iroachinn the end of 
earthly existame under, jR-rhaps, (juite 
different cireumstanies. AiKMher anal- 
ogy was drawn l)ftween the plot of a 
pliiy ami the plot of the drama of life. 
While |)eoplc can easily see the former and 
realize its existance, yet they have not 
the ability to se«- the latter which exists 
jusl as surely. 


lo Selection and Care 

of Animals 
(j Communication 
1.') Machine C.un^ 

12 Tactio 




FOR WINTER lERM l«)27-28 

Rev. K. C. McArthur 
Speaks at Sunday Chapel 




ORC Kenulations 
Packing & Tninsp. 
Military Law 


Sgt. Wan en 
S^t. Warren 
Sgt. Warren 
Capl. Sumner 
Maj. IIubbar<l 

Maj. Hubbard 
Sj{t. Warren 
Maj. Briscoe 
Sgt. Cronk 
Capt. Sumner 


y Mu>ketry Capt. Sumner 

12 Map Reading; and 

Sketching. 12 hrs. 

Theory and 8 hrs. 

practical in spring 


Tact ics 

7 hrs. theory and 

8 hrs. practical in 
spring term. 

14 Rifle MarkMuanship Sgt. Cronk 
Wedmsda\ s during 
this jK-riod for 
Cavalry Drill 
7 Tactic^ 

7 hrs. theory and 
7 hrs. practical in 
spring term. 

Maj. Hubbard 
Sgt. W'arren 

Maj. Briscoe 


.\t a meeting «jf the sophomore cla~s 
la:.t Wednesday. Winthro]) ( '.. Smith ■ f 
Needham Heights was elected to tl 
Maroon Key Society to take the pla. .• 
of one of its numbers who failed to i 
turn to ccillege this term. 


About tort\ >iudent>, six of whom ai'- 
women, have enrolled in the Wint. r 
School. Because of the limited number .[ 
applications received, many of the cour- . 
given in the previous years are ii.t 
otfer<<l this year. Director \erb. a 
attributes the decreasing registration o 
the fact that many jKople are now al/K- 
to get what they desire along the line^ t 
agriculture through the extension scr\ i o 

without having to le.ive home. 

•27 Raymond B. Scott is located nn 

the Curtis Iruit Farm in Marlboro ., 


'22 J. \- David is superintendant it 

the James J. Storrow estate at l.ini..l;i 


'2t» W. T. IVar-e i> travelling throui^li- 
oiu the state as a fruit inspector for ili. diiKirtinciit of agriculture. 

I-n(l.ri(k .1. Sievers. Professor of Soils 
at Washingtcm Slate Colleg.' ami Soil 
Physiiisi of the Washington Agricultural 
Kx|Hriinent Station, has l«en .ipiioinle.l 
Director of the Massachus«tls .\gri. ill 
tmal KxiKriment Station to succeed 
Sidney B. Haski 11 

Professor Si«veis comes to Massa 
chuMtIs with a splendid repiUaticm as a 
scientist and .i leader of men as testifu.l 
by many persons ind his own works, lit 
is the author of numerous le. biille 
tins and tlie hohler of many high olVues. 
His jxipularity .is a |)ubli< spe.iker is 
atteste<l by all who wrote to supiM.rt his 
candidacy. He is well lik«-d by his as.s«Hi- 


Priifessor Si.-vers was born in Md 
w.iiikee County. Wisconsin, in ISM<». He 
was a high s. hool principal from IVHI.") to 

Relievos I his W.»rld a Bridfte to 
Something Better 

.Much food for th»mght was contaimd 

i„ ,he sen.K.n .Ulivend last Sunckiy 

morning bv the Rev. K. C MeArthur, 

rural sedet.iry of the Massachusetts 

lc.lerali<.n of ( hurdus. The six-aker 

chose as his subject, "Is This Worbl a 

Hridiie:-". He beli.v.s that it is, th.' 

people coming from out of a mysterious 

past into the worki «)f th.- material where 

they linger a short time, and then pass 

on totheinhnile. R. n . M.Arthur i.ointe.l 

out th.- mistake of building hous.s on 

this bridge, for the Divim- i- the only 

|)erin.inent force. 

i;Mnine |M)ints of view, very pessi 
niistic or the <.pp(.site, he siii<l, are 
.langerous, and the liappy me«lium is th. 

The College Candy Kitchen 

A flnc place to go and talie your friends for 


Ice t:ream. Milk Shakes. Fresh Fruits. Refreshments and Sodas. 
Salted Nuts. Page & Shaw. Park & TUford. Boxes Ready 

to be Mailed. 


Do not Forget that Special SUNDAY NKUIT DINNER 


tlie place for tlie college man" 


Sporting and Athletic Goods 

You' 1 1 



and how 



The Mutual Plumbing & Heating Co. 


OPEN a tidy red tin of Prince 

Albert and give your olfactory 

nerve a treat. Never have you 

met an aroma that had so much 

come-and-get-it. Some fragrance, 

Fellows. And that's just a starter. 

Load up and light up. . • • 

Cool as final exams. Sweet as 
passing. Mild as cafe au la'it — 
mild, but with that rich, full- 
bodied flavor that bangs your 
smoke-gong right on the nose on 
every fire-up. You'll like this long- 
burning Prince Albert in the bowl 
of a pipe. And how! 


— the national joy smoke! 

One of the first thitigs you 
notice about P. A. is that it never 
bites your toi.^ue or parches your 
throat, no matter how wide you 
open the smoke-throttle. It is 
one tobacco that never wears out 
its welcome. Y'ou can stoke and 
smoke to your heart's content, 
with P. A. for packing. Get some 
Prince Albert now and get going! 

p. A. i» told every- 
where in tidy red ri»n, 
pound and hall-pound 
tin humidors , and 
pound crylal-gUit 
humidors with sponr.e- 
tnoislencr lop. And 
always wilh cvcrv bit 
of bile and parch re- 
moved by ihf Prince 
Albert process. 

VV T! 



3f?r!^ii!L^ '''55t3^' 'I'iii ■ 



© 1927. R. J. Reynold-! Tobacco 
Company. Win»ton-Saleni. N. C. 

New College Store 

Qi\\t M^BBUtl^nBHtB (Jnlbgtan 



Number 1,^ 

Student Body Votes 

New Powers to Senate 

May Punish Violation of (^ollejje Rules by Forbidding Partici- 
pation in Athletics and Academics, or Joininf^ a Fraternity 

Student si-lf-govfrnim'nt at M.A.(\ rt- 
(lived new strtiiKtli wlun tin- four classes 
voti'd to adopt the i)r<)|M)std powers of 
the Senate as submitted at the oiR-n 
1 oruni last Wednesday aftern<M)n. This 
vup, the most revolutionary which lias 
t.iken place since lUL'J when the Senate 
\sas organized as it now exists, came about 
.,v a result of the approval of the College 
.Viniini>tration and the co-oinration Ik- 
i\uen the Senate and the Academics I)e- 
.iitnient, the Athletic Dtpartment, and 
1 111 fraternities. Final approxal li\ the 
Mudent Ixxly now piil> the extended 
uiiwers into immediate oinration for a period of one sear. 

Accordin^i to the provisions of the act 
,- approved by all those c<»iicerned. a 
uiUnt will be liable to suspensi«)n from 
liktics, to sus|K'nsion from academics, 
.. strict probation, or to |K)st|M»nement 
! initiation into his fraternit\. for acts 
, lii(h are dttrinuntal to the traditions 
;(H)d name of the iii>til ul ion. .\mple 
I :n\i>ion for warnings and for reviewini; 
ii, ividence are included in the |)iaii, 
Aliich apijears elsewhere in this issue in 
,iiil)lete form, 
lliis action by the stUfKiits comc> as 
,. final step in a progrant which has 
.11 i)iirsut(l by the Senate-, under th<- 
liiration of its president, John !•". 
I iiiiiiii "JH, since the plan was first (<>n- 
i\((l at the Senate bantpict held last 
-|.ring. At this mietinu I ornu r I'resi- 
.!>Mt Lewis, Dean Madtmer, I'rofosor 
lli<ks, and I'roftssor Kand all ollered 
i iluable sunmstions as t<» ways and 
1 r.ins f<)r making the Senate a iKxIy 
,\(ili more inlUunce for goocl at Mass. 
A^v;'*- -^s* «> result, a special conunittee 
,iii|osc(l of Jos»rh H. Lorest, Alexander 
I lindson. and John I'. (Juinn, ex-ofli( io. 
■i\\ up the set of provisions which have- 
in 111 ad<»pte<l. 

Both the .Athletic Department and the 
.Vademic Department agreed to the 
(laiises |H-rtaining to their interests, al 
itiitugh the Academic .Vtivities Hoard 
.ilded the reservation that the other 
I 'c.mizations concerned should agree to 
I in provisions applying to themst-lves. 
.\iiir some dissent the fraternities ac- 
(Continued on Pafte i) 

Committee Plans 
Winter Carnival 

students ,\pprove Idea Suggested 
at Student Forum 

\'l( Iphia. in its regular Student lorum 

Mtk, brought up the question ol 

n- a Winter Carnival on this ( ami)Us 

a> a result of the favorabh vot< of 

Mudcntr-, plans are going ahead to 

"H a winter carnixal sometime in the 

tiilure. .Mthough the (ommittec to 

\\i.- the i)rogram for the day has not 

I" n drawn up yet it is ex|«cted that 

« 'lin the week such a committee, con- 

nu of men)lx;rs of the Senate, of the 

"iiting Club, and possibly some others 

Ik- selicte*!. 

winter carnival was held each year 

line years Ijcfore the War but since 

time there has Ixen nothing of that 

■n the campus. The plans a> tenta- 

iiiitliiidi 1)\ the Outing Club in- 

-kating races of various kinds, 

!i(M- race-., ski c<impetition, toboggan- 

"~- 1 iiunttA' >ki race, iuxki \ i;aiiic 

■ intercla>> or \at-it\ --now bill 

•'tween the odd.- and i\'ti-, and 

> ilance or a sleigh ride ni |iii--ibl\ 

in the evening. It is i)robable ih.ii 

'lifinilc |)lans can be annoiimcd 



\\<;k of thk pas I week 

, :.■>•■•'■ -tiMXK n 

■ !: 1 . ihiiim ill ]>y.'. 'ii' 

: ■ .\\< t- i'\ t lic S.iKi! (• ,ii!'i lii- 

: \ 11.^ l.lUil ill iill il" V,. :i ! ll.l .iirii 'i 

!M t lie nni\ (■r--al > "U !;iii ii-Lit i-m 

1 1' iill \ .mil -1 llfillH lr<.ll\ . 



Student Body Accepts Flan for 
New Senate Powers 

Assendily on U'e*lnes<la\ , January 11, 
was given over to Stutlent Forum, in 
charge of Harold L. Clark '2S. At this, 
the second of the Near, several matters 
were put iK-fore the ct)llege b> ineml>ers 
of .\delphi.i for consideration, and action 
taken where necessary. 

Kdwin K. Wilder '2H, reporting for tin 
Honor Council, called attention to the 
laxit\- on the part of some of the fre^li 
men regarding the ple<lge on examination 
papers. Alexan<ler C. Ilodson '2H brought 
up the imu h discussed matter of saliiliiig 
^Cluntinuwl on HuUe i) 

Delta Phi Gamma Holds 
Initiation Banquet 

Sorority Adds Iwenty-six New 
Members to its Enrollment 

Delta I'hi < •amina completed ii> lUJN 
initiation last ^b>nd.t^ exining when it 
pledged tweni\-six ih-w meiiil)er> iiilo ilie 
S(Miely. Ihe list of new iiieml>er> in- 
cludes girls from each class: two seniors, 
one junior, three sophomoro, ,iii<| I went \- 
lr(■^hlnan. |)oroth> Leonard, President 
of the Sniety, preside*! at the baiupiei 
at Dra|H-r Hall, N\hich followed the iiiitia 
tion. Miss I'.dna L. .Skinner, .\d\i^or of 
Women, spoke on the iiManing <il Deli.i 
I'hi Ciamma to the new gills ami to ilic 
.iluiiini of the College. .\ lepreMiiialixf 
Ironi each class w<-lcomed the new iiiem- 
Ihts. Sally UradU-y ';{1 answered for ilu 
initiates. S»-veral faculty memlH-rs of 
Delta I'hi (iamiiia were abu pre■^enl. liic 
list of pk-dges follows: 

I'.tJS— Lora Ikitt helder. lili/.iUth Love; 
Htl.'<t-Doris Whittle; 1<. •.((»-( art rude 
Davis, l-lora Manwell, Margaret Swell; 
in;il — (iertruile Harnes, Klizabelh Harry, 
Sally Hrailley, .Mildnd Cahoon. NLirjorie 
Clarkson. .\mia l)igiu\', lietiina Lverxin, 
Mal)il lii-ld, Thelnia l-"riedri( k, Jt-anne 
'lordon. Margaret Ixoi-rber. Helen Mac - 
Ken/ic, .MarN Marshall, \ irginia M< 
( ioldrick, (iertrude MeatI, Marjorie Monk, 
laiiily kollins, Shirley Ku-mII. I'aiilinc 
Spiiwik, Shirli-\ I pton. 


Five Contests f«»r Major .Sport 
Squads. Maine Phiys Here 





I. Through tlu- atithoril\ granted it 
bs the lOllege .Xilministralion the 
Senate ma>' impose the tiilli)wing 
disciplinar\ measures ; 
lai .A >lud<nl |),irlicipatiiig in atli- 
li-tiis ma\ Ih- dei hired ineligible 
or su>p<'nd)(l lor .1 time from 
the sport in whiih he is en 
gage* I. 
(bi A student participating in aca- 
demic actixities ina\ Ik- <Ic-- 
( lared ineligible or sus|N'nded 
lor a time from the .i<ti\il\ in 
mIucIi he is enga^etl. 

(c) An inacii\e sindenl m.iy be 
plated on st 1 it t probatit>n 
through the Di aii'> ( )llit t-. 

(d) Tlu- initi.iiion ol li.ilernitx 
pleilges iii.iy be post|M)neil. 

'ei In »-xtrenie t .im-s the S-n.ite 
may rt-conimeml more drasiit 
punishment through the college 
-. Iht se rules sli.dl .ippl>' to all acts 
which are detrimental to the tratli- 
tions <ir giMxl n.ime of the institu- 
• >. Thes)' riili-s shall ap|)l\ to all si 11 
tienis registered in the ft)ur-year 
f. The action til ihe Senate >hall 1h' 
governed by the following consider.i 

(a) The stutleiit sli.ill be ^;i\tn 
noti<-e of the pro|H>s«-d |N-n.dl\. 

(b) In casts <jf im|M-niling action 
the ])resi<lent of the fraternilv 
or the heail of the ilepartmeiil 
inv«jlved sh.ill Ik- notili(-d. 

^C,i The ilet ision of the S-nate sli.ill 
not go inioi'llit t until due noti- 
fication has Imcii Mill to lilt 
pre^iiltnt of the fraternity or 
the head ol tht- 'lep.irl meiil 
'I The he.'ul of the depart meiii 
loiK crneil, tin- presithnl of tin 
fraternity an<l the Dean sliall 
have tlu- right to review tin 
e\ idem I-. 

Two \arsity teams left the i.iiiipii> 
Tuesilay night for We>t I'oini where th< \ 
will battle represent at i\es of tlie .\riii\ 
in basketball ami hotkey. IJoth gaiiii> 
are Mhetlultfl for Wi tinesday, Jan. l.S, 
and shouUI ))ro\t' It) be contests that will 
Ik- hard ftiught. In basketball. West 
i'oint has a habit of putting a black spot 
on the Aggie slate, an<l last year was no 
exception, the cadets winning by a large 
margin. Ibn key shares a similar |K)sitii)n. 
ihe soliliers invarialily piitliiii; .1 -iron-.; 
St Met on the ice. Light men are int liideil 
in the basketball stpiad, while nine 
put k-ttr- .iri- iiiriiidetl in "R< d" 15. i!!'-- 


Iri(la\' of thi- wnk I lie M. A.C. tjuintet 
meets the team Iroiii tin- liiiN 1 1 -i; ■-, (,| 
Maine in ilie Diiil Hall. A \.,i; ,1... 
Maine ti-ok ilie measure ot I hi \'.<'J, li\.- 
led \<\ < .lilt. Merrill Partenln iiner 1.;. ,i 
Miiri III _".' Id 2fj, requiting an ovtrtime 
periixi to attonijilish it, on tlie lluor ,ii 
( »r()ni). This means that 1 lie I'iiie Tr-t 

-l.llir- il.lM ,1 liiniil Id UpI'Dld wllili' till 
.\s;r.iri,lll^ h.l\e ,1 i|ili-.i' Id a\i-|i,;;e. I he 
riiiili ~t will 1)1 in!en-iip.^ I'lr Maine ha- 
,1 .;iii)(l I dm;1 .in ll ioii i lii~ \ '-i; . 

Ilnike\- i- .iN'i ile-tinei] lur a he, ivy 
Uiikeii'l uilli I t\Miii;i\ nip --I'tii iliili-l. 

M.llrill- V.illl I'llinll ( illll ^e ,ll Ail', 11!'. 

• (lintDii. I.m. _'n 

Work on I 929 Index 

Near Completion 

Competition for 19.^0 Index Roard 
Starts This Week 

Work on the l!)2n [mlex, under tin 
ilirettion i>f John S. Wootlbiiry is pro- 
^C^inliiitii-tl tin PiDlt' 4; 


Willi 11. i! 

LM, re-pi I 1 1\' 

|il,i\ 111. 

<;.\Mi'i s <;,\R 

//■ line is iufiii irntly lnvi%k with lime, 

fr, .; :n 


Xar-ily liasketfi:!!! \rmy at West I'oint. 
\ .ir-ity lii« kt-y .\riiiy al WVfit I'oint. 
I i!if ( lul, I onccrt al V\ illiraliani .Xia'l'-niy. 
7 p. III. Mil 'in:' of th-: f.'K-ssiiiann Ctienii 

I al S« iet 

,\ T. (i. V- Kipi-i l,i--i!fii) 

.Mpha (iaiiiiua Klio v-. ^imn.i I'lii l-,ii-iloii 

'il'-i- (lul) rriniert at Flop 
Iiiti-nV,^. t.n-k-rlt.riM- \i::; ■ 

sj,T ,' . , • : 


\.lt>H> O.i-Kii !i.i:i I . "li M.iiUi- .ll M A ' 

\'ar-itv hfirkf-y- Inion a! .Mtiany. 
t,Ii'i' ("Ind I oni i-rt .It Hi !. i.. ri'r.Mi. 

\,ii If." !,..■ k.v 
In-'-iti.iv-Miitj- I'.i-k- tij.iU 
1.1 ,T \ y«. Xon-I-'iatt 1 

I'h: - K ■ - '>■ 



1...: -' . - 
liiei.i < i>; 
I iif'idiiv 

K K 

I iimianili' 

Aggie Five Scintillates 

In Third Straight Victory 

Team Shows Steady Improvement. Defence Shows I'p Well in 

Second Half. Score, M) l*i 


Bates (Mialie Wards Off Repeated 
Thrusts by .\|tftie Forwards 

Starting the season with a last, will 
played game the college htKkey team 
iu-\-erllu-Iess ft)rcetl to a«rept a - O tit- 
le. it frtJin a smooth playing Hat«-s College 
sextet on the .M..\.(". rink last Thinstl.iN 
.ilieriKHiu. Throughtiut th<- ganu- the 
.\g.ites wt-re more agressixt- than the 
M.iiiu- team ami tlu- ctinte>t w.iKctl 
l.iigely in the op|H>nents territory, but 
the siiiK-iitir pl.ivin^ ol \'ii>letle, the l<.ile> 
(Conllnued un I'uUe 4) 

Girls' Glee Club 

Has Eventful Trip 

I huiidershower .\dds to Difficulties 
of Initial Concert 

lrii|.i\, the thirteenth, prtivcti in be .1 
tl.iy of mish.ips liii the ( arl>' < ilee ( lull 
when it pit-^tiilttl its lii->l (iintfil ol the 
M-,i->tin .11 the \eter.iiis lltopit.d in l.eei|>, 
M.iss. I >iiring the |N-rform,mt <■ a 1 hundei 
'^liiiwei I .insi'd the lighls in ihe .iiuliltiriimi 
III llii ker aiitl to go out completely lor ,1 
It w minult-s. The lirsl lime tt> 
tlarkness came U|M>n the |N-rftirm.mce the 
entire «lub '-inginv; u|m>ii the sl.igc. 
( •tiila Hawley 'JU, the le.idt r, ^.i\iil I In 
situation by ctjiit inning tti tliret t the 
Ming. Ihe seiDiiil time the lighl-^ wenl 
t)iit .Amu- llintlu-y '■>*>, who .done mi 
the stage, retiteil .ill Iml the U-ginning 
.ind ihe end of lu-r sktith in iiniipleti 
d.irknes>. I t>rt iinately, the lights n 
turned lMft>re the end of the skit for the 
next number tin the a d.ince. 

I ntler the m.ui.igement of I )<ii'tiihi'.i 
Willi. ims "M, the (.iris' (.he (lull is 
.ible to prest-nl a varietl and interesting 
program this year. Ihen- an- numlK-rs 
by the entin- iliib, numliers by .1 single 
trio, .iml .1 double trio. Iiitlividiial mem 
lier> t(f tlu- 1 lull are preseiilinv; tlaiice 
mmiliers, re.nling nmiilM-i> .mil soln-,. jhe 
iiiAl (iintcrl for tin- iliib i'^ --eheduleil 
for J.inuary 27 in North Amherst. 


lUisses to be Kun to .South lladley 
and N(»rlhanipion 

Dtlmiii | for iht- .Miliiars li.ill 
wliiili i-. In I iiiiie nil S.iliirtlay iiighi. 
t-ebniary 4, are t. iking shapi" as the 
time for tht- unitpie cxent ilraws mar. 
I It kit -I lia\e Imiii tmleretl. ami it is 
lii>|M«l that th«-\ will Im- on sid«' nc-xt wet k 
Irom memlK-rs of I hi- Dance Comiiiittet-. 
Whin tit kits .lie stild the names of the 
1 tjiiples will lie riipiesied in tinlt-r a 
loiiifilele list of those pi. liming tti .itlend 
the Hall ma> In hail. Ihe I ).int 1- (0111 
mittee is es|)ecia!ly ilc-sirous to le.irn the 
number of women ex|M-clei| from Smilh 
.Old Ml. Holyoki ( olleges in nrtlei thai 
.iir.ingenients may In- niaile for bus trans 

Sint f arr.iMKeiiieiii -> .ire being 111. ide hir 
bus tr.'ins|Nirtaiion from .\orlhaiii[iton 
and Siiilli lladliA on the niylil dI iIm 
.Mililar\ Mall, ami refre-hmenls <,\ ;i 
liv;lit natiirt- an- goiii;; I'l be ser\id during; 
the d.intf. the pi ii - dI iiikii ^\ill In 
82. (Ml a couple, in-tt ad ut the pre\ii>i|s|\ 
stateil (i^iiri- of .Sl.."i<). (adit M.ii'ir 
Joseph R. I III;. .11'! i- in (^e d| n Id ii 
lilt lit ~, \\ lili ll \^ ill I ii I I \ I '1 ,ii .iliDiii 

in.:iii at the I'., 111. 

( ,i(ll I 1 -• I il 11' . ' .ddIdii I ,, |',f .11-1 , 

I li.iirni.iii ' 

.lllllDimi l-s I II.' : i II .1' ;' ii 11 III 1 D I : 

in\ it.'ltifins tn tin- nttliei-. m id: 

; 'i' (.,':!,.. K . • I. I ( . iitiii . Ill ■, :! .1! idii- 

ha\i aUo been -enl to M-ijur ' iiiii 

l're*-li)ii I'.rovMi. ( Diiiin.iniler ut th- I ir-t 

■<, (.,!,, II- i R. S. W- ii-, .il-D III ill. 1 li-i 
( Drii- .\:i .1. 

( le\er passwiirk and pl.iy h-.iluretl 
ilif ihird sii. light win for M.i-^s. .Aggit-'a 
li.isketb.ill whiih t.ime S.ilinda> 
e\eniiig, Jan. I I. when .Noriht-.istt-rn 
liuvt-rsity fell victim on tlu- Drill Hall 
IliKir by a score of 'M to lit. .-Ml hough the 
opening h.ilf was t los»-ly fouglil .iml 
M..\.C. W.IS le.uling by tin- sm.ill m.iigin 
ol II to II .It li.dl liiiii-, Ihe M'tDiid h.ilf 
presented an .dlogeihti ihfleniii sitiry 
when "Kid" (.ore's 1 h.irges g.irnered 
iweUt- |M)ints befon- their oppoiienls 
m.m.igeil III sipiee/.i- in .i s<oie. This le.ul the ganu-, ami 
while till- visiiiirs ihn-.ilt-ned to stiire 
liitpieiitK, giMitl defi-nsi\i- work sus- 
liinetl tlu- .\gali- li-atl. 

"lilomlv" I hum, IS th, liked up tin- lirst 
iii.irkeis lor .M..V.( '., hooping two tlnur 
baskets siMin alter the g.iine ii|Hnt'il. 
Simiiis ilrop|N-d in .1 fn-e try hir North- 
t.islirn, .mil I .nlded .1 |Hiiiit lu 
the .\gt.;ie bs tin s.11111- route, m. iking 
the tinmt .'» Ill 1 in the .Xg.ite's l.utir. 
( .ipt. KoIn'i.i g.iM' the \i>iitiis iwti points 
\t\ sinking .1 long one Irom tlu- IIium .iml 
ttillowi-d stMin altt-r with .inotlu-r liom 
under the b.iskel wliith tieil the store, 
riiis tit- W.IS III shnri ilin.iiiiiii. liowi-Nt-i, 
lur ( .ipl. "l<ol\" Keed |iop|H-il two Moor 
b.iskt-ls in ipiick succession which put 
M.iss. .\ggie .ihi-.itl .i>;.iin. .1 iHi-^iliun 
wliieli lIlt'N held ihloiiv^llollt ihe reill.lillder 
III ilie I milest. N«-itlier le.ini -m iiied iilti-n. 
Hid the hilf eiiilt-d with the visjiurs 
l.iilini; \>\ oiiK three (hiJiiI .. 

ll W.IS ill iht- s<-toiid li.ill ill. It "Kid" 
(.tile's tpiinlel broke luuse. Mt |-,weil 
sl.irleil the b.ill rolling In toimtiiiK Iwice 
liiiiii the toiil line. .\ moment I. iter he 
Ion- lip the lliHir lioiii the b.ii k court 
.iiid tliop|M-i| in a iloubli- ctiiinler. Thomas 
Itilliiwi'd with aiiothit .iller .1 1 levi-r M-rii-s 
ot (Kisses had pl.ueil tin- b.ill in storing 
|Misiiion. Mcl-'.wt-n ag.iiii sinrt-d (loni 
the lltHir, .mil (apt. Kt ed iiintimied t he 
giMitl work by caging two long slmis in 
.1 row. Here Norlhe.islerii enten-d I lu- 
pitime, but the end ol the g.iiiie s.iw the e-i.iblislietl ,ii I li.ii piiint only slightly 

(Ointlnucd un I'uitf K) 

Singing Contest 
Set For Feb. 1 1 

I'hins for Interfraternily .Sini^ are 
Formulated and .\nnounced 

I'l. Ill li.iM I.eeii lorimil.ited lor the 
Interfrali riiily .Sing whiih will Ih- held 
lebriiary 11, at 2 p. m. in Stm k bridge 
1 1, ill. Ihe sing, which was iniii.iinl ilin-c 
\e.ns ,tK'> '" -m .iliein|il Id iinmliie 
group sillying on the t.iiiipiis. Ins pruvtil 
to In- a siiccessliil ami ( eviiil. I'hi 
Sigma K.ippa, whieh won ilii \. , 
ill mil s .XitiviiiiH tropin the p.isl two 
tiintests, will keep the cup |M'rni.inent ly, 
according to the contlitions undi-r which 
it W.IS given, if they siitii-ed in pulling 
on as cn-tlitable p«-rforniance as iliey 
have in the contisfs thus far. The fol- 
lowing rules will govern ilu eunlesi this 
y«-ar : 

1. .\t least li\i Ir.iternities miisi p.utiti- 

2. h lr.iiermi\ will a|i|M-,ir once, sing- 
ing t wo sell ( lions. 

(a I .\ ( ollege 'M \.< sDiiv;. 
'll .\ Irateriiity or (ollege siing. 
;;. I'lioi 111 I'l biliary ."», the song leader of 
eat h tom[Miing group must confer 
with I'rof. Irank I'renlitt- Hand. 
^l! Ihe leader niiisi submit till Ii- I . 

s.irv program 
l\i Ilie li.elir iiiii-t di.iw fur .i |Ki^i- 




11, Ili 


' Ii.iIkI "I ll.e !•■ • ■ 

iDiiriii' that the 

lake the .iaidI dh 
I '■ii| ' • \i ijletii e. ,\i 1 Dnliti^ 
ih'-re will III- Dppiirt iinil s' 

' in S! M. i 
i! i' n.i - Id I..I ,111- 

■r. I ' !i i! ! ll. s,,,.. 

liD|iii| ih.i! till \,inDiis Ir.itti nil 11 - wil 
inlDriii ilieir aliiiinii dI the "sing. 




Ofticiiil nowsiiaptT of tl»f Masqat Imsctls 
Xi;ritultmal ( ri' every 
WcdiicMlay l-y tlir sliiil'nts. 

KkM.M L MM.M1-.K ■:iS K.tit...-in-(lu.( 

liilswuKili Haunakk '2H 

MniuiKiiiK l-ilitoi 

Edito.ial IXN^S' L. S.hN<KK "^K 

Alumni & SI.... I ( O.....S Joskfiiine I'anzka 2K 




Siii-.iM.KY Cleaves 'M 
Caki. a. "^.i 

1. KANK T. I)<'l<a.A>.S "Jl 

KuwakkH. Nichols '21t 
Emi Singleton '3<i 

KlAI. S. I'OllIiK. JK. "il 

John ». Mowakd Jk. '30 
Sai IV !■;. l'.i.Ai.i.i-v '.11 


Eim.NA.\V.n.i;H"2S Hu.inrss M« 

D... ... AS A. U.NIN.. 'as Cir. ulatlon %^rr 

Hakuli. K. Ansell -an A-lveitising Manager 

Lawkenck a. Cakkiiii lilt 

William A. Koan '29 

l-KiMlKKKK D THAVEH, .)«• "^ 

1<(,1 I IM (1- (.'.<.I.N<'V^ '•''" 
\VlMIIl.<.I-<'.. SM'II" '•<" 

JdiiN K. Tank "«> 


i,i:r'.s I'l.AV 

Ai till- tiiuf of writint; this cilitorial on 
,1m piopoMil Wimc., il S4-IM11S 
iiolliiiiK >li<»rl ol i<> think of 
winlir spoils, when, to all app<araii( >s, 
iiiari.lis and l.a>ihall Mriii to ).<■ ju-l 
..niiin.i tlif ronur. However, the la. I 
remains tliat it i> -liH January, aii.l 
lehniary i'.n.l Man li aie vet to .on.e. 
•rii.ielore th. plans ioT a winter .arniv il 
^lu.iild arouse the keenest interest anions 
tilt MiKlenlN in onler lliat, when winter 
,1,„> eoiiie, we ina\ he prepared to put 
,,„ A ( wliieh will he reineiulH-red 
as an oiitstan-linK 'vent in this eollcKi' 
year, and will !.<• look. . I forwar.l to as 
III! event in the years to eonie. 

DartiiK.uth, perhaps, was one ol th. 
pi.aucrs anions New i:n^lan<l lolUnes in 
ihis idea of a winter earnival and, so 
>n.T.ssliil and liieasant has their yearly 
.arniv.d l.e.onie, that Dartmouth is 
known wi.lely lor its festival. Otli.r 
,,,lieK<s have also <leveloped Kinally 
inteiistiiiK and popn'^T affairs, and our 
own College, np until ih.' War, put on snecessfiil larnivals. 

Now, in the re-estal.lisluiu nt of the 
Winter Carnival at M.A.( .. we feel that 
tluic is at least on. ...nsi.l. ration whi. h 
slionl.l lie born in mind, in the Inst 
pla..' we are ^oinn to pnt on a niiv;lily 
o.„„| earnival provided the st.i.l.nt. 
,„t.r int.. the si.irit of the thini; whol.- 
l„,,.t.<llv. Ih.w.ver, if we ai.' not 
ranfi.l it is likely many will he 
,|isippoiiit..l. In ..ih.r w..i.h w.- innM 
„.,, eonipare this hrst .arnival. ..r, l..r 
that malt.r any .arnival for a lew year- 
at leaM, with th.- well . Mahlishi.l earni 
vals at l)aitni..iilh or th.' rniversity ol 
N.w Hampshire. J or thini- w.' an 
„,>t as ailvaiitane.insly silnate.l in u-^ah] 
to w.athern.iiditionsasare these c. 11. vi''-. 
In the se...n.l pk.e.— and here is llw im 
,„„lant,- we are a imirh sinalUr 
i„.titiiti..n ami wt <h> not <lraw <.nr 
nnmh.r> sueh a wi<l.- area or li-.m 
an area so familiar with winter sports, 
as <h. Dart h ami the Iniversity of 
New llami.shire. Ih.r. for.-, at first any- 
way, our earnival must of ne<»ssily U- in 
ii.anv resiR-els .|e. i.U-.lly ami as 
sneh it must In- deei.le.lly denK.riatie to 
he sue.essful. By this statement w.- mean 
ACIlll'AKMKN'r ,i,a, ,v.rv one must enter in wh<. < an 

„nnv of us the vole taken last p.,|y ,1., so ami have the at t it mle t hat 

'"•'"- .. . • 1 • . .- 1 1..,. t>,.t Wl illlll'll 


Suhsrription $J.()0 P'T >«;"■• ^"'1^ '''vnts. Mak.- all Old. rs payable 
to TiiK Massachusetts ( oi.i.i:t.iAN. 

In , as.' ..f ehanue of a.hlress. .uhscrilKTs 

will pl.ase nolitv the husiness manaiier 
as soon as possihle. 

Fnlcre<l a« fccon'l-clai^.^ matter at the An.l.crst 
Post oiV,c... A.<e,...-.i f... ■";"•'■":,■' ."'a.^'i Oc- 
tolK.1. ltU7. a»ll.ori/t'J Aunusl Jl>. IH'S. 

Ill the (<mmmni.ati.Hi ...Imnn there is 
a verv inter.stinK lelt.r whi.h the e.lit.H 
rtreived .Inrinn this past w.ek Iron. I'r. s,- 
,l,iit 'Ihal.her eoneernin^; the Ass. in hi y 
,Kii...l. II. appeals to stand open to any 
8unv;«-stions the Mn.l.iU may wi>h to 
onVr ami we miv;ht say in this ...nneetum 
that we ate ..nlv to., willing to <o-oiKrate 
in this respe.t ami |.nhli^h all sik 1. siiu- 
m'stioMs whi. h we r.e. ive. 

io manv oi ii> i"»^ »■" . - i 

V\-...lnes.lav' durinu the D.Kn 1 orum .m tl,.- earnival i. to Ik- a .hiy. ""' -• '-"^ 

the new i.owers of the Stu.Unt S«na.. |..r^; others as it is to 

^■U l.nt .. le in..r.- v..t.- on a matter that 1... a .lay lor ev.rv .Hie t.. ,et out ami pkiy. 

wemed perft.tly obvious and wliuh 
shonl.l have U-.n l.r..unht about a 
time ano. \ery few students realized the 
full siuniluam.- of the situatitm an.l th.' 
fa.t that were il not for the iHrsisteiit 
clTorts .m the part of John V . Duinn, this 
measure wonhl hav.' mv.r re.i.h.'.l the 
stiMlent bo<ly for its api.roval. 

Ill anolh.r eoUimn of this issue thert 
is an artiele slating tht^ new powers .. 
the Stn.lent S'liate ami. therefore, the> 
nee.l ii<.t be r.'iKate.l here at this time. 
A W1H.I or tw.. in ...niueticHi with this 
ina.lnunt may well Ik- ^-iveii. This 
additi..n to the powers of the slutlent 
f..,v.riiin« is et.nsidcrod by many 
t,, 1h' ..lie of the most rev..liit i..iiarv 
ihanms in student j'<.verninent whirh has 
takiii pla.f here siiue the reorganization 
of the Snat.' in 1<.M:5. This revisitm of 
powers has Uen .le. ine.l necessary t.. 
overcome the .liminishiuK prestige of the 
Senate during the past few years. 

Let us now turn to the force which has 
brought this additi..ii to a successful 
a.loption. Iheie is n..t a <iuestion of a 
doubt but what this adopt i.m is a result 
of the iH'rs<mal efforts of the President 
of the Snaie. I roin the various pro 
ccdures to which this measure lias In-en 
subj.cte.l in its develoj.ment it is easy to 
umlerstan.l why the honor of athieviuK 
such a .hanue R«hs t.. this stu.lem, 
not merely be. aiis<- he is Presi.leiit ol th. 
Student Sinate, but because he has had 
the foresi^^ht in spite ..I ^ ..i.p..>iii.'ii 
to see that it was not ..nly a w..rth while 
thini; but also a change whi.h v.rv 
„Hi.h in oth.'r wonl^, ih.- a.l..|.- 
tion ..I -ii<h an a.ldition i^ a 
triumph tor onf 1. .d.r and we 
may iii>tlv consider it ..- -u. li. 

I I,,,,, I,,,,, u,. ;,-, iiuiuher- ..1 tlu- 
(•, I', ,! ,,ii.i HI thi> H'siiirl r.-pre- 

s..mai.N. - ..1 '1" ■-""''•"' '""'V '^'^'^ '" 
ackn..wl<-.lueto.l..h„ 1. nuinn ..m appn 
,.iaii..u ..n.l ..,.!itn.i. t..r lu- lia> 
,|, ,,ni u.ui. -1- 111 pii-lim- llus 

,„ wani t.' il- liii'i' .iiKutni. nt. 

So we ur^e everyone to don their winter 
,l„thes .HI the .lav ol the carnival, enter 
into the ...miK'titive sports as much as 
possible, and have tme ^raml time. In 
that way our first carnival oiinht t.. be a 
^;reat success, both for the s|«'. talois ami 
the participants them''-.'lv. s. 

I. UN. 


StmUuts an.l faculty of M A.f. w. i. 
^jiveii a rare treat last Stmday .ift.rnoon 
hy the I'anl Shirley Knsemble in H.)wk.'r 
Au.litorium at :'..:it). The I'.nsemble, con- 
nH.s.siiuK of C.reta Milos, lyric soprano; 
Paul Shirley, vi'.la d'amoie; (".aston 
lila.let, flute; an.l Ih.ward Coding, i>i.ino; 
favoretl the listem-rs with a varied pro- 
gram, which was very interesting;. The 
Social Inion was very lucky in beiuK able 
to obtain the Knsemble, and the audience 
showed their appreciati.Hi ..f the w.>nder- 
fiil sc-lecti(His played by the I'anl Shirlev 
Trio, and sun^ by Miss Cireta Milos. 

I'aul Shirley played the viola d'amore. 
an instrument very iK)pular about three 
hun.Jic.l years a^o, the direct predecessor 
(.f the violin. Mr. Shirley explained that 
the viola d'amore was ditTerent than the 
violin in that it had fourteen strinijs, 
seven of which were played, the other 
seven a.tiuK as vibrating strings, with 
which the beautiful t.nie is pr...liiceil. 

"Ad.iui.. e Minuet" by Ario-ii t h.' 
first number played by the famous Paul 
Shirley Trio. This by 
".XlleKretto" by l.ully. The ihinl |.i... 
rendered was a C.avotte from "Iphig. iii. 
en Aulide" by Cluck. 

C.r.ta Milos favon.l wilh tlin.- sel. . 
ti..ns. .niiilol: "1 ''.■ S«an." Cri.-.;; 

i! ( -i"; .in.! 

Fifteon Years Ajjo 
The College Slftnal Said 

"The Massa.liiis.tts .\Krit iilt iiral ('.)!- 

leRe e.yperiemed a small panic Thursday, 

whin a dozen cases of scarlet fever were 

,.-i.ort.'<l amoiiK stii.lents and farm hell) 

duriiiK the morning an.l early afternoon... 

The |)rompt and ellu ient work ol faculty, 

state an.l h)cal health has checked 

what threatened t.) bee <uiie a serious 

iiiena..' to the colleK<' ami the town, in 

this connection, the untiriuK eff.nts of 

Profess(H- Hicks des.rve sp. cial m.iition." 

Ian. 'Jl. 

P.S. .\lthounh several that lis resulted, 
th.' . pi.lemic was prevente.l rea.hin^ 
more seiiou^ pr..p<.rtioiis. 


"OutliiK of siiKK.'stt.l reconstriution of 
th.' (..lU-Ke Sim.te, as drawn up an.l sub- 
mitt.'d hy the lommittee <.n reccmstruc- 
ti..n fK.m th. Senate consisting of lllhs 
•|:j, Harris '1:J, an.l ( iri^Ks ' I.'J, ex-oflicio." 

Jan. lM. 

P.S. Kt.. nt a. tion by 'he slu.leiit body 
in . xtemlillK the power of tlu' has 
only stren^;tliem'.l the «HKaui/..t ion as 
esl.d.lish.'d fifteen years a^o- 


Student F«)rum 
At stu.l.iil l.'tharny i- ile-^tr.iye.l' 
"Dutch" Parnard's vivid oratory at our 
last assembly evoke.l a nee.led .lis*ussi..n 
on a i.ressiuK piohl.'ni— the lu-cessity for 
Utter assemhlv sp.'ak. is. Put, as he n- 
marked, "What can v.m ( xpecl for ten 


"1,„." llilyard's presentation of the 
.,msti..n of student conduct and tlress at 
assemblies was the uu)st impressiv.- we 
have heard (Hi this iKrennial topic during 

lour vears. 


Our co-eds still manif«-st an obvious 
umertaintv as to just when they slmiild 
„r should not vote. A clarification of 
their relati.His t.) the masculim' contingent 
at M.A.C, aside from rules such as 
those relative to the time at which an 
escort shall return his lady friend to her 
habitat, etc., seems to be a necessiiry 
step now that the feminine element is 
iHcoming an imiK)rtant factor in wi many 
v.H-ations and 


The verv unostentatious passage of the 
„, w bill of Senate powers hardly gave 
in.lication of the amount of time an.l 
elTort which has b«en siunt in prep.irati.Hi 
f.»r the climax. 



Discusses Present C^ollefte Conditions 
At Trustees' Meeting 

.\t a recent iiueting of the Boar.l ol 
Trustees, President Kosim- W. I'hatdier 
delivered his first annual report which, in 
ad.lition to Dvering many p»>ints relativ. 
to the administrati.Hi of ex-Presi.leiit 
I'.dward M. Lewis, also showed an ex- 
cellent uii.lerstamling of the i.roblems of 
the Colleue. 

Presi.leiit Thatcher, in his rep.Ht, 
pointe.l out the lack of a.le.ptate housing 
faciliti.'s ami .(luipmeiit for physical edu- 
(ati..ii as, perhaps, the two greatest handi- 
caps to th.' .I.'vel.)pment of the CoUeg*'. 
Ilowevir his reiH)rt acknowle.lged tlu- 
fa.t that there is a bu.lgel re.piest for a 
lU'W <loriiiit.H-y an<l that iIk- trustees ami 
alumni are working <hi the i...ssihility for 
a new physical education building. 

Among other things President Thatcher 


I.) the I-;dit.)r of the Collegian— 

I have read with intertst the first edi- 
torial in the issue of the Collfginn for 
laiui.iry 11, entitled "Our (iiusts" an.l 
am writing to express nvy very heart \ 
aj.proval of the iKtsili.m taken in 
i.lit.irial with reference to the irealnuiu 
..f the sjKakers at Assembly as our guesi>. 
One fait, however, ought to Im- known 
to the Stu.Unt body. That is that each 
sjieaker who is secured for Assembly is notifieil of the time limit for 
the meetings .iiid is engaged with th. 
.letinite understanding that he will con 
tine his riiuarks to that time limit, h 
has been the observation of those of u- 
who are studying the assembly program- 
that so l.Hig a- speakers ktep within tli. 
time limit which is allotted to thein. th. 
attenti.Hi whi.h is given to them by th. .if students is all that couM 
p.)ssihly he asked. Hence it might 1.. 

... ( onclu. Ud our guests as speak 

referre.l to the present tuition charg. 

whi.h increased the iiu.mie of the 
College approximately JiLT^MK) this year. 
He d<.es m.t feel that the charge shoiil.l 
he raised f«.r, even th..ugh the present 
iharge covers a com|.ar.itively small liro- 
porti.m of th.' . ost of a ...liege educaticm. 
nevertheless an in. rease woul.l make it 
just that more .lilh. ult lor a stn.lent to 
^..t .111 .'.lucation. The pi.Miit tuiti..n 
charge, although it has m.l ap|.arently 
l.revtnt.'.l any stti.lents fr..iii coming to 
college, has resulted in an in. rease in 
il,.' number of apjilications for«.r 
p.i-iiion-^ ami h.aiis. 

I Piesi.ieut riiat.her fmth.r iiiention.<l 
ill.' in.r.'as.' in . nr..ilment which, lie 
iinphasi/e.l, is tin- r.'sull ol an increase 
in th.' number of iKHi-collegiale ami girl 
sludeiils. He also .xpresse.i satisfacti.ju 
at the pi-ogiess ma.le in the n vision ..I 
the Course of an.l the professi.Hial 
inipn.v.nient for inembers of the staff. 

Student Government 

Bodies Hold Banquet 

Senate and Women's Student Council 
Hold Joint Meeting 

irs are given every jiossibl.' ...iirlesy li\ 
the stti.knts 

Occasionally il hai)|Hii-, h..\vever, thu 
the speaker forgets his promis*-, or ! 
prompted by his own interest in his topi 
to exten.l his icmarks Ix-v.iml the d.linii 
lime limit to whii h lu- has originall 
agreed. Liider such circimistances it i- 
highly desir.ibU , as was |H)inte»I out ii; 
y..iir V. lit. .rial, to I'Nteiid t.» the errin, 
^ni st .very possible courtesv . 

On the other haml wi- will i.Hitinue i 
make ev.rv possible eff<.rt to s<e t.) ; 
that noiK of our assembly s|H'.ikers traii- 
gress in this res|Kct and so trespass n 
time which is n.eded or diMre.l by t! 
stu.hnts for other puriK)ses. 

.M.iy 1 a. Id that the a<liiiinistrati\ 
olhcers of th.' College are .leeply oi 
(.rm-d over the question ..f wheth. 
w.ikly assemblies throughout the eiilii' 
i.)lleg.' vear are desirable ami w.iiili 
while .in.l will wilconie any discussitHi ..I 
this (iiiesti..n by the students, or an 
^n^;Kesti.iiis whi.h tin- stud. tits may .!■ 
in- to make .■oncerning this matter. 
\erv trulv yours, 



Ari.i iDiii "11 ''"' .i.iiiN. 1 
•'The first l.uU.ibv." 

Tw.. Ihil.' »il"- h\ t.iMuii r.l.i.l.i 
i,,ll,.\v..l. Ill' chose to pi. IN L. -. l'« i»'- ' 
l.y l.r.'iix. .m.l "P.istoral. ■ h\ l)o|>plti. 
(( iiiniinii.l <>i> I'.iui' < 

C^ampus Gossip 

.\ thunderstorm on Friday, the 13th of 
Januarv, during his talk in Fernald Hall, 
gave Dr. Lane of Tufts College, the 
lecturer on "The Age of the Ivarth," a 
chance to comment on the unexixcte.l 
events which are likely to result when a 
geologist gets into action. 


Instructors with an understanding of 
fraternity initiations will probably thought- 
fully overl.>ok any temixjrary abstraction 
on the part of dreary-eyed frosh now that 
the neoi)hytes are being |)roiK'rly inducted 
into the sacred mysteries and the glories 
that are Greek. 

BP ■ 

Perhaps it was the significance of 19'JS, 
one of these recurring lea]) years, that 
proini.Ie.l the hiv.d^iiii; ..I sacred preci- 
di'iit 1.1^1 wick will 11 the Senate and the 
Women's .Siu.lent (...v.:nment Council 
.lined together at Dr.iper Hall to .lis- 
ciiss c.)miii.iii problems. 


It wf wiiTii't ali.iiil that the w.'.ilhi'r 
u,,nl,l rli.inge lief.u.- t.iii- .•..lununl ap- 
piai.-d in print, we shoul.l express sur- 
,„i,,. at ih.- unseasonable rlim.ite 'that is 
wh.u tluv cill th.- w.atli. r in ( ■.ilil<.tiii.i > 
u, lux.- l".n .ni. lying. Ou'v 'he ho.k.y 
1. all! li.i- h.'.n ilis.ipi)oiiiti'il. 

C..-..lK'ration between the Women's 
Stn.lent (.overnment Council an.l the 
Senate was the topi'" h>r <lis«ussion at a 
dinner last WV.liies.l.iy evening when the 
two organizations lul.l a joint meeting, 
probablv the first in the hist.iry of the 
C..llege. Several meiulHrs of the faculty 
were also present, iiulu.ling Presi.lent 
Thatcher ami Dean M.i. hmer. who spok. 
im various ph.ises of stu.hnt government 
and responsibility. 

In.reased enrollment of women stu- 
dents at M.A.C. has br.mght up pr..b- 
lenis of representati.Hi ami g.ivernment 
aside from the regular restrictions 
sary lor th.>se rooming in the .Vl.ims 
.lormitory. .\s an integral part of th. 
stn.lent Iwdv. participating in 
activities an.l benefiting fr.mi organi- 
Ziitions or institutions whi.h represent 
the College, the Women's Student 
Government .Xssociation feels the need 
for co-operation with the Senate. 




At the meeting of the (i.x'ssmann 
Chemical S<Hiety this evening the dis- 
cussion will l>e based on the .|uestion'. 
Should freshman chemistry be retinire.l? 
The committee in charge of the meeting 
has decided on this .|uestion Ucause ol 
the sentiment of many of the under- 
classmen on this subject. The discussion 
will l)e led by J. Stanley Hall '28, vi.e- 
president of the SiKiety. 

The meeting is scheduled to lM'i;in 
promptly at sc-ven o'clock an.l will imei 
in the Library in C.iKssmann Laboratory. 
It is hoped that manv ..f the freshmen and 
soph.. mores will av.iil themselves of this 
opportunity to present their views on 
this subject since they are intimately 
invohed in these coursis. In discussing 
this question some of the seniors will 
take the negative side. 


Th.- M.ond meeting of th'- M.\ ' ■ 
PoultiN ( liih N^.i- hel.l in Su..khri. U.- 
Hall ..n fues.lay .-v. nini;, January in. 
Dr. I'. .\. 1 1. IN-, iiiofessoi "I 

C.iptain Sumner is very muc 
with the shown by the 
the girl's rille team. Over thirty-li\. 
girls have thus far i.port..l at the Di 1 
Hall for pr.i.tice, ami some very cre.ii 
ihle scores have U-en made. The ~i\ 
highest scores thus far are: Gladys Sivi rt, 
47; NLirjorie Monk, 47; Irene Barll.n, 
44; laiiily K.illins, 44; Sally Bra.lley, fi; 
and Irances Sherboiirne, 4:?. .Xttractivi' 
overalls have been se.iir.'.l for the iw 
..f the CO eds. 

Two challenges li.iv.' been receive.l i-> 
the Military Department lor 
.iiiainst the coed team, one from iH. 
...eds .if the Iniversitv of Nebrask.i u<r 
the week ending February thir«l, and the 
other from Michigan State ColU-ge, 
the wtek of February eighteenth. 

The varsity rille team is rapidly getting 
into shaiK'. A captain is to b»- elected in 
the near future. 

Kthirts are under way to resume hni': 
practice. Coiillicts of some of the m< m- 
hers have so far prevente.l any prad •• 
Ining held. 

The matches which are to Ik- shot tin- 
week are with the following colleges ".iv: 

North Carolina State College 
Cniversity of Pittsburgh 
Iniversity of South Dakota 
Iniversity of Washington 
Dartmouth College 
Rhode Island Slate College 

IK)ultry investigation, ^.ivi i very I' i^ 
ful and clearly defined lecture on hf < ' 
ing for produ.ti.m. using as an exai : 
the development of the Lxi)eriment 
tion fliH-k. fhe system of fircKlu. i' 
breeding was illustrated hy charts sho'.i'- 
importance of early maturity, non-hr. ■••! ' 
ness, intensity, mm-winter jiausi 

,\ constitution wa> proposed 
a.lopted and the following officers ele. t." 
pi. -i. lent, P. A. Wilcox; vice-presi.:- ' 
K. Karrer; Treasurer, Miss G. Ilav '* 
-...III iry, H. G. Pulsifer. 

• i» 

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finest things to wear. 


Customized Clothes 

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many other College Teams and Clubs 


Club Breakfast and Special Luncheons 

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Wet or Dry,' Snow or Ice, your feet will be waimer 
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Step jn and let us show you the Bass Storm-proof 
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(Cuntinuttl from I'uitv I) 

c.-pti.l tile I nil- .ipplyiii); to fraternity 
lili-.l^es tor a yi.ii's trial. The Presi 
.lint's .mil the Dean's loiiseiit haviiiK 
,ilii,i.|\ I'l'.-ii olitaiiied. the I'litiie 
was tluii l>ri)tiKl)t liefore the 
liiidy as ,1 whole tor their ion. 
riiisi- new ptjwers are not expected to 
instill .1 spirit of inioleraiiii' in the Sen. it. 
or anions; the students of M.iss. .^v;K'e, 
lint will he .1 more ellective .mil 
nu-thod for the sett lenient of c.ises ol 
st-\iie or coiitiniie.l iiilrai tion of colle^i- 
1 nil s ,111.1 I i.idit ioiis. .Xi'ctirdiii^ to tlu- 
Presidi lit ol the Seii.ite, the ideal is this; 
"With the t-o-o|ier,itioii of the students, 
I spit i, illy ol the iippi-r.-l.issnieii, tlie 
S'liate hopes to iiiaint.iiti the 
.111.1 perpet ll.ilt- the tl.idilions ol tin 
illslit lit ion ill .11.1.1' to^ii.ii<l ill. 
repiit.itioii wliiili M.ISS. .Xnnie .m.l li.i 
-1 il.leiit-. (-njo\ ,it pii-seiit." 


((atnliniu'il iiiiiii l*;i|ti' I) 

nil mill Is ol the lai-iilt\. Diirinv; tin- .li- 
Iciission il W.IS siiK^esleil the l.i. iillv 
ilid not lavor this rule; al-o it 
.ifleii .lilli. lilt to di-'l iiii,;iiisli them from 
111 111 1 people (-.iiiiiecli'.l with the i olli-i;.'. 
.\ nioti.iii was m.i.le .m.l seioiide.l ill. it 
this rule Ik- droppe.l, which approvi-.l 
li\ .1 1.11^1- majority of the stn.lenls. 

rile iii'St s|M'aker, llow.inl 'L'."^. 
pn--. iileil the i|tli'stii>n of whether .1 
pii-.iii .-let ii-.l sonn-le.itli'r or 1 li.-t-i 
leader, if .t so|ilionioie, slionl.l holtl tin- 
position for the reiiiainiler of his i-olle^t- 
. oiirse or for one year. .\ftiT some dis 
cnssion a motion was pas.sed liiiiilin^ tin 
tiiiK' of oHu-e to one \ear. 

The next matter, one of more tli.iii 
ordinary im|Mirtaiici-, was put Itefore tin 
student hotly liy John I'". Oiiinii '~S. II. 
stateil that the Sii.ite >;\ 
losing its |Mjwer and prestige, ami 



optician and Jeweler 

.» I'l.KASANT STRKKT. (up one flifthi) 

Oculist!)' PrvHcrfplions KilltHl. Itruken lenHeii 

iiccurutety replurej 

lil<; BKN ALAK.M CLOCKS unil other 

relial>le niukeN 


is open for the season of '27 and '28 
Order EATS for parties, re- 
ceptions and hikes 
120 Pleasant Street, 

Klrxl house south of campus 

Telephone 511 

^ou will nnil an excellent 

. . . SlIOK KKI'AIKIN*; SHOP . . . 
equipped wilh the moHt up-to-date ( 
.Machinery and a niiHlern 
at II 1-2 Amity St., - Opp. New Theatre 
Il> undmliittit your teiiuiremenl-i and are pre- 
pared to meet ynur necJ%. 
All ■j.-ork guarantied. iihoe^ sitined and dyed, BO, 


.Mk- per nlftht.— $1.00 per per week.- $4.00 per 
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I .ill>i<lt-|.llili- tilllr ll.i.i lit en r<pi III III .ill 
tlliMt to lestoie it III its loi tliel 1 011- 
dilion. With the eo-o|M'iatioii ol the 
fr.iternities, .1 new pi. 111. st.ited elsi-wlieie 
ill this issue, lieeii wolke.l out tie 
sii'iit'il III ,it'i iiiiipll^li iliil t n.l A iiiiiliiiii 
to ai'cept lilt- pi, in ell the li.isi> til line 
\ear's trial was inatle .in<| p.issetl tin. mi 

j.iM pli I'. IlilyanI 'L'S hroiinlit to tin 
.itttiition III till- sin.leiits a \t'i\ iitiliii 
lilt lliatter, ll,iiliel\' ill. It III sIloMill).; 
proper res|K't t to s|eakt-i-' diiiiiiK asseiii 
lilies. He poiiilitl tint the lar-ieai liinv; 
ellet t of tlislispt-il peiMills on 
the pl.itloiiii, .111.1 the lelliitioiis svhiih 
niinlit lie t .1st on tin- ('ollt-i;i- .iinl t-\t-ii 
on iiidiv'idnals. 

.\ sllliit-tl wlliili set 111..! to iiilere-t 
iii.iiiN \\.i-~ ill! iiiiliit t-il li\' Ailit-it ( '. C.i.ik 
'JS wlieii lie pl.itt'.l li.-jtire the stiitleiits 
tt-iit.ilis.' pi. Ills liir .1 wiiitei i,iiiii\.il. 
( ' Were lit-ld i.-uiil.iil\ in v.'.iis 
v;oiie li\-, lillt not siiiff I'.tl,^) tine lieeii 
■-t.iuetl. A tall for an expif>sioii nf 
opinion mi tin- siiliitel >li.i\\ti| .1 lar^e 
111.1)01 it y williii'^ to siipiMirl it. The pro- 
lyl. ini W.iul.l iiiilii.le iiii(, snow shoe, 
ski iii^. ,iii"l tolMii;i;an raees, a lioeke\- 
V;aiiie, siiow-ImII ti^lit, .iiid .1 .kin..- in the 

A spiiitfil ilist'iission liilliiwi-.l ill v\liit II 
the stiitlt'iil liiidv t\iiii.(| .1 siimii; tli'siii 
for iM-tler .Xssfiiilily spe.tki-rs, and tlis 
I iis^fil u.i\s ami nit-ans of setiiiiiit; llieiii. 


rConllniieil front Pa|te 2) 

i'.iiil Sliiiliy K't^e two selet lions tin 
the \iol.i d'.iiiitiie, eiitilleil "1 .1-141 inle," 
.iml "lilt- MMI". riiesi- 1\M( pit-It- \Mii- 
liolh written !>> .Mr. Shirley, liimself, llie 
iii-^pii.itioii lieiiiK ili.iwii from (lie i-'kintl 
on whit II lie >|M'iit|s hi> siimmeis. 

Ilowai.l < fotliii^, the pi, mist, iluii 

pklM.I pit . t -^ til IVMl t IIIHpOst-l s, 


Change Purses and Billfolds 

Well-made, useful and acceptable 
gifts for either men or women 


\hi.l/U , ■ All.i llllk.l", .III. I I l/.l's 

" riiiii.-t-iith KliapMiiK ." 

Tliree more seleelioiis wfre simj; hy 
( iH-I.i Milov: "|)ii not >;o iiiv l.ivt" hy 
il.l^ein.iim; "liilU" |i\ l.,i |-iiii;i ; .iiii| 
"A\. M.iii.i" |p\ II.ii h 1 ■iiiin.i.l. lilt- Li-i 
pie. e W.I-- .1 iliitl lietw.i-ll .Miss Milos 
.Mill I'.iiil Shiiliv with the villi. I ir.inuire. 

.\s .1 litiiiit; titisf, I hf iiiii p'a\t-<l iwii 
M-K-t li.iiis, "( ..iMitte" li\ Math; ,111. 1 
" I >i lit-., liii r.iii/"li\ Mil/. III. 

A(;(;il ll\K SCIMII I ATKS 

Ctinlliiiifd (riMii r^iif II 
S.ii iii.|.i\ '-, \itloiy tiMi \.ii I lit .i^it'i 11 
iii.ikts the hiiirth slr.ii^jlil win .\^;t;ie 
tt-.inis li.i\e vtained omi llit- rni\i-isilv 
II pit st-nt,it i\ fs .m.l iKil one w.i-> in. ire 
interesting ili.iii ilit- l.isi. (apt. U.i.l 
Itil in stilling wilh Mt I'.wtn ,iii<l I 
,iIm» stitiiiv; ill tlii-. iltp.iil iiit-nl wliile 
"I'll. |. lie" |-.llt-it\ line lliiiii wiiik M.i> a 
\i\y, l.ntor in tin-'s ,iliilii\ Id ni.iin 
pti-st-^'-ion III till' ImII iiiiti II III lilt- iiiiie. 
"" I exit nil. I his piisiiinn 
.IS |ii\til 111,111 III piileitiiiii ,mil ,1 -i-.iti! 
in main |i,i>k.-ts hy his ^mul p,i>sw.iik. 
(.ipl. Kttil liati his sttiriiin e\t will 
oriinteil ami ,in itiipoi t,iiit iti^ in 
the olleiisf. I Kit ii>^i\i-|\ 1 ju- ti.mi .ip- 
le.iiitl the siitiiii;is| this se.i-oii, Miir- 
tlon^;li ,iiii| Mil Win iD-.i-iinn ll" liat k 
t mil I w il h lint- siit i f-^'^. 

Siiiini^. a tiiloitti \tiiilli, ,111.1 (apt. 
Koliti.i. Imlli \t It I. Ills Im ihlii- \e,iis, 
iMill.-il Itii \mtlit .i^ii-iii. Siiimis is 
^111. ill, Imt hi-, lltitii woik W.IS sine .iiitj 
illiiti\t' wliilt Kolit la pl.iNeij a >ti.i<ly 
^.11111- .iiid W.IS iiiv;li stmt I Im hi 
I lie >\': 

A pair of our.... 


will give you the greatest pro- 
tection and comfort this Winter 



275 High St., Holyoke 





M^l. :lt i.U) l\v. (. IS ;lll.l K Ml 

Wednesday, Jan. INMi, \hH.& Kvf. 

\N arntr Ohuid «L ili'ltnc Ctistello 

in "(;(M)I) IIME CIIARI.IE." 

.S A<;IS S II. K. K.-ilh \ ;iii.lfvlllf 

Ihurs. Fri., Jan. VHU ik 20th 

MatitiiM-H ihkI Kvi-nltids 
Uill K<»aers in 


ritl.>h\ Will Komis. ( ast^ 
.\nn Kork, l.tiiiise l-azeiula, l.iKaii 

la si I man .UK I I )<iii',.; |- .lii li.iiik-- ji 

Saturday, .Ian. 21 Mai. & Eve. 
Ken .Mavnurd in 

"•'f;i:N (;()si»Ei,." 

f :titiii'ii> News 

Monday and Tuesday, .Ian. 2.i ift 24 
Irene Rich in 



Ralph Lewis in 


coMiNc: c<»vii\<,r 

I'rinrt-ss V'voiiiie 
World's (.realist .Mirilalist. 

Mans. AUttIt' 

It 1- I- 

I II. .1 II I It •_' A1..1.I1.- \k 

l<"'l II .. I' [J\. It 

ll<-ili< iiiiL^itiii. Il II II n iM.ii /I'l.. 11; 

I li'.iM,!-. I :| ;.' .s iirfitiiiv > 

I i.iik.i-. . II II II >iii,iii , Il 

Ml I'.wiii. m :i .' .s sviii.iii. \k. It 

MiM.l.iiirli U' Il II II I' K.iiiiii \ . II 

V\i IiIh'I, !>' ,,^ II II II K'>l'>'i '. Il 

I K.IIIIK \ . ll 


H I . I'. 

il II II 

<i II II 

I 11 :• 

I 11 2 

II 2 'J 
•J I a 

.; 'J s 


I. 'I. I I'J I. .-Ill It.l.iN ■<■ .. I!» 

^ ■ .ll ii.iii iiii.i- M \ I 11. Niiitiif.i-ii'iii 

II. Ki'dni- Wli.ii.ii I nil. -'. !■ mull-\c.i. 

I own Hall, Amli(*rst 

Wed. ^ Ihurs , .Ian. IM IV 
William Haines in 


.Sii|>|.<irlf<l !■> Jii.iii < r.i»ti rtl ami (.I'tirUf 
K.i»ifil ll.aiiis i-. .1 I 11 It I I <1< liclii ilia 
O.ay. spit > <iiinfil> ••! ^<ill. ilial stalls wilh 
;i •hiiikic ami i-mis wilh a ri>iii I'liii'l 
miss III, one. 
M I. M. Ni-v%s t'niiifilv "l'la>iiiti0 Kalh•■r^" 

Friday, .Ian. 20 
William lioyd in 


Willi I'fssii' Itvi', St i«'i mil i'iiiiri'l> al 

Wl-sl I'lillll ;i Nll.ii slt.r> if laill't liff 

uilli a lluhi Ihal IS a iiUhi 

Mt-ir.i Sintjf t.i.iii'ilv 'Ml !■ t Noi lilnit ' • 

.Saturday, Jan. 21 
Tim MfCoy in 

\ Wi sltTM ilia. !•. a t it .1 sliry iif 
wli> III.' iiiillaiis (iitiiihi lilt' hIiIii- iiiaii so 
liilii'rl> out' llitiiisaiitl liiilians III ilif lasl. 
rill' Urtaifst wf'.iciii >i>i liiiiifil ulili Mar- 
jiTii- ll.iv anil Williaiii l-.iirliaiiks 
Nt'Ws ami l'<lstiii In "C all of the 

Monday, Jan. 2.t 
Jetta (foudal in 


mIiIi \itliir Varititil ami Jus St liiliikriiiit 
lliis In mil a pit Inn- d.i ■ hililnii hut 
a vital, aiiia/.lnti Iraitftly. 
Kahli's t fffl Matk'Sinnfil Ctinii-ily 

One Acre Gift Stioppe 

'A few Hteps iitM>ve the Aplury; I 


Kdna IL IXrby Ilorenee C Hays I 

Telephones: 1.W-J LS.S-W 


I Electric Lamps. 'Toasters and Heaters 
itKl.ow f:os'i 

! .Skates .Sharpened.Ri^hl \ riftht stMin 


James A. Lowell, Bookseller 



Funk & Wagnalls* 
College Standard 

To Get the Best, Buy 


and SILK 

Bloomers— Step-ins Vests 



G. Edward Fisher 

Amherst Shoe Repairing Co. 

At the Service of those who appreciate 
Better Shoe Repair! nj^ 


Largest assortment of Fountain Pens Your n;ime en^ravetl on 
pen, no extra charge. 


N( wsdcalci' and Statiomr 




Two Prices 
S23.S0 §31.50 


Represented by 

S. W. Truesdell, - Room 9, 
North Collefte 


Made to 





The Best in Drug Store Merchandltie 
The Best in Druft Store Service 


SING LEE ti^i^i^L^Hl^lH"! 

No. 1 Main St., Amherst, Mmbs 

Our Laundry Firct (;!■•■ 

Our T»\\cj r;uarante«Mi 


Opposite Po*t OIRce 

Wintt-r is .iroiind ilie corner!. . . 

Wf .ire ^^l■ll ' iii'i'lini «iih AX kiruls of 

Rubber footwear '■nch as- Rubbers, 
OvtTslioes, Boots, etc. 

Shoe Kep'.iirind liepartment. 


^ i r V ^' 












i.l. Alir.iliiiiiiMiM 
111, N;i<li 

I'lHiln. !'l 

I'.rii k-oii. Miili'i- I'l 
\'i<i!.-ltc. v ,, ,, 

S..rr Ha..--', M A< ■ "• . 
Imisi I'lllOll 

No *' oir , ,, . 

Si-i ciiiil I'lllOll 

I'osliT (lllia>>l>l"<l) 
Wliili- <llimssisl<-il) . ,. , 

Tliinl I'lllOll 

""'l^W.. I.OW.1. (.oal u.f.Te,.s- MuUurn ami 
KiU-v TiiiK ilittv l.'i niiiiiilf ixTKMls- 



(Cunlinui-tl (nini I'afte ») 

Vioalif, f«;iiui.(l loi tlic s i>ii(.i> .iixl lu.aW 
lluii .il.i(Ul impriHiial'l'' '<> •'"■ I'lM.iud 
stonninnsoJ ihf AuH'*" piK Wi"'"- 

Dmii.n llu' Jirsi i>cri<>(l, aliliounl" "<• 

Mon- w.i> nia.l«-, tin- aKHri-ssivf, s|Kf(ly 

pl;iyiiiH<.(thr Lome nam will no. ».«• f«'r 

HotU-n by tlu- (lowiiik; onlooUrs that 

,mss.<l the l)<)anl> ii ilu" rink sidr. TIm- I VVORK ON 1929 INDEX 

^,anu- star,..l will, a r..>h .l-wn the- .r. (eon.lnued from Pafte D 

Nash (ollowtti 111 (K\<ri> vmui j^^^j^ 

tries «a.»i, but at .■ as is th. art wor 

14.,th ihc K.K. an.l the A.T.(i. tlubs 
have pUdKi.l • Uvtn nun tlurinn their 
stcond pledging season. 

Miss Hlaiulu- Saunders '2S, has with- 
drawn from college and is at Rockydell 
larni, Brewster, N. Y. 


H,.alie held his position impregnable by 
nimble bl(Rks. 

Swift, more evenly mauhed playing 
was found in the sctond jn-riod, an<l there 
was n., laek ..f thrills offered by both 

write-ups. Farulty statistics are in form 
for printing, while other statistics are not 

f ir behiiKl. The Hoard, whi( h has been 
rhange.l s.,mewhat since last term in- 
, ludes tlu- following. John S. W.Kxlbury, 

-i:;S :;;,r:,;r;r,.;^ :: : ■ ...... w. M...n._ ... 

patient crowd. Tlu^ scenes of action 
Bwavc-d now into Hates' territory and now 
into home ground with .. ..agonal pei.pcr- 
ingsof both goals, in .me ..( the opiM.n 
ents' attacks loster, unassisted, sent a 
mat low shot Utwc.n IVvinc's skates 
for (lie first score of the game, l-om 
niinules later taptain While of Bates 
tallied with .mother point, this time a hi.kv shot Inmi nearly the center of 
1 lie iiv. I )iiring the leinaining few minutes 
of the period fre.iiieiit other attacks were 
lamuhed bv the xisiiors, but Nash ami 
Abiahamsoi. through biiiliaiit eleUnsive 
work broke- up all sue li atle-mpls of the 
visitors to score and several times earned 
the riiblK-r in dashing style ihie.ugh the 
Hates' line- far into the opr«'"ciits' ground 
ami gave Violelte several splendi.l 
to simw his ability as war.l. n of the nm. h- 

soiighl goal. 

loach Hall's team started the third 
peri.Ml with ravaging attacks, men 
Hoing int.. Hates' territory lun.msly 
attempting to make- np the- two p..ints 
scored against them, but eemsistc-nt, 
elev.r playing by loster, White- and 
I'oeil.r ol the opiH)sition "HUted by 
Violelte's welltimed blcKks frustrated 
;dl sn.h atta.ks. N.i score was ma.h- 
.luring this period, although lively actum 
>\asto U- sc-enaM th. time. 
The- summary: 

c-elitor, assisted by I'aith K. I a. kar. 
|--.lilh 1.. Hertenshaw ami KlizalKth A. 
I vn.h art .\lexamler C Wint.m. 
,:,...t.,graphy; an.l Irene 1 Hartl.-.t 
statistics, assisteel by Arn..l.l W Dyer, 
I'aul I), l-^ham. ami Uoman A. Kr.ien- 
baiim. The business board is hea.lcd by 
IVeseott I). Young, with l.awren.e- A 
Cairuth in < harge of distiibutum, ami 
Dennis M. ( n.wley taking < are ..f I he- 

1 irM .all for .aiieli.lates for th.- l'.t:{() 
Index Hoarel was issuc-.l last week, an-l 
iwelve sophom..res signilud tb.-.r mt.-n- of Irving for | A meeting 
„, all the-s.- ami e.thc-r mem- 
I,,.,, of P.t:{tt who wish to try for pla.cs, 
will Ih h.ld ..n WVelnes<lay evening, Jan. 
IS ill the liid.-x rcKmi. 

I he V.W.C-.A. is trying to raise money 
by serving Sunday night supi)irs in the 
AbU-y to those girls who sign ui) during 
the week. 

A renmi beautiful contest has lieen 
startc.l in the Ablx-y by the newly 
.)rganized Home Kccjiiomics Club. I he 
(ontest is to lie cm the basis of the most 
romfortafile an.l the most beautiful r.K>iii 
in the house-. Six-akers on interior 
elecorating have U-en secured so that 
each girl may acepiire ideas win. h may 
prove of value to her in Uautifying her 
ro.)in. A committee consisting of nieni- 
Urs of the club and a representative 
from each class is at work upon t he- 
plans the .•.)ntest ami will aniiounee 
ihe-in in the near future. 

|-:iectiems f.)r the new memlH-rs to the's Stmlent C.mncil result. <1 in the 
,-W-.ti..n of Sally Bradley •:!1 and Con- 
stance l-Lldre.lge 2-yr. 'JS, who is to 
r,-i.lace Blanche Saunders 2-yr. '2S, who 
left loUege at the beginning of the winter 


rhe-ie are at present fourteen students 
en olU-d ill the sjRcial ten weeks course 
for florists. Six stat s are represented, 
anumgthem New Y..rk, Ohio ami Imliana. 
In (onmction with this lourse a seri.-s of 
lectures to lie held Thursday aftermMMis 
has iK-en arranged. These- talks are to Ije 
given by im|)ortanl men in the industry. 
'The first talk, whic h was given last week, 
was by Mr. F. W. Armitage, treasurer of 
llitchings & Co., (ireenhouse ExiK-rts, 
KlizalH-th, N. J. 

The talk this week is by I. ]■ T-hk'r. 
heating ex|X'rt of I.or.l & Hurnham Co. 
of Krvington, N. Y. 

tion, on i'r.jblem-' Ta.iiig the Dair 
In.lustr\ in the lia»t. " 

(k-orge- B. Flint '29 was elected to th 
position of cheer-leader for the coniiii. 

On February 7 the Floricuhure Club is 
to have a Carnation Night at which the- 
llolvoke an.l Northam|)t.>n Florists ami 
( .ardeiiers' Club are to be here as visitors. 
The siH-aker is to lie Mr. F:dwarcl Winkler 
of Wakefield, who is to six-ak .m tin- 
(lilt lire .)f .arnations. 

Last Satiinlay, l'rofes>or .\. M. S. 
I'ridham siKike at a meeting of the New 
Fngland ( .la.Tiolus Sexiety at B.iston. 

I. .est M.Mi.lay evening, January '.», the 
Anim.d Husbandry Society heUI a mc^-t- 
ing an.l hear.l a talk by C. T. Cmklin,\ nt \\ rehire Brc-e.lers Ass.Kia- 


Antjthe-r \i.tory l<»r "Red" IJall's Tw.>- 
Ve-ar basketball team was registered 
Tuesday night, January lU, on the Drill 
Hall floor, when Hopkins .Academy was 
defeated by a score of 2.") to IS. Tin- 
visitors got started first, but the short 
course cjuintet soon f)ile.l up a lead whi. !i 
was never threatene.l, ahhough they wen: 
outstored in the second half. The oui- 
stan.ling scorer was Fleming, who pla. • 1 
six llcMir shots ami a f.»ul for ihirte. n 
ix.ints. Olsc-n an.l Kelley also were im- 
portant in the attack. 


"Larry " Briggs' freshman basket 
pla vers were defeated :J4 to 17 by Seju.h 
Deirluld High S.h.H.1 at South Deerfi. ! 1 
on Tuesday. Janu.iry H). The work .: 
the opposing forwards was the feature ..t 
the game. C. Hielock dropixd ei-J.i 
baskets from tlu- ll.xir an.l three li r 
tries for a total ol nineteen jxiints, win r 
( .raves ma.le ten points on hve n.K>r sin .: -. 
The w.)rk of LcxkwiHxl, Nichols, .i ! 
Kane was th.- U-^t the yearlings. 

Kiilr.s, lliiil.i- 

l-or-tl-l, ' 

White-, iw 

1« .«. \V...-.tile.. I'lll-lmo 

f. l-n-M- 
i». Kor.-st. ( iM>k 


I ,,,„k Hess '27 of Sp.ingfiehi has b.e n 
.loiiiK l.imlscape consirii. tion work .m 
Cape ( .1.1. 

Me-rl.m ( ..ile '27 ^s^^\\ r.tmn lo Lewis 
ami Valentine of Ke.slyn. l.<mg Islan.l, in 

tlK- spring. 

i riu- A.T.t.. C-lub ha> given its a 
I ihor.mgb reimv.iting this l.iU. 

The Klub ...r.liallv invites all 

,he nu-n of the Winter Se luK.l I., a smok.-r 

at Imuse at 7:> IM.-.isant St., cm 
\Vc-,ln.-s.l..y evening, Jan. 2.-.. from . te. 

The College Candy Kitchen 

A line place to go and take your friends for 


to be Mailed. 



«"„';.. .o«". ha. Srcla. S.M.AV NWI.T ...NNER 

the place tor the college man" 


Sporting and Athletic Goods 



The Mutual Plumbing & Heating Co. 


To smoke wisely and well, choose Camels 

There's an irrp?islil>lo reason for rlioos- 
ing lliis famous rij]?iirolte. Not for its 
impnlarily alone, luil for tluit superior 
quality that produces il. 

Camel wins its prestiire wiili nio«le-rn 
pniokers hy forthriglit \alue. ll is railed 
f.f the rhoiresi tohaeeos tlial immev 
ean luiy. and it^ Meiidi!'.- is the Li-le 
and fragrance triumph of tobareo 

The Camel smoker is tooacco fit. Tie 
has the hest. wilh no scrimping or denial 
of cost. There are no fnin-wli. »>1 brakes 
on Camel; no brakes at all. It is full 
epeed ahead, traiuhl for qtuilih. 

Feleet Camel for ^^1«>ki^:. vleasnre, 
and vou'Il join di^'ilv'.. ' '-i eoriijianv. 
Parlieular. modern rnio! • i^'d 

it on llie pritniple of r-i.-^ » tijiiiy. 
^'Ilavc a Cameir t »9i7 

®I|^ iMagfiarl^UBgtlfi OlolUgtatt 



Number 14 


Delta Phi Alpha Heads 
Fraternity Standings 

Stiiieirs, juniors, sopheimeire-s, frtshiiitn 
siith is the* emtci-, aee-emiins tej class 
.ivera^ji'S, of llu- \aiiejiis eiasst-s for tlu- 
puvious tiTiu. Tlu' sinior class hael an 
.ivcrane of 7<.t.2'i; thi- jiiiiie)rs, TS.TJ; the- 
-ophoniores. I'^.'-Vi; and tlu- froshiiicn, 
70.2^. With the exception of the junior 
1,,-s these averages are slightly lower 
ili.iii the averages for the four classes for 
(he year l'.t2t) 27. The following list 
^i\i> a complete summary of the class 
MiidinKs for the preceding; term: 





90 ami HI" 

Kt ami 90 

,s() awl «.'• 

7.">uii(l >>!> 

70 ami 7."i 

(i,'i ami 7(1 

liO ami li'> 

H. ittie n 

•Miami HHi 

s.") ami '.to 

,s(» ami s.'i 

7.'iaml Ml 

70 ami 7.') 

•i.'i and 7" 


00 ami 6."> 


h.'»aml '.lei 

Kt) ami .*^.' 

7.". ami so 

70 ami 7."i 

ti." ami 70 

tiO aii'l ^l' 

.',.'. ami <>ti 

.'lO and '>'' 

Im UM'lIl 

X.")aml '.Ml 

SO ami ^■■> 

7.*>aml so 

70 ami 7.1 

f 1." an<l 7< 1 

tio ami li'' 

.".."> ami *>'■ 

.'.(laml ■<■'• 




.".11-. '.7 


17 -.".7 











11 .".:: 













s-7 1 










.'.1' 7 '. 










•J 1- i 1 




r.\ \\ 


I r.iiernity a\eraj;e.- ^Ikiw a little wider 
ti-i- iluHi wa^ the case for tlu ^prillK 
!ii \ear. The list follow^: 

(Coniinucd on Pufte 2) 


VpiH-arances lo be Made at Maynard. 
Ilyannis and Concord 

I tide r the direction of its ieaeler. Kelwin 

\ '2S, ilu- (.lee ('lul> is in the 

■ idle e>l its eemee-rl siase)!!. I he lir-t 

wiven at l.ceeis liei.spital for the World 

\.;erans on January ti. and. uneler 

. .iii->piies of Smith Ae aeUiiiy. the- ("lul> 

. li- -econel eejnteit at llatlield on 

_ ll. I"he^e were feiUense d 1>\ ap|;ear- 

.it lleHinec on the I'.'lh and Uel- 

..\Mi e)n the 2t>th. The feirme r wa.- 

;i under the auspiets ejf the N'oiing 

\ - Religious I'nion, while lUlrher- 

liinh Sehejol arran^eei ior the latter. 

! iJo-tnn trip this year is seheiluled 

|,!M!,i!\ :!tiili. wlnii the' Ciiili will 

. lor a lour elay tour. Dining lhi> 

oneerts will he ^i\en at Ma\iiard, 

n^s. and Cemcord, as has l>een the 

II lornur \ears. The Coiu-orel eon- 

i~ ii>ually atteneled hy a large niim- 

' ' 'if alumni anel so is of nieire than 

w interest. On I'ehniary 17 the 

!>d Musieal t'lulis are schediileel to 

.It Soeial l'nie)n and te> he folle)wed 

. 1 ii.d at \Vill>rahain. the next night. 

■ni \\". Morrixm "21', manager of 

iiilt, '\< ncgeitiating for a efmcert at 

• !d. which will, in .ill prohahilil \ . 

' .ise>n. 

Mi.iit is folleiweel 1>\ -i d.imi . 

I 1 fur which is furnished \<\ i In 

"H hotra under the li idi-r-hii) ejf 

-M,r Mi!<^ If. <'ii!.|.';ii. 



Chaperons for Novel Function 
Are Selected 

Tickets lejr the .Military Hall wliie li i> 
te) he helel on Saturelay night, Fehruary 4, 
frenii eight to twelve in the Drill 11. ill 
have- arrixeel and are ne>w lieing seild h> 
the- Uall ('e)mmiltee- wliieli cemsisls of 
Kideler, l.ane-, liilvarel, Hearse-, Hie)e k 
wa\, l.iiice)ln .inel .\11 iiieiMhers 
of the Military I'nil are urged to get 
their tieke-ts as well as the)>e' fe)r the-ir 
guests fre>m some memhe-r e)f the- .ihe)\e 
ei)iiiniittee right awa> in e)ieler a 
eemiplete list may he- niaele anel suh^e- 
epie-iil arraiige-meiits feir hiis t rans|ioit.i- 
lieiii fre)in Northainpteiii anel S)uth ll.iel- 
le-\ eaii he e e)nclueleel. OiiK a liiiiile-el 
nuiiiher eif ticke-ls are- e>n li.inel. a large- 
iiiiinlie-r have alieadv he e-n sejiel anel iittue- 
will he- >aveil. 

(Iiaierejiis fe)r the- M.dl h.ive- he-e-ii 
>eleeleel anel the- liall I Oniiliiltee- t,ike-> 
glial ple.iMiie- in aniie)Uiu-iiig the IdHow- 
ing: Major and Mrs. N. lUitler Hri>e<ie, 
Majen- anel Mrs. Mustis I.. Iliihhard, 
( .iptaiii anel .Mrs. i-'.e|wiii M. Siinme-r, 
and I'lisideiit .iiid ,Mr^. KeiM-eie- \\ . 
rh.itcli<r. Mi^s Sara .M. Stiiidili.ld <•! 
1 Hridge man l.ane-. South li.ii|le-\, will 
e li.i|;e'i(iti the viiuilg l.ldies Iidiii Ml. 
i l(ilve)ke'. 

.\s a little- leliiiilder, t lie lilii>i( Idi the 
oe'casietii i> le» he furnishe-el hv Jack 
De-lane >■> team of iiiu>ieiaiis ftdiii .Neiiili 
aiiipte)ii. thin U'.iiii eit plavers has h in 
.It meispliere te> se-veral (eille-ge- el.iiu e-> in 
the past so uiiele)lihleelly iiio->I e-veiv<me- 
leali/is the high hraml ed iiiii>ieal riiidi 
lion wliieh v^ill he- pre^e lit at the- Hall. 
Dee-eiratieiils under the- leaet ot (".ide-l 
(apt. Keihe-it .\. l.iiieeilii will |)re-<iMl .1 
iieivel and siirpri>ing apieai.iiiie- in a 
feirill (jllite' new lei even llie- e-vi--. ed I he- 
n.o-t >lHikish e)f campu> ilaiiee- h<)tind>. 
.\ niimhe-r e») Ntudcnt> will he- pre-i iii ,il 
ill! Hall as vihilors from ilie- U.O !.( . 
iihii .ll M.I.T". 

Springfield Five 
Here Saturday 

lias IkiU Defeated Only Once 
This Seasein 



KtAerind Hugh I'lack. in lii-- 
' iiiion ik-livere-d in ( ha(i<l la>t 
^iindav'. prese-nteel to the stii- 
'iiit- a ne-w re-ligif)us insight into 

• 1)1 the \n,il <|Uc-tion-- ejj 

lliiejp< are- |lre>mi^e'el ,i i.ire- tn.ii 
when Mas>. ,\ggie entertains Spiiiigdeld 
em llie Drill Hall lloeir Satiirdav night. 
Ha--k( th.dl hiistilities he-lwcen the iwo 
(()ll<i:e-s li.tve- hi en iiilermilte-nt . hi;t all 
I lie- g.iiiies that li.ivi- het-n stage-d were 
hattlt> re)val. During the l*.t2."> sc-a-nn 
('a|)i. .Siniuels leei an Agrarian lejitihin , 
tion te) a .'{1 tfi ;il vieiorv' eive-r Sjnin,; 
'<:oiilin(i«>el on Pieiie li 

All Four Classes 

Have Same Leaders 

lew Chanties Brought Feirth h> 
Now Fleet ietns 

|-.liclioii- <il niiK cr^, held hy the fmir 
cla-'se-^ em W i-diie-~elav , January li. for 
the- new >enie-'^lir. re—iilled in e-liange- m 
three- eiass«>, the jiinieir e>filce--hii|el( r> 
remaining the same. 

J«)hn I". Ouinn was n'-electe<l ()resifletii 
of the se-nior elass; I.e onarel I.. Thom[)«f)n 
was chos«-n vire-i»resif|e-nt ; ( iorelon K. 
Hearse-, treasurer: Marjorie- J. I'r.iti - , 
retarv : Allx-rl 1^, ('i«ik. (.ipt.iin: ,in<! 
l',!!-wf)rth H.irn.ird. Mrge-,tni-ai-arm>. 

Junior ortie-e-rs we-re- the- srmn- as last 
It I 111: president, Willi. im H. Koiii ;t „,ii ; 
V ice-pre-:^ident . St,inli-\ 1 . I>.iilr\ ; m-i re-- 
tarv. Kli/alnth .\. ImhIi: tri-,iHiinr. 
Tavleii M. _Mi!U; (.i|ii,iiii. ( litn.n k. 
Je)hll--on; -( !>:( ;in! .It .irm--, l.'nn.ird A. 

Offie;ers i-le-cteel h\ lh<- ^ipliMinnn - in : 
|->ic Single te)n, pre-.ideni : I'r.oik 1 . W liit< 
Jr., vice-president ; Mav I . IUk kler, 
•secret arv; William H. Drew. tre-a>iirer; 
K.ilph V. Knt-el.oid. Jr.. (.ijii.tiri: 1 n-il 
('. l-Ilk-rt. sergeanl-at-arms. 

\Vynle)n R. Dangelmayer was re-clcrted 
president f)1 the- tn-shman class; Znc K. 
Hirkney, vice-president; X'irginia M. 
MeCioklriek, secretary; Jeihn E. San'lov^, 
treastifcr: Thomas \.. Minkstein, (aj)- 
tain; Norman Mvriek. -^e rgcant-at-arnw 

Poultry Judging Team 

In New York Contest 

M..\.(;. Score llifiher Than That of 
East Year's Winner 

Se)res, impar.ille-el in the- ami, lis e>f 
pemllry judging eemtests, iiiarkeel the 
llth .Annual liite-ri e>!le-giale- I'emltry Juelg- 
iiig I'emle-st helel last Irid.iv at Maelixm 
Sepiare ( .areleii in New Wnk t'ilv. Ihe- 
M.X.C team plaeeel tilth in the- list while 
the- CoriK-ll I iiive-r>itv pl.iie-d lust 
with a score- of IHII peiints e>iit e>f a 
pe)ssihle- 24(M(. In iirele-r ill. it il may Ik- 
:.t-eii lieiw high this see>re- is it is eiiily 
iu-eessi«r>- te) realize that North ('aie)liiia 
won the ceintest last ve-ar with a seore of 
HU2 |Kjiiits. The- M..\.('. maele- a 
score- e)f It'ilHI peiints wliieli i> the- hinlie-si 
se-eire that a M..\.t'. te-,iin haseve-r m.iile-. 
The' either e eille-ge > ill the- eeinteNt iiiade- 
llle- lolliiwing M(>re-?%: re-iiiisylv.ini.i St,ite-, 
I K(i:{ peiints; Noitli ('.irolina, 1721 |ieiiiit>; 
( imnce t ie lit .\gli( lilt III, ll Ceillc^i-, Itl'.il 
peiinl-.; and New Jerse-y, Hi 17 point >. 
rill- M..\.('. If, Mil, e-eini|M>M-il III I. in < ). 
Dtntoii 'JS, (.iiil.i (.. Il.iwle-y '.".I, Waller 
.\l. Ilowlanel '2.S. ami l.elward l>. Rvan 
'2.S w,ls e-oaclit'd hv I'nil. I.iiiIkt H.iiil.i. 


Forest .Sce>res Singleton in 
Spectacular Rush 

"Ked" H.lllV Inn ki-\ If. nil w.i^ ill ll ,il I d 
hv llii- I l.imiliiiii ('iilli'^r M'Me I at ( liii 
teiii, N. ^ ., I.i-t S.iiiird.iy niglil hv- a 
More- eil 2 til 1. rill- 1^,11111- pl.ive-d 
em an ineleior link, the- iee- ht iiig the- fii-^t 
geieiel surfae e- of the- M-asein tor i-ilhe-r 
le ,1111. (apl.iiii "JiH-" l'(ire-Nt senrid leu 
M..\.( . in the- iliird |Hri(id, splitting tin 
eli'h iis(- anil pushing in tin- piiek. Il.imil 
lemV poiiilN were liolh inaile- in the- M-ieinil 
pe riod, nm- hv Halil em .1 |i,i--:.> freiiii lilgall>, 
and the- other 011 a long sheil hv Inu.ilU 
< o-siarring wiih Kejresl for the Agates, 
I'hiimi-y, a soiheinioii- starting his lir>l 
v,ii>ity game-, pl.ive-el a strong g.ime at 
•^;<'al, >l(ippiiig niiiiiicn >lieil-, in tin- lit si 
|iiiod. The- g.iiiii- w,iN ll-, (tilled hv i-\ 

I I Mini team plav eiii hoth sie|e>. Seiiiill 
■lid H.isNard, Usiele-> the scort rs, pla>i-fl 
\M II liir Haiiiiltiiii. Ihe- -^umiii.iry: 

'Cetntinuftl on Paftr 2) 

Assi.siANT manac;ers 


.\ssi>taiil inaiKigi r-> in haskiih.ill .ind 
liorke y have- Iki 11 .ipprimd .iml are- iiovn 
will inio tliiir diilii^. I'resceitl I). 
N uiiiig ■2'.< of North (.r.dion is uiide r- 
-nidy ol Manav;e-r Hreickway for haske-t- 
ii.dl while Kinel.iU 11. Marsh '2U will 
-li-p into the- -hoe-^ ol .\lanage-r (iinning- 
h.iiii ill hiM ki-\' as sixm as the- season 
e neh. Hoth maiLivi-r-^liips are se-iiior 
peisiiions anej hav< 1- iIk- n ^uii 

III Mijihoiiiiiri' I'omiK 1 iiiun- in iln- mail 1 
■^> ri.i! I ml of 1 1)1- -(lori. 

Agates Edge Maine 

In Thrilling Clash 

Visitors I nable to Hold Karly Lead but .Mwiiys Threaten. Keed 

Features \\ ith LonU Shots 



RoutthnesN .Mars (^ame as M.,\.c:. 
ll(K>psters Meet First Defeat 

West Point adminislereel a stinging eh- 
le-,it lei the Mass. .\ggii- haskelh.ill, 
Jan. IS, em the- .\rmv lloor, liiiisliing i lie- 
.ill.iir wilh .1 .17 to ;• li.iil. U^lll^;lme■-^^ 
le-.iluiid the- game- .mil maele- the- geiiiig 
dillii lilt lor the- Mii.ilirr minihe-is eit 
"Kid" < iiire-'s aggre-galiun. Ilu- suMicis 
liiiik the- .it the- eiiitM-t .mil ton- ,iiiiiiiiel 
lliiir spacious lliim with eiioiigli mh i e-» 
the ii|ie-iiiiig h.ilf llii-v h.iM' ih,ilkid 
np 2:S points while ihe- .Xgr.iri.iii leit.d 
iiintaini-d oiiK 2, hoth liei- li\ re-siilt^. 
Dining ihe- he-eeind li.ill the- tide w.i-> ,1 
hil llliilt- I'MIl, hut il was not in he- ,1 
nii;ht Im M..\.( .. .mil the- Wist ruiiiii is 
liin>lu-d on the- lung e iid ol the- M11I1-. 

I lull- I, in hi -^.lid .iliiiiit ihi' .11 t II. d 
v;.iiiii utile r than il w.i^ l.lllui nl .1 iiiligli 
.ind I iiiiihli- innti-~t . M.imi .md Wi-hhii 

1 lllrird lllr L;.ini<- .ll tile- he'k.'ilinin^ iif t llr 
-1 1 iind h.dl ill pl.ii e III .\h l-.wi II ,iiid ( ,ipt 
Kied. tlu- wiighi ,ind -i^i- eil tin luiiiiir 
l\Mi U-iilg nun h me. re- aelapled til till- 
sivli- III |il.i\ I li:ii,ie le-ii/e d tin 
111, III ll. I hi- \k''I<- diliiiM- look a In. hi 
ill ilii-^ h.dl, .mil the- .\rmv nu-n liiiiml 11 
dillle lilt III pine Irate- Vil \ ilei-p illlii I heir 
visiiiii'-^ iiriitory whiili w.i-- .iilii.ilK imt 
Ml V nee e-sil N Iiii.iiim- the- hnlllr li.iili men wlm-i- long >liiils were 
I Unlive-. "K.iv" M.iini did line- wink in 
I live ring his h.ukiiMnl .in.i while in tin 
game- with I ink ' Miir<liiiiuh plaving 
-.Iniiiglv also. "Hl'iiidv " I hum, is 111,111 
.iged hv means III .1 kn n eve- ,il ill'- tolll 
line- to n-gisle-r a^ high m ore r while lim- 
ing the- pkiving lime he- eMll illlllprd till 
siildie-r pivol men conliniiallv . 

Mills l.illiid It iHiints liM ill! i.hIi'I- 
\\liilr e iv-lii iiiliir ti .1111 mates hriike into 
tlu- seuring iiiliimii lor ,il .1 hr^iii 
of m.iikeis. riiirtiiil me 11 pl.ivid loi 
We-st I'liini III (ihi tin- liiial gmi w.i- lin d. 

111! suimiiai V : 

t;AMiM s <;ai,i-;m»ar 

Jj ll 1.. »<•! si-iw, 
Iruf. speak i( tint." 

\ « . .1 iiriliuu 


I'iix -1. - I lllh \' 

M \ ( M-,i-i. ..: < ' '■ iianl. 


\ ii>il> Ilo. kny: N. II. al Uiirliaiii. 

Frohnian Ba-<kptball: Nf-w Suloni at M .\ ( 

.M.A.e'. Mu-iial e luU^ .it ilyannis. 

Two-Vi-ar K<-"'!'ii"'i '" Uhhit Si IhkiI. 

filrl's <il»H; Cli;' ■• Aii.'n. i-i, 


Xar^ity Ba>b • ■ M A 1 

Varsity Hotkey : U.ilt; at l.'-ui-lon. 

X'arsitv Relay. K. of ( . Mr<-t in Boston. 

M \ ' Miniial ( Iiil)» at Conconl. 

Dan- 1- in Mi-morial Building after B.i-ket- 
liall Inline. 

'I ;il ;i. Ill S;,.,,! , I )! I) I'.l, •.■ .r 

|-.fl'l'. \li|.!: .11; c."iM I.l I (iIIIllll^-lllllM - 

Id |->,:i 11.MI \I I --Mii 
I li. III. liitile fli-i iHsidii. 

Frrshniaii li.i-k' -.h.iH; Hoiikiii- .\' .kI. m'. ,,i 

MA ( 

Two- Veil li,i-k. ii.,iil: .South I)eerlie!.| at 

M .\ ( . 
I) 1.') I), in Iiitormal Hour by tlie 

iiient ot Humanities. 


Mill.^, if 
l'i)K-r. rl 
l)iai«r. If 
Krilluill. it 
l'l..'l. . 

/iiiiiiii 1 11..1:: 
Mull liin-xMi 
Siemaii. rv 
Wilson. \ii 
Bn-tilnall. !. 
WrxMl. !- 
M < .. 


l<. •■ 
li:ill tllli- Mill 
_'ii iiiinilt*' lialv 

MasH Aaulf 

li 1 I- 11 I f 

t; J 11 Riiii. ll o " " 

II n o \v.-i,i.. I. It in:; 

-.' 1 .-. It o 1 1 

■ ". 1 Imiiia-. I ' ■> 

Munloiifth Ik O <• 

■ I. I 1. . M 11- M i 1 O 

Relay Team At Boston 

For First Contest 

Positions on I earn (Jinelied at 
Time Trials Last Memdav 

I inn trials liiM on Monday aft< rMnnii 
h.ivi- aheiut dine he li the fwr^-onnil of the 
septad to ri-pn-si-ot M.N.t'. al llii- K. ot 

( . !!;( ll ill r,ll 1 • 111 ' Iii 111 ,1,1' \ V\ I 

I'xpi I ted llic I III" 1- 111 I'-r nil n. • ,ipt . 
Si hapiiilli . Hill, and K.i\ -linwid !l|i 
M r\ \m11. < ■ '111! I 1 1! i"ii I' II I III- l< "III i ll 
|ii,i( 1 on il:r ipi.iiiii W.I- .ind is ki in 
with ( o.ii !l l)rr!.\'~ diii-inn -lill wllli 
he-lel as to till p.irl n iil.ii Xm I l.dl 
.incI Davis tinishid pr.ii lie ally imii in 
ihe- trveiiils wliih- ,1 sopltuiiiori-. Rohirt- 
-on, has \it .1 I li.inii- to ^e-t liis <itliii.ij 

No nolin- h,is he en riiii\id to d.ite- in 
regard lo o|iponi-nts. Iiiil h> tin iniddli 
of tin- week ( <iai h I )rih\ • \| 11 1 - "> know 
di-fmilelv whom his iluh will r;iii-. Willi 
the- e-xfK-rienteel .ivailahle- that 
the epiartet has, .1 \i r\ < n ditable show- 
ing is < \]K I ti d. 

l'ie>lon^e-d li.ilil pkiving ,iiid 11, il h.isket- 
h.ill skill we-re- the- niitiwiii I h\ Ir.itmesof 
llie- hemp rotlte-sl wilh M.lille- riiivi-rsil v 
nil the- Drill H.dl llunr l,i>l I rid.iy night 
,mel we-re- .iie'eitiipanie-d with siii h niit- 
hlltsls ol e-M ile-iiie-nt Inmi I In- s|H-rt.ilors 
.IS til ili,ikr t he- g.iille' our lit I lie hist w liii ll 
llie liiiiin- ii'.iiii hasengag«-il in this se-,isoti. 
llie- iipriiiiii; lew tliinille-s ot tin- iimlrsi 
we-re- Itlled willi swill li.ird pl.iving .iiid 
the I'iiie- St,ite-is tiMik ,1 se'iiring leael right 
.iw.iy whiili si-e-iiieel tiir ,1 while- lei ei\-er- 
sli.idow .Xggii-'s wiimiiig I ham es, le-,iving 
the- heime- le.ini ,1 detieil eil six |)oilils ill 
.1 In III I SI11II-. .\ h,iske-t hv Me l-'.we-n, 
liiiwevei, pniipit.iird .1 viillev of lilore 
lingeis \i\ Miiidiiiiuh. Keed .ind I'.lli-it 
wliii It hiiili^hl till- siiiii til .1 lit' III I I III 
I I .md ,1 riilinl lit I.'i In 1 I ,|I li,ill 
lime-. The- seiiiild periiid iiiill.iiniil th.- 
s,inii' lliiilling e-\e ilriiniil .is tin- liisi .mij 
Im nine ininiile-> .it the- he'^iiiiiing eit this 
piiiiiil till' visitiiiM we-ri- im.ihtr In •Miiti- 
while- "Kid" ( ieire-'s eharge-s rullid tin- 
iiMiiil to 21. Ihinngh till- I'lliiits III 
Hl.msieilii, I il/hiigh .md .Mihntl the III her 
siili' III till SIIIII' I. inn- up til within 
lliie-alening disi.oiie .md the piiiiid 
lim-ln d with I In- 1 oiinl ,ii 21 In I'D. 

\l (In -.1,01 III lln lii^t ||,il| nt the run- 
list till' \isilnis .issiiniid .1 ill. Ill III! mill 
<:oiitliilii-il on I'aiii- ti 

Spanish Painter Subject 

of Humanities Lecture 

\lr. niiiih'.it IHsi'iisse-s Life' and 
Weirks ol \ e-lase^iie/. 

De si^;lnd In .llcillsi llllillsl III till- 

liiiiii.iiiil ii's, ,tiiil lo stii'.,s lllr ini|Hii i.iin I- 
iil side lit line's edtii .It imi, the di- 
ji.nliiniit nl I liim.iiiitie-s i- hnlding .1 
si rii s nl hums ,it whie h .1 
ine-iiiher nf mn- ii( the di p.irl mini s • mi- 
iiriie-d s|H'.iks nil ~,nini- si|li|i'i I ill W llii ll 
In is inlrre-ste-d. I I e i- ,ite- Inlil I iie-si|,iy 
lii,.:lit nt rai ll week ill St m kill id;^i' I I, ill. 

At I In- -iiiiiid III llii'-i' liniirs, 
nil\ I/. I'lnl. Dilllinlil I. 
di-^ iissi'd the- wniks ,iiid ilii- lnv;li poiiiis 
nl lln- lite nt \ il.isi|in/, nnlid Sp.mish 
.mist. Spi-i ial sties-, ^i\in in "1 .i-," whie ll is gi ni-r.illv iniiii-did in 
he \e lasipiez' gre-.«lest pii I lire-, ihniinh iln- 
spe-ake-r plefi-rre-d "l.n- lins" < »pi 11 
tnriiiii w.r held in the- l,i~i tittee-n miiiiiii s 
nl the Iniiir .md in. no ipn-slinn- \m re 
aske-el, hriiigin;.; in li 

I'rnfissnr pi 1 nii.ii MiUiiiiiin 
ul I M I I1M1I i( 1 .1 1 >diii I iniis nt soilli III tin- 
; 1 1 I III nil ill pl.i '. Ill 
Konlll I I, I n II il I I. ill 



Itreaks do to (iade-ls in 
(;«»lHest on I'eior Ite 

\\ I '' : ,' , • /iil; In II Li a Ii.i ii i di - 

(i.iiirl ' Ki.l' I'., ill'-, pinksiii, nil r.i .11 
.Mniiiil.iiii Uiiik. on Widne-day,\ 
IS, hv ,1 -I nte nt ;! In 0. 'Iln-inllli t u.i^ 
pl.i \ I I i nil |)i M .1 li I ,1 11' i w .1- .1 ! : 
;;alin- with little i li.iin e Inr tr.ilii wnsk. 
lln- siAiii- were t.iirly eve-nl> inal<lie<l. 
hut We st j'nini had the breaks. The first 
-inn- Inr tin- ( adi-ts laiin- in tin' -I'niiil 
(le rii»<l whin I ind'piist ^ni mn p.i^i 

Divine-, f ,i|>l,iill Mns<;ililli '.Mill (|n\MI 

ijii II I lui.i !■.! ^,< III till iliiid |H-rioi|. 
1 In- .Xggii's pl.i\< d nn till- nllilisi- iiiui ll nf 
']>.<■ third perind, tiv< iinii hiin.; up tin 
K I iim-l nl til. 1 iiiH . Mil \| \ ' . ti-alM 
iii.ide- .1 111 liilv llirii- shuts .it their 
nppdiii Ills' ml during tin- innlisi. < ',ip- 
i.iiii 1 nn-t . Ahr.ili.inisim, .md \ i li 
si.irrid I'll \g'>;i<- lln- -iiiiiiii.ii '. 

West Point M..\.(.. 

Siiwye-r, rw i w . I'.iti h, W'ai-ehler 

l.iu'hpiist , ]\K Iw, I nn si , ( .p.ik 

M<»s< atiTii. I I , I list- 

link, rd rd. .Xhr.ih.imsnti 

Ml Nam. It. I M Id. N.ish 

Mrowiiiiig, g g, De-vine, I'limin \ 

Sore- Wist I'nini ;',, .\l..\.( . I). < .n.iU 
— Lindi|nist, \lnsi .iiilli 2, Krtinr 
Mifihill. I ime llirii- 2'> iiiin. jHTJoih. 




Offuial mwspajMr of tin- Masbachusetts 
XKricultural Coll. go. I'ublUhcd tviry 
Wednesday by the studenlh. 



ELLSwokiii Baknahu "28 


Editorial F'"-«T L. S.-KKCHR 

Feature IIak<.i.i> I:. Clakk 

Alumni & i-hort Courses IJoskphink Panxua 

'^''■""^ CAR.. A. BEK..AN 

Fhank T. Uoit.lass 



KlAI. S. l*«llKk, JK. 

Faculty John B. Howard J R. 





Edwin A Wwi-er ^28 Bu.lnrBS Manager 

DoT Ls A. LORINC. ^28 Circulation Manager 

gxRo!:nK.AssEU.-.H AdvertUln. Manager 

Lawbenck a. Carrvth ^9 

William A. Ecan '29 
Frederick D. Thayer. Jk '29 

ROIIKKT G. (".<><>I)N<>W "U) 

WiNinRO'" C SMim '30 
John K. Tank '30 

w.i> sinniiis; %try ixjorly, to say the least. 
Whatever the cause of the lack of (o 
operation with the soiiji-leader, it was 
iiotiii-alile even to the point of IninK 
txtrenuly iliscourteous. Coming haek to 
our funilaiiiental assiimi)lion (oiiierninK 
criticisni, we wonchr how many oi tho?.e 
in that nuini)er who aiidilily expressed 
their feelings were in the position to do 
NO? I ndoulitedly there were s<jniei)resent 
who were (apal)le of doin^ as good a 
job, but we venture that there were vt ry 
few who iouM have done as well under 
the lireunistancts. If there were, they 
should have l>een out on the floor trying 
out for the position of sonn-leader; if 
there were not, then tliere should have 
lutn no tleinonstration such as (ncurred 
the other ninht. 

We coninu nd the efforts of the son^- 
Ua.Ur and su«>iest that hereafter the 
student body should co-oiK-rate in the 
siiiKinn of its sonus. put some confidence 
in the ability and judununl of its strng- 
l.ader, and realize the <lifhculties under 
which he works. As a last su^nistion we 
fell that there is not a iK-rson on the 
campus who would not do well to (heck 
up now and then on the words of the 
sonns and learn sonte of the less famdiar 






Subscription $2.00 per year. Sinftle 
copies 10 cents. Make a I orders payable 
to The M assachusetts C ollecian. 

In case of change of a. dress, subscribers 
will please notify the business manager 
as soon as possible. 

Fifteen Years Afto 
The "College Siftn-al" Said 

"Our prayers have been answered in 
our absence. The 'hash-house' now 
ahounrls in hixjks." Feb. 4. 

I'.S. More prayers are in order today. 
Conditions at the college boarding es- 
tablishment have been congested for 
several years. Improvement seems de- 


"The ice-making plant is now in 
operation in the Dairy Building. Hockey 
management take notice." leb. 4. 

I'.S. Said ice-making machine would 
have been useful this year, although the 
suiH-ri(»r skating facilities now available 
lure at M.A.C have enabled our neigh- 
bors to the south to play two of their 
recent encounters on the Aggie campus, 
avoiding a i)ostpoiunient of the games. 

Professor Richard T. MulKr is the 
author of a new IxM.k just out entitled 
"Ameriian Creenhouse Construction and 
E(iuipment," published by the A. '1 . 
Delamare Company of New York. 

Miss Marion L. Tucker, of the Massa- 
chusetts Agricultural College Home Kco- 
nomiis Department, attended a meeting 
of the Massachusetts State Home Kco- 
nomics Association Kxecutive Boar<l in 
Worcester last Saturday. Miss Tucker, 
as a member of this .\ssociation, has been 
apiioiiited chairman of its membeishii) 
committee for this state. 


Very few of those who are forlimate 
enough to have an opportunity to read 
"The New Student" from week to week 
coul.l have m.ticed last week's issue with- 
out iMing startled by tin- <liscussion on 
the h..nor system, entitled "Are They 
Without Honor"? This article refers to 
the state of affairs which exists among 
the girl students at Hunter College whire 
the honor system is failing to function 


The many charges which have Inen 
made by the girls against themselves and 
the honor system s«em to have aroused 
in the minds of many who have read the 
amazing aicusations th.- (piestion under 
which this discussion was published in 
"The New Student." S>nie of the anony 
mous ac(Usitions whi<h apiH-are<l are: 
"Nine-tenths of the girls cheat. Only 
si.xty-tive of all the girls in the college are 
honest, (.iris carry n»»tes up their sleeves 
in examinations. C.irls will theat whetlier 
the teacher is in the room or not." 

We sincerely hope that this is not true 
with all girl stiirlents and es|»ecially among 
those enrolled in this institution. A glance 
at the records of the Honor Council here 
will sh<.w that no girl student has ever 
been called before this organization in 
answer to a charge. This is certainly 
quite surprising but there is only one of 
two logical conclusions at which we may 
arrive. The co-e<ls here are either firm 
adherents of the Honor System as estab- 
lished or else- their fellow students do not 
fed inclined to report any infractions of 
dishonest\ on their part. It is imin.ssible 
to siiy which is true in this case but let 
us hope that our co-eds will always con- 
duct themselves in this resiHCt so that 
the lKK)ks will never have to record a 
violation on their part. However, if 
such a breach is noticed, we sincerely 
trust that the observers will not W 
prejudiced by their chivalry but will 
carry out the duly of trust and honor 
which they have pledged themselves to 


(Continued from Pafte D 

Hamilton M.A.C. 

Ingalls, Ford, rw 

rw, Patch, Waechter, Pillsbury 
Beardsley. Smith, Iw Iw. Forest, Zuger 
Hald, Baker, Birch, c ^■. '•""■^^' 

Schneider, rd rd, Abrahamson 

Hassard,ld Id, Nash 

scouii, g 8- ''"^'""^y 

Score— Hamilton 2, M.A.C. 1. Ooals— 
Bald, Ingalls, Forest. Referee— Nichols 
of West Point. Time— three 20-minule 


(Continued from Page 1) 


IVlta I'lii All>lui 

Kapp.i ("ianinia I'lii 

UimlKla Chi Ali>lia 


Non-Frat. Sor 

.Mjiha Cianinia Rlio 

.Ml.lia Siunia I'lii 

Kappa iMi^ilon 

IKll.i I'lii (iatniiia 

I'hi Siunia KapiKi 

Kappa Siunia 

Sitiina I'hi Epsilon 

Thcta Chi 


, .77.0 
, .7»5.7 
. ."().■> 
. .7(j.,j 
. .76..'') 
. .70.;{ 
. .7"..'.t 
. .75.C 

. .7i.ri 
. .74.:< 


Between the h.d\es of the basketball 
game List Friday night, wiih the iniv. 
of M.iinc. we were reminded of a piece 
of adviie' which we once overheard. The 
advice was this, "Never criticize thc> 
formance of an individual unless you are' 
capable of doing a lutter job yourself." 
That imce of advice ha- suu k in our 
i„i„,l. ,\,r since becaUM it Mc-ms such 
an INK il. Ill luaxini to lolI..\\. The other 
night ..iir ->iiipathv w.>- with 'he- song- 
k-a.l.r wlio \\,i- .lUi inptiii'-; to i;.t results 
from .1 stu<lcnt body which, either 
through iiidilf. nncc', or ignoiance of the 
tunc .mil \v<i<l- (.1 tliiir own College songs. 


(Continued from Pafte 1) 

field. The following year the Reel and 
White avenged themselves by nosing out 
(apt. Temple's e|uintet, 2;} to 21. Last no game was played, and lK)th teams 
laid strong claims to the New F:ngland 
title. This year, however, one or the 
other will U- eliminated from this claim. 
Springfield enjoyed a very success- 
ful season to elate, winning eight out of 
nine encounters. Their record for the- 
se-ason is as follows: 

Springfield 44, W'esleyan 42 (overtime) 
Springfield 2.^), Pratt 9 
Si)ringtield 24. Fordham .'H 
Springfield 52, Fl. Stroudsburg N. 35 
Springfield 'M\, Crescent A. C. 28 
Springfie-ld .W, Vpsda 18 
Springfield 44, ProvicUnce Z\ 
Springfield ;}4, Dartmouth :Vi (o'time) 
Springfield 42. Tufts 24 
F:xiKrience and .sjK-ed are the valuable 
assets that Coach Rothacher has for his 
scpiad. Wagner, high scoring center. 
James, Williamscjn, Nordyke, and 
tafson are all clever players while Dun- 
can and Cameron are also k-ing iise-d a 
great deal. Nine games have given the 
Home City team time to fully develop, 
and the Red and White should l>e a tniK 
formidable f«K-. 

Mass. .\ggie has Uen on the winning 
enil of four stores out of five. I itc hbiiri^ 
Normal, ri)sala. Northeastern, and Maine- 
have tasted defeat at the hands cjf the 
.\grarians while the .\rmy siM)ile<l a clean 
.\gate rec-ord by roliin;.; ui> .i heavy score 
against the club. Alilioiiv;h the Maine 
game shouiii .i '.,riat cumili.irk .ilter the 
setback .it West Point, the iiiiint.t did 
not c|uite reach its stride, \\lii( h iiu.m-^ 
that about S;ttur(i.i\ it will I'l le.nK in 
fuiK tioii its best. 

"To cjuote a Damp pa|Mr: 'NaiH)leon's 
retreat from Mcjscow had nothing on the 
evacuation of Amherst by the Aggies.' " 

Feb. 4. 

I'.S. The retreat referred to was that 
which followed the discovery of several 
cases of scarlet fever on the campus. 


Campus (Jossip 
Diel you know that M..\.l". is gejing to 
have a hremh play? Horrors! We only 
hope that the legislators do not hear of 
this bold attempt to intrcKluce an appre- 
ciation of and a liking for a so-called 
classical subject in this, the state's insti- 
tution for the promotiem of agriculture. 
Students professing contempt fcjr the 
agricultural sciences will now have an 
opportunity to elenionstrate their under- 
standing of the artistic and aesthetic. It 
would Ik' interesting to make a survey 
of the cast and the audienc-e to determine 
the correlation Intwcen interest and major 



Now that we have a s|>ecial committee 
of students as.sisting in the selection ol 
desirable siK-akers for assembly, we ma\ 
l«M)k forward to next term's program with 
intense anticipation. It is m)t to 
exiKct too much, however. .\n over- 
critical attitude is likely to degenerate 
into an observation of a sjK-aker's faults 
rather than his virtues— and they all have 
some of the latter, strange as it may seem. 

Seven memln-rs of the Massachusetts 
Agricultural C'ollege Staff recently at- 
tended the American Fxonomic .\ssocia- 
tion and Farm Flconomic- .Association 
meetings at Washington, D. C riiese 
were: Dr. Alexander F:. Came, Miss 
l.orain Jefferson, .Mr. Hubert Vount, 
Miss Mary J. Foley, Mr. Ilarohl B. 
Rowc, Mr. Ronald I.. Mighell, and Mrs. 
T. H. Rozinan. Dr. (ante read a paper 
at the larni Fxonomics Session. Dr. 
Frederick B. Cutler attended a meeting 
of the American Sociological .Association 
held at Washington, D. C, during the 
same week. 

During the fall term of the Home 
l.conomics Department conducted the- 
Home luonomics Forum which broad- 
casts veery Monday at two o'clcKk from 
Statitm WBZ, Springfield, Mass. Among 
those who lectured for the Fall Forum 
were Miss Flclna L. Skinner. Miss Margaret 
Hamlin. Miss Helen Knowlton, and Miss 
Marion I.. Tucker. The F:xtension Home 
Flconomics Department is having charge 
of the I'orum for the winter term. .M- 
ready the interesting talks have Ikcii 
cemtinued, given at the same time. Last 
Monday Miss F:sther B. CcH>ley gave a 
talk on "Clothing". Some time soon 
Miss May FL. Foley will sjKak on "Nutri- 
tion", and Mrs. Harriet J. Haynes will 
present a talk cm "Home Management." 

To the F:ciitor: 

The publicity and evident supi)or 
given to the Senate's new powers by tli 
last week's Collegian is dce|)ly appreciated, 
and we ho|H' that the oiitimism man: 
fested in your pai)er will not be disillu- 
sicmed in the measure as it works out. 
However, we feel that the general acclaim 
given this effort as passed, is entirely our 
of proiH)rtion to its merit, since the sy-- 
tem of iKjwers is as yet untried, and may 
cpiite |X)ssibly prove to U' ineffectual. 
Rather than |)raise today and censuro 
tomcjrrow, let us maintain an attitude of 
consistent co-operation until the measure- 
has i)roved itself one way or another. 

With regard to the origin and tlevelop- 
ment of these j)owers as they concern tin; 
Senate, no one memUr of the group was 
responsible for their final acceptance by 
the students. The matter was discussed 
and gradually built into an organized 
system in open meetings, with all mem- 
bers contributing the criticisms and sug- 
gestions that finally resulted in the sys- 
tern as it stands. The measure was di - 
Iveloped and persisted in by the Senate- 
grouj), and ncjt by any individual memlM r. 
if credit for the effort is in order, Kt 
it l)e given to those faculty meml)ers and 
students that were willing to grant th( ir 
representative group an opix)rtunity u> 
work out a plan for increasing its own 
effectiveness, and improving the stan- 
dards of the Institution. 

The Student Senate, 
J. F". Quinn, Presiden!. 


Colonel .\lfred Foote, Commissioner of 
Public Safety in Massachusetts last week 
borrowed eight horses from the cavalry 
stable for the use of state |)olice officers 
in their search for the missing Smith 
College student. 



Juniors who were unfortunate enough to 
be selected as class characters for the 
Index may now bask in the publicity inci- 
dent to their designaticms as such |K'rson- 
ages as "cigarette fiend," or "das fusser". 
If these titles really had any signiticanee, 
the iK-arers would heartily long for ob- 


At last our Drill Hall will \rc restored 
to a conditiem comparable to its former 
days of splendor, and laughing voices, 
gay colors, resplendent uniforms, con- 
servative tuxedos, etc.. ad infinitum, 
will bring memories of pre-war 
celelirations. In other words, Aggie is 
going to have a military ball in the 
renovated Drill Hall. We shouldn't Ix- 
giving the elance all this free aelverti.sing. 
but the contrast Ix-tween the present 
ccmdition of the well-known edifice which 
will harlH)r the function and its inde- 
scribable apix-arancc last year moves us 
to sympathize with the M.A.C. landmark. 

Although our court stars no longer 
need fear the expect e-d but inopiM)rtune 
accumulation of bits of wckxI from the 
basketball fltK)r, the- force- with which a 
visiting player struck the tl(M)r during 
the Maine game raises the (luesticm of the 
relative hardness of the new surface. .\t 
least the old boards gave way somewhat. 
In fact, the-y frc-<iuently gave way en- 

tirch . 


Conmienis alM)ut the weather in \ojiue 
a wi ek ago evidently aroused King W inter 
I.) ...tion, with the result that the land- 
scape has assumed its customary white. 

Twelve wood bltxk prints by Thoreau 
Mae-Donald depicting nature and land- 
sca|x- scenes of Canadian beauty com- 
prise the collection that is now on view 
in the Memorial BuiMiiig. The artist. 
who is a Canadian himself, has made the 
cuts very vivid and strong in detail, 
giving them a more realistic apiK-arance 
th.iii most of the blexk prints that are 
s<) ]M.i)ular at the present time. 

In one excellent cut on display, "Tril- 
lium", Mr. MacDonahl has shown real 
skill in detail, the flowers standing out 
distinctly, with every ixtal jjerfectly 

One of the gcxxl landsca|K- prints shows 
a Canadian farmhouse in autumn, as the 
name, "Autumn Farmhouse", implies. 
The piles of cornstalks in front of the 
house and the flight of birds overhead 
all bring the idea of autumn. 

These prints are secured through the 
courtesy of Professor Frank A. Waugh. 
who is lending them from his personal 
collection for this exhibition. 

A big improvement was shown by the 
co-eds this week in their shtxjting. Re- 
sults show that there is plenty of gcxxl 
material out for a representative coed 


A few of the Ix-st scores of this week 
are: Barbara W. Southgate — .">() 

Ruth H. i'arrish— 48 

.•\gnes N. Sullivan — 18 

lk's.sie -M. Smith — 17 

Anna K. Digney — 17 

The matches to Ik; fired b\ the c:ejll« s' 
ritle team are with the following insti- 

Culver Military .Vademy 

.\mherst College 

University of Dayton 

Band practice is to Ix- held on \\k\- 
nesday mornings from 11 to 12. All who 
are not in the R.O.T.C. unit, but wh" 
play any band instrument and are in- 
terested are welcome. Drop around .iii\- 
way if that |x-ricxl is free. 

'•),■) F'.. .-X. White, professor of Flori- 
cidture at Cornell University, is the 
author of a new lMX)k entitlc-d ".American 
Orchid Culture" published by De La 
Mare Co. in New York City. 


On Febrifary 2, Mr. 1.. W. C. Tutln!! 
of the Tuthill .Advertising .Agency, u! 
New York City, will s|x-ak to the FJiri- 
culture students on advertising fcjr lloriM- 

and numerous pink noses have been seen. 
Now we can have a carnival. 

How many of you noticed a lecent 
editorial in this paix-r mentioning the 
desirability of more accommodating li- 
brary lu.iirs on Sunday? What are you 
goin^ to do .iliout it ? 


Of more than everyday imfiort is the 
discussion of the breaking of the confines 
of the Ic-cture system at Harvard and 
St.inford. an article which appeared in 
the Janu.iiy 18 issue of the \r:.' Shutcul. 
Those of us who have been inclined to 
envy the- F'.nglish stiidc-nt his freedom 
may glini!>sc- something nl a romparahle 
system approaching in .America. Would 
you prefer a tutor to a lecturer? 


'2.') Curtiss W. Ch.iffie has left iii- 
VX)sition with the Paw tucket, R. I., plmt 
of the ICitstern Dairies and is now em- 
ployed at Dean's Farm at Wall ham. 

"24 Stanley I.. Hazen of BnxjkfieM i- 
su|xrintendant of Lee- Boyce's fruit 

'Zi Wall.icc- F. ('.arret is farm sui»r- 
inte-nclant of the Worcester State Hc)s]) 
and has "Bob" HalllK-rg and "l 
Young. Ix)th '27. working for him. 

'2i'> H. S. Prouty is in partner- i' 
with his father on the home- f.'.nii ■•''■ 


Miss F^dna I.. Skinner entertained t^- 
-c nior girls at a sup|x-r in hc-r home -' 
Sunday e-vening. 

There will be a Delta Phi C.amma <* 
in the .Abbey (Vntc-r aftc-r .\ssei> '•'■ 
tod.1% . 

■vnr-ii KKKl ilKE T.VCKUNC; A TORNAIX) IN ONI. OK OCR O'CO.VTS.... ,.^.b , 

The linds ,1<!^ r..!.nd, ,he> en'. «o of ehese big huskies. Their s.yle i. -as distinctive as the spire of a church, and ,us, as d,S„,hed. 
„arU down is still as good as^^.ld^ CARL H. BOLTER "^^'^^^ 




Customized Clothes 

-We like to sell them because our customers get so much pleasure out of wearing them 





Boston Headquarters for all M. A. C. and 
many other College Teams and Clubs 


Club Breakfast and Special Luncheons 

and Dinners 



111 the- lio|)c-s of making the Suiid.i\ 
( liaiicl M-r\iccs more- inte-rest iiig, .1 ■.-ollene 
choir has Ihc-ii st.uted by Mrs. .A. M. 
lieaiimoni, the- coach of the lollc-gc- (ilic- 
Clubs. The choir is eomposed of a group 
ol students who are interested in mnsie 
and who are willing to give up one hour 
on Wednesdays after .As.senibly to prac- 
tice the h>nins for the following fliapel. 
.Ag present the ihcjir is eomposed of about 
ri\e- nun and twe-Ke- wome-ii and it i^ 
le.ire-d that unless more iiit-n sludenls .ire 
willing to eo-o|H*rate the c-ollegc- choir 
>liall h.i\c- to be diseoiit iiiuc-d. ,\Irs. 
Ut-aiimoiit is in hci|K-s to be able to li.ixe- 
a ehoir of about twenty men and twent\ 

The- .Ac-.ide-mic Acti\ilii-s Hoard has 
agreed to consider the |K)ssibility of 
v;i\ ing acadt-mic crt-dit to the nu-mlK-rs ol 
the- choir if t-iioiigh students participate- 
to make it worth while. 'Iryouts aie not 
iccpiired, stuilents interested may see- 
.Mrs. Heaiimont WVdne-sday after .\ssc-m- 
bly or Suiici.iy nioiiiing U-fore- ('h.i|H-l. 

I he- dale ol the- prom is under coiiMider- 
atioii but has not as yet been ,i|tpio\cd. 
This will be .miinunced in the nt-,u 

Bass Winter Footwear... 

Wet or Dry, Snow or Ice, your feet will be warmer 
and more comfortable in Bass Winter weight Footwear. 

Step in and let us show you the Bass Storm-proof 
Oxfords and Moccasins—there are none better. 






I'irst definite steps tcjward the annual 
Junior Prom we-re taken on W'edneselay, 
JaiiiiarN' II, when the- junior class e-lc-ctc-d 
the following men to the Prom (om mil tee: 
.Stanley I*'. Bailey of MiddU-boro, Arncild 
\\ . Dyer of I almonth, Clifton K. John 
son ol Worcester, Jt)lm K. Ka\' of lioston, 
.tiid Kenneth W. Perry of llolliston. At 
a meeting of this committee Arnold \\ . 
Dyer was eh-e ted ihairman. 




Optician and Jeweler 

3 PLEASANT STREET, (up one fliitht) 

OculUts* Prescriptions Filled. Broken lenses 

accurately replaced 

BIG BEN ALARM CL0<;KS and other 

reliable makes 


is open for the season of '27 and '28 
Order EATS for parties, re- 
ceptions and hikes 
120 Pleasant Street, 

First house south of campus 

Telephone 511 

You will find an eicellent 

equipped with the most up-lo-diile iicMidyear 
Machinery and a modern 
at 11 1-2 Amity St., - Opp. New Theatre 
We underiland your requirements and are pre- 
pared to meet your need^. 
All work guaranteed. Sh(tes shined and dyed, 6O1 


iSOc per nifthl.— $1.00 per per week.— $4.00 per 
month. Laid up cars. Dec. 1st to Apr. Ist, 
$2.00 per month^ 

Walter H. Harrison 


2nd house North of Campus 

TUXEDOS and Tux accessories... 

We believe our hand tailored tuxedo at $40 is the 
biggest selling suit in town. It is certainly worthy of 
your Inspection. 
Tuxedo shirts $2.75 Ties .50 & $1. Studs & Links .50 $2 


C^ard Tacks 

Table Covers 
Table Numbers 
Bridt^e Invs. 

Bifi Variety in Scorinft Pads 


((Aintinued from PaUe I) 

formaticin ol pl.iv wliicli intim,ile-d in 
le-re-><tin^ .Ktioii luil lliis was .ilmo^t iiii 
mc'di.itc-ly c'li.iii^cd to loiilcii in to llic 
.'\nnie st>le of fi\c- man cic-le-nsc-. ('.ipl.iiii 
"Kollic" \Ui^\ (osM-d the- tir^l l).iskc-l, ,md 
two lice- tiic-s l)y lir.uisc'om e-(|iiallc-d the 
c-oiint. One liy Stone-, anotlier hy Hrans 
com and two l)\- .SyKc-ster lMM)slc-d tlie- 
o|>|Mi^iticin c'onside-raliK while- Kc-c-ci ne-tli-d 
another clean shot hrin^iii^ the c-omil to 
ID to > in favor of Maine. .At this point, 
throii^li a c-le-vi-r .issist liy "HloiuK" 
riloilKis, Mc |-'.v\c-|| ili-tte-d ,1 lie. It ><lii)l 
from the- side- coiirl which was foliowe-d 
li\ a fic-e try liy Miaii^ciim ol the- opposi- 
tion. .'\ series ol >hot>i followe-d for the 
home- in succession without a siiiKli- 
t.dU liy Maine- and tlii- |H-riod fmi>h('d 
with a tlire-e |K)iiit Ic-ad for the lioiiie- 
(eani. During lliis first half Hransciim, 
rit/:hii^h and Sylvestc-r playi-d espcci.ilK 
^ood li.dl tor the- \isitors while- tli<- 
we-i^ht ol |H)ints lor the home 
lM>rn l)y Captain Keed. 

Two siicc-e-s>fiil attempts troiii tin- lint- 
liy MiirdoilKli lollowc'd .1 (ttiiililc cctiiiilii 
l>y Keed and twci loiils Ity Thomas coii- 
MiiMi'd nine- mimili s ol the o|N-ninv; limi- 
ol the ^c'cciiid pe-riod limiilK which tinii- 
nol a single count was ne-ltc-d Iin' the 
\i-^itors. Hut to try to sepiare- m,itte-rs, a 
ralK' which le-sulle-d in six hold haskc-ts 
thri-e- of whie h were free tries was laiinc lied 
li\ the Maine- te, nil, during ^^hich lime- one 
count liy I lionias was iii.ide- lor the 
.\viatc-N. l-'.lle-rt dr(ip|M'd in a neat foul 
which lirouv^lit the- si cue to its Im.d loriii 
ol 2 I to L'd. 

I he ^.ime was uildolll>t<-dK the- li.ird<-st 
loii^hl one that has Ihc-ii sla^e-d in the 
l>iill II. ill this SI ,1x111 and tin- iiitt iisi 
evciteme-nt ol the cmwcl which oci iipied 
eveiy available st-al in the ll.dl lent an 
.It iiiosphere which wa-^ in tune with lh< 
spirit ol the- ^.imt- making it a complete 


Ihe siimm.ii \ : 

M.A.i: .Maine 

l« K I' |< ]. |. 

l<<-<-'l. Il I :i 11 l-il/liiinli. ill 1 I ;i 

l-lleK.II I I :i .Milioll, III (I 1 1 

I'lllllluis, t I -J I Witss, 111 O II y> I '.' I .Sylvc-<(l-l, 1 •„• O 1 

WrlilHI, III II (I (I . 11 II 

McKwi-ii, ill 1 -J stone, it I (I u 

M.iiiii. ill (I (I (I Ki-iil, 11 II 11 

Kl.lllMOlll, Il .1 I lU 

loMls 8 8 U^ Tot.ils 7 (i 20 

Sioii- .11 h.ill iiiiii M .\ I . l... M.iiiie II. 

Keleui- Wli.ilin. liuii- JU iiiiiiiKr IuiIvcm. 



Ke-pii-sc ni.uive's fr«>m ihe three- up|>e-r 
cla.sses li.i\e- Im-c-ii selected hy the .St n.ite 
to eoo|Mi.ite with the- adminislral ion in 
the selection ol .iss«inlily .s|K-akers for 
next III 111. l-dlsworlh ll.irn.ird '2S, 
i'liillips H. Sli-cre -J'.), K.ilph I . Kncel.m.l 
';><» aie the- meiuliers who h.i\c- liee-n 
chosen to ri-picsent the- stutltiit ImmK in 
.III e-llort to olit.iin lielte-i .tssemltly e-xe-r- 
I ise-s. 

I his action residled I the vi,ie 

t.ikcii at Stiidc'iit l-orimi two wi-eks .1^0. 
.\cli-lphi.i picsciiti-d the- \ic-ws ol the 
Colle-ne to the- iduiinist ive oliii ers, who 
e.\press«-d a willingness to nnive sii^jnes- 
lions. The- matter was (hen re-ferre-d to 
the St-natc-, w liii h elei te-d the men ii.imed 





M;il. ill J..»0 K,v»-. «. 4.S ;in<l H .W 

Winter Footwear 



— or— 



275 High St., Holyoke 

Wednesday, Jan. i.Stb, Mat. & Eve. 
f> .SIAR A<."rs .s 
Fhirence Vidor in 

"One Woman to Another." 

Cainifd.V Sl-w 

Tburs. Fri , Jan. ifith »i 27th 

MiilinefH :ind KvcninitN 

.Mary Ashton & (Gilbert Roland in 
"ROSE of the (iOLDEN VVE-S'l." 

2 Rfil Conifdy l';ilhf News 

Saturday, Jan. 2Kth 
Zane (irey's Novel 

"OPEN ranc;e." 

.St.iiiiii^; llelly I'miison 
OoniiMly I'liriinioiint News 

Monday and Tuesday, Jan. .)0 & .11 
Esther Ralston in 

"I HE SPOn.KiHT." 


M.iiN .Xstor .Hid l.l<i\d 1 Iii^jIh^ 

in "NO PLACE TO C;o." 

<:om<-d>' I'liihe N«-»s 

\f» ADVANt;!-: IN pki<;ks 


.Next Irid.ty evening; the- Two War 
classc-s arc- pl.iniiiiiv; lo ^ivc- .1 joint re- 
ccption to the- studt-iits iu the- Winter 

■Sc 1 1 lioiii H to II in the- Mc niori.d 

ItiiildiiiK. Dancing .iiid various tonus of 
t-nlertainmenl h.ive- iH-en pl.inne-d. |)i- 
re-<te)r \erlH-ck and the f.uully icpic-- 
se-nt.itive-s ol the- departments in wliiili 
the- Winter S liool students .ire t.ikui^ 
work are- to lie presc-nt . 

.\ d.iiiic-, in return for the one held lor 
tlie-m in the- lall was uiven to the- ni«-in- 
licis ol the- IwetWar senior class by 
their lieshiiit 11 last lrid.i\ evenin^; in II. ill. .Mr. .iml Mts ( .I.h It hler 
and Mr. and Mis. Sm.ut weie t h< 1 li.ip- 


Town Hall, Amherst 

Wed. and I hurs., Jan, 2S 26 
N'ttrma Talmaite in 


Alfk;iii<lr<- Diinitii, (.|:i..Nii . A ttr«-:«« Hiory 
:inil II Cr<';il ;tiHh<ir wlih :i drr;il iicirt-nt 
Ont- of ihc- Ih-sI |>Ii iiiffs of ilic y«';«r 
News Mfflily S«-nii>-li l.lrl Conieily 

Mill. Chlltlren UK f v.- Klt.or - .<St 

Ailiills .t.S, H;ilioii\ 44*< 

Friday, Jan. 27 
l.ioni-l KarryiiKiri-. Ni.riinin K«rr\ and 
AilcM-ii t'rifiulc- in 

"BODY AM> .SOI 1 ." 
A ii'iiHcly tlriiniaiic KotiKuue of the- .Mpn. 
Willi an all star t asl. 
S|ic>rill.>hl Hal Koat li all siar Comedy 

.Sat unlay, Jan. 2H 
Tom .Mix and Tony in 

"llMBI.INt; RIVER." 

A slory of Ihc- old Wrsi In all Iin illory . 
N«-»s 2 Ki«l (.oiMtly 

.Monday, Jan. .\n 

Betty Conipson ^1 Kenneth Harlan 


Kroni Ihf liroatlway nlail«- oiko-i-h. 'I his 
pltliirt' Mill hold your inltrrsi 1 vrry iiiiii- 
utc M.»sHT> ih.ii ni.\Kiifi<-v. Iniri|tui. thai 
liaHtt-H .\oii lo ihc- last fadr out, and yrl 
t<inii-<l>. hllarloii<> <oiii<.dy,,^ 

l-al>l<-N t ' Marry I aii|2d<>n'ln a ll'tec rTi-i 
(•inii-dy«-'l-i<l<llf«i(ic'kk " 

James A. Lowell, Bookseller 

Keep a Record of your College Days 

5-year Diaries 
with or without keys 

Beautiful Color Prints 
for your room 35c. ea. 

To Get the Best, Buy 


and SILK 

Bloomers— Step-ins —Vests 



G. Edward Fisher 

Amherst Shoe Repairing Co. 

At the Service of those who appreciate 
Better Shoe Repairing 


Largest assortment of Fountain Fens ^fiiirnunie engraved f)n 
pen, no extra charge. 


Newsdealer and S ali(»iier 


V ny Steel Sharpened- Skates. Knives 

<t lanlis and other 


l> ante and other Phonoftraph Records 

I ifciric Baterles, l.ampi and 

> liishlifthts 



One Acre Gift Shoppe 

(A few steps ah<>ve Ihe Apiary) 

Edna II. Dirby Florence C. Hays 

Telephones: 155-J 155-W' 

The Best in Druft Store Merchandlne 
The Best in Drug Store Servic* 

92i» li t&^caUL Star9 


No. 1 Main St., Amherst, Maas 

Our Laundry Kirit ClaM 

Our TmWcy GuaraatMrf 


Opposite Post Office 




.Shoe Kepulrini! Department. 

JOHN KO'iDS .sik)j: .store 










Clarke School Hoopsters 

Trounce Freshmen 

Yearlinfts Rally In l/asl Minutes 
But r«M» late r«»r Win 

i'l.i\iiiK lluir M((>inl unun- of I In- >• a 
MHi, tin- fnsliiiu II win- l.a<lly IioiiikkI l>y 
tin- Ciarki- Sdmol liw in ll»- < •ilniorc 
(iymiiasiiim ii> Noiiliainiiliiii last Saliir 

(lay iiiKi"- '"'"■ ^i■>""■ '''•»"•■'' ^^'''' '•'■'' 
adioii and ivt ii at llir Irtninninn tlir 
lioini- Ham n1i(>\v.(I its MiiKrior al)ilily 
in i>assiiin. (liil.l>liiiR and sliootinn and 
the won- inoiintrd to a total of H» to 
i«forf MinkMiin ol llif ytarlinus sank a 
l(.nK sliiit Ironi tli<- icnitr (onil for the 
first froslt baskfl. Uii^ shot toaxrd two 
more luK)iKis from tlif frrslinuii wliili- 
the opiHHunts soand to a moic ot 'Si 
wluif ll>e toiinl rtiiiaimd ai lli«- < nd of 
half tiiiK-, ( larkc '_»:'., I rosli tl. 

In till- siroiid jwriod tlic as|Mil ol tin- 
contfst iTinain««l al.oiit I lie saiiu- with 
tin- Koiind llilltrs inoiiiiliiiK on <l"'" 
already .l.xaK-d si on- an. I tin- fio>li 
quinltt drojipiiiK o<«asional riiiK<rs Kt 
lH)lsttr a l.rl)lf lonnl. Ii was .hiring- tlif 
final piriod. lli< toinili M"''il»i. 'l>i't »l>i- 
fri-sliiiian li\< iallu<l, v.<>\ tluir hnalli 
and mciiimI Io taki- a luw Ua-e on lifr, 
for it was in tliis inrir..! thai tluy rolled 
in II points to luinv; till- rmaUoiint to 1<. 
Tin snnini.iry: 

,,,111 <.l I < hiiiaiA. I his |)l.>y deals with 
the (haracler ol on. M. Jfuirdain, a 
lioiMueoi- of means, whose aiiil.ition is to 
< liinl. into so< iety aii.l marry hi-- .laiiv-hler, 
; l.n.ile, into the nohility. I.oiiard W . 
Morrison *2<.t has Uen eh(.sen to lake the 
part of Monsieur Jourdain, while Miss 

I ailh I- I'a.kanl "'J'.) will take the |)art 
of I. Ill iile, his daughter. 

111.- .(.niplete list of ( haiaders follows: 

Mnu-i.u. |......l..i.. W. M.-nisoirJ'.) 

M.,1..MM. .I.mnh.n. Ivvelyn M. . 

|,,„n.-,,^;l...r Kaill. K. I'a. kat.l M 

Doiiiii'ii.-. ;. iiiaiiliion"'*" 

MarKaiit 1'. Donovan ..11 I'auli.w A. S,.i.-wak iU 

CU-onle. lover of Uu .U- «.'-"«.• K. Maekuninu- M 
Dorantf. a nol.lonian _ ., 

(■„vi.n.-.val.l..fl>.ra..l.- John L. W -Joy •> 

|M.ilo^.l.l.vr....l..r . ..Stephen L.I liUn.llon.U 

lldinund I.. Frost. John K. ( .iienard, 
Marnarit K. K<M-rlH'r, (itrtrii<le K. Pierre, 

l.oiiis I'yen^'". '<»'''i •'•• ^"*'. ''*'"' '^• 
Smith, John Sonus, and KoUrl I.. 


llarolil Kose "U 

Al.xan.Ur I). Wlinht iil 

MaiiriiL- Suher ':«) 

l,,c>iiai<l HartU-lt Jr. "M 

Kall.h K. I'ierce Jr. "U 

<,i-oiU.' K. Nott "" 

( hatl.-^W Uart -".l 

Cliirki' .Sihool 

Ii 1-. I*. 
Alhalii. II ■' '• "• ►^■"»- ''' 

F«-«Uy, It S I 17 

Bow.r. c "I " <■' 

Jolie. II. «» 

llu>-kin-, il> " 


Ii I 1' 

1 .1 J 

Ni.h.ils. II. " '» '» 

Davi-. . ■-' I ■' 

1 1 l.oikwoo.I. if '-i 1 •'' 

I I U '-i 1 •'' 

Totals Ifi :* :»-'> ToiaU V :i 1( 

Rrl.ree Day. Time four ."^ iiiinuK- MHii'l"" ■ 
Sot. at half tin..- « !aik.' ■-*:'.. Kro^li <i. 

French Classes 

To Give Play 

Miisii 'reaehiT 
Daniinu T.-ailnr 
1-i'iK ln« Ma-^l.i 
Mastei Tailor 
.\|>l>n'nlin- Tailoi 
First l,a< <iiny 
Sci 1)11.1 l.a. .iin\ 

Miilli iT.irki.h IliKh l'ii<"'t) „ 

llai nO. N.l-onJr tl 

^"'^"''' Uar.lyl. VVal.l,:r.«;«l 

lliirv M llank> Jt.:tl 

I'i.ilil' N <.allatiliei :tl 

St.iMi- M. IWl.l.nMl 

Nathan D.t.ifn. ■:il 

William K. Bo'worll. Jr. "■'>\ 

Allo-.l A. Brown :il 

Ri.liar.l A. Fra^.r "M 

U..1..II II. l^jru-y ';'.l 

J,,hii F. «Jninn ''^s 

luiwiii F. M.>r>'« -'^ 

DonC Tilfany ^Kl 

lliiwar.l riiomas ^•^^ 

ii.a<> * oll.-H'i.n'' 

TherostmninKHf th.- play is in ehaine 
of Mvrlle A. Denny 'oO aii-l ihe |>ro|«r- 
lies are in eharv^f of Iram is M. nines •:51. 

The Spanish pla> . '•/.aruneta" ha-> heen 
Hiven up Leeanse of the l.i>Kth «'f time 
re.|iiin.ltol.i<.dii<.'l < lioiirn'oi- < """'■ 


111,, following freshiiM 1. an in the 

iht\ i>l.f^ 

\hi-i. i.iii:* 

'2<> Harold Jensen has recently 'j^in 
promoted to the factory administration 
force of the I'roctor and (ianiMe Soap Co , 
Ivorydale, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

ex-'2G KonaUl A. Jack is teac liin^ and 
c<)a< hinK in the South Deerheld l\'\g\\ 

C. M. Cowdy '22 and \\ . .Marshman 
'2;}, are runninn a fruit farm in Westford, 
Mass. in the summer lime, l^ac h winter 
they no to Cuba, where C.owdy is working 
for the Trinidail Sugar Co. of rrini«lad, 


•24 (.eor^e I'.mery is travelling with 
Walter Main's Circus in the (a|)acity of 
a clown. 

'2t) ICdward J. Rowan has a [xisition 
as a landscaiR- gardener in Newark, N. J. 

e,\'24 Richard C.ifford is working on 
a poultry farm in S(.uth West port, .Mass. 

'27 Richard Foley is working on llie 
Stannox Farms in Sherliorne, Mass. 

ix-'2K Rolwrt C.olledge has a iM»sition 
with the IJ. S. Bureau of FIntomology. 

'22 F. K. HooiKT is with the liiireau 

of Agricultural Fcononiics in New York 


'2() (.eorge Kelso is working as a 
vegetable gardener in Waban, Mass. 

Irving C. Root, M.l..\. H>1«. has 
opened an ollu e in Washington, I). C., 
for the practice of landscape architecture. 
W. ChanilR-rlain Frost '24. is exercising 
his skill as a lan(lsca|>e architect with the 
Kaiisiis FLvergieeii Nurseries with head- 
(|uarters in ToiK-ka and branches in 
scNt-ral other large western cities. 

.\. M. Woodman, FC, is carrying on 
his work in lan(lsca|K> architecture with 
headciuarters at '>HH Santa Clara Avenue, 
lierkeley, California. 

'20 Chester .Vthiir Tike is serving as 
a representative from Springfield to the 
C.eneral Court of Mass;ii husetis. He is 
also a siilesman of fruit and produce for 
Henry J. I'erkins Co.. Si)ringtield, Mass. 
'2.i Philip C.old, now studying at 
Teachers ColUgt, Columbia Cniversity, 
ex|K-cts to gain his ^\..\. degree by 
June, l'.»2S. 

•21 t.ordon K. lUml has succeeded 
Kenneth Messenger w'lS as visitor and 
agent, (hililren's .\i<l .\ssotiati..n, Hoslon, 

'•).') C.eorge .\. Hillings is (xcupied as 
agricultural economist for the C. S. 
Tariff C.)iiiniission, Washington, D. C 

'P.") I lenry \\ . Lewis. wIk) is UMated in 
( olunibia. South .\merica, recently spent 
a few dav> in W.i-hinvilon. 1 >. < . 

'I'.t Chester i). Sievms is agricuilur, 
statistician in the r.S.l)..\., IJoston, .\la- 
'2") (.ilbert J. llaeussler is employe, 
by the Bureau of l%iitoiiu)logy, l'.S.I)..\ 
M<K)restown, N. J. On Oct. 12. 1927, li, 
was married to Miss Paulyne Ii. Kobins<jr, 
t)f Springfield, Mass. 

'O'.l I., (i. Willis is soil chemist at tli 
State College, Raleigh, N. C. and w.i 
awarded an M.S. degree June, 1U27. 11 
has expressed his intention to return i.. 
Aggie soon to re<«Mve his B.S. diploin i 
which is U'ing held for security for hill- 
he paid somi- hfteeii years ago. 

'24 Kenneth W. Sims is now Ik i I 
dairyman for .\. C Wadley, who ^ 
operating Windnure Farms at New 
market, N. J. 

'2.! (iardner II. Brewer is plant mana- 
ger for the Home Dairy, Talo Alto, Calif. 
'24 Flit her I.. Hayden is employed .i- 
assistant farm foreman of the Massacliu- 
setts State Farm. 

'14 Joseph Major is s;ilesman-engin. . r 
for the James Mfg. Co., Flmira, N. V. 
'14 S. B. 1 reeborn has In-come asso. 
ate professor of ICntcuuologv in the \']u\. 
of California, Davis, Calil. 

'(IH Harold .Mlev has registered tur 
special work in iioultry with the Wim : 
StlKHil this year. 

'27 "Tommy" Kane li.i.l to have Ins 
eft arm ainpulaleti below the elbow i- 
a result of a fall which ln' suffered wli:. 
en.;.iU''d in priiiiiny, w.trk in We^ilielil. 

'Lc Btmrfteols (Jeiitilhumme" to Ih' 
Presented Next M»>nth 

On. of MolieM 
"l.e B.iiirv^eoi- < II nlilh.niiiiu 

Honors (.roui)S lor the urm endii.K Dec. 
17, l'.»2S: t.n.up H H.". to '.Hi IrankT. 
Dmiglass, Fniorv B. Ha.iing-. t..riru.le 

...11 known plays, jl.. 1-. ( lair, .Ml. n S. ^);-<' J'" -"' 
B.nianiin Wilbur; « .roup III .S(l to S.. been 

..|e.,..l an.1 cast bs 1' Wy'Deimoi.r t! i Wah. r T. Bonnev. Sally ^^-f'^'''^^^ 

The College Candy Kitchen 

A fiiu' place to i>.. and take your friends fur 


Ice Cream. Milk Shakes. Fresh Fruits. Refreshments and S.ida.. 
Salted Nuts. Fafte & Shaw. I'ark & I ilford, Boxes Ready 

to be Mailed. 


Do not Forget that Special SCNDAV NK.IIT DINNtR 


the place for the college man^^ 


Sporting and Athletic Goods 



The Mutual Plumbing & Heating Co. 


They say P-A- 

is the worlds largest 


I DON'T doubt it, nor do I wonder why. Just 
open a tidy red tin and get that full fragrance 
of Nature's noblest gift to pipe-smokers. Then 
tuck a load in the business-end of your old 

Now you've got it — ^that taste — that Lcad- 
me-to-it, Gee-how -I-like-it taste! Cool as a 
condition. Sweet as making it up. Mellow 
and satisfying. Try this mild, long-burning 
tobacco, Fellows. I know you'll like it. 


— the national joy smoke! 

You can pay more 
but you can't get 
more in satisfaction. 

© 1928, R. J. Reynold* Tobacco 
Compaay, Winston-Salcm, N. C. 

gl|g iMa0aai:l|UBflta fflnll^gtan 



Number 15 

Musical Clubs Complete 
Successful Three Days' Trip 

Clubs Take Longest Trip in Several Years. I'rojiram Popular 
at Maynard, llyannis and Concord 

On the iinrui.i! lour of tlu' ia>i«iri part 

t ihe state, tin- Ma>sathusttts Auriiiil- 

iiral Colie^if Mu>ual ("lulis pn-Mritcd a 

\ari»il proj-rain al Mayiiartl. IKanni-., 

11(1 Conrorci (in riuiisday, 1 ii(ia\, ami 

^.lUiiday iiighi-. ropt iti\i'l\ , of tin- pa^t 

wK'k. 1 lie tri|) \^a^ a foni|)lftf sii(if» 

mil it was I lu- loiintst lo he lakin li\ the 

( lul)^ lor s«'\tTal years, altlioujili l\\<» 

\tars ai{o the ofKaniz^ition^ pla\eil on 

-i}(iessi\e niv;ht> in lldldcn. Stow, and 


Maynard serM-d as the first li<»-,i to tin 
( Inhs in the series of eomerts for the 
week, the projirani Ix-inK ^i\en in the 
.iiiditDriuni tonnected with the new junior 
,iiid senior hi^h s< h«»<)l huil<liii)i ^roup 
whit h the town has rerentK ere( ted. Mr. 
1 lonalil Lent "Jl was in a iarne ineasuie 
res|K>nsil>le for the ap|)earance ol the 
Musical (lul)^ here and had sexcral 
aliiinni wurkin^ with him. An audience 
whieh filled the hall pro\ej| \er\ appre- 
(i.itive. and the concert was well recei\ed. 
Dancing after the coniert held interest 
lor nian\ while the nieinhers of the (dee 
( luh had a rhance to enjoy themselves. 
Ihe nun wt-re entertained in private 
liomts and the Cluhs Ufi Maxiiard for 
llxannis. Kri<la\ morning. 

.\t ll\anni> the concert was given at 
till Ididioiir Tin. Iter to a capacity 
1 inwd. The Wide Awake (lul). a women's 

■ lul) in ll\anni> sponsore<l tlu' enter- 
lainment while .Mrs. William I'. Siizan, 
lormerly Hena < •. Krhanl '\'.). was the 

■ liief instigator of the appearance of the 
< iuljs and at te<| as h<jstes> tf) a large 

'i gree for the whoel group during their 

-1.1% (in the Cape. Following the pro- 

.i.irii al ilic thr.iicr. the mk nihers (»f the 

^Continued on I'aite i; 

rnYsics CLUB holds meetinc; 

John .\. Kiiuliall ''JS s|)oke (jii ' The 
I >i termination of the < Con 
slant" at a meeting of the Physio ( lul> 
la~t \\t(lnes«ia> evining. .A round-tahle 
<ii-( iission followed the well planned out- 
line of the subject which was given sik h 
I great impetus hy Sir Isaat .\ewlon. 
K'Ireshimnt- (oncluded the program of 
1 1"- night. 

rrofe>>or .\lderman will jin sent some 
i"pic relating to physic^ at the next 
naeting of the organization. whi(h will 
U held on February fifteenth. 

Eminent Spaniard 
To Speak Here 

I'rofessor Francisco Pinol to Talk on 
Spanish Political Questions 

All iin-in.d opjiortunity to Ixar an 
■ 'hority on S|)aiii<h |)oliti(,il (pic^ijon-. 
l'r<.!(>sor Franci-io I'inol. will he afforded 
'i' -iudent>r.f M..\.('. through the effort - 
"I I'rof. Delinont T. I>unhar. f*rofes>or 
''i' "1. who comes through his friendship 
I'T Professor Dunbar, will sfx-ak in 
\--' nihly, Febrtiary 2{», on some subject 
"t v' iieral interest to be announced later. 
In the evening he will give an unusual 

' in ."^tockbridge Hall, designed in 
i"i iorthose who .ire students of Spanish 
'""I in part for the layman. The first 

"I lii^ Icclun will be entirely in 

-li. on t hi vita! Kuropean (piestioii. 

■I iiiidtr thi' Dir(( K.rate". Thi- p.irt 


will i 

)(■ (■~i)i'( i.ii 

I III- the 
h »Uld(iri- lit tlli- (oll(-c ;i. well 

'Iv'-f from .Ml lloKoke and Smith 

The second part of his ledurc 

in Fnglish. in wlii(h he will L;i\( 

rir-uine of the Muni((,m -.itu.iiion 

'lation to Spain. 


Several Scholarships and Loan.s Open 
to Worthy Students 

l'resid( lit Komoc \\ . 'I hat( her, in a 
short talk in tlu Nbmday morning ( hapel. 
made iiuiition of t lie fad that he had 
rei(.i\c(l ^e\(■lal letters asking about ures ol the ion lA the 
(dllege. He said that all su(h impiirio 
were alwa\s wchome and among the 
(piestions which he has recently reicived 
there have Ihcii sexcral desiring to know 
more about the po.ssibilities for loans and 
s( holarships. It is the pur|H>se of this 
article to outline some of the (onditions 
under which scholarshii)s are granted .iiid 
to gi\c a list ol the s( liolarshii)s whii h .uc 

before a student may be granted a 
X hol.irship it is necessars' that he 
maintained an average of over 7l»' 
during the pre(»(ling year, that his 
ch.iracter is good and that he is realK 
in neid, and that he should submit 
comple'.e info'^ination regarding his fi- 
ll. iiuial position. Scholarships m.iy ,dso 
(Continued on Fa|t« 4) 


Mr. .\nderson Discusses Inhuence uf 
Medieval Literature 

During the most recent hour 
of the Division of llumanitie>, that of 
IucmLin evening, J.iniiary li4, .Mr. Paul 
H Anderson discussed medieval \^rilmg^ 
in reference to their effect and relative 
imiK)rtance in the field of literature. The 
-iibjeit is of (>(■( uliar int( rest since 
knowledge of period, the .Middle 
.\g«s, i> gradually im rcasing due to 
lalM)rs of schol.irs ol vcrv recent times. 
With (jur fuller knowledge has (ome a 
new attitude towards the Middle .Ages. 
We do not ideali/.e them or e.\pe( t v ision> 
of I'topia, but expect to learn from them 
in the siime way that we learn from the 
hi'^tory of any |K'riod. 

The sp.eaker (lointed out lliii during 
the Neo-classic .\ge, the term "mediev.d" 
was synonymous in all parts of c iiltur(<l 
ICurope with obs(uritv, tcdiotisiio-, .itid 
barbarity. With the triuiii|)li of rom.mii- 
iiy^tu, regarfled by Heine as a return to 
the lit (rat lire of the .Middle .Xges, it seems 
that interest in that jm riod is bound to 
increase. .Medieval literature has won 
for itself a permanent pla(e l»eside other 
liter, iiiire. < romanticism h.i> li(( ri 
(Continued on I'uite .t; 


Chorus and Feature .\cts 
Well Received 

.\i .North .Xiiihur-t, l.iM Irid.iv niglii, 
the (lirl's tilee ( liib put oil their s(coiid 
> .iiicerl ol the season under the .iiispices 
ol the WiHiienV (inle, wlii(h vs. is pel 
luip^ most iiotiwortliv lor the chorus 
w.iik (il tile (lull .ind several of the 
h.iiuic .i(t>. The songs by the whole 
t lull showed ( (insider. ible work and were 
well done. .\ fairly l.irge .iiididice ap- 
pl.iuded the readings of lileanor Caldwell 
■J'.t; a pi. mo solo by l.ora M. li.iti Ik lih r 
'JS and a pi. mo duet by Miss M.iti luldi i 
and Ksther J. Perkins L".*; .i (dlorfiil 
Spanish d.iiu e by Josephine Pan/ica ''JS 
.iiid lloreiue D. Williams 'I'S; and a 
dignified Miiiiid bv F.dith I.. I^ 
■J'.t and llstlier J. Perkins 'L",l. l-ollowing 
the iDiuert there (kiiicing. Ihe next 
(oiKcrt will be giv( ii .it I.everett, I'eb. .'{. 


()r(tani7.atiun ilased f>n League of 
Nations, Meetti April 7 

Two-Year Hockey Team 

Loses to Greenfield 

Home Team's Defence Too .Strong 
for Opponents 

On Saturday, January If, three mem 
bers from eat h of five ((illeges, nut at 
Amherst to draw pi, ins for ,i model l.cagiK 
of .Nations. This reproduction is to Ix 
h.indled by the ( liibs ol 
.\mlursi. Smith, Moimi Jlojyoke, Spring 
field, and M..'\.( . Ilu three representa 
tivcs from M.A.C. were Professor I r.iiik 
I'lemid- K.ind, Coiistantine, .md 
Ihiiiv W. Jensen. The council has set 
th( dale Utr this gathering on .April 7, 
I'.»_'H. and it will be Ih Id in Jolm^.n 
Chapel at .Amherst ( olh gc. 

I his is to be a rather iinii|iie ( \p< i i 
iiient, for the separate clubs will lepn sent 
as niynv' <i)un'r;es is |>o,ssible and ilir 
•1(X)r of the «ha|M"l will be laid out in .i 
manner similar to that of the I.eagiii .it 
( leneva. Theie is lo Ik- .i .ind a 
secretariat v\hich will serve to k( cp onU-r 
and !(■( ord the pro( eediiigs. Jh, reason 
lor this hiring is not to de( iile any 
definite issue, but to |K>rtray the rpies- 
tions anci ii,itional leelings that .ire so 
prevalent in the League tod.iy The 
search for a higher form of iin(hTsl.inding 
(Continued on I'aHe .<> 


Ml. Weslerveli, a former I cderal 
Idlest Uanger, and at present a ke 
search Forester at the Northeastern 
Fx|H'riment Station gave a steoropti( .in 
led lire on "Forest Ringers" .it the M..\.( . 
Outing (III!) meeting held in liemh II. ill 
Thursday, J.inuary 2(1. The large aiidii ii< e 
n(»t only enjoyed the slides, but beiame 
f.imiliar with the various aspeds of forest 
r.ingini; in the informal dis( ussion wliiili 
followed the; lecture. 

Springfield's Great Team 
Takes Measure of Aggie Five 

Only Team to Defeat M.A.C. in DriH Mall in 
Repeats VUii I .Score i.S 10 

I M»iir \ ears 


New Hampshire and liates Win hy 
Narrow Margins 

On I'rid.iv .iiid S.itiird.iv, J.inii.iiv L'7 
.111(1 lis, the M..\.C. ho( kcv le.iiii pl.ivcd 
i;. lilies ag.iiiist the I niveisiiv of New Dmli.iiii, N. Il.,,iiid b.iies 
( ollcge ,it l.(vvistoii, Maine, losing both 
(ontesis bv veiv (lose scores — J to I ,iiid 
I to L'. .At the team ihe 
ple.isuie of meeting President Fdw.ird 
M. lew is ol New Hampshire, loriiieilv 
President of M..\.( ., and of Uing his 
guests al lunch in the gue-sis' special 
dining hmmii of the rniversiiy Coiimnnis. 
The game (ailed .il three o'l loi k 
and proved to be .1 verv nnigli (oiilest. 
Ihe New llimpshire sextet oiilwcighed 
the Aggie team bv thirty |Kiiinds (mi 
man. This h.indii .ip. together with tin 
1. 1(1 the iie verv rough, m.ide 
the g.ime .1 i rude one, but none (he less 
lively and excil iiig. Al t he o|M'iiiiig of t Ik 
game the op|ioiieiils i.iljiid oiu ( , .ind b> 
ihe o|M-ning of the iliiid |M-riod had a 
generous 011 the .Xu.ilc sextet. I Ik 
(Continued on I'ufte .\) 



i ^ i< i'.ui II \\ ,!- t 111 ( .lit -I ,ii;i| 

; in till- \ .1: -i' • ! ,1 -!,, t - 

piayed last .Saturdav ,it.;.ii!i-! 

-i" '»\ College, sinking three he.iu- 

dlots JH'-ide pla; iiig a de- 

( oach ''Larry" Briggs' luoNiu 
h(M key sextet took ,1 2 lo 1 d( feat in its 
first game of the season with (.reenfield 
High Sh(K)l last Saturday. The (onicst 
wa^ r.ilhcr --low wish litilr |i,is>ing or 
aggression showeil l>y eillicr wini. 
Plersii k scoreil in the tirsi .md l.i-t i 
|>< rind- on nlioiiii'l-. HoM i outit( d lor 
the visitors in the second --o-ion. ( ,n 1 n | 
fi< Id had a good defence whii h k( pi down I 
ih' attempts of Captain M,iddo( ks and 
llovl lo one tallv. Tlic y.iihi- 
the 'I wo-\'e.irs lor ih" (oiin-i^ wiiji 
llol.okc and W'illi-ton tlii- week. 1 

<;\MI't .S CAi.fcM>.\K 


I'lcr-ick. {.(xiiicN, 



,1. ru 

Mii\ !,iti, ( 

M'i\ 1,111. 'Ircl.!, lu 

( hickev, ru 

( ietkowski. I nla. Id 

Kyber-i M., 

'.-.,,1- i"lcr~irk _'. 

i<i'^( r-. I ill;( t !iH < 

Two- ^ ear 

k-. I-IHMKV 
1 , I lou 

rw . ( .r.ilf 

Id, Kimball 

rd, (,iilis 

1; III hildir 


I!. At. 


|M ri 

lii'hatior Ii a mirror, in -uhiih rvrrynin 
• ■:< ^ Af- imn.'r." (Irtfihr 


\;ir-ity lioi k.\ : .\iiili<r-l ;il M .\ ( . 
liil'-rfrjtteiiely tKi>kctl>;ill: 
.\lr»h;i (juniina Koo v*. K.K. 
K:iM>,i Si;;tii:i \, -. I)ill,i I'lii 

>> i<. m. Intcrfratcrnily ( onfcrem c .Moiiiu' 
Itit<Tfrat«Tnity Ija-ikKb.ill: 

\l[ili.i SJKina I'lii V-. I%|isil<,n 
I'lii Siuniii K tiiii;i v-. .V.T.'i. 

Ill-i'.'Tll.l ( ii.l],il 

• '"' ■-•ll lal I'lijoii. I'l.iiik '-III. 'ii' 

!' ■ 111 l>i. kill- 

' . I . . .• ( Ilil, ( I,,,. . M .,1 1,1 Mli't 


\ .ii-il> l<. !.i:. : I', A. \. \I.ii ill l4.,-tf,n 
- I' "1 \ itMty iKckctliall: M .\ < 

l,i::\ lutii-' N'liti<-iK. 
s ;. in. Mii> 

Ill'iMl.ll Mil' ■"■' 

I in -I I 1,1 

I) ■ ;■ . 1 .1, 


' ;i<'l, I'riii' 

i \' Hfli-ITI'-. 

.;-;'i j.. .,,. |j;i,;.- ii - ■ , 



I (ir-i-il ,. 

I- r ■ . i , 

■ . IIm:,.,.:;; - 

\arsity Meets All-Star .\ggregaH»»n 
From Harvard .Saturday 

"l.arrv" Joiie-' nun p.ireib" will Im 
nisli the o:iiv opposition lor the b.isket* 
ball te.i in this vv<<k wIk 11 1 Ik v meet the 
vaisiiv S.MUid.iv .ilKriiooii on the Diiii 
II. ill ll(Hir. The visitors .ire ;ill sliidi'Mls 

in (lie il.iiv.ird ( iraduate S liool ol 
business .Xdiiiiiiistralion and h;ive a of forniir (dllege st.irs who .ik 
plaving intramural basketball with 1 li< 
othir divisions of th« Graduate Sdiool. 

Hcsifles "l.;irry" Jones, who ,1 
member ol the (lass ol I'.iLTi and .1 three- 
letter 111. Ill while in college, the "non- 
pareils" bo,ist ot an impressive rosier, 
kllflls Hedges plavs lelt gii.ird. Ildlges 
\\.is formerlv at Koi licsler ( ollege and 
wliili there partiiipated in footb.ill. 
basketball, and tr.ii k. .As (apt.iiii ol his 
team during his senior vear, he a( hieve-d 
the (list im lion of holding "\ ii " Hanson 

scotelcsH ill ;i Sv r.K Use Km liester g.lllie 
(amiinued on Pai^e 4i 

Frosh Sextet Whips 

Deerfield Academy 2- 1 

^'earlin(is .Show Power in First 
ii'ame of .Season 

Soring two ge)als in the first |Mriod, 
the freshm.'in Ikx kev iciin won their first 
g.lllie of the Mason ag.iiiist Deerlield 
.Xiadcmv here, on Tiicsdav, Jami.iry lib 
With the session Imll over, (ox i)assed 
to ln)st, vvhocage(| the jilK k. .\b<ill! two 
minutes lalei, D.ivis passed t<» .Maiitv, 
who shot. Haskell pushed the- puck out 
III li'iiii III ilic ml liiit D.ivis I, line in 
l.i-i lo s( ore. 

Ihe visitors pl.ived .1 -iroiig offensive 
'..'.line III tile -ei Olid .Old tliird peijirU, liilt 
.1 -iligle talk hy .Mm1( Toiiibie. im.issisteil, 
\\.i- the onK n-sllll. due to the (lefeiisive 
\\ork ot ( o,i( ll |{, ill's se\lel .iirl 1 hi- jni- 
possiliiliiy ot |Ms-ing on the- snow - 
(OVend ill Ilic whole \e.irlini; icmi 
|)io\ I i| ll -lit Miiii^ il! I hi v,.i nil- 

I he siiiiiin.ii \ ; 

Freshmen Oeerfield 

Frost, K\ lv\, 11,1'ldoik, Swain 

I ),1\ i-. I lull -. I '1 'nil.. Ill \ 

.\biiii \ , ' .lien ml 1 w 

I \\ , Alii il inllllile, |,|-|e 

' .1 .. Kolon. I. Id Id, ( 

I i'l'ii'lii I V I d rd, juliii -on. b<-v s 

\1' Ml I.. .■ ;., Il.,-k('!l 

Si mm I !i -111,,, ii J I »i I i hi 'll \i nil iii\ 

1 ( 1 lie- . I I ■ i- \!,i :. ;.i!:ili-. 

Kill ne I Mti -I , I ii.ii : 1,1 1 I ! 1 iiiiii. 
\ > I i'l'l-. 

Seldom Ihe Dull II. ill iHei, | he 
-< I III 111 .1 iiloie lively tontesl in one 
llHcd with h.irdel .md IIIoK ililellij;( iit 

pl.iying -i.i^ed ihiie l.isi 
S.itiii(|,iy night when the Spiingluld 
College live outpl.ived t Ik lioiiie te.iiii 
111 .III intensely eviling g.iiiic, bv .1 
Kiiinl ol J,', to III. I.iht pi. IV .md Imioiis 
light iiig were to lie loinid bv both ti.iiiis 
lull the Spiiui^lieM (lull evhiliitdl more 
(dint skill th.m I he home le.iiii .md their 
(lever (dinbin.ition pl.iys, espei i.illv when the b.iskets, hi l|N'd them iii.itei i.illy 
to s(die points which siemed .ilmost 
impossible. The trio which the opixtsing 
te.iin in J.inies, W'.igner and Diiikmii 
W.IS ,1 h.ird one to bre.ik up .md t he 
lightning like p.iss4-s they exhibited were 
not only s|H>ctacular hut elTedive. M( - 
Fwen and Murdoiigh pl.iyed rem.irk.ible 
b.ill lor the .Ag.ites in the dehnsive .ind 
the lirst two baskets lor the home te.ini 
were netted by .M( l.weii both of them 
b( ing long shots lidiii .iboiit the (enter of 
I he (dill I . 

.\l the outset of the peiiod the 
linious lighting which Listed throughout 
the g.nne begun, both dubs trying 
des|)er.itely to bre.ik ihidiigh thiir op|H(- 
nent'.s dehnse. .Springlu Id the first 
lo siKceed .ind il was only .1 short lime 
.liter the o|Miiing wliislh tli.ii W.i^jner 
slink .1 li(.iulifiil b,isk( 1 into the 
nd. J. lines lollowed this o|M'iiiiig with 
two tree liies and Wagner ag.iiii t,illied, 
(Continued on I'uite 4i 


Flusi r,\<:e of SFA.SON 

\i till Knights of Columbus meet in 
boston, si.iged list Sitiirday, ihe .M.A'". 
lel.iv le.iiii stillereil i|e|e;il it the h.inds 
ol the Moston University (|uartet. The 
I niversity runners piled up .in early had 
■ind Ik Id it to the end of the r.ure. Kay, 
a member of 1. 1st vear's combination, was 
hot hired with ,1 stiff inus( le in his leg 
.Mill v\.is not .diowed lo run. The order 
III those idm|M'liiig in the rela>' eveiil 
\.iii il.ill, D.ivis, ( ,ipt. Sehap|Nlli , .md 
II, ill. 

This (liming Satiird.iv tin |{..\..\. meet 
t.ikes pi. lie. It isexjieited K.iv will 
r< Slime his pl.u e on ihe te.nii wliili either 
D.ivis or \an H.ill will idinplete the lour 
nil II lU'iessitry. With three ex|»«rieiii id 
men in the ipi.irtd .1 giMid showing ni.ty 
be liHiked lor. 

Complete Plans 
For Military Ball 

1 ickets Sell Fast. Kxpet I l.Srt 
Couples to Attend 

I'inal arrangemenis .ire eiiig 111. id'' lor 
the .Military Kill vvhii h is to Ix held in 
till Drill Hall on S.itind.iv I ibrii.iry I 
Iroiii iS to lli. .\heady over one hiimlred 
(oiiple^ li.ive JKiiight tiikels, and it is 
hoped within the lew remaining d.ivs 
th.ii this niimlM-r may re-ach l.'dl idiiples. 
liikets are U-ing sold by memlH-rs of 
the executive (dinmitlee, which i-< he.ide(| 
by Cade-t (apt. Dana Kidder. In .iddi- 
lioii to the meinlurs and officers of the 
(ollege l<.( ).!.(". J nit Ining present .It 
the b.ill with their guests, visitors will 
.ilso 111 present Iroiii the milit.irv unit .it 
M.I 1 V. ho ((insider this dame a novel 
iill.iii iiid wi-li to note h<»w it is run 
wiili till iniiiiiion ol holding .i 
fuiKtion al Mil -o!iiitiiiie m 1 1|. 
-pririv; t( rin. 

\ liii- will ill run from Soiiili llad'ev 

.ill'l HlilMi Oil ilil Hi..;llt ol the It, ill |ii|i 
III I 111 .di-iii 1 1,1 the ii.imcs of all those 
who I III lo 'nil I ii-i- of this Ir.insfjort.i- 
I ion i^ 111 III I •! ini|io--ilile lor 1 he It ill 
' oiiiiiiiiiei to di 1 idi on the ■^l/.f ol biis 
to line .iiid the lime it is to le;ive Siiith 
I l.i'ili ■ |i 1 |i i|iii -Ilil, ! herelore, I 

• ill I host u ho mtetid to m.ike use of this 
me, 111- of traii-|K»rtaiion [ile.ise h.ind their 
ii.iiiii - to Dana Kidder at II South Coneg(r 
111 ' "!' I liiirsday niMin. .Arr.ingements 
.III .i!-o Im ing com 1 1 I'll d f'n tr,iiis[>.irt.ii ion 
iioni \<;rlhampiiiii 



L- ==^ 1 ^ ' I 


Official ncwspa|>er of the Massachusetts 
ARricultural College. Published every 
Wednesday by the students. 

,,,l .)! ilie. veninu. 'I u lui , thi> fait was 
I lie Itaiuie of the l)r()Kram, but to the 
(lull, it iiuani the rarryinu out of a 
.l.iply inlremh..! -piril of (..-(>iK-rati<m. 
\V»- nmy liken llu- (.Ue ( iul) to an 
ailileiir team of any kind. There is a 
.letuiite schedule of eomeits vvilh ret;ular 
piadiee si-ssions to prepare for tlies*- 
appearances. With the aid of a .oach. 
son^s are learned and iH-rfeeled. Kvery 
.Kii.ber of the ( lub has to do his U-st 
DFPARTMENT KDITORS |l.. n.ake the sinKinji successful. A care- 

,.H-. ri«l E-N"" L. SHENCKR "28 f„„, l.alaM. ..l club feels keenly the effects 

""°'"' -- '— "'^ „f half-hearted atten.pts on the part of 

tven one nienilK-r. let alone two or 


ERNEST L. SPHNCER '28 lulitor-in-t ..Uf 

Ellsworth B.vrnaru "JH 


I 4LI/MM miE^ 1 1 coummckim 


•2.') Charles F. Oliver, 

• il The toLLKGiAN isat all timi-s to publUli 
Jr. married communications which may be «;i.t to it. but 


1^ «»»•-*. /^ 


I h;irli-s r. »*nMi. j'- ■■■"■• any cummunicanuus ».»•..•. ..—j "-^ ■,"i-. t.' .r 

V naru» i , ,, ■ . i.,,. fhe Kditors will assume no resiKinsibility for the 

,ss Marion F. Shaw of Hrinkton, late | t^he^bduor^,^«j^i ^^^ ^^^ _^^^ „ece.^rily endorse 

Harold E. Clakk "28 
Sni 8. H...,t C„ JosRPHi.R Pan^.- •28 

A.^l-.i,- SHKWEY CLEAVES 29 

A^'''«''' CARL A. Bek.;an 29 

Frank T. Doku.ass "U 

Edward H.Nichols -29 

C»'"*'"* Eric Singleton 30 


Flluiemy calls for the lo-operation of 
every singer during every minute that the 
,.,, soll^;s are bein« sun« <.r distussed, just as 
« s 1.011.K JK U success fnllowe.1 an athletic organization 
j„rBH;wrniR-3« when, an.l only >.hen. every men 
SAiLV E. BRADLEY -all ^,,„„l,|^.,s ,„ thc full thc rcsiKMisibilit v 
that is intrusted to him. 

So in rather algebraic fashion, we can 
s..y that the (.lee (lub has reached a 
poim of efficiency. Since the writer is a 
number of the CUib. In minht well feel 
a lew .pialms at making that statement, 
feariiiji that it may be misconstrued, but 
these Si-ruples are relegated to the shad- 
ows in view of the fad that he is siK-akin^ 
„f the other twenly-tive or more men 
through whose- interest, help, and donatn.n 
of time the Club has developed. Working 
together, attem'ing rehearsals faithfully. 


EDWIN A WILDER -28 I Buslnew Manager 

Dm; 'as A. '28 Circulation Manager 

Sarol" K Ansell •28 Advert..^. Manager 

Lawr«nc« a. Carruth 29 

William A. Egan M 


John K. Tank "30 


Fifteen Years Afto 
The "College SlftnaF' Said 

"That Aggie is greatly in favor with 
(he Hellenic world, is evidenced by the 
ai)i)earance on the campus of the sixth 
national fraternity, and the fourth to be 
installed within a year and a half. C.S.t ., 
the fourth oldest society in college, has 
given place to the (. annua Chapter of 
.Mpha Sigma Phi." Feb. IS. 


"The news that the track as.sociation 
of this college has Uen admitted to mem- 
U-rship in the New Fngland Intercol- 
legiate Athleli<- Association will prove 
very welcome to all friends of the college." 
Feb. 5. 


P ^-J^'c-l-r/c-e-ptfcor ITi^ll^^g-at^^^^.r.^rjl 
Post Office. Accepjf " =„ a-ction 1 103. Act ol Oc- 
jib'T'tSirau'ttrile-a AuTuV: 20. 1918 

^ASSACHUSETIS COLLEGIAN. I ,,^^,5^ ,,^.^, ability every 

.!r^-"^Srtt"K:^- n-^^^^ !riticis.n <.r suggestion of their coach. 
„,ll please "»» > the Dus n undivide.l attention 

.. soon as poss.ble. _ M-K ^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^„ ^,^^.^. ,^^.,^ 

eon.binetl to give the Club the right to 
reieive the compliment that stands in 
the o,Kning paragraph of this editorial. 

Such a material example of concurrent 
effort is worth a dozen pages of exfMJsitory 
foolseap with only the exix>sitor's name 
to sul)stantiate it all. Co-operation has 
been the keynote of success for the (dee 
(lub, and its work may well serve as an 
example to other campus activities, every 


Although it is not the ,K>licy of the t-di- 
torial boartl to criticize contmua ly 
nevertheless, when occasion arises we leel 

;..4;tified in contributing our ixjint of view .^^.„,„^ .„„ ... ,• 

DurL the past f^vewe-eks many students,,,., „f ^-hich requires the joint apph 
have Ken making inquiries concerning L.^iion of harmonious endeavors in |xr- 
"The New Student". It is evident, there | (eeting its organization, 
(ore that this weekly publication is proN 
ing of value to the stiulents of the ( ollege. 
For th\. reason we would like to know 
why this i>eru)dual is not made accessible 
to the studv-ntH thi^v.l, ii»< library. 

(.n this > thcrf r.rr -Miy arguments . .„.,_,. ,, .. - 

tvoih ... tts (asor and in opposition to it L^^^ « ^eck ago from W B/. on the nve 

—c. s. c. 



Campus Gossip 
Episode One 

That first gathering of the new Physics 
Club augurs well for future meetings. 
Intellectual and physical nourishment 
were liberally supplied and were supple- 
mental by two apixtizers of a lighter 
nature. The first incitient was the tlifh- 
rulty which the sjieaker of the evening. 
"Jack" Kimball. exiKrienced in gaining 
entrance to the building. It was neces- 
sary for him to utilize a window to reach 
the interior, none of the other memlK-rs 
of the group having arrived at the sched 

uled time. 


Episode Iwo 

Kt . nt newspajxjr rev»ort» relativ to 
the injuries resulting front the cerenumies 
eonne<ted with initiation into a « ienrr 
club ( -un. to imnd when a was discoveretl 
jthat the coffee served had been "sweet- 
ened" with salt— unwittingly. 


Sp«aking of clubs, the chemistry group 
re.ently had a |x>rtinent discussion on a 
cae^Mijii analagous to "What is the 

in DecemlH-r. Mr. Oliver is head of the 
department of agriculture at the West- 
port High S<lnH)l. 

71 Dr. Kobert W. Lyman professor 
of Law at the Dickinscm Law School in 
Carlisle. Pa., was presented with a gold 
medal by the MassiU husetts C.raiid Lodge 
of Masons in recognition for fifty years 
consecutive memlx-rship in the Mas«)nic 


•2.', Miss May F. Russell is in educa- 
tional work as assistant principal and 
teacher of history an<l drawing in the 
junior high school at Haverhill. Mass. 

'24 cS: '2(> "Ducky" Kennedy '24 and 
"Steve" Davis '26 were married in 
Springfield. Mass., on Jan. 2. U>28. 

'24&'27 Clarence W. llolway '24 
and Ruth F. Coodell '27 were married in 
Amherst on Dec. 2:i, 1*.>27. 

•87 Frederic k 1). Tucker is engaged m 
interesting work in archeological research 
in an«l alK>ut St. Louis, Mo. 

'i>7 Philip IL Smith, official chemist 
for the feed control service of the Mass. 
Fxixriment Station, was elected presi- 
dent of the Association of l-eed Controls 
of the 11. S. at a meeting held in Wash- 
ington, D. C. recently. 

■14 Theodore A. Nicolet has now 
moved westward to Alliany. N. Y., where 
he is general agent for the National Life 
Insurance Co of Vermont. 

•15 HerlK-rt H. Archibald, former 
principal of the high school at Natick, 
Mass., now holds a similar |x>sition at 
Norwrjod High Sehcxil. Norwood. Mass. 
*10 Harry A. Curran, captain of the 
famous Aggie 1915 fcxrtball team, and 
secretary of the Western Alumni Club at 
Chicago, is live stock buyer for the 
t.)niaha Packing Co. 

'17 Harold P. Boyt?e holds the posi- 
■i.,n ol < hi- t accountant with Brown 
Bros. & Co. 

17 "Zip" F. C. Webster is teaching 

suih views. 

If "May I cut?" is said 

in a most 

jxjlite manner, it is not an aiK)logy for 
having said it in a more imixjlite wa\ 
five or six limes Ixfore to the same 
jx-rson in the same evening. Neverthe- 
less, there are a few unmannered, ill-bred, 
and undesired individuals who think that 
these words have a magic charm and ii 
saitl incessantly at each and every l"rida\ 
night dance will pardon one for a'.! 
breaches of etiquette. 

This idea has Ixen growing since thr 
first few dances of the college year. Ih. 
line of stags is lengthening ami new 
faces are apix-aring, some absolutely uii 
known to the regular students. 

It isn't because of the saving. Every 
stag pays the full couple-price. It ism 
because of scarcity of women, (^nly 1 
small part of the Ablx-y was there la 1 
Saturday night and surely all the ret 
are not campused. It must lx> th.n 
would-lx- bachelors are un|K>pular an I 
cannot get dates. They surely are n..i 
adding to their jxjpularity by what thes 
are doing now. 

Perhaps they are true to one mist rem- 
and when some more up-and-comin< 
friend gets ahead of them they decide to 
go to the dance alone, pay the same pri. <■ 
and have more dances with that 
co-ed than the man who escorted her. 

Is there any remedy for this state >>\ 
af?airs? Will the dances come to a stani 
where they will have to Ix- discontiniu'l 
as they were last year? Will il be nece- 
sary to offer a lx)unty of five dollars .1 
head for each young lady presentetl un 
the scene? 



„v.,» o I^st Wednesday evening. January J.') 

in the high'scht'xjl^at'weymouth. Mass". 1 the second regular meeting of the Ani.nal 

ma'ter with reshman chemistry?" Per 
hai* those who are actually involved 11 

beihK a hied to th- r.w-a.y'r li^t of {x-r, 
odicals but the arguments Un are much 
more numerous than those against it. Let 
us first state the strongest argument 
against a.lding it to the library. A few 
Ix-lieve that this p.iblicaticm is radical 
and exerts a bad influence ii|X)n student 
opinion. Th.- reason for this is that the 
niajoritv of the articles are written from 
the students' point of view instead of 
from that of recognized educators. 

Ill contrast to this there is much to lie 
s;iid in favor of it. The first argument is 
that it represents student ideas as ex- 
pressed bv student editors. It was not so 
very long ago when this ix-ricxlical pub- 
lished si'wral articles by a student who 
was at that time editor-in-chief of the 
Colli- f-iun. These articles were far from 
Ixing radical in the view which they pre- 
sented. The numlxr of references to this 
publication which have apixared in these 
columns from tinx- to time during the 
past few years offers further evidence 
against the argument that it is radical. 
In aiUlition to such articles as these "The 
New Student" in a few pages sums up 
what stiichnts are <h>ing in other colleges 
and universities in the way of student 

These are only a few of the many argu- 
ments on this score but these are sufficient 
to show that more can Ix- said for it than 
against it. A publication such as this 
shoidd Ik- made available in the librarv 
to those stuck nts who are .lesirous of con 
suiting it. The library should be oiurattd 
for the iH-iuiit of the students .lu.l. then - 
fore, should timlain all such wcirth-whiW 

stix-k situation in Massachusetts. 

Craduates and former students of the 
Kansas State Agricultural College cele- 
brated Kansas Day on Siit unlay evening. 
Jan. 2H, with a bancpiet at Drajier Hall. 
There were present l'rofes.sor and Mrs. 
I rank A. Waugh. Dr. and Mrs. William 
K llinshaw. Professor and Mrs. Clayton 
L. Farrar. Dr. and Mrs. H. Rolxrt De 
Rose, Professor F. C Sears, Profes.sor C. 
H. Thc»mi)son. Miss Nellie L. Thomj)son, 
and Mr. Fred W. Bangs. 

Professor Frank A. Waugh is the 
author of a new lxx)k entitled "Hardy 
Shrubs" just published by Orange Judd 
Publishing Co., New York City. 

hapB those who are actually involved in 
tl>e intricacies of the subject might have 
contributed illuminating answers, but the 
upixrclassuK-n who ttxik jxirt in the 
argument were inclined to favor the re- 
tention of the course as one required, al- 
though suggesting means for more effec- 
tive presentation. 


A battle similar to that staged Ixftween 
the Duke of Wellington and his well- 
known opixjiient. Naix>leon Bonai»arte, 
was waged in the Drill Hall last week 
when the Ancient and Honorable Order 
of Scullions humbled the favored Waiters' 
yuintet in a hcxjp contest. 


and is studying for an advanced degree 
at Harvard LIniversity. 

'17 Earl Breckenridge is pleasing 
audiences in New York City as a musician. 



Despite the lack of snow, plans are 
being formulated for the 1928 revival of 
the old-lime Winter Carnival. At a meet- 
ing last Wednesday the committee de- 
cided to invite representatives from the 
Outing Club, the (iirls' Club, and the 
Senate to their next meeting which will 
be held Wednesday, Feb. 1. At that time 
the sulKommittees in charge of the diffi^r- 

Husbandry Club was held in Stockbri(l^;i' 
Hall. Mr. John S. Clark, manager ul 
the Caunsett Farm for Marshall Fi« M 
was the speaker of the evening and he 
gave an interesting talk on "The Business 
Side of the Pure-bred Cattle Industry." 
Refreshments were served. 



Still further progress has \ievn shown 
during the past week by the co-eds tr>in,; 
out for the girl's rifle team. During tli. 
early part of this week and lomorr 
morning the girls are competing for pi.. 

the sulKomm. ees n cnarge . . tne niier- - ^^.^^ ^.„ ^^^ ,^,. 

ent events w.ll probably be formed, and «" »" , „ 

the date decided. 




Alter one ol the concerts gi\en 1>\ the 
Musical dubs on their recent trip, a 
woman ml.l .. number of the C.lee ( hib 
that she never sc « n a grcnip of siii',;. rs 
follow their leader with such precision a^ 
she ha.l noticed in the work of the group 
in all iluir app..u.iiK<s .hiring the con 

(Continued from Pafte 1) 
Wide Awake Club entertained the college 
organizations with a dance in their club 
rcx)nis. music Ixing furnished by the 
t .lee Club orchestra. Private homes again 
cffired havens for the weary ixrformers, 
and the travelers were over an hour late 
in leaving for Ccmcord Saturday morning. 
Saturday night at Concord the prc)- 
grain was presented at the Xeteran's 
Building to an audience that practically 
Idled the hall. The Middlesex County 
■Mtiinni .\sscHiation and the Ccmcord 
Parent Teachers' Association backed t he- 
concert which seemingly achie\ed much 
success. Dancing followed the .ondud- 
ing nunilxT with a large crowd remaining 
to indulge in the terpsi.horean art. Many 
aliinini were present, and as the ( .lee- 
(hib the Alma Mater, ail rose in the 
audience. This certainly gave the allair 
a true Aggie atmosphere and gave the 
t hibs one of the greatest thrills of I he- 
whole nil). 

Simd.ix mornin.v; al^i ga\t many of the 
lillows a ch.ince to catch a little slee|>. 
but the- return jourm-\ to .\mherst start c-.l 
in tin- morning, bringing everyone back 
a--.iin. tired but \m-U -.iii>fi<-(l with llie trip. 

Freshman rules were given one- of their 
ixriodic boosts last week by the unex- 
l)ected and rather startling apix-arance 
of neophytes on the campus with such 
imix-dimenta as bathrolxs and barrel 
sta\es. The college year is not yet over. 


Now that the women students have 
intiliated a "rot)m Ix-autiful" contest, we 
suggest that a similar competition among 
the men Ix- started. Consider the ad- 
vantages to everyone cemceined if reK)m- 
ers in the dormitories and fraternity 
houses really tried to improve their sur- 
roundings. Of course, some of the more 
common decorations such as street signs, 
dance j)rograms, paeldles. lK>ttles, and 
pictures of favorite nu-mlH-rs of the c«»n- 
trary sex should Ix- barred. Worthwhile 
pictures or drawings, harmonious color 
elTeits, neatness, and originality would 
doubtless receive credit. Professor 
Waugh's annual neiktie classic remains 
one of the few attempts at artistic iin- 
piovement on tlu- c.impiis. Why not 

.1(1(1 anothc r" 


college in matches against other collet- 
Those who suceeed in making the team 
are to shoot Saturday against the cot-'l 
team from the University of Nebraska 
The entire match is to Ix- fired from ih. 

.^ „ rr .. .- . ,.. . nrone tx>sition, and if the resuUs thus 
'Scent fie Prcx)f for the Hirst ( haptcr 1""'"^ »"'■ " , -n u „ 

r>ciiiiii"«^ ..„..i, „., •,< »,. uhat will hai) pen 

of Cenesis" will l)e the subject under dis 
cussion at the M..\.C. Christian .•\ssocia- 
tion Bible Class next Sunday afternoon. 
This is the second of a series of discussions 
led by President Thatcher on how a man 
who is a scientist can be a thorough 
Christian at the same time. Twenty-one 
men and women entered in on a very 
intcicsting discussion last Sunday on 
"What Can a Christian Believe alx)Ut 
Fvolution." and the Bible (."lass is prov- 
ing iHJth stimulating and extremely in- 
teresting, cajiably led by our president. 
All members of the student Ixxly are 
invited, regardless of creed. The class 
is informal, starting promptly at ;}.30 in 
the loggia of the Memorial Building. 

indicate anything as to what will hapjien 
in the match, the M.A.C. team has a tim 
chance of winning. 

Results of the first match to be shot l>y 
the college team were rather |xx)r, a- all 
the other teams turned in Ixtter scortv- 
The scores turned in the past w.(k- 
shooting show a large gain. The team 1- 
Ix-coming ejrganized Ix-tter each wt-ek .im! 
practice in each of the four position- 1- 
raising the individual averages. 

The matches to be fired this wee k r 
against teams from .New Mexico Miliar 
Institute, and from tlu- Iniversir 

During the past week memlx-rs 

,Uhough ix-rhaps unappreciated. We are During the wee.1. mem.x-rs . th 
;.,( line-el never to do today what can facuhies of M.A.C. an.l Amherst C ... 
,.. put off until t.>m..rrow. and several townsmen, came toga.l 


"Dean's Board" again i»'k- around 
(he corner with its usual adnuMiii ion to 
anticij)ate the end of another term by 
doing a little extra work before 
week. The- value- of this piece of furni- 
luiv ,1^ A w.nniiiv; signal is indisput.d.le. 

a meeting which is of interest to K' -< ' 
Officers. The sjxaker at the meet in.: ^*J 
Major Murphy of Boston. It wm 

Sholarship aleme will be evident in 

the averages now compiled by the Regis- 

irar's office, since military and , cided to rtm a winter training car, 
Mhuuion are no l.mger included in the! Reserve (Officers, ami for those- wh. 
nark for freshmen and sopho- 1 been officers. All who are .n,ereste. 
„„.,.. ' No discrimination can Ik- detectc-.l | ever, are welcome at any ., the m.. 
iu this new which eliminates dis- The first of these is to be held on 
( iplinaiv or attendance credits as factors 
in iMtin^ -' uileiii-^. 

d.iy, l-ebruary 9, in the .\nu-rican 

roimi- in Amherst. 

mark down is still as good as^UL CARL H. BOLTER 




AN OLD EVENT RENEWED The Millitary ball is back again. 

If there is anythinj* in Tuxedos and accessories. See Tom. 





Boston Headquarters for all M. A. C. and 
many other College Teams and Clubs 


Club Breakfast and Special Luncheons 

and Dinners 


Imported Scotch Grain Oxfords. 
Calf Oxfords or **Tux" Shoes. 

A new satisfaction every time you put them on. 




Optician and Jeweler 

3 PLEASANT STREET, (up one flight) 

Ocullats' Prescriptiona Filled. Broken lena«« 
accurately replaced 

reliable makes 


is open for the season of *27 and '28 
Order EATS for parties, re- 
ceptions and hikes 

120 Pleasant Street, 

First liouse sou tli uf c-dmpus 

Telephone 511 

You will %m4 Ml excellent 


•^Hipped wfth tttm OMMt up-to-date Cee dy e a r 

Maddoery and a modern 


at II 1-2 Amity St.. • Opp. New Theatre 

W* umdtT^and your rtqmiremenis and art pre- 
pared to meet your needs. 
Alt work guaranteed. Shoes shtned and dyed, 60i 



SSc per nishi.— Sl.M per per week.— $4.M per 
OKMith. — Laid up cars, l>ec. 1st to Apr. 1st, 
t3.tS per month^ 

Walter H. Harrison 


2nd hooae North of Campus 

TUXEDOS and Tux accessories... 

We believe our hand tailored tuxedo at $40 is the 
biggest selling suit in town. It is certainly worthy of 
your Inspection. 

Tuxedo shirts $2.75 Ties .50 & $1. Studs & Links .50 $2 


(X)I,i.K(;ks plan novel i.ea(;iik 

(Continued from Page i) 

\\A> Ixen I he iiikIciK iii^ >tiiiinliis fm •-iicli 

.III t'lltlclMII . 

llu- council sotrd tliric (|ii(^iioiiv l.ikcii 
lioiii llu- tii|)i(S that were iliMiisM-d Ity 
llu- I'linlitli ( niu-ial .\>M-iul»K »>t llu- 
l.canut-. Two ol ilu-st- will tiiialK U- 
» host-n !>>■ tlu- C"«niiiiiittci- on Anemia; 
Mr. I.adas st-r\ in^; as chairman ol this 
l)0(l\. .\ coniiiiitti-i- on or^ani/alion was 
also fornu-d in tirilt-r to insurt- a husiiu-ss 
iki- t-xt-cution of tht- .ilTairs passt-d on \t\ 
llu- Agenda ( tJiiiniitti-*-. Ih-nrN W . 

|< nsi-n will lu-ati the work on this inni- 
I'lis and also act as corr«-s|>on(linK st-cn--\ to tlu- ( ol tlu- council. 

On Sat unlay. April 7, at two o'cUh k, 
tlu- nu-t-tinn will oih-ii, tin- first part ol 
which will Ik- us«-d lor tlu- n-ports from 
tlu- various c«>n)initti-fs. Aiivr the pre- 
iininary business, llu- first topic for dis 
< ussioii will In- iiitrodiued. Dinner will 
Ih- served at the Lord JelTery Inn, after 
which the next topic will Im- discussed. 
1 lu- asst-nibly will prol».d)ly clo.s<- aroinid 
ten o'cltM'k, .ilthoiiKli thi> tiiiic liiiiii ina> 
Ih- extended. It is hoped that the stu 
dents will take advanta^t- of this op|)or- 
tunitN to M-e and M-nst- the attitude that 
llu- ('osnu)|M)litan ("luhs of the world art- 
trying to impart. Il can Ih- said at 
least, that much interest in^ material will 
Ih- presentetl for many t)f the parliei|>at 
itiK nu-mlM-rs have U-en to ( leiu-Na aiul 
.in- studt-nts of world (Htlitics. This is an 
t-arnt-st t-fTort t«) prcMliue an idt-al rt-lation 
In-tween men of different thoughts aiul 

(Continued from Page 1) 

N«-w- ll.impshire It-am starlt-d tht- third 
|H-riod with an almost entirely new lineup 

which proved iiu.ii to ilit- visitors, lor 
"Jot-" Idiot had no dilliciill \ in s<'orin^ 
Iwo v^o.iU vvilliiii .1 iiiiiitilc's lime. I he 
Inst >triii); iiicii were immedi.ili-U iii^lictl k iiilii iheir |M>sitioiis and the ii- 
iiiaindfi (p| llu- contt-st wa> very closel\ 
loii^lii with llu- liiial count M.iiitlinK I lo 
~ ill lavor of the (iranite Slaters. I'orisi 
playetl a s|M-claciilar Kami- .il vvin^, whili- 
Nash and .Miiahaiiisoii luld ilic di-feiisivc 
positions ill l.isliioii. 

Mt-etinn ihe Ualt-s Colli-ne seMt-l loi .i 
s(-coiid lime I his si-,im>ii I Ik- ( "ollege liockcv 
leaiii susi, lined a st-coinl drical al llirii 
haiitis in a ^.imt- lillt-il with hard fast 
hoc kt-\ . I'raiticalK the s.ime liiu-iip thai 
iiu-l our learn .it Amht-rst f.ui-d tht- 
An^ii- sextet ,it l.ewislon, and the A^nie 
team was coni|M>sed of the same nii-n ; 
heme each team was ipiilt- with 
its t>p|Mint-iil's stylt- of pl.iv. The K-'i'if 
l(Hik place on an iii<l(M)r rink, .ind the ice t-xception.dly ^jood. 

I )liriiiK the Inst two |H'riods of tht- con- 
test iii-ither team was ahle to |H-netratt- 
into its o|ipon«-iil 's defeiict- far enough lo 
score, and .ill llu- |K)inls wt-n- made in 
the final |)eritMl. The ct>mliinalii>n t-om- 
l«>set| of (apt .tin l-'ort-st, |-"res«- and I'atch 
did \'t-ry wi-ll for the A^Kit' It-am with 
Nash making a K|H-ctacular shot from ihi- 
(t-nti-r uf the rink which slid neatly inti> 
llu- hates' ^•oal f<»r our only tally. 

The n-i""' *'•''' •"'*' "f ''••' fastest and 
( losesi the leani has playetl this 
season and iluriii^ tht- first two |M-riiMls 
A^^ie had a decided adv.intaKi- o\t-r tlu- 
hoine tt-aiii. Captain W'hilt- ol Itati-s 
provt-tl to Ih- a ilanKt-rous ri^hl win^ and 
\ittlt-tte a^aiii tit-ft-ndt-d his (t'*-'l skill 
fully. At the clost- of tlu- (tintt-st tlu- 
s(i>re !>(cHitl Hates 2, M.A.C 1. 

.Soil, however, likctl llu p.i^jc.inl ol t lu- 
loimciiv lu-nleilcd er.i, .tiid his W.iverly 
novtls .in tlu- oiiisi. Hiding inoiiiitnent lo 

Mr. Anili-ison i .i simlv of 
the ciillini' of the Midillc .V^-s is as 
worlliv of .inv othei stai;t- of « ivi- 
li/.itioii, iH-c.iiist- il siilfu it-Ill vit.ility 
lo inspire nt-w k'<'«iIi. oid Ik-i,ius«- ihi- 
|H-rio(l W.IS not an wliih found in 
ilsell its own com liisioii. The spt-.ikt-r tlin-t- seletlitins from medieval liter- 
.11 lilt-, .ill ol which Im longed lo the |Hipu- ir.idilioii. I lit- pieci-s wliidi hi- chose 
lo illustrate his |Hiinls wen- "The Fox 
.111(1 tlu- Wolf", " ihe l.ind of (iM-kainne", 
.ind ".\utassia aiul .\icoletie". 


for all, from your 

to your 

Place (^ards and Tallies ft>r your 
Valentine Parties 


Wr wll stamp-' 

(Continued from Puge I) 

influenced \>\ the .Middli- Ams mort- than 
l'.iiglish Intause l-.n^land had a vital 
suiirte nearer at hanti in the Kliz^ilN-tliaiis. 





35 Pleasant St., juit below P.O. Amherst 

Winter Footwear 



— or^ — 



275 High St., Holyoke 





Mut. lit 3.M— Eve. t.45 and II..10 

Wednesday, Feh. 1st, Mat. & Eve. 
May .VIcAvoy in 

<k>medy Purumount New* 

Thurs. Fri , Feh. 2nd & .)rd 

Wallace Beery & Raymtmd llatttm 


Comedy Ha the Newi. 

.Saturday, Feh. 4th 

Richard l)ix in 


Ctimrdy .Newh Reel 

Monday and Tuesday, Feh. 6 & 7 

Buster Keatt>n in 


- 0>-Fealure 

(Jonway Tearle In 

t;«>m«-«ly I'liliic NowN 



Dining the halves of ilu- Uisk.-th.ill 
^;.ime with Nt-w S.ileiii .V.idtiiiy List 
Irid.iv nielli, |-;iv in I'. I <k kw«M>d of 
Slit-llon, Comi., was t-h-cted i.ipt.iin of 
the fM-shm.m h.iski-llt.dl te.iin. T.uss" 
l.iN kw(MMl is .1 ^;raduale of Sht-lloii liiith 
S» luH)l where he playt-«l ftMilball, haski-l- 
It.ill, .ind li,iM-li,ill for his twit years. 
Ill- was a memlH-r of tht- l!».'il fiMilliall 
It-am on whitli he played .ii ciul .md 
ipi.ut»-rl».uk. Thus far this sea.son l.uck- 
wiHid's play has iH-en consistent and 
ste.idy. In tht- n.iiiu- with New S.ilem 
his t-inlil Itaskt-ts .md two loiils aloiu- 
would have Ih-i ii enough lu (due llu- 
op|M»iienls' tot.d s< on- of s«-vriili-en |M)ints. 
l.(M-kwiHMl is ph-dKi'd to j<»in llu- I'hi Sixma 
Kappa fraternity. 



Rev. Dr. I ). Itrewer Ktldy, a iiu-mlHr 
of tlu- AmerJean Hoiirtl i>i Conimissitiners 
for l-on-iKii Missions, deliven-d .i sfrmon 
last Siinil.iv iiioinin>j h.ul .i (tiirlii ii 
lar interest lt» lollt-Ke student.-. His suh- 
)t-tt was "The .\ppn)aches to <",(mI," .md 
in tlu-m, he ixiintt-d out, lies the re- 
lalinnshi)) Ix-twi^n n-liKion aiul seit-nto. 
What is true in st ience must Ix- true in 
nlinion. Dr. |-,ddy IM-Iii ves. hut man 
should not fliscanl .ill iriilh .it I h<- first 
'Ituiht. I ht-re is iniili on .dl p.iihs to 
<iod, hut as we .ippio.ii h |i\ ditli-tint 
(Otntinued on Pitge 4) 

Town Hall, Amherst 

Wed. and Thurs., Feh. 1 & 2 
Aiidfi.,* "HIE 7th HEAVEN" 

'Ihe nioHl popiiliir pl< liire of ilii- yeiir 
wliii Jxnel t.iiynorA Chiirlen Kurrell r'roiii 
John (.oIiIi-ii'h ««H|te nimii-ii. ii ptrture 
thai h'.ts i.itrre«l the hearts ;in<l linaiiiiia- 
lion of Ihe ».,rlij M. *. M Venn 

Mallnees .» OH i>>eninfts 7 .»0 

< hil<lri-ii. 2'iK All M-iils. SO. 

A (Iul ID SOr 

Friday. Feh. .trd 

Anna <}. Mlamiii iinil i ran< is X Ki'Hhniaii 

in "IHE l.<lh Jl KOR." 

Terr.iii hi H.>ense aiiia/lii|i ilifferriil 
St niiilaiinu a lirand ne« eiprrit-tii e 
< d Illy reel 


.Satunhiy, Feh. 4th 

Sammy f;ohn A Ted MrSainar.i of 
• What l'ri« •" fame in 

"IHE <;aY re IKEA 1." 

A happy aiul rollii kinti lak.- iff on i he 
lale war thai aIII roik y«ai «)ih laiifih- 
ler. WilhMtiiie tu-H atid stirpriklriA anuh-s 

a kn<i<k<iiil I'liiiriitlciiiieni 

"^ews ( ofiieil> 

Monday, Feh. (»th 

Karl iJane. (.enrCe K ^rlhllr, (.h.irlnit,- 
(•reenwood in 


Ih.- rolliiklnii siaiJe sucrtss willi the 
ahove <asl, "I'.iii'iiUh Seil." 
»-a»>l><i 2 Reel f i.itu.U 

James A. Lowell, Bookseller 


For Young and Old 

For Frientis, Ft>r the .Sick 

Lovely ones. Silly one 

For all tastes 

Place Cards Tallies 

Hats, Napkins 

Nut Cups - Candles 

all in Valentine tlesi'^ns 

To Get the Best, Buy 


and SILK 

Bloomers — Step-ins — Vests 



G. Edward Fisher 

Amherst Shoe Repairing Co. 

At the Service of those who appreciate 
Better Shoe Repairing 


Largest assortment r,f Fountain Pens Your fuime cnjiravcd on 
pen, no extra charge. 


Newsdealer and Statioru r 


II' ! Skis and Skates 
" '■' .in,l liniier Reeoril-i 

rrsiinft Plare to Visit 

(.ruwforil Star VICTOR OriSiinist 

•liU I'uh.-s .mil H;<y Van R \l)l<). Ask 




One Acre Gift Shoppe 

'.A few steps alwve the Apiary) 

Edna tl. Derby Florence C. Hays 

Telephones: l.W-J I5.«i-W 

The Best in Drug Store Merchandiae 
The Best in Drug Store Service 


9^e> fi te^caJbL Sior0 

SING LEE "^^P'-^"'^P'*^ i 

No. 1 Main St., Amherst, Ma«a 

Our Laundry Kimt Cla** 

Our P*llry (;uaranteMi 


Opposite Post Office 

B I (; S A L E 


Shoe Repairlnii Oepjrtnienl. 


U. A. C. Library. 


K llini/., M^;i. 


|»IM.()\V TOPS 

Supplies of every kind 

Kill l'.,iiil' n 'L'S 

Km I'liiN ■-"• 




k,<| kcdiii.iv. '_'>> 

I'lp Young "2'.' 

Heard $7.00 per week. 
Open 7 a.m. to 11 p. m. daily 

Had Wyiuan, J-yr. '^n 


iCoitliiiuvil from I'alt'' It 

li) llu ('i.ll«H<' pHAidiil llii > :i'<' lalliii 
tl.ilis lor a iKuKi', and an- lu inul 
tin inliaiHc n(ininninil> in lull. , 

IJIaiik- loi a|>|>lvinv; for a n liolai-liip j 
may I'*' ol.i,.in«d trom llu- l>».in ot llu- 
("(.iU-K«'. Snidcnl aiplitanl- inuM lilc at : 
llic Dran's (Uluf, licfoti- llu • loM- of tin- 
collt-Ki ytai an aironnl of llnir ini onu- 
an.l ixpin>t> for llial rolU«<- >«;»'' '" 
mtlur willi a -tal.incnt of llitir rrsoiiruN 
for l!u .oMiinu \rar. I'nM'f. I ivi- fn-^li- 
nun may Id'- ll"'" appfiiation-. at tlu- 
linn- lluii inlraiui- ric|niniiHiils arc- 
sal i^liid ill lull. 

•|"lu lollowiiiK s(liol.irsliip> arc a\.iil 


1. (".rnrral m lM)lai>liip>: 
a) Nintl«tn >cl><)larsliipN of SJMI i ;u l» 
knovui aN 111* I'ort.r 1.. Nt-wlon S< ho- 


1,1 Oiu- Mli<)iar>hip of «•><» i-^ known 

as llu- Mary Robinson S liolarsliip. 

I) Onf x-holaisliip of *•><» is known 

as tlu- Hi-nry (.asM-tl S liolarsliip. 

(1) Om- siholiirship of *(>() known a-> 

tlic Wliilinv; Sirctt S< holarsliii). 

2. Stliolarships liiiiitfd to stiidtnts lr(»ni 
BcrkKliin- Counly. 

a) At least tt-n srholarships of $<>(! 

<.r more, known as tlif 1 rtiUrirk C. 

(.'ranr S< liolarships. 
;{. Stholarships liniititl to iiu-n stiiiliiUs 
of Hanipsliirc County: 

a) ScM-ral s« liolarsliips ol $IIM) t«> 

$250, known as the 11. II. 

Wanl Sliolarsliips. 

riicri' an- also xviral i;ills wliidi lia\i- 
l,,fn iiiaiU- to tlu- (olU-nf for llu- 
of providiiiK funds wliirh may In- loatu'd 

;., dtsii villi; -lii'l'-'ii- ■|l>'--« loan-, an 
made on llu- snuriiy ol .m .iidoi-.i.l not.- 
.,iid ili.A iK-ar a low rale of iiiK-rc-t. 'I'lusc 
l(,.,n^ ordinarily malun- at graduation l.ut 
ihis is not a liard and laM rule. Tlu- 
f<.ll(»winu AU- l..(pu-sts mad. to llu- 
(■(,ll.-;;( lor llu- purpose of < -I; 
loan liiiiiN lor -iiidi-nt-: 

( hirl. - A, (.K.i-oM 1-iiiid .s.-,,(Ml(l 

Daiiloriii K.-yrs I'.ann- !• uiid f,,u(Ml 
\1,..,. Ai^ri.. Clul) I und •"><•<• 

Ml ( liil> l.o.m 1 imd for lioys 1,(HKI 
I II (lid. l.i..m 1 imd for < .irl- HKt 

(ContinuvJ from l';iae 1) 


(Contlnuva from rafte '> 

Joiu- i.air^ 111. witli liiin in llu- l.a.k 


josipl. OlmM.-d, IniviiMiyol ( olorado 
graduate where lu- played football, basket- 
ball and baseball, holds the pivot iH.Mtu.n. 
At left forward the team has a loriiur 
I'niversitv of S.uthern California athlete, 
Mcrwvn (raft, who play.d f.H>tball and 
basb-iball. ( lilford Nieely fnenpies the 
other forward ( ourl , (ominn to llarvar.l 
from Western Reserve where he part in 
pated in all bran.h.-s ol 


|<,-s<-r\e material lor this annrenatu.n i- 
also impressive. Jay S. llotTmau, foot 
ball and basketball man at the Iniver- 
^iiy of Monlana, is reserve forwar.l while 
a iornu-r Vale basketball player, James 
H. Davis, is the ^uard alltrnate. 

Saturday'^ H-mu- will ser\e to k(-ei> llu 
Anale tue uj) to standard an<l nive it a 
last hard workout before the Williams 
Hanu-. With siu h a lolleelion of stars the 
(.raduate team should make .in inteiesl- 
inn te.on and the v;anu- proiiii-.-s to \>* 
well-w()rth watrhin^. 

briiiRiiiK tlu- couiii lo -ix l.clorc A^yie 
had made a single double i niiiiur. It 
lure that Mur.loii'>;h seoied with a lu at 
foul erasiiiK a half linu- wliiu-wash lor 
A^;nie. Several other lioopi rs from f.isl 
(ombination passes were m.idi- duriiiK i lu- 
re iii.iinder of tht- first periixl by Duncan, 
WaKiu-r and James to raise tht- ( oiint at 
(he close of llu- half to SpriuKfield 12 

M.A.( . 1. 

The second period bewail with m-w life 
lor I he Anui*- '••""• ^''^^ sin-nnth must 
ha\e be(-n their-, lor thes imnu-diateU 
Mt to and broke ihron^h the visitors' 
defeiue threatening the loveled hoop 
with several close shots by "MIoiuly" 
Thomas and "Holy" Reed. .\ foul was 
dropped by Janu-s followed by a double 
(ounter by Warner before Mcl-lwtn 
iais(-d a beautiful shot from tenter court 
which zipped tlu inner lu-i . l-"ollowinn 
another basket b> Jame- lor the opiH)- 
silion M( l-lwen ai;ain sunk a neat one 
from almost the same j)osition as lK-f<»re. 
Judyjinn from the »-xcitenu nt whii h pre 
vailed it almost seenu-d as thounh .X^Ki'' 
had a chaix «- to (omc through with a win, 
but this was only a slim hopi, for Duiu.m, 
rt-( t-ivinn a fast pass from Warner, drop 
pod in a mat basket raising the count lo 
nineteen. A fast rush down lourt resulted 
in .1 beautiful basket for .\m'AU- when 

'•|ilond>" Thomas received a -will p,i:-s 
just under the hoop, juiiii)e<l and with a 
(lever twist of his bodv ml ted a perfect 
doiiliK coiiiiier. A foul by KlU-rt broUKhi 
tlu- lioiiu- sion- to 10 and after a basket 
l.\ Was^iur the period indeil wiih the score Sprinnfu-ld 2.'>, .\i!.iiiv !<'• 

Ihi-, is the second ^ame wliiih llie 
basketball team has lost out of -i\ games 
played, tlu- ollu-i one li.i\in:; Rone to 
West I'oint. In snap, |.iu< k and (lever 
pas-iiig as well a- s.'"<>'l baskelb.ill s(-nse 
the hoiiu- Uam was not lacking at all, 
but the rangines^ and swift combination 
plays of tlu- opponents were too miu h. 
Tlu- summary: 

the itjiiiii.iiiuiu, iiow(-\tr. i- lagging con 
sider.ibh oil tht- l>art of those who d. 
not play .ti all. (..iiiies for the coinin, 
wiek are li-^ted in the Collf^i'iH calendar, 
each league h.uiiig thrte games schedult.' 
pracii( ally every wet k. The standing <.• 
llu- t(-.igues i- .1- follows: 

I.eatiue A 

1! , /., 


H. I- 



IJ. F I' 

AT (.. 
K K. 
l.( A 
1) l'..\. 

O 1 Kl" 

1 nito 



1 IMlllU- K 

ij.T A . 

\X',M. -' 

s.lM-:. 2 

\(.ii-l-"tnt. 1 


ON I" 

'I 1 

I NX' 

J;.ini-. li 
(;iistiil»im. Il 
Diiiii ail. rl 
Wiiniii-r. I- 
Noiih k<-. Ik 
( aiMiron. lu 
l.iiKli-riiiaii. tv, 
(lark. 1-.; 

•J ."> '.I 


:i 11 (i 

I 11 s 

1 u -^ 


M. I-Am-ii. m 
MuiiIdukIi. lu U 

Mann. In 
Tliiinias. c 
Kllnt, rf 
R.-.-.I. If 

Wl-l.lHT, If 


I 11 •_' 
I I 


High Miners in tht- tournament to dai 
have also bt-eti rt-c.rdtd. Anumg tl.- 
leaders an-: 

Stansiowski- Niin-I-rat. . . ^ 

K.iUcrlson I'.S.K ' " ." 

Muiiartv • - 

Mitaiirt-— Non-l-"ral. 

I^-onard -L.C.A. - - 

Tufts— K.S. ■ 

lloran— i>.T.\ 
Stt-vcnson .\.i'..l< ' 

T„iaU m ■■' •-;-'' 1 -' lU 

K(-ti-n-r l<"<l«-il>. Timi- 2(>-ininut>- halv.-s. 

Fraternity League 

Gets Under Way 

Wi li tlie liiterfraternity basketball 
season tt-ss half i>ver. si veral giMxl 
It-am- liavt- In in (list ovt retl. Interest in 


(Cuntinuvd from Pafte 3j 

routes we st-e ditfereni sides of the saiu. 
Divine lieing. We shoultl not ttjnfuse tliL- 
paths nor try to make them one. 

In lieu of the choir. Mrs. .\. B. Btaii- 
niont antl Mr. Stebbins renileredn a 
e\it-llent duet. 











North Culletie. Room «> 

T. B. SIMPSON, Inc. 
Phone H.«N-W 








The College Candy Kitchen 

A Bnc place to go and take your friends for 


Ice c:ream. Milk Shakes, Fresh Fruits, Refreshments and Sodas. 
Salted Nuts. Pafie & Shaw, Park & lilford. Boxes Ready 

to be Mailed. 


Do not Forftet that Special SUNDAY NICJHT DINNER 


the place for the college man*' 


Sporting and Athletic Goods 



The Mutual Plumbing & Heating Co. 


Distinguished by a favor that places it first 

It is a natural pritlo that Camel feels for is indeed the myriad qualities of per- 

iis iiiiiniplis. Not only did it lead the fection that are to he found in the 

flrid ^^horlly after its introduction. It choicest tobaccos grown. And the art of 

{.a> mI uadily on with each succeeding Nature is aitlcd by a blending that un- 

ycar nnlil today it holds a place in pub- folds each delicate taste and fragranct\ 

lie lavor higher than any other smoke You will more than like Camels. 

v\:r rt'uched. Camel is bupreme with You will find a solace in them every 

li: iK rsi j.uu)kcrs. smoking hour. Their mildiie-s and 

()!.\iond\. there is a tpiality here melh>wne?s are an endless plea.'iue. 

that parlit nl.a- -iiioker^ ai^preeialo. Il "Have a CamvlV 

R . J . K E Y .N U L D 3 1 O li A C C O C O M 1' V N Y . W I N > T O .% - S A L L M , N . C . 

' 1927 

^\\t iia00arI|U0^ttB QloU^gtatt 



Number 16 

Large Crowd Enjoys 

Colorful Military Ball 

Unusual Spectacle Presented by About 125 Couph's in 

Formal .\ttire 

1 1 atnuoplurc, ^o'"' niu?<ic, a tolorliil 

,\\(1 aiitl iiiiliii>i.i>m const it iitf a mu 
, . ,>ful tiami-. lilt" Military liall lu-lil la>i 
sitiinlay i-vt-niiiK \va> an iiiKiiiililitd 
-ii.ri's^s. 'llu- acintly rtiioNaud Drill 
Mali, in which it was hfid, was ciccoratcd 

ly cfTfctivdy with l)anmrs, hnnlini;. 
Mil implfinciit-i 1)1 war, all oi which 
Mivcd tl) niakf tlu- rcMini ^ay yit lent a 
i .nch of liiunitN.. HatiiH'rs weri' (lr,i|M(| 
iKiin the (tiling and (ovcrcd part iil the 
u.iils, (oiiiplcicK- lran>l'<triiiinv; the a^cd 
l.indniaik The orchi-stra w.i> hidi,;(<l in 
> s a harriiadc of saliio. ritlis, .uid 

,i( hint- ^;iin>, harmoni/.inn |M-rfeitl\ 
'.till tlu- ^■l•nt•r.ll stlu'iiu- of drcoralions. 
.1 ditl all the other details. 

Of course, the most strikinu feature of 
I lie affair was the colorful crowd, llu 
iiliicers were in imiforin, all ol which 
-lood out as triliutes to the < are >piiit on by the we.irers. No douitt many 
Ih.nrs were put in the pi(\iou> iiinhi with 
■ Mili»h and iron, and the result-, win .ill 
thai inij;ht tie expected. .Ml ol ll» r> who 

I. aided the dance were rii|uired to wear 

1 iiinn dress. There were prohalily no 

;. -> tlian 11'"* couples present. \it the 

lloor was not uiiconifort.dily c lowded and 

I lure was sufficient rtKini for dam inn <" 

" times. I lie uraiiil inarch, led |)\ 

iConllnued un Paiie St 


Kirst Contest, with Chirk. Comes 
February l.\ 

With fixe liin debates in the near future, 
the varsitx dehatinn team has ln-en husily 
tii^aned since the fir?t of the ye.-.r in 
pteparinn data on the various «)uestions 
liiat will be at issiu-. 

.As a n'>'>d Mart, the M..\.('. team 
will travel to Worcester on I'ebruary \.i 
\i' uphohl the atf'irmative .iRainst (lark 
I iiiversity on the (pieMion, "KesoKed, 
ttial the I'nind States should »eas«' to 
I'nitect, l)y armed intervention. foreiv;n 
investments of its citizens. e\< cpt alter 
iiial declaration of war." 

(Continued on Pafte 4) 

Two-Year Basketeers 

Win and Lose 

Vanquish New Salem, hut are 
\anquished by I'ittsfieid 

I •..(( h Hall's Two- Year fi\c broke even 
' two y.imes which they p!a>ed l.isi 
I nd. New S;deni .\ca<leiny \n-r to 
-hort course men on the Prill I bill 
r bv a scon? of 'W to I'.l. I ricla\ after 
;i. but ritt>field IliKh w<m out the 
iwin« day. -i'^ to 2:j. 
I leming, the Two- Year center, w.i> 
ch scorer for both j;am<s, hi> total of 
nteen points in tlu- New Sal« iii (on- 
• l)( inK the deci<linK factor in 
• . TIk' lint np^: 
Two- Year New Salem 

H 1 P H. I-. P. 

. ■ r.l _' II 1 Ml' llIi.ilN. lu II II fl 

' l> Wiltli. rs; n 1 1 

. 11 1 WatiTinan, • i 1 !> 

J 1 .-. W.-th.-rl.y. It i 1 '' 

1 ', Biu-low, rl II II " 

I'itlstield Two-^far 

i;. I . !■. i. I 



Mr. Frank Speaiftht Reads from the 
Pickwick Papers 

Stiiileiit> .md f.iciilty of M .\.( . were 
>;i\eii .111 cMiiiiik; of heart \ enjoy meiil .it 
the third Sh Inion enlert.iinment held 
in Stockbridne Hall. Iriday. I'ebruary li. 
Mi. I' rank SfK-ainht, u reader of Dickens, 
kept the capa(it\ crowd in a turmoil of 
l.iiinhter as he portraxeil the eccentrii 
.Mr. I'ii kwit k and the timid Mr. Winkle, 
toKether with S.mi Wellei. .ill (har.Ktei- 
Irom the I'ickwiik I'.i|mi>. .Mi. S|Hrii;;ht 
i> one of the lii--i known le.iiler- on the 
st.ij^e, and owe> hi> succes-> to hi-, 
\ari,ition of \oice and tlu- In'wilderiii^ 
>(H-ed ,it wliicli he i^e> his expression 
to lit his It w.i> |M(ssible to 
M't- how a cert.tin lady could say that ^he 
never saw a iii.iii look .ts much like .t 
horse as lu- did. 

.\t the clov ol hi> s«l(i 1 iiiii^ iHiiii 

"I'ii kwi( k I'.iiHT-", .Mr. S|Mait;lit >;a\e a 

biiet I, ilk (oiuerniiiK the crilii-- opinion 

ol Dickeii--, and n.i\f some eMelleni ,id 

vice on how to n ai' .ind » lit ici/e corni t K . 

iConlinunI on Vniv 4, 

Fast Frosh Five 

Defeated 32-14 

Northampton Commercial (adlejie 
Successful Against I'MI Outfit 

( »n \\ediie>d.i\ afterniK)!! of la«t w>ck 
1 he freshman basketball team nut the 
Northampton ("omnu-rcial ("olle^'e Tim- on 
the Drill Hall lloor and was defeated. 
:i2 to n. the >;anu- started with last 
ai tion, l>oth teams striving their hardest 
to break throu^;li the oth«r's define . but 
early in the tirst inriod it jio^sible 
to s<e that the outcome would Ik- di;<is- 
trous for th<' \earlinvjs. l,<Hkw(Kjd. re- 
c« nlly I lei ted captain of the yearling hve. 
.ind l).i\i> plaved \ery well for tin- Iumiu- 
team. '! he -mtimary : 

r:oinnierrial College Kreshmen 

IJ I 1' U I I' 

I :il)liinow-k 

. II 




Ijh kvviMul. It 

S;illlli>ll. rl 



Miiik^tciii. f 

< ilt)r\. 111. It 



Uavi. . V 

I'ollar.l. If 



Nichols. 1- 

Brill. . 



Bak.r. 1.; 

KiTlC. I 



Daii'-'l' 11 

Mavcr, rg 



Kail' ■ 

Kiaiiski. rv 



f »iia\ , li; 









III.'- s mill. 11 



.Special Dances F'eature 
in (Concert 

l.a-l Iridax evening tlu < .irU' ( .i<-r 
Club pres«-nted a very successful concert 
imder the auspices of the < irani;e Soiiiiy 
in i.everett. (his conitrt sjioweil i 
marked impriiveiuent o\er the iijnccri^ 
iir('\inn-K pir-( nteil in the t;ioiip niiir 
bers as well a>- the indivi<lii.i! number- on 
the prf>j;ram 1'.. m-r' i.f the illne^- <.! 
several of tfn ;>roi;r,uii 1. hI 

to fx' re\'ised -mni w h ii .iii'l ' l)i niinJ,!-; 
\)y the sinj^le irin oim' • ■■.,>.,' 

Mrs. ('urr\ S. Ili( i 
ihe xirls in the d.iii »• iiiiinii. r- o, lu. ;■■■ ■: • :• 
ihe feature ■■ •' ■ :in-"iii' i m 

i.everett. A ;i!i ■! Tin 

.\rk,ni-.i- I r.,\. !, i- ' li.,~ ! ,. . n i.l '. ' 1- 
'- .1 ralliir iIcmi' -ki' in ■.i-,,;,i'!- '.■.,■■. 
-I I ,i w li.ii -" limn !i'. Im-i ; T,!!' i ' -i/ . 
all'] 1 )uriill|i I \\ 
\ M ■ Ui 1 1 ' I I ■ ; \ I ' i 1 ! 1 I 
I'.i: Il n-haw .mi! I .-! In i" !'' ' .-. ,-,.■> 
i.iki p.irt iii <in "I lid I .i^liinnni i>.in • ' 
u iiii 11 i~ \ i: \ I li.i! ininv''- i !< ■fi' -i': ' '>' '■ ' •! 

IIC\ tr I, ill- t I, :\i aW ,111 < III 

Tlii- \\<i k I 111' ( hil J i - 

( mil I ft - : nlli nil \\ I iIlM -i|,l •- tl \\ 

Paintings Attract 

Favorable Comment 

Sirikinti C<>h>r KiTects Are 
Noticeable Features 

\\ lull- the iie.iibv Drill I bill 
ii.ilU decorated for the Hall la>t Satin 
d.ix. the loiini;inK room ot the Memori.d 
I bill wa.-^ resplendent in iis own decor.i 
lions. X'isitors and <lele^ales from tlie 
\.ilious colleijes made \'er\' f.i\or,ible 
lommeiit upon the strikinKl>' be.iiililiil 
collection ol w,iter colors by Mr. ( ii'orj.;!' 
I'e.irse |-.imis now on evhibition. The-e 
p,iiiitin^> deseixe all pr.ii->i-, for Mr. 
l'!nnis i> well kiuiwn in .irt circles .iiul his 
lAer^l.ides .md SMcoasi Mcnes are hue 
e\,iiiiples ot his d.trini; ion .iml 
>plendid ttchniipu-. 

I'.irtii ul.irly line e.x.imples of iIum 
cliar.n tiristics of Mr. lainis' painting-, 
.ire "lishinv; for H.i>s" .md "( .rami Ikiiik-- 
lisliermen". Ihe lormer is a picluie ol 
the lAei^Lidi s, .md the .irtist c.iunlit 
the be.iiity of this >w,iiiip kind in .i scene 
of l,i/\ tishinu under the shade of dripping;. 
(CunUnued un Puite i) 

Sextet Loses 

To Amherst 4- 1 

(;oal in Last Minutes Sa\es .Xftftie 
Team from Wliitewasli 

A b.itlle \\,i> Mill l,isl rillir-d.i\ 
.illemoon when the ( olle^;e seMel met 
the .\llilursl ( olle>;e hot ke\ tiammi I he 
.X^^ie rink and was defeated b\ .1 I to I 
SI (ire. Ihe name t hroii^jhout lull ol 
iluilU but the intense lold of the alter 

I n iii.ide it extremely uncomfortable 

lor the speitators. Diirini; tlu- lirst two 
Itrioils the (ontest was waned largely in 
llu Annie territorN, but tow.irds tlu- 
llu home pucksters carried the .ution 
into their opponent •^' ten it or \ . i he ^iiinle 
(Continued on Page 4) 

Forty-Three Awards Given 

At Insignia Chapel 

riiirty .\wards to Members of Athletie Teams. Ten (iold 
Medals and Three Silver Medals .\warded 



l..i>t Mond.iy ninht tluie was held in 
the Memorial liuildinn a !■ acuity smoker 
ill honor of Dr. Irederitk J. Sievers, new 
• iirector of the Kx|xriment Station. Dr 
Jo-eph H. l.inds,i\ siHike briefly on the 
hi^torx of the -.t.iiion ami intKuluced Dr. 
Siever> to llu I .u ulty. The new directo 
then n-'^'" '' >hort ies|Minse. .AlMiiit S."i 
member^ of the Faculty were presiiit. 
.\fter s|K-eches the n<»tl»*r'"K turned to 
c.ird ni*"""'' •'"•' l><»^^h''« ''"d P"<'1 '"' a net tonetlur. 


, ... Hhiii .Ji'. Iru i men li-ill moki- U.'i 
niilitkr'. Ihaii he who .Ihlrusli them. 

< ifur 

U pdne«day 

liiNtlr.iti-rnitv t>a-<k<-tl>all' 
>n;in.i I'lii KpsiUm v. K K. 
l>.lta IMii Alplia vs. Alpha Muma Plii 
<iirl-' (■.!-•<■ (lull ( ouMtt at Williaiii-ldit 

\'.ir-it V t)a-k<-tlrall'. 

Uilliaini at Williain-^towii 

Xar-ity lia»k tlial!: 

Pratt Instil lU- at M A < 
l.irl-i' fil«- ( liil) < oiiKlt al Knt"l<i 
Fr»-hmaii tia-kctUall; 

Mi(|c||i-<ex Pre-Me«tu al at Vt..\.C. 

_' II 111 Interfralcrnity Song Cont« ' 
Kv.-tiinn: Kiat'-rnitv Initiation Baii'in'i- 
.\!l.ha Sutnia I'lii at Hot*-! NortliamMoii 
Mjilia (raniiua Rlio .u the Nono' 

KiviKi KtJMi'on at ili>- Ilotfl Nortli.nni • 'h 
, ...,,, vii.,„;i at th(.' Ilot'-^ IVrry. Ainh' 1 > 
Alpha at Dr.u«r Hall 

. ippa at n- n ■" 

r>avfni" :,iliii-l 

- .:!:i.: 1'!;; Kp-il': ' ' " 

Inn .\mli<'r-' 
I :,<-ta < hi ■■>■ 

r ■, .-V.MI 

Su hiI.i >. 


I u. -.1 

\ i-:\\ t, t-Kit I.; 
r«''l ilf-,irt Hit 


Team from Harvard I'ott .Sirontt in 
()\ertinie Period 

('(•niinn Irom IhIuihI in the Litter p.iil 
ol the xi iiml h.ill Id t ic I he More, "l.,iri \ " 
Jones' Noil |).iieiU d«'le,iled tlu' Annie 
hoopsters in .111 o\eitime period ol ,1 li.iid 
loiinlit pr. let ice n-")>t' ■■! the Diill I bill 
1. 1st S.iturd,iy .iltermion. In the seioml 
h.ill lletlnes ,ind ( >liii> m.ikinn three 
neat baskets .ipieie. while "Kid" < loo'- 
< h,irnes Were scorinn oiiK Imii |>oiiil~. 
broke down ,1 I'll lo II lo e\eli the 
count. In tlu iiM'itime session, Kr.ift and 
Niceh dri>p|H'd twin counters and the 
defensive pl,i\ inn ol tlu' Non pareiK lul<l 
their oppiiiielll'^ to one loill b\ blleit. 
m.ikinn the lin,il ■-( ore 2S lo L'.a. 

I )i I ided impnivement -Imwii in 
ihe loiiii ol the iiillene le.iiii o\el ill, it 
di-'pl.ixid in the Spiinnfuld n'""e. llu 
visitor^ were ,ill iiuliv idii,il st,iis .inij li.nj 
,1 v.iiied p.i~-iiin .itt,ick. ( un 
MipieniK, tile n.iiiu I out. lined a> much 
.11 lion .i-^ .\t\) Men thi-- year, ami 
nood practice for I be h.ird n'i<'"s comiiin 
(III the home leam'> S4 hedllle. 

"lilomK" riiom.i-. ,ind "UoK" Und 
lonellur >coied tell point- tor I lu' .\n.ile- 
(Clontinued on I'uftt- 4i 

Freshman Hockey Team 

Wins and Loses 

Heat (Greenfield <i — 2, but Lose lo 
Williston. .^—1 

It'll li\ lio-i ibc fre->hman liiM'keN 
-,<xtet ran wihl oxer ( int nlield llinh l.i-l 
I lU'silax on the .Xnn'*' ri"k, defe.tiinn them 
i» to 2. I'fer-ick s<<(red first for tlu- 
xisitors, but j-rost iiiimedialely retaliated 
with an un.i--i-»ted n<'al. In the semnd 
IM-riod. M.iiily .m<l I ro-t IhhIi reieixed 
the pill k on iKisses .iiul pii-.lie<l ii p,i-»l 
MiMire, the < iiienheld no.ilie, .Hid I'ler-ick 
.inaili l,dlied iiii,i>-^i>leil. Iror^t i.inecl the 
riiblxr with the third -e— -ion h.ill oxer, 
.mil in the la-.t lliirtx secotul-, he Mond 
his loiirth .md \l in' x -l.iiiimed in .iiioilu a 
on .1 rebound. 

( In Iriday, liowexei, the team lost to 
Williston, there, bx a xore of .'{ to I. 
( ary started the m orinn but .Matitx ^oon 
evened inatlei \>\ 1 initin the pii< k un 
,i-sisted. The >i(oii'l periiMl xxa-- s< orele--, 
but Williston loiiiiie.l twice ill the 
session. Holmlxin ni'' I in 1 -tarred lor 
I Continued <in Pait«- 4 


Optimism Reiftiis Supreme as Date 
Is .Set for February IH 

.Action has liten l.ikeii on tlu- Uiiiier 
( arnix-.'il stinnestion made at the rec*"!)! 
Student I oruni, and. at a meet inn "• 'he 
«omtnittee held la«t Weclnevlay exeninn, 
the date Mt a- I ebriiary bS. TIun i> 
not absolutely fin.d, howexer, ^iiue lack 

ol -t\i,\\ .it '11,11 will I ill-e pn-t[)oi|i 

iiiini. Ill* pronr.iiii rem.iin^ praitii.ilix 

tlic -.ptiii a- pte\iiai-K" iiiitlined. coii>i-.l ■ 

i I IJ r , I , . < - i . . 1 : 1 , 1 1 < ) \', - I i < 11 .'lid 

>kiill., a liOt k( \ n-'""' with llie 

\erni'>iit. and a sleinh rid<- 
Siiiii hxx il k 'L".t is the < li.iii 


Mil ">iii 

I'liixi 1 


■ 1 

111. Ill • 

111. 1.. 


' ri\ > II 

':;i 1 

,lll<l till 


(■ (.Ml 

1 1 

1!. 1 

imdi I 

1 ! 




-\'< i 

1 , 1 i 1 


-\H)\\ I 

i J ) 


In iitonmliou ol >,i\i, r III ciihei ,ica- 
deniic or ,illiletic .u lixilies ihii-« in t he 
xe,ir, loilx ihuc sliidentN leieixid their 
.iw.ii.U .It lii>inni,i t Ii,i|mI lulil 1.1,1 Iri- 
d.ix moininn. < M this niimbii, which is 
I, liner iisii.d. ihiiix weie .iw.ii.|,i| f,,r 
seixice on .iihlclii icinis while the re- 
m,iinder were presented with med,ils bir 
vvork in .u .idemic .ictixilies. 

Acidemic .iw.iids were pieMiiltd to 
llu siiulenis, who, incidenilx. weir .ill 
seniors, b\ riotessor I i,ink I'. 
I hose who leceixeil n'>ld med.ils were: 
bllsxxorih Ikirn.ird 'L'S |,,r mix in on the 
( .>//.i;;i;/; .md /»/</cv. .M.iswell II. (.oMbirn 
'l',s, koisiii Doisiers ,ind ileb.itinn; 
Koberl II. Owers '-JH. UoisMr Doisiers 
,ind .Miisic.d (lulls; |os4phine I'.m/ica 
'■J'.K ( 'ollfnitiH. ( .iris' ( ,lcc ( I,,),, .,,,,1 l,„l,.y- 
I riiest I.. Spencer 'JS, CkIIixihn .md 
liidix; I . K(H kxxell Smith 'l',S, orclustr.i; 
l.dwili A. Wildei J.S. Collrfiiilti; .md I . 
Doioihe.i Willi. ims 'liX, Cirls" ( ,lce ( lub. 
Silxer med.ils were .iw.nded lo the lollow- 
inn: 1 1, Hold K. .\nseil '-JH, Miisii.d 
( lllbs ,ii„| tolli'f^; I. .1,1 \l It.ilihclder 
•JS. (.Ills' (.1,,. ( |„|,; II.,, nil I'. II. ill 'L'S, 
(.ills' (.I.e ( liib: Dollt;l.i> W. I oim^; 'L'.S, 

Collnn.iii .iiid MbioM I! Kicker "L'S, /m/rv. 

.\thleii( .iw.iids w.K nr.inted lor IimiI- 

b,ill ,ini| 1 loss I oiinit \ . ihcsf licinn pre- 

MllUd b\ I'lolissu, (1,1 IX S. Milks. Ihe 

lollowinn "uen of the \\V27 l<M)tb.ill team 

wen n'veii swe.iliis .md certilicites: 

(Oinliniifd <iii l*a||p .<i 


Morrison Chosen for Tlirei- I'ositions. 
lorrey Still .Most I'opuiar I'rof. 

I I Is .ilw.ivs the duly of the Junior cI.isn 
lo p.iss jiidnmenl on its memlKrs with 
reference to ihe x. 11 ions t l.iss ch.ii.icleis 
so that these may Im- printed in tin- Indix. 

The cl.iss of IHlMI (hew up its piece of evidence ,il ,1 iiiei linn held on 
j.inu.irx li.'i, .Hid. while one m.ix dis.inree 
with the com eiisiis ol opinion on a lew 
-elei lions, nexei I lii'less llu iiMJoiilv .lie 
undoubtedly well 1 liosen. In |,e ele< led 
to III iert,iin ol 1 he 1 h.ii.iclers woulil seem 
lo be .1 (III idod lomplimenl, while others 
would stem not e\,i<ily compliments but 
merely plain fads. However, as someone 
has said, the triiih is iM.iiiiilnl, », ii will 
Ih- wise to liH>k ii|>oii tlu' doiiblliil ones 
iConlinurd <>n l';i|)f I, 

Aggie Relay Team 

Outrun by Bates 

Next Meet at Wortesler Te* h on 
February IH 

III lliiii sCMiiid null ol till se,i,,(ii. 
M.|s-. Annie's n l.ix ipi.irlil lost ,1 (lose 
1 ,11 I lo I {.ills ( ollene in one ol I he exeiit s 
on the I .ird ,it the If A.X. nuel luld in 
Ifoston 1, 1st S,iiiird.ix. \,irioiis newsp.i|H'r 
rejKjrts stated the distant e In'tween I he 
two am hor men at the hnish of the match 
to In- .iny where from fixe- to M-xenlx lixe 
\ards. but ol'lii iai rejHirls proxe 1 he 
ffHirth runner for Ifates was only alMJUt 

Irll X .11 lb .die. id ol t .ipl.iili S haplxdle. 

If, lies' lusi rminer opened up a .it 
the si, HI when "St, 111" II, ill misjiidned his 

sp«'l il oil llle lll-l l.lp, "I'lli ' b'lilM I ' -iill, 

rimniir,; liis Inst rel.r, tac. iii.uia;-. d lo 
hold his oxxn xxhili l>',ii' lii- t!i< 
lliiiil iiiniiir, naiiu d li-i- 

I !■ . , ! 

• W-.l: 

I -on r lo 

I , ' I 

.11-1 li'ildi 1 • 

I hiaa: 




^^^^^s^iiM^i'iT^rniiM.lW. WKDMSDAY. 1 lU. S. 192S 


Offidal luw-pil'^r "' l'"' M-issailuihctts ! 
AKruultiii;.! (clUgc. I'ublWpd (%.iy 
WfdiKhd.iy l)y tin- ^Ui(ltiit>. 

bOAKD (»1 1 I'llOKb 


lil i.swnmii I!ai ■ 

1 ,iiii.r-in-< lii't 
MaiiauiiiK M'tot 

EdilO.ial 1 "f-'^' I' ^"Nl'^'' 

Featmp »'^«""» ^-^ <-'■*'** 

Alumni & M.oit ( ..ui>. , JosKPHiNK I'ANXirA 

Athleiic ^' "■-vt^'K^^K- 

Caki. a. 

Kkank T. IX'i t-i A>s 


Kkic SiN&iuroN 

KlAI. S. I'Olll'.K, JK. 

Faculty John H. IIowahi. Jk. 

Samy !•:. Ukai.ii-.y 







E..W.N A. VVM.i.KU ••JH . Bu.ln.»s M.nuu« 

D<n ...AS A. LO..N.; "iH Cir. ulat.on M-.maKer 

Ha«..> .. K. Ansu. I. '^H A.lve.ti..nK M..n..K" 

Lawkincb a. (AkKian 29 

William A. Kgan •29 

FKKllF.kKIt D. TlIAVKK. JK- "-» 
Kl.HIKT (.. (.(Mll.NOW •:«• 
WlNIIIKOI'*'- !-M11ll "M 

J.MIN K. Tank '30 

copies 10 nnts. M..k. all payable 
to The Massachlsi.tts ( <)ixi.t.iAN. 

will pl.a.,' nolifv tlu- l.uMmss n.anaKn 
as soon as jMissililt'. 

t- . .. I w .I-.,. II. I ill- iii:iltor at the Anl^lpr^l 
P„ ,'T.l o A>V ' -■' lo, nmilinK at .,«-ci..l rate- 
^," . ta^;p.ovi.lo,}....Mn «..tion n.a Act oi Oc- 
tober. liM7.autl.oii-^i-d Aunust 20. 1918. 


Thf Mililaiy r.;.ll LiM Sal. ...lav .v. 
niiiK in a.Miti"" \<> I" i'.i; > "' ^^ a.ti\.i\ 
on o.u- MKial raUn.l.... n^-'- •' 1'""'^' 
, ,i„.,i„„ ,!i..t llu-..ttii..'l.-oi ill. ~l 1.-1. i.t^ 
;,^ a wIk'I'- towards .l.iiu.-, .-p«"-'"'^ 
'l., all..i.-. l.a^ -inr.- l..>i M.iitv ol I.N i<«al! that a yiaf aRo 
n.-my ol lla- I lidax niul.t dames Wfiv 
n«.i cNt'n stlf Mipp«"'>"i^ 

It i-, tolH M.U-, il>.l"•^Ml.l. lHp""'< '""'u ^^l...t !..» pi. .<!«.<«•'! ll.i-^ < 1'.'":;. 
iuul. i.u.novti. an all. ..Ml i" di.srovir 
,,„, ,l,an.-inu (.mv. nvoi.1.1 ^inply U- a 
vv ,M. ..( tina- iww ll>at . ..n.l.ii-.n- liavt 
j;n aiK in.provfd. \\V n. vl only -ay tl...t 
•„ i^ a N\.Uoiur .lianvit ai«l on.' whuh \.i 
,_,„ I, i„Mlv pn-i"l "f '"' '""" r<..M,„^ 

thin out. 

li i>niiu rally a.lmimd d.m. inu is 
tlu wav 1.. Ininv; .i n.iv.l trovv.l of 

,„„pl.. 1..KH1"'- ■""• '""'^^'' '"•'"• lu i> Ol- n..i. sliniil.l I..' W.I! 
vir-..! ill u'tlioK ..lo.i!i with all Up.- <.( 
propl.-. \I....'A'"-. -<«■'••' «'■"■'■ '^ ""*' "' 
th. ihiiiK^ wl.i'l' 1- f.NPi'«tt <! ..! . vny man 
Nvhoh.islwii i..."ll.u.-. li may lua im>- 
taU. n i.l.a in onr .-limation lu.t tlu- ia.t the u«n. pi|l'li<- 1">1«1^ >'''■ 

Sm< .■ .1 1.1. vi' I'-'" "' ilifs»«i;«l-""^"»''" 
,,|i, , ...U.K.' an- XK-ial affairs, th.- 
p.irt I.1..V- an imporlant roU-. Tlnri- an- 
various \savs o( li.roniinK a<-. iistonK-.l to 
tl„ of a tuM.lo l.ut the .-asic-st l.y 

I., I i- .1. I. Hill. d li.lIK (>■ 

\\r an- now ..inviiui-d th.ti l*'im-d 
daiui-sar*- worth svhiU' .md that tlu-y 
\,v ,.jndinti-.l .-.I .amptis and Ik- 
financial sii<nss*s. Sin..- w.- iuiNv m..d.- 
smh a uood start Ut ii.^ not drop l-.i. I; i<> 
tht- f.x.t of tho s<Hial laddiT ajtain hut 
strive to plat t- hinnal dan. is on the same 
par h<rc as lliey are H <'ih.r ...llei-.s. 

I ), lu, I'hl ( ..oil. 11.1 I 111. ri. linn! Mr-. 

K.,M.>e \V. I il"' l.i'i'li"> 

w.Mi.eii nu-mlx-r- ol , i i !• > 

la-i \\<<l.i. m|.,\ ,iIi. I li" \lil<e\ 

( '( 111. I . 

I Th.- ^ W ' \ ■ planning to entertain 
u uroupol Mi. iinl\oke I olieKe uirls \vli.» 
.,r«- to spell. I ill. d,i\ with Miss Ihlen 
Kiiowit..n in . 1..- .\M ' > < < "H'l • Sunday, 
dir. (th alt. r .lii..i.-i 
^ - M 

l.ll.i I'.ii.kl.r iiid Kiiili D.ivi-Dii, hotli 
■JT, -p.iil till «eek-.nd on ..i.i.inis sisil- 
iiiK th. ir lii.iid- .it tin- Ahhey. 

1 .aim. 1. I.e. it i.Mt> lu- ill howliiiK ar.- lo 
Im- h. 1.1 ill Memorial Huil.linK ne.\t week 
1.11.1. r th.- .lir.rtion of the Women's Atli- 
l.ii. AsMii i.itioii. 


Mi-- rran.-e- ('. 'Iliomp-on -'•>. d.iiinh- 
i.r of l'roles^..r ( harles H. Thoiiilison. married at the ( .race Kpisropal <hiin h 
!a-t Saturday evenini; ai T.'H) u> Kalpii 
!,. 1 r.iine, ura.ln.ite of liu- liUNersity of 
Del.iware, ..n.i graduate M.ident of Micro- 
hiol.iKy ..t M..\.r. Ih.- .oui.le att.-ii.le.l 
the Military i'.-ill after the .ereii.ony. 


U.irl.ara Sanh^.tle L'S was eleeted 
• apiain ..1 th.- .n ..1 rill.- team ami Bessie 
M. Smith ■-"■' W..S ele.te.l iiianaKer at a 
meet inn of the team hel.l ia-t Saturday. 
Tlu- team has been turning in -ome e-xeell- 
i-n» stores.. iiisiderinn th. .iii.oiinl of pr:"" 
ti.e whi.h the Kirls have ha.l. A linai of 4.S(I out of .1 IKissil.le ."»<«» was 
111. 111.- .h.riiiK I lie !'•'"' ^^' •''•'- 





1 INK I 

Insit^ni-a (Hrapel 
The .\\vards 

A'^aia tin- i.ipula.t- . heer- tin .d-.ail 
to lie-reward. .1 ijlailialors. althouuli <)"• 
.let. I iiott- of d.-risioii in the 
.Iire(t(-d at th.- iini.s.i.d . lalioratenes- .if 
dress apparent .iiiioni; the gridiron la r.H-s 
a- they tast.-d ulory for a lew hrici 
nioments by the A (|ui< k hand- 
clasp hv th<- l>ean, a perfi.iu t.iry ehi (-r 
It-d l.y ill.- .■!i..r 1. .id.-r, lli<- r.ceipt ol ,i 
-w.ater an. I a .ertili. ;ile, and the abash, d 
w.irrio.-- pas- .hi with tlu-ir impedimenta. 
Ihen appear llnir distiiiKuishi-d con- 
t( iiiporarii s, tlu- orators, siribes, and 
diaiiiatisis to ri-.-ei\e ri-counition of lluir 
pnbli.- servi.c as befits th.- »y|H- <if a.- 
.•omplidimeiit a.hieved, tlu- me.lal rilhir 
than .1 sweali-r, tl..- poet's laurel, a- it 
w.-ri-, instea.l of iht- K'ii'l';'""''''' breast 
plati-. The cheer leach r cancels an in 
spiral to call for a yell. Sii. h a. hieve- 
iiient merits silent coiit.iiiplation r.ither 
than vulK'ar applatis.-. .\ ..impromise is 
M-cimd, hi>w(\.r. in .i lonune-twi-tiie^ 
-hoi.l t.H At Al>l-Mi( S". 



A- .1 Usull 'it till- III. 11^ "' ''"■ "'^' 

uain week the M.A.( . ( olk-i;.- team 
iM-at the Amher-t (-..lieu.- t.aii. 1-JtHl to 
llf.S. These scores are those of the livi 
hiuh-M-.H-eis of either team. Th.- results 
ol the nial.h.s fired bv ih. entire Uatn 
are a- loUow-; MA.*. -l-"><>. t'iib«r 
Milit.iry Aca.l.ii.> o'>'.«l. a.i.l ih-- rniv.i- 
-il\ of Dayton :ili'i<'. 

Tlu- ci-e.l- who li.iM' l«.n clio-in l.< 
repliant M.A.C. on th-- Kill's rille te.iin 
in or.l.-r .>f their position- on i hi- 
are: W. Smihuat.- 'U.S. Ulan, he 
I >. Avery 'I'S, llorothy M. Cook.- '~X, 
Ir.m- I . I5artl.1t 'l*'", I'essi,- M. Smith 
•Jlt, Kulh II. I'.irri-h ''J'.'. <da.l\s \:. 
Siv.rt "lMI, Sally T-. Ilr.idlev 'ol. /..e K. 
Ill.kney 'ol, an.l \ irwinia M. M. < -old 
ri. k ':!1. The substitul.s an-: Domtliy 
I., i.e.iiianl 'US, ami Anna K. Diuney '.'.I. 

111.- K.O.l.C. i- lo be lepn-sented by 
the lollowinmailei-: U.rli.ini 11. Ilollaiul 
•J.S, Uolurl j. K.iner 'JS, John S. Cha.l- 
wi.k '-''. Kol.rii 1 . Armstrong '■'!<•. 
(.eorne A. Harms ■.•{t», Maurice M. Cleve- 
land ';«>. HerlK-rt A. (".oo.hll "M, John 
H. Howard "M, l..iwn-ii..- W. Sp<H>ner ';«), 
| \V. N.irtlu-olt 'ol, Lowell II. Patch 
■:{|. John I-:. S;uuh)W '.U. J.ihn Sonus '31, 
Koberi I'.. Stuart '.'il, and as substitute 
I'.iul A. kudman 'ott. 

The Service 

One miKlit infer fniii. ih.- bri. I d. .ibove that all a. hievemenl i- 
\ain, ill. It honor i- empty, in-iuni.i 
chaiiels are bunk. We be- of >oii lo 
.lb-tain fnnii sii. h .i .on. lii-ion. I In 
-.\.n-, loiitiut- work wlii'l. the footli.ill 
nun have done to pn>.liice a hKhtin^ 
liai.i ilesi-rves Tlu- ionu spent in iiieparaiion for |.i.bli. 
perform.mces or |Krinanent re.onls by 
ibo-e em;ai;e.l in aca.leuiic-. have been 
worthy of n-wanl. The nature of th. 
rewani is a d.-b.itable <iu.siion. 

IVobably the -n-at.--t -atisfacti.m wlii. li 
those enuav:ed in out-id.- activities h iv. 
fell come at nioiiu-nt- wh>-n i If v 
were i niploye.l at their t hosen l.i-k-. 
whi-ii some litth- .l.t.iil which they were 
tr<iiiK t.) perle. I >ii.ldeidy arsiime.I tli.- 
d.--iie.l sh.iin. It is t.i belie\. these pe.iiile have winked faithfully 
.filly t.. enj.n a tr.ii.-ilor\ apiK-aran. i- 
bi-hire their i.-ll.iw -i u.l. 


The Method 
.\ ( mi'^ihl be r.ii-t.l .-on- 
cerninn the personal reaction of t!io-e 
who receive awanis to the nHtho<l ol 
pnii-edtire f.iUowed. Assure.lly. the stu- 
.leiit- at lar^e nee.l a publi.- display to 
briiiK lo their attention sonuthinu of 
what ha- been doiu- for A^tjie by others, 
ll.iwever, the inadequate ceremony which 
now t.ikes pla.e is iiitifuUy hnniomu-. .\ 
private Iw-stowal of sweaters and ..-riiti- 
cates, if accompanied by sin. ere p.-r-ona! 
expression of voiild bt- 
niore hltinvc. 

—nv — 

;,s l>c.iii< \\ . S.mbor.i i- cost ...'■ 
i-ountant h.r Keed ami I'...." Ml^- ^ "■• 
\V.)n-er.ter, Ma-s. 

'IN (ieorn.- J. l^uiK.iii i- '" '•'"■ "'"■'^' 
bu-iness at Arlington, .M.i--. 

J : Mi - Mary ( .il.ier.iu-ister, foriii- 
, rl- . ii^.i^;. .1 in e.hi.ational work in I' 
Kill), i- tu)w teaihiuK bi.ilony, cheii..-lr\ 
and utiH-r''' ^<ienie in tlu- hi«h sihool at 
kaiid.iiph. \t. 

'Si t'.ior^je <i. Ihilley i- now in cli.irne 
of ih.- .lepartnient of the We-t- 
cott Nursery to. at l-'alls Clu.nh, \a. 

'Si I'aul 1-^. Shumway who resi(5iu-d 
tr(.iii his position in the scieiue depart- 
in. nt .>f the Sh.lburne l-alls \\'ni.U S.h..ol, 
is II..W employed as a teache. in th.- liit;h 
-(ho.ll at Turners Falls, Ma—. 

_'i .S; "l'o Mrs. J. Stanl.-y Ih-niu-tt. 
lorm.rly "IJobbie" < ieiuer, is niakinu 
ambitious efforts to have the Annie (.le. 
( lub- tom.- t.), M.i—., during 
the coi.iiiiR season. The 15. iin.tts an 
nianaijinn a poultry farm in Wa ieham. 

•iM John M. I-Vnioii, who is a in.irk.t- 
iiiL; .Xpert hir the Stat.- Department ol 
.\-ri. iilti.n- of New Jer-.y, now n-si. le- 
al rr.-nton, N. J. 

'Jl Will .\. Whitney, -.-.n-tary of thi- 
M.A.( . .\liiniiii Club .>f Washington, 
I). C., on lampus for several .lay- 
re. t-ntly. lie is a junior patholoRist in 
th. 15m..iu of I' industry, i:,.S.D..\., 
at Washinutoii, an.l is the n.-wly elecle.l 
M-.ntary <if tin- M.A.C. Alumni Club of 
Wa-hinnlon. D. C. 

'j;; < .i-orni- <i. HolU-y is now inch.irn. 
.)l the l.indscaiie d.-partment of the W. -I 

Th<- C <)i.i.i:<iiAN in at all tiim^s SjUel to publis 
.my coiuimini' ati.)!!-* wlii. h may l«- -^riu to it, bi. 
ll.L- Kdilofi will aisuine no rcsi«jnsibility for I!.. 
vi.'ws pxprcs-icil, ami do ii.'t ne^i-s-.irily t-i"l"r- 
-II. Ii views. 

on Ntirx ry Co.. at lalls Chiinh, \... 

■j( Don I . 1 ish is a supi-rintend.iU 
ol p.irk- in ( .n-i n-boro, N. C. IK- \isiled 
hi- home folks and the college campus 
during llii- ( hri-tmas h.di.i.iys. 

■Jl) T.. l-.rskine Harvey is jnacticinn as a surn.on in C.reenheld w hen- 
he i-o|ie:ninK a hospital hir small 

'1(1 ll.-nry U. l-rancis is employed a- 
pnifi-ss..r at the S\ CniM-rsity of 
ih.- Ni w N'ork Suite ('..lie;.;.- ol l-.m-irv. 

'Of. K' W'.llinni"'" "f i'"' Hoi'i 
. nil lire department of the New ^ ork 
.Xj^ri. ultiire MxiH-rinu nt Station, C.eneva, 
N. v.. has recently nturn.-.l fnnii a si\ 
months' s.ijomii in l-".nnland. ( .. riii.inv. 
ami l-'ran.i-. 

(I't Klnit-r I. H.iih.iw.i\ i- o.iupi. .1 i- 
piinh.i-inK ag. nt for the Hathaway I5.ik- 
iii;; * .1., Boston, Nbis-. 

IC;.ir .\. Terry i- -.des pninioter 
lor II. T. Hood iN: S.>ns, in... Ch.irles- 
t.iwn, Ma-s. 

I.. I. I-. I)uli\ has been .is-inned t he 
p..-ili<in of heaii of the Sience depart- 
nienl anil coa. h ."f athletics at Anns 
.\ca.leniy, Shelburne lalls. Mass. 


.\l the meeliuK of ll^' liU.rfr.iteriiit > 
Confen-nce, List Ihursday evening, iIh- 
I) .list ussion was centeretl on Rule 
'.» of the Interfraternity Conference rush- 
ing riil.s, n-nanlinn the initiation .)f 
l»le.l«i-- 15<.ause of liu- « li.inne in tin- 
nu-th.xl of aver.ininn lie-hnian nr-><l«>. 
which w.-nt int.. elT. . t last term, th.- 
Confen-nce \<.t.d to i''" iL"' ' "''" '" 
read as f.»n«>w-, -No tir-iiin.m pi.d:^!.! 
to a fraierniiv dminu "In o i;iil,ir^ 
season -h.d! i'.^ .illou.d lu Lc nii.i.i..d 
into'\ imi'l 1 -« hotarsliip 
awr.iKe of ^'>'<- lArh.diii. \\- ami 
rh\-i( al L.hiralioii, be ,i..,iiii. I .i- -lio'vii 
],, I 1|, 1 1, ,,P - r.ii.iid loi llir ti^ 
\li, , ilii. 1(1 ii; no p!( f].:.^- -h.ill b. mil mm d 
,,. ,, ,.ii iiil.( . "I .1 l..ilenii.\ imt i! ti' lit- 
-11, , I - !i,!l \ p ami .11111 d I hi- .1 \ ' 

■ 1.1 •■ I 1 ! ^ 

Matches are to 1k> shot this week 
against teams fn>m New Mexico Military 
Institute, The Iniversity of Maryland, 
.111.1 Oregon Anricultural College. The 
hr-t tw.i of are to lie shot by the 
\arsity rille team, an.l the thinl by the 
K.O.T.C. team. The R.O.'l .C. team will 
also hn- against the R.O.T.C. team from 
the New Mexico Military Institute. 


«:€intinued from Pufte II 

luoss-coven cl u.ii.r o.ik-. I lu- lati.r is 

(iilinU dilliK... in t^P''. bciiiu .i |)ic. ....- 

of the .i<li\( pr.p,i..ili..ii loi .. ti-l.iiii; 

tiip.Mi ilu- ( ('Id. M.-.ik ci.a-ts(.f N.wtoiiiid 

l.iml. wl.h !mu li.inuiii.; b.ii.L- oi -now 

.-loud- ,1 Ii-.'<id se.l. Hottl pic- 

mr.'s ,iif lir.iii. ilii'iU colore. I and i;n.- 

,1, , p iin|.o -mil- .1- to ihc 11. It ..!«■ ol lii( 

, (Hiin : II -. 1 or ihi- di-pl.i\ .In -' iid( n! 

|„.(',\ i- iiid.litcl m I'lol. 1 .,i..k A. W.iimii 

will, (ihi.iin.d iIii- w.iU. (dloi- i.iii.i lh( 

.,, , (,■,,! \i I < . il!. I i.-. ill Ni\^ 

\ .u k t 11 \ - 

The CJifts 

l-Aeryoiie seems to appreciate lu- 
sweater and certificate, but we have never 
noticed many academics medals dis- 
played. Surely, the scarcity of med.ds i- 
not .liie to any inferiority conipU-\ coii- 
cerning the work for which they wen- 
given. We ret all the suggestion of a pre.l.-- 
cessor, "How al)out aca.lei.iic sweaters.-" ' 
They are so big and warm, and a me.l.d 
is so small and cold, especially those 
silver ones. 


The Moral 
(■o out for at hi. -tic- if ><'U w.ini to 

keep warm. 


' , 1 1 1 r, 1 1 ^ 



Campus Gossip 

It i- -.lid f.iiiliti.-s for . .ii< 
' Siiiid.n iiiuhl \ i-iioi - .11 ill' 
' House arc \( r\ iii.i.le.ii.a!. . A- a.i .ilie\i.i 
ition of llii- -I.ite of alT.iii-, w liiliiibK 
I si.i;i;est ill.- -ubstiiuiioii ol \i-:i- to 
' IK i^ld Hiring instil iil ion- on bi.-'. . \i .im.,- 
ri.i- law of sujipiv .md di.ii.iiid -hoiil.l 
.ippU ill .irl .is well ,1- in bu-in'--. 
I ' - Id' 

( lnr ( .iiMiiv.d -till .iced- . A ■ mi.! 
lii^ to ilir \mmi!h-i- nii.pli'i-. 'v^i -'" i'' !'' 

(Continued fr«>ni I'afte 1) 

from that iK)int of view. Uc-ides, if a 
person <an do a thing very well, whether 
it be bliifling, grin.ling, or hating w.mi. n. 
he is entitled to resiH-ct anil recognition. 
The foUowing is the completed list : 

\t-(or LeonanI W'. M.irris.m 

.\thlete Robert L. Howie 

Ulufier W.llia.ii A. Kgan. Jr. 

Best Nat tired John 15. Zielinski, Jr. 

Cigarette I ii-iul Lmory D. I5urgi ss 

CriiKl Walter LI. Snithwi. k 

Dancer Jaiu- I'atterson 

j.",is!,ir Keniu-th W. I'erry 

Most C.arrulous. .LeonanI L. K. Sargent 

Most Successful John S. Woodbury 

Most Popular Co-e<L Klizitbeth .\. Lynch 

Most P.)pular Man John K. Ka\ 

Most Popular IVof. Dr. Kay L. T.)rrey 

Musi.ian Ira S. Hates 

( )r,it.>r Dennis M. Crowley 

Politician Dennis M. Crowley 

Kn-ti.- W' < .. 

Si.lilicr John S. Wo(.dlnir\ 

Wit LeonanI W. Morri-oii 

Wo.ii.m ll.iK-r . LeonanI W. Moni-on 

l.lxoM-d. for the ab.l-( d ^roimdhoi; would 
h,i\i -I'll hi- >h.i.low he c.mi- out 
In -. .• ii there I >( ' .1 .i.!\ wliiti- back- 
•cioiii.d on whiih to -( . it on i' L'. 
151' - - 
I hii iiifci- Irom tlK (•oiiimuiii' .1. ion 
|.iil.'ii-h. 1! 1,1-1 w(.k il.i' wli.i. Ac-;ii' 
111 1 (I- !iio-t i- ,1 ,: 1. -■ iv;i'-- d in. i . 

lo the Kditor 

of the Ci>llf\>iitit — 
Dear Sir: 

'■■|lu- tiiiu- . ill. Walrus siiid, 

T.) talk of many things;" am! 

-ime the ti....- arrise.l. I am sen.lin. this ueiiile missive, with some fain 
hope that you will publi-h it. 'Lhe fai i it i- .mother .inoin .i.ou- l.-tter wiii 
not, I h.»p.-, pr.iM- to be .1 prohibiii 
fa. tor. 

There is, in ihe M.-.iiori.d Huilding. 
ro.mi whi.h has been set aside, and dedi 
.ated, if n.>t formally, at least in spirit, 
lo th.ise men from Aggie who offend 
thenisehes as sacrifice, "that civilization 
might live." I can remember very [Mii;. 
n.intly hearing "Pre\\ ' Lewis tall: 
ferventU .ibout ihi- room. .Xiid I 1 .1 
rem.-mber that in my freshi...iii year 
whi.h in -ome wa\s i- -o ne.irly lo-t in 
oblivion — he asked us to vi-il tin- roon , 
the .Memo, ial R.Kim. an.l -pend a motneni 
in meditation, ihinkiiin of 'T'lande." 

Teinpus fugit. Not only .Ims it fugii. 
,111.1 fugit, but it changes. N'.iw 
there is a brilliant scheme on UhA. 'Hi. 
I. hair- which add so mm h to the lieaui \ 
,ind .itmosphere of the .Memorial Rooi i 
are to be moved up to the l.oggi.i — wh... 
they are to reiii.iin all afterniMm .in I 
evening on Suiulays. Lhe mom is to l.i 
devast.ite.l .if its furnishings: is to look 
b.irnii; is to mi-iii ravage.l; is to 1.. 
deprived of th.»se adornmints which w.i. 
place.l there to create an atmo^phen- ..| 
-.mctity — to make this n>oin a se.lud. I 
:.p.(t when- the meinorv of our -oldi. i 
bov- might be kept — awav from tlu- t.-ni 
p.--tu..n-. Ml kli . urrenl of . aniptis .utivii 
ami unsentiiiii iit.d irii -pon-ibility. .\NI> 

Win ? 

This ni.mi is being .1. -e. i.iteil in ord. i a certain "iMssion.ite fev\ ' in.iv h.i\. 
their -iipervistd "n.-. king parties" an! 
w.illow in luxurv. Ih.- . h.iir- are i-..ii, 
fort.ible, divinelv .•.nnl.irt.ible. l-or;,. i 
ih.- purpo-eof the room: forget those in... 
who.lie.l; but't forg. t t.imaketh.-i 
love sick swain- and '•-vv.iine-ses" eon: 
hirt.ible. while they, .inder th.- -np|H>s( iH eye of a .haperon, .-oinimi. 
with ( .1. h ollu-r's sjiirit. .Xinl the spi. 
of Lovi will hov.r over them. Can 
vou -. .- .1 plump, overfill, cirpiil. i 
( upi'l h.ivering arouiul .md shootii,. 
arrow- .it tlii-e lovi--lorii -indents? .Xii.l 
llvnieii will ,ds.i waltz in .ind give th.-i'i 
his I.I.— ing. .\n.l .XjilinMlite will vvreatln- 
iraiisl.iceiH crowns of ethereal laurel lo 
pi. ice on their sihol.irlv foreheads — whili 
thev sit in lhe .hair- .md "ne.k"— .nil 
the .Memori.d Room nin.iiiis -tripia-d "t 
its adornment-. will visitors siv' wlu-n thev -. . 
onr S,nii'tiiiii Sliin.torum ihii-!' 
Is ihi- \.ind.di-m justified.-' .\n- w. i 
-nbstittiti- for our own little siiutu.irv 
di-voted to the memory of .Xggie's hero.-, 
rl.issroom- for sup«rvi-e.l "ne. king"? Do 
v.)i. w.iiit to be -tigniatized as one win. 
is so ing .i creature .is to weakK 
\ield to su. h .lesi cration? 

.\r.- th.- sni.lents of this college m.Ml<i:i 
Pomi eys.-" 

Lo the llditor 
of the ColleRian — 

.\ny intelligent stu.lint w ho wa- pre-. ni 
.It ( h.ipel last Mon.lav nu.rning mi.-t 
have U-en un|)leasiintly impressed, if ii'' 
.lisgusted by the pnMi.lun-. Presid. m 
Lhaliher's dis<■our^e seemed to me to 1« 
utterly futile anil [Hiintless. .Siip|K>s<- om 
of the members of the -tiident IkmIv h i- 
been arrested,— not . to our cert ii" 
knowiidne. for the f.r-t time in two vr ;- 
\\h\ -lioiiid it li.- dnigg.'d before Us .il 
( li.iiel, not !o ilhi-lrali- .inv- (Miint, siii'' 
to the be-l of m\ pow.r- .if di-< erniii' i'^ 
ilur.- w.i- lion.- lu.ide. but apjiarentlv 
nienly to Itirni-h .i -iil.i.-. t wtiiih w. '' 
till lip the ii.iniiii-.' \oi .i li - 
t w a-'l 111 id to li.n I' b.i n .kIiI..- ' 
lo .III ,iiidi( I.I (■ ol .iM-r.ige iiitclligen. I ' 
,1111 not ,1 h, II, il lictcndir ol l.iw bri < 
cr-. but I do ipic-l io.l I 111 I l-ir ol pi.l ■' 
in^ mi-deeds in such .i ni.iim<r. 
I lure ,iii-es a-^ain the oii] i|ti(-i 
(.'ontinueJ on Pafte i) 


The well drcssotl men at A^jiie buy their clothes at Bt.lters, because there they receive style and value as well as service. 

CARL H. BOLTER »y^nnis 

The man that looks at a hat as soiiiethinji more than a shelter against the elements will do wolf to look upon I he Knox. 

Ill :AI)(,)1 ARII RS lOK S|»AM)|N(; igi II'MIM. 





Boston Headquarters for all M, A. C. and 
many other College Teams and Clubs 


Club Breakfast and Special Luncheons 

and Dinners 


Imported Scotch Grain Oxfords. 
Calf Oxfords or "Tux" Shoes. 

A new satisfaction every time you put them on. 





Optician and Jeweler 

< IM,K.\SANT STRKKT, (up onefliahi; 

ociilisis' Preserlplionh FIIK-d. Broken li-n'.e* 

atfuriilfl.* ropLiceil 

mr; HIS .m arm <;io<;ks ;inii other 

r«-ll:il>l<' tn-.ik.-s 


is open for the season of '27 and '28 
Onler EATS for parties, re- 
ceptions and hikes 
120 Pleasant Street, 

I-lrsi luiiiHv Kouth of campus 
Telephone 511 

\uu will liii.l .III .-xifllcni 

. . . SIH)I. RKI'AIKIN*. SIKH' . . . 

equipprti %%ilh ilu- iiiosi up-t<>-<lalf (^ 

.Mai'hiii(-r> ami .1 in.Kl.Til 

SII 01: SlilMNC. l>AKI.OK 

at II l-i .\mii.v St., - Opp. N«-w Thi-aln- 

lie unitfrilatt'l yimr re<iairrmrnl' and are pre- 

piimi III men ynur tifr.l:. 

Ml -.lark nujriittlifil. .S^i</rs hined and dyed. SO. 

viN<;i-:sT c;ranik>M(;<>, I'r.ip. 


■SOt |HT ninlii. $1.(M» pir p«r w«'.-k. $4.00 ptr 
niiinili. Laid up cars, iH-f. Isi lo .\pr. Isl, 
$2.00 pir niiiiith. 

Walter H. Harrison 


2n«l house North of Chimpuh 

TUXEDOS and Tux accessories... 

We believe our hand tailored tuxedo at $40 is the 
bi^jjest selling suit in town. It is certainly worthy of 
.vour Inspection, 
luxedo shirts §2.75 Ties .50 & $1. Studs & Links .50 $2 



((^.ntiiiued (rum I'aiii- 1) 

"Wll.ll i- tlu pill|K)M- ol CIl.liHl.^" ( .1 

i.iiiiK il i> n-livji.iiis .ili.Mit ImII ol 

I In- ( li.i|>.l imi.i.U.iri- |iait.-iii.-.l .ilt.i i lu 
.111. miiiiioiuil .ihiiM-, .111.1 tlif .itlui h.ill, 
.ililioiii;li .\t. -Ill, illy rrliniii(i>, .in- t.i I iu- 
III. »t i»liM-i\.'|- \sluill\ .111.1 I In-. inly woitliuliili- ( li.i|i»l 
exerrise (otlui tli.iii lll^inIlia (Ii.iih-I) tlii- 
Urm s;iy r.illur litis year- was lli.ii ,ii 
whi.h .WiM.mi Dc.ui Marsh.ill O. I .m 
pluar pri-si.lf.l: .m.l ii is .i.iniiUdl l.\ 
iliiiosl .■\ti-\oiu- ih.ii t'h,i|ul is no) il-,. 
I'l.i..- to iii.ik.- ,u,iil.-mic .111(1 .iilil.-iii 

I lull, wll.ll iiisiili.s iii.iiniiiv; ( li.t|i«l.-' 
* iil.iiiiK not ill.- .i| tliiim wlii. li we 
lii-.ii.l .M. .11. lay iiMiriiinn, or tin- ps.ii.l.. 
rrlinioiis 1,11. 1' wliiili is the only \,iii,il ion. 

II sums .1 l.iir i|ii.>ii.iii In ,isL whs siu h 
.1 ii,i\(-i\ -liMiilil l.f roiitiiuii-.l. 

I llsw. trill M. nil. ml. 

Professor Prince Speaks 

At Informal Hour 

I iifjie .Viuiieiue lle;irs Discussion of 
Shake-ipeare's .Sonnets 

Sli.iL. >| 1 ,11. V ~oiiii. I- ill. 
lojiir lor ilif I, ilk j;iMii l.y |'ro|.-si>r 
\\,ilttr I', rriiiic ,ii I he iii|.iriii,il lioiii 
'iiiil TiUMhiy, |,iiiii,ir\ ,{\ in St.x;. 
1 1. ill. I'roli-ssor I'rin. I- ( .iii.'.-rii.-.l hiins.if 
iiiainlv with s|;|iin^ the x.irioiis )|ii(-siions 
.•Jiinn l.-.l willi ilii- soniHis, ,iiii| with . \ 
|>l.niiiiiK ih.'iii hv the niosi |il,iiisi|>|( ol 
th.- M\.i,i! I lH-ori«'s a.U am. il. I .>i in 
-Ian.-.-: Ik- a>k.-.i lIu- |M-r|>lr\iiin .|iit's| ion. 
Who V 1^ ilic 'hark l.,i<l\' ol I In- son 
' ' ' - I !■ - iM ^. \ I ill. .1- ( pi I 


Ic.r all. frcnu y..iir 

to y«»ur 

Place (.arcls -,iiul I iillies for your 
N'alentine I'arlies 


\.iil..l .inion^ iiioil.'in .nii, . Ii.-i |,ili Siin.hh.M .n . iim| -Ji \li 

i U iilily, .in.l ih.ii -|>.ik. ol i;,. ' i ! loKokt- . .miiiii;. m, 

II.- lh.)ii«hl l),s| rxplain.-.l ilu-..i , j.u k D. l.ui.-\ 's or. h.-st,,. ..! N.inl.nnp 

Anolli.-r .|n.siio„ ,1,,,, i|„.vi|.,|,K ,, Hills ! Ion, , .msisiini.. ,,1 ilniii.n pi. . . ,, im 
lo the niiii.l ol i|i, ..}.>. r\.-r is, "I )i<| j iiislud i hr imisi, , .,n.| .liiiiiu; ihi- ini.-i l.ik<- the sim.iiions .1. ..rilml iiii^sion, , s \mi.. .,,,mi| h, i|„ 

li.mi i.,il lit. . lioiii (|ii,i-i 1, .il III, .,- ,, I Itiiililin^;. 

ih<\ jiisi iiti.i^in.iis '" I'ldpssoi run.. 


Winter Footwear 



— or — 



275 High St., Holyoke 

pl.t. mil ill.' i.l. ,1 ih.u i||,.\ W.I.- i.ik. n 
'""" xil lili . ol .11 Icisi ipi,isi hie, 
l.»r he IiioiikIiI lo liLJii .\i.lin.i- ili,ii 
.•oiil.l .-.isiK f\p|.iiii ill, \(i\ ..!-.■ nil n 
lion. (I in i h, soiin. |s. 

This is tlu- loinih lioiii h. I.l 
l.\ ill.- |).-|.,iriiiii ni ol lliiiii.iiiitii -, ,111.1 
s.-\ iiioii' will Ih IiiIiI on ..iiiiiny 

I iiis.l.iy i\( nin).'.s, \iuon, iiiii r. sic.l i- 
(.»,illy iii\it.,| to .III. -ml. \ .lis. n^idn 
ixiio.l is nsn,ill\ lu 1,1 .iii,i i In- sp,..,kir 
has ,oiii|il(i..| his I, ilk, .111,1 iii,iii\ III 
l.i.stini^ lliiiiv;^ . oim up in ih, .his\\ii- 
lot he i|ii, -I lolls. 


^Coiiliiiurd Iroiii ratic 1^ 

(i.l. I .Majoi hoii.ilil Iv. I .inc °:'.S .iiiil 
< .iioUii 111. Ill L'.S \vliiili iiiiiiuili.iti l\ 
lollowi.l ill. II'. .-piioii, w.i on.' Ill ill.' 

II .11 iiii-s III 1 hr cvcniiin. 

I la- . oniinil I.'.' in ili.iivi'. hi .nli .1 |.\ 
(.1.1.1 ( api.iiii j. Kiihlcr '.'S, .1. 
sciv.-s a v;r<ai .il ii.ilii lor its wmk 
,is .ill .11 i.iii^.'iM. Ill s VMM in its |i,ini|s. 

( h.iprroiis iiii ln<l. .1 M.iioi ,inil \lis \. 
Itiiil. I Hiisiii)', .M.ij.ii .111.1 Mi^ I 
('.i|il,iin Mil.s II. Siinin.'i, .iii.l I'r siilrni 
.111.1 \Ii Knsro.- \\ . I II III h. I I h. 
w.'iiii II lioiii Smith ( ol'. i;. wi i> ili.ijM I 
oiiiil |.\ Ml-. M.ii) I'. Infills while .Mi's 

The A. NASH CO. 
SLITS ;iiul lorcoAis 

.See Our 


all one prici- ----- .S22.VO 

liidix ldiiall> Tailored. 

I il (•uaraiil<(-4l 



Lei. 17r»-\\ I'. O. IJox 747 

I'OIM ^ MiUli; WVAKD.S <;i\L\ 

i<:oiiiliiii«,(| rridii I'.iiti. I , 

IIomI I.. Hi.i. kl.\ J'.t, I H.I ( I II,, I .;,,_ 
Joseph .\. l-:\ans "I'S, K,,l.,ii I I ,,^ -^-s' K. K.itr.r 'L'.S, K.,|p|| | . Kn,.|„„i 
'•itl, k.ilaii \. I in.olii 'LVs, U.,Mnoii,| s. 
M.iini .lu, \\.,li,i II. M,„^ -^j,,; |.,„| 1^ 

'■'""I" '-". * e. li ( Ki,,. --s, |[„^,,,, i' 
Kllil.lllisI •o.|, ||..,.„, l; |,„|| ..^^ ^^^1 

Alil.ii IV I nit I, 'vs A ..•itiii,.,,,. vv,,s 
^;r.lnl,•l| i., |{ol.s|.,w \ii|,i,«i, ^ -o,, ^ 
..iplaiiis, criili.,!!,- Ill .Ml,,, I ( ( ,„,|^ 'o^_ 
.111.1 .1 ,ii, |,, | j,,,,,,.,^ \\ 
ItiKiison 'IS. Ill, lollovvi,,^ i^ ,, ij.,, ,,| 
lo<.ll..ill null prevuHislv iew,ni|.,| |<o|„.,i 
I. Ilowi. -J!!. |,,„ph K. lliK.,,,1 --s, 
Ki. h.ii.l ( . Krhon -J.s. |,,\|,„ \\ y^y^^^ 

K.niuihl . M.Kimi.k •.".», John I . (» ,i 

■-'.s, W.iinn I lulls ••J.s. ,1,1,1 ( I,.,, I,, , 
W.ilk.l.n 'L".t. 

I he , toss .onniM I, Mill V,,,.. ,1^,, ,,,.,,! |,,||o«,: .,,.,,., ,,j„-^' w,,. pi, Mill,,! I,, \,.w,|j \ 
Sh.ipp..|l,. •_-,s, sw,..,!,.,., .,,,,1 ,,,,,,„,,,',.^ 
•"' •"! A. H.-iu,,n ■:.•!•. KuImiiI .\ ||,.,„„, 
•"'••""' ' '•"''> I II .-Ml J.S \,,-,,i(,. 

I.IK W.IS .,w..liiiil lo ( I,.,, I,, I' |',,.|,„, 

ILOKM I III Ki: N()||..s 

•^''- ' • \\ ' ■ I 'I'll. II. „i ,1... |,„|„|| 
■ VlMiliillK \Ken. s ol \,.« Vo,k ( ,iy, 
l.i-i IhinMlay (.ri-M-iil«.| .i verv im.-fesr 
ioi; .111.1 in^liii.ii\,. i.ilk „n .iilv-.-rlisinK 
lor Hoi isl s. r|„. 1,.,,,,,,. w.,„ i||„..,r,„,.,| 
I'V lam. Ml sliij,., .,,,,1 ,,„ ,,^._,,^, , ^,.,,, 
into ., .1,1. ,11,, I ,|j^ „^,.„,„ ,,, •^,„j,,„^ 
prill, ipl. whi. !, . „i, , ini.i ,,, I, ,„K,.,. 

Hill.- \>. I.. iH-a nM-.lin>; .., Il,„i, nli,,,,. 'I h.iisil.iv .if|(ii„,i„, ,1 :;(,-, )|„. 
p. .iki-i will I 1 .iiHioin,, ,.,| ,1, ,|„ ,,„.,,|j,| , 

AT TI :NTT0N ! ! ! 



M H E R S 



Wednesday, lel>. Sih. Mal.t\ I.m-. 

I i\<- \< Is ol II I Ki'illi \:).itl.Mlli' ^ti:'l 

rilK LASI UAL I/." 

with AW all slar i ;isi Ni»s 

'ihursday, Friday, Salurday. 
Iel>. •). 10 & 11 

'iin rsv< UK wondkk 

I'rincess ^ voniu'. 

\IW\W\ K.-w;ir>l «ill !>«• inil.l l>.v Nuiin. it 
she f;ills I", u-ll ><>.ii <iirr<-»l iiiiiiMv 
.John liarrymore & Doloris 

(Aislello ill 
"WllkN A MAN I.OVKS." 

M;Hinti- 2 .<» \.\v . I show ;it 7 (0 

.M)MISSI<)\ 40. 

Monday and Tuesday, Feb. W & 14 

IH»I III.K KI.A'II KK lill.l 

Duncan Sisters in 

"lOPSV and KVA" 
Jack Mulhali & Dorothy Mackall 

in "N'AN CKA/Y." 

SKAILS Sll\l<ll,\| |> . . 
M. K. DAMI) 

.iS I'Icasant St.. just |„ |„w I'O. Amherst 

I own Hall, Amherst 

Ued. and lluirH., I » h. K ^ <i 

l;..l.,r. s III I Hi.. .11.1 \ 1. „ , M, I ;,^,,, „ 
Sl;,rs.,l V\li:ii I'll,,. <.h,r> in 

' I *>\LS Ol C AKMI \ • 

In 111 ih. »., ,1 I ,„„ ,.. ,,,,,. ^, „.„^_,. 

ii»ii;il iri,.iii|.|, , .,,1. rli.l IK tl If ..( i,„. 
• Kill S| :iii, 

'^""'' ' K-vl VliMk .S.I I . ,1 « , „ ,,|) Ml. A ISk l-»..nlini .«.S, A .nij 

Friday, F«-h. lOth 
"NIK UK, II .S< IKJt.l IlKKO- 

« lih S.ill> I I.l, ,,s .„ ,1 ( h .,;..s I ;i,l.|.., V II 
»i.||>.V <.ni.<i) ,u;iii,;. ol ttl, ri..ii» \oiiih 
|i.!h:m> wi h III.- ..I.l nil. ^ „»,, „i,|, 
liii.KliKi ^a l.iikki'l Lull r. liiMiiir 
S|..,rilichl lill.l ll:il KoiMhiill (tnir <...iimly 

►^_ [Saturday, Feh.^llth 
Moot C ihson in 'i 

. i' i HF:|RAVMiinKrKin" rn 

Al«-t.i II K^l :.^sl. r> f|;,^h 
1^,11 s.tli N |.-...' < II will |..|><iii,|'H JJ^ 

!M«mday, Feb. I.fth I 

No Movies Kepuhlican Caucus 

James A. Lowell, Bookseller 


For Younft and Old 

lor Friends, For the Sick 

lovely ones, Silly one 

For all tastes 

Place (;ards Tallies 

Mats, Napkins 

Nut Cups - Candles 

all in Valentine designs 

To Get the Best, Buy 


and SILK 

Bloomers— Step-ins— Vests 


SOLD f:xclusively by 

G. Edward Fisher 

Amherst Shoe Repairing Co. 

At the Service of those who appreciate 
Better Shoe Repairing 


Largest assortnunt of Fountain Pons ^ Dur name enjir;»\( d i>n 
pen, no extra thargc. 


Ncw>d(al< r and Sl.itioiK r 




Induced Cash Price on the 


^^KIIKR for a limited time. 



One Acre Gift Slioppe 

.\ few sup>. ;ili<i\«- the .\pliir>^ 

i:fina II. I).rlA I Ion n« <• C. Hays 

Telephones: LS.S-.I I.S.5-\V 

The Best In Draft Store Merchandise 
The Best in Druft Store Secvlc* 


rh» f ^e^taJbi Storm 

SING LEE "^'^P'^^"^'"'*^ 

No. 1 Main St., Amherst, IVfaaa 

Our 2.«undr)r Kirat C.Utii 

Our Palky (.uariinl.«M) 


Opp<.iille Pout Offici- 


I) \ 


Shot- l<< 1. iir ins; I lc|>,i 1 1 iiirn r . 

JOHN H)rr)S >-ll()i MOKK 




K. lliiilzc. Mki. 



Supplies of every kind 'l-'H 





Red l<((kravc 'JS 

I'tp Yount; ':. 


Board S7.00 per week. 

Open 7 a.m. to U p. m. daily 

Had \\\inaii, 2 yr. '. 


(Ooniinuctl from l'ntt«' I 
111,- tiosh. whili- fapt.iin ( . J.nkin^ l(<l 
his. lull. .1. ili.-..lT.nM.iii<l Ni.lK.tsc.n iIk- 

'I'lic Miminaii<>: 


D.ivis, Kiilolii'l. < 

Miinly. Him-. Kaitvli iw 

(ox, l<l 

IIoIiiiIm'", Ki.l'.n.l id 

Myiic k, H 

I . l.ooiicy 

Iw. Mosliiii, Hii-lny 

trl. ( hiikf-v 

1. 1, (.iiikow-ki. Mclla 

vs. M<«jri' 

S.,„<- lM-l„u.„r.. (.i.M.nlirl.ri. (■.<««l- l'f"-« 
4, Maiity 2. IMn-i. kJ K.i.r.c- Ililyai.l lim. 
- iliti-i' l.'i niiniii'- iiiiioil-. 


( aty. l)i-< . •« 

C. Ji'iikins, CurdU. r 

F. Ji-nkiii-*. MiiliiiK'-. I« 

Niduils. Ill 

I'.irk.-i, l<l 

( (ilc'iiiaii, V. 

Soirc Willi-lnli :i. ll"'-lilMiii 1 
IM-, NuIk'Is, Manly 


lu. Mality 

1 . I>a\ I- 

Iw. I'lll-^l 

I<1. llcplliiljrru 


K, Myii'k 

(.<ial-- ( aiy. 

,1, iii..i.Mt.ili..ii ol lii- own al.ilily tr) iiiidri- 
>l,,iid .md iiiurpnt <l)anu(«rs, Mr. 
S|)<aiKlil>^ advi.T (.iiridl iiiiiisiial vMi^;hi. 

(Otntlnued from Pafte \) 

Spriiiuti.ld will !.«• tl"' ii'M K«'-«l "I ''"• 
team. wIut.- lluv will mcil ihc Spriiiutuld 
roil.R.- (l<l)aur> (.n l.hniary 2:5. iJiis 
time M.A.( . ii|.ln)lds llu- negative oi llic 
nam. t<M.i( i- 1<> I"' d.l...U.i with 
(lark rnivirsily. 

Siil.i<.t> lot th. oilur Ihni- dH.atcs 
liav.- Mol l.(<ii d.lmilcly d«< idt<l as yet. 
1„„ ,lu-' ..I HM-cts is as follows: 
Inivcrsity of Xmnont at \\.\X. "» 
Manli .'), Iniviisity ol Maine at M.A.( . 
„„ Manh 10, CoH.v at M.A.C on .\prd 

i:i. „. , 

> ndei the t;ui<laiire of I'n.fessor Waller 

K. I'rinee. the men are UniniiiiiK to k«' 

into shape, pra.tUe work in varsity <le- 

haiinu li.'vi"U <nn^titute<l a lar^e part of 

the n.eelinns .in. e the iMuinninU "f «>»' 


This vear the . lioosiiiK of the team is 
(III a .lilT.reiil plan, the selee- 


Conliiiueil from I'aiie I) 

Keadinu tlu' eriti. isms ol authors is 
iisihss. he .l.elai..l. for tli.' .riti.- ..flen 

-■'- " ■••■' '■' "^- '■ ' •"■"■ ',:,r„;";';: ,.„ .. ,.,r .„> ..■ 

that of llie author. Tlie . riti. s an wioiin 
when they say I )i. kens exaKH«r He-, Mr. 
Speainlit Ulieves, for Di.kens look his 
charaelers from hfe, and life <ami..t l^e 
cxa^:n<raled. ('..luerninn reading, lie a.l- 
vis<'.l thesUKliiit foundation 
\shi.h will enable liim to jii.ln<' a iMx.k 
from Ih.- Iirsi l.w ih.ipiers lo r. ad a. 
knowle.lKed niaslt is for hall an iioiir.-v.ry 
(lav. lie wariu.l them anaiiiM tlie ma«.i 

hale taking l>ki(e al...ul on.- w..k m ad 
van..- of the s. lu-.lul.-d .lat.-. 1 his ^.ves 
all ih.- m.niUrs of the so.i.-ty a . han. e 
,„ sh..w al.iliiy ii« arKunientation. 
.,„d sin.. umK one ha- had varsity ex 
,„.,.i.„..-, th,- of all are i-retty 
,„..„lv .-.lual. lh..setr>in«<Mit lo 
.1,-l.ates are; M..sw.ll II. < .oldl..rK 'liK, 
Dennis M. (row ley -"•. Koman A. 

(Continued from PaUe li 

jioal for .\1.A.( . siioi 1>\ 'Chub" 
I'at.-h from a mele diredly in Ironi of the 
Amherst net. 

|-;arly in the first jK-rioil the Sahrinas 
showed their sU|R'riority over the home 
team. Cameron started the siorin^; dur- 
ing the oiKMiiiiK minutes ol play and was 
followe.l by I'atri.k who tallied a pretty 
noal six minutes later in the |)iriod. I'lie 
a. lion swaye.l considerabl) back and 
forth from en. I to end of the rink and 
although no seore bv ilie home 
team, several bold shots assaulted the 
Amherst noal only lo be neatly met b\ 
goalie ( urrier. 

Duriiin the s.-.()nd period the i>lav kmi- 
tiniied mueh the same as in the lust with 
only one tally addinj{ to the opixmeiits" 
store. The .\i;nie olTense found a real 
obstaele in tlie strouR del. iise whith 
.\mherst ha.i in I'erry and Taiiiall. C'.ip- 
tain "Joi-" 1 (iresi luanaKeil -e\eral times 
to break ihroiiyh bill wa- im-ute'ssfiil in 
his shots. 

In the Inst lew minutes nl the last 
p.riod I'arnall l.illied a loiii; shot fmm 
the .enter of the ice, whi<li slippt-d by 
i'hinnev uniioti.-ed, beiausc u\ the mi 
icrtaiii liulil of the earU .vniiir^. Ihis 
uoal clinch.-d the \iitory lor .\mh( r-t ami 
sunnest..! a bad whitewash which, how- 
.ver, I' iiiaile iinpossibl.- twtniN 
s»-(<illd-~ befon- til'- end n! ) llr pelin-l b\ 

nil lilt 

r Ileal Iv 

in'n -ill' 

piishmv; tlu 
.\mher-l net. 

The cunibinalion which Amherst had 
in I'atri.k, Ni( hols and Cameron was 
annressivi-. clever and swift and ke|)t 
goalie I'hinney on his t.x-s most of the 
same, iK-piR-rinji his «oal at fre<iu.-nt 
intervals with well-placed shots, lorist 
and l-"rese played liar.l h.K-key for A>{«ie, 
and I'hinney starred for the home t.-am 
by cleverly stopi)inK almost impossible 
shots. The summary: 

Amherst M.A.C. 

I'auiik. Fell. Kv r\v. I' Wa.-.liUT, I'ilUl.ury 

Niihols, Mi-( line, r\v 
Caiiicroii. llaiitoKl. l 
IVrry. Id 
I'aina'.l. rd 
(iiriiiT. n 

First lit-riod 

I iiiii'-roa (imas^i-' 
I'-.itiii k. i>as< iroin CaaKion 

S'vonil IVri'id 
( .iiiu-ioii. p.i" li"ii> I'atrirk 

Third iR-riiiil 
I'arnall. iiurt»i*lcd 
I'atili. una"i>li-d 

(^,.fpr..|-< Dowd .uvl Lfiiioiii'- 
!."i iiiiiuiti- iK-riod*. 

Kv. Forest. Cook 

c. Fii"*e 

r<-, .Miratianison 

M. Nash. Bond 

%. IMiiiiiii-y 


I \ ; H) 
Tinu— three 

ihiruen points while .X^gif i<->ultl K^*'" '" 
four ix>ints in her (idumn, leaving; th 
s<-ore at the en.l of the session L'4-.i 
The ball was in the hands of the S'^s^ 
team mm h of the five-minute overtiii 
l)erio<l, but the N.jn-pareils look advai 
la>;e of their opiMirlunities to score an 
siiat.hed away the uame 28 to 25. 

Thomas and Reed led the .\g«ies 
s..)rins; with twvlve ami sexen points i 
siKClively. Me.JKes an.l w. 
the leading scorers lor the visitors. 
The summary: 

1'. B. F 

I) -1 M. KwfH, XV. <• ! 

(> Mann, ru 1 '' 

1 it MurilouKh. 1« I* '• 
I) II Thomas, c 

I 1 1 Fllert , rf 



B F 

Kralt U 
Nil-fly, rl 
Ohiislfa.!, ' 
Suttlr. I- 
lledK.-'. li: 
Jon'-, ru 

Total - 

•I lis 

WeblM-r, rt 
R.-f«l. H 
Burbank. It 
Ellen. U 


."I i \l 

() 1 1 

I z 

1 .". 7 

(I II 

U n II 

R,-UT.i— <irayson. Time— two 'JO-niin. lial 

dav. .- warn. <l t Hem anaiUM nie in.iu..- ; , 

.i.;.. ami the new b.H.k.m.l said the latter Kr.ienbaum ^M. M.hon 1 " I",.; ' 

A(;.vrKs i.osK hard 

(Continued from I'afte I) 
in lh«- lirsl half as .tjiainsl nine b\ lledKes. 
Ni.t-K .mil, of the all-stars, 
l-.arlv in tlu se.ond half, Mann, Keed, 
Thoma'. .md W.-blnr launched an attack 
t.) pui the home far in the lead. 


The women of the Faculty are to be i .. 
hostesses for a faculty party to be gi\-ii 
on Satnr.lay ni«ht, February 11, at ilu 
Memorial HuildinK. "Star nazin^ i.', 
(>;iastromii ,il tf eats" are to be featm. ' 
Miss Helen Knowlton is chairman of il- 
committee. "I'un. firew.irks, follies, I i. 
fan.ies, folk lore, ami a triii down T. 

and (Hiiistead r.i..liat<-<l with , "milky way" are promised. 

shouhl not be read until it is at least fivi 
years old. If a ImioU lasts tiv.-, il is 

probal*V worth while. After the excellent j 


Iheodor.- M.iriii- -I'. 1 r,,n. i- C. I'ra> 
•;{(i. .Arthur U. S.-.lin|uiM. .|r •.'.d, .uxl 
S|M ncer ( . Stanfor.l MC 

'i'm edos 







North College, Room «) 

T. B. SIMPSON, Inc. 
Phone K.W«-\V 

The College Candy Kitchen 

A fine place to go and take your friends for 


Ice Cream. Milk Shakes. Fresh Fruits. Refreshments and Soda.. 
.Salted Nuts. Fafie & Shaw. Park & Tllford. Boxes Ready 

to be Mailed. 


Do not Forftet that Special SLNDAV NIGHT DINNER 


the place for the college man** 


Sporting and Athletic Goods 



The Mutual Plumbing & Heating Co. 


suits my taste 
like nobod/s business 

1 KNOW what I like in a pipe, and what I like 
is good old Prince Albert. Fragrant as can be. 
Cool and mild and long-burning, right to the 
bottom of the bowl. Welcome as the week-end 
reprieve. Welcome . . . and satisfying! 

No matter how often I load up and light up, 
I never tire of good old P. A. Always friendly. 
Always companionable. P. A. suits my taste. 
I'll say it does. Take my tip, Fellows, and load 
up from a tidy red tin. 

Fringe albert 

— no other tobacco is like it! 


The tidy rat tin thai's 
packed nilli pipe- joy. 

iV; 1928, R. J. Reynold* Tobacco 
Company, winMon-Salem, N. C. 

31|f ilafi0arI|U0fttB 


Mr. Basil D. V.'oo<jII ^ ^ ' i\mi 



Number 17 

Experiment Station Head 
Assumes Duties on Campus 

I'rofessor Frederick J. Sievers Active in Scientific Research, 
Well Qualified for His New Position 

One of thf most iii)iK)rtaiit ai>|«>int- 
ucnts iiuiile tliiiN far iindtT th»- adiniiU!"- 
i.ition of tin- iHV\ pn-sidont i>. ol 
|'roffss(jr Kredi-rick J. Silvers as head ol 
111' Massarhiisotts .\f^ruii!tiiral i:x|K'ri- 
niil Station to sinned Diriitor Sidnt'\ 
IJ. Ilaskfll. f'rofissor Siivirs has .i 
^nat deal of i\|MTifn( e in v\ork 
:() that witii It h"- has nii<lti t.ikiii Ixri . 
,ind is \cr\ will tiiialitnd to assunu' tii- 

Ik-fore intiiinic rollrne, i'riiU-.s<>i 
>iivers atienditl the Millwaiiktr Ninnud 
N.h<Mjl, and s«K>n afterwar«l.» aicepli-d a 
|i(>>ition a?' priiuip.d of a hiijh s<Ii(K)I in 
WirHonsin where he riinained three years. 
Ill then attended tin- Iniversity of Wis- 
. unsin where he eoiniileted his under- 
;.r,idiiate ami v;r'idiiate work, lie 
urantefl a H.S. in .Xsriinltiire in lUHl and 
I M.ister'sdeuree in I'.»1'2. .\fter r«eei\ inn 
his first <lej;ree. Professor Sie\er> hee.ime 
lonnette*! with the department of Soil> 
at Wisconsin ami from then- went to the 
Milwaukii- S h<i<»l of .\nrirultiire. re 
iiiainin;; as superintendent and agrono- 
mist lor hve years. Then in l'.tl« he 
.mipted .1 [Mi^ition .it the Slate ('ollen*- 
i.f W.isliinnton ami reni.iined there as 
head of the Sids ilepartnielit iliilil he 
Kiepted the (wot as diretior at llii- 
1 \|>erii)ient Station. 

iConlinuMi on PaUe 4i 


Nine Fraternities Celebrate (Jose of 

IJ.OHpu'ts to the initi.ite^ weie yivcii l>\ 
nine of the Ir.iicriiilies last S,iiur<l.i\. 
Ictirn.iiA 11. Aliiimii of the colleiie .mil 
delegates were welronied in the alliriiiMin 
.md <lis|N-rsei| tu .iiiciiii the ililfercni 
lianiptet^i in the exeniii);. 

(J.'IW . wtiit iu-\t (ItKtr lo the l»,i\tii 
IMiii Inn for MipiH-r and s|iee»lKs. Kenneth 
A. Barnaul ''I'l was toastinasti-r and ten 
ol the lorty-h\e present were .ihinini. 

IMii SiKina Kapp.i .He at l)r.i|Mi 1 1. ill. 
I'rol. It. ink I'. Kami .icled ,t> to.i>tin.i'~ter, 
•ihoiit lift\ memhiT- iM-ini; j)re->eni .1^ well 
as nine di-le^ates and twel\> alnnuii. 

The Motel l'err\ tin* scene ol the 
K.ipp.i Sivjm.i's aetivities of the evi-niiiK. 
I iti\ nin«' were preM nl iiH hiding alMHil 
twent\-fonr alumni. IVof. Ir.irik .\. 
\\.niv;h was tlu- toast ni.i>tir. 

Iliel.i (hi j«uirneyed to llu llntil 
.Northampton for their<|nei. Warn-n 
"Jti arteil a» to.i^t ni.i-ter. Tin re were 
(Continued un I'uijr 4' 

Agates Crush Williams 

By Second Half Rally 

(.vercome Five-Point Handicap to Win 27 21 

am! I'.llert Do .Ml Scoring 

Reed. Thomas 

Professor Francisco I'inid 


Rivalry Sharp In 

Interfraternity League 

I'hi .Sia, Kappa Sift, and Q.T.V. .Still 

I'hi -Sitiin.i Kapp.1 and Kapjui Si^m.i 

re tietl for tir>t pla< e in League .\ of the 

iiitt rlraternity hiskethall lea^iie. Tliere 

lie no elose ifunpetitors for liiese>. 

I;i l.eanne If. allhonnh O.'IW . now enjoys 

It lop berth, the Alpha ( lainnia 

■sii^ma I'hi Ki)-ilon teams .ire d.ini;eroiis 

1 sals. '111. It llie interest in the league is 

iiiyh is shown l>> the fart ih.ii there have 

"in lint two f(»rfeited ^ame~ out of the 

Ai nt\-four s< hedulid to date. Honor.iMe 

Kiiiion shonlfl Ir- jiiven to Ddi.i I'hi 

\lpha, Kolony Kluh, and Theta (hi for 

he interest they shown in the 

'•.i;;iies by re|»ortink' with .1 full team for 

(Continued on Pafte 2) 


Guila G. Ilawley Heads Prnm 

Dilta I'll! < i.imma is sfxm'orint; the 

;ii|.d "( I) id IVom." wliich i> tli t.ike 

ire the following week-end. 1 Ik- 

me will Ih; held in the Memorial Muild- 

froni ."i p. ni. to one o'clock on Thnrs- 

A. Fifty coui)les have signed up for 

• party. .\ new orchestra has iK-en 

iired to furnish the music an<l accord 

. to rc'iMirt the h.irmoin' should Ik- of 

eilent cjualilx. The hall will Im- 

orated in fa-hi<in and siipfR-r will U- 

•'I .It eii;ht o'(l<.« k in the Dining 

. ( .uila ( .. Hawley "l".". head> the 

iiiiltee which i><-om(H)>ed of FliailK-th 

\lorey '2.H. Ruth .\. laulk '2{i, .May F. 

! Il r ':'M AV.i\ I .\i K II I )o\er ';;i'. 

\ ii'.i iLtiH I', ' ■ ' ' ■' .:'\ I ri .it t ill' 1 -iii'l 

■' ' \ I lui i)!i ^ ''■' I'll 1 W' '" ^'"^ 

" k, \\ il! wnid up 'h'' \^i ' '^ ind. 

' I lie-.tra will liirni-.h llu mu^ii 

't\- anfl -ujiper will be >er\td 

■ 111 Inn. I he 1 ommiin e whii li i- 

'ntrj, the lurnial iLiiur i- .il-" pl.iimiiii; 

i e.i 1 . 






wiimiiii; lh(- Inierfr.iU 

inii\ Siiiu 


-t for the third lime. 

1,1-1 S.itiii- 

■ 111 riii "-;;;ii'..t K.i|il)a 



d tor it-elt .1 \ery lii..; 


irminu Ir.itcrni'N . 

Phi Sigma Kappa 
Wins Loving Cup 

Outsing Rivals for Third Straight 
\ icttiry 

rin .'^i^:ma K.ip|Ki >un^ it- w.i\ lo tin 
l^-rmancnt ownership of the iKMutitul 
>il\er lo\ inn cup pres«nte(l b\ the A« .1 
deinie .\eti\ities Iniard when it won ii- 
third straight \i<tory in the Thinl .\ 
interfraternilN Sin^ hekl List S;iturda\ 
afternoon in Howker .Aiiditorium. The 
i(inte>t this \ear w.i> oiitstandiii^ in thai 
llu- judo's leit llu- fraternilies \\«-re 
\er\ e\enl\ matehed. This fael wa-- iiidi 
e.iled when it w.i- loiiml the \'ot e ol 
tlu- jiidm-> jil.iied four fratt-rniiie- within 
.1 \er\ few |K)ints «>f each other. 

I'hi Sigm.i Kap|ta siini^ the I'hi Siijin.t 
K.ippa Son^ and the .Min.i .M.iier .md 
were lid b\ llow.ird I hoiii.i> J.S. .\lph.i 
( lamma Kho. led b\" Ira S. |{.ite> 'J'.t. were 
\0\vn honorable nu-ntion. The .M..\.('. 
X'ictory Manh, written li\ Ir.i ^. H.iie». 
WMS esiM'cialK well >uiiv;. 

iK-aii W' 1.. .M.u Inner oiRiu-d ihe 
Siiiu .md gave the flecisioii ot ilie iudn«-s. 
who wt-re Prof. Stowell ('. ( •iMliiig. Mr-.. 
I- rank ('. S<-ymour, and Dr. Mile- li. 
( iiblKni. The arrangeiiu-nt- for ihe -inj; 
were in the hands of a ••ummitti-e from 
the Interfraiernity ("onfereiue anrl tlu 
following fraternities were r«-presente«l in 
the contest: Kappa Si^ma. l.-imlMla (hi 
.\lpha, .Alpha ('•anmui Kbo, Sijiina Phi 
l.jisilon. I'hi Sigma Kappn, (J.'I'.X . 
KapiKi Kpsilon, and Theta ( hi. 

Girls' Glee Club 

Gives Two Concerts 

Williamshurft and Knfield Knter- 
tained Durinft Past Week 

Noted Lecturer Recently Knighted 
by kinft of .Spain 

Sinre t iu .iimounr«-nu'nl w hi< h .ippe.iied 
>e\i'r.d week- .igo toiuerniiig tlu- \ i-it ol 
Piofe»or ir.incisco I'inol to tin- i.mipn- 
on l-ebruary J'.l, Profe^-or Piiiol li.i- bien 
kiiightcil b\ King .\lionso ol Spain. 
I'rofe— or Pinol lu-eii niving lei tun - 
.11 \. II ion- ii)lli-ges .md imi%i'isit it-s in 
ihi- (<imilr\ ,ind hi- talk in .\s-embl\ 
on the 2'MU -houhl pio\e to be e\tri-mel\ 
iiilere-tinn. Mis .iddre— will U- based 
upon rereiil diseoM-red li\ him in 
rnniimitioii Willi hi- wink lol the .\i .ide 
iC.ontinueil on l';i|te .\) 


.\ftates (iome Back .Strom* .After 
Friday Niftht .Slump 

Si. Miehael's (|uintel were e.i-y \i<tims 
lur "Kid" ( lore'- b.i-kiieer- in a 
pl.iyeil Mond.iy ninhl on the Drill 1 1. ill 
lloor. the \ermont team t.ikinn a l.'."i lo 
l.'I knimj. The \i-itoi-<. alihoii;;h rr<-di«ed 
with .1 win omt New Si.iie, 
offend little op|K>sition. and priiticalh 
e\er\ mi-nilK-r of the \ar-ity sipiad s;tw 
al a few sironds service diiriiiK the 
conte-t. I'lentN of excitement reinni-d. for ihe (iieen Mount. lin kicked 
in .ibiliis llu-y made up lor in ,mi;re— i\i- 
n«--s. i;i\in^' the crowil -omethiny .it whieli 
to \ell. St. Miehaels -i or<-d ord\ oiu- liooi 
ba-ket in the oix-nin^ half, and thonv;h 
they outsi<>re<l the home te.iin in the 
second half, they < oiild make little- head 
wa>- anain^t th<- -iib- ' !\id" eni 
into I h<- ( onte-t . 

(ContinutHi un i'^ftv 4) 

('o-o{x-ration Ix-twet-n leailer ancl i lub 
marke'l the succe-- nt 'he luu 'omeri- 
presi-ntefl bv I hi i.irl-' » ile)' ' liib ii; 
\\ illiam-biir^ ,tiii| l-.nrtehl. Ii-t wii 1. 
\\tdiii-il,i\ iii'i 1 rii|,i\ . < ■iiil.i H.i\\;e\ 
J'.' -howrd rcmark.iliie .ibilil\' and ^ooil 
lei'lmi(|ue in the-r (H-rtormani e- ,ind 
under her ,il ion the ihib u.i- 

able Id put on tile most snctt-ssful <on- 
itll- 111 till' -la-on. The alldienee ,<l 
Knlield W.I- -11 pli ,1-ed Willi 'Im jiii-' 
n nder'ii.; nt the Alin,i M.inr rit tin- • mi 
1)1 ihe |)ii)i;i,ini lli,il il deiii,iudid inini''. 
In William-liiir- llu Diitili l.iill,il.\ 1.- 
till- (iiiire I lidi pruvid to In- llu i.;.,-t 
jMipiikir mmilM-r. Ik-iaiise tin- pnr^r.iiii 
in l.nfield wa- jire-i-nted in <i iliiinh. t he ntiiiilM r- to be oniilted. 

Mi—;;.irel Hamlin .k ( (impanied 
ilii- (lull to \\ illi.ini-buru and Mr-. 
DiiiinnMk ,11 • nnip.iiiied 1 in liiiii fi 


i hi- men uhti try In ihi •nmrlhini; ntnl tail are 

1,1 HMilrlv I filer Ihun tlliise ullii tin H'flhlU^ tlllil 


\ ar^lt^ l»a«kftl);ill: llat\. 

r-l ..t 

1 ainl.ii' 


^ I>. 111. I'liy-its 

Clill) .\l.-i 


7 il 111 (io«-s<m;«nn ( li<-ii 




; l."j t>- "1- Florii ii!l un- ( 1 

lib Mpctmr 

( ,]>-,■ (lull ((iri. 1 

•rt ;il <ir»-« 


IX'lta i'h 

i Aliili) Kiirni; 



" r 


7 ij. m. Sxial I 

'nioii \1 

\ < 1 

, . 1 1 

Wir-il V Ikk key : 

MrMU-Ijuiv .It 

.\i ' 

I'rf-^liiiian hatkt 

tl.;.ll: Ka 

y I'M 

1 .i- 

Silt iiril.n 

\; ; 


'1 11 



V\ »-<lfi.-il.i> I'.i.liil.n 


Si-m'..' r, 


Shows FHects of Willianis (iame in 
l.osinft, 22 — l.i 

MlowilU', ihe elhctA of a h.lld n.lllle ihe 

iiikiht before, tht- M..\.C, b.isketb.ill ie,iiii 
ilipped their color- to Pr.itl In-titiite nl 
I'liiiokKn on the Drill 1 1. ill lloor. Iiid.iv 
iiii;hl. rebrn.iiy 10, l.ikiiiv; ihe -Imit end 
111 .1 'J'J to |;> -.rote. I-Aery member ol llu 
I'l.itt entered the -< orin^; eolmnii, 
llu- ti-,im iM-inv; \^'''l b,il.iii«ed .md di-pl.iv 
inu .1 1 le\er bi.ind ol p.i-sin^ .md i iiiliny 
ill. It iiuolved the entile .iiid mil 
just the ot)en>-i\e lorw.irds .md the ei iiler 
Ihe pas..,iiiK and -luMilim; of the home 
le.ini wa-^ olt eolor. iin^<t< .iilim->- lieiiii; 
e\idenl in e\ei\ mo\e ihe\ ni.ide, .md 
louie.ilK -o .illei the h.ird e. lined \ieliM\ 
.il W the nii^ht ImIoh-. 

I'l.iit opened ihe -i oriiii; list- with two 
double eounlei-. IJlerl lollowed willl .1 
tliMii b.i-k« I bill the P.riM.kUn ti\e pii-hed 
il-4ll .1 bit l.irlhei .llu, id b\ -<(>rin^; oiu e 
Irom llu- tree li\ line. ( ,ipt,iiii Ueed 
ll.'-Md in .1 \>>l\^ one Irolll ihe ei-nler nl 
ihe 1 ourl .md I llom.i- evened the -4 oil 
by makiiiK >;(hhI .i liee irv. Iioiii ilii- 
point on. hovM-vi-r, llu- lii>litute''> a>{ure 
;;,ition M ored r.itlu-r loii-isieutlv , le.idiiiK 
.It hall timi- bJ lo .'i .md lini-hin^- nim 
fioiiits .11 the ^iin l'!etii\ ul 
-hots were 1 iki-n ,ii ihe ba-kei b\ tin 
home team, bin .ilnio-l none rolled through 
•Ik lioiifi. I 111' wl|ii!i- le.iiil W.I- jll-l a- 
lOtntinueU on I'liiii- ! 

Freshmen Defeat 
Two Opponents 

<.>uinlel Has Successful Week .After 
.Several Reverses 

Siiiilh .\< .idemv ,iiid Middle-e\ I'ri 
Medieal S h<M»l were the \iiiim- ul 
"l.arrv" Hrij;n-' Ire-hm.iii b.i-keib.dl le.iin 
at the Drill ll.ill ..ii Wediu-div ,ind 
I liday ni^hl- by .son-, ol _'l lo I.') .md 
21 to II re-|M-< livi-lv. In the Smith v!inie. 
I.oi kwiHxl ,iiii| K.ine ilid rommeiid.ible 
p.e-s work, .ind Mink-lein |i,ii| ,i ^ixid evi 
lor the b.i-kei , tallvui^ ihirleen ikmmI- 
(el.itk.i .md l<o<i,ilew-ki led their m,iii - 
in vorin^ .md n .un p' . , 

Midd!e-e\ Pled Mid. i ollld m.ike lillle 
adv.inee ihroii^-h the lre-lmi,m delen-^-. 
K.iiii , Minkslein, and I.ih kwixKl did -oine 
lUtshy pa>sv\ork whii h revii|i,,,| in twi-nlv 
one (Kiints, live forw,tri|- lnMiin- llu 
burden of the seoriii;*. 

Nil hoi-. .1 lei; ■,^!|.iii|. uli<. . IU 
eligible ol -ihol.i-tii dllliiullie-, 
will Im- mi^M-d liv the in it- i oniinn 
i;ame-. lo rei(>ni|M-ii-e for I lie lo--. 
"kid" Kiiiib.ill, \^ho ha■^ Ix-en n-l i ii liij. 
will join the -ipi,id llii- week. 

Informal Hour Again 

Draws Good Audience 

Mr, Durkee Discusses Fife and Work 
«)l Heine, Cireat (ierman Poet 

Heine, ih'- ( • [mhi. lur 
lli-lud the lopii fi.r Mr Diiil^ii"- 
,il I 111 \M «H\ I iili.ri . I i hi ill 

p,it I liii lit lit 1 ..iiu ii.i .:' - .it|i| I 11 1 ! ,1' Ml I 
111 Id l.i-i I II. -l.iv .... ■ s,,„ 
II, .11. \li I )ini.. ■ .|| (111 111, 

' and real I 
-I II 1 1 II III - I fill ir - A . »i 1. - 1 ■> .iiii-f rate hiiw 
111- emotions VMTi- r. \i.did in In- jwMlr', 
111 \s ,1 I |. w .. ! 1 I in !. \\ II' II b u - U.I. 
oppre--( il. ,it!i I lii I iiMii . I I . I 

|nr-on,dil ii - ,in.| . il- ■ I hi- 

n,il liii ' 1-1 !i' ■- .III'! 

III. 'I III ' ' ini: 1.(1 I'll 111 I 111 iii....ii 

of Iii- \\r i' ,1,^ .1 ; . I )iit k' ' -li..<' . . I .. , 
111- ;^! 1 it . mm i|ir,!. ' I l.i\ ■ ; ■ 

I !. I ' Mil ni-lii •! t hi 
-1 \. 'il III- poi HI-, tr.'iii will' ii -' 11. 
liiiii- win II. 1. 1, I I i -. -dei't ioti- v.i-r.- 
w 1 :i II II m I b iiii 

Wll ll \l I •. -tlO! 

An ,i^;Kie— i\e \\ illi,mi- ipiiulil lell vic- 

lllll to ,\l.|ss. .\i;v;i, - b.l-kelb,lll tiv<- in .1 

i;.ime pl.ived .il W n. iliiii-d.iv 
muhi. I ebru.iry ',», lo-im; bv ,i i oiini oj 

-'7 to Ul. Ihe oiHiiim; ll.lll -.iw the I in the I I lo '.». bill ., rii-h in i lu- 
-iioild h,ill pill llie \>;.it.-, out in lloiit 
,il|i| tin- ,,ii;e w,i- held lo Ihe end of 
the n.inu . Ihe (.mie-i w.i- one ol tlu- 
li,iliiie- 111 ilic I'liim S. 1-1)11 .11 Willi.iins 
( ollei;e ,md ,l^;e iinwd look iu llie 

I iiililien poiiil- in ihe lii-l li.dl were 
enoil^jh III nive .m in-eeuie 
.1- the ^;un innoniiied the i lnsi nl ihe 
e.ulv p.irl ol tlu- III, III h "I reddie" l.llert 
ki pl M \( ill ihc rmiiiiii^ |,^ m oriiiv; 
live III (he nine point- ih.ii .\|,i-,. \^^i,- 
eollei led dnrinn llu Si- lir-i Iwentv mimiie- 
of pl.iy, 

.\lllioUi;h ihiii hn-i- were nul in Imiit 
,1- the Ml mill h,ill o|M-iied, the .\i;.Ues 
dl-pl,i\eil ,1 line bi,iiiil ol p.i--, work lll.ll 
m lied eleven |M>illls I m lore tlu- op|Mi-ilion 
m,in,i^;eil to-i ore, Ihi- -pint lell Williams 
■-ix marker- iM-hind, .iiid though their 
im ii-ised III Jl, j-.tlerl, Keed. .md I 
III, III hid ihem b,i-I.i t tor b.i-kil in knp 
((.'oiilinuvit on I'uile .<; 

Two-Year Sextet Wins 
Over Deerfield Academy 

■May Fast I'hrouiihoui hut \ isiiors 
Always Mold ,Advantafte 

.\ ll.i-liin>; i;.ime w.i- pl.ivid on lib. t> 
when the Two A ear Ikm kev te.iiii mil .md 
dele.ilt'd the ! Jeerlield \r,ideiiiy -exiet in 
I )eeiheli| bv .i -eon- ol L' lo I. .At the 
ollt-el ol the enlile-l llie I Wo N' 
-bowed Mil II .li;v;ri— ive fi;,;hl .1- In nut- 
pi, IV their opiHimnt- in evei> d< p.ntmeui 
111 tlu- n^imi , but. ,is I re-iib ,»• m.irvi llm , 

pLlvin^on the p.ol nl llu I lierheld Ko.llie, 

the -hoil (om-i- men wen- unable to i,ill\- 
diirim; the imii.d |M-riod. i)tirinv: the 
-eiKild iHiind the i ontesl was conitdi-r- 
iblv -lowei ih.m III llir tir -I .md il w,i- 
(C:ontlnu«d on Putlr .<> 




M.A.C Florli iiliiire Club Fnlerlains 
Manv \ isiiors 

I ,irn,iiinii Ni^hl, tu it! m I n in h H.ill 
l.i-t luexl.iy, l-ebrii,irv ,' , wa- a hni;e 
HUCCFSS and the Florii nil me ( bib ni.iv well 
lie plea-<-d with the pre-eiil.ition of -luh 
.111 (Vi-nt. Iteaiitiful i.irnalion- of ,dl 
tyjK-s wi-re on displ,i\, .md new- 
si r.iinsjfveif exhibited l»y (.iKld.ird, Ikirr, 
Joiinson, and other f.imoii- florists. Tlie 
"l-.,irlv Rose" W.IS |M-rh.i|i- I he most U-aii- 
titiil of the new strains, whih- llu •lin-inu 
Ward" exhibit altr.iiled lon-ider.ible 
iiniiineni. Mr. Fdw.ird Winkle, .i W.iki- 
hc-hl ( oinnu-rrial larn.ilion i;rower, spjoke 
on "( '.irn.ilion < nil lire." He brought 
with him the -4edlinK> ol -ever.d new. iiii- 
n,imeil varieiie-, some of whii h will !«• 
i.'nf<M\ ill our Kreenhou-i 

The M..\.( . I'lorieiilt mi ( liib tnlii- 
t.iiiud, a- j{ue<«ls, the Nnrt h.ini|itoti 
I lori-i-' ( liifi and the Ifolyoki ' ..ii.lin i 
(bib. I<ifr(--hinent- were served. 

Ne,^• Mondav, I elir'i.irv 'Jtl, in I r< ru Ii 

ll.lll. Ih.ri- will I .1 il.iii.i 

of the I Inrii lilt nil ii'l I .uid-i ,i|m ( liili-.. 

W , I. M l.dl.ll 1.1 !'.. W I \f lldl.,1 Hid 


I i-d lei I iiif nil ' 
I ho-e irit' r. -i< •! ■•• 
.iiti nd. 


1 \«»IF 

lAKFN \l 




s. 1'iis 

1 s| 

.ill 1 o ll- \h- r< 
S . M _' 
\n ■_'.> 

in 1 ' ' ■ ■ > ' 


_■ •>! 

,,,!!, ,,.,1- 1,. ., 

\.. in 

, ti.M. ' 

. 3 - V s o a D I w I r n J 



Official newspaiKT of the Massachusetts 
Agricultural ColUge. Published every 
Wednesday by the students. 


Ernest L. Si-kncer '28 K<litor-in-tl.iif 

Eluswokih Uaknard '28 

MBiJiiKing lid'tor 

EdiioriHl K-N"" L. Spenckr "28 

Feature Harold E. Clark 28 

Alumni & t^hort Courts Josrphinb pANZirA 28 

Athletic ^'"'-'■' "^ <^'-'=*^^' ,f^ 

Ekank T. l)i)t (;lass .U 


Eric Singleton 30 

KiAi. S. I'oiiER. Jr. '31 

11. Da.mi L Uaki IM. 

p.culty John B. Howard Jr. '30 




Edwin A. Wilder '28 Business Man..i;er 

DoucLAS A. LOR.NC. '28 Circulation Manager 

Harold K. An.ell '28 Advertising Manager 

Lawrence A. Carruth 2» 


FnKI'HRltE I). TllAVER. JR- '29 

1«.I(|..KT (.. (.<>'>I)N«JW •:«) 

WIN11IK<>I'<;- SMIlll '.'10 

John R. Tank '30 

Subscription $2.00 i>cr year. Sine k 
copi.s 10 cents. Make all orders payable 
to The Massachusetts Collegian. 

In case of cbanjie of address, subscribers 
will please notify the busuuss manager 
as soon as ix)ssible. 

ir„f»,rrf as second-class matter at the Amherst 
Po^t IXl rc"ept<d f<.r mailinR at M«-cial rate 

O. J> .a«e>.r.,vi,le.M..r in -^t'"" "•'•, A" "' ^- 
tobei. lUlV.authorUed August 20. 1918. 


S,ne.a once sai.l that "Spec, li i> ll..' 
in,lrx ..! liie mind." .\ ...llene education 
is Mi|.l.o-<'d t'« '"»'*•' '" '''^- ^»""'^"'' 
aniunu "> '"1"''' re.piin nients. a pro- 
nonnce.1 dexeloi-ineiit of tolerance an.l 
,n„r..l lireediiiK. ^^"•-^ "• "^ remember 
the sincere i.le.i.linRS of 
l.i'wi- that we d(V<l"P .md api)ly llie 
attribute ol bnwd-mind. .liie>> to <.ur 
toUet-e lile. It the M.nidards of this 
CoUeue were to be jiidued in oikii tribun.d 
l,y ih. publi. in the way we im<lernr.i<lu- 
ates cultiv.ite this nuality in our tveryd.i> 
life, (he v.idi.t would umiuestionablv be 
tb.i'l M..\.t". is 'he bieedilli; plan- tor 
nioriiiiic sl.iiuh'r. 

This is -.1 small college and n.iliir.ilK 
everybody's business and private alfairs 
are common talk am<.ni;sl us all. but is it 
iu-ces>ary for blasphemous .md unlrinh- 
ful sl.m-ler to ueiierate .it the oihu hre- 
phn.' <liscussions? Are the student> lure 
to bf known as spre.iders of lies about 
tluir lellow studenis? It is certainK not 
a r.i.iit.ible mark <.f breedini; that a 
iiii.iin viroup of woiihl be "Miiooth .m.l 
worldK wise" men should sinnd 
time creatiuK and .li>tributinK coimiii nt 
about others that not only hurts ihnr 
inrsonal feelings but is also < 
to the character of those to whom it is 
referred. Yet- what dance, what party, 
or what week-en<l passis but that groups 
of men ^M\wr in the fraternity houses. 
riH)minK places, or dorms and confine 
thein-tlves to "ihrowiuK dirt"? Not one. 
If iiDthin^i; complimentary or tnuhful 
may U- s^aid. it only an iniWcile 
knowledi;e of the word "breeding" to 
conmient upon them. 

M.A.C. has, we hoix-. itleals for which 
it ideals for wliiih we are sup- 
posedly working; hard to uphold and by 
which we, as well as the College, will b«- 
judged later in life. If this CoUem- were 
to Ik- ilHl^ed by the way we siM-.ik of our 
fellow stiKlents, by the talk that shows 
the base cf.ntent ot our minds, then the and small town farniin« ide.ils 
for which we do not wish to stand will be 
upheld. We wish to 1k' thought of as a 

tl-.. like in week-day chain-l and assembly 
exercises, brings several oulstandiiiK 
points to the foret;round. The results ol 
tlii> ballot may be found in another 
(obimn in this issue. 

it i, lirM inlerestinn to RO into the 
history of this <iuesiion and see what has 
Ihcii the .ittitude of the students in this 
res|Mct ill the past. The last vote of thi.s 
nature taken a few years aRO and 
niember- of the I wo upi)er classes will 
ree.ill ihat at th.ii time the stmlents 
\()H(I Mron^ly in fa\«r of toats at both 
. haial ami assembly. The sentiment now 
>eems to favor leciuirinjj coats only at 
assembly and not at cha|xl. 

riure are several in our midst who are 
evitUntly not much interested in tin- 
affairs of the student Ixxly for only ;i7() 
v<ites were cast out of a |>ossil)le numlx-r 
of approximately .'>;$.">. (»f course it is 
impossible lo sity definitely whether this 
was the result of indifference on the l)art 
of some or iKcause of the large luimber 
who were absent. We ho|H' that it is the 
latter which is at fault. 

.Mlhough no olfi( ial adion has been 
taktn on this vole at time of Roing to 
press by the .Student Senate, the vote 
shows conclusively the attitude of the 
iiiajorily of those of us who are at all 
int.resled in this matter. With this in 
mind il may be well to alter the Senate 
rule this <|uestion and thus 
make it i\e of student opinion 
as it now exists. 

\\( iiel sure that action on the part ol 
tin- e will soon lie forth* oniing. In 
the meantime we have only to wait. 
W hen the Senate has had time to consider 
the matter carefulK , then will be the 
time m act actordini; to the opinions of 
the ni.ijority. The Senate given us 
the chance to express our feelings, an<l 
now we mu-l support it by abiding with 
its decision. It m.iy not 1h' satisfactory 
to all of Us. but that is not surprising in 
a group the size of ours. We shoiilfl Ik- 
willing to give up our own individual ideas 
if the majority decitles against us. Ke- 
K.irdUss of our own feeling in the matter, 
lit Us stand ready to bai k our Senate in 
its final decision. 




"f" <:<.ntlnufd from l'atl«' I) ^ 

f.iih game despit.- the f.ict that they 
h.i\e lost each time lhe\ have played. 
The le.igue standings are: 

Fifteen Years Ago 
The "Clollejie Signal" Said 

"I'erhaijs the suggestion made earlier 
in these columns as to the Senate wearing 
some s|K(ial hat di<l not meet with much 
fa\or from the students." February 2T). 

I'.S. Now the Senate has the head- 
gear, but those who have worn it can 
testify to the marvelous shrinking la- 
pacitv of the hats as they are. 

"The timely suggestion has come, 
probably from some s<jphomore struggling 
with comjiilation of export and inii)ort 
lists, that the library be kept oiK-n during 
the supiK-r hours." February 2^^. 

I'.S. Today we debate over o|Kning 
the library on Sunday afternoons. Pre- 
sumably no studying was done on Sun- 
dav in the g(M>d old «lays. 


Campus Gossip 
The fervent communications which 
h.ive recently apiK-aied in neiglihoring 
columns have incre.ised the demand lor 
the Colli-iiiaii on We<lnes<lay afternoon, if 
nothing more. .Xrtist'y of composition 
rather than of ideas has evidently domi- 
nated the writers. 


I'ibro-vascular bundles now 
nightmares of the bhwid-vascular system 
of I,umbri< us with the busy sophomores. 


I'.itrons of the dining hall now sit down 
to dine in close proximity, if not in har- 
mony. To make nxjin for more tabh s, 
those already in use have been redimd 
in width until, .is «me obsc-rver remarked, 
"We shall be eating out of other people's 


Freshmen h.ive at l.isi reached tin 
acme of apprei iation li\ their fellow si li- 
st udents. Having survived tin ordeals ol 
rushing and initiation, the |>leelges and 
neophytes were presumably feted to the 
limit at the fr.iternity l)an<HHls 
Saturdav night. 


Miss Ktlna I.. Skinner has been granted 
a leave of absence for graduate study at 
Columbia I'niversity during the second 
semester of this year. While she is away 
Miss Margaret Hamlin will act as advisor 
of women and .Miss Helen Knowlton will 
act as head of the Home Fcononiics De- 
[)art nient . 


A new book dedicated to the memory 
of Dr. William J. Beal. late of Amherst, 
will be on that account interesting to the 
people of this neighborhcmd. Ihe Uwk is 
by Professor Burt<»n O. Longyear of the 
C'oloradtj College of Agriculture, and 
deals with trees and shrubs of the Rocky 
Mountain region. 

i'rofessor Frank A. Waugh has an 
illustrated article in the current number 
of American Forests and Forest Life 
entitled "Through the Trees." The arti- 
cle discusses certain phases of landsca|)e 

A new b<M)k on hardy bulbs by Prot. 
( l.irk I.. Thayer, Professor of Floricuhure 
,iii<i Head of the Department, is now in 
press and will appear within a few days, 
riu' book <leals with the culture of such 
hardy bulbs as those of the ciocus, nan issi, 
and tulips. 

Dr. loxph S. ("hamlK-rlain. Professor 
of Org.inii and .\gricuhural ("hemistrv, 
li.i> recently completed a revision of hi- 
te\t book on Organic Chemistry, and thi 
will shortly In- in press. 

MiniUrs of the faculty last w< ek 
attendetl the funeral of William F. Howe. 
.\>-ist.iiit Slate Leader of Ct>unty Club 


I'rof. Clitlord J. I'awcett is slowly re 
( overing from a serious illness. 

The C(jLLE(ilAN is at all timeg glad to publish 
any communications which may be sent to it, but 
ttie Editors will as.suine no responsibility for the 
views expri-ssed, and do not necessarily endorse 
such views. 

To the Editor 

of the Collegian. 
Dear Sir: 

It seems to me that some of the recent 
communications to the Collegian have 
been written in an inspirational miMxl and 
without level-headed retlection or re- 
consideration. Perhaps they arc views of 
jHrsons not thoroughly accpiainted with 
their sul)ject, or of ix-o!)le who have not 
lived long enough. < Hy "lived" I do not 
mean the length of one's life in years, 
but in exjx-rience and reflect ion. I Much 
retlection leads to kindliness of spirit. 

I'ndoubtedly these writers have |)re- 
scnted criticisms worthy of contempla- 
tion; but I Ix'lieve something should be 
said regarding the method of presentation 
of the subjects in the issue of February .S. 
Personally, 1 think that the Memorial 
Kooni chairs shouhl remain in the .Memo 
rial k<xjm. but the writer of the article 
might have Ix-en a bit more courteou- 
and discreet in his accusiitions. 

1, t<Jo. could 1m- more enlightened on 
my subject, yet 1 do know that the jxr 
sons res|K)nsible f(jr the in<>\ing of tin 
chairs to tin- Loggia were constructivi 
iritics, trying to iinpro\e certain con 
dilions. .Vlmitting that ewrywhere bail 
ixople mingle with g(KMl people, I am 
certain that the majority of sludent- 
loncerned with this new scheme havi 
iioblt r puriMises than those attributed ti> 
them by the writer of the first article. 

('•ranting that honest criticism is .i 
KiMxl ihing, and that most \iews presented 
in the column have sincerity behind them 
Miim of us would do well to i)ause aii' 
rclleet a little more. 



Uecause of Mid Winter Carnival 
the Facidty party planned for last S.itur 
(hiy. in charge of .Miss Helen Knowlton. Ixcn iH)stiHmed until Tuesday, 
IVbru.irv -M. 

l.lMfiUC A 

l.raftue K 





1 tHH> 


. •J.'>t) 



K K. 
T< . 






l.t A. 
OI'A of the Nonlrat team 
Ic.ids the scorers of both leagues with 40 
IMiints in three games. Other high scorers 


Leoiurd. L.c"..\. 

Mori.irty, .A.G.R. . 

l<()l^^•rt^<on. P.S.K. . 
Mcdiiire, Non-Erat 
V<H;ts<h. S.P.E. 
Ili.ks, A.t;.R. 
llint/o, K.S. . 





(Continued from Pafte 1) 

ineffective at the foul line against Pratt as 
thev were effective against Williams. 

Defensively, the team was strong, hold- 
ing the fast offense displayed by the 
\isitors to merely a passing game and 
keeping the area near the basket well 
ct.Ncnd. The t)ffense, however, was 
jxiwerless. which meant that Pratt did 
not have to score a very large total to 
clinch the game. "Kay" Mann was the 
only -Xgate player to connect with tin 

univii-ii\, to be lecognizid as a ^o'^Ke L .^^j.^., ,^vice from the tloor. Zykwicz and pioniou- tin higher and more artistic 
id.aU >'f life, bill uinil w( i ,m feel, act. 
and talk in .i<r ch.ii.u teiistic of 
these iiUals wr will iie\er Iw .u knowl.dged 
as such. Slandirm- th. -icnd n.,nH ,iiid 
character of othn- i- n-i I'V any means 
the (piickest ;in.l nioM -xure means of 
obt.iining the ftiUiUnK nt ■>! our wish< ~. 


Cinuiu ro wen big tactors in the work of 

the I'l.ii ' I'lli n-c. 1 he 

IVminine rilU' enthusiasts are iini>rov- 
ing their stores with the firearm, 
according to news reiMirts. Those men 
having a possible future interest in the 
niarkswomeii should investigate the train 
ing given. Perhaps instruction on the use 
of the automatic pistol is a part of the 


Once again the Dean's «)lliic been 
visited by anxious students and others to 
view the s|Hctacle hung U-fore the public 
eye. In some institutiims, the "Dean's 
Hoanl" has a more j)leasing siunificame. 
similar to our hcmor groups. One cannot 
keep his accomplishments, go<xl or bati, 
from Ix-coming tonnnon knowledge in 
college. We can imagine a senior Uxjking 
forward with pleasure to the shelter of 

private life. 


Only one in four has it. Our short tst 

month will Ik- somewhat longer this, 

and will Im celebrated in fitting manner 

on the 21Uli by the Collegian. Fditorial 

restriction prevents us from siiying more. 


Our b.isketball teams and referees have 

a penchant for arriving late this winter. 


The interfraternity sing was just what 

the name signifies, and no more. The 

audience was conspicuous by its absence. 

A few loyal co-eds composed the m.iior 

part of the onl<x>kers. 

Presitlent K. W. Thatcher si»oke on the 
npport unities for C.irk at M..\.l . at a 
meeting ot the N. K. larin ami C.aielen 
.Xssexiation helel last Thursilay in ne)ston. 
Miss Marg.iret Hamlin also atiemleel t he- 
meet ing. 

A .liiiner was luhl last Monelay night .it 
l)ni|Kr Hall at whiih the economie- eh - 
l)artmen*.sof Amherst Ctdlege and M..\.< . 
were prestnt. Prof. II. W. Yoimt gave a 
resume of his recent tax stiiely. 

At a meeting of the- New Fngland 
( onference on agriiultural e)UtleM)k helel 
last Me.nelay anel 1 ueselay, the tolle)wing 
were present from M.A.C.: Miss Lorain 
Jefferson, Pre)f. Hubert Yenint. Preif. II. 
H. Ke)we. PreiL D. J. I<e)/.man, Pre>f. K. 
IL Mighell, and Prof. F. H. Hraneh. The 
iniriKJse of the meeting was te)' 
the agricultural situatitm thre>ugh -New 
laiglanel in oreler ti> jHiblish an e)UtleM)k 
report indicating what things New Faig- 
land should i)rcKluce next sc-ason. 


IVterson, If 
e;iiniiie'To. H 
L.iflorindcT. ii 

M ^'■ ■ ' !i 


r. I . r 
1 1 : 

l,M \- 


MasK. Aftftir 

li. 1-. 1'. 

M Ku.n, U) 

M.,nn. ti> '-• •» -1 

Mi:i.l..>:c^. i'' It 1 1 

lli.r.i.i-. > 1 1 •"■ 

I !!. 1 1 :; 

\i...\. U 1 o •- 

\\,l,l,r!. ll O O 

.-'ill .1. 


ThreMiuli i ^''^ scrieius e)vcrsight. 

ll annouii((d in I In- Collegian for last 
week N.well A. Sch:ippelle w:is 
aw.irdiel the Captain's e ert ihe-.ite- in < r-'s- 
CnuiUiA at ln-imii,i ( li..,M 1 llu- pre%i(ui~ 
1 ,;,:.,\ . ( h.ivle-s A. Pri-:^t<>ii : tain 

,,t I 111 and w :i~,iwardi*el ' ■ .Min s 
<Ti I ilii ate'. 

'21 Herlx-rt L. <ieer is plant pathede)- 
gist in the IX-partment of Plant Path- 
ology of the University of Wisconsin, 
Madison, Wise. 

'24 .Mlx-rt F:. Waugh has been electee! 
trustee and treasurer e)f the Community 
Church at Storrs, Cemn. 

'12 William F. Philbrick is viei- 
president of the Ohio-Michigan chapter 
of the Ameriean Sxiitv of LandscajH' 
Architects. Jtjhn W. ( -regg '04 is secre- 
tary of the Pacific Ce.ast chapter t.f the 
same s<x:iety. 

'25 Cards are- e)Ut announcing the 
.irri\al eif a son, De)n.ild Paul, on J.m. 11, 
P.t2.S, at the lH>me e.f Mr. and Mrs. D. 
15. .Mex.mdir. 

'lM 11. 1>. Stevenson has joined tlu' 
l.nids, ,,p.' M.ilf e.f the F.irr Nursery ( o. 
of Wunielsd..rf, Peniisx Ivaiii.i, aloii.; with 
>e\(i,il nllii r .\..^ii' iiK 11. 

To tlu' Filite.r 
of the Collegian. 

In justice to the girls whe> re<|uesteel th. 
ii-i- e.f the- Memorial lUiihling fe.r Sunehr 
nights .mil to in .luthority wli 
1m1|k«I te. arrange this, the fejIKiwing stat< 
iiie-nt is m.ide-. 

Due- to neiessity for st.iying within 
reeluceel appropriatie.n .it the' time fil 
l.iiililing the Abigail .\ilanis lienise, th' 
si/(- (if the li\ing room was much smalle i 
th.iii pl.inneel anel is inadetjuate for tin 
-o'ial nieils e.f the number of ^irls ne.w 
lie.iiseel there. In an attempt to meet thi- 
>itii.iiion, the use of a i..irt of the- uppi i 
lle«.r e.f the Memorial liuilding em Sunel.n 
nigh's has iM-eti arr.inged for as a pl.u ■ 
in wliieh the girls m.iv entertain then 

.\ member e.f our uit\ .mil his wilr 
are present each Sunelay eve ning as ho-t 
mil hostess ami have hel|>eel to make a 
more he.melike- atmo-phere for this piir 
pose: alsei. of the furniture has Ixeii 
re'arrangeel. Due to a misunelerstanelini;. 
twe. haril weicMl chairs were moved 
the Meme.rial anel useel fejr the 
first evening. Sinee that time nei chair^ 
hive' been taken fremi the Memorial RexMii 
anel all use' e.f furniture has U-en with tli' 
IK-rniission of the authorities. 

As Mark Twain saiel on hearing of a 
premature notice of his death, "The n 
ports of my death have Ixen greatly 
exagge-ratetl." So seem to have been the 
n'lK>rts e)f the Sunelay night use ejf tin Hiiihling for sexial pur|X)ses. 
( aroKn Dean 


Dr. W. W. Williams of S|)ringfielil. i 
practicing veterinarian an<l cejiistdiiiK 
six'cialist fe.r breeeling troubles, again 
aehlresseel the .Animal llusbanilry Clnl' 
last Weelneselay in Stejckbridge' Hall. H- 
topic, "Sexual Hygiene of I arm .\ .1 ( ion of his previejus t.i k 
at the list meeting. Dr. Williams emp!' 
si/eel the- that pre'vention is Ixf 
than eim . Ke-lieshme'iii - \\(n- x i > 
fluring the infe.rmal elix u— ion wii 

The next nicct in.;. -< h. .lnlid l<>r I 
L';;, has iK'en |K>st|ioned to I tlini,ir\ 
.\l that time We-""' ' rii.iver. luaii.i 
,,t the Westtie-M will talk .il' 

••K,<iuiinu tin- l"'d < "-' "' ^''"-^ '' 
(llK t inn. ' 


Tin- «ell .Irossc'd men at .Xggi. buy el.cir cLxlu's at ll.,le.'rs, lu'cause there they re 


•ceive style and value as well as service. 

Our Spring line of clothing is now coming in. Remember This That clothes bought at Walsh's are incontestably cor- 

rect. See '*Tom" at once. 




Boston Headquarters for all M. A. C. and 
many other College Teams and Clubs 


Club Breakfast and Special Luncheons 

and Dinners 

Over a million men agree There's a valuable difference 

— in — 


Imported Scotch Grain Oxfords, 

Tan Black - $7.50 to $12.00 




Optician and Jeweler 

.< I'1.K.\.S.\NT STRKKT, (up fliaht) 

llculi»ls' PreNCripliuns Fillfd. Kroken lenwcH 

accurately replae-ed 

KK; BKN alarm C;L<K;KS and other 
reliable tnukeH 


I is I. pen for the season of '27 and '28 
Order EATS for parties, re- 
ceptions and hikes 

120 Pleasant Street, 

First he.use south of campus 

Telephone 511 

Vuu Hiil liiid an fXCflK-nt 

. . . .SIIOK KKI>AIKIN(; .SIIOI' . . . 

equipped with the nie>Nt up-lo-dale fioitdyear 
Machinery and a meHlern 

at II 1-2 Amity St., - Opp New 'I'heatre 

ll'< understand your retiutremrnts and art pre- 
pared Id meet y<iur nerd^. 
.AH work guaranteed. Shue^ ihined and dyed, BOi 
VINCENT C;RANI)0M<:0, Prop. 


Mk- per night.— $1.00 per per week.- $4.00 per 
month.- Laid up cars, l>ec. 1st to Apr. iNt, 
$2.00 per month; 

Walter H. Harrison 


2nd house North of C^ampus 

No Matter What the Weather=== 

You can begin wearing your SPRING MALLORY NOW. 
We are showing all the new Spring shapes and colors in 
the famous Cravanetted hats that stand all kinds of 
abuse and rain. Priced at $6 and $7. 

Other good hats at $5. 



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eliirinK this part ( .illis slie.t the first 
Ke>al, a pri'tty e.iu- fre.iii a mf'l6 near tlu- 
lie .UK' tfain's j;e>al. In tlir third pirie.el 
tlu- oppe.iu-iits scort'el a nt-at goal from 
eentir iee- whie h tie'il the' ee>uiit. Hut il 
was ne.t le.ii^; eanie- thn.unh 
with ane.thcr fe.r the- Twu-Yi'ars making 
the' (inal se L' te. I in fave.r e.f the- she.rt 
ee.ursirs. Hate hi'lelir pl.iyeel a i It-vrr ^.iiiit' 
at niial anel much rredit is due him fe.r 
his tiiiie-l\ stops. 


((Continued from Page 1) 

iiiia whieh elisprove's our pre'ce.ii 
ee-i\tel iekas e.f the iiatii.iialit y. life-, fir., 
e.f ( hriste.j.her ( Professor Piiie.l 
e limes thre.unh his fricnelship fe.r Pre.t. 1. and .leee.relinn ti. 
I're.ti'ssiir l)iinliar this lee tine' will Ik- 
ele liviTi-el for the- lirst liiiii- in tiiisrountry 
.md pe.ssil.iy fe.r tin- first time- anywhere'. 
In till' e-\eiiin^; I'rofessi.r I'ille.l will nive- i 
lilt nil' whie h will he- divielfil inte. two 
parts; the- first part in Spanish, "Spain 
iiiidir the' Dictator," and tlu- seee.iid part 
in lin^ilish. " Tin- Me.riievan Situatie.n." 

Ce.nre-rniiin I'rofe-sst.r Pifiol's re'ei-nt 
knij^hthoi.el anel his achie-M'iiu'nts thr 
.Nssoei.ile'd I're'ss ni\»'s the' fi.lle.w iiii: 
ae ee.unt : 

"I'rofi'sse.r Iraneiseo I'ii'ie.l has Imtii 
notified l.\' the- Spanish e'liil.assy that l.\ 
re.y.d e.reier e.f Kinvj .Alfeilise. of Spain, he 
li.i- Le'e'U appe.inle d a me'liil>i-r e.f the- Ke .il 
< •rdiii lU- Isaln I 1,1 (ate.liia. This .Sp.mish 
order e.f kniv:htheM.d was fe.imded l.y 
I e rdinand \ 11 in iSI') as a rewaiel for 
li.\a!ly in the- de-fe-nse- e.f Spanish-Ame-ri 
ean iM.sse'ssions. The- knighthood is now 
ei.nffrre'd fe)r e-xee-ptieinally hi^;h ser\iie-^ 
<'f ,1 I iiitiir.i! nature. 

om: Ol OIK 


I ROM .{Oc IP 

makes a most nift 
with a small fern eir plant 



Winter Footwear 



— or — 



275 High St., Holyoke 


rile- kin^ hiiiist It is the' he', III ot t he 
order, whieh is dixieled into four r.iiiks, 
e-ommanele-rs e.f tlu- first ami of tlu- 
seee.nel ranks, anel kninhts. I he- liailm- of 
tile- oieler is ,iii e-i>;ht poiiiiil e ol ^;oid 
inlaiil with led rnaiiiel, Uariiij^ .i leiitr.d 
plaepu' with the' motii. ".\ la 
ae rise. lad, i" (to proMu loxaltyt, and siis 
IMueleil from a l.iinel rii.wn whieh is held 
l>\ a lii.l.oii III oi.inur .md white-. 

I'rofi'sse.r I'ine.l leiiixed this elis 
tinetie.n in iteet^nit ion of the- iiiltural st-r 
viies whieh he- ri'iiileTi-e! tet Spain. 
Ilavinv; l.ikin a interest in inter ie.nal alfairs, he- has inaele' his piir|' 
that e.f "trying to make- the- two ee.unt ries, 
Sp.iin ami .Xmerira, iiiieleisiand i.irh 
oliii-r." Ill lii^ e eiiiiiilnilioiis to ihi- 
Sp.mi-ii press he wishes to intiipiet t he- 
points ol view .md .iltitnde-s ol the 
.\llie I il ,111 people, .md thus to promote .1 
Letter miltll.ii leeliiin "'• i;e.oelwill. In 
this ie-s|K-et, of his .irtieles pri-- 
senleel the Anierie .in side' e.n the' f ranee. 
.\meriean tarilf issue. 

I or the- past ihrt-e years Preifi-sse.r Piiie.l 
li.i- lie-Id the- pe.sitioii of ronsiilate- anenl 
lor S|..iiii. His e e.ntiiliiilioiis to se-xe'ial 
.Amerii .111 lie wspajM-rs reLitixe' to siilijiets 
ol intern. interesl .iml import. m< e- 
,111' leeeixiiiu liille h le-^pee 1 1 III .it tent ion. 

I'lole-ssoi I'ifiol re-ei-ixeil his miixe-rsit >■ 
decree liom,inos-.i, .md his I ii em i.iilo 
en he-ie-ehe. from .M.iehiei. In ihi^ioimliy 
lie- >{iv»*n le-iture i-i.iiises at the- I'niv. 
ol I'itt'limnh, the Coll.').;!' ol Willi. mi .inel 
M.iry, the I nix'. eif Verinont, .iiid Coluin 
Ilia I'nixersily. lie- is at tin- iiri'seiil time' 
doiii;..; simikir woi k in ( omii i 1 ii iit ( olli-^;i- 

The A. NASH CO. 


Sec Our TZZZ 

I! ruxKDo.s 

all eiiH' price $22.*M) 

i ntl ix idiially 'I'ailori-tl . 

Kit (fuaranlfi-d 


IVI. 17W-\V P. <>. Itox 747 





Thursday, Friday, F»'l). 1ft 17 

Mat. at i Mt Iv.-. b 4S and H .«) 


"Get Your Man" 

Comedy Pathe News 

Admission 40c 

Saturday, Feb. IKth 
Rin-Tin-'l in in 

'IXM; of llu' RK(;iMKNT.' 

i^.medy News Reel 

Monday and Tueiiday, Feb. 20 & 21 

Mary AHtor, Willhim Koyd in 

Shown .M;it. at .f..W t.w. N.iO 

BenTurpin in "COLLKC;f IIKRO" 

Shown M;il i.M Kve 7 .Ml 
<;omedy I'liihe News 

Today — Keith Vaudeville and 

"l.eftionaire in Paris." 

ill New i.e.nejon. He lee e lit l\ wiilteii 
"Sp.mish (ir.immar" to in- re-le-.ised this 
month, .md "Kexiew e.f ( .iml 
("omiMisition" to l.e- piililished iiiinie di.ilely 
.illerxv.iids. Prior te. either of tlii'si' lu; 
wrote' "". He is noxv env;.iKi'e| 
111 piip.iriiin .1 lioe.k e.n Sp.mish I . lire. 
He' >;ix»-n MXiT.d Ue lures in x.irious 
lilies, his latest, last NeixemlHr under the 
.luspiees of Columl.ia rniversily. ,\|- 
thoiinh primarily an e-eltu .iti.r. Professor 
Piiiol 1h»'U .1 joiirn.ilist ol hi^h nr.iele 
lor xe-.iis." 

A(;atks crush wii.i.iams 

(Continued on Page .1) 

the f.isi ti.ixellinu .\)m'u- jiisi th,,t 
iii.irKiii .die. Ill ,il the' whistle. .\|,,st of 
the s( oriii^; in this li.ilt done- l.x Cip. 
t.iiii Ueed .md "Plonely" riioinis. t h,. 
loniier jM.ppiiiv: till' I..1II ill iiinsisteiitly 
Irom the' toiil line', the- l.itter i-.isinn sii. ki-r 
shots into the l.aske-t fe.r ele.iil.le le.imiers. 
"Ulonilx" The. mas was the- oidy .A^.tle 
pl.ixer to e-llei tixi-ly |N-ue'tr.ite' the op|H.S' 
inn elefense, reeiixiiiv- m.iiiy lonn p.isses 
fieini his males anel ilroppinK in lliM.r 

iMskets xsilh pleeisioii. ('.ipt.iin Need, ill 
.idelilion to i.l.ixin.n .1 slell.ii deleiisixc 
H.iiiie, .III e-.i>{le-'s eye- .11 the her try 
line, iii.ikin^ nood six e h.iiii is nut ol sixi-n. 
I )e'le nsi\elx , the' entile w,is slion^ 
while the offense loimd ilsell in iIm si , ,,iii| 
to sii. ll ,111 e'Xtent tll,lt thi'lidie.l \i. lory 
imiii d lo M. \.( . I he simim.iiA : 

M;iNS. Agftle NMIIi.iins 

It I- I' It I !• 

t<"'l. ll J »■> m SI, 1 1,111;. ill u ,1 .t 

I ll'-ll. ll -' '. / ilowr^ ill I. It O 

I l"""'S ' .'. II in Al|.\;illi|<'l, III It „• 2 

MiikIiiiivIi. If II II n .\lli.|i. . :; 11 c, 

M.iiMi, It; II It II Will t,... , 

M' l-wi II. 11; O II 11 lli.iiii.. It -J 

Hiowii, 1 1 I 

llrlil.illl. II -' 



O I 
II 'J 
o I 

I "i.i' '• '' -'« riii:ii.i ,s ,', :;i 

s. nil- .11 li.ili IMIII Willi.iiiK 11, Miisv. Akkii' 1(. 
Imiii luii nil iiiiiiiiIi- I. iiii.j. |<i|, i,..- Uli.iliii. 



11. K. DAY 11) 


.*.S Pleasant St.. just I.pIow PO. Amherst 

I own Hall, Amherst 

Wed. and Ihurs., Feb. I.S & Id 
Mjriein l>a%ieN and (onnid Natt<.| In 


Sir Janifs llarrii.'s faniMiih sl.i|>i' |il.i> the 

t'onied> lonianic fit-rviint. isravinu iil.ii